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					   Converged Service
A Dartmouth Perspective

        Bob Johnson

•   Campus roughly one mile square
•   User population is about 10,000
•   Over 200 buildings/structures
•   Campus is completely wired
•   Currently 970 APs deployed
          Convergence Vision

• Applications are converging
  – Collaboration & multimedia
• The economics finally make sense
  – Focus resources to support one network
• Must deliver a communications utility
  – Wireless IP Phones
  – Speech Activated communications
  – Streaming Video
   The Wireless Decision-2001

• Dartmouth has a history of investing in
• Computing is pervasive
  – Mandated for students
• “Put wireless everywhere and see what
    First Generation Deployment
• Cisco Aironet 350 series (802.11b)
• Over 500 APs installed
    – Every AP tied to the backbone
    – Deployed over 18 months
•   Coverage is ubiquitous
•   Approximately 2200 active users per day
•   Traffic types – File sharing, web, email
•   No authentication – “Wireless Frontier”
    – Standards not set
    – Could not mandate client
    Evolving Wireless Vision
• Must deliver converged services
   – Same as wired
   – Support for emerging services
• Mobility is a given
• Deliver support for latency sensitive services
• Wireless Network must act as a “system” with
  other computing resources
     Third Generation Wireless
• Develop two wireless layers
   – Expand 1st layer for general purpose bandwidth
      • Low bandwidth access (802.11b  g) to higher bandwidth
   – Develop 2nd layer for high bandwidth latency sensitive
     services (802.11a) (i.e. video, next generation voice)
• Increase AP density and thus bandwidth
   – Power control
      • Built-in site survey, auto config
   – Load balance associations
   – Reduce or eliminate weak client pulling down others
• Build for mobility
• Provide transparent authentication/remediation for
  access to both wired and wireless network
     So….What’s been Converged

  – Cisco Call Mgr’s supporting hardwired, soft
    and handheld devices
  – Vocera Speech Activated communications
• Video over IP
  – Video Furnace encoding 62 channels, Multicast
  – VOD pilot to support 50 meg, concurrent-
 Converged Device Opportunities

• Handheld converged devices provide
  opportunity for partnerships within campus
  – Opportunity to solve problems for other
  – ROI often not directly realized by Computing
  – Projects require not only diverse visionary
    support, but fiscal as well
                             Mobilizing Dartmouth
                              Where we are going
                                                     Campus wide access
                                                     for students


Wireless VoIP for faculty   Wired and Wireless       802.1x security keeps
and staff                   security monitoring      systems secure

       2                          4                        6

 Real-time people locator                            Wireless Video
                            Secure wireless access   enhances teaching
 for faculty and staff
                            in lecture halls

       3                          5                        7
     Remote Dartmouth Wireless

– Anywhere you have internet access
   • APs “Phone Home” through secure VPN tunnel
   • All remote APs have same credentials
– Secure, authenticated access to converged
  communications resources
      – VOIP, Video, traditional data
– Virtual Office(your campus office in your
– Traveling Faculty, Staff, Students
           Automatic Real-time Location
                                 Multi-point triangulation enables
                                  fine granularity (within 3 ft)
                                 Real-time location service tracks
                                  radio source as it moves
           RSSI = X
                                 Eliminates manual walkabout to
                                  fingerprint RF propagation
                                 Independent of the radio device
                                  and drivers

               The device/user is located            RSSI = Z

  Policy-based Network Access
Service Delivery Based on Who, What, When, Where and How

                     • Identity aware
                        I am Matt Green, the employee
                     • Device aware
                        I am Matt Green with a laptop
                        with no viruses or worms
                     • Traffic aware
                        I am Matt Green with a laptop
                        using a soft phone
                     • Time aware
                        I am Matt Green with a laptop
                        using a soft phone at 1:40 pm
                     • Location aware
                        I am Matt Green with a laptop using a
                        soft phone at 1:40 p.m. in the clinic
                      Virtual Attendants

• Use location dependent services to “push”
  content to users
  – Concept of who/where/when
  – First implementation is campus tour with
    Vocera Badges
• Working with Library to provide stack
  attendant services in un-staffed locations.
• Other possibilities are campus tours,
  security/escort services

While it is the responsibility of Computing
Services to provide platforms to provide
layered services, the entire enterprise stands
to gain from all that convergence to offer.
For these convergence efforts to be truly
successful, a true partnership needs to
develop between CS and the community at

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