Document Sample

1.         Roll Call

Present:                 William J. Treuting, Jr., Mayor
                         H. Marie Baker, Vice Mayor
                         William R. Wren
                         Kevin P. Brendel
                         Vonna L. Privett
                         Fran Kassinger

Absent:                  Jonell Pizzola

Also Present:            Lana A. Conner, City Clerk
                         David Reynal, City Manager
                         Brett Shorter, Assistant City Manager
                         Brian Lubkeman, City Attorney
                         Jerry Hughes, Economic Development

*Councilmember Pizzola was ill.

2.         Closed Meeting: State Code of Virginia:         Freedom of
           Information Act: Section 2.2-3711(A):

MOTION: Mayor Treuting moved that the Governing Body and its legal
counsel will now go into closed meeting to discuss an item involving a
specific legal matter requiring the provisions of legal advice by City
Attorney and briefing by City Staff. This item can be discussed in
closed meeting because it involves “consultation with legal counsel
pertaining to actual or probable litigation,” pursuant to Paragraph 7 of
Section 2.2-3711(A) of the Code of Virginia. The Item can also be
discussed in closed meeting because it involves” discussion of specific
public officers appointees or employees of any public body or evaluation
of performance of departments where such evaluation may necessarily
involve discussion or performance of specific individuals pursuant to
paragraph 1 of Section 2.2-3711.
SECOND: Councilmember Baker
VOTE ROLL CALL: Yes: Treuting, Baker, Brendel, Kassinger, Privett,

3.         Reconvene in Open Meeting:

Mayor Treuting reconvened the open meeting out of closed meeting at
8:00 PM.

4.         Certification of Closed Meeting and addition of items to
           Agenda due to closed meeting (if necessary):

MOTION: Councilmember Brendel moved to approve the following

WHEREAS, THE Governing Body of the City of Manassas Park has
convened a closed meeting on this date pursuant to an affirmative
recorded vote and in accordance with the provisions of the Virginia
Freedom of Information Act; and
WHEREAS, Section 2.2-3712(D) of the Code of Virginia requires a
certification by this public body that such closed meeting was conducted
in conformity with Virginia law.

Page Two
Regular Meeting
December 4, 2001

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Governing Body of the
City of Manassas Park hereby certify that, to the best of each member’s
knowledge, (I) only public business matters lawfully exempted from
open meeting requirements under this chapter and (ii) only such public
business matters as were identified in the motion by which the closed
session was convened were heard, discussed or considered in the
meeting by the public body.
SECOND: Councilmember Baker
VOTE ROLL CALL: Yes: Brendel, Baker, Kassinger, Privett, Treuting.

5.      Invocation: Councilmember Wren

6.      Pledge of Allegiance: Councilmember Privett

7.      Approval of Agenda:

MOTION: Councilmember Brendel moved to approve Agenda with
following changes:
13a Technology (1) Web site hosting (allowance for existing contracts to
provider: Councilmember Brendel and (2) Web site redesign (review and
recommendation of the unsolicited proposal): Councilmember Brendel
will be removed from agenda and addressed after completion of
Worksession immediately following regular meeting.
11b Traffic Signal at Signal View and Polk Drive: (1) Resolution
Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission and (2)
Proposal: Vettra Company Design of Traffic Signal be removed from
Consent Agenda and added as Item 13a under new business.
SECOND: Councilmember Wren
VOTE ROLL CALL: Brendel, Wren, Baker, Kassinger, Privett,

8.      Citizens Time:

a. Joe Dazzo: 72 Meeker Court: He has read that Manassas Park lost
a fellow comrade in Afghanistan. All fallen comrades are honored no
matter where they died. He found out that the City must get permission
from the state to lower their flags. He is upset that the city does not
lower its flag without having to get permission from the Governor. He
asked the Governing Body to take necessary steps to fly our flags at half-
mast for our fallen comrade from our community. Is the state going to
come and arrest us? That would make news across the nation. The
Mayor stated he agrees with Mr. Dazzo one hundred percent. City tried
to follow the rules and get permission of the Governor. He hopes that
come tomorrow morning all city flags are at half-mast.
The City has too many children riding bikes at night without lights,
reflector clothing or helmets. This should be a law that they must wear
safety gear when riding bicycles.

b.       Mike Niero, 9410 Wilcoxen Drive: He donated a light board to
the city to be used at City Hall. Every time he comes down to City Hall
he has to look around to find something to write on.
He donated the domain name to the City. He
has kept up the registration (October 10, 2002) and had it available to
host as website for over a year. He is doing this because Manassas Park
was not able to obtain a Manassas Park domain name in any of the more
common .com or .infol tld extensions. Last week the city was in an
emergency need of an unused yet hosted inactive website and he was
able to use this name for that purpose.

Page Three
Regular Meeting
December 4, 2001

He is in process of obtaining an appraisal from
and this will be part of the donation. The name should be transferred
within 14 days. The hosting service has been paid in full until February
19, 2002.
The Governing Body thanked Mr. Niero for his contribution.
He donates this name with stipulation that it always remains in city
possession. He want city to utilize and keep it active and a special
highlighted and recognizable link page or section be dedicated to those
citizens of Manassas Park who have served in our arm forces and have
fought in our country’s conflict with particular attention to those who
gave the ultimate price.

MOTION: Mayor Treuting moved to accept Mr. Niero’s donation with
conditions stipulated and ask City Attorney to draft agreement that in the
event that sometime in the future that the City no longer use the name
that it be returned to Mr. Niero.
SECOND: Councilmember Wren
VOTE ROLL CALL: Yes: Treuting, Wren, Baker, Brendel, Kassinger,

c.       Mary Battle, 8299 Woodhue Drive: Ms. Susan Hasselvander,
resident at the Glen at White Pine, was also present. She stated that
Delegate Parrish had informed her to contact the Mayor and City
Manager of Manassas Park regarding parking issues at the Glen at White
Pine (rental units) owned by Whetstone Company. The Glen has sent
around a document for them to sign, which basically makes them give up
their rights on parking after December 31, 2001. They have redesigned
the parking and have made some spaces smaller than 9-foot width.
There are 58 parking spaces on Woodhue Drive but there are no
handicapped parking spaces. The west end of Woodhue Drive has been
converted to a no parking zone although they have used it for parking for
20 years. Management stated that was done because of the City but city
staff is not aware of any provision for that. The re-design of the lot
provided more than the legally required 24-feet of space required
between opposing rows of parked cars. She contacted an attorney and
Office of Consumer Affairs and they both advise that parking documents
issued by the Glen contain provision contrary to VA Residential
Landlord and Tenant Act, the most serious of which are the
management’s insistence on enforcement of their towing policy when
the documents absolve the landlord and his agent (the towing company)
from responsibility for damage to tenants vehicles, still making no
distinction between the glen and the towing company in the event that
the towing company damages a tenants vehicle while attempting to tow
another car out of a space that is less than 9-feet wide and these
regulations are a significant change to the original lease.
She gave the Governing Body documentation tracing the history of these
issues. She hoped that they would not be forced to park on other city
streets beginning in January as an alternative to signing documents
which are arbitrary and both inconvenience the residents and provide
more risk for the children of the block by failing to address the newly
created attractive nuisance.
The City Attorney stated unless ordinance or regulations of the city are
being violated the city couldn’t address issues between landlord and
tenant on private property. The Mayor asked Staff to look at the issue
of handicapped parking spaces and the size of the parking spaces and
bring a report back to Governing Body on any of item not in compliance
with city code or regulations.

d.     Roger Costello, 159 Scott Drive: He was here to let Governing
Body know the sense of outrage he has in respect to the flags.

Page Four
Regular Meeting
December 4, 2001

The state shows much confidence in local government to do many
things. He does not know the rationale or legislative history as to why
they would adopt a policy where to get the authority to raise flag at half
staff one must go to Secretary of the Commonwealth who in turns has a
procedure. There is an issue here of local government. The Governing
Body should not have to go to Senator Colgan or Delegate Parrish
because you are one of the 137th constitutional officers you go directly to
the Governor that is your next highest authority. We operate under
Dillon rule, which states we have only the power given to us by the state.
This city started as a vet village. They were combat vets not crème puffs
like the boys who died in Vietnam. They were fighting soldiers. That
boy who died was one of ours as well as his wife and children. He was
glad the schools lowered their flags to half-mast.
He asked the Governing Body to get the Charter changed to allow us to
lower the flag at direction of Governing Body. He would like to see
those kids get a college education and Manassas Park contributes to that.

9.      Reserved, including public hearings and decisions:

9a.     Public Hearing: Amend Section 31-46, Violation and Penalty
        of the City Code: Daniel Painter, Director:

The Mayor opened the public hearing at 8:50pm.
Mr. Painter, Director of Planning & Zoning addressed this Public
Hearing. The amendment would give the city’s zoning inspector, code
enforcement officer and their designated agent(s) the authority to issue
violations or summons for specific zoning code violations.
Maximum penalty is $3,000. Ten days is reasonable time in the
ordinance. The City Attorney stated if you cite them civilly, you are
precluding the ability to go after them criminally. You can place liens
on property, get injunctions, etc. It is an either or set of circumstances.
The Planning Commission recommends approval of ordinance. At
present, the Building Officials will be handling the caseload along with
Director. The City Manager will watch and if workload increases to
warrant another person, he will look at it at that time.
There were no citizens wishing to address this Public Hearing.

MOTION: Councilmember Wren moved to close Public Hearing at 8:55
SECOND: Councilmember Baker
VOTE: Unanimously passed

Ordinance 01-1700-679: Chapter 31, Zoning, Section 31-46, Violation
and Penalty, Manassas Park, Virginia to provide enforcement of the
City’s Zoning Ordinance through civil penalties.

MOTION: Councilmember Wren moved to approve Ordinance as
presented pending final review by City Attorney.
SECOND: Councilmember Baker
VOTE ROLL CALL: Yes: Wren, Baker, Brendel, Kassinger, Privett,

9b.     Noreen Slater, Former Director of Social Services: She was
here tonight to let the public know that she is resigning her positions as
Director of Manassas Park Social Services Department. She is retiring
December 31, 2001. She has served the Commonwealth of Virginia
Department of Social Services for 31 years with 23 years and 10 months
in Manassas Park.

Page Five
Regular Meeting
December 4, 2001

She thanked the Governing Body and the residents for allowing her to
serve the city because she did not look at it as a job but as a labor of
love. She stated she was available to continue supporting the city
through volunteer work.
All members of Governing Body wished Ms. Slater well in her
retirement and thanked her for her long years of service to the City.

10.     Reports of City Officials and Staff:

a.    Councilmember Wren:
On December 13th he must attend a very important Transportation
Coordinating Council meeting at NVCC campus in Annandale.
He is recommending that Noreen Slater be considered for Disability
Services Board as a citizen member and Community Services Board.
This will be placed on the next agenda.
He has an issue with the UOSA Board of Directors and will ask for
Governing Body consideration on adopting a Resolution at the next
regular meeting.

b.       Councilmember Kassinger:
*She thanked the police and fire department, American Red Cross and
Dr. DeBolt for responding very positively toward the residents during
the fire last week in Blooms Crossing. The services provided were very
*She is resigning from the Technology Committee (IT) effective
immediately. She stated she does not believe that she can contribute to
it. Maybe there are other issues could she help with in the City. She
might pick up on things that Councilmember Pizzola was working on.

c. Councilmember Baker:
*She is asking everyone to remember Jonell Pizzola in their prayers.
She is at the Arlington Hospice Center. A friend of Ms. Pizzola asked
Ms. Baker if the city could put together a group of volunteers who would
be willing to go around to check on seniors to see if they needed
anything. Ms. Slater stated the Prince William Area Office on Aging
has such a program.

d. Councilmember Brendel:
*Consent Agenda Items 11A: Reappointment to PRAC: He has worked
with both citizens and would recommend their appointments.
*Food Drive: Could not have been done without support of Manassas
Park City Schools. Anyone wishing to contribute send their donations to
the schools by December 20th.          The Lions Club will distribute the
baskets. Last year they fed 31 families for the holidays.
*The Technology Committee met tonight. They discussed the Wide
Area Network (WAN) that is part of cable franchise agreement. It was a
two-part issue. The first was when they tried to make test connection
between head end at city hall and various schools, public safety etc; they
were not able to activate the fibers. At first we thought there was
mislabeling of the fiber leads. Comcast was very responsive and
determined we did not have all the specification in how the fiber was
terminated straight cuts/angle cuts. They discovered one splicing
problem in head end office. There is one connection: Manassas Park
Elementary School (MPES) and City Hall via standard cable model
providing Internet service to MPES.
Equipment required to activate city portion not schools. What would it
take to activate city hall, parks & recreation and public safety? They did
a walk through of the design.

Page Six
Regular Meeting
December 4, 2001

There were a couple of last minute issues they will work on and
schedule a Technology Committee meeting on Dec 18th at 7PM so that
this can be forwarded to city staff to work on procurement. They hope
to activate that network in the foreseeable future taking up the subject of
local area network service what facilities we have and what we need.
They will look at different operations we want running for city. He will
update technology strategy direction so everyone will know the status of
where we are on different things.

 *Last week was an emotional week for the city with the death of one of
our citizens, Mike Spann, a true American hero who served the city and
our country well. Councilmember Brendel got involved with trying to
get the flags lowered but it was Councilmember Privett who started it by
sending e-mail message to everyone.

Fire in Blooms Crossing:         City staff, community leaders and
organizations have all worked together to help the family get shelter,
clothes, meals and personal necessities because everything was
On behalf of the Kopak Family and Spann Family, a thank you should go
out to the citizens of the City who came to these families aid because
that is what makes Manassas Park so unique. Remember both of these
families in your prayers.

e. Councilmember Privett:
She stated that Marsteller Middle School is not in Manassas Park but if
any of our children start to develop a rash, contact their schools
Zip Code: The next step necessary to get a zip code is contacting our
Congressman and asking him to help us. The city needs it own identity.

MOTION: Councilmember Privett moved to direct Staff to write a letter
to Congressman Wolf including background information on city’s effort
to get their own zip code and that this letter be signed by all members of
Governing Body and the Mayor will hand deliver the letter to
Congressman Wolf.
SECOND: Councilmember Brendel
VOTE: Unanimously passed

f. Mayor Treuting:
He stated that Councilwoman Pizzola is at Hospice Center in Arlington
off Glebe Road and if anyone would like to visit her, please do so. City
does not know how long she will be there. Keep her in your prayers.
John Michael Spann: On November 25th, everyone experienced a great
loss. A family lost a son, father and husband and Manassas Park and the
United States lost a patriot. The Mayor was not acquainted with Mr.
Spann but what he read about him makes you proud to be an American.
Mr. Spann always wanted to serve his country. He excelled in what he
done in the Marines and was recruited by the CIA. He was doing a very
critical job that ultimately saves other Americans when he was killed.
What can the people in Manassas Park do? Maybe we do get carried
away with protocol. The Marine Corp Foundation has scholarships
funds established for each child because he was a marine officer.
Manassas Christian School has established a Mike Spann Education
Fund for his children. He is asking city staff to follow up for anyone
wishing to contribute. As soon as city understands out what is going and
necessary arrangements they will pass that to the citizens. He will not be
Kopak Family: As soon as the City has information on what this family
needs, they will get that out to the citizens.

Page Seven
Regular Meeting
December 4, 2001

11. Consent Agenda
a.    Appointments:      Parks & Recreation Advisory
      Commission: John Evans & William DePugh
b.   Damage Deposits Richmond American: Damage Deposits:
      $12,500: Lots 344-368
c.    FY02 Third Quarter Appropriations:
      General Fund:       $3,971,339
      Proprietary Fund $1,707,758
d.    Resignation: Technology Committee: Fran Kassinger

MOTION: Councilmember Wren moved to approve Consent Agenda
with noted addition of 11d Resignation of Fran Kassinger from
Technology Committee.
SECOND: Councilmember Baker
VOTE ROLL CALL: Yes: Wren, Baker, Brendel, Kassinger, Privett,

12. Unfinished Business

No unfinished business.

13. New Business/Action Items:

13a. Traffic Signal at Signal View and Polk Drive:
1. Resolution 01-1000-902:

It has been found that Polk Drive and Manassas Drive does qualify for
signalization. The Resolution has been changed to reflect the amount for
signalization for both intersections.

MOTION: Councilmember Wren moved to approve Resolution:
A Resolution authorizing the appropriation of $300,000 of City of
Manassas Park Motor Fuels Tax funds by Potomac and Rappahannock
Transportation Commission (PRTC) for the engineering, designing and
construction of a traffic signal system at Manassas Drive and Signal
View Drive and Manassas Drive and Polk Drive.
SECOND: Councilmember Privett
VOTE ROLL CALL: Yes: Wren, Privett, Baker, Brendel, Kassinger,

2. Proposal: Vettra Company: Design of Traffic Signal:

MOTION:       Councilmember Wren moved to approve proposal with
Vettra Company for design of traffic signals at Polk Drive and Signal
View Drive in amount not to exceed $20,000.
SECOND: Councilmember Privett
These will be equipped with cameras.
VOTE ROLL CALL: Yes: Wren, Privett, Baker, Brendel, Kassinger,

13b.    Amended FY02 Budget: Refer to Finance Committee:

MOTION: Councilmember Wren moved to refer to Finance Committee
SECOND: Councilmember Baker
At present, mid year budget shows $298,000 in additional funding to
schools, which is an increase to $5,900,000 for schools. This budget
reflects a tax rate of $1.42.

Page Eight
Regular Meeting
December 4, 2001

There are some questions from schools about the method of calculation
for revenue sharing between city & schools. Finance Department is
working on this issue with schools. This budget reflects $153,000 in
new funding.
VOTE ROLL CALL: Unanimously passed

13c.    Legislative Priorities: advertise for Public Hearing:
        Charter Amendment/State Code

Staff has drafted a proposed charter amendment that would allow the
city to establish, by ordinance, safe occupancy limits for each dwelling
unit, based on the criteria found in the statewide building code (SBC).
This provision is authorized now. However the proposed amendment
would go beyond that found in the SBC in excluding the square footages
in the kitchen, living room dining room and family rooms in calculating
the safe occupancy limits. Further the proposed amendment would also
allow the city to prohibit use of those rooms for sleeping purposes, again
by local ordinance. It should be noted that the proposed charter
amendment does not deal with the enforcement issues already discussed
and there is some uncertainty of the results when the General Assembly
reviews local charters.

The other proposal is for state legislation to be enacted that would allow
the city to use urban construction funds for “reconstruction, maintenance
and improvement…” of any city streets. Currently, only improvements
are allowed and only collector or arterial roadways. Due to its nature,
this was felt to be more appropriately drafted as a state statute rather
than a charter amendment.

The proposal is limited to those municipalities between 10,000 and
11,000 in population so as to limit the application of such a statue to the
The City Manager stated he talked with VDOT urban office about the
problem the city has with the urban funding. They stated they would
come up and look at what projects city has and the transportation issues.
They will look to see if additional projects meet their definition of major
improvements for roads. The problem will start in 2004/2005-budget
year. City hopes to accomplish this change before then.

MOTION: Mayor Treuting moved the following:
*Advertise a Public Hearing for December 18th for consideration of
charter amendment
*Forward the proposed statute on road funding to Senator Colgan and
Delegate Parrish for their consideration of introducing in the 2002
General Assembly session.
*Authorize Presiding Officer of the City to have ability to lower flags
when a citizen of the city dies in the service of their country.
SECOND: Councilmember Wren
VOTE ROLL CALL: Yes: Wren, Treuting, Baker, Brendel, Kassinger,

14. Reading, correction (if necessary) and approval of the minutes
    of the previous meetings

November 20, Regular Meeting

MOTION: Councilmember Wren moved to approve as presented.
SECOND: Councilmember Privett
VOTE: Unanimously passed with Councilmember Kassinger abstaining

Page Nine
Regular Meeting
December 4, 2001

15. Discussion Period

There were items requested to be discussed.

Council recessed the regular meeting and go into Worksession to deal
with unfinished business items from November 27th Worksession. The
Governing Body will come out of Worksession and resume the regular
meeting to vote on 13 (a) Technology: (1) Web site hosting and (2) Web
site redesign.

Worksession Items:
*Camera System: City is waiting for integrated controller switch.
Wrong switch was sent. City cannot expand past two cameras.
Manassas has a projector that vendor thinks would be beneficial in city.
It could be used for presentations. City has a proposal for video
projector at cost of $12,000. City has a laptop. This issue will be
forwarded to Finance Committee.
*Status of cable franchise: According to Troy Fitzhugh, it is 99%
complete and should have been completed by last Friday. FCC approval
should take about ten days. It will take about two weeks to complete a
return line test. Comcast will start selling December 15th and online by
January 15th. What is status of Comcast@Home? It was on news that
it has cost one hundred six million to extend and they anticipate cutting
over to their own network. The channel numbers will not be the same
with digital cable.     The city needs to continually log all complaints
received on cable television.
*Status of the Local Area Network for City Hall: This issue will be
taken up by Technology Committee in January 2002 once the Committee
get the last of the stuff put together for Wide Area Network in two
weeks.      The Committee will make the adjustments from tonight’s
meeting review those on December 18th at 7PM and then forward to city
staff for review to come back to Governing Body.

The Mayor asked them to look at some type of dial in capability for
members of Governing Body or department heads so if they are home
and there is storm or something and they want to check their e-mail to be
able to log in. If it is cost effective, look at remote from anywhere in the
 *Bar coding of water bills: Bright and Associates have no clients that
bar code but do have two clients that bar code real estate bills (Orange
County and City of Petersburg). The clerk at Orange County stated they
have seven scanners that cost about $500 each they use. The Director of
Fiscal Services stated we can do that with tax bills but don’t know about
water bills. City of Fredericksburg used to scan their bills but do not do
that anymore. Staff will get an answer on why they don’t do that
anymore. City is working on a self-mailer envelope system for water
bills. Councilmember Brendel put this on agenda because he wanted to
increase the accuracy of the payments being recorded. Staff will research
and come back to Governing Body with recommendation.
*Bill burster and envelope stuffer for City Hall: Received two quotes.
Haven’t look at it as far as envelope stuffer. City does not have a lot of
items that need to be stuffed.
*City Web Site-Face Lift: Mike Niero stated he is downloaded
everything from current website to Manassas Park.Net. He is supporting
the city and making basic web page updates. He will do high level
testing and if everything checks out, will put it on city web page. He is
in process of getting the agenda back on web site. He is hosting through
his web provider. Mr. Niero does not want to provide this service to the
city because it is not his line of business. He would act as a consultant
to make sure city is getting what they contract for.

Page Ten
Regular Meeting
December 4, 2001

The Mayor stated our site is not bad it just does not reflect what the city
is doing and is not user friendly. It has outdated information and errors.
The Mayor wanted it to make information available to public.
Councilmember Kassinger stated it does not take six months to get a web
site up and running. She stated the site does not speak well for the city.
Functionally and look wise, it is the 1980’s. It is hard to navigate and
there is no filtering for information. It needs to be redesigned. City has a
domain name just not on our server.
Councilmember Kassinger and Brendel will work on this matter and
bring back a recommendation. The City Attorney has not reviewed any
documents relating to this matter and he would have to before he could
give an opinion. There are procurement act implications here. The
Mayor recommended we accept the unsolicited proposal pending final
review of City Attorney. The city needs to get web site up and running
while we look at long-term options for the future.
*Drug and Alcohol Policy: It is in city attorney’s office. Should be at
next Governing Body meeting.             One of the issues is whomever
participates must be subject to drug screening and testing.
*$200 fine for specific streets: Discussion followed on petition from
citizens and number of citizens necessary to respond. Is a petition
required for citizen support? City Attorney will address this issue and
then forward to code committee for recommendation to Governing
*Drop box at city hall for empty printer cartridges: Consensus to
remove from agenda. Placed on December 18 agenda.
*Regional Taxicab Ordinance: Prince William County is still working
on ordinance and once they complete will be forwarded to Governing
Body. Should be on Governing Body agenda next month.
*Solicit bids for backhoe: Will be placed on next agenda.
*City Clerk Job Description: Everyone has a copy. Please review and
make recommendation to Councilmember Baker and Brendel. The
Mayor asked that this item get completed before January 2002.
*Public Safety Committee: Drug Task Force & participation in Firing
Range: Staff is working on the agreement and Colonel Fenner is
confident it will be approved. Participation in firing range will be a
great deal and the city will have an investment.
*Redraft Facilities Agreement: Sent to Planning Commission for Public
Hearing on installation of lights at Costello Park: Parks and Recreation
Advisory Commission met with MPYLL. They are to come back to
PRAC with more specifics on items such as lights and trash.
*Zip code for City: City Manager received a letter stating the city
cannot get its own zip code. Rerouting would be a problem. A letter
will be sent to Frank Wolf on this issue.
*Railroad Crossing Issue: Staff met with representatives to discuss
response time and level of maintenance. The City Manager stated what
you see there is basically what you are going to get. The city has put
them on notice as far as liability and level of maintenance. The railroad
company cited lack of manpower as part of the issue. Staff will send a
letter to Congressman Wolf and transportation representative to see if
we can get some help.
*Verizon Wireless & Cingular E9-1-1: There were three residents
affected including Councilmember Brendel.            Councilmember Baker
stated her husband’s phone is affected. She will get with City Manager
about this matter.
*WAN Networking: This is ongoing project.
*Channel 19: Manassas City/Manassas Park Government. City
Manager stated it is clearer now than before. Issue resolved.
*Bus Shelters: One shelter installed second should be installed within
30 days. This issue has been resolved.

Page Eleven
Regular Meeting
December 4, 2001

*Traffic analysis of two intersections: City will go out to bids on signal
lights at Manassas Drive and Signal View Drive and Manassas Drive
and Polk Drive. Traffic analysis is complete.
*Public Safety Building: City approved architectural feasibility study to
determine best site for public safety building/fire department (together or
*Staff will ask City Engineer for complete list of projects his office is
working on and forward to Governing Body.
*Assistant City Manager Position: The Mayor stated that the City has a
lot of construction, renovations, building, and technology
implementation issues going on. City Manager stated most of the jobs
the Mayor mentioned are managed by the departments. Adding the
Assistant City Manager outside the departmental structure is not going to
move forward a project unless it falls outside a department.
Councilmember Brendel asked if City Manager would like to change
title to Director of Special Projects with stipulation that it would be a
limited four or five-year position like we have done economic
development. The City Manager stated he appreciates Governing Body
consideration but this is a major commitment of resources. The Director
of Finance is a full time job. Mr. Shorter helps the City Manager with
many miscellaneous projects. The City Manager stated that he cannot
justify a full time position. The Mayor would look at this issue as this
person being an Assistant City Manager while retaining the existing
Assistant City Manager. The City Manager stated it would be great if
you could find a person experienced in web master (public information
officer) as well as manage miscellaneous projects. Councilmember
Kassinger stated you might need an assistance when Park Center project
starts as far as accountability. Procurement is an issue that the city
needs to do better. This person could write up what the city has
accomplished and submit it to VML. Councilmember Brendel stated it
is the unplanned tasks that hurt the city when you are trying to keep it
moving forward. The City Manager stated Mr. Shorter is working on
financial forecast and he is not sure that it allows a lot of additional
funding for new positions. This issue can be addressed with the FY03
budget work sessions.
*Boundary line adjustments/property acquisition-status: City Attorney
is working on this issue. Bring back to Governing Body first part of
February 2002. County will not do any adjustments until after
redistricting. There are no residents affected.
*Real Estate Tax Rate: The Governing Body will discuss this issue at
the next Finance Committee meeting.

The Mayor adjourned the Work session back into regular meeting.

13 a Technology:
(1) Web site hosting:
(2)Web site redesign:

The Governing Body will go forward with temporary web master &
Councilmember Kassinger and Brendel will work on new design.

MOTION: Councilmember Brendel moved to approve proposal from
James Privett for web services to keep web site up and running until it
can be redesigned subject to City Attorney review.
SECOND: Councilmember Baker
VOTE ROLL CALL: Yes: Brendel, Baker, Kassinger, Treuting, Wren
Abstain: Privett

Page Twelve
Regular Meeting
December 4, 2001

16.     Adjournment at 11:0l PM

MOTION: Councilmember Brendel
SECOND: Councilmember Baker
VOTE: Unanimously passed

Approved January 15, 2002
William J. Treuting, Jr., Mayor
Lana A. Conner, City Clerk

                      Resolution 01-1000-902
           Traffic Signal at Signal View and Polk Drive

MOTION: Councilmember Wren
SECOND: Councilmember Privett
Date of Meeting: December 4, 2001

A Resolution authorizing the appropriation of $300,000 of City of
Manassas Park Motor Fuels Tax funds by Potomac and Rappahannock
Transportation Commission (PRTC) for the engineering, designing and
construction of a traffic signal system at Manassas Drive and Signal
View Drive and Manassas Drive and Polk Drive.

Approved December 4, 2001

VOTE ROLL CALL: Yes: Wren, Privett, Baker, Brendel, Kassinger,

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