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									                                                                              CASE STUDY / PIZZA HUT

Pizza Hut Scores Big on Game Day
                                                 of people from across the organization
                                                 including, Marketing, Customer Care, and
Super Bowl Sunday is one the of the busiest      Menu Innovation. The team was trained on
pizza days of the year. Pizza Hut expected to    social customer service best practices; they
sell over 2 million pizzas on that day alone.    prepared a list of top issues/questions to
To deal with the overwhelming number of          expect, and learned how to handle these
orders, Pizza Hut had made it possible for       questions and comments in an honest and
customers to pre order pizzas. They could        authentic manner.
do so by ordering online, at
Even with pre-orders and pre-planning, the
team at Pizza Hut knew that they needed to
prepare in a big way for what would be their
                                                 THE RESULTS
busiest day of the year. “Super Bowl Sunday      Game day arrived and the Pizza Hut Big
is such an important day for us,” says Tressie   Game Squad sprung into action. They
Lieberman, Sr. Manager of Digital Marketing,     monitored over 14,000 pizza conversations,
“we know our customers are going online to       including mentions of Pizza Hut as well as
find answers so we wanted to make sure we        their competitors throughout Super Bowl
were there to listen and offer solutions.”       Sunday. The squad was also able to assist
                                                 over 450 customers on Facebook and Twitter
                                                 that day. The Game Squad not only answered
                                                 customer questions and dealt with issues, but
                                                 they also reached out to provide e-gift cards
There has been a shift in the way customers      for those customers that had experienced
look for customer service. Knowing that          delays or issues with their orders. They also
social media plays a large part, the team at     offered the e-gift cards at random as a way to
Pizza Hut was anticipating a large spike in      reward their brand advocates.
the number of online conversations that
mentioned pizza and more specifically Pizza      Touchdown! Pizza Hut considered the
Hut on Super Bowl Sunday.                        program a huge success. Plans are now
                                                 underway to look for ways that they can
Pizza Hut decided to put together their          continue with this approach online each and
own team for the big game – The Pizza            every day.
Hut Big Game Squad which was made up

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