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									               EXOTIC CRUISES
                                                worldwide 2010/2011

                  UP                SISTER LINE TO P&O CRUISES   FIRST EDITION JAN 10 - APR 11

            E     TO

         £1, PER


• World Cruise
• Canada & New England
• Far East
• Australia & New Zealand
• Hawaii
• Tahiti
• Panama Canal
• Central & South America
• Antarctica
• Africa
• India

                  NEW 2010/201 1 EXOTIC CRUISES
                   ON SALE 1 SEPTEMBER ‘09!
                                                                                                                            SAVE TO ✿

                                                                                                                      £1,000                               ✿

                                                                                                                               PER COUPLE*

         WORLDWIDE 2010/11
         Discover oriental wonders, exotic cultures and breathtaking scenery on
         a dazzling array of itineraries ranging from 11 to 108 nights. With our
         American-style ‘can do’ service you’re assured of the perfect escape so make
         the most of these amazing savings and book your dream holiday today.
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Traditional dancer, Bangkok

         In 2010 and 2011 we are offering our biggest
         ever selection of Far East itineraries
                                                                                      Star Princess explores South America featuring
                                                                                      cruises to Antarctica, Royal Princess offers
                                                                                                                                                               WORLD CRUISE
         showing our continued commitment to                                          an extended collection of 13 and 15 night                                Start your new year in style with                         UP TO
         destination cruising. With 10 ships visiting all                             itineraries around Tahiti, and Golden Princess’s                          the greatest ocean going                               $2,000
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        PER COUPLE
         seven continents and introducing 6 new ports,                                relaxing 16 night Hawaiian Islands voyages                               adventure of all, a world cruise                       ONBOARD SPEND!^

         our exotic cruises offer plenty of opportunities                             mean we offer the perfect blend of itineraries                           with Princess Cruises. In 2011,
         to explore the world.                                                        for first time and experienced cruisers alike.                           Pacific Princess will be providing
                                                                                      And with our impressive fleet with a warm and                                                                Sailing from
                                                                                                                                                               an unforgettable 108 night holiday. S ili f
         Diamond Princess sails a new 26 night Australia                              welcoming Princess service you can escape                                Fort Lauderdale to Rome you’ll visit the
         & China itinerary and continues to offer the                                 completely on a rejuvenating retreat.                                    Caribbean, Australia, Cambodia, Thailand, India,
         popular 19 night Southeast Asia & China. She                                                                                                          South Africa and the Mediterranean. You’ll also
         also journeys to the land down under in the                                  Whichever cruise you choose you can rest                                 receive up to $1,000pp onboard spend, plus your
         spring for 15 night Australia and New Zealand                                assured that your holiday of a lifetime with                             gratuities paid for!^ Prices start from £12,299pp✿.
         cruises. Sun Princess and Dawn Princess                                      Princess Cruises will be just that. Onboard
         continue year-round cruises of Australia, New                                you’ll be treated to the luxury you deserve                              Alternatively, if you don’t have the luxury of being
         Zealand, South Pacific and Asia. Or for those                                and experience a cosmopolitan and relaxed                                able to spend 108 nights circumnavigating the
         who prefer the more intimate ships, Ocean                                    atmosphere, with the freedom to do what you                              globe, then try a World Escape taking in some
         Princess sails around Asia, Japan and China                                  want, when you want. Sound like the stuff that                           of the highlights of a Princess world cruise.
         calling at some exciting ports.                                              dreams are made of? At Princess we aim to                                Spend 35 nights sailing from Fort Lauderdale to
                                                                                      make them come true.                                                     Sydney, or 22 nights from Sydney to Singapore.
                                                                                                                                                               Or perhaps something more leisurely with a
                                                                                                                                                               51 night holiday on Dawn Princess sailing from
  SAVE UP TO £1,000 PER COUPLE*                                                                                                                                Southampton to Sydney. The choice is yours.
  The fares shown in this leaflet include spectacular savings of up to £500pp when you book early.                                                              ^ This offer applies to new bookings made before 28 February 2010 on
  For example an amazing 16 night Hawaiian Heydays cruise onboard Golden Princess can cost                                                                     cruise no. K103 subject to availability. $500pp applies to outside stateroom
                                                                                                                                                               bookings and $1,000pp applies to balcony, suite or mini suite bookings.
  from only £1,499pp for an inside stateroom, or from £2,664pp for a suite.                                                                                    This offer does not apply to third or fourth berth guests.

 19 nights from £2,699pp✿                                                         26 nights from £3,349pp✿                         NEW
Diamond Princess                                                                 Diamond Princess
Southeast Asia & China                                                           Australia & China
2 Oct ’10^, 1#, 17 Nov ’10, 1, 17+ Mar ’11, 2, 18+ Apr ’11                       6 Feb ‘11
Fly UK/Beijing (overnight at a first class airport hotel)                        Fly UK/Sydney over 2 nights • Port Douglas • Darwin
Shanghai • Okinawa • Taipei • Hong Kong • Nha Trang                              Padang Bay • Hong Kong • Taipei • Nagasaki • Shanghai                                                                Colourful umbrellas, Japan
Ho Chi Minh City • Singapore • Bangkok/Fly UK                                    Dalian • Beijing (overnight at first class airport hotel)Beijing/Fly UK
^ This cruise follows a similar itinerary as above but sails from Beijing to
Singapore. # This cruise follows a similar itinerary as above but sails from
Singapore to Beijing. +These cruises follow the same itinerary as above but in
reverse. See Exotic Cruises 2010/2011 brochure for full details.

 15 nights from £2,699pp✿                                                         19 nights from £3,149pp✿

Ocean Princess                                                                   Ocean Princess
China & Japan Explorer                                                           South China Sea Holiday
22 Feb ’11, 7~, 18, 31~ Mar ’11                                                  20 Dec ‘10
Fly UK/Shanghai (overnight at first class airport hotel) • Dalian                Fly UK/Singapore (overnight at first class airport hotel) • Manila
Beijing • Seoul • Vladivostock • Hakata • Hiroshima                              Xiamen • Shanghai • Hong Kong • Nha Trang
Osaka (overnight at first class airport hotel) • Osaka/Fly UK                    Ho Chi Minh City • Bangkok/Fly UK
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Osaka Castle
~These cruises operate in reverse and are 14 nights in duration as you
embark Ocean Princess on day 2
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Maori carving, New Zealand

                                                         Koala, Melbourne                                                       Carnival lady, South America

AUSTRALIA AND                                                                        PANAMA &
NEW ZEALAND                                                                          SOUTH AMERICA
 15 nights from £2,899pp✿                                                             25 night from £2,149pp ✿

Diamond Princess                                                                    Sea Princess
Australia & New Zealand                                                             Panama Marvel
20 Dec ’10, 1•, 13, 25• Jan ’11                                                     8 Oct ‘10
Fly UK/Sydney over 2 nights • Melbourne • Hobart                                    Fly UK/San Francisco • Cabo San Lucas • Puntarenas
Fiordland National Park (scenic cruising) • Dunedin • Christchurch                  San Juan del Sur • Puerto Amador • Panama Canal (full transit)
Tauranga • Auckland/Fly UK                                                          Cartagena • Aruba • Fort Lauderdale • Princess Cays
• These cruises follow the same itinerary as above but in reverse.
                                                                                    Tortola • St. Maarten • Martinique • St. Lucia
                                                                                    Barbados/Fly UK
                                                                                     Extend your holiday with a 2 or 3 night pre-cruise stay in
 16 nights from £2,549pp✿                                                            San Francisco from £99pp. Contact Princess Cruises for details.                                                                            Na Pali Cliffs, Hawaii

Sun Princess
New Zealand                                                                           17 nights from £1,929pp✿
                                                                                                                                                                         HAWAII AND
11, 24 Oct ’10, 6<, 19 Nov ’10, 2, 15, 28 Dec ’10, 10, 23 Jan ’11,                  Coral Princess and Island Princess
5, 18 Feb ‘11
Fly UK/Sydney over 2 nights • Bay of Islands • Auckland                             Panama Adventure
Tauranga • Napier • Wellington • Christchurch • Dunedin                             Coral Princess - 17>, 20 Sep ’10, 14■, 29 Dec ’10, 23■ Jan ’11,
Fiordland National Park (scenic cruising) • Sydney/Fly UK                           7 Feb ‘11                                                                                16 nights from £1,499pp✿
< This cruise follows the same itinerary as above but in reverse.                   Island Princess - 20■ Oct ‘10, 4, 19■ Nov ’10, 4 Dec ’10, 27■ Feb
                                                                                    ’11, 14, 29■ Mar ’11, 13 Apr ‘11
                                                                                                                                                                         Golden Princess
                                                                                    Fly UK/Los Angeles (overnight at first class airport hotel)                          Hawaiian Islands
  31 nights from £3,349pp✿                                                          Cabo San Lucas • Acapulco • Puntarenas • Puerto Amador                               28 Sep ’10✦, 12, 26 Oct ’10, 9✦, 23 Nov ’10, 7, 21 Dec ’10, 4, 18 Jan
                                                                                    Panama Canal (full transit) • Cartagena • Aruba                                      ’11, 1, 15 Feb ’11, 1, 15, 29 Mar ’11, 12, 26 Apr ‘11
Dawn Princess                                                                                                                                                            Fly UK/Los Angeles (overnight at first class airport hotel) • Hilo
                                                                                    Fort Lauderdale/Fly UK
Round Australia                                                                     >This cruise follows a similar itinerary as above but is 20 nights in duration and   Honolulu • Nawiliwili • Lahaina • Ensenada • Los Angeles/Fly UK
                                                                                    sails from Vancouver. See Exotic Cruises Worldwide 2010/2011 brochure                ✦
1 Sep ‘10, 8~ Nov ‘10, 9 Mar ‘11                                                                                                                                          These cruises call at Nawiliwili then Honolulu.
                                                                                    for details. ■ These cruises follow the same itinerary as above but in reverse.
Fly UK/Sydney over 2 nights • Brisbane • Port Douglas
Darwin • Broome • Padang Bay • Perth • Bunbury • Albany
                                                                                      19/22 nights from £2,679pp✿                                                            13 nights from £2,399pp✿
Adelaide • Melbourne • Burnie • Hobart (overnight onboard)
Sydney/Fly UK                                                                       Star Princess                                                                        Royal Princess
~This cruise follows a similar itinerary as above sails roundtrip from Melbourne.
See Exotic Cruises Worldwide 2010/2011 for details.                                 Antarctica & South America Adventure Tahiti & Polynesia
                                                                                    19 Dec ’10, 8< Jan ‘11                                                               5, 15, 25 Oct ’10, 28 Nov ’10, 8, 18 Dec ’10, 28 Dec ’10, 7, 17 Jan ’11
                                                                                    Fly UK/Rio de Janeiro • Port Stanley • Antarctica Peninsula                          20 Feb ’11, 2, 12, 24 Mar ’11
  18/20 nights from £2,499pp✿
                                                                                    (scenic cruising) • Cape Horn (scenic cruising) • Ushuaia                            Fly UK/Los Angeles (overnight at first class airport hotel)
Sun Princess                                                                        Punta Arenas • Puerto Madryn • Montevideo • Buenos Aires/                            Papeete • Huahine • Rangiroa • Raiatea • Bora Bora
                                                                                    Fly UK                                                                               (overnight onboard) • Moorea • Papeete (overnight onboard)
Northern Explorer                                                                   <This cruise follows a similar itinerary as above but in reverse and is a 19 night   Fly Papeete/Los Angeles/UK
27 Apr ’10>, 12 Sep ’10                                                             duration. See Exotics Cruises Worldwide 2010/2011 brochure for details.
Fly UK/Perth over 2 nights • Fremantle • Geraldton
Padang Bay • Broome • Kimberley Coast • Darwin
                                                                                      12 nights from £1,829pp ✿                                                              15 nights from £2,499pp✿
Port Douglas • Townsville • Brisbane • Sydney/Fly UK
>This cruise follows a similar itinerary as above but in reverse and is an          Coral Princess                                                                       Royal Princess
18 night duration. See Exotic Cruises Worldwide 2010/2011 brochure for
details.                                                                            Panama Jewels                                                                        Hawaii & Tahiti
                                                                                    5, 15★ Oct ’10, 22 Feb ’11, 4★ Mar ’11, 13, 23★ Apr ‘11                              4, 16^ Nov ‘10#, 27 Jan ‘11, 8^ Feb ‘11, 12, 24^ Mar ‘11, 25 Apr ‘11
                                                                                    Fly UK/Miami (overnight at first class airport hotel) • Fort Lauderdale              Fly UK/Los Angeles (overnight at a first class airport hotel)
                                                                                    Ocho Rios • Panama Canal (full transit) • Puerto Amador                              Fly Los Angeles/Papeete (overnight onboard) • Moorea Raiatea
                                                                                    Puntarenas • San Juan del Sur • Huatulco • Acapulco/Fly UK                           (overnight onboard) • Bora Bora • Hilo • Lahaina • Nawiliwili
                                                                                                                                                                         Honolulu (overnight at a first class airport hotel) • Honolulu/Fly UK
                                                                                     These cruises follow a similar itinerary as above but in reverse and call at
                                                                                    Colón instead of Puerto Amador.
                                                                                                                                                                         # This cruise follows a similar itinerary as above but calls at Kona instead of
                                                                                                                                                                         Lahaina and Lahaina instead of Nawiliwili
                                                                                                                                                                         ^ These cruises follow a similar itinerary as above, but in reverse.
                                                                                                                                                                       MORE OPTIONS WITH PRINCESS
                                                                                                                                                                       We have highlighted a selection of cruises from our
                                                                                                                                                                       new Exotic Cruises Worldwide 2010/2011
                                                                                                                                                                       brochure in this leaflet, but there are also many more
                                                                                                                                                                       choices including 11 night holidays sailing around
                                                                                                                                                                       beautiful Canada & New England on our Canadian
                                                                                                                                                                       Cocktail cruises. Or why not see more of the Far
                                                                                                                                                                       East on a 31 night South China Sea & Japan Explorer
                                                                                                                                                                       sailing from Bangkok to Osaka? Explore the US and
                                               Squirrel Monkey, Amazon                                                   Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur
                                                                                                                                                                       South America in one holiday with a 19 night Panama

                                                                                                                                                                       Adventure on Island Princess. Alternatively, discover
                                                                                                                                                                       Canada, the US, Japan, Russia, South Korea and China
                                                                                                                                                                       on a memorable 24 night Alaska & Far East Grand
  16/17 nights from £2,599pp✿                                                        57 nights from £6,949pp✿                                                          Adventure from Vancouver to Beijing.

Pacific Princess                                                                     Ocean Princess
Amazon River                                                                        West Africa, India &                                                               PRINCESS LANDTOURS
21 Dec ‘10, 4 Jan ‘11#                                                              Southeast Asia Grand Adventure                                                     Get right to the heart of your exotic destination
Fly UK/Miami (overnight at first class airport hotel) • Fort Lauderdale             27 Oct ‘10, 20> Nov ‘10                                                            with a Princess landtour either before or after your
St. Thomas • St. Lucia • Scarborough • Devil’s Island                               Fly UK/Rome • Florence/Pisa • Cannes • Barcelona • Tangier                         cruise. Immerse yourself in the cultures of China,
Santarém • Boca Da Valeria • Parintins (overnight onboard)                          Casablanca • Dakar • Tema • Lome • Cotonou • Walvis Bay                            Australia and South America as our experienced and
Manaus (overnight onboard) • Fort Lauderdale/Fly UK                                 Lüderitz • Cape Town (overnight onboard for 2 nights)
                                                                                                                                                                       knowledgeable Tour Directors show you some
# This cruise follows a similar itinerary as above but in reverse, is a 16 night    East London • Durban • Maputo • Reunion Island • Mauritius
                                                                                                                                                                       incredible sights. Prices start from just £899pp for a
duration and calls at St. Maarten instead of St. Thomas.
                                                                                    Mahé • Muscat • Dubai • Mumbai • Kuala Lumpur
                                                                                                                                                                       ‘Best of China’ 5 or 6 night pre or post-cruise landtour.
                                                                                    Singapore/Fly UK
                                                                                    >This cruise follows a similar itinerary as above but is 33 nights in duration
                                                                                                                                                                       Please see brochure for full details.
                                                                                    as you join the ship in Cape Town. See Exotic Cruises Worldwide 2010/2011
                                                                                    brochure for details.

         • Friendly American-style ‘can do’ service in                              • Freedom to do what you want, when
             a relaxed, cosmopolitan atmosphere                                        you want
         •   More affordable balcony staterooms                                     • 5-star facilities including a wealth of sparkling
         •   More ports of call than any other                                         entertainment, restaurants and intimate bars
             cruise line                                                            • Luxurious Lotus Spa health and beauty salon
         •   Choice of ‘Traditional’ fixed dining or                                   and the adults-only spa retreat, The Sanctuary
             ‘Anytime’ dining                                                       • Weddings at sea available on all ships
         •   Movies Under The Stars

                                                                                                                                      Facilities vary by ship

                                                                                                              Mediterranean,                                         Alaska, Canada                             Caribbean
                                                                                                              Scandinavia,                                           & New England                              2010/11
                                                                  OUT                                         Canada & New                                           2010
                                                               1 SEP ‘09                                      England 2010

                                          C                                                                        OUT NOW                                             OUT NOW                                     OUT NOW
                                          WORLDWIDE 2010/11
                                                                                                      FOR FURTHER INFORMATION OR TO BOOK CONTACT YOUR ABTA TRAVEL AGENT

*This leaflet should be read in conjunction with current Princess Cruises
brochures, which contain the applicable Booking Conditions and other
important information you must read before booking. Discounts shown apply
to new bookings made by 30 November 2009, cannot be combined with any
other promotion, and are available on all staterooms at time of going to press
but are subject to availability and may be reduced or withdrawn at any time
before 30 November 2009. Discounts vary by cruise and stateroom category.
There are no discounts on landtour or hotel stay extensions to the cruises.
✿All lead fares are based on two people sharing a K grade inside stateroom
including early booking discount.

         Carnival plc, Carnival House, 100 Harbour Parade,
                       Southampton SO15 1ST

                                                               PASSENGER SHIPPING
                                  ABTA No.V8764                ASSOCIATION MEMBER


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