The Themes of Geographic Inquiry Project

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					Name: ________________________________                             DUE DATE: November 7, 2008

     The Themes of Geographic Inquiry Project
Highlight your chosen image that will guide your inquiry:

1. Studios and Vats of Dyers- Fez, Morocco, p32-33
2. Iraqi tank graveyard in the desert near Al-Jahrah, Kuwait p108
3. Washing Laundry in a Creek- Adjame district in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire p88
4. Middelgrunden Offshore Wind farm, near Copenhagen, Denmark p418
5. Village on Stilts in Tongkil, Sameles Islands, Philippines p392
6. Interchange between the 5 and 110, Los Angeles, United States p372
7. Abandoned City of Pripiat, nuclear power plant at Chernobyl, Ukraine p348
8. Shinjuko District of Tokyo, Japan p360
9. Refuse Dump in Mexico City, Mexico p282
10. Refugee Camp near Tirana, Albania p324
11. Floating wood down the Amazon, near the city of Manaus, Brazil p188
12. Detail of a Village near Tahoua, Niger p232
13. Housing Development in Brondby, Suburb of Copenhagen, Denmark p152
14. Dromedary Caravans near Nouakchott, Mauritania p178
15. Panoramic view of Venice- Veneto, Italy p424
16. Cotton Fabrics Drying- Rajasthan, India p388
17. Details of a Building, San Paulo, Brazil p72

            1                           2                           3                       4
Information is not well      Information is             Information is well      Information is extremely
presented and includes       somewhat well              presented and meets      well presented and
only a few of the criteria   presented and includes     criteria listed below.   meets criteria below.
listed below.                most of the criteria
                             listed below.
Some content criteria        Most content criteria      All content criteria     All content criteria
submitted (a-i)              submitted (a-i)            submitted (a-i)          submitted (a-i)
Used a limited range of      Used some range of         Used a vast range of     Used an extensive range
methods to present           methods to present         methods to present       of presentation methods,
information and              information and            information including    including written notes,
included only a few          included a few written     written notes, charts,   charts, diagrams, maps
forms of                     notes, charts, diagrams,   diagrams, maps and       and drawings.
communicating.               maps and drawings.         drawings.
Content was lacking          Content was mostly         Content was accurate     Content was accurate,
clarity and some facts       accurate and               and informative.         informative and
may be irrelevant.           informative.                                        presented uniquely.
Used a small selection       Used a range of sources,   Use a range of primary   Used a vast range of
of sources to gather         though mostly the same     and secondary sources    primary and secondary
information                  type of resource.          to gather information    sources to gather

The final product needs to be displayed on poster board, using good presentation
skills (borders, straight edges, balanced layout, images, captions, headings, title,
colour). You will be setting up your poster boards for your classmates to read
and learn from- be sure to make it interesting for them.
Name: ________________________________           DUE DATE: November 7, 2008

Include the following information on your poster board:
a) Explain the place you have chosen (natural and human characteristics) in
paragraph form and include an image
b) Give the location of the place, in relevant (near other known places) and
absolute (latitude and longitude) terms
c) Indicate where your place is located on a map
d) Explain the movement patterns of the people involved in your picture or place
         i) human movement
        ii) transportation systems
        iii) trade with other people/places
e) Describe how people have adapted to interact with their environment
f) Describe how people have changed their environment to make it better suit
their needs
(you could set this up as a chart, with arrows flowing between people and
environment in both directions, recording relevant information on the arrows)
g) Record how different groups of people have different perspectives of the
people and place you have chosen. (Ex. Environmentalists, human rights activists,
neighboring villages, cities, countries, politicians, those living in the area, etc.)
h) Describe the physical setting of your place. Make reference to:
        i) landforms
        ii) climate
        iii) plants
        iv) animals
*could easily include maps of winds, precipitation charts, images of plants and
animals indigenous to the area, etc
i) List which regions your place belongs to:
        i) Political region
        ii) Landform region
        iii) Urban or Rural region
        iv) Ecozone region