Using the Geographic Inquiry Process

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					                               Using the Geographic Inquiry Process

                                  “Where Should We Vacation?”

Directions: You and your partner will work together using the Geographic Inquiry
Process to determine where the two of you could go for a dream vacation. You will pick
three countries and compare them to see which one best suits you.

Step 1: Asking the Geographic Question: “What would be the best
country for us to visit”?
In order to do this you need to identify some of your preferences. Fill out the chart

Category                        What is your preference?
Climate: Are you looking
tropical paradise, or do you
like cooler climates where
you can cozy next to the
Population: Are you a
country boy/girl that likes
open spaces? Or are you a
city boy/girl? Maybe both?

Landscape: Are you a
mountain guy/gal? Or
maybe you are maybe more
of desert rat? Beach bum
Site Seeing: What type of
landmarks/sights do you
want to see.

Considering all your preferences, think about three countries that may be a good fit for
you. Write them below.

    1. _________________________

    2. _________________________

    3. _________________________
Step 2: Acquiring Geographic Information
Use your Atlas and Textbook to gather information on your three countries.
    In your textbooks the maps on pg. 546-555 will help you
    In your atlas use pages 14-15, 16-17, 28-31

Step 3: Organize Your Information
As you gather information on your three countries put it into the chart below.

    Country           Climate          Landscape          Population         Site Seeing

Step 4: Analyze Your Information:
Compare your Preference Chart to the Country Chart you just made.

Step 5: Answer Your Geographic Question:
What country was best for you? Explain your answer in 3-4 sentences.

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