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									                                    GOLDEN SAYINGS

   Listening to and helping the distressed is the expiation for great sins.

 O Man! You must have God’s fear. He is so kind to you and you            disobey him.

 If one having discretion and power remains angelic, deserves more award than that of a martyr. He
  may join the company of virtuous angels.

 The one who could not befriend any-one in his life is miserable. The one who loses a friend after
  finding him is more miserable.

 Any one who can foresee the period and end of his life will hate desires and their delusions.

                               ANNUAL REPORT 2001

                         AL-ASAR WELFARE SOCIETY
         By the Grace of Almighty Allah, whole-hearted co-operation of people, sincere efforts of
teachers and zeal and spirit of the students, Al-Asar Academy is today steadily on its way to progress and
doing its best to keep pace with the leading and renowned institutions of the province. We are alive to
some of our short-comings but with limited sources it is very difficult to overcome all the hindrances in a
short span of nine years, the total period of the establishment of an institution like this one. We know that
it will take us some time to reach the required standard. It is a welfare institution and naturally people
have attached great expectations to it. But it is also a fact that undue expectations and unfair demands
damage the aims and objectives of an institution. Therefore sincere and selfless co-operation is required
for its smooth progress. In order to serve the area in the field of education in the real, sense of towards, we
cannot and shall not make it a commercial institution. As such unconditional assistance and aid from the
people have always been accepted and Insha-Allah the same mode shall continue in future, too.
                              Board Results of Al-Asar Academy
                                            Matric Result
         During the current year 30 students appeared in SSC examination. The result was 100%. All got
1st Division with 29 as A grade and only one was B grade. First year (F.Sc Result).
         We started 1st year (F.Sc) in the previous session. Great difficulties were faced as it was the new
experience. The result was not as expected. It was 76%. Twenty six students appeared, 13 got first
division, seven second division and six were placed in compartment. Hussain Wazir, an industrious
student of the Academy got 416 marks. As a matter of fact a number of students with good marks got
admission to other Colleges and we filled the gap with students of other schools. No body was detained.
We hope the subsequent F.Sc results will, Inshallah, be good and encouraging. We, although, were not
satisfied with previous result, yet it was far better comparatively.

Achievements of old students of the Academy
        Two old students of the Academy got admission to Medical Colleges, three to Engineering and
two got admission to geology. Two got Commission in Pakistan Army. Twelve other ex-students got
enrolled in Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Navy. A number of other students are pursuing studies in
B.Sc., B.C.S. and B.A. One is successfully undergoing studies in Chartered Accountancies and another
information technology.

                                    Construction Programme
       In view of scarcity of accommodation and the pressure by the parents for their children’s
admission, the construction programme keeps going as expected. This programme is as per
planning and subject to the receipt of funds for the purpose. Some philanthropists are liberally
helping us in this field. If the programme continues steadily, very soon we shall over come
accommodation problem. At present the following construction projects are in progress.

Jan Block
        Mr. Kausar Ali Bangash nicknamed Jan has donated the amount for the construction of a two
storeyed block having five rooms each to commemorate his deceased parents. At present a ground storey
of five rooms has been completed and the classes are in progress there. The second storey is also at
completion stage and will be ready for the forth coming session.
        The number of students in each existing classes have increased beyond 30 students. The current
construction will of course suffice the need of the present strength but will surely fall short for the ever-
increasing number of students seeking admission in the coming session and thus whom more rooms will
be needed.
                                       Extension of old Hostel

        In the year 2001 a hall was constructed over the dinning hall of the old hostel. It accommodated
20 more students in the hostel. This construction cost approx. Rupees Four lac. Seventy students are
residing in the hostel while many others are eagerly waiting to get admission.

                                  Construction of New Hostel

        For quite a long time construction of a new hostel was seriously felt due to difficulties faced by
the students in transportation. A welfare organisation has promised to help in this regard. By the Grace of
Allah, work has been started on it. Presently accommodation of 60 students has been kept in the new
hostel. We shall endeavour to accomplish the construction before the start of the new session.

                              Painting and Colouring of Mosque

        A mosque had been built for the students and staff of Al-Asar Academy. Its colouring and
painting was pending for quite a long period. Fortunately an organisation did Rockowall on credit basis
with the understanding that the amount shall be paid when the fund becomes available. The inner and
outer sides were rockowalled completely. We have to pay Rs. 3 lac as the expenses incurred on it.
Affluent people are requested to help so that the amount is paid. For the mosque the following friends
donated and amount upto Rs. 5000/- each during the year 2001.
        Ali Majan, Fazal Elahi, Sayed Shah Abul Hassan, Sayed Mikaiel Hussain, Shabir Hussain, Nadir
Ali, Haji Baqir Ali, Mehboob Ali, Haji Ihsan Ali, wife of Piswar Ali, Afaq Hussain Advocate Kazim Ali,
Sheikh Hassan, Jamshed Ali Haji Mubarak Ali Khan, Hussain Ali, Haji Nawab Ali, Shafqat Ali, Zulfiqar
Ali Butto, Sajid Ali
        S.No.        Name                        Amount
      1.      Sayed Mir Wajid Ali Shah           1,28,500
      2.        Haji Muhammad Ashraf              25,000
      3.        Haji Muhammad Rahim               16,000
      4.        Haji Abdul Ali Manager            11,000
      5.        Mrs. Ansar Ali Khan               10,000
      6.        Haji Muhammad Anwar               10,000
      7.        Sayed Hamed Hassan                 7,275
      8.        Moulana Muhammad Bashir            6,720
      9.        Mujahid Ali                        5,000
      10.       Haji Kifayat Hussain               5,000
                           Help to Poor and Deserving Students
Scholarship Programme
        In short term planning, Al-Asar scholarship programme bears specific importance. About 150
students have completed their studies in various fields. They are on job and serving the country. A good
number out of them has been enabled to support their poor families.
For higher education 289 scholarships amounting to Rs. 16,81,269/- were given upto December 2001. In
the year 2001, Twelve scholarships were approved and other students seeking help in this mode were
deprived due to scarcity of funds. We face the problem in this field as follows:-
1.     Affluent people do not give specific heed to this field. This is the easy way for the poor deserving
       students to get education. Since many programmes of the Al-Asar Academy are run and
       implemented with the Co-operation and assistance of the affluent people, it is requested to help
       us by getting monthly membership in these programmes.
2.     The feed back is not proper. Many students after getting employment through this programme do
       not exhibit responsible attitude in this regard. It becomes their moral, religious and legal duty to
       return the amount paid to them so that other poor deserving students are timely helped. Despite
       repeated reminders these people keep silent. We do not want to disgrace them, although we
       reserve the right to sue them. It is again requested that they should realize their moral duty and
       return the amount so that the cycle of the programme remains intact. It is pertinent to mention
       here that we are also very thankful to those recipients of scholarships who returned the amount at
       the earliest.
                          Other Details of Scholarship Programme
       Donation upto 31-12-2001                                                   Rs. 19,89,484
       No of scholarships upto 31.12.2001                                289
       Amount of Scholarship upto 31.12.2001                                      Rs. 14,43,740
       Misc. scholarships during 2001                                             Rs. 2,37,529

                                                                                  Total Rs. 16,81,269
                       Monthly Donation of Scholarship Programme
       There are 74 members of monthly donation. The following members gave donation during 2001.
Other members are requested to pay the dues and be punctual so that the students are helped in time.
       S.No.       Name                          Amount
       1.      Mrs. Dr. Raza                    Rs. 1000/-
       2.      Mrs. Sayed Abid Jawad            Rs. 1000/-
       3.      Mr. Zahid Hussain                Rs. 1000/-
       4.      Malik Rafiullah Bangash          Rs. 150/-
       5.      Dr. Major Muhammad Qais          Rs. 150/-
       6.      Malik Najeebullah                Rs. 150/-
       7.      Sayyed Muhammad Hussain          Rs. 600/-
       8.      Hamid Ali Bangash                Rs. 500/-
9.    Dr. Abid Raza                       Rs. 500/-
10    Syed Hashim Jawad                   Rs. 500/-
11.   Eng: Shaukat Ali Khan               Rs. 200/-
12.   Zabih-ur-Rehman Kiani               Rs. 200/-
13.   Bibi Arosa                          Rs. 200/-
14.   Syed Rifat Hussain                  Rs. 200/-
15.   Dr. Musahib Ali                     Rs. 100/-
16.   Sayyed Raza Hassan                  Rs. 100/-
17.   Miss Ashraf Husssain                Rs. 100/-
18.   Prof. Hamid Hussain Bangash         Rs. 100/-
19.   Miss Wahid Ali                      Rs. 100/-
20.   Miss Riaz Fatima                    Rs. 100/-
21.   Muhammad Janan                      Rs. 100/-
22.   Sayed Ghias Ali Shah                Rs. 100/-
23.   Dr. Sayyed Mujtaba                  Rs. 100/-
24.   Dr. Sayyed Amjad Hussain            Rs. 100/-
25.   Muhammad Ibrahim                    Rs. 100/-
26.   Haji Ijaz Hussain (Late)            Rs. 100/-
27.   Haji Nazir Ahmad Jan                Rs. 100/-
28.   Engineer Mehtab Ali                 Rs. 100/-
29.   Muhammad Shafique                   Rs. 100/-
30.   Dr. Malik Miandad                   Rs. 100/-
31.   Malik Hadiyat Hussain               Rs. 100/-
32.   Sayyed Sajjed Hussain               Rs. 100/-
33.   Ghulam Khan Bangash                 Rs. 100/-
34.   Farman Ali                          Rs. 100/-
35.   Jamal Hussain                       Rs. 100/-
                         Monthly Donation of Rs. 50/-
1.    Late Malik Saadullah Khan           Rs. 50/-
2.    Dr. Sayyed Muhammad                 Rs. 50/-
3.    Haji Jan Muhammad                   Rs. 50/-
4.    Sayyed Abbas Ali Shah               Rs. 50/-
5.    Sayyed Mazhar-ul-Hassan             Rs. 50/-
6.    Miss Jan Muhammad                   Rs. 50/-
       7.       Muhammad Rafique                      Rs. 50/-
       8.       Sayyed Mir Mhuammad Hussain           Rs. 50/-
       9.       Iftikhar Ali                          Rs. 50/-
       10.      Hamid Ali                             Rs. 50/-
       11.      Dr. Asif Ali                          Rs. 50/-
       12.      Sayyed Kazim Hussain                  Rs. 50/-
       13.      Luqman Ali                            Rs. 50/-
       14.      Sayyed Abid Hussain                   Rs. 50/-
       15.      Raza Ali                              Rs. 50/-
       16.      Tahir Ali                             Rs. 50/-
       17.      Mhuammad Alam Khan                    Rs. 50/-
       In addition Nazakat Ali Bangash sent Rs. 1000/- donation.

Help to Poor Deserving Students of Al-Asar Academy
During the year 2001 Rs. 5,68,400 were donated to 165 poor deserving students studying in various
classes. This help was in the shape of exemption from fee, and concession in books, dress and other
admission charges. These students included orphan, poor and of middle class being two or more than two
of the same family. The details is tabulated below:-
S.No        Class       Strength of Class No.of Recep: Total Expenses
1.     Nursery A & B              59           6           13,200/-
2.     Prep A & B                 73           10          14,200/-
3.     IA&B                       72           7           21,000/-
4.     II A & B                   83           6           13,500/-
5.     III A&B                    85           13          36,000/-
6.     IV A&B                     98           14          37,500/-
7.     V A&B                      79           9           28,800/-
8.     VI A,B,C & D              105           14          51,700/-
9.     VII, A,B,C                119           15         51,100/-
10.    VIII, A,B,C               113           18         67,200/-
11.    IX, A,B                    91           11         43,200/-
12.    X, A,B                     55           24         57,600/-
13.    XI                         37           13       1,29,600/-
14.    XII                         26          4         38,400/-             Total        1095
                165         5,68,400/-
                 Specific Help By Affluent Persons To Some Students
1.      Mr. Saleem Asghar Ali donated Rs. 36,000/- for a student studying in a professional College
        during the year 2002.
2.      Mr. Sayed Saghir Hussain shah donated Rs. 8,000/- for a student studying in Al-Asar Academy.


The well to-do and charitable individuals are appealed to come forward and help the deserving and
intelligent students of Al-Asar Academy. There are a number of such students who are in need of help to
continue their higher studies He who does such virtuous deed will be rewarded in both the worlds.
                          Education Programme for Female Students
In view of the great necessity of female education as frequently reminded by the men of vision a separate
programme for female education within the Academy had been arranged. The provision existed only for
Sixth class and its further continuance was handicapped due to accommodation problem. To help solve
this problem a philanthropist Mr. Malik Akmal S/O Late Malik Abdul Hussain has promised the
construction of accommodation upto Matric level. He has recently sent Rs. 7,00,000 for the purpose. We
shall, Inshaallah, immediately start the construction work so that a fine accommodation is available for
the female students. We are determined to start the seventh class in the forth coming session.
                                    Hostel for Teaching Staff
Construction of teachers hostel is under consideration by the Academy. We have been making contacts
with various persons for the purpose. It is worth mentioning here that the success of this institution is
mainly the result of great efforts by the Principal and teachers. Due to their day night untiring efforts the
Academy is progressing by leaps and bounds. They deserve to be provided with adequate facilities.
Inshaallah a hostel will be constructed for them in near future so that they are able show more worth and
pay more attention to students.
                                          Examination Hall
Students of Al-Asar Academy have been taking their board examination in G.H.S School Usterzai Payan.
It was partly because of less strength of students and partly because of absence of examination hall. In
view of gradual increase in the number of students for the board examination it has become necessary to
have a proper examination hall within the Academy. It is being planned and the job will Inshaallah be
undertaken in the first available opportunity.

                      Extra Curricular Activities and Sport Programme
In the early period of the Academy its performance was confined internally to the curricular activities
only. It was acclaimed in outside public when it started showing excellent performance in Matric board

                  District inter High Schools Tournament, October 2001
During the year 2001 the Academy started showing its worth in extra curricular activities also, the detail
of which is as follows.
        1.      Cricket team won the zonal tournament.
        2.      Basket ball team was runners up in zone.
        3.      In speech Competition Tanveer Ali of Class 9th got first position in district.
        4.      In Naat Khwani Yawar Abbas of Class 9th got first position in district.

                           Independence Day Celebration 14th August 2001
(a)     Speech Competition
        Tatheer Ali of Class 10th got 2nd position in district.

(b)     Quiz Competition
        1.      Tanveer Ali 9th Class got 1st position in district.
        2.      Sayed Muhammad Sammar Abbas Class 9th got 1st position in district.
(c)     Speech Competition Quaid-e-Azam Death Anniversary held on September, 12, 2001

                Tatheer Ali of Class 10th got 1st position in district.
                        Debate competition Iqbal Day, 10th Nov, 2001

        1.      Wajahat Ali of Class 8th got 2nd position in district.
        2.      Waseem Abbas of Class 8th got 2nd position in district.

Sport plays great role in physical development of students. At present we have only basket-ball ground
suitable for the game. We have space for Cricket and Volley ball grounds but they are not proper.
Planning is being made in this area also for the students to take part in various games. It will enable them
to show their worth in extra curricular activities also.
                                      Extension of F.Sc. Classes
Presently we have only a room each for first and 2nd year. In the coming session we shall need two rooms
for 1st year as there are two sections in Class 10th. In the subsequent years we shall be needing more
rooms as the number of sections is also increasing beyond two. In this connection Dr. Shoukat Ali
Bangash has again been asked for the extension of the College block already constructed in the name of
his parents. He very graciously promised the help in this regard. The planning for construction is being
made as early as possible so that the problem is solved in time.
                                       Second Shift of Classes

In view of the increasing number of admissions and the scarcity of accommodation, the construction of
rooms has been in progress. But the construction programme can not continue for long. To solve the
problem with the existing accommodation, the programme of second shift is under consideration. Due to
some difficulties it could not be started. However the D.I.T programme has been started. In the coming
year, Inshaallah, it will be our endeavor to start the second shift of first year classes. It will help control
the additional construction and the existing accommodation will be properly utilized.

                                      Cyber Community Centre
High officials of IUCN, very graciously, made a programme of opening Internet Community Centre in
Al-Asar Academy. It was inaugurated by Sayed Imtiaz Hussain Gilani, the Provincial education Minister.
This Ceremony was attended by a large number of youths and the concerned persons through this
programme the Al-Asar Academy and the youths of the area will have contact with outside world. There
is a programme of Cyber Community Centre in the Village also so that the youths make best use of it.
                                           D.I.T Programme
In the current year the D.I.T programme has been started in the second shift. Students are taking great
interest in it. We are trying our best to introduce the Information Technology with the bare minimum
expenses. For this purpose we have obtained the services of highly trained teachers. The timings are from
2 to 5 p.m. Alongwith this, various Computer Courses are in progress and the students are getting benefits
from them. Since these students belong to other institutions and have less command on English language,
they are taught English language Course on the Academy expenses. It will make up their short comings
and hence will produce good results. It may be clarified that at present the Computer Laboratory has 22
Pentium Computers housed in the suitable buildings. Its net-working has been done with latest model
                                           B.I.T. Programme

In view of the great importance and utility of Information Technology, the programme of a complete
Computer section has been made in the Academy. For this purpose help had been sought from National
Zakat Foundation through Project Planning. But they did not consider the people of this backward area
deserving for such help. Therefore a philanthropist has given indication of help for this purpose. If he
agrees, help will be obtained for the construction of Computer section, purchase of computers and the
related furniture. This project will, Inshaallah, be instrumental in bringing great revolution in changing
the destiny of the youths.
In the morning session, the students of the school are making use of the laboratory. From 7 th class to
College level, each class is being taught four periods per week.
Community Infrastructure Project (C.I.P)
Taking in view the commendable performance of Al-Asar welfare Society, an amount of One Crore and
forty one lac has been approved through C.I.P. This project also includes the water supply scheme. This
amount will be utilized on the construction of roads, streets, drains and other works of Village Usterzai
Payan. We shall try our level best to do the assigned jobs in the best possible way so as to make the
Village Usterzai Payan a Model Village. Work has been started. We shall Inshaalah, through the specific
interest of C.I.P department, try our best to help complete this important project. Although this project is a
new experience for Al-Asar Welfare Society, with the Co-operation of concerned officials, orders and the
youth of the village the project will be successfully completed and each single penny will be properly
Special Gratitude
We are much grateful to the following friends for their gracious contributions in the following fields.
1.      Professor Sayed Tasleem Hussain, Ihrar Hussain, Safeer Hussain and Sayed Murtaza Hassan who
        during summer vacations gave coaching to the Matric and 1st year and 2nd year students.
2.      Descendants of late Ijaz Hussain who in name of the deceased sent valuable books of religion
        and literature to the Al-Asar library as present.
3.      Al-Haj Abdul Ali Khan who gave cash prize of Rs. 5000/- to an industrious student Hussain
        Wazir who secured 416 marks in 1st year examination.
4.      Dilbar Ali S/O Kaptan Ali who contributed a 76 piece dinner set and 68 piece steel crockery set
        to the Academy as a present.
5.      Haji Hayat Ali of Sherkot who during the year 2000 sent an Electric Water Cooler worth Rs.
        19000/-          to         the          Academy            as          a         present.

                  Village Level Performance of Al-Asar Welfare Society

1.      A poor needy person was granted Rs. 7,200/- as Qarz-i-Hasana.
2.      Paid Rs. 5000/- for the repair of Community Tube-well.
3.      Paid Rs. 7,395/- to the poor deserving students for their uniform during the year 2001.
4.      948 books from the total of 1921 were drawn from the Al-Asar Welfare Society Village Library
        during the year 2001.
                                       Al-Asar Academy Trust

A meeting of Al-Asar Welfare Society members was held on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fiter. It was decided
that the Al-Asar Academy be properly registered as a Trust in which the affluent and experienced persons
from outside be given chance to participate. In view of the extension and popularity of the Academy and
the doubts in the minds of people it becomes essential to give the project a practical shape.
In this connection the persons taking interest on regional level are requested to apprise us of their
suggestions, opinions and also as membership participation so that the institution is established on stable
lines and its future becomes bright. This will not only remove their doubts but also will give chance to its
practical progress.
                   List Of Donors Upto Rs. 1000/- During 2001

1.       Miss Naila Rubi
2.       Habib ullah Bangash
3.       Col. Sayed Nazar Abbas
4.       Taj Ali
5.       Haji Akbar Hussain
6.       Anhar Ali
7.       Muhammad Mehdi
8.       Sayed Nazim Hussain
9.       Ghazanfar Ali
10.      Haji Altaf Hussain
11.      Mushtaq Hussain
12.      Haji Saleem Gul
13.      Major Hashmat

     List of Persons with Miscellaneous Donation during the Year 2001
S.No.              Name              Amount
1.       Sayed Rifat Hussain         1100/-
2.       Sayed Muhammad Shah Gul     1232/-
3.       Haji Yoqoob Ali             1500/-
4.       Haji Muhammad Hakeem        2000/-
5.       Ashiq Ali                   2000/-
6.       Haji Nisar Ali              2000/-
7.       Haji Ali Ghulam             2000/-
8.       Unknown                    2000/-
9.       Hikmat Ali                  2000/-
10.      Sayed Noor Hussain          2000/-
11.      Liaqat Ali                  2000/-
12.      Sayed Maqbool Hussain       2500/-
        13.     Muhammad Hassan                   2500/-
        14.     Ghulam Mustafa Abuzar             3000/-
        15.     Al-Haj Toti Gul                   3000/-
        16.     Haji Muhammad Gul                 3000/-
        17.     Major Nisar Hussain               5000/-
        18.     Haji Ghulam Hassan                5000/-
        19.     Sayed Muhammad Hassnain           5000/-
        20.     Haji Muhib Ali                    5000/-
        21.     Haji Muhammad Ali                 5000/-
        22.     Abdur Razaq                       5000/-
        23.     Dr. Malik Mindad                  10000/-
        24.     Agha Tajmul Hussain               10000/-
        25.     Haji Abdul Ghafoor                10000/-
        26.     Muhammad Ali                      10000/-
        27.     Malik Abdul Hafeez Bangash        10000/-
        28.     Haji Akmal Hussain                15000/-
        29.     Elizbat Ali                       17500/-
        30.     Muhammad Salim Asghar Ali         20000/-
        31.     Shahsawar Hussain                50500/-
        32.    Hamid Ali                           3000/-
        33.    Sayed Ali Zaidi                     3000/-
        34.    Haji Mir Haider                      3660/-
        35.    Malik Rafiullah                      5000/-
        36.    Donation through                   125000/-
               Ghulam Abbas Abu Dhabi

                              Sub Institution of Al-Asar Academy

A primary school has been established at Village Ibrahimzai under the supervision of Al-Asar Academy.
There are 230 students from Nursery to Class 5 with ten teachers. Mr. Haji Gul Ali has provided a rent
free building for the school. It has no further capacity, hence the students beyond fifth class are
transferred to Al-Asar Academy. Elders and devoted people of Ibrahimzai have been requested for the
provision of a plot to construct the School building. If it is done, a school building upto Matric level will
be constructed. It will, on one hand help reduce the school expenses of the parents and on the other hand
it will minimize the thrust of admission on Al-Asar Academy.
                                              An Apology
We have tried to prepare the report with correct figures and details. If there are some lapses i.e. missing of
some name or misprints we seek apology for that.
Any practicable suggestion, opinion or some constructive criticism will be gladly accepted. We shall try
our level best to make it practicable.


An Orphanage named DARUL FALAH is being planned under the supervision of Al Khidmat
Foundation. Its building will be constructed within the premises of Al-Asar Academy. It is a very good
project. Programme has been made to support the poor and orphan children in education and other
training facilities. Affluent and charitable persons are being contacted for the construction of the building.
Land has been earmarked and construction plans have been made. We hope that through this project the
orphan children of the area will get best opportunity in making their lives prosperous and in turn they will
be advantageous to the region as a whole.

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