The Labors of Hercules

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					The 12 Labors of
   Marie Szalkiewicz
   Matthew Wallace
 Driven mad by Hera, Hercules killed his
  own children.
 As punishment, he was sentences to
  serve the King Eurystheus for 12 years.
 His twelve labors seemed impossible, but
  by the end, he was indeed Greece’s
  greatest hero.
          The Nemean Lion
 The   Nemean Lion would take women
  hostage and lure warriors into its cave so it
  could it could kill them
 Hercules was sent to slay the lion, he tried
  to kill it with his arrows, however the lions
  golden fur made it impenetrable.
 Hercules corned it in its cave and
  strangled it. He then used its own claws to
  skin the lion, and wore its fur as a cape.
         The Lernean Hydra
 Hercules    took his nephew Iolaus with him
  to defeat the monster. Hercules drew the
  beast into the open by shooting fire arrows
  into its lair.
 Hercules hacked at the monsters nine
  heads however when he cut off one a
  second would grow back. And one head
  was purely invincible.
       The Lernean Hydra
Finally found a way to defeat it; Hercules
would chop off a head and Iolaus would
cauterize the stump with a torch,
preventing more heads from growing out
of it. Athena sent Hercules a golden sword
to chop off the final, invincible blade.
        The Hind of Ceryneia
 Hercules   was assigned to capture
  Ceryneia, Artemis’ sacred hind (it was an
  attempt to upset Artemis as well as
  challenge Hercules).
 The hind could outrun anything, and
  Hercules spent a whole year chasing it,
  until it shot it with an arrow as it was about
  to cross a stream.
 On his way to Eurystheus he encountered
       The Hind of Ceryneia
  Artemis, who was enraged that he was
  about to kill her sacred animal. He told her
  why he had to do it and she forgave him,
  healing the animal but allowing him to take
  it to Eurystheus.
 When he gave it to Eurystheus,
  completing his task, the animal bounded
        The Erymanthean Boar
 The Erymanthean Boar lived on a
  mountain and attacked the villages
  surrounding the mountain.
 He chased it around the mountain,
  shouting, and it hid in a thicket where
  Hercules speared it to death
        The Augean Stables
 Tasked   to clean the stables of the Greek
  King Augea, who owned the most cattle in
  all of Greece, in one day.
 At night, when all the cattles were in the
  stables, he tore a huge hole in opposite
  walls of the stables. He then dug a trench
  from a nearby river, leading into the
  stables. The water flowed through one
  hole and out the other, cleaning the stable
      The Stymphalian Birds
 Tasked   to kill a large flock of possibly
  man-eating birds near Lake Stymphalos
 Sent a pair of bronze krotala, noise
  makers, from Athena. He climbed a
  nearby mountain and clashed the magic
  noise makers together causing all the
  birds to take flight.
 He then shot them all done with his arrow.
             The Cretan Bull
 Hercules traveled from Peloponnese to Crete in
  order to capture a savage bull.
 The king, Minos, gave him authority to bring the
  bull back to Eurystheus.
 To capture the bull, Hercules made a lasso and
  chased the bull until it was tired. Then he rode it
  across the sea to the palace.
 He offered it to Hera as a sacrifice, but she did
  not approve, and so the bull was sent to run free
  in Greece
     The Horses of Diomedes
 Diomedes,   a Thracian chief, kept 4 savage
  mares which ate the flesh of strangers.
 Hercules, got a hold of the chief, and
  threw him to his own mares to be
  devoured. After which, the mares grew
 Hercules brought them back to the palace
  of Eurystheus, offered them to Hera, and
  then set them free.
         The Belt of Hippolyte
 Hercules is sent to retrieve the girdle/leather belt
  of Hippolyte (authority over the Amazon) for
  Admeta, the daughter of king Eurystheus.
 Hippolyte agreed, but Hera was not happy about
  this, and appeared saying that Hercules was
  trying to kidnap her.
 The people of the Amazon charged towards
  Hercules, and in his fear of betrayal, he killed the
  Queen and took her girdle back to Eurystheus.
               Geryon’s Cattle
 Hercules had to travel to the end of the world to obtain
  these cattle.
 He had to kill the sentinels and their masters and lead
  the cattle over land and sea.
 Geryon had 3 bodies, 6 arms, 6 legs and 3 heads and
  his appearance was that of a warrior.
 When Heracles reached Erytheia, he came upon the
  two-headed dog Orthrus, which he had to kill.
 Cacus, the fire-breathing giant, took a portion of the herd
  while the hero slept, Hercules found the herd in a cave
  because they called to each other. Hercules then killed
 Hera sent a biting horse fly, a flood, and another
  woman/serpent monster to try and break up the herd, but
  Hercules still succeeded.
    The Apples of the Hesperides
 Hercules was told to pluck three apples from the tree of
  Hesperides (evening nymphs).
 The tree was guarded by the 100-headed serpent,
 Hercules freed Prometheus, who advised him to seek
  the help of his brother, Atlas.
 Atlas was cursed to hold the world on his shoulders, but
  Hercules agreed to hold it while Atlas fetched him the
 When Atlas returned, he refused to take back the world,
  so Hercules tricked him by pretending to enjoy it, then
  asking Atlas to just “hold it for a second”.
 The last task was for Hercules to capture and
  bring back the guard dog of the underworld.
 With the help of Athena and Hermes, he
  released Theseus, who was chained to a rock,
  and came face to face with Hades.
 Hades allowed Hercules to take the cerberus,
  only if no weapons were used. So, Hercules
  wrestled the beast with his bear hands, then
  carrying it back to the king on his shoulders.
 The king was terrified, and told Hercules he
  would be freed from his labors if the beast was
  brought back to the underworld.