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					A residential building is the actual home of our clients, in which they and their
families and friends can live and be safe. Although houses vary in aesthetics and
structure, Rembrandt Enterprises of Dayton practices expertise in offering our
customers with satisfactory construction of any type of foundation. We make sure to
provide nothing but the best service and material when working on your home,
because our company understands the importance of a house with a strong and secure
structure. For the safety of you and your family, our representatives and employees
are professionally trained, background-checked, and drug-tested. Being a licensed and
insured General Contractor, we repair homes damaged by wind, hail, fire, and flood.
In addition, we offer services in remodeling and new construction.

One of the most critical aspects of a residential building that a residential homeowner
should consider is the roof. When the recent hail storms of Dayton hit, many roofs of
homeowners were severely damaged due to weak foundation. However, many
homeowners are unaware that the hail left more than shallow dents, crumbling
shingles, and trickling leaks. Hail storms often cause more damage than what most
homeowners identify; hail of any size can cause great damage to asphalt composition
shingles by cracking or bruising the shingle membrane. This may affect the
effectiveness and lifespan of your roofs lifespan by critically reducing them. (For
example, when the cracked and bruised composition shingles are exposed to
ultraviolet light, they will quickly break down and leave your roof completely
vulnerable to further damage.)

When dealing with damage of this sort, Rembrandt Enterprises makes sure to restore
our customers roofs to the best condition possible without demanding payment
exceeding the quality of work. In addition to our construction and remodeling
services, we offer a free assessment of your property for damage and will even assist
you in preparing insurance claims and dealing with your insurance and mortgage

Beginning in 1995, Rembrandt Enterprises specializes in residential roofing solutions
that maintain the highest standards in the roofing industry today. Our founder, Frank
Walker, has over thirty years of experience in home construction, remodeling, and
restoration. We belong to some of the best-regarded associations in our industry,
including the Mid-West Roofing Association, the National Roofing Contractors
Association, and the Roofers Success International. Throughout our years as a
business, we have received a rating of A+ from the Better Business Bureau and its
partners in industry.

We pride ourselves on using only the best rated manufacturers, giving you peace of
mind that the products installed onto your home are of the highest quality. All
materials delivered to your home are never old or used. We never reuse components
when replacing your roof. Here at Rembrandt Enterprises, our representatives
understand the importance of quality service and material. Many roofing contractors
will cut corners by reusing some of the existing components because they know that
home owners are usually away at work while their roof is being installed. Our
employees are polite and respectful when working on your property, and will do their
best to avoid interrupting your daily routines. After finishing our work on your
property, we guarantee a thorough clean-up of any remaining materials or debris.
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Dayton Roofing

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