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					                        2002 Mount Vernon Region
                                      Tri-State Bible Quiz
                                         November 22nd and 23rd
                                                John chapters 1-9
Greetings Fellow Quiz Leaders:

I am excited to announce that Mt. Vernon Nazarene College will host our annual Tri-State Bible Quiz tournament on
November 22nd & 23 rd. This event will emphasize the qualities that have made quizzing so successful on our region---
quality quizzing, good fellowship, lots of awards interjected with tons of fun.

                                                  Quizzing Schedule
Registration will be on Friday, November 22nd from 4:00 to 5:45. The Coaches meeting will be held from 5:30 – 5:45,
with quizzing beginning at 6:00 PM and continuing to 11:00 PM. This year we will have both an Advanced and Novice
Division. Please indicate on the registration form which division you would like to enter. Based on tournament needs we
will reserve the right to move teams from one Tournament to another based on your District Directors recommendations.
All teams will quiz 5 times on Friday night. Based on your teams Olympic points you will be placed into tournaments. The
top 8 teams will be placed into the Platinum medal division, the next 8 teams Gold, then Silver and so on. Teams will have
an equal chance (or be quizzing teams of like knowledge) during Saturday’s triple elimination quizzing. Saturdays quizzing
will begin at 9:00 AM with finals scheduled at 2:30. There will be a trophy presentation for all awards at 3:00.

                                          Highlights of the Tournament
   Each team will quiz a minimum of 8 times
   Top 15 Individual quizzers in Advanced Division will receive medals
   Top 10 Individual quizzers in Novice Division will receive medals
   All eight teams that qualify for Platinum Division quizzing will receive Trophies
   Top four teams from Gold division quizzing will receive trophies
   Top 3 teams from all other divisions will receive trophies.
   Mt. Vernon will sponsor an “Ice Cream Social” from 11:00 to 12:00 –Complete with Live Music, Free Mt.
    Vernon Stuff and all the Ice Cream your Coach will allow you to eat.

                                                     Registration Fee
The registration fee for the tournament is $30.00 per team if received by November 1st and $40.00 if received between
November 2nd and the 10th. Due to the large turn out last year (100 teams), registrations must be received by November 10th
to assure your team will be guaranteed to participate. Registrations received after the 10th will be accepted based on size of
the tournament, availability of quiz rooms and qualified quizmasters, and can’t be guaranteed. The registration fee for
churches entering multiple teams before November 1st will be $25.00 per team. Teams that volunteer to bring jump
seats will receive an additional $5.00 discount.

                                                    Housing Options
   If you have friends who attend M.V.N.C. you are welcome at arrange to stay with them on campus.
   Special rates are available at the following. Please indicate your participation in the Tri-State Bible Quiz at MVNU
    1. Ameri Host (740-392-6886) (Previously: Dan Emmett House)
    2. Super 8 Motel (1-800-800-8000)
    3. Holiday Inn Express (740-392-1900)
    4. The Curtis Motor Lodge (740-397-4334)

For more information please call (513) 856-8050, send email to, or see us at

In His Service
Bob Delong (513 748-1578)
Tournament Director
                          2002 Mount Vernon Region
                                          Tri-State Bible Quiz
                                             November 22nd and 23rd
                                                     John chapters 1-9

                                                Registration Form

                           Sent by November 1st:                         $30.00 per team (One team)
                                                                         $25.00 per team (Multiple teams)
                           Nov. 2nd – Nov. 10th:                         $40.00 per team
                                    (After Nov. 10, Call Bob Delong at (937) 748-1578)

                                                                                  Mail this form and entry fee made payable to

Team:                                                                                    East Central Region:
                                                                                         Kurt Johnson
                                                                                         5768 Fairridge Lane
Coach’s Address:                                                                         Hamilton, Ohio 45011
                                                                                         (513) 856-8050
Phone Number:

                                                          Team Roster

         Novice: (6th – 8th grade) Y / N                                 Novice: (6th – 8th grade) Y / N

1.                                                             1.
2.                                                             2.
3.                                                             3.
4.                                                             4.
5.                                                             5.
6.                                                             6.

                                                       Quiz Equipment
We are anticipating a large turnout for this event. In order to allow each team to quiz a minimum of eight times, we will be using a at
least 25 quiz rooms. If you have quiz equipment please indicate that you will bring it to the quiz:

                                  I will bring Quiz Seats:           y n        Type: Blue Red
                           (Deduct $5.00 from registration for quiz seats)

If you have questions please feel free to contact Kurt Johnson at (513) 856-8050, or Bob Delong at (513) 748-
1578. Copies of these documents are available at

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