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					Tracking Usage Patterns
& Market Dynamics
in Web Conferencing

An Assessment of Indices
and Trends in Web Conferencing

2010 Program Guide

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                     Wainhouse Research WebMetrics 2010 Program Guide


Wainhouse Research's WebMetrics is an annual research program designed to better understand web
conferencing usage and user preferences. Through extensive on-line surveys, the study explores topics such as

        How users and decision makers prefer to buy web conferencing,
        What kinds of activities / applications they use the technology for,
        Deployment options,
        Brand preferences / perceptions,
        What features, functions, and benefits respondents value most, and
        What other technologies are used in conjunction with web conferencing.

The program's survey base is the WebMetrics User Panel, which is
comprised of more than 800 qualified web conferencing end users
who have formally registered with WR. Begun in 2004, the survey              This report series is the only one
program now boasts 6 years of data and a rich trove of findings that
                                                                              of its kind. I love how you add
                                                                             analysis and interpretation to the
provide a comprehensive snapshot of the web conferencing buyer’s
                                                                                 core data. – VP Strategy,
attitudes. Additionally, WR regularly asks cutting edge questions of
                                                                                 Major Web Conferencing
this highly savvy respondent group, and occasionally is able to                       Services Provider
utilize the panel for custom surveys conducted by WR for
WebMetrics subscribers. Most surveys achieve between 150-190
total responses.

                                Current State of the Web Conferencing Market

2009 Findings

                     Note: Executive summaries (with table of contents) for both 2009 reports
                               are available at www.wainhouse.com/webmetrics.

The year 2009 showed greater acceptance of web conferencing as an integral component of internal and
external communications, while applications continue to evolve. Citrix and Adobe continue to increase
awareness and user gains, while WebEx has maintained its lock on a brand leadership position but not made
gains based on its ownership by Cisco. Some of Microsoft’s individual older brands continue to slip somewhat.

Selected Key Takeaways


    •     Unaided branding: WebEx is down sizably this year in unaided awareness (51%, down from 59%);
          remember, this describes our particular panel of 158 respondents, not overall unaided awareness,
          though it is worth noting that Cisco is flat at 9%. While Telepresence receives major market attention,
          WebEx and Cisco web conferencing appear to not be benefiting from the company’s marketing heft.
          Microsoft also is down – perhaps due to gains by GoToMeeting (17%), and Adobe (16% – a significant

Video / Web Cam Usage
    •     Exactly 20% of respondents indicate they use video or web cams as part of their web conferences over
          50% or more of the time. This number is the same this year as last year – as is the 35% of respondents
          who use video over 25% of the time. Those who use video 5% to 25% of the time are up by 4% this
          year, to 19%. Worth monitoring in the future is whether the 47% who use video 0% to 5% of the time
          remains stable or begins to decline.

 Requires separate project quotation. This is a special benefit to WebMetrics subscribers, with discounted
access to the panel as a research resource.

                    Wainhouse Research WebMetrics 2010 Program Guide
Deployment Model Preferences and Drivers

    •   Several trends now show a shift in drivers for ASP usage as of 2H09. Limited resources (54%) and
        limited infrastructure (39%) are both up a little or a lot, respectively, along with “our provider can do a
        better job than us” (46%).” (In fact, for the first time since we began surveying limited resources is the
        top reason cited for use of hosted services.) It’s as if the economic climate and need to do more with
        less is driving organizations to hosted services. Applications integration also has increased (20%, up
        from 14% a year ago). After limited resources and other already mentioned drivers, cited are cost
        effectiveness (53%), reliability (52%), security (32%), and audio integration (21%) in order of

    •   Control (80%) is the top reason for running one’s own web conferencing server(s), with economy (cost
        effectiveness) next (at 61%), tied with security. A big gap occurs between security and the 4th top
        reasons, integration with infrastructure (41%) and reliability (41%). Another gap occurs, after which
        application integration (33%) is up relatively substantially. The belief that web conferencing is a core
        competency is cited by 18%, followed by audio integration (10%). Clearly the drivers for those who own
        and deploy their own servers include control, economy, and security. But WR notes that integration
        with infrastructure technologies and integration with applications are both up as factors cited.

                                 ASP                 Managed Services                   CPE
                 #1       Limited resources                  Security                 Control
                 #2          Cost effective                Cost effective            Economy
                 #3            Reliability                   Reliability              Security
                 #4         Better than us                 Better than us

Group and Team Behavior During Web Conferences
    •   Several new questions explore behaviors within group web conferencing sessions and the degree of
        use of peripherals and related applications. While in a group setting, one person showing presentations,
        not surprisingly, is the most common activity (95% often or sometimes), followed closely by one person
        showing applications (94% often or sometimes). One person showing their ideas on a whiteboard
        occurs much less – often or sometimes by 56% of organizations. Shifting over to collaborative
        interaction involving two or more meeting participants in a group setting predictably reveals a drop in
        frequency, though the order is the same. Two or more working on a presentation leads (56% often or
        sometimes), followed closely by working on an application (53%). And two or more participants working
        on a shared whiteboard is done often or sometimes by 27%. While 13% indicate they never need this
        functionality, 6% indicate they would like to use a whiteboard if they could. Finally, pulling files from
        shared workspaces during a meeting or saving a document that has been edited during a meeting is
        done often or sometimes by 57%. This number is somewhat surprising to us and we believe that some
        respondents may be misconstruing this capability to be a simple file upload/download during a web
        conference or archiving a meeting – though the need to access and/or save files during a meeting is
        apparently high.
Impact of the Economic Situation
    •   More than half (53%) of respondents say that the economic crisis has driven their organizations to use
        more web conferencing and it is helping them cope with the economy. More than one third (38%) say
        there has been no influence. Only one in ten (9%) state that they are using web conferencing less as a
        result of needing to watch costs or simply having less need.
Growing Use of Instant Messaging
    •   Use of IM seems strong and for the first time in several surveys, the number of respondents whose
        organizations do not use or permit use of IM is down to 24%, from 33% last year and 41% in 2007.
        Yahoo consumer is up sharply this year (from 3% to 10%), perhaps a result of Yahoo integrating
        Messenger with their browser-based email service. Both IBM Lotus Sametime (15%) and Microsoft
        LCS/OCS (20%) are up marginally. Skype and Google Talk, which are measured for the first time this
        year, are at 6% and 3%, respectively.

                    Wainhouse Research WebMetrics 2010 Program Guide


WebMetrics benchmarks the web conferencing user community. After discussions with vendors and service
providers, the following areas of interest were identified:

         Brand perceptions

         Product functionality and feature set preferences

         Deployment model considerations

         Attitudes toward service providers and their offerings

         Buyer behavior (surrounding purchasing authority, preferences, applications, and intentions)

To gather WebMetrics data, Wainhouse Research conducts surveys of qualified web conferencing meeting
attendees, presenters, and buyers/decision makers. WebMetrics sponsors are offered the opportunity to provide
input into the formation of the survey instrument. Additional respondents have been invited through the efforts
of third-party list vendors and partnerships with publications like Network World or ConferencingNews, so the
respondent list consists of both Wainhouse Research Bulletin readers and general qualified names acquired
through these and other third-party lists. No vendors or service providers within the web or audio conferencing
industry space are allowed to join. A total of approximately 800 distinct names have developed from those who
have participated in one or more of the surveys during 2004 – 2008. These individuals will continue to be invited
and offered special incentives, such as Amazon gift certificates, Apple iPods, and high-level summaries of the

                                              Deliverables for 2010

For 2010 Wainhouse Research intends to continue the depth of questioning contained in WebMetrics to date,
while adding new areas to explore based on evolving trends and subscriber input. Expect more topical questions
concerning the impact of economic matters on web conferencing usage, personal usage, and attitudes towards
Presence/IM, VoIP and mixed PSTN-VoIP services, Unified Communications, Social Networking, and newer
vertical applications. Also expect more questions exploring how groups of users work together, whether from
conference rooms, desktops, or in mobile environments. Many of the questions we are beginning to formulate
concern when, if, and how web conferencing might migrate from being a stand-alone solution into a “feature” that
becomes a well-integrated part of a bigger solution, how it might meld with other real-time and asynchronous
communication technologies (including Team Workspaces and Social Networking), and how we can identify new,
creative applications made possible by the technology that simply could not be done before.

                   Wainhouse Research WebMetrics 2010 Program Guide

           Key Areas of Research                        Related Questions                Biannual

         Brand Perceptions                How do brands compare (recognition,               1H
                                          reputation, etc)? How are they viewed by
                                          different market segments?

         Product Functionality &          How do features compare in terms of               1H
         Feature Set Preferences          preference? What other applications are
                                          organizations using with web conferencing
                                          tools? What leads users to become
                                          presenters/power users? What are
                                          attitudes towards VoIP?

         Integration and workflow         What attitudes exist concerning web               1H
         applications                     conferencing integration with workflow
                                          applications and unified communications?
                                          Are you interested in IP PBX offerings
                                          and/or UC platforms from the likes of
                                          IBM/Lotus, Cisco, Microsoft, Avaya, and
                                          others? What processes within your
                                          organization are candidates for integration
                                          with web conferencing?

         Attitudes toward vendors and     What factors are considered when choosing         2H
         service provider offerings       a software vendor and/or service provider?
                                          How are organizations viewing service
                                          providers in comparison with internally
                                          deployed platforms?

         Deployment model                 What is the mix of services, managed              2H
                                          services, and self hosted deployment?
                                          What are users’ plans over the next 12-18
                                          months? Why do organizations choose
                                          ASP vs. CPE deployments?

         Buyer behavior                   What are buyer intentions and usage plans         2H
                                          over the next 12 months? Who is making
                                          the decisions within the organization –
                                          departmental managers vs. centralized IT?
                                          How are decisions made concerning
                                          internal deployments vs. outsourced service

Survey findings are summarized in biannual PDF reports, complete with an executive summary highlighting key
findings. In addition, on-site or web-based presentations of findings are available for an additional fee.

Alan Greenberg, Senior Analyst and Partner at Wainhouse Research, is co-lead analyst on the project, with a
focus on e-Learning and vertical applications. Andy Nilssen, Wainhouse Research Senior Analyst and Partner,
is co-lead analyst, with a focus on platforms and functionality. Questions may be submitted to
agreenberg@wainhouse.com or andyn@wainhouse.com for deeper exploration.

                       Wainhouse Research WebMetrics 2010 Program Guide
                                              Costs and Key Deliverables

Reports are delivered via Acrobat file via email and maintained on the Wainhouse Research PLATINUM website
(www.wrplatinum.com). They are licensed for distribution to and download by any member of the purchasing

The continued cost of email lists, referral programs, and price incentives are reflected in the pricing. The
following options are available for this study.

                                   Option                                    Cost             Selection          Subtotal

  Subscription for one year, 2 reports
  (electronic delivery licensed for distribution within the                  $6,500              Annual         _________
  purchasing organization)

                                                                             $3,750              1H-10          _________
  Individual semiannual report
  (electronic delivery; please specify quarter requested)
                                                                             $3,750              2H-10          _________

  Total                                                                                                         _________

   Payment Options:
   Company Purchase Order: PO # ___________________________________________
   Credit Card Order:              Visa                        Master Card                       American Express

   Credit Card # _________________________________________ Expiration Date: ____/_____

   Name on Card: _________________________________________Verification Code: ________

Marketing Contact                                                    Billing Address (If different)

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 Contact Email                                                       Contact Email
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                          Questions?: agreenberg@wainhouse.com or +1.512.451.4088

Please return to Sara Fargo at sales@wainhouse.com or Fax # +1-781 559 0790


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