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                              January 28, 2010

    NAME             AFFILIATION          PHONE                EMAIL
  John Bell          Fed Transit Admin    202-366-4977
  David Burns        Consultant           708-771-9229
  Tyler Dick         HDR Inc.             817-333-2803
  Crew Heimer        GRTA                 404-463-3054
  Gary Luenenborg UPRR                    402-501-0324
  Michael Mischke    BNSF Railway         817-352-0539
  Robert Penhallegon RDP Consultant       904-223-9662
  Harry Petersen     Minn. State Univ.    507 389-1898 or
  Eric G. Peterson Consultant             904 292-2630
  Shane Potts         HDR Inc.            402 399 4948
  Rachel Vandenberg AECOM                 213-330-7243
  Tim Wells           LTK                 215 641-8805
  Michael K. Williams Norfolk Southern    404-897-3030

Teleconference Agenda for 1-28-2010:

     1. Miscellaneous Committee Business
           a. Approval of teleconference minutes of 11/19/09
           b. Committee membership changes
           c. Re-balloting Train Performance MRE section
           d. Summary of AREMA Committee Chair meeting of 11/11/09
     2. Progress on Section 8 Review
     3. MRE Section review assignments
     4. Next teleconference
           a. Set time and date
           b. Conference bridge host
           c. Business items
     5. Other items

1a. Chairman Tim Wells called the January 28, 2010 conference call to order at 4:05 pm
  Eastern Standard time. The participants approved the minutes of the November 19,
  2009 teleconference.

1b. Tim Wells reported two new Committee 16 members: Kristopher Naleszkiewicz from
  HDR Inc. and John McGuiggin of US DOT – Volpe Center. John Swangler has
  resigned. Kristopher Naleszkiewicz is the fifth member from HDR Inc. Five members
  from one firm is the committee limit.
  Minutes of Committee 16 conference call, January 28, 2010

1c. Re-balloting for the Train Performance MRE section is scheduled for four weeks
  following February 2. Bob Penhallegon and Crew Heimer will call members to urge
  them to vote.
1d. Tim Wells gave a summary of the AREMA Committee Chair meeting of 11/11/09.
  AREMA retained 88% of members in 2009. Seminars and Webinars are being planned;
  PDH credits and CEUs will be available for these. Florida State is the newest state to
  have a CEU program with fees and paperwork. Each Functional Group is asked to hold
  at least two seminars each year; now is the time to start planning for 2010.

  The 2009 Conference & Exposition in Chicago had 1627 attendees, and the vendor
  booths at the 2010 Conference and Exposition in Orlando is 60% sold out. The 2010
  dates are earlier than usual, August 29 to September 1, making all deadlines earlier.
  Abstracts for the Conference are due by December 1.

  The association presently has a surplus of approximately $100,000 for 2009 and plans
  to keep about half in reserve, because there is concern about running a deficit at the
  2011 Railway Interchange Conference in Minneapolis which will be held jointly with
  AREMA, REMSA, RSA, and RSSI. The 2011 Conference exhibit sales by REMSA,
  RSI, and RSSI will begin on July 1, 2010. No exhibit revenue will go to AREMA, and
  the loss could be as high as $300,000. AREMA registrants will be able to attend all
  events free, including the trade shows. All railroaders will get in free to the trade shows.
  AREMA will run a spouse program; all spouses will get into the trade shows for free.
  Dues will increase to $150 by Board of Governor’s vote. Dues would normally be raised
  to $137 for 2010, but the extra $13 will also go into the special 2011 reserve account.
  The 2013 event organizations are currently looking at Indianapolis, St. Louis, New
  Orleans, and others.

  Publications have been selling well. The 2009 Manual for Railway Engineering was
  released on April 1, 2009. The deadline for the 2010 Manual was November 30, 2009.
  The 2010 C&S Manual was released October 1, 2009. The 2008 Portfolio of Trackwork
  Plans is still available. There was no 2009 version, but a 2010 version will be printed in
  the first half of the year. AREMA headquarters is currently soliciting technical articles
  for the AREMA section of RT&S, and asked Committees to submit any current topics.
  Mike Mischke pointed out that any RT&S article published on behalf of Committee 16
  and AREMA must be approved by Committee 16 and AREMA headquarters. The
  article need not be polished; the RT&S staff will help to put it together.

2. Progress on the review of Section 8 of the Manual was discussed. Michael Williams
   reported that he has been rewriting parts of this section, with review by Eric Peterson
   and others. After feedback is received, he will submit it to the full committee. Michael
   asked if C&S material should be included in the Organization part. David Burns
   suggested that it not be too technical, and that other chapters be referenced. Harry
   Petersen suggested that parenthetical definitions for terms would be helpful. Eric
   Peterson volunteered to add some C&S material. Eric will also work with Michael
   Williams to see about re-arranging and adding cross-references to Sections 8, 9, 10,
   and 15.

     Minutes of Committee 16 conference call, January 28, 2010

 3. MRE Section review assignments were discussed. Tim Wells will work with Tyler Dick
    and Jim Gussow on a re-write of Section 3 – Power. Tim Wells will also prepare an
    introduction for the chapter. Eric Peterson has forwarded a draft of Section 7.3 (public-
    private partnerships) to Rachel Vandenberg for review. We will be making requests for
    assistance with types of projects like government sponsorship of High Speed Rail and
    Transit projects.

4.   The next conference call will be in six weeks at 4 pm Eastern Standard Time, March 11,
     2010. The topic will be Manual revisions with focus on Section 8. A draft for comments
     will be sent out two weeks ahead of the call. Rachel Vandenberg will be the host bridge
     for our next call, also.

5.   Other Items: Possible future assignments for Committee 16 were discussed. Tim Wells
     suggested Electrification Economics, and is contacting Committee 33 about working
     together. A second possibility is an expansion of cost-benefits discussion to include
     non-economic factors. Kevin Keller’s presentation at the last AREMA annual
     conference outlined a methodology used in recent grant applications; David Burns
     asked what tools were available. Shane Potts will ask at HDR Inc, and Rachel
     Vandenberg will investigate if the methodology is an accepted practice or proprietary.

The conference call was adjourned at 5:15 pm EST. Thanks are extended to Rachel
   Vandenberg and AECOM for hosting this conference call.

     Respectfully submitted by Harry Petersen, Secretary


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