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 The part-time studies newsletter for the School of English
 Issue No. 2               February 2006
                                                    acts as personal tutor to all students,
               Welcome                              chairing the Exam Board for Stage 1/
Welcome to the second edition of our                Certificate modules. She has worked with
regular newsletter for students, teachers           adult learners for over 20 years, at the
and associates of the School of English’s           Universities of York and Sheffield before
part-time programmes in literature and              she came to Kent. Her own teaching and
creative writing. We hope very much that            research is in the field of medieval and
you found the last issue useful and                 early modern writing, auto/biography,
informative, and that this latest incarnation       gender and sexuality, and she is about to
will also be so. We are very keen to                publish books on 17th century nuns'
receive ideas for what you might like to            writing. Email:
see included in future editions of Agora,
so please mail any comments or                      Patricia Debney
suggestions to Jeremy Scott on:                     Deputy Director of Part-time Studies Alternatively, you             Patricia Debney is a Lecturer in Creative
can phone Jeremy on 01227 824495.                   Writing whose main role within the Part-
                                                    Time programmes is as liaison between
In this issue:                                      the teaching centres, students and staff.
- Who’s who in the part-time team                   She helps with the day-to-day organisation
- The student representative                        and administration of the programmes, and
- Night Train 3 and Logos Launches                  oversees all of the major mailings and
- The new web discussion forum                      administrative developments. She has also
- The new Humanities programme                      taught on the part-time programmes for a
- Drill Hall Library update                         number of years. Patricia has published
- Student Destinations I                            both poetry and prose. Her latest collection
- The T.S.Eliot Poetry Prize                        of poetry is entitled How To Be a
- University Open Lectures                          Dragonfly and was published at the end of
                                                    last year.
  Who’s Who in the Part-                            Email:

       time Team                                    Jeremy Scott
                                                    Publicity and recruitment
The part-time programme in English and
                                                    Jeremy Scott is responsible for raising
Creative Writing at Kent is one of the
                                                    awareness of the School’s part-time
largest of its kind within the UK. We teach
                                                    programmes in literature and creative
complete degree programmes with interim
                                                    writing throughout the University’s ever-
awards on three campuses (at the
                                                    widening catchment area and for various
University of Kent at Canterbury, Medway
                                                    recruitment activities. He organises and
and Tonbridge), and over 200 students are
                                                    runs ‘taster’ seminars and workshops for
currently registered on our modules. A
                                                    those seeking a first experience of learning
large programme of this nature requires a
                                                    in a higher education environment,
team of people, both to administer its day-
                                                    represents the programme at University
to-day running and to plan for its long-
                                                    Open Days and runs readings and open
term development and expansion.
                                                    seminars to heighten the School’s profile
                                                    in the community. He teaches literature
Dr. Nicky Hallett
                                                    and creative writing and has published
Director of Part-time Studies                       both fiction and criticism. He is about to
Nicky Hallett is Director of Part-time
                                                    publish a book on narrative techniques in
Studies. She oversees academic aspects of
                                                    contemporary British and Irish fiction.
the part-time programme as a whole, and
                                                    Patricia Debney for more information:
Gill Tobin                                
Administrative Assistant
Gill Tobin looks after the voluminous and
expanding administrative work that the                      Logos Launches
programme generates. Amongst many                   The School of English literary magazine,
other things, she is responsible for
                                                    Logos, run by students for students, was
organising the numerous mail-outs, has an
                                                    formally launched on February 8th at the
overview of the assessment submission
                                                    Orange Street Music Club in Canterbury.
process, keeps track of the student data
                                                    The evening was a great success, with
system and is often the first point of
                                                    many of Issue 10’s contributors turning up
contact with the School for both
                                                    to read their work. There was a large and
prospective and existing part-time
                                                    appreciative audience, and we managed to
                                                    sell a lot of copies. Thanks very much to
                                                    all those students who turned up to read,
                                                    and to Chris Hobday and the Logos team
        Maureen Speller                             for all their hard work in organising the
As reported in Issue 1, Maureen Speller is          event. Again, we are in the process of
the student representative for the part-time        organising a similar event at Medway
programme and as such is on hand to act             (which we hope to combine with the
as a useful conduit through which any               launch of Night Train 3 there), so do
comments and queries may be submitted               please keep an eye out for further details
to the School. If you have an issue which           of these and come along to support the
you’d like Maureen to raise, please contact         event if you can. Copies of Issue 10 are
her on                             available from the School of English
                                                    Office and from the receptions at Medway
                                                    and Tonbridge (price: £1.50).
   Night Train 3 Launch                               In the meantime, work is already
                                                    beginning on Issue 11, and anyone
     Date Confirmed                                 wishing to submit short stories or poetry
The third incarnation of the School of              should      e-mail     their    work       to:
English’s highly successful anthology of   (N.B. Do not
student writing, Night Train 3, will be             send it to – it will not find the
formally launched on 1st March in Keynes            editors and you will not get a reply).
College on the Canterbury Campus (7.30                If you have any questions, please e-mail
pm in Keynes Upper Senior Common                    to the above address. The editorial team
Room). There'll be readings a-plenty from           will aim to respond quickly to every email
contributors, both poetry and prose. And            they receive.
the volume itself of course will be on
sale! Come and support it. (There will be
wine and nibbles too, not that anyone is              Update on Web Forum
interested in that....)                             The School of English is pleased to
  We are also working on organising an              announce the opening of a new web-based
additional launch evening at the Medway             forum. This is a discussion area where you
site at the end of this term, so anyone who         can exchange ideas, get in touch with your
is interested in reading at this event should       fellow students, ask those questions you
contact either Jeremy (at the address               were afraid to ask in class, arrange
above)          or         Paul         Sales       meetings or even buy and sell stuff.
( You can also get              At the moment there are some general
hold of copies of Night Train 3 from the            areas to discuss anything at all, an
School of English office at Canterbury, or          announcement area and then several areas
from the receptions at Tonbridge and                dedicated to specific courses - but all
Medway (the Medway Building). Contact               students are warmly invited to contribute

to all areas. Please do have a look at the         Universities at Medway are pioneering a
forum.     You      can    find   it    at         new model for Higher Education, not only                     in North Kent, but nationally and
                                                   internationally as well.
                                                     The Medway campus is ideally placed
          Alan Le Grys                             for this experiment. It lies right at the heart
                                                   of a local community significantly under-
Humanities Representative at                       represented in Higher Education nationally
         Medway                                    – fewer people in Medway have any
As the newly-appointed Humanities                  connection with a university than in most
Manager at Medway, Alan De Grys here               other areas in the south east of England.
gives a brief account of the genesis of the        There is, therefore, a strong argument for
University at Kent initiative in the area,         developing a local community university,
and of the Faculty’s plans to extend               simply as part of the Government’s
provision in the Humanities at the new             ‘widening participation agenda’ – the
campus.                                            national policy of increasing the take-up
.                                                  Higher Education amongst groups of the
As part of the on-going Thames Gateway             population who have been traditionally
project, the Universities at Medway is an          excluded. Furthermore, being so close to
exciting innovation bringing together three        London and the Continent, Medway is
universities and a local College of Further        also uniquely placed to attract students not
Education in a unique experiment in                only from the local area but from right
Higher Education – the provision of                across Britain and Europe.
shared      resources     to     strengthen          Each of the participating Universities
opportunities for study and professional           has agreed to contribute from their
development within the Medway region.              established strengths. Therefore, there is
                                                   already a strong emphasis on courses that
                                                   relate to professional and vocational
                                                   development in one form or another.
                                                   However, there is also an increasing
                                                   awareness that too sharp an emphasis on
                                                   specific professions could exclude some
                                                   people, who may be looking for more
                                                   generic opportunities to develop skills that
                                                   will equip them for employment in a wide
                                                   range of different contexts. Some people
                                                   may also value the opportunity to explore
                         The Medway Building
                                                   a range of different subjects before
                                                   deciding on a particular interest to study at
  Each of the partner institutions – the           a higher level Others, from what are
University of Greenwich, Canterbury                sometimes       called       ‘non-traditional’
Christ Church University, and Mid Kent             backgrounds, may simply be looking for a
College - is working with the University           learning environment that is encouraging
of Kent to develop the Medway campus as            and supportive.
a joint enterprise. Not surprisingly, this           The Humanities at Medway project is
has involved – and doubtless will continue         intended to bring these different interests
to involve – some patient and complex              together. Drawing on the strengths of the
negotiations as the partners work towards          many leading schools and departments in
a shared vision of the future. But the Drill       the Faculty of Humanities at Canterbury,
Hall Library, and the soon-to-be-                  the purpose of the project is to build up
completed facilities at the renovated              resources that will both enhance the
Catering Building are already an eloquent          provision at Medway, and also contribute
testimony to what is possible. The                 to the development of a thriving and
                                                   diverse academic community.
  The Medway project will aim to support            Faculty of Humanities is proud to be part
the existing Humanities programmes,                 of this unique enterprise, and looks
including the English and Creative                  forward to establishing a strong presence
Writing courses, the History programme,             in the academic community now starting
and the Certificate in Combined Studies.            to emerge in and around the Medway
In addition to this existing provision, at          campus.
least one new Certificate in Humanities                 Alan Le Grys
will be launched in September 2005, and                 Medway Humanities Manager
others will possibly become available                   tel: 01634 888959
around the same time - including, perhaps,              email:
a Certificate in Religion and Society,
which will focus on the fascinating mix of
faith communities and spirituality
evolving in Britain at the present time.
  The Certificate in Humanities will be a
generic programme designed to provide a
flexible pathway for people who are
probably coming into Higher Education
for the first time. It will be a part-time
programme taught at evening classes, and
based around the four ‘Renaissance
subjects’: history, literature, philosophy           The Drill Hall Library is
and the visual arts. Students will be invited
to choose at least two of these core                    Formally Opened
subjects, and then select two other
modules from a wide range of different
courses taught within the faculty.
  In due course, the Certificate should be
joined by a diploma and degree in
Humanities, to create a family of
qualifications that will enable students to
complete a first degree. However, it is
expected that some students will specialise
as they go along, and the structure is
designed to enable people to switch to
other programmes, say in English or
History, at either diploma or degree level.
Either way, the Humanities programme                The Medway Campus’s Library, The Drill
aims to foster progression: it will                 Hall, was formally opened on Monday 13th
encourage students from all departments             February. The site is of considerable
and schools to move on to the next stage            historical significance. The Drill Hall
of their academic studies.                          building itself and the accompanying
  The Humanities Office, based in the               Parade Ground were constructed in 1903
Medway Building (Room M2-30) has                    on the lower Pembroke site, before the
been      established    to    foster    this       adjacent barracks were fully completed in
development, and to serve as a local point          1908/09.
of contact for all students within the
Humanities departments represented at
   The Medway project is about making
the most of shared resources – both within
the faculty, and across the universities. No
doubt, things will take time to develop, as
the new project gradually evolves. But the
                                                   and am currently in the second and final
                                                   year of my MA. In September I hope to
                                                   commence my MPhil/PhD which again
                                                   will be in a part-time capacity. During the
                                                   course of my studies as an undergraduate I
                                                   discovered the writer who became the
                                                   subject of my long essay and who will be
                                                   the subject of my dissertation and thesis.
                                                   During my years at Kent I have received
                                                   support and guidance from my tutors who
                                                   have     been     incredibly   sympathetic
                                                   especially when personal difficulties have
  In June 1981 it was decided that                 impinged on my studies. One of the
operations in the dockyard and HMS                 advantages of studying during the evening
Pembroke were to come to an end and                was that I was with a group of people who
they were finally closed in 1984. The              were all experiencing similar problems, as
University of Greenwich moved onto the             for instance, juggling work and family
site in 1994.                                      commitments. In consequence some close
  The system for ordering library stock            friendships have developed and endured.
has now been streamlined, and orders for
books connected to next years’ modules             Dorinda Guest
have already been submitted. You can               I first came to the University of Kent in
access the Drill Hall Library’s website            the autumn of 1998 as a mature part-time
here:          undergraduate. Progressing from the
                                                   certificate to the diploma and then on to
  Student Destinations…                            the degree over a period of six years, it
                                                   was quite a momentous occasion to finally
  Part I: Postgraduate Study                       graduate in the summer of 2004. The
This is the first of two articles with             campus had become a second home and a
suggestions and inspirations for what              place where I wanted to study full time. I
students may wish to do once their part-           was lucky enough to receive funding from
time degree has been completed. With the           the Arts and Humanities Research Council
finishing line clearly in sight for those of       to study for my MA full-time. I am now in
you in the final year of your BA, we               my first year of a full time MPhil/PhD
thought if might be useful for you to hear         with the support of a scholarship from the
of the experiences and ‘destinations’ of           School of English. The motivation and
two recent graduates of the part-time              determination needed to sustain study over
programme, Rosemary Holman and                     a long period of time as a part-time student
Dorinda Guest. Rosemary is currently in            has proved invaluable for my postgraduate
the second year of her MA, and Dorinda is          work. I am now excited about the prospect
reading towards a PhD.                             of giving my first conference paper this
                                                   June and will be undertaking part time
Rosemary Holmans                                   teaching at the University from
Studying as a part-time mature student at          September. What began as a part time
Kent has been an extremely rewarding               interest has evolved into a very rewarding
experience for me. Apart from my final             full-time career change. I found I made a
year as an undergraduate I attended                close network of friends over the course of
university in the evening and in                   my undergraduate years and these
consequence have taken a wide-ranging              friendships have continued to be a source
variety of modules that have introduced            of mutual support and encouragement as a
me to texts which I would probably not             postgraduate.
otherwise have encountered. As I work, I
have continued along the part-time route
We would like to thank Rosemary and               Canterbury Campus, but they will also be
Dorinda very much for taking the time to          going up in Medway, Tonbridge and at
contribute to Agora and wish them well            West Kent College. Check these posters
with their studies. In the next edition, we       for further details on presentation of work
will be hearing from two different students       (double-spacing, handing in 2 copies etc.)
about how the part-time programme has             If      you      have      any      queries,
helped them in developing their careers.          please e-mail

            The 2006                                  Open Lectures on the
      T.S. Eliot Poetry Prize                         Canterbury Campus
                    The T S Eliot prize is        The University runs a regular series of
                    now      open      for        lectures at the Canterbury campus. These
                    submissions (current          take place in the Brabourne Lecture
                    students only, I'm            Theatre, Keynes College, at 6.00 pm and
                    afraid). The final            admission is free.
                    deadline for the prize          The upcoming lectures for Februrary and
                    is Monday the 17th of         March are listed below. For further
March. You need to hand in your poems to          information about Open Lectures please e-
the Master's Assistant, room W4.9, Eliot          mail:
College. The winner, and the shortlisted
entries,   will   be     announced      on
Tuesday the 2nd of May. HOWEVER,
before you submit anything, check the
posters which will be going up around
campus.             You'll             see
several in the School of English on the


Fri            Politics and the Media                    Andrew Gilligan

17                                                       Journalist

Fri            Lord Mayor's Lecture                      The Rt Hon Lord Baker of

24             In association with Denne Group Ltd
               Cad or catalyst: A life of George
                                                         Author and conservative peer
               IV in caricature


Fri            'An Unfortunate Conincidence':            Professor Didi Herman

3              Jews and Jewishness in English
                                                         Professor of Law, University of

Fri            Ian Gregor Memorial Lecture               Professor Valentine

10             Literature touches Bottom                 Cunningham
                                                         Professor of English Language
                                                         and Literature Corpus Christi
                                                         College, Oxford
Fri            Darwin Lecture                            Professor Chris Stringer

17             The early human occupation of
               Britain: New perspectives
                                                         Head of Human Origins at the
                                                         Natural History Museum

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