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					                               Deposition Software
        Why should you be using Depo© deposition software?
   •   Depo© deposition software reduces the time you spend on trial book
       development by 80%.
   •   Depo© is designed with your trial preparation needs in mind.
   •   Depo© automates and streamlines preparation of direct-examination or
       cross-examination questions that were pulled right out of your deposition
       transcripts and compiles them in one place for easy use.
   •   Depo© improves the efficiency and profitability of your firm.
   •   Depo© is an innovative deposition software that minimizes inaccuracies in
       trial preparation.
   •   Depo© deposition software can save you up to $26,000 annually (assuming
       four trials per year).
       Try our deposition transcripts software now!
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       Software you’ll be able to use all of the Depo© program features.

Description: Why should you be using Depo� deposition software?