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									New Schools’ Personnel Service Website
New for Term 1 2010-11

• New site, completely renewed look, feel and content
• Copy, imagery, layout all designed to reflect the modern world of
• Overall structure designed to reflect how we support our customers
    – Recruitment
    – Supporting and developing your staff during employment to when
      employment ends
Major Aims of the New Site

•   Make access to forms, policies, documents used in your day to day jobs
    easier and quicker
•   Ensure that we’re able to provide the latest information that you need to
    deal with all employment matters efficiently and effectively, in line with best
    practice and legal requirements
•   Share with you the full scope of our services
     – Inspire you
     – Bring us closer to you
What Hasn’t Changed

• Address remains
• Your log in and password remain the same
• The ability to download forms, policies and other documents that
  support the your day-to-day work

• Bulletin board format of the old site is gone
• Information is all presented according to the ‘employment journey’
• Menus on the left contain links to information specifically linked to
  that area
• Blue menu across the bottom with other useful links
• There’s no single way through to the information you need
    – You can access information through a number of routes

• went live at the end of the summer
• Is therefore now ready for you to make the most of
• Stay tuned for updates

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