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Lauren Leffler COM


									Pt Name: Lauren Leffler (COM)

   History:
       o CC: Pt is “super excited for the arrival of the c/o 2011”
       o HPI: Pt says symptoms began months ago when she first began thinking of the
           up-coming first-years arriving. She says that this feeling worsened when she was
           chosen to be part of 12-PAC; again when she completed her first year of med
           school; and then when she thinks about who her lil-sib is going to be. Pt reports
           that nothing dissipates symptoms, and that she believes the only thing that can
           resolve these feelings is when 2011 actually gets here.
       o Past Medical Hx: Varicella 1990; Tonsillitis; pt once hit a cow while driving.
       o Past Surgical Hx: Tonsillectomy, 1988
       o Family Hx: Pt <3’s her family
                 Parents: Father 60, Mother 53.
                 Siblings: 3 sisters (25, 21, 19), 1 brother (16), 2 nephew-brothers (6, 5).
                 Positive hx of diabetes, heart dz, HTN.
       o Social Hx:
                 Birthplace: Ormond Beach (just north of Daytona).
                 Education: BS in Health Science from Stetson University.
                 Religion: Christian, conservative.
                 Employment: Professional Student.
                 Marital Status: Single.
                 Living Accommodation: 1 br apt, 0 roommates.
                 Hobbies: Anything active and outside—Triathlons, Volleyball, Beach,
                    Free-diving, Cooking, Camping, Playing, Reading good books, Spending
                    time with my family.
                 Diet: Loves fruits and vegetables and BREAD; currently eating a Rice
                    Krispie Treat.
                 Exercise: dependent.
       o Med’s: None except multivitamin
       o Allergies: NKDA
       o Tobacco, ETOH, Drugs: 0/0/0
       o ROS: Unremarkable
   Physical Exam:
       o Impression: Pt is a 22 y/o well-nourished, well-
           developed, Caucasian Female, pleasant, well-
           groomed (relatively), comfortable in no acute
           distress, affect appropriate to mood & situation.
       o PE is otherwise unremarkable, except that pt has
           large acromions bilaterally.
       o Vitals Signs:
                 HR 58
                 BP 100/60
                 RR 15
                 Temp 98.6
   Assessment: Pt is enthused that new first-years are coming
   Plan: Y’all better get here quick!
                 Katherine Williamson (COM)
                 Cell: 813-240-9532

                 Hey guys,
                 My name is Katherine Williamson and I am looking forward to meeting all
                 of you in August. I am 23, originally from Tampa, and went to undergrad at
                 the best school ever…..University of Miami! Go Canes! I have two younger
                 brothers, a younger sister and a baby puppy. His name is Seamus Liam and
                 he‟s a beagle and I love him to death, but he‟s in West Palm with my parents.
                 I lived in North Tampa this year, was not a huge fan of the area, and now I‟m
                 moving to South Tampa… excited! I love shopping, Hyde Park Café (a
                 club in South Tampa), traveling, and my med school friends. My favorite
                 show is Grey‟s Anatomy and I can‟t have anyone talking while I‟m watching
                 it…..I‟m serious. I love diet coke, I prefer red wine and I don‟t eat meat off
                 the bone. I love new rock music, country (yes…..I know….I don‟t want any
                 smart remarks about this), and my favorite bands are Panic, Rascal Flatts,
                 and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I had blonde hair for the past 8 years but now
                 I‟m a brunette….don‟t have the money to keep it blonde in med school. Med
                 school has been one of the best experiences of my life and it goes by
                 soooooo fast, so make the most of it. My motto is: Study Hard, Party Harder!
                 If you have any questions about anything feel free to contact me whenever!
                 ~Katherine Williamson~

Nadine Stanojevic (COM)

Hi my name is Nadine and I am so very excited to
be serving you as a 12-pac member! I am a
Pirate Alumni (East Carolina University) and have
moved to Florida for medical school. So if any of
you out-of-staters have any questions feel free to
ask me all about the transition! I am involved in
AMSA, AMA, and PWH. I also love going out and
having a good time so if you have any questions
about the Tampa social scene let me know!!
            Tab Cooney (COM)

            Whaddup kids! Congrats on making the best decision of your lives. I grew
            up in south Tampa so I already knew how great this city is, and hopefully
            you guys will find that out too. I majored in biomedical engineering at
            Duke, so I was the target of much abuse during last year‟s basketball season.
            As far as hobbies go I enjoy running, boating, trying to surf, hanging out
            with my dog Tablet, and occasionally fighting the crowds at MacDinton‟s.
            The pic is of me from last year‟s 80‟s party, which Catherine and I are in
            charge of this year. I expect to see you all there in thong unitards.

                             Deana Hussamy (COM)

                            Hey guys and gals!! Welcome to USFCOM! My name
                            is Deana and I am a Tampa native…born and raised. I
                            went to USF for undergrad as well. I love trying
                            everything at least once…which is why I now refuse
                            to go to the same restaurant more than once. So if
                            you need a recommendation, I got the hook up! I
                            know Tampa like the back of my hand and my
                            number is always on speed-dial for those who need
                            directions. I SCUBA dive, love photography, and have
                            a thing for French movies. I love to travel and spent a
                            week this summer in the Dominican Republic with
                            Project World Health. I can’t wait to meet each and
every one of you! Enjoy the rest of your summer!
Jarrod Keeler (CoM)

Welcome Class of 2011! I hope you are
all having a good summer and if not
start doing so now; you will mourn your
lack of free time later. I am originally
from New York and have traveled
throughout the world finally ending up
in Niceville, Fl. (No it is not “NICE” there
so don’t ask.) From there I attended the
University of Florida. GO GATORS!!
Even though I miss national championship celebration parties,
more sushi restaurants per capita than Okinawa, and having
my car towed each weekend, Tampa has proven to be a great
place to live and USF CoM keeps getting better (definitely
check out Nickels and the new gym). Last year 12-PAC really
made my life and first year easier and more fun. I hope we can
do the same for you. If there is anything you need or any
questions you have please let me know. Email me, call me,
and bug me in the halls even if it seems trivial. Each one of us
was in your shoes just 1 year ago and we understand what it
can be like. REMEMBER: Relax and enjoy yourselves as much
as you can now and during PoM. It is what this time was
designed for. Good luck and I look forward to seeing you in

                       Christopher Schrock

                       Write a little something about yourself... this is a question
                       that I would have written completely differently one year
                       ago. I thought I knew myself pretty well, but with the stress
                       and work load that medical school supplies, that image that I
                       held of myself came crashing down. I learned, with some
                       fighting along the way, that I couldn‟t handle everything by
                       myself as in years past. So with that realization, I love just
                       to chill with new people to see what their story is, and how
                       they got there. Then, of course, I can put up the typical guy
                       stats – loves food and sports.
Mike Marshall (DPT)
813 453 0280

Hey there COM class of 2011 and DPT class of 2010. I‟m a
Florida native, and I guess you could call me a USF native
too. I have my BA in psychology and am going on my 7th
year as a Bull. If you guys have any questions about the area,
I‟m sure I have an answer. Besides school, you can usually
find me at the pool, the beach, or anything else that I can do
in board shorts. Besides that, I live for college football
season, and enjoy some down time with the friends. I hope
you guys are enjoying your summer, soak up as much free
time as you can, and I look forward to meeting you in a
couple of weeks.

                                 Jackie Doetsch (COM)

                             Hi Class of 2011! I‟m Jackie Doetsch. I grew
                             up in Fort Lauderdale and went to Florida State
                             University. Go Noles! I love being out and
                             doing fun things. Personally, I love athletes,
                             and I like watching them play, especially
                             baseball (I‟m a big fan of the Tampa Yankees
                             and New York Yankees). I like going out to eat
                             and going out to the bars. My most recent
                             award was “Most likely to be seen at
                             Macdinton‟s rather than at class a.k.a. the
                             biggest partier.” I plan on framing it soon.
                             Another thing that I like to do is go to Busch
                             Gardens, where I ride the roller coasters and
attend beer school (med students love education). When I came to Tampa, I
did not know a single person, but now, I love and enjoy Tampa and all the
great, fun friends I made at USF. Do not hesitate to contact me about
anything that you need. I would love to help.
Jamie Fox (DPT)

Helllooo classes of 2010 and
2011, whats up. Well in case you
haven’t noticed, I am quite
famous for my name, I mean who
hasn’t heard of Jamie Fox(x).
Only I have one “x” and I’m a
short white girl that really isn’t
that funny. I am originally from
north Florida but have been in
Tampa for the past 6 years. I am
addicted to music and sunshine
and try not to take things too
seriously. I’m looking forward to meeting you all and hanging out with you as you
make your adjustment and join the world of USF Health.


                                              Hello Class of 2011! First of all,
                                              CONGRATULATIONS on choosing USF
                                              College of Medicine! My name is
                                              Catherine Hough and I am a native from the
                                              Tampa area (Brandon, to be exact). For
                                              undergrad, I went to the University of
                                              Florida --GO GATORS!!!!--where I studied
                                              microbiology and history. I‟m currently a
                                              class officer (co-VP of Community
                                              Service), officer of AMA, and President of
                                              AMSA, so if you are interested in any of
                                              these things please ask me! I went to
                                              Europe this past summer, and this is a
picture of me next to the Tiber River, in Rome. I love traveling, going to the beach,
shopping, reading (not for school ), and eating ice cream! I‟m absolutely addicted to
Grey’s Anatomy, Big Love, Sex and the City, HGTV, and TLC. I‟m looking forward to
meeting all of you at the coming 12-PAC events, and if you have any questions about
anything please don‟t hesitate to contact me!!!
            Debbie Renelus (COM)

            Welcome class of 2011! I hope you are all having an awesome summer.
            Just to quickly introduce myself…My name is Debbie and I am so happy to
            be part of 12-PAC. I come from a large family, of which 3 of us our Gators;
            but no worries, I won‟t hold that against you Seminole fans! When I‟m not
            studying or hanging out with my friends, you can usually find me running or
            in the gym. Feel free to definitely get a hold of me if you have any questions
            about your first year, or maybe even if you just need a workout buddy I‟m
            looking forward to meeting all you in the fall. Enjoy the rest of your

Thure Caire (COM)

Congratulations on choosing USF! My name is Thure
Caire, I was born in Louisiana, raised near Tallahassee
and went to undergrad in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
As a North Florida boy, I enjoy the outdoors, sweet tea
and serving the community. Over the past year, I‟ve
had a great time playing intramural sports with my
class, winning my first real election in Leon County
and traveling to Chicago and Washington with the
American Medical Association. I look forward to
getting to know all of you. Please let me know if you
have any questions about your upcoming year.
William Pechter (COM)

Wow, last blurb. If you‟re still reading
by this point you must be REALLY
excited about starting first year! I know I
was- first year was a whole lot of fun for
me and very social. I didn‟t find any one
class particularly difficult, but
sometimes it was hard to switch into
„work mode‟ at the appropriate time to
keep up with material…
I went to Dartmouth College and
majored in Computer Science, but I
grew up and Florida and I‟m glad I‟m in
medical school here in Tampa. I love the
program so far.
Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

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