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									                               NET-FY588 Fast User’s Guide

                                 NET-FY588 IPcam
                                 Fast User’s Guide


     NET-FY588 is a section of depth the network camera which is welcome the
populace and chats ordinary the camera. The function is formidable, simple Yi Yong.
The direct connection mesh wire and chats ordinary the camera, establishes the
good IP address, then anytime and anywhere likely accesses the net through IE to
watch the video frequency equally. Suits the entertainment, to live, the work, the
monitoring and so on widespread use.
     Main features

       1. NET-FY588 is an independent operation network camera, does not need the

          exclusive computer and the commutating device.

                               NET-FY588 Fast User’s Guide

    2. The world is lightest the smallest network camera. Installs simply convenient,

       the volume is exquisite, the confidentiality is good, 10/100Mbps ethernet

       situation automatic diagnosis.

    3. Provides the security account number hypothesis, the malicious IP visit

       rejection, the multi-person on-line onlooking and the single plane multiwindow

       jail looks at the function.

    4. Phantom resolution: 640 x 480, 320 x 240, 160 x 120. MJPEG phantom

       compression way.

    5. when 320 x 240 patterns, each second frame number may reach 25 most


    6. Equipment size: 104mm x 54mm x 53mm, weight: 0.2kg, operating

       temperature: 0°C ~ 60°C.

    7. Standard RJ45 network interface, capable of connecting ADSL, switch,

       broadband routers, etc.

                                NET-FY588 Fast User’s Guide


1. Diagram of interfaces

2. Connection and Usage
Presses down the chart to meet the camera, the mesh wire or the cross-wire, joins the
   power source to QIPCAM (12V.1A). When circular telegram, active status            The
   lantern festival glitters, then the network state lamp is often bright, indicated that
   NET-FY588 works normally.

1) Moves search software Qipcam.exe which forwards as an enclosure stochastically.
   The click “the search” the button, then can demonstrate in the NET-FY588 tabulation
   frame found NET-FY588, saw the chart. Then please click on “the automatic setup”
   the button. “the automatic setup” default use fixed IP, this IP is generally or, or other possible IP, to have the relations with yours
   local area network disposition. Please confirm this IP not with local area network's in
   other machine conflict. Then the click “the preview” then the automatic start IE
   browser sees NET-FY588 the video image...

    NET-FY588 Fast User’s Guide

                                 NET-FY588 Fast User’s Guide

3) Description of parameters

Left side “the local network refers” only makes the parameter comparison to use, right
flank is the NET-FY588 current parameter. If NET-FY588 and computer in identical local
area network, IPCAM parameter besides “IP”, other parameters (including “subnet mask”,
“gateway IP”, “DNS1”, “DNS2”) should “refer to the inside value with the local network” to
be the same. If chooses “gains the IP address automatically”, then each time starting
QIPCAM IP is indefinite, assigns automatically by the DHCP server. Therefore when
NET-FY588 erects when the local area network, did not suggest that the use “gains the IP
address automatically” the function. Should better be fixed IP.

“HTTP port” is used to designate the port used by NET-FY588 to offer the video service.
The default port is 80. You can also set from 1 to 65534. However, you must input the port
value whenever you open an address in IE. For example, if the http port is set as “81”, you

                               NET-FY588 Fast User’s Guide
may need to input in the address field. If there are multiple
QIPCAMs in a LAN, you need to assign different HTTP ports for them to facilitate access
from the outside network.

Set up the username and password here when you log on NET-FY588 to protect privacy.
The default username and password is admin and admin respectively. After setting the
username and password, every time you log on NET-FY588, the following dialogue box
will pop up, and you cannot access it and view the video unless you’ve input the right
username and password.

It is the dynamic domain name server designated by the manufacturer, and it needs no

                                 NET-FY588 Fast User’s Guide
This is the dynamic domain name analysis (DDNS) establishes. Because each time uses
the ADSL digit dialing or other wide band surfer, the operator possibly assigns for yours
public network IP address different, to guarantee that you can also watch NET-FY588 in
outside, should better register a dynamic domain name, and the target domain name, the
user name, the password preserve NET-FY588. Later you only need input this dynamic
domain name in the IE address fence to be possible to watch NET-FY588. For instance
has registered v00002.3322.org, may watch NET-FY588 in global any place through
http:// v00002.3322.org. The establishment flow sees the chart. The more dynamic
domain       name     aspect's      further  information     please     register    http://

Set up the dynamic domain name

                                 NET-FY588 Fast User’s Guide

    Click the “Preview” button to trigger IE automatically to view video, without installing
any plug-in or driver.

3. FAQs
Q: I cannot detect IPCAM.
A: Please make sure whether the power supply is normal, whether the network status
indicator is on, and whether the PC/LAN is normal. If they are all normal and you still
cannot detect it through NET-FY588.exe, please contact our after-sales service

Q: How to access NET-FY588 from the public network (Internet)?
A: If NET-FY588 is placed in a LAN, you need to make port mapping on a router, or
directly set NET-FY588 as DMZ machine. The following diagram takes FR40 router as an
example. The cases of other routers are similar.

                              NET-FY588 Fast User’s Guide

“Service port” must be consistent with the “HTTP port” of NET-FY588 set above.
If there are multiple QIPCAMs in the LAN, for example, the IP address of the 2 nd
NET-FY588 is and the “HTTP port” is 81, the setting is as follows:

If you have set up a dynamic domain name, e.g. http://v00002.3322.org, you can visit
http://v00002.3322.org to access the webcam with IP, or you can visit
http://v00002.3322.org to access the webcam with IP, since the default
port number is 80 when no port number is designated in the address field of IE.

                                NET-FY588 Fast User’s Guide

Q: How about if I have only one network cable?
1) A: We recommend you to spend some money (dozens of yuan) to buy a multi-port
    router with dialup function (ADSL), e.g. TP-LINKFR40, to avoid the trouble of
    inserting/removing cables and rebooting the cable modem (some broadband access
    methods require rebooting cable modems when you replace a PC, e.g. TOPWAY ). A
    router also means an additional firewall, which can protect your PC from direct
    intrusion from the Internet.
2) If you do not like routers, you can also set up on the ADSL modem directly. Firstly,
    open the setup webpage of the modem, i.e. inputting (usually this
    address for most modems. Please refer to the label on the back of your modem) in the
    address field of IE. The logon username and password are usually admin/password or
    admin/dare or admin/admin. Then, enter the setup page as follows:

                                 NET-FY588 Fast User’s Guide

Since port 80 is usually used by the modem, you can only use other ports, e.g. 81.
Therefore, you can input like http://v00002.avfax.net in the address field of IE to access
NET-FY588 from the Internet.
Note: Some routers or modems do not allow users access servers in the LAN via public
network IP from the LAN.

Q: How to take a video record?
A: Please use monitoring software, e.g. Netcam Watcher, NetCamCenter, WeCam
Monitor 3.6, etc. NET-FY588 will also release its own monitoring software.
The following is the setting methods of Netcam Watcher and NetCamCenter. The setting
methods of other monitoring software are similar. Please note to fill in “image” or “/image”
in the “JPEG path” field.

        NET-FY588 Fast User’s Guide

     Settings of Netcam Watcher

     Settings of NetCamCenter

                              NET-FY588 Fast User’s Guide

                            Monitoring effect figures of Netcam Watcher

4. Specifications of NET-FY588

Max. frame rate: 25fps

Dynamic domain name system (DDNS): Supports

Dynamic IP: Supports

Network interface: RJ45


Video compression criteria: MJPEG

Supported webcam: Vimicro ZC0301 (please use the accessorial webcam as much as

Power consumption: 1A@12V

                                 NET-FY588 Fast User’s Guide

5. Other Q&As

What’s the valid transmission distance of common 5-kind twisted-pair cables?
The standard distance is 100m. With the help of Hub or switch, the distance can be
increased to 480m.

How long of a USB extension cable can a cradle-head webcam support?
The standard length is below 5m. For special USB extension cables, the length is up to
20m (i.e. the distance between two webcams is 40m). However, such special USB cables
are hard to buy and are expensive (maybe more expensive then a server), so that it is not
Can NET-FY588 be put outdoors?
NET-FY588 is designed for indoors use mainly. If being used outdoors, the effect may be
slightly less satisfactory, and you need to add a protection shield.

Why can't I view images via the Internet while I can view them within the LAN?
You need to map the port "80” in “virtual server” or “forward rules” of the router to the LAN
IP of NET-FY588. Port 80 corresponds to the TCP protocol.

My NET-FY588 is not placed behind a firewall. Why DDNS cannot be realized?
Please make sure whether the dynamic domain name server is correct and whether the IP
address of your router is consistent with DDNS. If the two settings are both correct, please
modify the DNS of NET-FY588 to the DNS address of your local Telecom or Netcom.

How to apply for and set up a dynamic domain name?
Take 3322.org dynamic domain names as an example. In the site
http://v00002.avfax.net, log on using your registered username and password. Then,
as shown in the figure, click “domain management” to enter it. Click “dynamic DNS” on the
left side to show a pull down menu. Then, click “Create” to create your own sub domain
name. Do not modify other settings, and then click OK to make the domain name take
effect. As shown in the figure, add the applied domain name to the dynamic domain name
option of NET-FY588. As shown in the figure, you can also directly add it to the network
setting in the Web interface of NET-FY588.


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