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MBA-3rd sem
Who is HSBC
 They are the world's local bank.
 Headquartered in London, HSBC is one of the largest
  banking and financial services organizations in the
 HSBC's international network comprises around 7,500
  offices in 87 countries and territories in Europe, the
  Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, the Middle East and
 With listings on the London, Hong Kong, New York,
 Paris and Bermuda stock exchanges, shares in HSBC
 Holdings plc are held by over 221,000 shareholders in
 127 countries and territories.
 HSBC provides a comprehensive range of financial
  services to around 95 million customers through four
  customer groups and global businesses:
o Personal Financial Services (including consumer
o Commercial Banking;
o Global Banking and Markets
o Global Private Banking.
Group History
 The HSBC Group is named after its founding member,
 The Honkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
 Limited, which was established in 1865 to finance the
 growing trade between China and Europe.
Establishment and early yrs
 The inspiration behind the founding of the bank was
 Thomas Sutherland

 He helped to establish the bank which opened in
 Hong Kong in March 1865 and in Shanghai a month
Challenges and changes
 In the early years of the twentieth century, HSBC
 widened the scope of its activities in the East

 The First World War brought disruption and
 dislocation to many businesses but the 1920s saw a
 return to prosperity in the East

 At the end of the War, HSBC took on a key role in the
 reconstruction of the Hong Kong economy.
Making of the modern HSBC
 By the late 1970s HSBC's management had conceived
 the strategy of the 'three legged stool' with the legs of
 the stool representing the three markets of the Asia
 Pacific region, the US and the UK.
Business and corporate
 With dedicated Relationship Managers and Business
 Specialists providing local support and advice in over
 60 countries and territories, HSBC're able to help to
 make the most of opportunities for customerbusiness.
HSBC Premier
 HSBC Premier is relationship banking without
  boundaries, designed to give customers recognition
  and benefits whether at home or abroad:
o Priority service for everyday banking
o Dedicated Premier Centers across the globe
o A dedicated Relationship Manager available to answer
  any queries
o Preferential HSBC rates exclusively for Premier
o Worldwide emergency assistance with a global safety
  net for you and your family
o Help when relocating abroad to many countries with a
  Premier bank account arranged before you leave and
  assistance with mortgages
o Premier online banking enabling you to access and
  manage all your HSBC Premier accounts via a single
o A Premier MasterCard entitling you to shopping and
  entertainment rewards at home and abroad
o Investment and banking advice from world-class
  specialists including offshore banking
o HSBC Premier is available free of charge in over 45
  Countries and Territories.
o Eligibility criteria apply.
HSBC insurance
 Insurance is a large and growing business for HSBC,
 with many insurance products and services having a
 natural customer link with other financial needs and
 banking products.
HSBC Amanah
 HSBC Amanah is the global Islamic financial services
 division of the HSBC Group.

 Established in 1998, with more than 300 professionals
 serving the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the
 Americas,HSBC Amanah represents the largest Islamic
 financial services team of any international bank
HSBC Retirement
 The quality of life you want in the future will depend
  on how well you plan for your retirement now.We all
  want to retire happily with personal and financial
  peace of mind.
HSBC Emerging Markets
 HSBC understands that emerging markets - which are
 growing faster than developed economies - are more
 closely linked than ever with the development of the
 global economy.
Group Structure
 Headquartered in London, the HSBC group operates
  in five regions:
o Europe;
o Hong Kong
o the rest of Asia Pacific; including the Middle East and
o North America
o South America.
 HSBC was established as a uniform, international
  brand name in 1999.
 In 2002, HSBC launched a campaign to differentiate its
  brand from those of its competitors by describing the
  unique characteristics which distinguish HSBC,
  summarised by the words 'The world's local bank'.
 Sports sponsorship

 Cultural sponsorship
 HSBC is an old company with a very young brand
 since 1998 that HSBC has operated under a single
  brand name combined with the graphic hexagon logo.
 Even more recently, in 2002, a positioning statement
  “The world’s local bank” has come to sum up HSBC’s
  role in financial services, globally.
Board of directors
 D.J.Flint Group Chairman
 S.T.Gulliver, Group Chief Executive
 S.A.Catz
 L.M.L.Cha
 M.K.T.Cheung
 J.D.Coombe
 R.A.Fairhead
 A.A.Flockhart
 W.S.H.Laidlaw
 J.R.Lomax
 I.J.cKay,.Group.Finance.Director
 G.Morgan
 N.R N.Murthy
 Sir Simon Robertson
 J.L.Thornton
 Sir.Brian.Williamson
 Over the past decade HSBC has built one of the
  strongest and most relevant brands in the world today,
  ranked number one by Brand Finance Top 500, The
  Banker, for the third year in a row (2007, 2008, 2009)
  and the highest rated bank in the Interbrand annual
  survey of the Best Global Brands (2009).
 In 2010, HSBC has taken significant steps to protect
  and further strengthen the brand through an evolution
  of our global brand communication strategy
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