Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
                   Department of Textile Technology
                 Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016, India

                                                              Date: June 22, 2009

                        NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION

     Fabrication of instrument for measurement of electrical conductivity of
               textile fabrics having the facility for remote access.

IIT Delhi wishes to invite quotations for fabrication, supply and installation of
instrument for measurement of electrical conductivity of textile fabrics having the
following specifications:

Technical Specifications
1)      The equipment should be able to measure the electrical resistance of fabrics,
        ranging from 1 ohm to 109 ohm, preferably up to 1012 ohm
2)      It should have provision to mount at least four test fabrics of size 10 cm x 10cm.
        The instrument should be programmable in order to automatically test any/all
        samples, at various points and number of readings as set by the user.
3)      The instrument should be able to test under the various compressing loads,
        ranging from 1 kgf to 50 kgf. The application of load should be computer
        controlled through an electro-mechanical system.
4)      The equipment should be kept inside a completely insulated environmental
        chamber so that the testing is free from any influence of the atmosphere outside
        the chamber with suitably attached door for mounting the samples.

5)    It should have a programmable temperature controller for controlling the
      temperature inside the chamber from ambient to 50° C. It should be equipped
      with a very mild air circulation to ensure uniform temperature with in the
6)    It should have a provision to keep different chemicals for controlling the
      humidity inside the chamber. The transducers and other parts should be able to
      stand the relative humidity up to 95 %.
7)    The suitably mounted ring and disc electrode should have a disc of diameter 10
      mm and ring with inner diameter of 25 mm and outer diameter of 35 mm. The
      contact surface of the copper electrodes should be silver plated.
8)    The equipment should include a programmable DC voltage source with voltage
      varying from 3 volts to 30 volts and with a digital display device for displaying
      current, voltage, and resistance / conductance.
9)    The complete machine should be controlled by a PC and be supported by
      suitable software for data acquisition and processing.
10)   The instrument should be capable of being controlled from a distant location by
      any Ethernet (LAN) connected PC through a suitable user friendly software. It
      should have a video camera to capture and transmit the testing operation during
      the test to a remote user.
11)   The system should be standalone equipment mounted on a table trolley. All
      required software for remote computers should be provided.

Terms and Conditions:
1)    Please submit the TECHNICAL and FINANCIAL bids in separate sealed
      envelops. Mark the two envelops clearly as “Technical bid” and “Financial bid”.
      Both the sealed envelops should be sent in a single sealed envelop, with clearly
      marked as “Quotations for Electrical Resistance Equipment for Fabrics”. The
      quotations should reach the following address latest by 6th July, 2009, 5 pm.

     Prof. Kushal Sen
     Coordinator, SEM Lab
     Dept. of Textile Technology
     Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
     Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016, India

2)   The Technical quotation must include
        a. the specifications of the equipment, the drawing of the proposed
           equipment, the basic design used for measurement, and compliance
           certificate to the NIQ. Vendors should attach the relevant brochure/leaflet
           for the models/options quoted.
        b. In addition it should include references of similar fabrication work
           previously undertaken and executed.
        c. Necessary certificate should be enclosed by the vendor in case of
           proprietary nature of the quoted items.
        d. In case the quotation is being submitted by authorized agent of the
           principal manufacturing / Fabrication Company, an authorized sales
           agency certificate from the principal should be furnished along with the
           quotation. Quotations without the authorization certificate will be rejected
        e. The submitted quotation should clearly mention the validity period,
           preferably for a minimum of three months
        f. The delivery period should be clearly indicated in the quotation.
        g. period of comprehensive warranty

3)   The Financial quotation should include
        a. The price quoted in INR should include all the taxes as applicable. The
           prices quoted must include CIF IIT New Delhi, if quoted in foreign
        b. The mode of payment should be clearly mentioned.

        c. Special discount/rebate wherever admissible keeping in view that the
           items is being procured for educational purpose in respect of Public
           Institution of national importance may please be indicated.

4)   The Institute reserves the right to accept/reject all/any quotation without
     assigning reason thereof.

5)   Incomplete and conditional submitted quotations would be summarily rejected.


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