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									This document sets forth a company's policy regarding photocopying. The policy
restricts employee use of photocopying machines to prevent any violations of federal
copyright law. It sets forth acceptable uses and prohibited uses of the company's
photocopying machines. This is a standard policy and it may be customized to reflect a
company's specific policy on photocopying. This document should be used by a
company's human resources department and included in the employee handbook.
     Photocopying Policy of Company Restricting use of Photocopy Machines

Users of the photocopy machines of (Name of Company) are reminded of the guidelines
of the Company for the use of such equipment:

        1.    You may not photocopy a copyrighted work as a substitute for the
        purchase of, or subscription to, the work.

        2.    You may make a single photocopy of a copyrighted work for purposes of
        your own scholarship, research, criticism, comment or teaching.

        3.      The Company prohibits use of its photocopy machines for any purpose
        that violates federal copyright law.

If you have any questions about whether photocopying a particular work would violate
federal copyright law, please consult (Name of Appropriate Person).

Agreement of Employee to follow the Copyright Policy of the Company:

I have read, understand, and agree to comply with the foregoing policies, rules, and
conditions governing the use of the Company's equipment and services. I am aware
that violations of this policy on appropriate use of photocopy machines may subject me
to disciplinary action, including termination from employment, legal action and criminal
liability. I further understand that I have the responsibility to maintain a positive
representation of the Company and to govern myself accordingly. Furthermore, I
understand that this policy can be amended at any time.


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