Spring Arts Weekend

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					Spring Arts Weekend 2010
Association for the Arts Open Board meeting
Center Room: ELC

See attached attendance list

Jason opened the meeting letting folks know that Cindy Peltier and Bill Lenker could not
be in attendance today. Cindy‟s brother died unexpectedly and Bill is undergoing
treatment for aplastic anemia. Our thoughts are with both of them.

Mary Ann Stanton read minutes from Homecoming „09
Penelope Sanborn motioned to accept the minutes as read
Prof Roger Rothman seconded
Motion approved by all

Dabney Giles Treacy presented the Treasurer‟s report; See attached
Provided snapshot of this year
Illustrated allocations (scholarships, block grants, professional development, student
ventures and entrepreneurship)
Month by month illustrations of this year‟s grants
Total of over 46000. in grants this year
Prof Gary Grant asked about professional development grants – Dabney told us that these
are under the Dean of Arts and Humanities purview now, not AfA.
Josh Grill from AF explained this was new this year to provide specific support to faculty
and students – faculty should go through Bill Kenney and then the new dean as of June 2.
Requests can be made through June 30.

Mary Ann moved to accept the report
Alison Ables seconded
Motion passed

Penelope Kokines Sanborn reported on the Super Arts Seven: These are university staff
who meet every 3rd week to discuss and support the Association. Penelope wanted us to
all be aware of this support. Penelope invited Kristin to explain further
Kristin Stetler from Alumni Relations introduced Missy Gutkowski who is our liaison in
Career Services. Kristin and Missy and the following folks are part of this support team:
Dana Cohick in AF
Josh Grill in AF
Linda Reinaker who deals with Scholarships
Jarrod Warshaw in Admissions
Bill Kenney in the Dean of Arts and Humanities Office

Jason thanked Penelope publicly for all that she has done.
Jason mentioned BU Alumni Club even in NYC involving an alum Alex Lyris who has a
one man show in NYC – AfA wants to do an event around it. Prof Paula Davis
mentioned that she has seen it, and that they want to bring him to campus, have him do a
master class and his performance. She will let us know about dates/plans.

Mako exhibit: Kristin Stetler presented in Cindy Peltier‟s absence. Mako is an alum and
a current parent. His exhibit will be here in May and June. Events planned for
commencement and reunion weekends. Dept open house during commencement will
provide timeframe for an event that weekend. Association will co-sponsor a lecture and
reception w BOT member Martie Samek. He will donate a portion of the sale of his
works to the Association for the Arts.

   Kristen Feeney explained that the granting process has changed. Anything related
    to block grants goes directly through the Dean of Arts and Humanities office.
    ONLY student requests are handled by the board.

      This year, AfA granted double the amount we granted 3 short years ago.

      Gary Grant asked about quidelines for grants apps for students. Mary Ann
       Stanton explained that one of the most important thing is that we avoid granting
       projects that can affect a student‟s grade, this is unfair to other students and can
       also affect financial aid. Penelope added that another consideration, particularly
       when students request funding for off-campus learning opportunities

GUIDELINES FOR STUDENTS: Professors Kelly Knox and Roger Rothman asked that
we write very clear guidelines for students. Kate Matelan ‟10 added that a “how to”
section would be helpful.
     All agreed that was necessary. Kristen Feeney will oversee this effort – Roger
        Rothman offered to be used as a sounding board.

      Gary asked about unexpected emergency requests. Kristen replied that certainly
       folks can continue to submit applications, but that these go through Bill Kenny‟s

Bucknell Public Interest Program and AfA:
Kristin Stetler presented information on BPIP. Internships in non-profit agencies to
students via an application and interview process.

This year‟s recipients of the AfA BPIP scholarships are:
    Johnny Cicardo ‟11 at Rochester Contemporary Art Center
    Emily Bruno – NY Botanical Garden

AF presentation

Dana Cohick presented following:
Currently at 72K
Last year this time 89K
Last year ended at 118K
Goal Fiscal ‟10 is 175K
See attached Power point

Discussed how and why people give to Association.
Dana wants the board to do more one on one fundraising.

Mary Ann explained that she and Cindy Peltier have worked w Kristin Stetler, Missy
Gutkowski, and Jenna in AR/CS as well as Rachel Bandarenko ‟88 on the Alumni Board
to develop a plan. We have a rough draft that is being circulated among the board
members, and an initial list of students.

Kate suggested that we include Student organizations (activities unlimited in the fall) as
we seek student board reps.

Jason announced that Bill Kenney is at the end of his dean term, and Renee Gosson is the
dean designee.

Reminded all that the next president has been named, John Bravman.

Josh Grill: Other DAR updates:
Sam Lundquist left BU 5 wks ago to take a position at Wharton
Scott Rosevear has been named Interim VP for the time being.
Campaign continuing to move forward.

Jason publicly commended Sam Lundquist for his service in abstentia. The board will
miss him.

Kristin Stetler announced that Laura Denbow (executive director Alumni and
Career Services) will be leaving after Reunion but assured us that Alumni and
Career Services is committed to supporting and uplifting the arts.

Kate Matelan ‟10 editor in chief of BE fashion Magazine. Thanked us for our support.
Introduced the team:
Erin Rafferty ‟11 will be editor in chief
Lindsey Hooper : Will be asst editor next year
Joanna Wheeler : head fashion editor
Ashley Urban
Melinda Thomas: layout production
Amanda Tripp: production manager
Kate thanked us and gave us the history of the magazine. She feels that her experience
on the magazine is directly responsible for the opportunities she currently as – several
interview w the Hearst Corporation in her horizon.

Jason wondered if they were considering going digital – they are. Archive issues are in
pdf format online.

Penelope commended the students and let them know how much we have appreciated
watching the idea grow to fruition.

Jason explained our mission to grow the board, make it more diverse on a number of
levels. Explained that a committee will be formed for the fall whose focus is nominations
of new members.

Slate was presented:
See attached

New nominees to the board are:
Rich Klein „69
Chris North „07
Jonathan Uffleman „90
Marc Kenny „91

Board members slated for reelection:
Kristen Feeney
Dabney Treacy
Penelope Sanborn
Mark Stello
Martha Barron
Cindy Peltier

Officer nomination:
President: Jason Janego

Motion to accept the slate made by Alison Abels
Kristen seconded
Approved by membership

Penelope again solicited nominations for nominees for the 2011-2013 Association board
term. She will reach out in the fall more formally.

Paula requested nominations for the Bucknell Forum speaker series: Creativity Beyond
the Box
First speaker is Twyla Tharp, September 14 (she is also doing a master class with the
dance students!)

Sam Shepard will be the Janet Weis Fellow. He will be speaking on campus Tuesday,
Oct 5 at the Weis Center. Pete Mackey has offered special seating for the Association for
the Arts. Jason will follow up w Kristin Stetler and Pete Mackey.

Motion to adjourn made by Penelope
Kristen seconded
Motion passed.