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Silent Witness Project


									                                Silent Witness Project
The Silent Witness Project consists of life-size, free standing, red, wooden silhouettes.
Each silhouette represents a woman who was murdered by her intimate partner and
whose partner was convicted of the murder or where both died in a murder/suicide.

Because these women no longer have a voice, the silhouettes are called the Silent

Each figure bears a shield with the name of a woman who once lived and worked among
us. An additional, unnamed silhouette commemorates the women who are still suffering
from domestic violence or whose murders went uncounted or unsolved.

Through research and information sharing we eventually hope to craft a silhouette to
honour every women in Manitoba who has died tragically as a result of domestic

The Silent Witness Project began as an American initiative. In 1990, Minnesota women
created 27 free standing silhouettes. Eventually, it became a National American Silent
Witness Initiative with all 50 states and numerous (30) countries participating in the
project. In Canada, New Brunswick and Alberta have formed similar initiatives. 2005 is
the year for Manitoba to join in speaking out against domestic violence through the Silent
Witness Project, with the hope of seeing similar initiatives in every province and

Fort Garry Women’s Resource Centre is co-chair of the Women’s Resource
Centres/Services Coalition of Manitoba who is one of the partners bringing this project to
life in Manitoba. The first annual Silent Witness event coincides with Domestic Violence
Prevention Month with an official unveiling at the Rotunda in the Manitoba Legislature

The Women’s Resource Centres/Service Coalition of Manitoba in partnership with the
Department of Family services and Housing (Family Violence Prevention Program),
RESOLVE, Department of Justice and the Winnipeg Foundation are honoured to bring
the Silent Witness Project to Manitoba.

Each year we will add to the number of silhouettes as their families come forward with
requests to have their loved one included.

Family involvement promotes healing and an opportunity to speak out on family violence

For more information or to become involved with this project, please contact the
Manitoba Silent Witness Planning Committee in Winnipeg 477-1123, and outside
Winnipeg (204) 642-8264.

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