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									                                                                            Anton Ansalmar
                                                                            Cell: (714) 600 2848
SAP Netweaver Portal Architect                                              eMail:

    Around 7+ years of experience as a Software Developer/Consultant in Information Technology.
    Including 5 years of experience in SAP Enterprise Portals 7.0/6.0/5.0, Netweaver 04, 04s, R/3 4.6c,
    WAS 6.20, 6.40

SAP Skills Summary:
       Enterprise Portals EP 6.0/ NW 04/ 04s Experience includes:
           o Portal Architect
                    Implemented 2 full SAP Portal Lifecycle Projects.
                    Created Project Plans and Managed development team for Netweaver Portals
                       upgrade and migration projects.
                    Designed Portal Architecture, Hardware requirements, Network configurations.
                    Managed and Installed Stand alone engine for EP7.0 (sp 11) demo for ERP HCM
                    Knowledge of Best Practices for SAP project management.
                    Installed and configured Enterprise Portals NW 04 sp16 and NW 04s EP 7.0
                       Java/Abap stacks.
                    Migrated Enterprise Portals, this includes EP 5.0 to EP 6.0, EP6.0 to NW04 sp16,
                       NW04 to NW04s 7.0.
                    Configured R/3, CRM, HR, Netweaver BI backend Integration.
                    Implemented Single Sign on, UME, UWL, Adobe Interactive Forms.
                    Uploaded and Configured Business Packages for SAP ERP HCM, Employee Self-
                       Service, Manager Self Service.
                    Created Logon screens, Generated Themes, iPanel Navigation, Worksets, Role
                       Assignments, Created iViews and Pages.
                    Configured Security for EP using X.509 certificates.
                    Knowledge of configuring and installing KM server and TREX, Federated Portals
                       Network, Visual Composer, WebDynpro, Solution Manager, MS SharePoint

             o   Portal Customization
                     Worked on SAP Netweaver Developer Platform and Eclipse IDE.
                     EP 6.0 Customization and Content Administration.
                     Customized ESS iviews for SAP ERP HCM functionality.
                     Customized iViews to represent BSP Applications and BI Reports.
                     Created custom iViews for XML and Adobe Interactive PDF based forms.
                     Implemented Single Sign On (SSO) using SAP Logon Tickets for Non SAP Apps.

       SAP Web Application Server (WAS 6.20, 6.40) Experience
                  Web Application Server Infrastructure [ICM, J2EE and ABAP/4].
                  User Interface Programming - BSP, JSP, ASP
                  Programming Knowledge - ABAP/4, Java
                  Connectivity - RFC, HTTPS/HTTP, SOAP/XML

Consulting and Personal Skills Summary:
       Ability to professionally set, manage and satisfy customer expectations through personal
        involvement or delegation.
       Ability to interact effectively with differing levels of partner and customer organizations and
        provide support for EP related issues.
       Strengths in analyzing, researching, and problem solving with exceptional attention to details.
Resume of Anton Ansalmar
          Can effectively understand customer business requirements and mapping to SAP and Service
           Partners, while minimizing risk to both.
          Team Player with effective communication and interpersonal skills gained from working with
           managers, developers, field technicians and customers from various locations in the US, CANADA
           UK and INDIA.
          Excellent time management and organisational skills.
          Passionate about keeping up-to-date with emerging technologies in ERP especially within SAP.
          Willingness to work in a consulting team to share experiences and product expertise among team
           members therefore helping meet customer requirements.

Core Technical Skills Summary:

           SAP                         Netweaver Portal 7.0, NW04 sp16, EP 6.0, 5.0 R/3 4.6/4.7, ABAP/4,
                                       WAS 6.20, 6.40
           Programming Languages       C++, Java (Jdk 1.3+, J2EE 1.3, 1.4),
           LDAP Servers                Sun One Directory, Novell eDirectory, MS AD
           Web Technologies            XML, HTML, BHTML, JavaScript, JSP, EJBs, .NET, HTTP
           Operating Systems           Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP , UNIX,
           IDE                         Eclipse 2.1, MS DevStudio6.0, VisucalCafe3.0,
           Design Tools                Rational Rose,
           RDBMS                       Oracle, SQL Server 2000
           Protocols                   H323, TCP/IP, RTP, SIP, SOAP
           Network Analysers           Sniffer Pro 4.5, Numega Soft Ice, Ethereal,
           Repository                  ClearCase, ClearQuality, Prostar,
           General Applications        MSExcel, MSPowerPoint, MSWord

Education, Certification and Training
         BSc and Msc (Honours) Degree in Computer Science             QMW University, London, UK
         A-Levels, Maths, Physics, Computer Science                   St.Dominics College, UK
         BTEC Certificate for C++ Programming
         Nortel Training Courses: i) Fast Track to OO and Java (intensive).
         SAP EP6 + EP5 Training Courses.
         NW 04 and NW 04s Training Courses Online.
         ASUG 07

Professional Experience:

Toyota Material Handling Unit, (Irvine, CA)
Feb 2005 – Till Date
Role: SAP Netweaver Portals Architect

Feb 05 – June 05: EP5 Security Upgrade
    Evaluated Portal Security for EP5 and provided solution for improving security access to Toyota
       Dealer Portal using Verisign Digital X.509 Certificates.
    Proposed EP5 to EP6 upgrade plan, this included full migration strategy, estimated time and cost
       analysis and a fully detailed project implementation plan.
    Configured and demonstrated EP6 Security Demo with X.509 Certificates to Toyota management.

July 05 – April 06: Netweaver Portal Upgrade
     Created Project Plan and managed project timelines and deliverables with Basis team.
     Created Architectural documents for Toyota SAP environment, this included Sizing, Hardware
       requirements, Network configurations, portal flow diagrams, dev/test/production environment
       setup, failover strategy, Application Integration.
     Created Security analysis for SAP environment with proposed solution for user authentication
       process using digital X.509 Certificates for maximum security.
Resume of Anton Ansalmar
       Planned Go-Live strategy for roll-out of new Dealer Portal to Dealerships across North America.
       Configured and installed all related components for NW Portal in all environments.
       Applied patches and upgrades for EP and J2EE engines.
       Planned and setup cluster configuration of EP to enable load distribution and failover strategy.
       Configured 6.40 Strartup Framework to monitor and control J2EE processes.
       Configured IIS Proxy Server Module and IIS Settings for external and internal portal access.
       Migrated EP5 Contents and created additional contents for new environment.
       Created EP Security including role creation and role definition for CRM, EP, BW systems.
       Configured the use of SSL for Web Dispatcher and the J2EE engine.
       Implemented Single Sign On (SSO) using SAP Logon Tickets to SAP system.
       Implemented the use of Verisign Digital X.509 Certificates for user authentication to backend
       Setup User management using Microsoft based LDAP directory service.
       Setup Integration and User Test Plans for pre Go-Live.
       Created Training Documents and Trained Users to navigate the Dealer Portal.

April 06 – Dec 06: Portal Basis Support
    Portal Production Go-Live Support, included customer support, enrolment, role access and
       connection related issues.
    Integrated CRM 4.0 business package and setup system connection to portal.
    Implemented Single Sign On for the CRM and BW systems.
    Helped Troubleshoot Portal and CRM issues and connection problems in production
    Created Group Structure for user access to content through CRM roles.
    Assisted in the CRM Go-Live including production support for Portal.
    Worked with data center group and network support to solve dealership access issues.
    Customised new content for CRM applications and non SAP applications.
    Integrate BW iviews into Portal and optimised the iviews for faster access to data.

Jan 07 – May 07: Netweaver 7.0 Installation Lead Architect
     Managed the setup of NW 7.0 sp11 Sandbox environment for proof of concept of CRM and BI 7.0
        applications as well as SAP ERP HCM and WebDynpro based applications.
     Evaluated and proposed new UME engine for user registration and access for internal users.
     Managed Installation and Configured NetWeaver Developer Studio for offshore development
     Managed development team to create custom java iViews for Fleet Management project.
     Created architecture models to connect to external web services from the WebDynpro project and
        implemented context and data binding for BI requirements.
     Configured SAP HCM ESS iViews for access through Portal, the iviews used was for workforce
        process management, in particular time management, benefits management and reporting.
     Worked with basis and multiple groups to deliver proof of concept to Toyota Management.

DHL Solutions (Phoenix, AZ)
June 2004 – Dec 2004
Role: SAP Portals Architect.
    Created Transportation Portal for visibility into and updating the Shipment Statuses by DHL and
       its transportation partners.
    Performed Portal Sizing, Hardware Requirements, Network Requirements, Security, SSO to non-
       SAP Applications.
    Installed and Configured SAP Portal for UNIX environment.
    Integrated SAP R/3 Transactions and customized iViews to display BW Reports.
    Set up Custom Navigation and Themes for individual Clients.
    Users had to be divided into user groups so that they can have their own locales, timezones,
       currency, language parameters.
Resume of Anton Ansalmar
       Creation of content & displaying of reports was exposed through EP6 for each new client.
       Web enablement of all DHL processes as well as access for Call Center and Field Engineers etc to
        simulate pick/pack/ship if required.
       Configured user management which included assigning roles to users, worksets/pages/iviews to
        roles etc.
       Implemented Single Sign On (SSO) using SAP Logon Tickets to multiple SAP systems.

T-Mobile, (Seattle , WA)
April 2004 – June 2004
Role: SAP Portals Customization + Development.
    Project involved customization of iviews related to the ESS/MSS business packages for EP 6.0.
    Proposed ESS iview Portal Design for T-Mobile management.
    Involved in adding existing ESS Functionality and Web Navigation to iviews.
    Customized the Time Capture Process (Clock In/Clock Out iview) for employees.
    Modified the Time Capture Interface.
    Helped design the Workflow Associated with Time Capture Interface.
    Customized Personal information iview to represent personal employee information.
    Configured Universal Worklist Override.xml to enable SAP Workflow.
    Trouble-shooted Portal issues and applied portal patches.

Smartsoft Intl. (Atlanta, Ga)
Dec 2003 – March 2004
Role: SAP Portals Administration + Basis Support
   Project Involved migrating from EP 5.0 to EP 6.0.
   Installed Oracle Server, SAP J2EE Engine, LDAP Server (Sun One Directory).
   Configured LDAP Server Sun One Directory for Organization Management. Maintained
     Organization Structures, Organization Units and Common Name for User Mapping.
   Involved in demo of EP 6.0 and features to Clients of Smartsoft International.
   Features included:
   Configured user management which included assigning roles to users, worksets/pages/iviews to
     roles etc.
   Set up Custom Navigation and Themes for Clients.
   Integrated SAP R/3 Transaction and customized iViews to display BW Reports.
   Created iViews to display a BSP Applications that used Page Flow Logic Design Pattern.
   Involved in customer support for Portal issues, this included user administration and network

Lanier Healthcare, (Atlanta, GA)
Sept 2003 – Dec 2003
Role: SAP Portals Development and Basis Administration
   Installed additional components and Upgraded EP 5.0 SP2 to SP5.
   Created Organization Structures for User Management and maintaining Roles.
   Uploaded relevant Business Packages for Portal and Admin Users. Configured User to Role
     Mapping accordingly.
   Configured the Enterprise Portal 5.0 SP5 for connecting to the SAP R/3 System using SAP ITS.
     Configuration was done using Systems.xml and JcoDestinations.xml files. Configured E-Mail
     parameters for the Enterprise Portals 5.0 SP5 i.e. Systems.xml for Exchange server and tested.
   Configured Single Sign On with SAP Logon Ticket for Authentication to backend R/3 system.
   Developed custom Java iViews using Portal Development Kit, tested and uploaded the iViews.

Resume of Anton Ansalmar
          Installed Eclipse Plugin from Portal PDK-Downloads. Configured Eclipse IDE for creating a new
           Portal Component Project.
          Developed Java iViews using JSPDYNPAGE (DynPage Component) and IPortalComponent
          Involved in Development of Java iViews for Internet Sales involving Creating Purchase Orders,
           viewing Internal Catalogs and Service Notifications.
          Migrated SAP Roles from SAP R/3 System into Enterprise Portal.
          Maintained different roles for Sales Representatives and Business Managers. Managed and
           assigned Roles provided in Portal ( portal_admin , portal_user ).

Facilitypro, (Atlanta, GA)
May 2003 – Aug 2003
Role: SAP Portals Administration and Basis Support
   Configuration, administration, and monitoring of SAP Enterprise Portals 5.0 SP 5 and its related
     components (Portal Server, Knowledge Management / TREx, Unification Server, R/3 Unifier,
     DCOM, IIS, ITS, JRun 3.x, SQL Server 2000) and configuration of user management.
   Applied Hotfixes and patches as required.
   Involved in Performance Tuning, Troubleshooting and Testing of the Portal Server and Internet
     Transaction Server.
   Configuration of iView settings, and administrating portal content (creating roles, assigning
     users/groups to roles, creating channels, creating pages, defining pages and its respective
     properties and layout, and creating a customer portal style).
   Configured the systems.xml and jcoDestinations.xml files in order to establish R/3 connectivity
     and be able to use java iViews (which call RFC function modules in SAP R/3). These system
     landscape descriptions were then uploaded into the portal content directory (PCD) using the PCD
     upload tool.
   Supported users with access to Portal and user role administration, this involved working with
     basis and network support.

Nortel Networks Canada, (Ottawa, Canada)
Oct 2000 - Nov 2002
Role: Software Developer Enterprise Solutions
          Involved in Wireless VoIP and IP Telephony systems development for IP-enabled business
           communication manager (BCM).
          Re-designed Telephony OA&M to improve access to BCM for customers from remote sites.
          Created Custom standard texts for sales order processing.0
          Developed and executed integration/regression test suites for IP sets as part of improving quality.
          Designed Regression Test Suite of BCMs VoIP gateway against Nortel systems.
          Managed lab testing environment for VoIP gateway so that designers could test builds and fixes.
          Maintained automated test tools such as Bulk Call generator/ Hammer Load Tester.
          Trained and supported field technicians at alpha/beta release sites on wireless IP sets.
          Provided reports for high level team manager meetings on performance of VoIP gateway prior to
           release of product.
          Managed customer problem reports and assigned reports to developers.

Activities & Achievements
         Active member of the Institute of Electronic Engineers (IEE) and British Computer Society (BCS).
         Course representative for departmental meetings at QMW, 1998.
         Group leader for Software Engineering project at QMW, 1998.
         Captain of Local College Basketball Team in 1996 and 1997.
         Awarded Best Player for Championship Basketball Tournament.

Resume of Anton Ansalmar

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