NOTICE FR 74 FR 27346 Government in the Sunshine by RobParke


									     27346                           Federal Register / Vol. 74, No. 109 / Tuesday, June 9, 2009 / Notices

     International Trade Commission, on                      review the ID. Any petitions for review                INTERNATIONAL TRADE
     June 3, 2009, ordered that—                             of the ID must be filed within ten (10)                COMMISSION
        (1) Pursuant to subsection (b) of                    days after service thereof. Any review
     section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930, as                                                                      [USITC SE–09–017]
                                                             will be conducted in accordance with
     amended, an investigation be instituted                 Commission Rules 210.43, 210.44 and                    Government in the Sunshine Act
     to determine whether there is a                         210.45, 19 CFR 210.43, 210.44, and                     Meeting Notice
     violation of subsection (a)(1)(B) of                    210.45.
     section 337 in the importation into the                                                                        AGENCY HOLDING THE MEETING:     United
     United States, the sale for importation,                   The instant complaint also raises
                                                                                                                    States International Trade Commission.
     or the sale within the United States after              questions relating to, inter alia, (1) the
                                                             scope of coverage under Section 337,                   TIME AND DATE: June 18, 2009 at 11 a.m.
     importation of certain course
     management system software products                     and (2) possible claim preclusion with                 PLACE: Room 101, 500 E Street, SW.,
     that infringe one or more of claims 36–                 respect to claims 36–44 of the asserted                Washington, DC 20436, Telephone:
     44 of U.S. Patent No. 6,988,138, and                    ‘138 patent in light of prior district court           (202) 205–2000.
     whether an industry in the United                       contempt proceeding and a pending                      STATUS: Open to the public.
     States exists as required by subsection                 appeal before the Federal Circuit. As                  MATTERS TO BE CONSIDERED:
     (a)(2) of section 337; 1                                with other investigations commenced                      1. Agenda for future meetings: none.
        (2) For the purpose of the                           pursuant to Section 337, the institution                 2. Minutes.
     investigation so instituted, the following              of the requested investigation by the                    3. Ratification List.
     is hereby named as a party upon which                   Commission does not constitute a                         4. Inv. No. TA–421–7 (Market
     this notice of investigation shall be                   determination on the merits of these or                Disruption) (Certain Passenger Vehicle
     served:                                                 other issues that may arise in the                     and Light Truck Tires from China)—
        (a) The complainant is—Blackboard                                                                           briefing and vote. (The Commission is
     Inc., 650 Massachusetts Avenue, NW.,                    investigation.
                                                                                                                    currently scheduled to transmit its
     Washington, DC 20001.                                      Responses to the complaint and the                  determination on market disruption to
        (b) The respondent is the following                  notice of investigation must be                        the President and the United States
     entity alleged to be in violation of                    submitted by the named respondent in                   Trade Representative by July 9, 2009.)
     section 337, and is the party upon                      accordance with section 210.13 of the                    5. Outstanding action jackets: none.
     which the complaint is to be served:                    Commission’s Rules of Practice and                       In accordance with Commission
     Desire2Learn Incorporated, 305 King                     Procedure, 19 CFR 210.13. Pursuant to                  policy, subject matter listed above, not
     Street West, Suite 200, Kitchener,                      19 CFR 201.16(d) and 210.13(a), such                   disposed of at the scheduled meeting,
     Ontario, Canada N2G 1B9.                                responses will be considered by the                    may be carried over to the agenda of the
        (c) The Commission investigative                     Commission if received not later than 20               following meeting.
     attorney, party to this investigation, is
                                                             days after the date of service by the                    By order of the Commission.
     Mareesa A. Frederick, Esq., Office of
                                                             Commission of the complaint and the                      Issued: June 5, 2009.
     Unfair Import Investigations, U.S.
     International Trade Commission, 500 E                   notice of investigation. Extensions of                 William R. Bishop,
     Street, SW., Room 401, Washington, DC                   time for submitting a response to the                  Hearings and Meetings Coordinator.
     20436; and                                              complaint and the notice of                            [FR Doc. E9–13555 Filed 6–5–09; 4:15 pm]
        (3) For the investigation so instituted,             investigation will not be granted unless
                                                                                                                    BILLING CODE 7020–02–P
     Paul J. Luckern, Chief Administrative                   good cause therefor is shown.
     Law Judge, U.S. International Trade                        Failure of a respondent to file a timely
     Commission, shall designate the                         response to each allegation in the                     JOINT BOARD FOR THE
     presiding Administrative Law Judge.                     complaint and in this notice may be                    ENROLLMENT OF ACTUARIES
        The Commission notes that the                        deemed to constitute a waiver of the
     asserted patent is currently involved in                                                                       Meeting of the Advisory Committee;
                                                             right to appear and contest the
     a reexamination proceeding at the U.S.                                                                         Meeting
                                                             allegations of the complaint and this
     Patent and Trademark Office and an
     appellate proceeding before the Court of                notice, and to authorize the                           AGENCY: Joint Board for the Enrollment
     Appeals for the Federal Circuit. In                     administrative law judge and the                       of Actuaries.
     instituting this investigation the                      Commission, without further notice to                  ACTION: Notice of Federal Advisory
     Commission has not made any                             the respondent, to find the facts to be as             Committee meeting.
     determination as to whether a stay is                   alleged in the complaint and this notice
     warranted. However, the presiding                       and to enter an initial determination                  SUMMARY: The Executive Director of the
     administrative law judge may wish to                    and a final determination containing                   Joint Board for the Enrollment of
     consider whether a stay is warranted at                 such findings, and may result in the                   Actuaries gives notice of a meeting of
     an early date in this proceeding. Any                   issuance of an exclusion order or a cease              the Advisory Committee on Actuarial
     such decision regarding the motion to                   and desist order or both directed against              Examinations (a portion of which will
     stay the investigation should be issued                 the respondent.                                        be open to the public) in Washington,
     in the form of an initial determination                                                                        DC at the Office of Professional
                                                               By order of the Commission.
     (ID). The ID will become the                                                                                   Responsibility on June 29 and June 30,
                                                               Issued: June 3, 2009.                                2009.
     Commission’s final determination 45
     days after the date of service of the ID                Marilyn R. Abbott,                                     DATES: Monday, June 29, 2009, from 9
     unless the Commission determines to                     Secretary to the Commission.                           a.m. to 5 p.m., and Tuesday, June 30,
                                                             [FR Doc. E9–13381 Filed 6–8–09; 8:45 am]               2009, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
       1 The Commission has determined not to institute
                                                             BILLING CODE 7020–02–P                                 ADDRESSES: The meeting will be held at
     an investigation with respect to claims 1–35 as
     these claims are the subject of a valid and final
                                                                                                                    the Internal Revenue Service Building,
     judgment of invalidity issued by the district court                                                            1111 Constitution Avenue, NW., Room
     for the Eastern District of Texas.                                                                             7718, Washington, DC.

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