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									    The Best Avaya Phones For Business

The Avaya 1408, Avaya 1416, and the Avaya 5410 are three Avaya phones made
by telecommunication leader Avaya. Avaya offers Avaya IP Office systems for
small, and medium sized businesses as well as corporations. Avaya phones will
increase office efficiency and employee productivity. Avaya, an award winning
company, stands by its products with a 36 month guarantee--the best in the
business. What makes Avaya phones a logical choice for companies? Avaya
phones are user friendly, technical and equipment support and maintenance are
readily available, and Avaya uses the latest technology so their phones are never

The Avaya 1408 is ideal for those with light to moderate phone usage. Clerical
workers and sales staff will appreciate the Avaya phone because of its straight
forward interface that will allow an increase in productivity. The Avaya 1408 has a
3 row x 24 character back lit display. This Avaya phone supports 8 lines and has
fixed feature buttons. The Avaya 1408 also has a 2-way speaker phone and
headset jack. It is hearing aid compatible. This Avaya phone system has 8
personalized ring tones and multiple language support. These phones have a
phone memory capacity of 268 names and numbers. This Avaya phone is ideal for
small of medium offices or companies.
Managers, receptionists and anyone who has to answer incoming calls could
utilize the Avaya 1416. This Avaya phone is designed for employees who answer
incoming calls, transfers customers, or monitors several lines at once throughout
the workday. The Avaya 1416 has a 4 row x 24 character back lit display and a 2
way speaker phone. It is equipped with a headset jack and is hearing aid
compatible. The Avaya 1416 has multiple language support and a message waiting

For larger offices the Avaya 5410 may be the best choice. This Avaya phone
system has many features. There is a local call log and a speed dial directory. An
Avaya IP office with this Avaya phone is global ready. Other features of the Avaya
5410 include a headset jack, choice of language for the local phone menu and
large message light indicator. The Avaya 5410 screen is large with a 7 line x 29
character display.

Avaya IP Office systems made especially for small and medium sized businesses,
offer lower mobile and long distance calls and no conference call fees. Avaya IP
Office features call resiliency-in the event of a power outage all calls immediately
go to another location. An Avaya phone system allows for remote management
from a central location so multiple administrators are no longer needed at
different sites. An Avaya phone system can save money as well as increase
efficiency and productivity.

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