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4 Key Factors When It Comes To Keeping Your
Treadmill In "Tip Top" Shape

So you've spent a fair amount of your hard earned money on a beautiful machine and it's now
sitting in your "workout room" (which could be anything really ;-).
What do you need to do to avoid repeat visits from the repair guy and keep your treadmill
running smoothly for years to come?
First step is buying a well belt machine. We assume you've completed that step properly...
Hopefully with our help!
Having a quality machine will save you a lot of headaches down the road. But there are still
four key things you can do to extend the life of your machine, no matter what level it is.

4 Maintenance Tips
    •   Placement
    •   Cleaning
    •   Lubrication
    •   Belt Alignment & Tension

Treadmill Placement:
You'll want to place your treadmill in a clean area. Dust, lint, pet hair and dirt are all hazards
to your treadmill. If gunk gets under the belt you'll run into some problems.
                                 Even more importantly, you want to keep this stuff away from
                                 the motor. Dust and the like are the number one reason for
                                 motor failure in treadmills.
                                 The best way to keep crud away from the motor and belt is
                                 with an anti static treadmill mat. You simply place this
                                 under the machine and it will keep your machine protected.
                                 This is pretty much a "must have" accessory. You should
                                 seriously consider adding one to your purchase from
                                 whichever manufacturer you choose.
                                 Be sure to place your treadmill on a Level Surface. If your
                                 treadmill is off kilter, it will lead to uneven wear and tear on
Illustration 1: Treadmill Anti
Static Mat

your treadmill belt. Many treadmills come with "eveners" to help you get the right leveled
position but it's "best practice" to find a even surface from the get go.
Tip: It's not a problem for the treadmill to have a slight slope from "front to back", so if you
find your treadmill a bit uneven from left to right (which IS a problem), rotating the treadmill
could be a solution.
Tip: A treadmill mat also helps even out your treadmill by leveling out small imperfections in
the rooms surface.

Do not use soap, cleaning fluids or alcohol to clean your treadmill. Soap will get
under the belt and cause the unit to lose friction and alcohol will dry out any rubber on the
unit, most likely your cushioning system.
Check the machine's manual first, but generally speaking you should use a simple water
dampened cloth to clean the frame every once in a while to get rid of sweat and grime.
Vacuum around the treadmill once a week to be doubly sure dust and lint aren't getting under
the belt and into the motor.

Your treadmill comes pre lubricated and won't need any treatment for the first year or 500
hours of use (most likely). After that, the deck underneath the belt may need to be lubricated.
Be sure to check the machine's manual to see what the manufacturer recommends. Different
treadmills use different lubricants from silicone to paraffin wax. Some advise not to lubricate
at all. So make sure you read the manual carefully.
If you think your belt isn't running smoothly anymore you can check to see if it's lubricated
enough by lifting up the sides of the belt to see if you can feel any wax or silicone left on the
deck. If it feels too "dry" and "rough" then check your manual to see what they recommend.

Belt Alignment & Tension:
Because a lot people walk and run with a slight gait, your treadmill belt may become
misaligned to the left or right after a period of time.
Every once in a while it's a good idea to run the machine at a slow speed (with no one on it) to
make sure the belt is properly centered.
If it is running to one side then turn off the treadmill, unplug it and adjust the belt using the
adjustment bolts usually located at the rear of the machine. Your manual will have clear
instructions on how to do this. Usually 1/4 turn in a certain direction will readjust the belt.
Your treadmill belt is set to a certain tension in factory. However, new belts will stretch after
use so you may need to adjust the tension using the adjustment bolts. Your treadmill belt
should be just tight enough not to slip. To test it, walk on the belt at a slow speed of around 2
mph and try and gently "kick" your foot forward to try and shift the belt. If it gives you should
readjust the belt. Once again look to your manual for the proper directions pertaining to your

                                Illustration 2: Treadmill Maintenance Kit

These 4 maintenance tips will go a long way to keeping your treadmill healthy and running
smoothly. Investing in a "maintenance kit" right along with your treadmill purchase can be a
good idea. Buying them from the same manufacturer insures that you'll have the proper items.
Typically a set will include a safe cleaning solution, cleaning brush, proper lubricant and
maintenance guide.
Ok now that you've got your treadmill in great shape... your next!
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