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                                   STUDENT HOUSING

HOMESTAY PROGRAM                                                                       Apply NOW !!!

The International HomeStay Program is an exciting opportunity!

International students in the CCS HomeStay Program:

       Experience family living in the U.S
       Establish relationships with Americans
       Greatly increase their proficiency in English.

Social and Family Interaction

International HomeStay students are encouraged to interact with their HomeStay family and will be invited to
participate in regular family recreational activities. HomeStay is not intended to be a strictly room-and-board
arrangement. Household members will be respectful of your religious or non-religious beliefs and practices as
well as your culture and values.


Students will have a comfortable home atmosphere during their stay with a HomeStay family. This includes a
private room, bathing facilities and a quiet place to study. HomeStay families will provide necessary household
items such as linens and towels. The student’s bedroom will be furnished, including a bed/bedding, desk or
table, lamp, dresser and closet. Most homes are located within 200 – 300 meters of a bus stop. Students may
arrange for a private TV cable, internet and telephone connections. The family will respect the student’s right
to privacy including mail and bedroom space. Students must practice the same courtesy.


Full HomeStays: The family is responsible to provide a variety of nutritional, well-balanced meals and snacks
(breakfast, lunch, and dinner) everyday - including weekends.

Shared HomeStays: The student buys, prepares and cleans up their own food. That is, the student “shares” the
kitchen with the HomeStay family. The HomeStay family will help the student become familiar with the
kitchen, explaining use of equipment and where to store food supplies. HomeStay families will help students
locate the nearest grocery store and offer to take them when they shop.


HomeStay families are located in areas close to a bus route for easy transportation to downtown, the college
campuses, malls, and other shopping locations. See the bus system map at:

Your HomeStay family is responsible for guiding you to and from school before or on the first day of classes to
prevent you from getting lost. The HomeStay family is under no obligation to provide daily transportation but
offering rides occasionally is encouraged. Most bus travel from HomeStay to SFCC or SCC will take between
30-45 minutes total travel time including transfers.

Medical Insurance

Students are required to have medical insurance through LewerMark Plus Injury and Sickness Plan. You can
learn more about this insurance protection at: Your HomeStay family will assist
you make appropriate healthcare decisions.

Reimbursement and Procedures

       Full HomeStay (includes food) $650.00/ month; Shared HomeStay (no food) $ 400.00/month.
       Individual day rate: Full $ 21.75 per day, shared $ 13.50 per day.
       Two-week temporary Homestay with meals: $400
       Vacation rate is $10.00 a day, when student is away but retains their room with their belongings in it.
       Family provides airport pick-up at no charge to the student, unless special arrangements are made with
        the HomeStay Manager.
       A one time fee of $ 200.00 is charged to all HomeStay Student Applicants. This fee includes the initial
        placement as well as an additional placement if the initial HomeStay is not suitable to the student
       HomeStay families will discuss and complete a HomeStay Agreement with you within the first week of
        your placement.

Temporary Housing

If you wait until you arrive in Spokane to decide about your housing, you will need temporary housing.
Students either make plans to stay with friends, stay in a hotel or arrange for a Temporary Homestay. (see
Homestay Request Form).

Several privately owned apartment buildings are located near SFCC. Students can reach campus by walking in
just 5 minutes. Bus service is also very close to the apartment region, and students can reach the central city in
just 10 minutes.
Spokane also offers hundreds of other apartment choices, and students can easily find an apartment within their
budget, and with all the amenities and features the students want.

Apartments located near campus include:

The Randolf Arms Apartments
                      C/O Andrea Patterson/Office
                      3915 W. Randolf Rd.
                      Spokane, WA USA 99224
  Phone:              (509) 328-9477
  FAX:                (509) 328-8153

College Terrace Apartments
                       C/O Diane
                       4150 W. Fort George Wright Dr.
                       Spokane, WA USA 99224
  Phone:               (509) 327-2304
  Fax:                 (509) 327-0178
  Web Site:  

The Fort Wright Apartments
                      C/O Lorraine Austin
                      3817 Fort Wright Drive
                      Spokane, WA USA 99224
  Phone:              (509) 326-5042
  FAX:                509-326-5042

Students who rent one of these apartments must sign a lease agreement. The duration of the lease is normally a
minimum of 6 months; maximum of 12 months. Students also pay a cleaning/damage deposit. The deposit may
or may not be refundable. Some apartments also require students to pay first and last months rent at the

Other Apartments in Spokane

For other rental apartments and houses in Spokane, go to: This web site
allows students to search for apartments based on specific criteria, including number of bedrooms, price range,
or the area of the city.

Sharing A Rental Apartment Or House

Students may choose to share rental housing while attending SFCC. Three ways to find shared housing after
arrival are:

    1. The Student Union Building
       The Student Activities Office posts information about people interested in sharing an apartment or
       house with a student. Students will find a name, phone number and information about the house or
       apartment available to share.
    2. Community Colleges of Spokane Housing List
       Community Colleges of Spokane publishes a list of rooms and apartments available in private homes.
       They are located in many different areas of Spokane and students must make arrangements to visit the
       homes. This information is available at the Student Activities Office at SFCC.
3. Shared Student Rental Housing
   It is not unusual for students to decide to share an apartment with friends they have made in class. If
   interested in doing this, students should arrange for temporary housing.

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