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      Concerns grow

 74 pct favour
 TOKYO, June 14, (Agencies):
 Nearly three-quarters of Japanese
 voters want to see a gradual phase-
 out of nuclear power, a newspaper
 poll showed on Tuesday, the latest
 sign of concerns about atomic safe-
 ty as the country struggles with the
 world’s worst nuclear crisis in 25
    The survey by the Asahi newspa-
 per, however, also showed that 51
 percent agreed reactors now off-
 line for inspections should be
 restarted if they meet government
 safety standards, compared with 35
                       percent who
                       were opposed,
                       although the
                       opposed was
                       higher        in
                       regions host-
                       ing reactors.
                          The survey
                       coincided with
                       Monday’s ref-
                       erendum       in
       Kaieda          Italy    where
                       almost 95 per-
 cent of votes cast favoured block-
 ing a nuclear power revival in the
 earthquake-prone country.
    Three months after a massive
 earthquake and tsunami, workers
 are trying to stabilise reactors at
 Tokyo Electric Power Co’s
 Fukushima Daiichi plant. Tens of          Police officers stand guard in a street in Zengcheng in the suburbs of Guangzhou, Guangdong province, southern China, on June 13. Protesters in Xintang, near Zengcheng, torched emergency
 thousands of people have been                                                           vehicles in an outburst of anger against police abuse of migrant workers, eyewitnesses said Monday. (AP)
 evacuated from the area around the
    Officials at the trade ministry,
 which oversees energy policy, have
 warned that all of Japan’s 54
 nuclear reactors might be shut
 down by next April if communities
 objected to operating plants due to
 safety concerns.
    But experts say the economic
 costs are too high to pull the plug
                                                                                                                                                     Migrant workers anger runs deep
 on all the plants despite the public’s

                                                                                               Police ‘stem’ S. China riots
 concerns. Before the quake, nuclear
 power supplied about 30 percent of
 Japan’s electricity needs.
    Trade minister Banri Kaieda on
 Tuesday said that Japan would not         Denmark’s Crown Prince Frederick
 change its stance of keeping              (center), stands with Japan’s                       ZENGCHENG, China, June 14,                   from the countryside to the city in        grim lives have become worse due to          possible threat to its hold on power
 nuclear power as one of the key pil-      Emperor Akihito (left), and Empress                 (Agencies): Chinese riot police              search of a better standard of living.     rampant inflation and discrimination.        in the wake of the protests that have
 lars of its energy policy, along with     Michiko upon arriving for a dinner at
 fossil fuels, renewable energy and                                                            brought a semblance of calm to the              Wages have improved, but there            Many migrant workers in Dadun              swept the Arab world.
                                           the residential building in the Imperial            riot-torn southern Chinese city of           remains a stark gap between migrant        complained about corrupt officials              “Rural migrant workers are mar-
 energy conservation.                      Palace in Tokyo on June 13. (AP)
    “What is important is finding a                                                            Zengcheng on Tuesday, but the anger          workers and those originally from          making random street arrests against         ginalised in cities, treated as mere
 balance (between taking steps such                                                            of migrant workers at being discrim-         the city, which has fomented resent-       hawkers, imposing discretionary              cheap labour, not absorbed by cities
 as Italy’s move towards banning                                                               inated against by the authorities            ment and made many feel like sec-          “hygeine” charges and security fines         but even neglected, discriminated
 nuclear energy) and current power                                                             remained palpable in this key export         ond class citizens.                        on family-run denim factories, fur-          against and harmed,” added the
 supply constraints,” he told a news                                                           hub.                                            Other clashes have erupted in           ther eroding razor-thin earnings as          report by the think tank, which
 conference.                                                                                      In the wake of the latest protests, a     southern China in recent weeks,            the price of cotton yarn and whole-          advises central government leaders.
    Unpopular Prime Minister Naoto                                                             state think-tank warned that China’s         including in Chaozhou, where hun-          sale denim fabric rise.                         “If they are not absorbed into
 Kan, who has promised to step                                                                 tens of millions of workers pouring          dreds of migrant workers demanding                          Tools                       urban society, and do not enjoy the
 down in coming months after com-                                                              into cities from the countryside             payment of wages at a ceramics fac-                                                     rights that are their due, many con-
 ing under fire for his handling of                                                            would become a serious threat to sta-        tory attacked government buildings            “We sometimes only earn several           flicts will accumulate.
 the nuclear crisis, has pledged to                                                            bility unless they were treated more         and set vehicles ablaze.                   hundred yuan a month because we’re              “If mishandled, this will create a
 overhaul the regulation of nuclear                                                            fairly.                                         “We have seen these kinds of dis-       paid per garment. There tend to be           major destabilising threat,” it said of
 power and announced new safety                                                                   Riot police poured into Zengcheng         turbance on a regular basis in China       less orders in the first half of the         this festering resentment.
 steps.                                                                                        after migrant workers went on the                                                       year,” said a middle-aged woman                 China’s ruling Communist Party
    Kan also pledged last month to                Kan                    Ozawa                                                              for several years now. I think you can
                                                                                               rampage over the weekend to protest          possibly say there has been a bit of       from Sichuan as she stitched a pile of       has long worried about the challenge
 boost renewable energy to at least                                                            the abuse of a pregnant street hawk-                                                    black denim shorts while colleagues          of absorbing tides of rural migrants.
 20 percent of Japan’s electricity                                                                                                          an¬†upsurge, certainly visible dis-
                                                                                               er who had become a symbol of sim-           turbance in the last few weeks,” said      used abrasive tools to rip and scar          President Hu Jintao and Premier
 supply in the 2020s, about double
 the current level, and aims to cut
                                                   Asia                                        mering grassroots discontent.                Geoffrey Crothall of workers’ rights       jeans for a modish look.                     Wen Jiabao have said their priority is
                                                                                                  The protesters wrecked the gov-           group China Labour Bulletin.                  The state think-tank report said the      improving the lives of 750 million
 the costs of solar power generation
 by one-sixth by 2030.                                                                         ernment office in the city’s Dadun              “I don’t think it will affect the       majority of migrant workers had no           rural residents, including 153 million
    Sixty-five percent of respondents      Ruling party suspends Ozawa:                        suburb, setting alight at least six          investment environment in China as         intention of returning to their rural        migrants.
 to the Asahi survey said they were        Japan’s ruling Democrat Party on Monday             vehicles. Parts of iron gates and            a whole. I think the impact of these       origins, making them a serious threat           In February, Hu singled out
 willing to accept higher electricity      suspended power-broker Ichiro Ozawa                 spiked fence lay twisted and broken.         disturbances on the Chinese econo-         to China’s stability if their needs in       migrant workers as one of the threats
 rates to promote renewable energy         for three months after he abstained from a             “We’re angry,” said a migrant             my as a whole are still very low           the cities they now call home, were          to the stability that the Communist
 sources, compared with 19 percent         no-confidence motion against Prime                  worker from Sichuan, nervous about           level,” he added.                          not better addressed.                        Party prizes as a key to one-party
 who were not.                             Minister Naoto Kan, a report said.                  revealing his name given the massive                                                       “If they are not absorbed into            control and economic growth.
         ❑         ❑         ❑
                                              DPJ Secretary General Katsuya Okada              deployment of riot police in his                            Vibrant                     urban society, and do not enjoy the             The new study found that migrants
                                           and other executives said they had made                                                             Zengcheng, surrounded by a war-         rights that are their due, many con-
    Japan’s Fukushima city said            their decision after Ozawa repeatedly               neighbourhood. “I feel the rule of                                                                                                   have made gains, but it also illus-
 Tuesday it would hand radiation           refused to follow the party line and back           law here doesn’t seem to exist ... the       ren of tenement blocks and small           flicts will accumulate,” the report,         trates the magnitude of the govern-
 dosimeters to 34,000 children to          the centre-left leader, the Kyodo news              local officials can do what they             jeans factories, has become a vibrant      published on Tuesday, said.                  ment’s task.
 gauge their exposure from the crip-       report said.                                        want.”                                       export hub for garments. More than            “If mishandled, this will create a           Migrant workers have won higher
 pled nuclear power plant about 60            Kan survived the opposition no-confi-               Zengcheng is around an hour’s             half of the city’s population of           major destabilising threat,” it said of      wages and better treatment, the sur-
 kms (40 miles) away.                      dence motion last week that some rebel              drive from Guangzhou, the affluent           800,000 are migrant workers, many          the festering resentment. Though             vey of 6,232 migrant workers
    The city will hand the measuring       members of his own party had threatened             capital of far southern Guangdong            of whom from Sichuan.                      protests have become relatively              found. The report did not spell out
 devices to all children aged              to support, after appeasing his enemies by          province, which produces about a                Like millions of other migrant          common over anything from corrup-            exactly when the survey was con-
 between four and 15 for three             promising to step down but without speci-           third of the country’s exports. About        workers in the Pearl River Delta,          tion to abuse of power, the ruling           ducted, but results refer to condi-
                                           fying a date.
 months from September so that                Although he survived the motion, the             150 million workers have moved               those at Zengcheng say their already       Communist Party is sensitive to any          tions in 2010.
 they can wear them around the             vote underscored the deep divisions inside
 clock, an official at the city’s edu-     the ruling party as it tackles reconstruction
 cation board told AFP.                    and relief from the March 11 earthquake,        starts with inter-Korean dialogue,” Seoul’s                                                    The command, directed by the chair-         artillery-hunting radar have been
    The city is outside the govern-                                                                                                       S. Korea revamps island defences:
                                           tsunami and ensuing nuclear crisis.             envoy Wi Sung-Lac was quoted as saying         South Korea’s military said Tuesday it has   man of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will         deployed to the islands... the new com-
 ment’s 20-kilometre (12-mile)                Ozawa, Kan’s key rival inside the DPJ,                                                                                                   oversee military operations on five front-     mand will dramatically strengthen our
 evacuation and no-go zone around                                                          by Yonhap news agency. (AFP)                   formed a new command to hit back harder
                                           had indicated he would support the move                                                        against any future attacks by North Korea    line islands, the defence ministry said.       defence capabilities there,” it said in a
 the tsunami-hit Fukushima Daiichi         against the prime minister, Kyodo news                      ❑       ❑        ❑                 near the tense disputed Yellow Sea border.      “More K-9 self-propelled guns and           statement.
 nuclear plant, but many residents         previously reported.
 are concerned about radiation, he            The no-confidence motion was submit-                                                                                                                                                       Warships and jet fighters will be
                                           ted by the main opposition Liberal                                                                                                                                                         deployed more quickly in case of a new
 said.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                attack and new bomb shelters for islanders
                 Also:                     Democratic Party (LDP), their smaller                                                                                                             Charges confirmed                        will be built by the end of this year, it
                                           ally the New Komeito party and the
 TOKYO: The number of welfare              Sunrise Party, and is expected to be                                                                                                                                                       said.
 recipients in Japan exceeded two
 million for the first time in almost
                                           backed by the Communist Party. (AFP)                                                                                                           Uighur in custody                              The ministry also plans to station attack
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      helicopters on one of the islands, Yonhap
                                                        ❑        ❑        ❑                                                                                                                                                           news agency has reported. (AFP)
 60 years in March due to a weak                                                                                                                                                          BEIJING, June 14, (RTRS):
 economy and the country’s ageing          Seoul N-envoy heads for Japan:                                                                                                                 China confirmed that an ethnic                           ❑        ❑       ❑
 population, the Health Ministry           South Korea’s top nuclear envoy left for                                                                                                       Uighur schoolteacher faces ter-
                                           Japan Tuesday to discuss ways to revive                                                                                                        ror charges after being extradit-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Man accused of ‘spying’ held: A
 said, weighing on its already tat-                                                                                                                                                                                                   senior Taiwan defense official says the
                                           six-party talks on North Korea’s nuclear                                                                                                       ed from Kazakhstan where he
 tered public finances.                    disarmament, after Pyongyang announced                                                                                                                                                     island’s authorities have arrested a
    The number will likely grow fur-                                                                                                                                                      had won refugee status.                     Taiwanese man for spying for China.
                                           it would shun dialogue with Seoul.                                                                                                                Human rights advocates criti-
 ther as victims of a massive earth-          South Korea and several other parties                                                                                                                                                      Defense Ministry spokesman Luo
                                                                                                                                                                                          cised Kazakhstan’s decision to              Shou-he said Tuesday that the bust came
 quake and tsunami on March 11,            to the talks — which group the two                                                                                                             deport Ershidin Israil, saying he
 many of whom had lost jobs and            Koreas, the United States, China, Russia                                                                                                       could suffer harsh treatment and            after a military officer reported to his
 houses, move out of shelters and          and Japan — want a three-step approach                                                                                                         even torture in China, which                superior that the man, identified only as
 face expenses such as rent and buy-       to restart the dialogue after more than two                                                                                                    says its far west Xinjiang region           Lai, tried to obtain sensitive information
 ing food, a ministry official said.       years.                                                                                                                                         faces threats from militants                from him.
    About 2.022 million people were           This envisions inter-Korean talks, fol-                                                                                                     seeking independence for the                   Luo said Lai was recruited by Chinese
 dependent on welfare in March,            lowed by talks between Washington and                                                                                                          heavily Muslim Uighur minority.             intelligence while working in China. He
 behind 2.047 million in 1951 and          Pyongyang and the resumption of the full                                                                                                          Chinese Foreign Ministry                 said there was no actual leak of intelli-
 2.043 million in 1952.                    negotiations which the North quit in April                                                                                                     spokesman Hong Lei con-                     gence.
                                           2009, a month before its second atomic                                                                                                         firmed that Israil was now in                  Local media have reported Lai was
    Japan’s public debt is already                                                                                                                                                                                                    looking for information on Taiwan’s
 twice the size of its $5 trillion econ-   weapons test.                                                                                                                                  Chinese custody.
                                              Last month, however, Pyongyang               Residents walk past houses destroyed by a landslide triggered by torrential                       “The person in question has              Patriot air defense systems. He was arrest-
 omy and rating agencies are threat-                                                       rain in Zhanqiao township of Linxiang city in south China’s Hunan province on                                                              ed Monday.
 ening to downgrade it due to the          announced it would no longer deal with                                                                                                         been wanted by Chinese police
                                           Seoul’s conservative government follow-         June 13. China says the death toll from recent flooding has risen to 105 peo-                  as major terror suspect, and                   Taiwan and China split amid civil war
 cost of reconstruction after the 9.0-                                                     ple with 63 others missing. The Ministry of Civil Affairs said June 14 that most                                                           in 1949. Beijing still claims Taiwan as its
 magnitude quake and tsunami,              ing months of high tensions.                                                                                                                   was also a target of a red-alert
                                              “Since North Korea recently announced        of the deaths were in central Hunan province, where torrential rain is expect-                 wanted notice from Interpol,”               own. Despite warming ties in recent
 which triggered the world’s worst                                                         ed to continue until Friday. Rain-triggered mudslides and landslides have                                                                  years, the two sides still spy on each
                                           it will no longer engage with the South,                                                                                                       Hong told a news conference.
 nuclear crisis in 25 years.               there’s a need to prop up the approach that               already killed 39 people there with 21 others missing. (AP)                                                                      other. (AP)

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