Proposal by Hannan90


									                                   15. Proposals
  Proposal is an offer to bid to do a certain project for someone.

  Proposal proceed sales hence are called sales persuasive projections.

Uses of proposals
    1. Business contributions on solving urban poverty
    2. Humans rights and social justice
    3. Plans for solving rural poverty and resources needed
    4. Governance and public policy
    5. Education and culture
    6. International affairs

Classification of proposals
    1. Origin
             a) solicited
             b) unsolicited
    2. Purpose
             a) technical
             b) general
    3. Length

Components of proposal

1. Preliminary
      a) Title page: is only presentation of proposal (name of person/ company to whom
         it is sent and date)
      b) Table of contents: and list of tables are just index what are main topics and
      c) Executive summary: is the summary of proposal for executive to have glimpse.

2. Body of proposal
      a) Introduction: gives purpose of the proposal
      b) Scope: defines services and boundaries of work to be accomplished
      c) Past experience: of handling similar projects.
      d) Proposal itself: is what you intend to do and how with details.
      e) Facilities required: mentioned you will provide and would possibly need from
         the organization to provide to you for completion of proposal.
      f) Personnel: will require you to mention the staff with its qualification and
          expertise to fulfill the task and also to run it after completion

3. Supplementary
     a) Financial cost: what it would cost and how much time is needed to complete it.
     b) Supplementary: would include documents, maps anything that would be attached
         with the proposal.

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