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									               Latest Technology 2011: Hologram TV Technology

Starting a new year, information about the latest technologies in 2011 has been widely
circulated. And this time I try to share one of them. After yesterday's no technology in
2010 odd about the      coffin,now that more widely nih information about holographic TV
technology. Starting early 2011, Apple plans to immediately develop atelevision and a
screen that produces holographic images without the need for special glasses. This
technology-related patentsreveals latest.

A recent Apple patent reveals that the company that manufacturesthe iPod and
the iPhone is currently working to create a screen thatcan produce three-
dimensional holographic images withoutglasses.

This technology will provide a more realistic experience to the user,
Apple's patent claims that the technology will create an image thatappears in
a hologram and have the ability to track the movement of the public eye.

Holographic TV technology is a remarkable aspect of the inventionbecause
it produces a virtual experience that is indistinguishable from
that seen actual holographic image.Three-dimensional television will become the
latest technology trends 2011 after the producers are ready
to launch 3D televisionand blu-ray player.

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