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                   Fresh Step / ASPCA Fee-Waived Cat Adoption Campaign Registration Form
                   Please submit to Allison Allen at by May 6, 2011

Thank you for your interest in the Fresh Step/ASPCA Fee-Waived Cat Adoption Campaign. We are excited about
the opportunity to work with you to help find loving homes for cats. Please help us gather information about your
organization and to set up some guidelines for events to fit into the national campaign. Fifty shelters will earn
valuable Fresh Step coupons (valued at $500) for executing their fee-waived events this June.

    1.   Organization:________________________________________________________________________

    2.   Who will be the primary contact person for this campaign?


         Phone:_____________________ Email:___________________________________________________



    3.   Has your organization conducted fee-waived adoption programs before?
         ____Yes ___ No

    4.   What are the dates of your Fresh-Step/ASPCA fee-waived cat promotion? While a month-long campaign
         is recommended, a day-long event is acceptable. Note: to be included in the national campaign, events
         must be executed in June 2011.

How to Qualify Your Promotion
The first 50 shelters who submit a qualifying campaign recap in July will receive coupons for Fresh Step litter worth
$500. For your event to qualify, it must:

        Offer fee-waived adoptions for adult cats for a minimum of one day (a month-long campaign is suggested)
         in June, 2011.
        Utilize a minimum of two (2) pieces of Fresh Step-branded collateral at the event. (Customizable
         templates will be provided in a kit on This may include press release, flyers, posters, signs,
         banners, or Fresh Step product.
        Utilize a minimum of two (2) pieces of Fresh Step/ASPCA Fee-Waived Cat Adoption communication
         resources to promote your event. (Suggested content and links will be provided in a kit on This may include enewsletter, Facebook and Twitter posts, or website features.
        Secure 1-3 local media placements promoting your event (i.e. calendar listings, “Pet-of-the-Week”
         segment, feature article in newspaper or online, radio promotion, etc.) Messaging should identify the
         event as part of the national Fresh Step/ASPCA Fee-Waived Cat Adoption Campaign. Copies of these
         placements must be submitted via the event recap process in July.

Event recaps should include the following: (Note: Event recap form and checklist will be provided on
     Photos of the event
     Copies of all media and online communications
     Adoption details including number of cats adopted during the June 2011 event as well as June 2010
         adoption totals, if available, for comparison.

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