2011 Conference Proposal Form

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					                                CONNECTICUT READING ASSOCIATION’S
                                     60TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE
                                       For the Love of Literacy
                          Wednesday, November 2 and Thursday, November 3, 2011
                                      Crowne Plaza Hotel and Conference Center
                                              Cromwell, Connecticut.
                                   Call for 2011 Conference Proposals
The program committee will consider all proposals. The individual submitting the proposal will be notified
            of the committee’s decision and will receive all correspondence via EMAIL.

Name of person submitting proposal: ___________________________________________________

Home Address: ____________________________________________________________________
                             (Street, City, State and Zip Code)

Telephone: Home (_____) ____________________                         Cell (_____) ________________________
           Work (____) _______________________

EMAIL: home _________________________________ Alternate email: ________________________

Sponsor (optional): ___________________________________________________________________

Professional Affiliation: _________________________ Title/Position____________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________________________

Member of: ______IRA _____CRA Name of local Council __________________________________

Previous CRA Presenter: _____ No ______ Yes _____________Year

Title of Session (10 Words or fewer): _____________________________________________________

Grade Level(s)/Audience: __________________________

                                    Topics Attendees Have Asked For:
                       (Please indicate the topic(s)/grade level(s) your presentation will address):
                             K-2     3-5     6-8 9-12                          K-2     3-5     6-8 9-12
 Formative Assessment                                     Common Core State
   CMT or CAPT Prep                                          Technology
   Strategy Instruction                                        RTI / SRBI
     Family Literacy                                             Writing
   Adolescent Literacy                                    Professional Learning
       Vocabulary                                            Comprehension
   Emergent Literacy                                       Struggling Readers
Administration/Leadership                                    Reading in the
                                                             Content Areas

Other (Indicate topic and grade level): __________________________________________________

Preferred Day: ___Wednesday only ____ Thursday only                        ____ Either day

Type of session: ____1 hour session ____2 hour institute
Would you be willing to present your workshop in the morning and afternoon? ______ Yes _____ No
                                   Information Sheet
Please attach a completed Information Sheet for all presenters. Only two presenters will have the
Conference Registration fee waived for the day of the presentation and those two are
______________________________________ and ________________________________________.

CRA will provide a screen for all presenters. Also an overhead will be provided on request.
Please check if you would like an overhead. _______
***All other AV equipment is your responsibility. LCD Projectors will not be provided. ***


Co-Presenter/s _________________________________________________

Title (10 words or fewer)__________________________________________

Program Abstract ~ A short, descriptive 25-50 word summary of your presentation for inclusion
in the conference program

Biography ~ A brief biography for each presenter (1 hour session- 1 sentence / 2 hour institute-
2 to 3 sentences in length)

Session Description ~ Please attach a separate sheet which includes:
      Goals/Objectives of the session
      Content to be presented
      Method of presentation (discussion, panel, hands-on, etc.)

        ***Please submit your completed proposal by April 15, 2011. ***
Thank you,

Joanne Mumley

2011 Conference Program Co-chair
Send proposal, abstract and information sheets for presenters to:
Joanne Mumley at joannemumley@att.net or 925 Oronoke Road Unit 27B Waterbury, CT