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					Honey instead of healthiness profit of Honey instead of healthiness

Honey can remain consumed by all levels, from fetus to parents.

1. Fetus: Honey can strengthen weak fetus trendy the womb (uterus).
2. Pregnant Woman: Honey helps insist stamina and infant healthiness for
the period of pregnancy, and portion lofty nutrient intake instead of the
healthy growth of the fetus for the period of pregnancy
3. Babies: Portion baby's understanding development, for the reason that
all time the understanding continues to develop until the age of 5 years.
Instead of to he required a lofty food. Growth and understanding
development is strongly associated with the intellect of the mind (IQ)
and mental intellect (EQ). It can remain seen in the present day a
variety of added food products either milk or else formulated infant
porridge with honey such as Dancow, Frisian Flag, Sustagen, and all that.
Instead of to why complete not we scarcely award to our baby the finest,
namely honey.
4. Children: Portion to increased hunger (the elements of a complete
vitamin B trendy honey), so to children grow up healthy, lively and
carefree and disease hardy. (H. Mohamad, 2002)
5. Adolescence: Usefulness of honey on baligh puberty adolescence grow
very fast, pleasant food and regular preference cook the growth of the
body to remain faultless.
6. Adults: Level of fatigue and stress head start to design buttress up
so to the body becomes weak and susceptible to disease. Trendy this task
the factory workers who worked fiercely all time (long shift) with no
plenty nutrients such such as thypus prone to contract the disease,
inflammation, and other bacterial infections trendy this task Honey is
the finest supplementary food.
7. Seniors: Honey is the finest food to is needed instead of the elderly,
for the reason that honey is a source of energy and nutrients can remain
absorbed absolutely by the body, everyplace on the age of the organism

Re the Honey

Hypocrates, physicist prevail on used to consumption honey on a regular
basis which caused him to remain able to get hold of the age of 107
years, such as well such as Aris Totoles, the father of "Natural Science"
assumes to the honey has unique properties to can make progress being
healthiness and prolong life, trendy importance trendy old age still
engage in a concentrated stamina and diseases are very rare. Equally, Ibn
Sina (Avicenna), a famous scientist recommends we bolt honey, for the
reason that it can insist strength so it is still competent of working on
adult ages (dusk). He in addition recommends to relatives who engage in
aged 45 years ought to consume honey commonly.
The superior a country's technological level, the superior the awareness
of the importance of honey trendy people's each day menu. They crave new
and consume new "natural foods". Honey thousands engage in integrated the
sort of "natural foods", but in addition trendy "natural healthiness
From various countries mainly fond of honey is the kinship of West
Germany and Switzerland. Two of the country's mainly pernickety of state
food safety food instead of its relatives. They mode 800 grams of honey
consumed 1.4 kg / person / day. United States and Britain, plus inferior
consumption of honey, specifically a row on mode 400-500 grams and 250-
350 grams / person / day.
Unlike the usual darling restricted trendy bonbon or else darling to can
wound teeth (carries) caused by the growth of spoilage bacteria called
lactic acid bacteria, honey contains antibiotics. Although the pH is low,
but for the reason that of the lofty limestone content has the likely are
alkaline, and therefore can do such as a disinfection of the oral cavity.
Our ancestors often urge rinsing sheer honey (± 15%) to treatment
From the results of various studies imply to the antibacterial honey has
nothing to complete with lofty darling content and low irrigate content,
but by the presence of a analogous compound to lysozyme has antibacterial
power. This compound is new fashionable with the star 'inhibine'. Gram-
negative bacteria are new easily upset to 'inhibine' more accurately than
gram-positive. Inhibine very easily upset to round. On a heat of 600C
inhibine motion trendy honey is lost trendy scarcely 15 minutes.

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Description: Honey can remain consumed by all levels, from fetus to parents.