The Discus Thrower By Richard Selzer by mikeholy

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									The Discus Thrower
    Richard Selzer
    About the author---
      Richard Selzer
• Richard Selzer began writing in mid-1960s.
  He has written many books: such as
  “Letters to a Young Doctor” (essays) and
  “Rituals of Surgery” (fiction).
• His stories and essays portray with
  sympathy but without sentimentality the
  dramatic, sometimes agonizing experiences
  of practicing surgeons.
• Pre-reading questions
• 1. What do you think this text is
• 2. How do you think a dying man will
  most probably behave?
             Part I
• Why does the narrator say “ it is not
  all that furtive an act”?
• Paraphrase
• Ought not a doctor to observe his pat
  ients by any means and from any stan
  ce, that he might the
  more fully assemble evidence?
       Language work
• All/so much/none + the + comparative
  degree of adjectives and adverbs---
• I walked around for two hours
  yesterday, and the doctor said I was
  none the worse for it.
            Part II
• What about the plight of the patient?
• Why does the man seem deeply
• What is the similarity between the
  patient and a bonsai?
          Section 1
• "What time is it?"
•  "Three o'clock."
•  "Morning or afternoon?"
•  "Afternoon."
              Section 2
• "How are you?"
• "Who are you?"
• "It's the doctor. How do you feel?"
• He does not answer right away.
• "Feel?"
• "I hope you feel better,"
• I press the button at the side of the bed.
• "Down you go,"
• "Yes, down,"
                Language work
•   stance
    n. the attitude of a person or organization towards something
    v. gather together for a common purpose
    a. attempting to avoid notice or attention; secretive
    v. (of the sun) cause (a pale-skinned person or their skin) to become brown
    or browner
    a. (typically of hair or grass) cut very short
    a. extremely unpleasant
• repose
  n. temporary rest from activity, excitement, or exertion,
  especially sleep or the rest given by sleep
  a. covered in snow
  n. an ornamental tree or shrub grown in a pot and artificially
  prevented from reaching its normal size
  v. trim (a tree) by cutting away dead or overgrown branches
  or stems
• facsimile
  n. an exact copy, especially of written or printed material
  v. show that one has noticed or recognized by making a
  gesture or greeting
  n. a collection of items of the same type stored in a hidden
  or inaccessible place
  n. a fancy but insubstantial cooked dish, especially one of
  foreign origin
  ad. not smoothly or gracefully; ungainly
• stump
  n. the small projecting remnant of something that has been
  cut or broken off or worn away
  n. a dry, rough protective crust that forms over a cut or
  wound during healing
  n. a pair of pincers or tweezers used in surgery or in a
  n. a piece of broken ceramic, metal, or glass, typically having
  sharp edges
    n. a chemical liquid that destroys bacteria
    a. lacking the ability or strength to move
    prep. across; from side to side of
    v. make (something) jumbled or muddled
    scrambled egg
    a dish of eggs prepared by beating them with a little liquid
    and then cooking and stirring gently
• dome
  n. an object that has a shape similar to a round roof
  v. physically explore or examine (something) with hands or
  with an instrument
  v. lift or hold (something) in order to test its weight
  n. a person who helps another commit a crime
• oatmeal
  n. meal made from ground oats used in
  porridge, oatcakes, or other food
  a. recently dead
  a. having or showing a composed or serious
  manner that is worthy of respect
   A mini-debate for or
    against euthanasia
• Since World War II, the debate over
  euthanasia in Western countries has
  centered on voluntary euthanasia (VE)
  within regulated health care systems.
• Are you for or against euthanasia?
• Please discuss with those having the
  same opinions with you. Later you will
  have a mini-debate on this issue.
• Step 1: state your main points of view
• For
• Against

• Step 2: free discussion

• Step 3: conclusion

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