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									            Event-Based Model for Reconciling Digital

                         Thesis Proposal
                     Ahmet Fatih Mustacoglu

6/19/2011                   Ahmet Fatih Mustacoglu      1
 Introduction
 Motivation
 Example Applications
 Research Issues
 Milestones
 Typical Scenarios
 Contributions
 Summary

6/19/2011          Ahmet Fatih Mustacoglu   2
Online Collaboration
    Rapid development of tools and services aimed at
     fostering online collaboration and sharing between users
     and communities:
           Social Bookmarking Tools supports annotation using
            keywords called tags and sharing
                e.g.
           Tools for annotation and sharing of scholarly publications
                Connotea
                Citeulike
                Bibsonomy

6/19/2011                                                                3
                                    Ahmet Fatih Mustacoglu
User Library in Connotea

    Numerous annotation tools
           Generates multiple instances of metadata about the
            same object
    Vast amount of data
           Necessity for the reconciliation
 Requirement for reconciliation
 Applying service-based architecture to
  annotation systems

6/19/2011                       Ahmet Fatih Mustacoglu           5
 Example Applications
 CiteULike   Connotea              Delicous

                                                      Transfer
                                                     Download/Upload
                                                     Modify Digital
                Core Web                               Entry (DE)
                Services                             Share DE with
                                                    other users
                                                     History of a DE
                                                    and rollback

Research     Research              Research
Database     Database              Database

 6/19/2011                 Ahmet Fatih Mustacoglu                  6
Research Issues
    Event-based model
           Manipulating data and metadata
           How to build event-based model ?
                Major and Minor events
                Datasets (collection of minor events)
           How to apply event-based model ?
           How to apply modifications to a record (Digital Entry) ?
                Keep them in user’s session and let user apply them
                Apply them directly to a DE
           How to merge metadata field of a Digital Entry ?
                Identification of metadata fields as dynamic or static field

6/19/2011                            Ahmet Fatih Mustacoglu                     7
Research Issues
 How  to provide rollback for content
  management ?
 Scalability
           Number of requests per second
 Performance
           Delivery of an updated digital entry

6/19/2011                    Ahmet Fatih Mustacoglu   8
Milestones I
    Digital Entry (DE) Management Service
           Manual DE entry into the system
           DE history
           DE versioning and flexible choices (rollback)
           Editing and more info tools for a DE (Update Model)
    Session and Event Management Services
           Event and dataset management
           DE view options
           User credentials (username/password) - cookie-based
    Annotation Tools Service
           Transfer Service
           Download service
           Upload Service

6/19/2011                            Ahmet Fatih Mustacoglu       9
Milestones II
    Search Tools Services
           PubsOnline Software integration
    Other Services
           Login and Logout service
           User registration service
           Username and Password recovery service
           User profile service
           Metadata view options service
    We will apply those to Semantic Research Grid (SRG)

6/19/2011                         Ahmet Fatih Mustacoglu   10
  Big Picture: Semantic Research Grid (SRG) Architecture

6/19/2011               Ahmet Fatih Mustacoglu
            Typical Scenario for Generating Minor
                                                                             1: Client tries to
             RDBMS        RDBMS           RDBMS                               modify a DE
                                                               Database      2: Check user access
                     Research Databases                                       rights.
   Client                                                                    3-4: If user has write
                                                                              access to this DE; (a)
                                                                              build the current DE
                                SRG Web                                       metadata from its
               1,5                                                 2          events , (b) saved the
                                                                              update metadata into
                                                                              session as minor
                                                  4                           event.
                                                                             5: Show confirmation
                            Session and Event                                 message
6/19/2011                                 Ahmet Fatih Mustacoglu                               12
Typical Scenario for Updating a DE from
Minor Events via Dataset Creation
                                                              1: Client can access all
    Client                                                       minor events for
                 RDBMS       RDBMS          RDBMS
                                                                 each DE from the
                                                                 user session
                         Research Databases
                                                              2-3: Select minor
   1                                 4
                                                                 events to create
             5                                     Database      dataset(s), and apply
                                                                 them on top of latest
                                                         3       DE. Confirm
                                SRG Web
Session and                                                   4: Save the events into
Management                                                       the associated
                                                                 research database
                                                              5: Confirmation
6/19/2011                       Ahmet Fatih Mustacoglu                            13
Typical Scenario for Downloading DEs
                                                           1: Client request to
                                                            download records from a
                RDBMS          RDBMS           RDBMS
                                                            social bookmarking
                                                            website into a research
 Client                                                     database
                         Research Databases
                6                                          2: Check user access
                                4                          3-4-5: If user has write
            1                                               access, and DEs do not
                    SRG Web                         2       exist, then download them
                                                            into the associated
                                          3                 research database. If a
Session and          5                                      DE exist in the research
   Event                                                    database, save the
Management                             Websites             update metadata into user
                                                            session as a minor event
6/19/2011                      Ahmet Fatih Mustacoglu      6: Confirmation message
Contribution of this Thesis
 Introducing event-based model
 Rollback mechanism to merge and change the
  content of a digital entry
           Ability to restore to another content
           Provides history of DEs
    An architecture for integrating major existing
     annotation tools through Web Services

6/19/2011                       Ahmet Fatih Mustacoglu   15
    This thesis addresses the following open research issues in
     management of Digital Entries:
           Architecture for reconciling digital entries
           Allows the manipulation of a digital entry
           Applies Event-based model
                Major events
                Minor events
                Datasets
           Provides a rollback feature to:
                Support for history tool for a DE
                Merge and change the content of a digital entry
           A service-based framework for using existing annotation tools by
            adding them extra capabilities and tools as wrappers through
            web services
6/19/2011                             Ahmet Fatih Mustacoglu               16

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