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The Enlisted

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									    The Enlisted

    Sioux Falls, South Dakota
           April 27–29
2                                                                         Spring 2006                                            THE ENLISTED ECHO

                                                South Dakota National Guard
                                         ENLISTED ASSOCIATION
                                           Executive Council 2005-2006
President                                 Committee Members-At-Large               Representatives                       2 BN 147th
Ben Lamp                                  Area 1                                   HQSTARC                               Tim Ries
801 W. National Guard Drive               Dale Greenfield                          Scott Wilson                          1317 2nd Street NE
Sioux Falls, SD 57104-0117                276 Sitting Bull Court                   105 N. Platt Street                   Watertown, SD 57718
H: 605-361-4193                           Ellsworth AFB, SD 57706                  Rapid City, SD 57702                  H: 605-882-9834
W: 605-977-2960                           H: 605-923-2630                          H: 605-718-9778                       W: 605-882-9324
Email: benjamin.lamp@sd.ngb.army.mil      W: 605-737-6315/DSN: 747-8315            W: 605-737-6643                       Email: timothy.ries@sd.ngb.army.mil
                                          Email: dale.greenfield@sd.ngb.army.mil   Email: scott.wilson@sd.ngb.army.mil
First Vice President                                                                                                     1 BN 196th
Wayne Fokken                              Area 2                                   88 Trp Cmd                            Warren Nelson
1905 W. Ashley Circle                     Josh Wermers                             Tashie Moore                          6304 W. Elm Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57104                     PO Box 7                                 612 S. Main Street                    Black Hawk, SD 57718
H: 605-339-1065                           Dimock, SD 57331                         Lennox, SD 57039                      H: 605-787-5045
W: 605-988-5811/DSN: 798-7811             H: 605-928-7266                          H: 605-647-0051                       W: 605-737-6639
Email: wayne.fokken@sdsiou.ang.af.mil     W: 605-928-3420                          W: 605-696-5400                       Email: warren.nelson@sd.ngb.army.mil
                                          Email: Joshua.wermers@sd.ngb.army.mil    Email: tashie.moore@us.army.mil
Second Vice President                                                                                                    State CSM
Randy Decker                              Area 3                                   881 Trp Cmd                           Michael Birnbaum
23009 Candlelight Drive                   Michael Schwans                          Jeff Nord                             2823 W. Main Street
Rapid City, SD 57703                      241 N Cherry St. Box 212                 PO Box 938                            Rapid City, SD 57702
H: 605-393-1423                           Bridgewater, SD 57319                    3440 East Hwy 34                      H: 605-721-4604
W: 605-737-6391                           W: 605-977-2962                          Pierre, SD 57501                      W: 605-737-6607
Email: randal.decker@sd.ngb.army.mil      Email:                                   H: 605-773-3449                       Email:
                                          michael.schwans@sd.ngb.army.mil          Email: jeff.nord@sd.ngb.army.mil      michael.birnbaum@sd.ngb.army.mil
Past President
Craig Towns                               Area 4                                   109 Eng BN                            State CCM
2713 S. Avondale Court                    Scott Schmitt                            Roger Niederwerder                    Randy Handel
Sioux Falls, SD 57110                     505 E. 12th Street                       3220 Lazelle Street Lot 231           2736 Avondale Court
H: 605-371-9679                           Dell Rapids, SD 57022                    Sturgis, SD 57785                     Sioux Falls, SD 57110
W: 605-988-5719/DSN: 798-7719             H: 605-428-5079                          H: 605-347-4313                       H: 605-371-1464
Email: craig.towns@sdsiou.ang.af.mil      W: 605-988-5878/DSN: 798-7878            W: 605-737-6283/347-2972              W: 605-988-5710/DSN: 798-7710
                                          Email: scott.schmitt@sdsiou.ang.af.mil   Email:                                Email: randy.handel@sdsiou.ang.af.mil
Treasurer                                                                          roger.niederwerder@sd.ngb.army.mil
Nancy Ausland                             Squadron Representatives                                                       Retired Army
5208 S Baneberry Ave                      Bruce Lee                                109 Eng Gp                            John Ball
Sioux Falls, SD 57106                     48448 265th Street                       Jim Wranek                            PO Box 32
H: 605-351-9481                           Valley Springs, SD 57068                 7270 Manchester Street                Woonsocket, SD 57385
W: 605-988-5946/DSN: 798-7946             H: 605-582-2695                          Blackhawk, SD 57718                   H: 605-796-4619
Email: nancy.ausland@sdsiou.ang.af.mil    W: 605-988-5866/DSN: 798-7866            H: 605-342-4979                       Email: jmball@santel.net
                                          Email: bruce.lee@sdsiou.ang.af.mil       W: 605-737-6320
Secretary                                                                          Email: james.wranek@sd.ngb.army.mil   Retired Air
Jenny Butler                              Debra Phelps                                                                   Don Stewart
905 W. 17th St.                           PO Box 562                               153 BN                                5241 S. Shore Drive
Sioux Falls, SD 57104                     Tea, SD 57064                            James Hein                            Chester, SD 57016
H: 605-336-3365                           H: 605-498-5526                          1945 Riverview Drive                  H: 605-489-2521
W: 605-977-2917                           W: 988-5450/DSN: 798-7450                Huron, SD 57350                       Email: marylisastoy@aol.com
Email: jennifer.butler1@sd.ngb.army.mil   Email: debra.phelps@sdsiou.ang.af.mil    H: 605-352-9953
                                                                                   W:                                    Aux President
Executive Director                        Bob Funk                                 Email: james.hein@sd.ngb.army.mil     Barb Kocer
Bruce Anderson                            805 Lakota Avenue                                                              1906 Arizona Street
25790 Country Lane                        Brandon, SD 57005                        147 BDE                               Sturgis, SD 57785
Renner, SD 57055                          H: 605-582-3705                          John Mimmack                          H: 605-347-4308
H: 605-543-5970                           W: 605-988-5879/DSN: 798-7879            6005 W. 43rd Street                   Email: rokocer@spe.midco.net
W: 605-988-5414/DSN: 798-741              Email: robert.funk@sdsiou.ang.af.mil     Sioux Falls, SD 57106
Email: bcres@sio.midco.net                                                         H: 605-361-2223                       Parliamentarian
                                          Legislative Officer                      W: 605-977-2904                       Tom Eichacker
Membership Officer                        Donavon List                             Email: john.mimmack@sd.ngb.army.mil
Gerald Arntz                              705 James Place                                                                2006 Conference Chair
1712 S West Avenue                        Yankton, SD 57078-1889                   1 BN 147th                            John Mimmack
Sioux Falls, SD 57105                     H: 605-665-5924                          Jody Larson
H: 605-334-3636                           Email: dmlist@mchsi.com                  905 W. 17th                           Historian
W: 605-977-2944                                                                    Sioux Falls, SD 57104                 James Blackwell
Email: gerald.arntz@sd.ngb.army.mil       Webmaster                                H: 605-336-3365
                                          Lori Hoop                                W: 602-231-1500                       Area V Director
                                          3204 East 17th Street                    Email: jenb17@peoplepc.com            Tim Wolf
                                          Sioux Falls SD 57103
                                          W - (605) 988-5704
THE ENLISTED ECHO                                                                Spring 2006                                                                     3

           National Guard Enlisted Association
                                                                                           Legislative Report

                                                                                                    ur South Dakota State Legislature has been in
                                Index                                                               Session at Pierre during January and February
  Legislative Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3                  and several Bills were introduced regarding
  Athletic Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3                 Military and Veterans Affairs. Included in
  Executive Council Meeting Minutes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5                 these Bills were issues classifying persons as residents for
  President’s Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6      purposes of higher education tuition; to authorize certain
  SDNGEA Auxiliary News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
                                                                                        nonresident members of the South Dakota National
                                                                                        Guard to qualify for resident tuition rates; revising certain
  State Conference Agenda. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8–9
                                                                                        provisions relating to educational benefits for spouses of
  State Conference Special Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
                                                                                        members of the South Dakota National Guard; appropri-
  State Conference Registration Form . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
                                                                                        ating money for the Vietnam War Memorial; appropriat-
  Airmen/Soldiers of the Year. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12           ing money for design and construction of National Guard
  State Conference Sponsor Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12                 armories; and to prohibit the picketing of funerals under
  CSM Virgil R. Williams Scholarship. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12                  certain circumstances, to provide penalties for the viola-
  Bowling Registration Form . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13              tion thereof, and to declare an emergency.
  S.D. National Guard Museum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14                     So far one CALL has been received in 2006 and it
  Jr. Enlisted Council Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14             relates to the Department of Defense submitting a FY
  Area V Caucus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14      2007 budget request to Congress proposing to cut be-
  S.D. National Guard Youth Camp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15                   tween 25,000 and 30,000 Guard troops.
                                                                                            In the 2006 election we will elect 35 Senators, the
                                                                                        entire House of Representatives, 37 State Governors and
                                                                                        many state and local officials, it is important for folks
    The ECHO is published three times a year by the                                     overseas to start the process to get their absentee ballots
South Dakota National Guard Enlisted Association, 5208                                  to vote. We should also be looking at the candidates as
S. Baneberry Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD 57106                                              the election begins to unfold and see which ones will
    Letters to the Editor, articles, and state association                              work for the betterment of all of us.
news items should be forwarded to: ECHO Magazine,                                           When a CALL comes it is necessary to immediately
ATTN: Nancy Ausland, 5208 S. Baneberry Avenue,                                          write, fax or call our Congressional members asking for
Sioux Falls, SD 57106 or nancy.ausland@sdsiou.an.af.mil                                 their support on the issues that involve all us. We should
    “The Enlisted ECHO” is published by and for the                                     also thank them for the benefits we are receiving.
members of the SDNGEA. Opinions expressed herein                                            We must continue praying for our Army and Air
do not necessarily reflect those of the United States                                   National Guard members who are deployed; give a prayer
Army or Air Force or the South Dakota National Guard,                                   of thanks for the safe return of our troops from overseas
Army or Air.                                                                            and also pray for the safety of those who are still
    Send address changes to: SDNGEA, 5208 S.                                                                      Donavon J List
Baneberry Ave., Sioux Falls, SD 57106.                                                                            Legislative Officer, SDNGEA
            Publication Deadlines are as follows:
          ISSUE                Deadline                  Release Date
          Spring               15 February               15 March
                                                                                                 ATHLETIC EVENTS
                                                                                          The SDNGEA provides many athletic events for its members to par-
          Summer               15 May                    15 June                          ticipate in each year, but we need your help to make these events
          Fall                 15 October                15 November                      happen. The Association will provide you with $200 in start-up
                                                                                          money for units to use to help fund an event. This money should be
                                                                                          returned to the association if event finances allow. The Association
                                                                                          currently funds the events listed below. If you have new ideas or
                                                                                          would like to sponsor an event in the upcoming year, please contact
                FUTURE STATE                                                              Josh Wermers for more information.
                                                                                               • Golf Tournament              • Softball Tournament
                CONFERENCES                                                                    • Motorcycle Rally             • Snowmobile Rally
                                                                                               • Pool Tournament              • Bowling Tournament
    2007        Huron, SD – 19-21 April 2007                                                   • ATV Rally                    • Dart Tournament
                POC: Dale Greenfield, 153rd Engr BN
    2008        Spearfish, SD                                                                                 Joshua Wermers
                                                                                                    (W) 605-928-3420 • (H) 605-928-7266
    2009        Mitchell, SD (Tentative)                                                               joshua.wermers@sd.ngb.army.mil
4   Spring 2006   THE ENLISTED ECHO
THE ENLISTED ECHO                                                           Spring 2006                                                                              5

                     of the South Dakota Enlisted Association
                     Executive Council Meeting

                                                                                    Officer Convention in Sioux Falls
    President Ben Lamp called the meeting to order at 1336 hours on 16 Feb-            2007 Convention – Huron
ruary 2006 at the Ramkota Inn in Pierre, SD.
                                                                                       2008 Convention – Black Hills unit will be sponsoring
   Pledge of Allegiance was conducted.
                                                                                       2009 Convention – Mitchell is possibly looking at sponsoring
   Roll Call was taken and a quorum was present.
                                                                                       Ways & Means Committee: Nothing to report
   New guest present was the new State CSM Michael Bekaert.
                                                                                        Insurance Committee: Ed Revell reported that we did receive $5500 again
    A motion was made by John Ball and 2nd by Bob Funk to accept the min-           this year, but need to encourage our members to sign up for the insurance. The
utes of the minutes from the fall meeting as printed in the ECHO. Motion car-       easiest way to do this is have Jim McEwen come to the next SRP your unit has.
ried.                                                                               This will give him a chance to talk to the soldiers and airmen and get them
   A motion was made by Ed Revell to deviate from the printed agenda and            signed up.
Craig Towns 2nd that motion. Motion carried to deviate from the agenda if               Scholarship Committee: All applications are due to Randy Decker by 1
necessary.                                                                          March 06. All applications are on the Website. There are also auxiliary scholar-
    Ed Revell gave the Treasurers Report in Nancy Ausland’s absence. The            ships. If you are an auxiliary member and are interested in those scholarships,
Army and Air Guard are split out into separate line items for general member-       please contact Barb Kocer.
ship. We had about $100 left over from the Veterans Honor March. There will              Membership Committee: Ben Lamp reported that we had 2677 members
be an itemized report at the State Conference. Ed Revell made motion mad a          as of 16 February. There was 2667 on 31 January. We did pick up a few more
motion to accept the report as read and John Ball 2nd that motion. Motion car-      life members, but we need to make sure we keep the retirees as a part of our
ried.                                                                               Association. We will bring changing our membership cutoff date from 31
                         Committee Member At Large                                  January to 31 December so we have current years representation at the
                                                                                    National Conference.
    Area 1 Representative, Dale Greenfield, had nothing to report for member-
ship. He did mention that he is moving to another area, so Area 1 will be open          Nominations Committee: We will have quite a few positions coming open
for nominations at the State Convention.                                            at the State Conference this year. We should have 2 or 3 people from each
                                                                                    branch nominated for each position, so start talking to your members and get
   Area 4 Representative, Scott Schmitt, reported the Air Guard is at 65 – 70%      them to run for a position.
but he needed more information from the Area 4 representative for a better
number.                                                                                 Legislative Report: Don List gave the report on current Legislative Bills.
                                                                                    All the Bills are available for review on our Website.
   Area 3 Representative, Michael Schwans, had nothing to report.
                                                                                        State Conference Sponsorship: Bruce Anderson needs the names of soldiers
                                  Committees                                        if you would like the Association to sponsor them for the Conference. They
    Publications Committee: Ed Revell gave the report for Nancy Ausland.            need to be a 1st time Conference attendee.
The ECHO is changing and we are doing the layout all ourselves. We are still            Constitution & By-laws: John Mimmack discussed voting on Article 3 sec-
selling advertising space in the ECHO if someone wants to advertise, the cost       tion 2 at the conference which deals with voting as a block and splitting votes.
is $75 for a whole year. They just need to get a business card or the advertise-    There will be discussion at the State Conference.
ment to Nancy Ausland or Julie McRenolds. All of the proceeds from the
advertisements will go toward the Association. The cost of producing the               Young Hero’s Committee: Craig Towns will give this report at the
ECHO is going from $3000 to about $1000. A lot of people did a lot of work to       Conference.
find a new publisher and we now have a new editor for the ECHO, so thanks              All Committee Reports were accepted as given.
for everyone’s hard work.
                                                                                                                      Old Business
    Resolutions Committee: Bruce Anderson is the POC for resolutions. There
was discussion about the process of bringing a resolution to the Association.           The Black Hills Veterans Honor March was discussed. This year we had a
Ben Lamp deviated to New Business. Last year at National Convention there           lot of 1 time expenses, so next year we should make a lot more. Next year’s
was a lot of discussion and resolutions presented in regards to moral issues such   march will be 23 September 2006. We expect to have a lot more marchers next
as abortion, death penalty, etc. This year Texas is proposing a resolution to       year, so we will also need a lot more volunteers if anyone would like to help.
allow gays in the military and the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy be stricken. At       John Mimmack gave an overview of the schedule of events for the 2006
the National Conference it will be brought up again in regards to standards. We     State Conference at the Sheraton Hotel & Convention Center in Sioux Falls on
need to discuss this at the State Conference so the representatives at the          27-29 April 2006.
National Convention will know what position South Dakota will take.
                                                                                        Everyone is encouraged to sponsor 1 person or bring someone with you to
    Awards Committee: Wayne Fokken was not present, but there will be               the conference. Also challenge each unit to sponsor a 1st time attendee at the
awards given at the State Conference. Awards that are given out are listed on       conference this year.
the Website. If you want to give an award, get the information to the President
before the start of the Conference. Airman of the Year are: Senior NCO –               If anyone has a Red Book, please keep it up to date or give it to Bruce
Jennifer Reecy, NCO – Zona Hornstra, & Airman – Jeremy Van Cleave. Soldier          Anderson and he will update it for you.
of the Year are: NCO – Clay Reese & Soldier – Randi Frank.                              If you have anything to go on the Website make sure you get the informa-
    Athletic Committee: Josh Wermers had nothing to report but asked every-         tion to the Webmaster.
one planning an athletic activity to get him the information ahead of time. He                                       New Business
will be making a presentation at the conference so get in touch with him prior
to the Conference.                                                                     The Officers Association would like to start up a Website and are asking if
                                                                                    we would share our space with them. This will be presented to us at the State
   Position Evaluation will be conducted at the Conference.                         Conference.
    Credentials Committee: If a unit will not be at the State Conference, we            Make sure everyone is talking with our congressmen. Congressmen have a
need to make sure we get a proxy. The credentials committee will meet at 1600       military representative that works for them. If you need their contact informa-
hrs on Thursday, April 27th.                                                        tion, please contact Ben Lamp.
    Budget Committee: in line with the Treasurer’s report. Looks like we will          General Gorman wanted to thank everyone in the Enlisted Association for
be coming in under budget this year.                                                helping put on the Legislative Dining Out.
   Time & Place Committee: 2006 Convention will be co-located with the                                              (“Council Minutes” – Continued on page 7)
6                                                      Spring 2006                                 THE ENLISTED ECHO

                                                                   We also have had many losses this year, Soldiers who
Greetings,                                                    were not only National Guard members but also
                                                              SDNGEA members. It is with great pride and determi-

        y the time you read this we will be 5 weeks from      nation that I continue my role with the National Guard
        another state conference. I would like to person-             and this Association. We must withstand the
        ally invite you to come and be a part of                             heartache from their loss and the hurt we
your association’s state conference. We have a
lot of great activities planned with a little
                                                     Letter                    feel when their patriotism is questioned
                                                                                 by protesters. We must endure and win
business too. We will have the distinct
honor of CSM John Gipe addressing our
                                                   from the                       for the sake of those very same protest-
                                                                                 ers. Do not fall prey to the ignorant for
conference. He is the Command Sergeant
Major of the Army National Guard. Look for
                                                   President                    it is they whom we fight for and die to
the registration form in this edition of the ECHO.                            This will be the last letter I will write to
     The members on your Executive Council have               you as your president. My journey as your president will
worked very hard this year. Without their help I would        soon be over; but whoever succeeds me, be assured, I
have failed miserably as your president. I would like to      will be right there with him. Our journey as an associa-
thank each one personally but there isn’t enough space in     tion is far from over; your association is strong and will
this letter, I’m sure you’ll hear about it at a later time.   continue to be. Your continued support of our agenda and
     I ‘m so proud to write about the victories we have       strength of our membership will keep us very instrumen-
had this year. Legislation was passed to allow all National   tal at both the state and national level. However, for us to
Guard members the right to TRICARE. More will be              succeed, you must get involved. You must voice your
coming out on this in the near future but it is safe to say   opinion and draw others to our association. Through
by October 2006 everyone in the National Guard will           more members is the only way we can stress and
have access to health insurance. We had a successful          required better benefits for us all.
Black Hills Veteran’s Honor March in September and are             Where do we go from here, you ask? The answer is
planning the Third Annual March on 23 September 2006.         up. Our membership has been stagnating over the last 4
I hope to see you all there. Check our website,               years. Although we continue to be one of the largest state
sdngea.com, for more information. There are too many          associations in the Enlisted Association of the National
more to mention here, so come to the conference and           Guard of the United States, EANGUS, we still are no-
find out.                                                                                          (Continued on next page)
THE ENLISTED ECHO                                        Spring 2006                                                                            7

         CONFERENCE AGENDA                                                     Auxiliary
                                                                    t is “Time to Mix in 2006”. That is the theme for
      “TIME TO MIX IN 2006”                                         this year’s Annual State Conference, and we are
                                                                    ready! The State Conference will be held in Sioux
                  April 27-30, 2006                             Falls on April 27-30. All meetings will be held at the
                                                                Sioux Falls Convention Center next to the Sheraton
             Sioux Falls Convention Center
                                                                Hotel. This is the time to reconnect with our guard fam-
                    Sioux Falls, SD                             ilies from across the state, conduct Auxiliary business,
                                                                and have some fun! It is also a time to support our
     Thursday, April 27                                         Enlisted Association!
     1200        Registration                                        The Executive Council will meet Thursday, April 27,
     1430        Executive Council Meeting                      at 2:30, at the Sioux Falls Convention Center. An
     1900        Social                                         Auxiliary Brunch is planned for Saturday and tickets will
                                                                be available for purchase at the registration desk on
     Friday, April 28                                           Thursday. Please bring a small gift ($5) if you would
     0800        Conference Call to Order                       like to participate in the gift exchange during the brunch.
                 w/Association                                       Elections for state offices will be held during the
     1000        Auxiliary Adjourns/coffee break                conference. My two year commitment as President will
                                                                be coming to an end, along with a few other offices.
     1015        Auxiliary Meeting, Session I                   Please consider running for one of these positions. To
     1200        Recess until Saturday, April 29                keep our organization going we need to keep changing,
     1300        Sporting Events                                bringing in new ideas and new faces. Most of the offices
     1900        Dance                                          take very little of your time, and supporting the Auxiliary
                                                                can be a rewarding experience.
     Saturday, April 29                                              Membership dues for 2007 are now being accepted.
     0800        Auxiliary Meeting, Session II                  Remember, dues are paid 1 year ahead. So, dues paid
     1000        Brunch/Adjournment                             between January and December 31, 2006, will be applied
     1130        Executive Council Meeting                      to 2007 memberships. Dues are $11 for regular member-
                                                                ship and $3 for Associate membership.
     1300        Sporting Events                                     I look forward to seeing everyone again, and wel-
     1800        Social                                         come any spouses of an Association member to join us
     1900        Banquet                                        during the meetings and brunch and see what we are all
                                                                                  Drive safe and see you in Sioux Falls!
Letter from the President                                                         Barb Kocer
(Continued)                                                        **Please stop by the Auxiliary registration desk on
where near our capacity. We will finish at about 70%,           Thursday for any updates on the agenda, meeting room
nearly 1000 members short of 100% memberships for our           numbers, and brunch information or to purchase tickets.
state. I know, with your help, we can do better.
     I challenge you to contact your local and state legisla-   Council Minutes (Continued from page 5)
tors’ over the next year. Let them know your desires and            The museum is currently full and there has been talk of looking for a new
needs for a better Guard and a better South Dakota.             location for the museum.
     It has been my honor and privilege to serve you, the          Area V Caucus – will be in Fargo, ND on 19-20 May, 2006. Registration
members of the South Dakota National Guard Enlisted             forms are available if you would like to attend.
Association. I will still be very much involved with the            There was discussion on shortening the length of the State Conference in
                                                                order to get higher attendance. It was presented to do a Friday – Saturday con-
Association and you can always call me for help or with         ference instead of Thursday – Saturday.
questions or ideas.                                                Don List reported that the Legislative Workshop will be March 5-9 in
     Lastly, I want to thank all those who came before us       Washington D.C. If interested in attending, please contact Ben Lamp.
and made this the great association it is today. Our future         Ben Lamp also brought up a letter that was sent out by Governor Rounds
is determined by our past and I can tell you, our future        to get Vietnam Era Veterans to register for the Vietnam War Memorial on 15-16
                                                                September. If you know of a vet encourage them to register.
looks very bright.
                                                                   Next meeting will be on April 27th, 2006 at 1430 hrs in Sioux Falls at the
     Sincerely,                                                 Sheraton Inn.
        Your South Dakota National Guard Enlisted                  A motion was made by Bruce Anderson to adjourn the meeting and Craig
        Association President Ben Lamp                          Towns 2nd the motion. Meeting was adjourned at 1615 hours.
8                            Spring 2006                           THE ENLISTED ECHO

                                             South Dakota National G
                                                    47th Annual St
                                                                        Sioux Falls,
                                                                           April 27–
       1300-1900   Registration
       1400        Executive Council Meeting (Room TBD)
       1600        Budget Committee/Audit Committee
                   Positions Evaluation Meeting
                   Credentials Committee Meeting
                   All other Committee Meetings as needed
       1900-2300   Fiesta Night Social with Karaoke

       0700-1300   Registration
       0800        Opening Ceremonies
                   Posting of Colors
                   National Anthem
                   Pledge of Allegiance
                   Invocation – Chaplain
                   Memorial Service
                   Welcome by President
                   Welcome by Mayor, Host Hotel, and Chamber of Commerce
                   Insurance Trust Update – CW4 (Ret) Jim McGwen
                   Museum Update – Robert Kusser
                   Guest Speakers – Order TBD
                   Black Hill’s Veteran’s Honor March Update
       1000        Coffee Break/Auxiliary Adjourns
       1015        Conference Call to Order
                   Remarks by the Adjutant General
                   20 Year Awards
                   Audit Committee Report
                   Treasurer’s Report
                   Membership Report
                   State Conference Sponsorship Report
                   Area V Report
                   EANGUS Report
                   Junior Enlisted Council Report
                   Presentations by Cities bidding for future Conferences
                   Administrative Announcements
       1200        Recess for day
   THE ENLISTED ECHO                          Spring 2006                                      9

uard Enlisted Association
ate Conference
South Dakota
29, 2006
       FRIDAY, APRIL 28 (continued)
           1230        Retired Luncheon
                       Committee Meetings
           1300        Afternoon Activities – Golf, Texas Hold Em’ Tourney, Trap Shoot
                       Hospitality Room Open
           1900-2300   Barn Dance Social at Armory with Sergeant Rock 147th Army Band

           0730-1015   Final Registration
           0730        Past President’s Breakfast
           0830        Business Session Reconvenes
                       Credentials Committee Report
                       Time and Place Committee Report
                       Position Evaluation Committee Report
                       Ways and Means Committee Report
                       Constitution and By-Laws Committee Report
                       Budget Committee Report
                       Resolutions Committee Report
                       Young Heroes Committee Report
                       Insurance Committee Report
                       Legislative Committee Report
                       Athletics Committee Report
                       Publications Committee Report
                       President’s Report
                       Nominations Committee Report
           1000        Coffee Break
           1015        Old Business
                       New Business
                       Nomination and Election of Officers
                       Installation of Officers
                       Retire the Colors
           1200        Adjournment of 47th Annual Conference
           1300        Afternoon Activities – Billiards, Darts, Bowling, Health & Beauty Spa
                       Hospitality Room Open
           1800-1900   Social Hour
           1900        Banquet
10                                                                Spring 2006                                 THE ENLISTED ECHO

                                                                                           Fiesta Night!
     PAMPER YOURSELF…                                                                       Thursday, April 27th
     YOU DESERVE IT!                                                                    Sioux Falls Convention Center
       2006 South Dakota National Guard

                                                                                  his year’s state conference will host two special
          Officer/Enlisted Conference                                             nights of joint activities for the Enlisted and
      Saturday April 29th, 2006, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm                              Officers Associations of South Dakota. Your reg-
                                                                         istration for the conference will include a Fiesta Night

            ll spouses are invited to “Pamper Yourself” at
                                                                         with Karaoke on Thursday, April 27th. Bring your som-
            the Etch Hair Salon and Day Spa in Sioux
                                                                         breros and plan to enjoy Mexican munchies as well as a
            Falls. Wine & cheese will be available, com-
                                                                         fun night of music and Karaoke by Port-A-Party Karaoke.
     pliments of WILDE PRAIRIE WINERY. Wine will
                                                                         Registration will be open until 1900 on Thursday, so be
     be available for purchase after your relaxing day.
                                                                         sure to register before coming to the Fiesta.
        Please call anytime starting after April 10th to
     reserve your preferred time. The phone number is
     (605) 275-6340.
       The following services are available at ETCH:
                                          $48.00 + tax
                                          $28.80 + tax
                                                                                 Barn Dance
          HAIRSTYLE:                      $20.00 + tax
                                                                                      Friday, April 28th
          1/2 HOUR Massage                $24.00 + tax                               Fairgrounds Armory
          1 HOUR Massage                  $48.00 + tax

     Any other service, you can receive a 20% discount.                          he second joint social event at this year’s confer-
                                                                                 ence will be the Barn Dance held on Friday night
        Directions to Etch Hair Salon: After leaving the Shera-                  at the Fairgrounds Armory. Buses will be trans-
     ton, take Russell Street to Minnesota Ave, Go South on              porting members from the Sheraton starting at approxi-
     Minnesota Ave until you get to 69th Street, take a right
                                                                                   mately 1830 hours with activities beginning at
     and it is located in the Waterfall Plaza. (Approximately 15
                                                                                   1900 hours. South Dakota’s own 147th Sergeant
                                                                                 Rock Army Band will be providing the boot-
        ETCH Hair Salon & Day Spa                                                   scootin’ music for the night’s festivities. Uncle
        405 W. 69th St                                                              Ed’s will be offering up good ol’ barbeque and
        Sioux Falls, SD 57108                                                       beer and set-up tickets will be available.
                                                                                    BYOB for alcohol. Please inquire at registra-
                                                                                      tion for further information on this activity.

            Thank You!                                                      All Registered members will be issued a
       The Enlisted Association would like to thank                         name badge that will be used for entrance to
       Renner Corner for supporting last year’s                             both of these FREE events. Please be sure
       National Conference in Orlando Florida by
       donating meat for our All States Night. It was                       to register and receive your name badge
       a big hit and we owe it all to you. Thank you                        prior to entering these events.
       for your support!

              RENNER CORNER
        Corner of Highway 115 & 258th Street • Renner, SD 57055
                     Renner Corner is a Convenience Store
                     & Butcher Shop with hours Monday
                     –Thursday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Friday &
                     Saturday, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.; and Sun-
                     day 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. They process wild
                     game as well as sell beef and pork.
                     Homemade & Award-Winning Meats!
                     Visit them and show our appreciation
                     for their support.
THE ENLISTED ECHO   Spring 2006   11
12                                                    Spring 2006                               THE ENLISTED ECHO

         The SDNGEA Wishes
       he executive council of the South Dakota
       National Guard Enlisted Association would like
       to congratulate the 2005 recipients of the Soldier
and Airman of the Year Awards. The recipients are:
             Airman of the Year Program
     Senior NCO of the Year: MSgt Jennifer M. Reecy
         NCO of the Year: TSgt Zone L Hornstra
       Airman of the Year: SrA Jeremy J. Van Cleave
             Soldier of the Year Program
          Soldier of the Year: SPC Randi Frank
            NCO of the Year: SSG Clay Rees
    Congratulations to you all for your outstanding
achievement and we look forward to seeing you at this
year’s conference in Sioux Falls in April.

State Conference
Sponsor Program
    Background: This program is made possible by dona-
tions from the SDNGEA and is established to encourage
E1 to E5 attendance at the State Conference each year.
This program will pay for the fees associated with atten-
dance of State Conference to include: room accommoda-
tions, registration with banquet tickets, and a pre-                CSM Virgil R. Williams
arranged amount of spending money.
    Qualifications: To be considered for this program, an
applicant must be: in the ranks of E1 to E5, a paid mem-
ber of the SDNGEA, have never attended any other

                                                                        his memorial scholarship program was
state conference of the SDNGEA, be able to write a fol-                 established by the EANGUS and the fol-
low-up report of their experience to be included in this                lowing members are eligible to apply:
publication.                                                    1. member of EANGUS
    Anyone wishing to nominate a member for sponsor-
ship should e-mail the association’s Executive Director,        2. dependent unmarried sons and daughters of
SMSgt Bruce Anderson at bcres@sio.midco.net                        EANGUS members
                                                                3. spouses of EANGUS members, and
                                                                4. unmarried children or spouses of deceased
                                                                   EANGUS members who were in good
                                                                   standing at their time of death.
                                                                    More specific qualifications for this scholar-
                                                                ship can be found at the SDNGEA Website.
                                                                There will be two or more scholarships in the
                                                                amount of $2,000.00 awarded each year.
                                                                Applications must be received NLT 1 June 2006.
                                                                   Go to www.sdngea.com, “Programs,” then
                                                                “Scholarships” to get an application.

                                                                         All other 2006 scholarships
                                                                       had a deadline of 1 March 2006.
THE ENLISTED ECHO                             Spring 2006                                                     13
                              OFFICIAL ENTRY BLANK

TO:      All Army and Air National Guard Units and Retirees. Please see that all members of your
         unit receive this information.
WHEN: The Annual SDNGEA BOWLING TOURNAMENT will be held Friday, Saturday and
      Sunday, 19-21 May 2006 at Huron, SD
SHIFT TIMES: 19 May 2006 Friday          Team 7:00 PM – Doubles & Singles 9:15 PM
                 20 May 2006 Saturday    Team 9:00 AM – Doubles & Singles 11:15 AM
                                                        Doubles & Singles 2:00 PM
                                         Team 4:30 PM – Doubles & Singles 7:00 PM
                 21 May 2006 Sunday                     Doubles & Singles 9:00 AM
                                         Team 11:15AM – Doubles & Singles 2:00 PM
                                                        Doubles & Singles 4:15 PM
WHERE: Fair City Lanes, 143rd St SW, Huron, SD 352-8637.
HANDICAP: “NONE” This will be a “9 PIN NO TAP” Tournament. No Handicap involved. Will not
be a sanctioned Tournament.
COST: Cost per event will be $15.00. All Events additional $2.00. Bowling $8.00, Expense 1.00,
      Prize Fee $6.00. Prize money returned 100%. Prize money for team, doubles and singles
      will be paid back at a ratio of 1 to 4 entries. All Events will be paid back at a 1 to 10 ratio.
PARTICIPATION: Bowlers may enter each event once.
RESERVATIONS:       We are now taking reservations. A check or money order must accompany entry
                    unless arrangements are made.
4 Person Team (Name, Last, First MI)          Doubles & Singles
                                              Check the events you will be entering
1. ______________________________             (Name, last, first, MI)                   Doubles Singles All Events
2. ______________________________             1. ___________________________________________
3. ______________________________             2. ___________________________________________
4. ______________________________             3. ___________________________________________
                                              4. ___________________________________________
                                              Times: Team:________________ Doubles & Singles ___________

Team Captain: Name: ______________________________________________________________
                 Address: _______________________________ City: ________________________
                 Zip: ______________ Phone: ___________________________________________
                 Unit: ___________________________________ Amt. Enclosed: $______________

  MAKE RESERVATIONS TO:                                   MOTEL RESERVATIONS CAN BE MADE AT:
  SDNGEA BOWLING TOURNAMENT,                              CROSSROADS 352-3204
  ATTN: KEN SHOULTZ                                       SUPER 8    352-0740
  775 SIMMONS AVE SE                                      BESTWESTERN 352-2000
  HURON, SD 57350.                                        DAKOTA INN 352-1400
  605-352-5934/350-6346                                   HOLIDAY INN 352-6655
14                                                    Spring 2006                                 THE ENLISTED ECHO

   Your South Dakota                                         Air Guard Junior Enlisted
 National Guard Museum                                       Council Members Elected
            SFC (Ret) Bob Kusser, Director

       nother winter has passed and we now are marching
       into Spring with anticipation of welcoming more
       visitors to the museum. 2005 ended with nearly
800 more visitors than the previous year. Visitation in
January was good, and February we had several schools
schedule visits.
    May 4, 2006 @ 8:00 PM CST on SD Public TV’s
National Guard Museum will be featured. We think the
timing is great as people will be putting vacation plans
together and hopefully will include a museum stop if
they are coming to Pierre.
    During the
Legislative Session
we displayed a Dan-
bury Mint replica of
the Enola Gay
owned by Mr.

Sherman Parrot of                                                    he Air Guard elected Officers to its Junior En-
Pierre. The                                                          listed Council in February 2006. Pictured above
“ENOLA GAY”                                                          from left to right are: SSgt Cory Dreesman, Presi-
(B29 Superfortress)                                          dent; SrA Javier Castro, Vice President; SrA Adam
piloted by then                                              Passick, Sgt at Arms; SSgt Jackie Olthoff, TReasurer; and
COL Paul Tibbets on 6 August 1945 left Tinian Island         SSgt Stacey Olson, Secretary.
and proceeded to Hiroshima where it delivered its awe-           This Council was formed to better assist the junior
some payload. The blinding flash that ensued signaled a      enlisted members of the Air Guard to get involved with
dramatic end to World War II in the Pacific Theatre.         the events of the SDNGEA. The council looks forward
    We hosted the NGASD meeting prior to the Dining          to furthering their involvement with the Executive
Out on February 16th and the annual museum board             Council and hopes they encourage other junior members
meeting on February 17th.                                    to do the same. Thanks for stepping up and participating,
    June 8–10, we will provide displays and promote the      and we look forward to great things from you in the
museum during the State VFW Convention being held            future!
in Pierre.
    We will continue to enhance our Vietnam Era display
and prepare for the Vietnam War Memorial Dedication
September 15–16, 2006.
    Museum Website: Thank You goes to Lynda Fratzke
                                                                Area V Caucus
at Military and Veterans Affairs for helping us get the
                                                                            he 2006 Area V Caucus will be hosted by
museum Website updated. We have tried to make it
                                                                            the North Dakota NGEA on 19-20 May
informative but yet leave the reader wanting to visit the
                                                                            2006 in Fargo, N.D. The Caucus will take
museum to learn more about the South Dakota National
                                                                    place at the Best Western Doublewood Inn. For
Guard. New additions to the site: Air Guard history, link
                                                                    reservations, call 701-235-3333 or 1-800-433-3235
to the 196th RCT Website, and other notes of interest.
                                                                    and reference the National Guard Area V Caucus.
We are still working on the insertion of photos as of this          Registration for the caucus is $30.00 per per-
writing but anticipate the final product soon.                  son and includes continental breakfast and deli
    The museum hours of operation are Monday through            lunch on Saturday, May 20th. Please make room
Friday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Our location is 301 East             reservations and send registration NLP 29 April
Dakota Avenue, downtown, Pierre. Contact us through             2006.
the Website:                                                         For an official registration form, please contact
www.state.sd.us/military/military/museum.html or phone          Chuck Kasin at charles.kasin@ndfarg.ang.af.mil or
us at (605) 224-9991                                            call him at 701-451-2416.
    Thank you for your continued support!
THE ENLISTED ECHO   Spring 2006   15
16   Spring 2006   THE ENLISTED ECHO

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