Letter of Recommendation

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									This Letter of Recommendation is sent from a job applicant's listed reference to a
potential employer. The letter vouches for the applicant and describes the reference's
relationship with him or her and states reasons why the applicant will be a good
employee. This document sets forth a template for a letter of recommendation and is
fully customizable to fit the specific needs of the drafting party. This should be used by
a job applicant's reference when a letter of recommendation is required.

(Name of Person Making Inquiry)
(Street Address, City, State, Zip Code)

Re:     Reference for (Name)

Dear (Name of Person Making Inquiry):

I am most pleased to write a character reference for (Name). I have known (Name)
since (When), when he was (Age) years old. As (description of what writer does), I have
been able to watch (Name) mature into the fine young man he is today. He is a tireless
worker, having given the most volunteer hours of any of the young adults in our
organization. He is always cheerful and dependable.

I am sure that whoever hires (Name) will find him a good worker as well as a pleasant


                                                                     (Signature of Writer)

                                                                     (Printed Name and Office)

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