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									                                                                       IDEAL COMMUNICATOR

     IDEAL Newsletter                      First Quarter Edition                 April 2009
                                 Editor: Lisa Sistare-Harkins,
                      Assistant Editors: Bryan Evans, & Kathryn Campbell

            In This Issue:
        Champion’s Corner-                           Hello, and welcome to the first 2009
Jody Garcia (Executive Champion of                   edition of the IDEAL Communicator!
                                                     Our diversity is our greatest strength
               IDEAL)                                as company. IDEAL is dedicated to
    In The News- Changes in our                      the concept that communication is
   corporate communications are                      the key to success in both your
 making it easier for all of us to find              professional and personal life.
     and benefit from corporate
                                                     We sincerely hope you find these
          communications.                            articles useful, entertaining, and
      New devices and assistive                      informative.
                                                     Bryan Evans, Assistant Editor
 AT&T ranked #1 in America's Top
  Organizations for Multicultural
                                                  IDEAL is a resource organization
       Business Opportunities!
                                                  which partners with AT&T in raising
                                                  sensitivity and awareness.
IDEAL @-Large- Members making
                                                  Our mission is to:
 a difference in their communities
                                                       enhance understanding and
                                                            awareness of the challenges
    Tools and Assistance- Useful                            facing individuals with
   products, websites, and services                         disabilities in the workplace,

                                                       support programs geared towards
  Employee Spotlight- Betsy Dixon                           the realization of common
                                                            goals and objectives, and

Contest- Win a Nokia 6555 and other                    aid in the removal of barriers that
            cool prizes!                                      impede the full development
                                                              and optimum productivity of
                                                              employees with disabilities.

                                                           IDEAL COMMUNICATOR
                                             AT&T also offers accessible wireless
                                             handsets to help those disabled or
                                             impaired and unique call plans to help
                                             our customers stay within their budget--
                                             like the new Pantech Breeze, launching
                                             in late April. The Pantech has a Smart
                                             Guide search feature to quickly locate
                                             menu options and a magnifying glass
                                             feature to aid people with low vision.
As you know, AT&T is a recognized
leader for our longstanding commitment       Last, but not least, U-verse and AT&T
to providing services and products for       DirecTV offer closed captioning for the
our Disabled and Aging customers.            hearing impaired. U-verse remote
                                             controls are easy to use and the buttons
Most recently, AT&T partnered with an        are large and easy to see.
external Disability Forum to rename
STAR, our nationwide deaf and disability     As you can tell, these products and
team, to the "AT&T Sales and Service         services are designed with our Disabled
Center for Disability and Aging”.            and Aging Customers in mind. Whether
                                             it’s serving the deaf community, our
I feel proud to tell you about some of the   aging customers or our customers with
many products and services that AT&T         disabilities, AT&T continues to be at the
provides to our Disabled and Aging           forefront of new products to satisfy our
customers.                                   customers, regardless of their
                                             communication needs.
 AT&T provides HSI service, which
enables our disabled and aging
customers with the following exciting        Jody C. Garcia
                                             Executive Champion
                                             AT&T - IDEAL
     The ability to chat online with
        family and friends
     The ability to research new
        products and services to help with
        everyday life.
     The ability to shop online for
        purchases rather than travel to a
        crowded mall.
     The ability to stay in touch with
        what is happening in their local
 AT&T offers our U-verse Voice billing in
Braille, or bills that can viewed on
television screens. In addition, operator
and directory assistance is at no charge
to eligible customers.

                                                                       IDEAL COMMUNICATOR

A new way the company is
distributing information to all                      Our executive leaders are raising the bar
employees across all channels to                     on how they communicate important
help with e-mail overload!                           company events to employees!
Starting in February we began posting                Colleagues,
certain broadly-distributed News Now
messages to the AT&T Insider rather                  Hopefully you have all seen the April 6 NEWS
                                                     NOW announcement of the podcast from John
than sending them as emails.
                                                     Stankey regarding the status of the labor
                                                     negotiations. This is important both in itself and
                                                     in the way it is being presented. Not only is there
                          To view them, just go      the audible podcast, but also a transcript of the
                          to the News Now            message, making the material more accessible
                          Messages link on the       to all employees.
                          left-hand side of the
                          AT&T Insider home          In a continuing effort to provide timely and
                          page.                      complete information to employees, we are
                                                     pleased to inform you that on or about April 15
                          You'll continue to get     we will begin a trial of closed captioning of videos
                          audience-specific          on AT&T Insider. We ask for your patience as
                          emails, including          we begin this effort, which may not be perfect at
                          critical information       first. We'd also appreciate your feedback.
                          about Benefits and         Please direct it to me at I will
                          other topics important     pass it along.
                          to you, but we may
                          start converting certain   Thank you all for helping to make this happen.
                          additional messages
                          to AT&T Insider posts      Betsy Dixon
                          as well, depending on      AT&T Diversity & Inclusion
                          the topic.

                         Then, each Friday in
                         the AT&T Insider
                         Week in Review
                         email, we'll provide        Any IDEAL member who can, should post a
                         links to the News Now       message on AT&T Insider and provide a positive
                         messages we've              comment about the podcasts and transcripts
posted over the past week in case you missed         being created for our visually and hearing
them.                                                impaired employees. That would be terrific! If
                                                     they can't, then they can send to me or Betsy
If you have any comments about this trial, or how    Dixon which would also be great.
we might improve on it, let us know — just click
the Contact Employee Communications link on          Thank you very much,
the AT&T Insider home page.
                                                     Doug M. Burasco
                                                     AT&T Channel Manager
                                                     Customer Information Services
                                                     National President of IDEAL

                                                                  IDEAL COMMUNICATOR
                                                 based in part on the needs of people with
AT&T’s Commitment to Diversity                   functional limitations associated with aging.
AT&T’s commitment to customers with              The Pantech Breeze was recently included
disabilities is proudly stated on AT&T           in Oprah’s Top Gifts Under $100, showing
Mobility’s Internet site: “At AT&T,              the importance of access appeal.
accessibility is more than a word—it's a
commitment to our customers with
disabilities to provide the wireless products
and services they need and to anticipate
and meet their communication needs. From
working with vendors and AT&T's Advisory
Panel on Access and Aging on accessibility
solutions to providing alternate billing
formats, we're committed to helping this
important group of AT&T customers.”              Hearing Aid Compatibility with Digital
                                                 Wireless Devices
American Association of People with              AT&T Director of External Affairs, Susan
Disabilities Leadership Gala                     Mazrui, joined forces with Brenda Battat,
On Wednesday, March 4, AT&T was a                Executive Director of the Hearing Loss
proud sponsor of the American Association        Association of America, to further AT&T’s
of People with Disabilities Gala, an annual      commitment to sharing information about
forum that pays tribute to emerging disability   hearing aid compatibility. On April 2, Ms.
community leaders, brings together the           Mazrui and Ms. Battat, presented a
disability community, and representatives        workshop called “Help Your Clients Find Cell
from the public and private sectors. Emceed      Phones They Can Use” at Audiology Now!,
by Robert David Hall, star of the television     the American Academy of Audiology
series CSI and a double amputee, and the         conference. This presentation targeted the
Honorable Tony Cuehlo, an author of the          important information hearing health
Americans with Disabilities Act, the event       professionals should know about hearing aid
recognized both the progress that has been       compatibility with digital wireless devices.
made and the progress that still needs to be     To learn more about hearing aid
made for people with disabilities.               compatibility with digital wireless devices,
Partnering with the American Foundation          c_video.cfm
for the Blind
The wide range of wireless products and
services for people with disabilities was
highlighted on March 5-6, in Washington
DC, at the Josephine L. Taylor Leadership
Institute sponsored by the American
Foundation for the Blind. At this event and
an associated event on Capitol Hill, AT&T
wireless sales representatives, Hitler St Cyr
and Jonathan Taylor, worked alongside
Cheryl Henderson from AT&T Federal
Regulatory, to demonstrate products and          On the right; Jonathan Taylor and Susan Mazrui
services, including screen reading and
magnification software and the Pantech           Photo Credit: unknown
Breeze, an easy to use handset designed

                                                                       IDEAL COMMUNICATOR
AT&T was ranked #1 in America's Top                   Top Honors for Top Corporations
Organizations for Multicultural Business              While other awards and “Top” lists crown
Opportunities!                                        companies for metrics such as overall economic
Southport, CT - January 16, 2009 / --                 growth and returns to shareholders, The Div50 is today announced the             an indicator of which organizations provide the
“Top 50 Organizations for Multicultural Business      best and the most business for diversity-owned
Opportunities. Over 650,000 diversity business        companies. “In a marketplace that is increasingly
owners had the opportunity to participate in an       as sensitive to diversity as it is to revenues,
online election to determine the “Top”                awarding the top buyers of multicultural products
organizations. The honor                              and services is becoming a natural part of the
extends to another forty-nine                         new socioeconomic food chain. Organizations
major corporations and is                             that consistently buy the most products and
collectively called The Div50.                        services from diversity businesses, and that
This esteemed, elite list is                          sustain the most mutually beneficial business
coveted by the most successful                        relationships with their multicultural suppliers,
companies in the U.S. The list                        should be recognized not only by the business
has become the most                                   community but also by the general public. That is
recognized and respected                              what we have accomplished in creating The
compilation of companies that                         Div50.” said Kenton Clarke.
truly differentiate themselves in
the market place in a time when                       The Business Power of Diversity
diversity has never been more important.              As multicultural and female owned businesses
                                                      gain more buying power and their lifestyles
“The election of Barack Obama as the next             become more affluent, multicultural markets are
President of the United States has changed the        growing in economic muscle. This in turn attracts
course of history and thereby the world as we         more corporations, as they compete for market
know it”, said Kenton Clarke, CEO of                  share. The Div50 list has therefore become the “The great diversity and       consumer guide for women and minority
vision of our country and our people have made        consumers. “As a diversity business owner, I
this possible and is proud      appreciate the business we receive from
to have been a force in the business world for        corporate buyers; and in turn, when I buy
such positive change and opportunity. The             products and services, either personally or for my
initiative that we have led has been instrumental     company, I am much more likely to buy from the
in equalizing the playing field and for that we are   same companies that support my business or are
very honored indeed.”                                 supporting businesses like mine,” said Edgar L.
                                                      Smith, CEO of World Packaging Company
The 9th annual list was produced by                   headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio., the nation’s leading
multicultural B2B online website. Over 650,000
businesses were asked 10 questions regarding
diversity. Their decisions were based on factors
such as volume, consistency and quality
business opportunities granted to women and
minority-owned companies. Other large
companies at the top of the list include Coca
Cola, Cisco, Dell, Toyota, Office Depot and
Home Depot.

Check out the new and improved Supplier
Diversity Outreach Ambassador (SDOA)

                                                                       IDEAL COMMUNICATOR

In this edition of the Employee Spotlight
Anne McQuade interviews Betsy Dixon
about the upcoming National ERG

Q: Betsy, let’s start with the basics, for those
that haven’t heard yet, where and when is
the National Convention going to be held?
A: We are planning a Joint ERG National
Meeting/Conference in Dallas, Texas on
November 6, 2009
Q: Your title is “Lead HR
Specialist/Generalist. “ What are your actual
duties under that title?
A: I find some of our titles a bit confusing. I
am a member of the Diversity & Inclusion
team, reporting up through Stacie George,
then Belinda Grant-Anderson to Cindy               Betsy Dixon at the 2007 IDEAL Conference
                                                   Photo Credit: Bryan Evans
Brinkley, AT&T’s Chief Diversity Officer. My
specific responsibilities are to act as liaison    Q: In today’s environment all employees
between AT&T and its ten Employee                  have to provide a benefit to their employer.
Resource Groups. That touches a lot of             What would you say is your contribution to
areas including facilitating monthly               AT&T?
meetings of all ERG National Presidents,           A: I have a long history and knowledge of
keeping the ERGs informed on corporate             the benefits Employee Resource Groups
programs such as those managed by the              bring to corporations, and this knowledge
AT&T Foundation, working on internal               allows me to represent them well to the
communications and articles about the              company and to explain company policies to
ERGs, pulling data, and representing AT&T          the ERGs, thus helping to foster Diversity
and its ERGs externally to other companies         and Inclusion here at AT&T. I am an
and organizations. I also work with other          articulate speaker with a good working
AT&T Business Units and organizations on           knowledge of Equal Employment
issues concerning employees with                   Opportunity and Affirmative Action laws and
disabilities and am a member of the AT&T           regulations which allows me to make sure
Advisory Panel on Access and Aging.                our diversity efforts also meet the letter and
                                                   spirit of federal EEO/AA regulations, thus
                                                   protecting the company from adverse legal

                                                                   IDEAL COMMUNICATOR

                                                 IDEAL @Large
(Member Spotlight, contd. From Page 6)

Q: Please tell us about the purpose of the
National Conference?                             Our members are active in their
A: This Joint ERG National Conference is         communities. Here are some of
an opportunity to bring members of all           the events and activities we
AT&T’s ERGs together in one place to hear        participated in during the 1st
from our company’s Chairman and CEO as           QTR of 2009;
well as other company leaders. It will also
allow members of the various ERGs to get
to know each other, do some networking
and hopefully foster an even great degree of
cooperation among the ten groups.
Q: Can you give me any of the logistics of
the conference?
A: The joint portion of the conference will
be Friday, November 6, 2009, in Dallas, TX.
We are still working out many of the details,
but there will be a face-to-face meeting of
ERG National Presidents with Mr. Randall
Stephenson along with a reception or dinner
at which Mr. Stephenson will be the keynote
speaker. We are also exploring the
possibility of workshops/panel discussions
for Friday afternoon. We are also hoping to
have many other members of the senior
leadership team present to participate in
networking and casual discussions.               Monica Straka   Photo credit AT&T
Q: How many groups are being invited?
A: Members from all ten of AT&T’s
Employee Resource Groups are invited to          Awhile back a need developed with a person in
attend.                                          our church. She is an epileptic and couldn't drive.
Q: What types of events/seminars will be         Catherine’s husband would drop her off so she
planned?                                         could have fellowship with other Christians at
                                                 lunch, and I would take her home. She enjoyed
A: Aside from those mentioned above, we
                                                 staying and having lunch with us. As time moved
are still working on this. We will continue to   on and Catherine's husband passed away, she
formulate the conference events with input       and I developed a close relationship.
from all the ERGs. After all, it an ERG joint             She now lives in assisted living near my
conference.                                      parents’ house. Most of the time I stop to pick her
Thank you so much for your time out of your      up and after church we go to lunch with around
busy schedule!                                   30 people. This provides Catherine the fellowship
                                                 she needs. The services in our church are two
                                                 hours long, I have Catherine for five to six hours
                                                 and it’s something I enjoy doing.

                                                 Hi from Karaan Rutland
                                                 I want to say keep going strong and positive. I
                                                 hope to add any help to the new school near the
                                                 Ashby Bart to have best possible services for the
                                                 disabled. I hope to earn money by setting up a
                                                 date to earn money at a A's game helping at a

                                                                     IDEAL COMMUNICATOR
concession stand and being able to keep the                -   Which marketing tactics capture
earnings for IDEAL at one of the games here in                 the attention of people with
the Oakland CA Bay Area. I will be trying to keep              disabilities and the aging?
the good word about IDEAL too.

Karaan Rutland                                      The focus groups generated great
                                                    discussions and the participants were
                                                    appreciative that AT&T was interested in
                                                    hearing from them. The information
ATIA Leadership Forum                               gathered in the focus groups will help AT&T
                                                    better serve the disabilities and aging
AT&T sponsored the Assistive Technology             segment.
Industry Association (ATIA) Leadership Forum in
Orlando in January. The ATIA Leadership Forum       AT&T recognizes that it is also important to
on Accessibility took place in tandem with the      hear from employees, therefore look out for
conference and Avalyn Jackson presented our         an opportunity to participate in internal focus
lineup of wireless products and services for our    groups. More details are forthcoming.
customers that are disabled and our mature
market segment. If anyone would like a copy of      Thanks to: DORA LORENZO | AT&T | General
that presentation you can contact her directly at   Manager, Diversity Marketing Avalyn Jackson

                                                    Tools and Assistance

                                                    HumanWare Begins Shipping New
“Raising the Bar on Diversity and Inclusion”
                                                    DeafBlind Communicator

In the first quarter of 2009 AT&T took an           From a press release 2/09
important step in furthering its knowledge          Deaf-blind people have been dreaming
about people with disabilities and the aging.       about a truly portable and integrated
Three key focus groups were conducted in            replacement for the TeleBraille since it
Atlanta, Dallas, and San Francisco                  stopped production in 1993. This week,
throughout January and February of this             HumanWare made that dream come true as
year. AT&T customers with speech,                   it began shipping its new DeafBlind
hearing, vision, and mobility disabilities, as      Communicator (DBC).
well as seniors, were recruited to participate
in individual focus groups to discuss several       The DBC enables deaf-blind users to
important topics. Among the topics                  effectively communicate with other deaf
discussed were:                                     people and the general public in many
                                                    different ways. The basic DBC provides a
        -   How can AT&T improve its                TTY (with answering machine) for
            customer service to people with         communicating with other deaf or deaf-blind
            disabilities and the aging?             individuals. It also includes a totally portable
        -   What do people with disabilities        face-to-face communication system for
            and the aging look for when             dealing with sighted/hearing people on
            choosing a telecommunications           buses, in restaurants and shops, at school,
            provider?                               or with colleagues and customers in the
        -   What products and services are          workplace.
            most important to people with
            disabilities and the aging?

                                                                    IDEAL COMMUNICATOR
“Imagine the freedom that comes from being      Name that Program Contest! IDEAL is
able to communicate with nearly anyone          in the process of establishing a mentor
anywhere,” said Jim Halliday, President         program to assist members with networking
Emeritus of HumanWare. “The DBC finally         and to help us in achieving our career goals.
gives this capability to people who are both    The program is due to launch in 2nd QTR
deaf and blind.”                                2009 and we would like your help naming it.
                                                All submissions are due by April 30th; feel
The DBC consists of two components, 1) a        free to include proposed logo-art as well!
BrailleNote with Braille display and either a   Entries can be sent directly to Bryan Evans
standard or Braille keyboard and special DB     via e-mail;
software, and 2) the DBC Companion
phone. These two separate units
communicate wirelessly with each other
using Bluetooth technology. The BrailleNote
also has special software built into it that
enables it to operate as a TTY when
connected to a telephone landline. The
BrailleNote and the DBC Companion are
used together to allow Face-to-Face
communication with a sighted person.
                                                Photo credit; Bryan Evans
For the complete press release and photo:                    Snail mail entries are acceptable but please
canada/about_us/press_releases/03120            bear in mind the judging will occur in the first
8_press_release                                 week of May and the winners will be
                                                announced on May 5th. Snail-mail address;
                                                Bryan Evans, AT&T call center-208 Owen
                                                Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28304.
This is a great website for making PDAs and
mobile phones more accessible and useful        First Prize: The Nokia Summer Party Pack!
to the blind and visually impaired;             The party pack comes with a cooler                   equipped with a built in sound system AND
                                                a Nokia 6555!
Thanks to Kathryn Campbell!
                                                Second Place Prize is a Nokia 6555

                                                Third Place Winner will receive
Have an idea for the IDEAL                      HTC/Nokia/and IDEAL branded
Newsletter?                                     merchandise.

We are looking for articles, events,            Nokia 6555 Product Overview
poems, or anything else you would
like to share. Please e-mail your               Get music, video, and more with the Nokia
                                                6555. Listen to MP3s or access streaming
submission to Bryan Evans,                      radio for a mobile music experience. It has                                  stereo Bluetooth® capabilities, picture and
      -mail                                     video messaging and ultra-fast 3G speeds.
Attn. Bryan Evans
208 Owen Drive
Fayetteville NC, 28303

                                                             IDEAL COMMUNICATOR
Nokia 6555 (AT&T)                            strategizing. Then it's your turn to share
                                             your thoughts because you have
1.3 Megapixel Camera, Push-To-Talk , IM:     something valuable to contribute to the
AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Mobile Email ,              discussion.
Streaming Video, Music Player, Video         You've got two choices - remain sitting or
Capture, Dual color displays, Memory card    stand. Why would you stand when you're
slot supporting up to 4GB , Bluetooth®       with colleagues seated around a
wireless technology , Flash Lite 2.1.        conference table? Won't you literally stand
                                             out? That's the point!
Included Accessories: Lithium ion battery,
Compact wall charger, 3.5mm headset                You become the center of focus.
                                                   You create more impact
                                                    immediately and lend weight to
                                                    what you say.

                                                   You capture your colleagues'

                                                   You place yourself physically and
                                                    psychologically in a dominant

                                             If you feel awkward standing when
                                             everyone else is seated, walk over to the
                                             flipchart or whiteboard and make a
                                             notation, chart data, or list your key points
                                             in bullet form. You'll still have the focus of
Thanks to our friends at HTC and Nokia       the group as you contribute your valuable
for their generous support!                  perspective to the subject you're

                                             Courtesy of Communispond

                                               Please visit the IDEAL Website

Stand When You Can
You're sitting with colleagues around a
conference table discussing a project or


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