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Price List 2010/2011

pearl anniversary
AGENCY PARTNERS                                            THE TEAM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
                                                           INTRODUCTION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
McPHERSON ............................................52   BONDING & DISTRIBUTION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
                                                           GREENCROFT BOTTLING CO. LTD. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5
MILLAMAN..........................................58-60    LANCHESTER GIFTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-17
                                                           WATERS EDGE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18-19
                                                           LANCHESTER WINE CELLARS QUARTER BOTTLE RANGE . . . . . . 20-21
                                                           INSPIRAL RANGE AND PET RANGE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22
DIAMOND RIVER .................................74-75
                                                           DOUBLE SERVE AND SMALL BRANDED BOTTLE RANGE . . . . . . . . . 23
                                                           JUST COOKIN’ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24
                                                           CUSTOMER OWN LABEL WINE SERVICE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
                                                           LANCHESTER FRUIT WINES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26-27
                                                           SPARKLING WINES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28-29
                                                           CHAMPAGNE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30-31
                                                           FRANCE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32-39
                                                           GERMANY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40-41
                                                           OLD WORLD WINES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41
                                                           ITALY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42-46
                                                           SPAIN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47-50
                                                           AUSTRALIA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51-56
                                                           SOUTHERN AUSTRALIA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54
                                                           NEW ZEALAND . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57-59
                                                           CHILE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60-66
                                                           ARGENTINA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67-68
                                                           CANADIAN ICE WINES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 69
                                                           CALIFORNIA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70-73
                                                           SOUTH AFRICA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74-79
                                                           FAIR TRADE, ORGANIC & VEGAN WINES                       . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .80-81
                                                           HALF BOTTLE RANGE & BAG IN WINE BOXES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82
                                                           DESSERT WINES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 83
                                                           PORT AND FORTIFIED WINES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 84
                                                           BEERS & ALES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 85
                                                           CIDER AND PERRY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 86
                                                           WATER & NON-ALCOHOLIC DRINKS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 87
                                                           COPPA COCKTAILS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .88-89
                                                           VAN ROOS PREMIUM LIQUEURXS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .90-91
                                                           SPIRITS & LIQUEURS            . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 92-97
                                                           TERMS OF TRADING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 98
                                                           ANALYSIS CHART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .99

    The Team
Managing Director: Tony Cleary
                                                                  Wine Style Guide
Director: Veronica Cleary

Finance Director: Audrey Close
                                                                      White wines are numbered
Director (Greencroft Bottling): Mark Satchwell                        from 1 to 9
Sales Director: Barry Punton                                          1 - being the driest, through to

National Account Executives: Ian Richardson, Richard Hebden,          9 - being the sweetest
Gary Morris and Shane Fazackerley

Sales Executives: Fred Anderson, Derek Colsell, Charles Elliott       Rose wines are numbered
and Mark Bingham
                                                                      from 1 to 9
Sales Associate: Jeff Williams                                        1 - being the driest, through to
Buyer/P.A. to Managing Director: Lesley Cook                          9 - being the sweetest
Office Manager: Michelle Alderson

Group Accountant: David Manktelow                                     Red wines are numbered from
                                                                      A to E
Finance Manager: Allison Wilkinson
                                                                      A - being the lightest, through to
Sales Orders: Melanie Johnson and Sharon Dobson
                                                                      E - being the most powerful and
Purchase Ledger: Shelley Easton
                                                                          full bodied
Telesales and Sales Orders: Diane King

Credit Control: Valerie Taylor

Sales Invoicing: Joanne Loughran
                                                                      House Wine
Bond Development Manager: Laura Metters

Bond Assistants: Amy Wilson, Gillian Rhodes, Adele McQueen and
Amy Bell                                                              Connoisseurs Choice
C & E Bond Manager: Peter Clarke

Transport Manager: John Mitcheson
Assistant Warehouse Managers: Kevin Renphrey and Douglas

Warehouse Operatives: Ian Keeler, Ian Brown, Mark Deerin,
                                                                      Fair Trade
Steven Gray, Andrew Field and Lee Stratton

Transport: Barrie Bayles, Dave Baker, Melvyn Martindale,
Ross Appleby, Brian Ironside, Ian Hodgson and Barnaby Howard

Lanchester Gifts: Ruth Peyton and Peter Mitchell

                                              Welcome to our price list for 2010-2011
2009 has been a very interesting year for us all in the liquor      There are many new wine ranges - some we are filling here
trade, constant increases in duty, two in one year for the first    at Greencroft and others we are shipping in from all over the
time in living memory have made life doubly difficult for all of    world.
us together with the deepest recessions since the 1930’s,
2010 and going into 2011 is a real challenge.                       The Gift business have some superb new gift boxes, hampers,
                                                                    both wine and food for delivery to home addresses
Lanchester Group have managed to buck the trend, with our           throughout the UK and in Europe. We can act as a drop
bottling operation doubling its turnover and we are now the         shipper for your business. You take the order send it to us,
largest fillers of 187ml bottles in Europe. There is a new large    we will make up the gift pack and deliver it within 48 hours
bottling line under construction in Italy and will be delivered     direct to your customer, the customer pays you, you pay us,
April/May 2010, this line is rated at 15,000 bottles per hour       simple, no work for you and a cash profit straight away.
and will help us grow the business in 2010.
                                                                    The quality of our own brands including Waters Edge is truly
The gift operation has grown dramatically in 2009, with 2010        superb, the bulk wine being sourced from some of the finest
looking very solid, so we look forward to excellent growth in       wineries in the New World so you can be confident of serving
the next 12 months. The internet sites are nearly finished          top class wines to your customers.
now and look very professional with different trade sites for
Lanchester, Gifts and Greencroft Bottling as well as a group

The government are in serious trouble with the borrowing
                                                                     Tony Cleary
billowing to over £175 billion, the chancellor (whichever
political colour) will probably increase the duty rates again in
the summer as they desperately try and pay down some of
this astronomical debt so it is with great reluctance for the
first time ever we are not printing prices in our price list. We
are printing our price brochure and listing all the prices in the
back sleeve on a separate list, just in case the above happens
and we need to change the price. This will mean the brochure
is still current and we can change pricing without having to
reprint the whole list.

2010 brings many new listings with our own liqueur range,
Van Roos, produced by one of the top liqueur companies in
Holland, beautifully presented and well priced. Also we have
the Coppa Cocktails range for the ‘on’ trade making it easy for
our customers to offer a great range of cocktails straight from
the bottle with excellent margins to boot.

Bonding & Distribution
Since moving to our site at Greencroft in 2001 we have seen
major changes each year bringing with them new challenges and
expectations. Over the last year we have taken “in-house” more
space and now operate a 250,000 sq. ft. bonded warehouse
facility. We have more than 30 customers who bond with us but
we still use the vast majority of space ourselves.

Our fully trained staff are able to offer storage, handling and
picking orders. We can also arrange deliveries worldwide both
through our own transport operation and alongside our shipping

Our fleet vehicles are under constant review. The fleet has grown
to meet our increasing distribution requirements and ranges from
44 tonne artics down to 3.5 tonne delivery vans. This allows us
to deliver with our own vehicles throughout the UK.

Over the last 12 months we have upgraded our C&E approved           We are committed to reviewing all of our operations on a regular
computer software and have installed links to give us an            basis both to find any cost-saving measures and streamlining the
improved stock control system. Our aim was to improve on time       business but also of ways where we can add value and improve
for delivery of invoices and an improved order taking department    service.
where each operator could view accounts whilst taking an order.
We are now looking to add more functionality to the
system to help with our operations.

                                     Greencroft Bottling Co. Ltd
Greencroft Bottling Company specialises in bottling wines and
spirits only, our 4 modern lines can fill a variety of bottle sizes,
including 187ml, 250ml 500ml and 750ml both in glass and PET.

All wine is cellared and bottled under inert gas and is stored in
stainless steel tanks prior to bottling.

Our fully automated modern filling lines can fill up to 40,000
bottles per hour. The largest line capable of filling 15,000 x 750ml
bottles per hour.

In conjunction with Lanchester Wine Cellars we can offer a
complete bottling, bonding and distribution package.

If you have a new or existing bottling requirement and would like
to know more about how GBC can help you, please contact either
Alan Armstrong or myself directly, full contact details are given
                                                                       Mark Satchwell                      Alan Armstrong
Assuring you of our best attention at all times.                       Managing Director                   Logistics & Procurement Manager
                                                                       Tel: 01207 521234                   Tel: 01207 521400
Mark Satchwell                                                         Fax: 01207 529101                   Fax: 01207 521444
Managing Director                                                      Email:   Email:

    Lanchester Gifts                                                                                          Prices do not include wine

     New Ebony                                                                    Single folding                            Double folding
                                                                                  magnetic box                              magnetic box
                                                                                  Code: XX699                               Code: XX705
                                                                                  Price: £1.00                              Price: £1.49
                                                                                  Case quantity: 24                         Case quantity: 24

     Champagne box
     Code: LG950
     Price: £3.95
     Case quantity: 12

     Magnum wine
     Code: LG951
     Price: £4.50
     Case quantity: 12

     Double wine box
     Code: LG952                          Black wood gift box with 2 x glasses and waiters friend corkscrew
     Price: £5.95                         Code: LG927B
     Case quantity: 12                    Price: £12.00
                                          Case quantity: 8

      Visit to view our full range. Telephone: 01207 528123 Email:

Prices do not include wine
                                                                  Lanchester Gifts
    An exclusive range of wooden wine
    boxes at exceptional value. Designed
    to enhance the presentation and                                                               Single bottle sliding
    gifting of wine.                                                                              Code: LGW001
                                                                                                  Price: £2.25
                                                                                                  Case quantity: 20

                                                           Single bottle
                                                           Code: LG007
                                                           Price: £2.25
                                                                                                       Double bottle sliding
                                                           Case quantity: 28
                                                                                                       Code: LGW002
                                                                                                       Price: £3.20
                                                           Mini cylinder
                                                                                                       Case quantity: 10
                                                           Code: LG007S
                                                           Price: £0.99
                                                           Case quantity: 24

    Single bottle
    Code: LG001
    Price £2.95
    Case quantity 24

    Double bottle                                                                                           Triple bottle sliding
    Code: LG002                                                                                             Code: LGW003
    Price £3.95                                                                                             Price: £4.50
    Case quantity 12                                                                                        Case quantity: 5

    Triple bottle
    Code: LG003
    Price £5.45
    Case quantity 12

    Quadruple bottle
    Code: LG004
    Price £6.95
    Case quantity 6

     Visit to view our full range. Telephone: 01207 528123 Email:

    Lanchester Gifts                                                                                        Prices do not include wine

     Step back in time with
     the range of classic
     wine cases with
                                   Single bottle wine         Single bottle champagne   Double bottle             Triple bottle
     authentic styling. An         (square)                   carrier                   Code: LGAT7385            Code: LGAT7373
     assortment of single,         Code: LGAT7394             Code: LGAT7537            Price: £5.20              Price: £6.05
                                   Price: £3.75               Price: £3.75              Case quantity: 15         Case quantity: 10
     double, triple carriers       Case quantity: 20          Case quantity: 16
     and wood chests.

       Brick Trunks
       Code: LGAT6536
       Price: £19.95 per pair
       Case quantity: 2 Sets

                                                                                        3 bottle barrel           Standing barrel for six
                                                                                        Code: LG955               wines
                                                                                        Price: £9.50              Code: LG018
                                                                                        Case quantity: 8          Price: £10.50
                                                                                                                  Case quantity: 4

                                                                                                                Mini chest
                                                                                                                Code: LGATW001
                                                                                                                Price: £6.52
                                                                                                                Case quantity: 8

                                                 Set of 2 cases for
                                                 six bottles of wine
                                                 and six bottles of
                                                 Code: LGAT7327
                                                 Price: £15.20
                                                 Case quantity: 2 Sets

    Visit to view our full range. Telephone: 01207 528123 Email:

Prices do not include wine
                                                                                         Lanchester Gifts
    Captain Cook
    Our top selling range of wine carriers and chests. This
    range was designed to reflect the huge significance of
    the New World wine in our market today.

                                        Single bottle wine
                                        Code: LGAT7432
                                        Price: £3.75
                                        Case quantity: 20                             Captain Cook Trunks
                                                                                      Code: LGAT10093
                                                                                      Price: £25.95 per pair
                                                                                      Case quantity: 2 Sets

                                                                                                               Double bottle wine
                                                                                                               Code: LGAT7425
                                                                                                               Price £5.50
                                                                                                               Case quantity 15

                                         New                       New
                                         Triple bottle wine        Mini Chest
                                         Code: LG954               Code: LG953
                                         Price: £6.25              Price: £6.95
                                         Case quantity: 10         Case quantity: 8

    Set of 2 cases for six bottles of wine and six bottles of champagne
    Code: LGAT7421
    Price: £17.40
    Case quantity: 2 Sets

   Visit to view our full range. Telephone: 01207 528123 Email:

 Lanchester Gifts                                                                            Prices do not include wine

     Wine Labels
                                                        Wine Label Trunks
                                                        Code: LGAT10093A
                                                        Price £25.95 per pair
                                                        Case quantity 2 sets
                              Single Bottle
                              Code: LG013
                              Price: £3.75
                              Case quantity: 20

                              Double Bottle
                              Code: LG014
                              Price: £5.50
                              Case quantity: 15

                                                   Set of 2 cases for six
                                                   bottles of wine and six
                                                   bottles of champagne.
                                                   Code: LG016
                                                   Price £17.50
                                                   Case quantity 2 Sets

                              Triple Bottle
                              Code: LG015
                              Price £6.52
                              Case quantity 10

     Visit to view our full range. Telephone: 01207 528123 Email:

Prices do not include wine
                                                                                 Lanchester Gifts
    Grand Tour
                         Single bottle wine case
                         Code: LG956
                         Price: £3.75
                         Case quantity: 16

                                                                   Double bottle wine case
                                                                   Code: LG957
                                                                   Price: £5.50
                                                                   Case quantity: 15

                                                                                                    Pair of wine chests.
                                                                                                    Code: LG959
                                                                                                    Price: £17.40
                                                                                                    Case quantity: 2 sets

     (pair)                                        Code: LG958
                                                   Price: £15.95
                                                   Case quantity: 4 pairs

     Visit to view our full range. Telephone: 01207 528123 Email:

 Lanchester Gifts                                                                                     Prices do not include wine

                 Le Grand Amateur Du Vin
                 A brand that reflects the style and quality of this range. Lanchester Gifts have responded once
                 again to the demands and expectations of our discerning customers.

                                                   LUXURY 12 BOTTLE
                       Single Bottle Stitched      WINE CASE
                       Faux Leather Case           Faux leather and felt lined.
                       Code: LG904                 The ultimate present for
                       Price: £4.95                connoisseurs of fine wine.
                       Case quantity: 12           Code: LG907
                                                   Price: £24.50
                                                   Case quantity: 1

                        2 Bottled Stitched Faux
                        Leather Case
                        Code: LG905
                        Price: £7.95
                        Case quantity: 6

                                                     Aluminium box                Aluminium box         Wooden box
                                                     waiter’s friend              2 piece wine set      waiter’s friend
                                                     Code: LG909                  Code: LG908           Code: LG914
                                                     Price £2.95                  Price £3.95           Price £3.95
                               Luxury 6 bottle
                               wine case
                               Code: LG906
                               Price: £14.50
                               Case quantity: 2

                                                                                  4 piece corkscrew     5 piece corkscrew
                                                                                  leather box           with wine pump
                                                                                  Code: LG9010          Code: LG915
                                                                                  Price £8.50           Price £12.00
                                                                                                        Case quantity 8

     Visit to view our full range. Telephone: 01207 528123 Email:

Prices do not include wine
                                                                               Lanchester Gifts
    Faux Leather Cases
    High quality faux leather gift cases suitable for a variety
    of recipients. The range includes a unique cheese knife
    box set for the gourmet, easy carry tote for alfresco
    dining and crystal flutes for that special occasion.

                             2 BOTTLE CARRY CASE - GREEN
                             MATCHING 4 PIECE ACCESSORIES                          PINK CHAMPAGNE CASE               PORT AND CHEESE KNIVES
                             Stitched Faux leather carrier with                    Single bottle pink faux           Black faux leather case with
                             colour co-ordinated wine                              leather case with                 four cheese knives suitable for
                             accessories.                                          champagne accessories.            port or claret.
                             Code: LG902                                           Code: LG605374PL                  Code: LG605000BL
                             Price: £12.50                                         Price: £8.50                      Price: £8.50
                             Case quantity: 4                                      Case quantity: 8                  Case quantity: 8

                             2 BOTTLE CARRY CASE - ORANGE
                             MATCHING 4 PIECE ACCESSORIES
                             Stitched Faux leather carrier with
                             colour co-ordinated wine
                             Code: LG901
                             Price: £12.50
                             Case quantity: 4

                                                                  BLACK WINE AND
                         2 BOTTLE CARRY CASE - RED                CRYSTAL TOTE
                         Contrast stitched leather carrier        Black faux leather case with
                         with 5 x wine accessories.               two Italian crystal glasses and
                         Code: LG903                              wine accessories.
                         Price: £12.50                            Code: LG605106BL
                         Case quantity: 4                         Price £21.50
                                                                  Case quantity 6

                                                                                                    CHAMPAGNE AND FLUTE TOTE
                                                                                                    Cream faux leather case with two Italian crystal
                                                                                                    flutes and champagne accessories.
                                                                                                    Code: LG605106CL
                                                                                                    Price £20.50
                                                                                                    Case quantity 6
                                                                                                    Price reduction

     Visit to view our full range. Telephone: 01207 528123 Email:

 Lanchester Gifts                                                                                                    Prices do not include wine

     DECANTER AND GLASS SET TRAVEL HAMPER                                                                    DOUBLE BOTTLE CARRY CASE -
     Fantastic faux leather decanter and glasses set -                                                       BROWN
     just add two bottles of wine for that perfect gift.          SABRAGE                                    Faux leather stitched double
     Code: LG010B                                                 The Ultimate Champagne Gift                bottle carrier.
     Price: £24.50                                                Code: LG912                                Code: LG012B
     Case quantity: 2                                             Price: £17.50                              Price: £13.00
                                                                  Case quantity: 6                           Case quantity: 4

                                                                                                TOASTING SET
                                                                                                Faux leather presentation case
                                                                                                with two champagne flutes and a
                                                                                                space for a bottle of Champange.
                                                                                                Code: LG961
                                                                                                Price: £14.95
                                                                                                Case quantity: 6
                                                           PORT AND CHEESE KNIVES
                                                           FAUX LEATHER BOX
                                                           Code: LG960
                                                           Price: £12.95
                                                           Case quantity: 4

      Visit to view our full range. Telephone: 01207 528123 Email:

Prices do not include wine
                                                                  Lanchester Gifts
    A range of luxury wine hampers, inspired
    by lazy, hazy days of summer.

                                                             2 X GLASS AND BOTTLE SET -              DOUBLE BOTTLE CARRY CASE -
                                                             CREAM                                   CREAM
                                                             Two glasses and wine accessories        Wicker and faux leather look double
                                                             in a stylish faux leather wicker        bottle case with wine accessories.
                                                             look case with space for a single       Code: LG012
                                                             bottle of wine.                         Price: £13.00
                                                             Code: LG011                             Case quantity: 4
                                                             Price: £14.95
                                                             Case quantity: 4

                                                                                                 FAUX LEATHER PICNIC BOX WITH
                                                                                                 2 GLASSES
                                                                                                 Code: LG962
                                                                                                 Price: £16.50
                                                                                                 Case quantity: 4

                                                                                                                  DRINKS BOX
                                                                                                                  Code: LG963
    DECANTER AND GLASS SET TRAVEL HAMPER                                                                          Price: £14.50
    Fantastic faux leather decanter and glasses set -                                                             Case quantity: 4
    just add two bottles of wine for that perfect gift.
    Code: LG010C (cream), LG010B (brown)
    Price: £24.50
    Case quantity: 2

     Visit to view our full range. Telephone: 01207 528123 Email:

 Lanchester Gifts                                                                                         Prices do not include wine

                                              Wooden Wine Presentation Cases
                                                                     Beautifully crafted wooden cases with stainless steel and polished
                                                                            wood wine and champagne accessories. One and two bottle
                                                                          options available. The Grand Master which includes a wooden
                                                                                           chess set and the silk lined two bottle case.

                                    THE GRAND MASTER
                                    Double wooden case
                                    with wine accessories
                                    and a chess set
                                    printed board.
                                    Code: LG605221B
                                    Price £13.50
                                    Case quantity 4

     Aluminium Cases                                        SINGLE BOTTLE WOOD
                                                            BAR WINE GIFT SET
                                                            A single bottle wooden
                                                                                      DOUBLE BOTTLE WOOD
                                                                                      BAR WINE GIFT SET
                                                                                      A wooden wine case for
                                                                                                                 SINGLE BOTTLE
                                                                                                                 CHAMPAGNE CASE
                                                                                                                 Wooden case with
                                                            case with wine            two bottles of your        champagne accessories.
     Contemporary 1 and 2 bottle aluminium                  accessories.              favourite tipple which     Code: LG6053741WD
                                                            Code: LG605707WD          comes complete with        Price £7.50
     effect cases with polished wood and                    Price £6.50               eight wine accessories.    Case quantity 8
                                                            Case quantity 8           Code: LG605927WD
     stainless steel wine accessories.                      Price reduction           Price £11.00
     Indoor golf putting sets                                                         Case quantity 4
     with accessories ideal for
     executive stress relief,
     golf prizes, gifts
     and corporate.

                                                  EXECUTIVE ALUMINIUM GOLF SET        SINGLE BOTTLE              DOUBLE BOTTLE
                                                  Aluminium case with screw           ALUMINIUM BAR GIFT         ALUMINIUM BAR GIFT
                                                  together putter, balls target and   SET                        SET
                                                  hipflask.                           Single aluminium case      Double aluminium case
                                                  Code: LG706239AL                    with accessories.          with accessories.
                                                  Price £12.50                        Code: LG605817AL           Code: LG605927AL
                                                  Case quantity 4                     Price £8.25                Price £12.00
                                                  Price reduction                     Case quantity 8            Case quantity 4

      Visit to view our full range. Telephone: 01207 528123 Email:

Prices do not include wine
                                                                               Lanchester Gifts
Hamper Boxes
We can provide a comprehensive range of hamper boxes and can design bespoke items in wood, faux leather and wicker. (Minimum
quantities apply) Please contact us at or telephone 01207 528123 to discuss your requirements further.

  Brick Trunks
  Code: LGAT6536
  Price: £19.95 per pair
  Case quantity: 2 Sets

                                                                                                              Captain Cook Trunks
                                                                                                              Code: LGAT10093
                                                                                                              Price £25.95 per pair
                                                                                                              Case quantity 2 Sets

  Wine Label Trunks
  Code: LGAT10093A
  Price £25.95 per pair
  Case quantity 2 sets
                                                       Pair of suitcases
                                                       Code: LG958
                                                       Price: £15.95
                                                       Case quantity: 4 sets

                                                                      LUXURY 12 BOTTLE
                                                                      WINE CASE
                                                                      Faux leather and felt lined.
                                                                      The ultimate present for
                                                                      connoisseurs of fine wine.
                                                                      Code: LG907
                                                                      Price: £24.50
                                                                      Case quantity: 1

      Visit to view our full range. Telephone: 01207 528123 Email:

                                                                                  Waters Edge
Bin No                                                      Bin No

WE030        CHARDONNAY 13.5%                      6x75cl   WE060        CABERNET ROSE 13%                       6x75cl
QB200        A classic dry white wine with      24x187ml    QB235        Deep pink colour, flavours of        24x187ml
         2   vibrant aromas and flavours of                          2   red berries, cherries and
             apple, pear and tropical fruits.                            raspberries, fresh and fruity.

WE032        CHENIN BLANC 12.5%                    6x75cl   WE001        MERLOT 13.5%                            6x75cl
QB202        A classic Western Cape Chenin,     24x187ml    QB220        An easy drinking red with            24x187ml
         4   medium dry in style with a                              C   lively cherry and blackberry
              lovely refreshing fruit finish                             flavours and hints of cocoa
             and light acidity.                                          and violets.

WE033        SAUVIGNON BLANC 13%                   6x75cl   WE004        SHIRAZ/CABERNET 13.5%                   6x75cl
QB201        A fresh clean dry white with       24x187ml    QB223        A soft, rounded easy drinking        24x187ml
         1   hints of citrus and gooseberry                          D   red with well balanced fruit
             on the palate and a crisp                                   flavours and a light spicy finish.
             fruity finish.
                                                            WE002        PINOTAGE/MERLOT 13.5%                   6x75cl
WE031        CHARDONNAY/SEMILLON 13.5%             6x75cl   QB222        A dry but luscious red, giving       24x187ml
QB203        A subtle blend of two popular      24x187ml             C   plenty of fruit and light spicy
         3   grapes, easy drinking with a                                finish.
             light fresh fruity character.
                                                            WE003        CABERNET SAUVIGNON 13%                  6x75cl
WE062        CALIFORNIAN BLUSH 10.5%               6x75cl   QB221        An intense ruby red wine with        24x187ml
QB237        Coral pink in colour. Delicate     24x187ml             D   full nose and blackcurrant
         6   and refreshing with soft fruit                              fruit flavours balanced by
             flavours of strawberries and                                medium tannins.

WE061        SOUTH AFRICA BLUSH PINK 12%           6x75cl
QB236        Bright pink colour, raspberries    24x187ml
         5   and strawberries on the palate.
             Very easy drinking.

 Lanchester Wine Cellars Ltd
     WATERS EDGE                                                                     McPHERSON
     CHARDONNAY 13.5%, QB200                                                         CHARDONNAY
     A classic dry white wine with vibrant aromas and flavours of apple, pear and    13.5% QB001
     tropical fruits.                                                                South Eastern Australia
                                                                                     A well-balanced, fruit-
     MERLOT 13.5%, QB220
                                                                                     forward Chardonnay
     An easy drinking wine with lively cherry and blackberry flavours with hints
                                                                                     with tropical fruit,
     of cocoa and violets.
                                                                                     fig and grapefruit
     CALIFORNIAN BLUSH 10%, QB237                                                    aromas, peach and
     Delicate and refreshing, with a coral pink colour with soft fruit flavours of   melon flavours.
     strawberries and peaches.
     SAUVIGNON BLANC 13%, QB201                                                      SHIRAZ
     A fresh, clean, dry white with hints of citrus and gooseberry on the palate     14% QB002
                                                                                     South Eastern Australia
     and a crisp fruity finish.
                                                                                     Ripe cherries and
     CABERNET SAUVIGNON 13%, QB221                                                   raspberries dominate
     An intense ruby red wine with full nose and blackcurrant fruit flavours         the palate, along with
     balanced by medium tannins.                                                     pepper-spice and well-
     CHENIN BLANC 12.5%, QB202                                                       integrated toasty oak.
     A classic Western Cape Chenin, medium dry in style with a lovely
     refreshing fruit finish and a light acidity.                                    24x18.75cl
     PINOTAGE/MERLOT 13.5%, QB222
     A dry but luscious red, giving plenty of fruit and light spicy finish.
     CABERNET ROSE 13%, QB235
     Deep pink colour, flavours of red berries, cherries and raspberries,
                                                                                     JOHANN BIHN
     fresh and fruity.
                                                                                     LIEBFRAUMILCH QbA
     SEMILLON/CHARDONNAY 13.5%, QB203                                                10.5% QB160 RhineHESSEN,
     A subtle blend of two popular grapes, easy drinking with a light fresh,         Germany
     fruity character.
     SHIRAZ/CABERNET 13.5%, QB223                                                    A medium white with a lovely
     A soft, rounded easy drinking red with well balanced fruit flavours             floral nose and a soft fruity
     and a light spicy finish.                                                       finish.
     BLUSH PINK 10.5%, QB236                                                         24x18.75cl
     Bright pink colour, raspberries and strawberries on the palate.
     Very easy drinking.

     TERRAMATER                                                                      NIKA TIKI
                                                                                     SAUVIGNON BLANC 12%, QB040
     SAUVIGNON BLANC 13% QB050                                                       Marlborough, New Zealand
     Maipo, Chile                                                                    Light straw in colour. Inviting fresh
     A fresh white wine with a hint of gooseberry and clean, crisp finish.           citrus and tropical fruit flavours
                                                                                     overlay mineral characters. Good
     CABERNET SAUVIGNON 13% QB051                                                    texture with a concentrated mid-
     Maipo, Chile                                                                    palate and a crisp finish.
     An intense ruby red wine with full nose and blackcurrant fruit
     flavours balanced by medium tannins.                                            This wine (under another label)
                                                                                     was awarded 2 Gold Medals.
     ROSE 13% QB052                                                                  Michael Cooper has given it two
     Deep pink colour, flavours of cherries and raspberries.                         5-star ratings in his 2009 Buyers
                                                                                     Guide to New Zealand wines. He
     24x18.75cl                                                                      also named it ‘Best White Wine
                                                                                     Buy of the Year.’
     Also available in 48x18.75cl PET.                                               24x18.75cl

                      Quarter Bottle (18.75cl) Range
ROGUES RIDGE                                                        VILLA ROMERO
CHARDONNAY SEMILLON 13.5%                                           PINOT GRIGIO/GARGENEGA 12%
QB030 Australia                                                     QB165 Italy
A subtle blend of two popular grapes, easy                          Light straw in colour. A fresh, frisky wine,
drinking with a fresh fruity character.                             crunchy green apple bouquet, bright
                                                                    and fresh on the palate.
QB031 Australia                                                     PINOT GRIGIO BLUSH 12%
A soft, rounded easy drinking red with well                         QB166 Italy
balanced fruit flavours and a light spicy finish.                   A dry fruity rose which is crisp and lively with
                                                                    a good intensity of ripe berry fruit.
Also available in 48x18.75cl PET.

DIAMOND RIVER                                                       McGUIGAN
CHARDONNAY 13.5%                                                    BLACK LABEL CHARDONNAY 12.5% QB020
QB120 South Africa                                                  South Eastern Australia
Rich, green and gold, a nutty dried peach nose                      A medium to full bodied wine showing buttery
with a pronounced suggestion of ripe citrus on                      flavours along with fresh tropical fruit nuances.
the palate. Ideal with rich, lemon based
seafood.                                                            BLACK LABEL SHIRAZ 13.5% QB021
                                                                    South Eastern Australia
CABERNET SAUVIGNON 14.5%                                            Deep garnet red in colour, with delicious,
QB121 South Africa                                                  fruity plum flavours and a peppery finish.
Dark reddish-purple wine, full of dark chocolate
and mocha coffee flavours. Well-structured wine                     BLACK LABEL ROSE 12.5% QB022
with a nutty, dark chocolatey finish. Enhances                      South Eastern Australia
any steak and recommended to accompany                              Deep pink colour, dryish in style with
roasts.                                                             flavours of soft red fruits.

24x18.75cl                                                          24x18.75cl

PEPLERS FIELD                                                       LOUIS DE BRIAND VIN DE PAYS D’OC
                                                                    CHARDONNAY QB141 France
South African
                                                                    An almost dry white with typical Chardonnay
A classic Western Cape Chenin, dry
                                                                    ‘buttery’ character and a lingering finish.
but with a refreshing fruit finish and
light acidity.
                                                                    SAUVIGNON BLANC 12.5% QB140
CAPE RED 13.5% QB091 South African                                  Fresh zingy flavours of gooseberry and
A dry, but luscious red, giving                                     lemon. Notes of pineapple and tropical
plenty of fruit and light spicy finish.                             fruit.

BLUSH PINK 12% QB092 South                                          MERLOT 12.5% QB142
Africa Bright pink colour, raspberries                              Soft, juicy flavours with a rich abundance
and strawberries on the palate.                                     of red fruits. Mouth watering and easy
Very easy drinking.                                                 drinking.
24x18.75cl                                                          24x18.75cl

                                               TENT CARDS AND DISPLAY STANDS AVAILABLE
 Inspiral and PET Range
                             Our new and exciting range of PET
                             bottles. The bottles are innovative and
                             are evolved from up to the minute
 technology. The plastic holds a barrier which gives at least 18
 months shelf life. 3 times the normal shelf life. The bottle is our own   Bin No
 design and is registered under our name. With the focus very much
                                                                           QB060        SAUVIGNON BLANC 13%                        48x187ml
 on Green issues our bottle is 100% re-cyclable and sustainable.                        A fresh white wine with a hint of

 Bin No
                                                                                    1   gooseberry and clean, crisp finish.

                                                                           QB062        ROSE 13%                                   48x187ml
 QB280        CHARDONNAY 13.5%                          12x187ml                        Deep pink colour, flavours of cherries
              A well balanced, fruit forward Chardonnay                             2   and raspberries.
          2   with tropical fruit, fig and grapefruit
              aromas, peach and melon on the palate.                       QB061        CABERNET SAUVIGNON 13%                     48x187ml
                                                                                        An intense ruby red wine with full nose
 QB282        SAUVIGNON BLANC 13%                            12x187ml
              A fresh white wine with a hint of
                                                                                    D   and blackcurrant fruit flavours balanced
                                                                                        by medium tannins.
          1   gooseberry and a clean crisp finish.

 QB284        CHENIN BLANC 12.5%                             12x187ml
              Medium dry in style with a lovely
          2   refreshing fruit finish and a light acidity.

 QB286        BLUSH PINK 12%                                 12x187ml
              Bright pink colour. Raspberries
          6   and strawberries on the palate.
              Very easy drinking.

 QB281        SHIRAZ 13.5%                                   12x187ml
              Ripe cherries and raspberries dominate                       AUSTRALIA
          C   the palate, along with pepper-spice and
              well integrated toasty oak.
                                                                           ROGUES RIDGE
 QB283        CABERNET SAUVIGNON 13%                         12x187ml      QB038        CHARDONNAY SEMILION 13.5%                  48x187ml
              Intense ruby red wine with full nose and                                  A subtle blend of two popular grapes,
          B   blackcurrant fruit flavours balanced by
                                                                                    2   easy drinking with a fresh fruity
              medium tannins.                                                           character.

 QB285        PINOTAGE MERLOT 13.5%                          12x187ml      QB039        SHIRAZ CABERNET13.5%                       48x187ml
              A dry but luscious red, giving plenty                                     A soft, rounded easy drinking red with
          B   of fruit and a light spicy finish.
                                                                                    C   well balanced fruit flavours and a light
                                                                                        spicy finish.

Double Serve & Branded Small Bottle
PERRY - LAMBRUSSI BIANCO                                          CONCHA Y TORO
This classy stylish perry is specially blended to give a rich     MOUNTAIN RANGE (Chile)
flavour. It is semi-sparkling with a zingy fruit palate at a
                                                                  Bin No.
super price. Screw cap for ease of opening. Hugely
                                                                  CL025     MERLOT 13.5%                   24x18.75cl
popular in both clubs and pubs.
                                                                  CL026     CHARDONNAY 13%                 24x18.75cl
                                                                  CL031     SAUVIGNON BLANC 12.5%          24x18.75cl
Bin No.                                                           CL030     CABERNET SAUVIGNON 13.5%       24x18.75cl

CP033     LAMBRUSSI BIANCO                            24x25cl

 CP023      BUCKS FIZZ                                  24x20cl

IT216 PINOT GRIGIO 12%                                 12x25cl

DE005 LIEBFRAUMILCH 9.5%                               12x25cl

CL101 SANTA REGINA SAUVIGNON BLANC 12%                 12x25cl

                                                                  DE151     PREMIERE TROCKEN 11%             24x20cl
                                                                  DE150     PREMIERE HALBTROCKEN 11%         24x20cl
RED WINES                                                         DE154     ROSE SEKT TROCKEN 12%            24x20cl
CHILE:                                                            ES249     LANCERS ROSE 10%                 24x20cl
CL100 SANTA REGINA CABERNET SAUVIGNON 13%              12x25cl    DE153     GOLDTRAUM SPARKLING 11%          24x20cl
CL108 SANTA REGINA MERLOT 13.5%                        12x25cl    FR904     DRAPPIER GOLD LABEL BRUT 12%     40x20cl

AU003 CAPTAIN COOK SHIRAZ/CABERNET 13%                 12x25cl
                                                                  Also available - unlabelled Sekt Brut

 Just Cookin’
 Red and White Wine seasoned for cooking*.
 AVAILABLE IN 10 Litre CARTONS for outstanding value.

 6 reasons why professional chefs
 purchase Just Cookin’
 Price: equivalent to under £1.46 per 75cl bottle. V.A.T. Exempt.
 Quality: fresh seasoned cooking wine* every time.
 Safety: robust bag in box format - no glass.
 Ease of use: easy to use tap.
 Space saving: 10 Litres of Just Cookin’ in one tidy box.
 Shelf Life: once opened Just Cookin’
 will remain fresh for up to 6 weeks.


 Master Chef
 4 x 3 Ltrs £23.39 TRADE PRICE

 4 x 3 Ltrs £23.39 TRADE PRICE

            Customer own label wine service
WHY OWN LABEL WINES?                                                    UNLABELLED WINES
● Differentiate yourself from the competition with your Own Label       WHITE WINES
  quality wines
                                                                        WE200     Chardonnay                     Australia
                                                                        WE206     Chenin Blanc                   South Africa
● Own label wine can dramatically increase wine sales                   WE202     Sauvignon Blanc                Chile
                                                                        WE209     Chardonnay                     South African
● Reinforce your company image with your customers

                                                                        ROSE WINES
● Own label wine is an important service for Restaurants, Pubs,
  Clubs, Hotels and Corporate Clients                                   WE201     White Zinfandel                California
                                                                        WE211     Blush                          South Africa

● The ideal bespoke gift, especially when presented in one of our
  range of inexpensive quality gift boxes.
                                                                        RED WINES
                                                                        WE203    Merlot                         South Africa
                                                                        WE204    Cabernet Sauvignon             Chile
                                                                        WE205    Pinotage/Merlot                South Africa
WHY LANCHESTER OWN LABEL                                                WE210    Cabernet Sauvignon             South Africa
                                                                        WE207    Shiraz                         Australia
● Our range of wines has something for everyone, we have 5 red
  wines, 4 white wines and 2 rose wines to choose from.

                                                                        SPARKLING BOTTLE RANGE
● We source and bottle the wines ourselves and can assure you of
  the best quality and bottling technique.                              DE135A    German Gold Rush Sparkling           per bottle
                                                                                  with 24 carat gold leaf.

● We can print your design in-house negating any origination fees
and the minimum order is very modest.
                                                                        IDEAL FOR WEDDINGS/ENGAGEMENTS
● For Wholesale accounts - we can advise you on label printing and      Photograph can be printed onto label.
  will check (if requested) to ensure your labels contain the correct   Lead time approximately 3 weeks.
  legal content.

                                                         Lanchester Fruit Wines
Lanchester Fruit Wines are made with REAL FRUIT, not concentrate. They are inspired by the wines traditionally made from hedgerow fruits and flowers.
Many of the wines make delicious spritzers, mixed 50-50 with soda water or lemonade.

Bin No                                                                         Bin No
GB019     MEAD 14.5%                                    12x70cl                GB042      GINGER 14.5%                                  12x70cl
GB056     Mead has been drunk since the middle        24x187ml                 GB058      A classic, smooth, heart-warming            24x187ml
          ages. Blended with pure honey for a                                             ginger wine.
          beautifully rounded rich flavour.                                    GB044      BLACKBERRY 14.5%                              12x70cl
GB051     BLACK BEER & RAISIN 14.5%                     12x70cl                           Bursting with the full flavour and heady
GB057     A full flavoured dark wine, with a rich     24x187ml                            aroma of ripe hedgerow fruit.
          malty character.                                                     GB045      ELDERBERRY 14.5%                              12x70cl
GB035     DAMSON 14.5%                                 12x70cl                            A robust red, rich in colour and flavour.
          Light red in colour. Dry in style and                                           A superb after-dinner drink.
          flavour.                                                             GB039      ELDERFLOWER 11.5%                             12x70cl
GB034     STRAWBERRY 14.5%                              12x70cl                           A dry old fashioned wine with floral
GB061     Medium sweet flavour, lusciously fruity     24x187ml                            flavours. A perfect picnic, aperitif or
          with a very fruity bouquet. As a spritzer                                       lunchtime tipple.
          with bubbly or soda.                                                 GB040      BLACKBERRY & APPLE 14.5%                      12x70cl
GB036     SLOE 14.5%                                   12x70cl                            A soft light medium dry wine laden with
          A full bodied red. Medium in taste with                                         blackberries.
          a strong flavour. Succulent and smooth.                              GB064      ROSEHIP 12.5%                                 12x70cl
GB052     CHERRY 14.5%                                 12x70cl                            A delicate rose, with aromas of peach,
          Lovely aroma of black cherries                                                  apple and some summer fruits.
          with a fruity luscious flavour.                                      GB043      NETTLE 12.5%                                   12x70cl
GB038     APRICOT 14.5%                                12x70cl                            Slightly green in colour, floral, and with
          A richly scented, golden sweet wine with                                        a crisp acidity mixed with a slight spiciness.
          the lingering flavour of soft ripe fruit.                            GB063      CRANBERRY 14.5%                               12x70cl
GB055     BIRCH 14.5%                                  12x70cl                            Is stereotypically cranberry in nose and
          A dry white wine, pale yellow in colour                                         on the palate, with a typical dry finish
          with a very distinctive palate.                                                 after the initial sweetness.
GB046     APPLE BRANDY 40%                             12x70cl                  GB081     MULLED WINE 11.5%                             12x70cl
          An elegant Apple Brandy produced in                                   GB065     A warm and luxurious, smooth and            24x187ml
          France, boasting a refined and unique                                           relaxing, premium pack mulled wine.
          taste. Be prepared for effervescent                                             It is made from a smooth quality red
          fruit, bitter sweet chocolate, sweet but                                        wine that is naturally sweetened and
          not too sweet, with a lush and tangy                                            then skilfully blended with cinnamon,
          note.                                                                           nutmeg, cloves and aromatic spices.

 Sparkling Wines
 ENGLAND                                                             SPAIN
 Bin No                                                              Bin No

 GB090        NYETIMBER ‘CLASSIC’ 2003 12%                  6x75cl
                                                                     ES122        CASTELL d’OLERDOLA BRUT                      6x75cl
              Released after six years ageing on the
                                                                                  RESERVA CAVA 11.5%
          1   yeast lees it is rich and toasty, but with
                                                                              1   This excellent dry cava has a
              great freshness. The palate has superb
                                                                                  very pale primrose transparency
              complex fruit flavours and exceptional
                                                                                  and a fine bead. It has a fine
                                                                                  delicate aroma, slightly lemony
                                                                                  nose, with touches of butter and
 GB087        NYETIMBER BLANC DE BLANCS                     6x75cl
                                                                                  yeast from ageing. It is very
              2001 11.6%.
                                                                                  fruity, creamy and silky on the
          1   Clean, fresh green apple on the palate.
              The mousse is soft and gives a lovely
              delicacy to the wine. The long finish is
                                                                     ES121        CASTELL d’OLERDOLA BRUT                      6x75cl
              buttery and toasty - this is a
                                                                                  ROSADO CAVA 11.5%
              sophisticated and elegant wine.
                                                                              2   This has an elegant, brilliant, pale
                                                                                  raspberry colour, well developed
                                                                                  summer fruit aromas, light on the
 FRANCE                                                                           palate with a dry finish.

 FR327        ROBE D’OR SPARKLING BRUT 11%                 12x75cl
              Dry in style and produced in the cuvee
          2   close method. The ideal sparkler for                   GERMANY
              any occasion.
                                                                     DE149        PREMIERE SEKT TROCKEN 11%                    6x75cl
                                                                     DE151        Popular ‘dryish’ style. Lovely              24x20cl
 FR328        ROBE D’OR SPARKLING                          12x75cl
              DEMI-SEC 11%                                                    4   presentation with a green metallic label.

          5   Medium dry in style and produced in the
                                                                     DE134        PREMIERE SEKT HALBTROCKEN 11%                6x75cl
              cuvee close method. Bright and fresh
                                                                     DE150        The presentation says it all. A lovely      24x20cl
              on the palate with honeyed overtones.
                                                                              6   deep royal blue sparkling bottle with
                                                                                  high quality packaging makes this wine
 FR320A       LA GRAN MARQUE SAUMUR BRUT 12%                6x75cl
                                                                                  ideal for the gift market or celebrations
              High quality dry methode champenoise
                                                                                  such as weddings. This wine is medium
          1   sparkling wine. Stylish and fresh. A
                                                                                  dry in style.
              superb substitute for Champagne.
                                                                     DE135        GOLDTRAUM 11%                                6x75cl
                                                                                  Sparkling wine with real gold flakes
 ARGENTINA                                                                    5   suspended in the liquid. Make any
                                                                                  celebration extra special with this very
 AR070        ALTO PAMPAS BRUT 13%                          6x75cl                unusual wine. Medium dry in style with
              Lovely light yellow colour with green                               long lasting bubbles.
          1   tinges, an aroma of tropical fruits,
              grapefruits and white peach, with a
              fresh and persistant palate and elegant
                                                                     NEW ZEALAND
 AR251        ALTO PAMPAS ROSE 13%                          6x75cl
              Light cherry pink in colour with aromas                NZ016        McCORKINDALE BLANC DE BLANC                  6x75cl
          2   of cherries, apples and pineapple with                              SPARKLING 12%
              toasted notes, the palate is persistant                         2   Fresh and lively with tropical fruit
              and elegant with delicate permanent                                 flavours, very creamy mousse and a
              bubbles and good acidity.                                           lingering finish. Very limited.

                                                                       Sparkling Wines
ITALY                                                              CHILE
Bin No                                                             Bin No

IT002        MOSCATO SPUMANTE 7%                          6x75cl   CL032        CONCHA Y TORO SPARKLING BRUT 12%             6x75cl
             Medium sweet sparkler with a lovely                                Refined and intense notes of yeast and
         7   Muscat flavour. A very popular wine for                        2   quince. Dry, full-bodied and well
             any occasion.                                                      balanced with a long finish.

                                                                   CL148        LOS GANSOS SPARKLING BRUT 12%                6x75cl
IT003        ASTI SPUMANTE 7%                             6x75cl
                                                                                Super zesty and refreshing grapefruit
             A perennial favourite, from the
         8   Piedmonte region of Northern Italy.                            1   and green apple flavours, creamy
                                                                                mousse and a lingering finish. The wine
             Rich, exotic flavours, delicious sweet
                                                                                has a ‘zorb’ cap which is completely
             and sparkling.
IT005        PROSECCO DI VALDOBBIADENE 11.5%              6x75cl
             This is an outstanding Prosecco that is               AUSTRALIA
         2   beautifully presented. Full of fresh apple
                                                                   AU060        SUNNYCLIFF SPARKLING BRUT 12%               12x75cl
             and pear aromas. Extra dry with a soft,
             creamy mousse.                                                     Attractive fresh melon aroma with light
                                                                            2   herbaceous and yeast characters. On
IT004        VETRIANO PROSECCO 11.5%                      6x75cl                the palate it is refreshing with pleasant
             A delightful easy drinking sparkler. A                             fruit flavours, a light creamy middle
                                                                                and lingering finish.
         1   touch of retained sugar adds a pleasing
             sweetness to the crisp and aromatic                   AU046A       McGUIGANS BLACK LABEL SPARKLING              6x75cl
             palate.                                                            CHARDONNAY
                                                                            2   A flavoursome mouthfilling Chardonnay
IT036        VETRIANO PINOT GRIGIO ROSE BRUT 12.5% 6x75cl                       from the Murray Valley. The wine has a
             Classical Italian sparkling wine with a                            fine beaded effervescence, a bubbly
         2   twist of pink, this wonderfully dry and                            full palate with great fruit characters.
             fruity Rose is full of luscious summer
                                                                   AU089        MITCHELLS SPARKLING PEPPERTREE               6x75cl
             berry flavours.
                                                                                SHIRAZ NV 13.5%
IT023        RIFLESSI MOSCATO ROSE 7%                     6x75cl            D   Exclusively from the Peppertree
                                                                                Vineyard. Huge fruit, spicy Shiraz, long
             A sweet rose wine presented in a
                                                                                lasting bubbles.
         7   twisted glass bottle. Ideal for warm
             summer nights.                                        XX328        McGUIGANS BLACK LABEL SPARKLING              6x75cl
                                                                                SHIRAZ 13%
IT024        RIFLESSI ASTI SPUMANTE 7.5%                  6x75cl            C   Ruby red sparkling wine with an
                                                                                excellent mousse. A soft wine with a
             Deliciously sweet and sparkling in a
         7   most attractive twisted glass bottle.                              refreshing finish.

IT025        RIFLESSI PROSECCO DRY 11.5%                  6x75cl
             Again presented in the twisted glass
                                                                   SEMI-SPARKLING RANGE
         1   bottle - dry sparkler with a creamy                   AU200        McPHERSON MOSCATO 5.5&                       6x75cl
             mousse.                                                            A pale blush pink colour, perfectly
                                                                            6   balanced with a lovely length and
                                                                                simple fruit flavours. A light spritz to
                                                                                add a tingle on the palate.

                                                                   AU252        CURIOUS MOSCATO 5.5%                         6x75cl
                                                                                This Moscato is lively and fresh with
                                                                            6   wonderful aromas of rose petals and
                                                                                moss, with a slight spritz to tickle the

 Andre Drappier Champagne
                                                                   BARON DE BEAUPRE
 NON VINTAGE                                                       Bin No
 Bin No
                                                                   FR910        BARON DE BEAUPRE BRUT 12%                       12x75cl
 FR901        WHITE LABEL BRUT 12%                       12x75cl   FR911A       Fresh, delicate and racy with a dry           12x37.5cl
              Crisp round flavour specially produced
          1   Cuvee showing good quality and value.                         1   palate, long lasting bubbles and a
                                                                                strong finish.

                                                                   FR924        BARON DE BEAUPRE ROSE 12%                      12x75cl
 FR905        GOLD LABEL BRUT 12%                        12x75cl
                                                                                Delicate rose petal colour. A nose
 FR906        Light straw gold colour with very fine     6x150cl
 FR904    1   bubbles. Round and fruity taste with a     40x20cl            2   recalling ripe red fruits. Fresh and fruity
                                                                                on the palate, well balanced wine of
              creamy texture and crisp finish.
                                                                                character with a long finish.

 FR907        ROSE N.V. 12%                              12x75cl
              Light salmon pink with a faint bouquet
          2   of raspberries. Elegant with superb

                                                                   ROSE CHAMPAGNE
 FR913        VINTAGE 1995                                6x75cl   FR926        MOET ROSE N.V. 12%                              6x75cl
              The ideal way to celebrate any occasion.                          Delicate pink with an abundance of
          1   This vintage is very scarce.
                                                                            2   small bubbles - delicious - just what
                                                                                you would expect from Moet.

 FR908        GRAND SENDREE VINTAGE 2000/01              12x75cl   FR929        TAITTINGER ROSE N.V. 12%                        6x75cl
              Dry, with very long lasting bubbles.                              Produced from a subtle blend of Pinot
          1   Just what you would expect. This
                                                                            2   Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay
              vintage is scarce and exceptional.                                from the first pressing. The palate is
                                                                                full-bodied with a crisp elegance.
 FR899        GRAND SENDREE ROSE VINTAGE                 12x75cl
              2000/01 12%                                          FR916        VEUVE CLIQUOT ROSE N.V. 12.5%                   6x75cl
          2   Light salmon pink colour. Top of the                              Excellent presentation. Pink with small
              range and you can taste the difference
              - now try the best.
                                                                            2   bubbles and a long finish.

                                                                   FR919        LAURENT PERRIER ROSE 12%                        6x75cl
                                                                                A light refreshing Champagne with a
                                                                            2   delicate mousse, ideal for aperitifs.

 FR973        DRAPPIER GOLD LABEL JEROBOAM               1x3Ltrs
              (equivalent to 4 bottles)

                                                                  Branded Champagnes
BRANDED NV CHAMPAGNES                                                   VINTAGE CHAMPAGNE
Bin No                                                                  Bin No

XX634        LANSON BLACK LABEL BRUT NV 12.5%                 6x75cl    FR949        MOET & CHANDON VINTAGE 2000/01            6x75cl
             Brilliant and clear colour is reminiscent                               12.5%
         1   of the straw and hints of amber                                     2   A full concentrated yeasty biscuit nose
             characteristic of the Pinot Noir grape. In                              character made from the finest cuvees.
             the glass it is lively with a fine string of
             bubbles. Ripe and citrus fruits on the                     FR925        BOLLINGER GRAND ANNEE 1999/2001           6x75cl
             palate. A pleasant racy wine with a long                                12%. The Bollinger expression of an
             lingering finish.                                                   2   outstanding year. Exclusively from
                                                                                     Grand Crus and aged for a minimum of
FR918        LAURENT PERRIER BRUT NV                          6x75cl                 5 years before disgorging.
             Very popular champagne, intense
         2   mousse, light dancing bubbles.                             FR300        DOM PERIGNON 2000/01                      6x75cl
                                                                                     The most famous cuvee in the world
FR950        MOET & CHANDON BRUT 12%                           6x75cl            2   produced by the monk of the same
FR951        One of the most famous Champagnes.             12x37.5cl                name who founded Champagne.
         1   Light, delicate and well balanced. Dry in
             style.                                                     FR917        LOUIS ROEDERER CRISTAL 2000               6x75cl
                                                                                     12%. In 1876, Tsar Alexander II
FR930        POL ROGER BRUT                                   6x75cl             1   requested that the cuvee of Louis
             An appealing complex nose of delicate                                   Roederer Champagne specially created
         1   white flowers and brioche, with a fresh                                 in his honour should henceforth be
             and lively palate showing good balance.                                 presented in a crystal decanter. Thus,
                                                                                     he gave birth the idea of Cristal since
FR932        POL ROGER RICH                                   6x75cl                 then symbol of rarity, extreme exigence
             A more medium style, absolutely                                         and supreme refinement.
         3   delicious, long lasting bubbles with a
             pear flower nose.                                          FR921        VEUVE CLIQUOT 1998/99                     6x75cl
                                                                                     Excellent Vintage, rich fruity and
FR301A       VEUVE CLIQUOT BRUT 12%                            6x75cl            1   delicious.
FR302        Rich, flavoursome and fruity. The              12x37.5cl
         1   world renowned ‘widow’ bearing the
             distinctive lovely yellow label.

FR920        BOLLINGER N.V. 12%                               6x75cl
             The most famous of all champagnes,
         1   one of the world’s finest. Blended from
             65% Pinot Noir, 30% Chardonnay and
             5% Pinot Meunier with an average
             rating of 98%. Aged for 4 years before

CUVEE VIN DE PAYS RANGE                                             LE DOG
The wines are all varietals and are of a high standard. Excellent   It’s a dog’s life in the southern French village of Tuchan! This
packaging and quality at a very good price. Cuvee is from one       delightful range of wines has been specially produced by Mont Tauch
of the Loire’s leading producers and is available in 3 sizes,       to give an authentic taste of rural France. Indeed, where better to
with added advantage of screw top finish for the larger sizes.      be a dog than the south of France? Each wine in the range links
                                                                    village dogs and their owner to individual varietals. The characters
FR001        FULL RED (MERLOT/CARIGNAN)                 12x75cl
                                                                    from Le Dog are designed by Yorkshire based artist, Tim Bulmer.
FR002        DRY WHITE (SAUVIGNON) 11%                  12x75cl
FR003        MEDIUM DRY (SAUVIGNON) 11%                 12x75cl
                                                                    Bin No
FR005A       FULL RED (MERLOT/CARIGNAN)                 6x100cl
             13%                                                    FR272        LE DOG CHARDONNAY 12.5%                      6x75cl
FR006A       DRY WHITE (SAUVIGNON) 11%                  6x100cl                  An easy, fresh and aromatic Chardonnay
FR007A       MEDIUM DRY (SAUVIGNON) 11%                 6x100cl
                                                                             2   with plenty of panache.
FR051        FULL RED (MERLOT/CARIGNAN)                 6x150cl
             13%                                                    FR271        LE DOG SAUVIGNON BLANC                       6x75cl
FR052        DRY WHITE (SAUVIGNON) 11%                  6x150cl                  An elegant nose of white fruit, peaches
FR053        MEDIUM DRY (SAUVIGNON) 11%                 6x150cl              1   and exotic fruit. A fresh, vigorous wine
                                                                                 with a dry finish.

                                                                    FR273        LE DOG ROSE 12.5%                            6x75cl
                                                                                 A pleasant, fruity rose with a delicious
                                                                             3   fresh summer fruits flavour. Ideal for
                                                                                 summer barbecues.

                                                                    FR274        LE DOG MERLOT 13%                            6x75cl
                                                                                 A light, fruity Merlot with wild red berry
                                                                             C   flavours and hints of spice.
PLAIMONT                                                            FR275        LE DOG PINOT NOIR                            6x75cl
FR452       COLOMBARD COTES DE GASCOGNE                12x75cl                   Intense deep red in colour. Aromas of
            11.5% 2008/09                                                    D   juicy black fruits and a palate of
        3   The colour of the wine is a sparkling                                blackberry with ripe tannins.
            and pale gold. The bouquet is floral
            thanks to the Colombard grape that
            gives blend of grapefruit, acacia and

FR457       MERLOT-TANNAT COTES DE GASCOGNE            12x75cl
        C   Purple colour with red cherry reflects.
            Aromas of red fruits with floral hints
            and vanilla in the mouth. The tannins
            confer a good balance, supple and fruity
            with final spiced notes.

FR455       COTES DE SAINT-MONT VIGNES                  6x75cl
            RETROUVEES 2007 13%
        3   Hand picked grapes, straw colour,
            full fresh fruit melon nose. Good length
            a clean balanced aftertaste with good

 DAME DE LA VALLEE (Varietals)                                    SOUTHERN FRANCE
 Bin No                                                           Bin No

 FR414        CHENIN BLANC 11.5% (Val de Loire)          6x75cl   FR218        CHATEAU PECH MIREILLE MINERVOIS 13%          6x75cl
              Lovely fresh fruity nose. Medium                                 Crimson in colour, an elegant wine, it
          3   style with a long lingering aftertaste.                      C   has the subtlety of grenache mixed with
                                                                               spicy syrah.
 FR411        ANJOU BLANC AC 11%                         6x75cl
              Well structured medium white wine with              FR220        CHATEAU REMOULY CORBIERES 12.5%              6x75cl
          5   fruit nose and a rich palate.                                    Ruby red colour, aromatic and fruity on
                                                                           C   the nose with hints of vanilla. Soft
 FR416        SAUVIGNON BLANC 11% (Val de Loire)         6x75cl                tannins on the palate, round and supple
              Brilliant pale yellow colour with a                              with cherry fruit.
          1   citrus grapefruit nose. Fresh zingy
              flavour of gooseberries and lemon.                  FR277        CHAT A LA CONDAMINE CORBIERES                6x75cl
 FR415        CHARDONNAY 12% (Val de Loire)              6x75cl            C   A medium bodied, elegant wine with
              Bright pale yellow colour with a                                 aromas of red berry fruits and spice.
          2   buttery white flower and a pear nose.
              A fresh round palate, long in flavour.              FR278        LES SIGNATURES MONT TAUCH                    6x75cl
                                                                               COTES DU PROVENCE ROSE
 FR412        ANJOU ROSE 10.5%                           6x75cl            2   A well-known wine with character. A
              Fragrant, medium in style rose showing                           blend of Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault
          5   fresh fruit flavours with a soft easy                            Produces this expressive and stylish
              drinking style.                                                  wine with hints of pears.

 FR418        CABERNET FRANC ROSE 11% (Val de Loire)     6x75cl   FR279        FITOU MONT TAUCH 13.5%                       6x75cl
              Bright pink in colour. The nose is very                          Maintains all the character of Fitou with
          3   fresh, tasting of small red fruits. Very
                                                                           D   a fruit driven modern approach and a
              light and supple - off dry in style.                             complexity derived from the mix of
                                                                               terroir and grape maturity.
 FR413        MERLOT D’OC 13%                            6x75cl
              Soft juicy flavour with a rich abundance            FR280        FITOU LES QUATRE 14%                         6x75cl
          B   of fruit and mouth watering style for                            A seductive, stylish red, rich in
              easy drinking.                                                   blackberry fruit and spice, with oaky
                                                                           D   notes. Les Quatre is full bodied and
 FR417        CABERNET SAUVIGNON D’OC 13%                6x75cl                intense, with good tannic structure,
              Well structured with a blackberry/                               reflecting the character of the old vines.
          C   Blackcurrant flavour synonymous with
              the Cabernet grape.

                                                                    Bin No
Bin No                                                              FR144        CHATEAU TOUR DE BY Medoc 2001 13%            12x75cl
                                                                                 Excellent property producing fine oak
FR130        CLARET 12%                                    6x75cl            D   aged quality Claret. Classic full
             Soft Claret style, showing good fruit and                           flavoured style. Soft berry fruit nose
                                                                                 with a long lingering finish.
         C   flavour. A deep red colour. Drinking
             really well.
                                                                    FR122        CHATEAU BATAILLEY 2002 12.5%                 12x75cl
FR131        MEDOC 12%                                     6x75cl                Deep red colour, full fruit flavour with a
             Fine intense ruby red colour. Bouquet of                        C   hint of spice on the palate. Excellent
         D   red fruits and fine spices. Soft and
             complete tannic body. Serve with game,
             veal and cheeses.                                      FR146        CHATEAU JEAN VOISIN ST. EMILION              12x75cl
FR132        ST. EMILION 12.5%                             6x75cl            D   The wine is concentrated enough to
             Deep ruby red. Fruity notes of cherries                             withstand 50% of new casks each year...
                                                                                 and the wood tannins are absorbed.
         C   with liquorice and menthol. Fleshy and
                                                                                 Sweet blackcurrant and cherry fruit
             harmonious wine.
                                                                                 appear with a subtle touch of new oak.
FR133        CHATEAU MALBAT 2006 13.5%                    12x75cl                Smooth and unctuous. Ready to drink
             Good purple to rim. Ripe, fresh aroma,                              now but cellarable for 10 or 12 years.

         D   good clean bright fruit in the mouth,
             balanced and clean to the finish.                      FR135        CHATEAU BLANQUET GRAND                       12x75cl
                                                                                 CRU ST. EMILION 2003
FR134        CHATEAU GASQUERIE 2005/06                    12x75cl            D   Garnet colour with some ageing. Very
             13% Cotes de Castillon                                              jammy nose, good fruit with high tannin.
         C   Bright mid purple colour. The nose is
                                                                    FR149        CHATEAU MOULINET-LASSERRE,                   12x75cl
             very attractive, recalling ripe plum and
             red berries. The palate is ripe, young                              POMEROL, 2003
             and chewy, with good fruitiness and                             D   The Merlot really shows through on this
             balanced tannins to finish.                                         wine. Dried plums are evident on the
                                                                                 nose and its enticing colour makes this
FR128        CHATEAU FRANC-BAUDRON,                       12x75cl                wine very inviting. Jammy cassis fruit
             Montagne St Emilion 2005 13%                                        on the palate integrates with rich, silky
         C   Mid ruby-garnet, with attractive, ripe,                             tannins.
             spicy aroma. Rich, ripe and mouth-filling,
             with bright fruitiness, lively freshness
             and a balanced finish.

FR126        CHATEAU DE GAILLAT 12.5%                      6x75cl
             Graves 2000
         C   A medium bodied wine with good
             structure and style which has the depth
             of the Medoc and the softness of the St.
             Emilion region.

FR129A       CHATEAU LA CARDONNE                          12x75cl
             Medoc 2001 13%
         D   A traditional Bordeaux, a blend of 50%
             Merlot, 45% Cabernet Sauvignon and
             5% Cabernet Franc are complemented
             perfectly by the oak ageing, giving a
             sumptuous, rich earthy character.

 BORDEAUX WHITE                                                       LOIRE
 Bin No                                                               Bin No

 FR104        BORDEAUX SAUVIGNON                            6x75cl    FR312        POUILLY FUME DOMAINE FINES                   12x75cl
              Brilliant, crystalline with green                       FR313        CAILLOTTES 2008 12.5%                      24x37.5cl
          2   highlights. Notes of fruit and citrus on                         1   A fine aromatic character with rich
              the bouquet. Dry, fine and lively wine                               complex fruit. Smokey, flinty palate.
              with good after flavours. Serve with                                 One of the finest wines produced in the
              fish, shellfish, some cheeses and as an                              appellation.
                                                                      FR314        CHATEAU DE TRACY 2007 13%                   12x75cl
 FR105        CHATEAU LA CHARTREUSE, SAUTERNES            12x37.5cl                Probably the most famous Pouilly Fume
              2006 13.5%                                                       1   of all. Excellent presentation, the wine
          8   Bright lemon-gold, with rich, spicy, ripe                            is a classic with superb style, flavour
              apricot aromas. The palate is clean and                              and bouquet.
              fine, with splendid middle richness. The
              finish is lively, fresh and strong.                     FR310        SANCERRE DOMAINE DAULNY 2008                 12x75cl
                                                                      FR309        12.5%                                      24x37.5cl
 FR106        DOMAIN DE RICAUD 2008 12.5%                  12x75cl             1   Excellent domaine Sancerre. Good nose
              Pale lemon-green with fresh, attractive                              and intense fruit on the palate with a
          2   lemony flavour. Clean on the palate                                  steely rich character.
              with a rich middle and crisp finish.
                                                                      FR412        ANJOU ROSE DAME DE LA VALLEE                 6x75cl
                                                                               5   Fragrant, medium in style rose showing
                                                                                   fresh fruit flavours with a soft easy
                                                                                   drinking style.

                                                                      FR311        SANCERRE ROSE DOMAINE DAULNY                12x75cl
 LOIRE                                                                             2008 12.5%
 FR303A       MUSCADET ROCHE 2008 12%                       6x75cl             2   A beautifully crafted Domaine bottled
              Clean, fresh, fruity, dry white wine. The                            Sancerre Rose. Full nose with excellent
          1   ideal compliment to meat or fish.                                    fruit on the palate, well balanced with
                                                                                   good acidity.
 FR305        MUSCADET SUR LIE FIEF DE LA BRIE              12x75cl
 FR306A       2008 12%                                    12x37.5cl
          1   A beautifully made ‘Domaine Wine’.
              Soft and dry with a delicious flavour
              reminiscent of citrus.

 FR315A       TOURAINE SAUVIGNON LES MAZELLES               6x75cl
              2008 12.5%
          1   Lovely clear colour with green
              hue, rich fragrant nose. Superb
              presentation with a dry, intense

 FR308A       VOUVRAY DAME DE LA VALLEE 12%                 6x75cl
              Stylish demi-sec flavour of the Chenin
          6   grape has a hint of sweetness and a
              rich aftertaste in stunning packaging.

BEAUJOLAIS                                                            BURGUNDY RED
Bin No                                                                Bin No

FR205        BEAUJOLAIS VILLAGES CHATEAU                    12x75cl   FR213        BEAUNE PREMIER CRU LES EPENOTTES              12x75cl
             DE LA PIERRE 2008 12.5%                                               2002 13.5%
         B   Fresh fragrant bouquet with soft cherry
             fruit on the palate. A wine of the highest
                                                                               C   Domaine Parent
                                                                                   This vineyard is located on the
             quality from one of the leading producers                             boundary of Beaune and Pommard and
             of Beaujolais.                                                        produces an elegant combination of the
                                                                                   two, harmonising the finesse of
FR211        JULIENAS DOMAINE JOUBERT 2006                  12x75cl                Pommard with the power of the finest
             12.5%                                                                 Premiere Cru Beaune wines.
         C   Lovely Gamay fruit on the nose, with
             great open flavours, rich and smooth,                    FR208        COTE DE BEAUNE VILLAGE CHAMPY                  12x75cl
             quite delicious.                                         FR209        2007 13%                                     24x37.5cl
FR207        FLEURIE DOMAINE DE LA VIROYLETTE               12x75cl            D   One of the top red Burgundy producers,
             2008 13%                                                              Champy’s wine making style shows
                                                                                   through with a gentle soft elegant wine,
         C   Firm fresh fruit with velvety texture, light
                                                                                   bright nose and a firm texture.
             and luscious with a silky smooth finish.

                                                                      FR214        MERCUREY LES MAUVARENNES                      12x75cl
                                                                                   J FAIVELEY 2006 13%
                                                                               C   Burgundy’s classic top producer, the
                                                                                   style of the Pinot Noir grape is at its
                                                                                   zenith here. Good body, fragrant nose
                                                                                   and clean elegant palate.
                                                                      FR217A       NUITS ST GEORGES 2005 13%                      6x75cl
FR241        MACON BUSSIERES ROUGE 2008                     12x75cl                Among all of the great Burgundy
             50% Pinot Noir and 50% Gamay gives
                                                                               D   names, this is probably the best known
         C   this a sweet red and black fruit, with an                             of the Cotes de Nuits. Lots of tannic
             interesting spice, a note of cassis and a                             grip and balancing acidity. This wine will
             lovely finish. This is not so much serious                            soften and blossom with age.
             wine as just a damn fun drink! Still
             showing lots of baby fat.                                FR235        SANTENAY 1ST CRU CLOS ROSSEAU                 12x75cl
FR200        BOURGOGNE PINOT NOIR 2006                      12x75cl
             Domaine Parent 12.5%
                                                                               C   Ripe red fruit flavours and light leather
                                                                                   make for an elegant wine with a lasting
         C   A fruity and supple wine with good                                    silky length.
             weight and a surprisingly long finish.
             Typical of this ripe and rich vintage.                   FR236        VOSNE ROMANEE DOMAINE CHEZEAUX                 6x75cl
                                                                                   2006 13%
FR224        POMMARD CROIX BLANCHE 2005                     12x75cl
             Domaine Parent 13%                                                D   Medium - full bodied. Succulent fruit,
                                                                                   beautifully perfumed red and black
         D   Full bodied, firm and well structured with                            fruits. Great length.
             red and black fruit aromas (wild cherries
             and blackcurrants).                                      FR234        CHASSAGNE-MONTRACHET VIEILLES                 12x75cl
                                                                                   VIGNES 2006
FR212        MONTHELIE 2001 13%                             12x75cl
             Domaine Parent                                                    D   Pure and refined cherry notes persist
                                                                                   across the palate of this elegant stylish
         C   This is the most robust of the Parent                                 wine. Boasting a stunning floral
             wines. It has great ‘terroir’ expression                              bouquet and silky smooth elegance on
             and is a perfect accompaniment to most                                the palate.
             types of game dishes.

                                                                     Bin No
 Bin No                                                              FR250        CHABLIS DOMAINE MANANTS                        12x75cl
                                                                     FR251A       BROCARD 2008 12.5%                           12x37.5cl
 FR255        MACON BLANC VILLAGE                          12x75cl            1   A lovely straw colour edged in green.
              DOMAINE PUITS 2008 12.5%                                            With a clean crisp dry flavour and well
                                                                                  structured finish. From the famous
          1   An excellent, dry, well made white
                                                                                  house of Brocard. Gold medal winner.
              Burgundy from a very good reliable
              producer. The wine is flinty, steely with
              Chardonnay flavours. An ideal drink                    FR252        CHABLIS 1ST CRU MONTMAINS                     12x75cl
              with seafood.                                                       BROCARD 2007 13%
                                                                              2   Beautifully made single vineyard
 FR253        MACON VILLAGES BUSSIERES BLANC               12x75cl                Chablis. Dry and full flavoured with
              2008                                                                elegant nose and harmonious finish.
          1   This unoaked Chardonnay is produced                                 Gold medal winner.
              from grapes grown in the villages of
              Bussieres in the Maconnais on the                      FR248        CHABLIS GRAND CRU BOUGROS                     12x75cl
              estate of Jean Francois Gonon. It is a                              - J.M. BROCARD 2007 13%
              delicious combination of minerality and                         2   Bright pale green/gold with splendid
              zesty complexity. Dry. Screw cap.                                   rich aromas. Clean, fresh and ripely
                                                                                  concentrated, rich balanced acidity,
 FR258        ALIGOTE DOMAINE MANANTS BROCARD              12x75cl                good length and potential.
              2008 12.5%
          1   Crisp sharp white Burgundy with good                   FR260A       POUILLY FUISSE VIEUX MERS 2007
              character. Dry palate with a well
              structured finish.                                              2   A memorable dry white Burgundy with
                                                                                  power, complexity and a clean dry
 FR259        MACON LUGNY LES GENIEVES                     12x75cl                palate.
              LOUIS LATOUR 2008 13.5%
          1   From one of the best and most famous                   FR245A       MERSAULT CLOS DU CROMIN                        6x75cl
              producers. A dry buttery flavour with                               DOMAINE BITOUZET 2006 13.5%
              super nose and good length on the                               2   Pale to mid lemon with lovely open rich
              palate.                                                             aromas. Good ripe start, rich and
                                                                                  creamy texture, harmonious and long.
 FR257        ST. VERAN JEAN FRANCIS GONON 2008            12x75cl
              Pale yellow colour with a rich fruit nose,             FR237        CHASSAGNE MONTRACHET 2007 13.5%               12x75cl
          2   good acidity and well balanced fruit.                               An excellent balance of fruit and acidity.
              Quite dry in style.                                             2   Very floral with a hint of lemon balm.

 FR249        PETIT CHABLIS BROCARD 2008 12%               12x75cl   FR238        SANTENAY SOUS LE ROCHE 2006                   12x75cl
              A wonderful expression of the minerality                            A very stylish white burgundy from a
          1   for which the best Chablis wines are so                         2   single vineyard site. Old vines give a
              rightly renowned. Ripe fruit and a clean                            full-bodied wine with an appealing
              crispness are the hallmarks of this wine.                           fragrance, good acidity and long
 FR239        CHABLIS ALAIN BRETIN 2008 12.5%              12x75cl
              Acacia, lemon, white peaches and
          1   minerals provide an inviting and intense
              nose. On the palate the texture is lovely
              and the finish long and dry.

ALSACE                                                                 RHONE RED
Bin No                                                                 Bin No

 FR371        BLACK TIE 2006/07 12.5%                        12x75cl   FR601        COTES DU RHONE LE PRIVILEGE                   12x75cl
              Black tie is a very special wine that                    FR602        DES VIGNERONS 2008 13.5%                    12x37.5cl
         3    transcends the traditional concept of                             D   Made and bottled at the property in
              varietals by combining the qualities of                               Vacqueyras. Superb quality with firm
              two top grape varieties: Riesling and                                 ripe flavour.
              Pinot Gris. This wine has its own unique
              character. A nose of citrus, oranges,                    FR048        GIGONDAS                                      6x75cl
              kiwi and pineapple on the palate, an                                  A robust, well-balanced and aromatic
              elegant acidity with a sweeter finish.                            D   red wine. Aromas of licquorice, red
                                                                                    fruits and spices. Gigondas is often
                                                                                    seen as the less expensive alternative
FR372        PINOT BLANC 2007 12%                          12x75cl                  to chateauneuf du pape.
             Pleasant, fresh and slightly aromatic
         2   with a very lively taste.                                 FR599A       CHATEAU DU GRAND MOULAS                       6x75cl
                                                                                    2008 13%
FR373        RIESLING 2007 12.5%                           12x75cl
             Fresh open and elegant. Well balanced
                                                                                D   The wine has a great concentration of
                                                                                    fruit with a herb and spice bouquet.
         1   with a firm, dry palate.
                                                                       FR620        CROZES HERMITAGE MV DOMAINE                  12x75cl
FR374        GEWURTZTRAMINER 2008 14%                      12x75cl                  PADELLE 2006 12.5%
             Dry and fresh with a superb spicy                                      Spicy fruit flavours embracing the
         4   aroma. Ideal with oriental food.                                   D   traditional old oak vat ageing. Excellent
                                                                                    with game and roast meat dishes.
FR375        TOKAY PINOT GRIS 2007 13.5%                   12x75cl
             Firm structure with an intriguing, almost
                                                                       FR608A       CHATEAUNEUF DU PAPE                            6x75cl
         3   elusive scent and taste.
                                                                       FR609B       DOMAINE REMPARTS 2008 14.5%                 12x37.5cl
                                                                                E   Rich, strong full bodied Southern Rhone
                                                                                    red, with a powerful fruit scent.
FR607        WHITE CHATEAUNEUF DU PAPE 13%                  12x75cl    FR612A       LA FIOLE DU PAPE ANSELME                      6x75cl
             This beautifully crafted wine is intense, with                         NV 12.5%
         3   complex fruit flowers. Classic presentation,                       E   Classic bottles with soil blasting, the
             the wine won Gold medal at Vinalies Grand                              wine is a blend of the finest Cuvees
             Prix d’excellence. An ideal accompaniment                              from different vintages. Garnet red with
             for shellfish, crab and salmon.                                        a complex nose of truffles, venison and
                                                                       FR153        CHATEAUNEUF DU PAPE TELEGRAMME               12x75cl
FR600A       COTES DU RHONE LES GRANDEES                    6x75cl                  2007 14.5%
             SERRES 2008 13.5%
                                                                                E   The second wine of Vielle Telegraphe
         C   A quality Rhone red, deep colour
             showing good balance and soft subtle
                                                                                    which is the most famous Chateauneuf
                                                                                    in the World. Wonderfully rich and
             palate.                                                                round with a full and elegant palate.

FR276        COTES DU RHONE VILLAGES CAIRANNE               6x75cl     FR154        CHATEAUNEUF DU PAPE                          12x75cl
             2008                                                                   DOMAINE FONT MICHELLE 2006 14.5%
         C   Deep ruby colour with violet tints. An
                                                                                E   One of the top domains in Chateauneuf,
             intense nose of concentrated very                                      a lovely concentrated nose of violets
             matured red fruits and spices. Rich, soft                              and fruit, and full bodied powerful
             and elegant in the mouth with a long                                   flavours.
             rounded finish.

 RHINE AND NAHE                                                      MOSELLE
 Bin No                                                              Bin No

 DE001        LIEBFRAUMILCH 9.5%                           6x75cl    DE050        BEREICH BERNKASTEL 9.5%                      6x75cl
 DE003        Still one of the best selling wines.        6x150cl                 A lovely, light, fresh and crisp Moselle,
 DE005    5   A high quality Liebfraumilch produced       12x25cl             4   medium dry in style. From the historic
 BIB25        by one of the premier German                1x10ltrs                town of Bernkastel-Kues.
                                                                     DE052        PIESPORTER MICHELSBERG                       6x75cl
 DE030        NIERSTEINER GUTES DOMTHAL                    6x75cl                 9.5% Dr. Mayer
              FRANZ REH 2008 10%                                              4   Easy drinking, light and fruity Moselle
          4   A soft elegant fruity wine with a lovely                            with well balanced acidity with a hint of
              bouquet.                                                            soft fruits on the palate.

 DE037A       RUDESHEIMER ROSENGARTEN                      6x75cl    DE058        PIESPORTER MICHELSBERG                       6x75cl
              SILVANER 2007 8.5%                                                  10% Franz Reh
          4   An excellent fruit fresh wine, that the                         4   Produced by Kenderman, this cold
              Germans drink themselves.                                           fermented wine is really crisp, fresh
                                                                                  and zesty.

                                                                     XX073        ARS VITAS RIESLING 8.5%                     12x75cl
 RHINE KABINETT                                                                   Truly individual packaging, frosted

 DE049A       KREUZNACHER KRONENBERG                       6x75cl
                                                                              3   bottles with four different old Masters
                                                                                  paintings etched onto the bottles. The
              KABINETT 2007 9.5%
                                                                                  Riesling wine is clean, fresh and fruity.
          4   Good looking packaging. Fresh classy
              Nahe Kabinett wine. Deep blue bottle
                                                                     DE069        MOSELLAND ORGANIC RIESLING 12%               6x75cl
              from one of the great Nahe/Moselle
                                                                                  Light gold colour, honeyed nose, good
              co-operatives in Moselland.
                                                                              4   body with a luscious honeyed palate.

 DE043        ELITE RIESLING 12%                          12x75cl
              Gorgeous ripe fruit on the palate, fresh
          3   and delicate with a very fresh and fruity
                                                                     MOSELLE KABINETT
 DE054        ELITE PINOT NOIR 12%                        12x75cl
                                                                     DE066A       MOSEL RIESLING CLASSIC                       6x75cl
              Full of ripe strawberry fruit with great
                                                                                  KABINETT 2008 8%
          B   length of flavour. A complex nose of
                                                                              5   Super presentation for this zingy, clean
              dark cherry and blackberry, excellent
                                                                                  Kabinett. Good acidity and balance,
              structure with soft tannins.
                                                                                  proving very popular.

                                                                     RHINE SPATLESE
                                                                     DE045A       OPPENHEIMER KROTENBRUNNEN                    6x75cl
                                                                                  SPATLESE 2008 10%
                                                                              4   Clean medium sweet style, floral nose
                                                                                  with a soft finish.

                                  Germany / Old World Wine
                                                                      Bin No.
The Weightwatchers range of wines are from cool climate
                                                                      GB091         DART VALLEY RESERVE 2008 11%              12x75cl
northernly German vineyards and the wines are naturally low in                      Remarkably complex for an English
alcohol hence low in calories. They are 80 calories per 125ml glass             2   wine. Well rounded, just off-dry
which equates to 1 Weightwatchers point.                                            displaying a full palate assisted by a
                                                                                    touch of oak ageing. From a Devon
                                                                                    vineyard renowned for its wines for the
Bin No
                                                                                    last decade.

DE162        RIESLING                                 6x75cl
             Fresh and crisp with a mouthwatering                     CYPRUS
         3   appley character. 8.5% alcohol.
                                                                      CY001         IMIGLIKOS WHITE 11.5%                      6x75cl
                                                                                    Sweet, white Cypriot wine, very
DE163        FRUITY WHITE                             6x75cl                    6   honeyed, fresh and fruity.
             Fresh and crisp with a mouthwatering
         3   grapey character. 9.5% alcohol.                          CY002         IMIGLIKOS RED 11.5%                        6x75cl
                                                                                    Light red colour, soft and mellow with
                                                                                A   mouth filling raspberry and blackberry
DE164        ROSE                                     6x75cl                        fruits.
             A refreshing crisp rose with aromas of
         3   strawberries. 10% alcohol.

                                                                      ES248         LANCERS ROSE 10%                           6x75cl
                                                                      ES249         Terrific packaging, bright pink and       24x20cl
                                                                                3   slightly sparkling with a medium dry
                                                                                    style, palate of soft fruits.

                                                                      LB001         CHATEAU MUSAR 2002 13.5%                  12x75cl
                                                                                    A lovely lazy dusty wine beginning to
                                                                                E   turn chocolatey. Good ripeness, acidity
                                                                                    and marvellous fruit. A full powerful

Bin No.
                                                                        POPULAR REGIONAL CLASSICS
IT033         VETRIANO BIANCO 12%                              6x75cl   Bin No
              (Trebbiano D’Abruzzo IGT) Vintage
          2   2007/09                                                   IT054        PINOT GRIGIO Ca’SOLARE I.G.T.                 6x75cl
              Aromas of fresh green fruits and an                                    2009 12%
              attractively soft palate making this an                            2   Light gold colour with lifted aromas of
              Italian ‘House Wine’ a cut above the rest.                             stone-fruits and melons. Medium
                                                                                     bodied, containing flavours of ripe
IT034         VETRIANO ROSSO 12.5% (Sangiovese)                6x75cl                peaches and tropical fruit. It has some
          C   2009                                                                   yeast complexity, but retains its
              Attractive berry fruits with a soft hint of                            pureness of Pinot Grigio fruit.
              spice from the sun-kissed vineyards of
              Campania.                                                 IT999        TRENTINO PINOT GRIGIO CESARI 2008            12x75cl
                                                                                     12.5% D.O.C.
FIORDALISIO                                                                      2   Produced in an old land of great wine
                                                                                     making vocation. Very pale in colour
IT900         FIORDALISIO PINOT GRIGIO 2008 12%                6x75cl                with a fruity bouquet and a full,
              Dry, soft and light with crisp, mouth-                                 harmonious taste. Delicious as an
          2   filling fruit. An extremely versatile wine                             aperitif and a great all rounder. Serve
              which will accompany almost any food.                                  with seafood or white meat.

IT901         FIORDALISIO PINOT GRIGIO BLUSH 12%               6x75cl   IT035        VETRIANO PINOT GRIGIO I.G.T. 2008             6x75cl
              Vintage 2008                                                           12% Vintage 2009. Heavyweight Bottle
          3   Not too dry, very soft and fruity. This wine
                                                                                 2   A full-fruited Pinot Grigio with a greater
              takes its delicate pink colour from the grey                           depth than most, but still with the same
              tinted skins of the Pinot Grigio grapes.                               soft and rounded citrus style that has
                                                                                     made this variety Italy’s biggest selling
                                                                        IT077        AMANTI PINOT GRIGIO I.G.T. Vintage            6x75cl
IT450         VILLA ROMERO PINOT GRIGIO/                       6x75cl                2008/09
QB165         GARGANEGA 12% Vintage 2009                    24x187ml             2   A crisp refreshing unoaked wine from
          3   Light straw in colour with a healthy hue,                              near Venice. Perfect for drinking before
              this is a lively, fresh and frisky wine,                               or during any meal.
              with a clean, crunchy green apple
              bouquet, dry smooth palate, and                           IT033A       CA’SOLARE PINOT GRIGIO ROSE I.G.T.            6x75cl
              complementary bracing acidity.                                         2008 12% Vintage 2008/09

IT451         VILLA ROMERO PINOT GRIGIO BLUSH                  6x75cl            2   Fresh soft summer fruit flavours with a
                                                                                     soft creamy, strawberry palate.
QB166         12% Vintage 2009                              24x187ml
          3   Produced in Northern Italy, made from
                                                                        IT177        MONTEPULCIANO D’ABRUZZO TAVERNA              12x75cl
              Pinot Grigio grapes and a small
                                                                                     NOVA 2008 13.5%
              proportion of Pinot Noir grapes, this
                                                                                     The rugged coastline of the Abruzzi
              medium dry and fruity rose is crisp and                            C   region is home to the wonderful juicy,
              lively with good intensity of ripe berry
                                                                                     Montepulciano grape. A vibrant purple
              fruit. Italian style in a bottle.
                                                                                     coloured wine, bursting with cherry and
                                                                                     violet aromas and flavours. This is
PUGLIA                                                                               really gulpable stuff and one bottle
                                                                                     inevitably leads onto a second.
IT090         A MANO PRIMITIVO I.G.T. 2007 13.5%               6x75cl
              Explosion of raspberries, ripe black
          D   cherries and blueberries on the nose.
              Silky tannins and full, round texture on
              the palate.

Bin No.                                                              Bin No.

IT055a        SOAVE CLIVUS 2008 11.5% Vintage 2009          6x75cl   IT032         RECIOTO della VALPOLICELLA                    6x50cl
IT071         One of Italy’s most famous wines, big        6x150cl                 CLASSICO DOC 14.5%
          2   powerful and full bodied with a smooth                           E   Recioto comes from ‘recia’ meaning
              long aftertaste.                                                     ‘ear’, because only the ripest grapes
                                                                                   from the top of the bunch (the ear)
IT099         SOAVE CA’VISCO CLASSICO 2008 13.5%            6x75cl                 can be used to make the wine. Strong,
              Quite simply a world class dry white by                              rich and succulent.
          3   anyone’s standards. Fresh delicate floral
              tones (Peony), and a long elegant palate.              IT164         AMARONE DELLA VALPOLICELLA                    6x75cl
                                                                                   CLASSICO CANTINA DI NEGRAR 15%
IT101         LE SPONDE RECIOTO SOAVE CLASSICO              6x50cl             E   One of the princes of Italian wines from
              2007 13%                                                             the Piedmonte region. Rich, smooth
          8   Only the ripest and sweetest grapes go                               and powerful flavour. Stylish deep berry
              into making this sophisticated pudding                               fruit nose with a lovely lingering finish.
              wine. It is quite simply delicious. Rich,                            Estate bottled.
              sticky and a joy to drink.

IT998a        VALPOLICELLA 2008 11.5%                       6x75cl
IT072         Valpolicella is a light, easy drinking red   6x150cl
                                                                     CENTRAL ITALY
          C   wine. It has a soft, supple fruit and
              delicious cherryish flavour that goes well
                                                                     IT079         FRASCATI SUPERIORE TERRE DEL                  6x75cl
              with pasta and meat dishes. Serve
                                                                                   PALLAVICINI 2008/09
              slightly chilled.
                                                                               3   Fragrant, light and exciting wine with a
                                                                                   balanced, clean flavour with peach
IT018A        CANTINA DI NEGRAR VALPOLICELLA                6x75cl
                                                                                   kernel undertones.
              CLASSICO 2008 12.5%
          D   This wine is obtained from Corvina,
                                                                     IT075         VERDICCHIO MONTICELLI CLASSICO               12x75cl
              Rondinella and Molinara grapes. It is a
                                                                                   2008 12.5%
              perfect accompaniment to hors
              d’oeuvres and fresh cheeses.
                                                                               2   A nicely structured dry white made
                                                                                   from the indigenous Verdicchio grape
                                                                                   grown in the Marches region. It has an
IT031         CANTINA DI NEGRAR LE ROSELLE                  6x75cl
                                                                                   intense fruit aroma with attractive
              VALPOLICELLA RIPASSO 13%
                                                                                   citrus acidity and a lovely rounded
          D   Produced from a blend of Corvina,
                                                                                   palate with good length of flavour.
              Rondinella and Molinara grapes which
              are left to re-ferment on the pomace of
              Amarone - this re-fermentation process
              is called ‘Ripasso’. Lovely, well
              balanced and very approachable.
                                                                     I CJAMPS
                                                                     IT103         I CJAMPS TRAMINER 12%                         6x75cl
                                                                                   An attractive rose-petal nose, delicate,
                                                                               4   yet well-rounded, lychee palate.

                                                                     IT105         I CJAMPS CABERNET FRANC 12%                   6x75cl
                                                                                   Extended maceration has resulted in a
                                                                               C   moreish wine with an intense violet
                                                                                   colour and a nose of aromatic herbs
                                                                                   combining forest fruit flavours with a
                                                                                   hint of liquorice.

 TUSCANY                                                            PIEDMONT
 Bin No                                                             Bin No

 IT178        CHIANTI LEONARDO 2008 13%                   12x75cl   IT057        GAVI Ca’SOLARE D.O.C.G. 2008 11.5%          6x75cl
              A co-operative of growers, winemakers                              Aromas of ripe grapefruit. Medium
          C   and marketing based in the town of                             2   bodied, with citrus flavours and mineral
              Vinci, what else could they do but name                            notes. It finishes with gentle zesty
              themselves after Vinci’s most famous                               acidity.
              son, Leonardo. Forget all of your
              preconceptions about Chianti and just                 IT056        BARBERA D’ASTI Ca’SOLARE D.O.C.             6x75cl
              enjoy this soft, juicy, quaffable red for                          2006 13%
              what it is - a delicious moreish mouthful                      B   Brick red colour, aroma of ripe plums
              of fruit that is outstanding value for                             and savoury, smoky oak. Medium
              money.                                                             bodied with flavours of spiced plums
                                                                                 leading to a subtle oaky finish.
 IT179        CHIANTI CANTINE DI MONTALCINO                6x75cl
              2007 12.5%                                            IT176        BAROLO MANFREDI DOCG 2005 14%               6x75cl
          C   Brilliant red colour, full of fruit and                            A deep ruby garnet, full bodied red
              flavour. A soft juicy wine.
                                                                             D   made from the Nebbiolo grape which
                                                                                 turns rich red with age. Drink with
 IT175        CHIANTI CLASSICO CANTINE                     6x75cl                roast meats or strongly flavoured foods.
              DI MONTALCINO 2006 13%
          D   Intense scents of violets with a dry
              flavour and good tannins. It combines
              well with red meats and cheeses.

 IT060        CHIANTI RESERVA CANTINE                      6x75cl
              DI MONTALCINO 2005 13%
          D   Deep ruby colour, perfumed nose, good                 PLOZNER
              length of flavour with intricate tannins.
                                                                    IT104        QUATROPERUNO UNO VENEZIA GIULIA             6x75cl
 IT059        BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO DOCG                  6x75cl                IG 2008 12.5%
              2003 13%                                                       2   This Sauvignon Blanc is the flagship of
                                                                                 the Plozner wines and has been on the
          D   Along with Barolo, this is Italy’s most
              celebrated red. Ripe fruit flavours and                            cusp of Italy’s highest wine award for
              complex tannins combine to produce                                 the last 3 vintages. The wine is elegant,
              wine which is unique and long-lived.                               concise and refined. Herbaceous, green
                                                                                 pepper and sage aromas are matched
                                                                                 by a crisply defined grapefruit palate.
                                                                                 This is a wine to make the most serious
                                                                                 taster stand back and go wow!

                                                                    IT107        PEECORANERA VENEZIA GIULIA IGT              6x75cl
                                                                                 MERLOT 2007 12.5%
                                                                             E   The ‘Black Sheep of the Family’. An
                                                                                 impressively robust Merlot with fine-
                                                                                 grained tannins, great colour and
                                                                                 intense varietal aromas. The wine has
                                                                                 spent a long time in barriques which
                                                                                 has given it a lovely toasty character
                                                                                 that combines well with its redolent
                                                                                 plum fruits.

PATERNINA                                                           Bin No

Bin No                                                              ES006        VINA ALBALI GRAN RESERVA 1999 13%               6x75cl
                                                                                 Deep ruby red colour with terracotta and
ES102        BANDA DORADA RIOJA BLANCO 2008                6x75cl            D   ripe cherry tones. The nose is intense
             12%. Refreshing dry white Rioja with                                with dark fruit, spice and vanilla aromas.
         2   lively citrus aromas and flavours.                                  The palate is powerful and rich followed
                                                                                 by a long finish of ripe fruit and polished
ES103        BANDA ROSA RIOJA 2008 13%                     6x75cl
                                                                                 tannins. Winner of ‘Best in Class’ silver
             A lovely cherry colour, this dry rose is
                                                                                 medal at the IWSC.
             bursting with floral and fruit aromas.
         2   Fresh on the palate and well balanced
             with an exquisite aftertaste.
ES104        MONTE HARO RIOJA 2007 12.5%                   6x75cl   ES018        EL CIRCULO RIOJA CRIANZA 2006                   6x75cl
             Cherry red, of average intensity and with                           Ruby red colour, clear and brilliant, with
         C   purple overtones. Very intense aromas                           C   hints of ripe cherry. Deep, fresh fruit
             with red fruit character and some elements                          aromas with rich notes of spice and vanilla.
             of creamy, toasted oak. Full flavoured and
                                                                    ES140        RIOJA VEGA SIN CRIANZA 2006/07                 12x75cl
             well structured, with soft tannins.
                                                                                 Young, soft, well balanced and fruity.
ES105        BANDA VERDE RIOJA 2008 13%                    6x75cl            B   From the Rioja Baja.
             Vivid red in colour. On the nose you get
                                                                    ES136        RED SIN CRIANZA, ARJONA NAVAJAS                12x75cl
         D   hints of mature grape skins, red fruits
                                                                                 2008 12.5%
             and liquorice. In the mouth, it is very
             tasty and full flavoured. Organic wine.                         B   Light garnet colour, smoky nose, fruity
                                                                                 medium bodied with good length.
                                                                    ES132        RED CRIANZA NAVAJAS GUSTALES                   12x75cl
                                                                                 2005 13%
                                                                             C   Warm garnet colour, showing some age,
                                                                                 light tar and oak. Nice fruit, medium
                                                                                 bodied rounded after taste.
                                                                    ES137        RIOJA VEGA CRIANZA 2004 13.5%                  12x75cl
                                                                                 A clean and brilliant wine which is
                                                                             C   balanced and smooth.

                                                                    VINA SALCEDA
                                                                    ES068        VINA SALCEDA CRIANZA 2005 13%                   6x75cl
                                                                                 Ruby red with cherry notes in colour.

NAVARRA                                                                      D   Aromas of stone fruit, vinosity and a
                                                                                 touch of violet. Balanced with a good
                                                                                 structure of mature tannins proceeding
ES135        PLENO VIURA 2008/09 12%                      12x75cl
                                                                                 from the barrel and the grape. A good
             Golden in colour with quite a scented
                                                                                 finish with a return to the stone fruit
         2   nose, flavoursome on the palate with a
                                                                                 and spices of the bouquet.
             dry finish.
                                                                    ES069        VINA SALCEDA RESERVA 2004 13%                6x75cl
ES124        PLENO ROSADO 2009 12.5%                      12x75cl
                                                                                 Intense colour, dark ruby red with cherry
             Strawberry pink in colour with bright
                                                                                 hints. A mix of mature fruits and spices,
         3   reflections. A medium bodied crisp and                          D   blackberry, elderberries, sloe melding with
             fruity finish.
                                                                                 notes of clove and vanilla of noble wood,
ES134        PLENO TEMPRANILLO 2008/09 13.5%              12x75cl                and a touch of black pepper. An opulent and
             Very smooth and rounded with bramble                                structured body with rounded tannins, and
         C   and cherry fruit flavours. Soft tannins                             a long finish. A delicate aromatic finish of
                                                                                 plums, garrigue and with notes empyreumatic.
             and a lingering aftertaste and grip.

MARQUES DE CACERES                                                       RUEDA
Bin No                                                                   Bin No

ES190        WHITE SIN CRIANZA RIOJA 2009 12%                  12x75cl   ES107        CASA VERDE SAUVIGNON 2008                   12x75cl
ES201        Easy drinking pleasant dry white Rioja,         24x37.5cl                Up front, herbaceous and zesty blend of
         3   with a hint of spice and residual                                    2   Verdegjo, Viura and Sauvignon Blanc. Well
             sweetness on the palate. Excellent on                                    balanced with a crisp, clean finish.
             its own or with all seafood.
                                                                         ES109        PRADOREY VERDEJO                             6x75cl
ES192        ROSE RIOJA 2008 13.5%                            12x75cl                 A brilliant greenish yellow colour gives
             This dry rose is an exceptional Rioja,                               2   away youth and shows this wine’s
         2   full of fruit, yet still light on the palate.                            complexity. Tropical aromas like
             The finest grape varieties from the best                                 grapefruit, maracuya and leeches.
             Rioja vineyards give it perfect balance.                                 Very cool and pleasant in mouth,
             Serve chilled with hors d’oeuvres, paella                                creamy and with an extraordinarily
             and white meats.                                                         long ending.

ES189        RED RIOJA CRIANZA 2005/06 13.5%                   12x75cl
ES200        This crianza is the colour of rubies,           24x37.5cl
         C   rubies, it is elegant and compliments all                   RIBERA DEL DUERO
             palates. Aged in oak barrels with further
             ageing in bottle, it has a rich round                       ES108        MARQUES DE VALPARAISO RIBERA                 6x75cl
             flavour and is ideal served with pate,                                   DEL DUERO CRIANZA 2004 13.5%
             red meats and cheeses.                                               C   Brick red in colour, with aromas of red
                                                                                      berry fruit, cherries and subtle spice,
ES191        RIOJA RESERVA 2004 13.5%                         12x75cl                 giving way to a medium bodied palate
             A magnificent, complex, stunning wine                                    of cedar wood, tobacco, vanilla and ripe
                                                                                      red fruits, supported by medium grain
         D   from a world renowned producer.
                                                                                      tannins and a long harmonious finish.
             Luscious, rich fruit with vanilla and
             chocolate overtones give off superb                                      Serve with game, duck, lamb and hard
             aromas. Lovely weight of fruit and a                                     cheeses.
             lengthy finish.
                                                                         ES110        PRADOREY ROBLE 13.7%                         6x75cl
XX269        RIOJA GRAN RESERVA 2001 14%                      12x75cl                 Intense purple red colour with violet
             Considered to be one of Spain’s finest                               D   tones. It is very fruity, intense and
                                                                                      cool, with a touch of berries compote
         D   red wines. Selected from the best
                                                                                      and balsamic as well as spicy touch
             vineyards and grape varieties in Rioja,
             this wine is aged in oak casks and then                                  contributed by oak barrel maturation.
             given further ageing in bottle. It has
             a full, round bouquet and a taste
             noteable for its finesse.
                                                                         ES111        SENORIO DE RUBIOS ALBARINO 2008             12x75cl
                                                                                      Pale yellow-green with attractive aromas
                                                                                  9   of herbs and flowers with a palate of
                                                                                      ripe apples with a hint of fennel and
                                                                                      the characteristic glycerol-like mouth-
                                                                                      feel that marks the Albarino variety.

 RIOJA                                                              SPAIN
 Bin No
                                                                    REGIONAL CLASSICS
 ES154        TOBELOS RED CRIANZA 2005 13%                12x75cl
                                                                    Bin No
              Intense black cherry colour. Complex,
          D   powerful berry fruit nose with hints of
                                                                    ES034        MARIUS RESERVA RED 2005 14%                  12x75cl
              vanilla and spice. Velvety softness with
                                                                                 Made from selected Tempranillo.
              great depth of ripe, rich spicy fruit on
              the palate.                                                    D   Monastrell and Garnacha grapes and
                                                                                 Matured in American oak casks for 18
                                                                                 months and a minimum 6 months in
 ES155        LA ENCINA TAHON de TOBELOS 2002              6x75cl
                                                                                 bottle. Intense ruby colour, rich and full
              From vineyards at the foot of the Sierra
                                                                                 fruit on the palate.
          D   de Tolono. Vines are over 55 years old
              and have immense character. The wine
                                                                    ES016        GRAN MARIUS 2004 RESERVA                      6x75cl
              is rich and meaty. Fruit and wood
                                                                                 SELECCIONE 13.5% Vintage 2005
              integrate harmoniously.
                                                                             E   A red wine of great distinction made
                                                                                 from hand-picked, grapes. Dark ruby
                                                                                 red with complex bouquet of prunes,
                                                                                 plums, roasted red pepper and toasted
                                                                                 notes. Magnificent palate with plenty of
                                                                                 rich concentrated plums, damsons,
                                                                                 smooth and full with firm tannins, full
                                                                                 persistence in the finish.

                                                                    ES017        VALCANTO OAK-AGED SYRAH 2008                 12x75cl
                                                                             D   Deep, intense red colour with purple
                                                                                 tinges. Sensational ripe red fruit nose,
                                                                                 beautifully blended with spices and a
 MARQUES DE GRINON DOMINIO DE                                                    toastiness from the oak. Very smooth
 VALDEPUSA, MALPICA, TOLEDO                                                      palate with rich plum and blackberry
                                                                                 fruit and firm tannins.
 ES146        DOMINIO DE VALDEPUSA                         6x75cl
              CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2000
          D   Deep ruby red colour with intense
              bouquet of wild red fruits and spices.
              Well structured and powerful.

 ES147        DOMINIO DE VALDEPUSA PETIT                   6x75cl
              VERDOT 2000
          D   Elegant red fruit character on the nose,
              with dense smoky toasty aromas.
              Voluptuous palate with masses of ripe
              tannins and powerful potential.

 ES148        DOMINIO DE VALDEPUSA SYRAH                   6x75cl
              Deep purple colour with aromas of ripe
          E   fruits of the forest. Soft tannins on the
              palate, with a long finish.

DOWN UNDER                                                        STIRLING HILLS
Bin No                                                            Bin No

AU232        BILLEBONG TUCKER CHARDONNAY                 6x75cl   AU260        SEMILLION/CHARDONNAY 2009 12%                 12x75cl
             SAUVIGNON 12.5%                                                   Just the sort of wine that converted the
         3   Soft, fresh and clean on the palate, off
             dry in style, with nuances of tropical
                                                                           3   UK to drink Australian. An eminently
                                                                               drinkable wine, the bouquet is fairly
             fruits and a citrus finish.                                       spicy, the fruit is soft and the finish is
                                                                               crisp and dry.
AU233        BRUMBYS TRACK CABERNET/MERLOT               6x75cl
             13.5%. Lovely garnet/ruby red colour,
                                                                  AU261        SHIRAZ/CABERNET 2008 13.5%                    12x75cl
         C   blackcurrants and cherries predominate
             the palate, a fresh scented nose and
                                                                               A soft, fruity red with that typical ‘drink

             soft rounded finish.                                          C   me’ quality that sets you to the
                                                                               bottom of the bottle far too quickly. No
AU154        CONVICT’S GHOST CHARDONNAY                  6x75cl                hard edges, just very gluggable...
             A bright sunny yellow colour. It is rich
         3   and rounded, with ripe peach and melon
             fruity flavours complemented by creamy
             vanilla notes.

AU157        SQUATTER’S RUN SHIRAZ                       6x75cl
                                                                  ROWLANDS BROOK
             A deep, ruby red in colour. Abounding                AU262        SEMILLION/CHARDONNAY 2009 12%                 12x75cl
         D   with ripe red berry fruity and pepper                             The classic Australian house wine,
             overtones. Very fruity and well
                                                                           3   straightforward fruit with more of a
                                                                               restrained style than of old and so well
                                                                               balanced. Fresh and lively and very

CURIOUS                                                           AU263        SHIRAZ/CABERNET 2008 13.5%
                                                                               Pronounced aromas are beautifully

AU250        CHARDONNAY SAUVIGNON BLANC                  6x75cl            C   balanced with blackberry fruit
             2009 13%                                                          characters from the Cabernet and hints
         3   A fresh, fruit driven wine displaying                             of spice from the Shiraz. Easy drinking.
             aromas of citrus and tropical fruits and
             some herbaceous notes. Typical
             Chardonnay flavours of melon and fig
             combine with the grassy and grapefruit
             flavours from the Sauvignon Blanc. The
             wine is crisp and refreshing, with a long
                                                                  CAPTAIN COOK
                                                                  AU002        SEMILLION/CHARDONNAY 12.5%                     6x75cl
AU251        SHIRAZ 2009 14.5%                           6x75cl   AU004        A blend of Semillion and Chardonnay           12x25cl
             Deep purple in colour, with an intense                        3   grapes off dry with a fresh fruity
         C   aroma of dark fruits and spice. Subtly                            character.
             integrated American oak balances with
             ripe plums and blackberries, this wine               AU001        SHIRAZ/CABERNET 13.5%                          6x75cl
             has excellent structure and length.                  AU003        Lovely soft, rounded red from Southern        12x25cl

AU252        MOSCATO 2009/10 5.5%                        6x75cl
                                                                           C   Australia, flavoursome and easy drinking.

             This Moscato is lively and fresh with
         4   wonderful aromas of rose petals and
             musk. With a slight spritz to tickle the

                                                                       Bin No
 Bin No                                                                AU194        CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2007/08 13.5%              6x75cl
                                                                                    Our Cabernet Sauvignon exhibits
 AU191        CHARDONNAY 2009 13.5%                           6x75cl            D   aromas and flavours of ripe blackberries
 QB001        A delightful, fruit driven wine displaying   24x187ml                 and plums. The palate is full bodied
                                                                                    with impressive length complemented
          2   aromas of tropical fruits and peaches
                                                                                    by spicy oak. The wine is a great
              with just a hint of lightly toasted oak.
              The palate exhibits fresh, ripe                                       partner to roast beef and rich pasta
              Chardonnay flavours of melon and fig                                  dishes.
              with a delicate, creamy texture and a
              crisp, clean finish. Subtle oak handling                 AU195        MERLOT 2008/09 14%                            6x75cl
              complements, rather than overpowers                                   Rich garnet in colour, this wine has
              the wine.                                                         C   smooth fruit flavours of blackberries
                                                                                    and stewed plums and some varietal
 AU192        VERDELHO 2008/09 12.5%                          6x75cl                brambly Merlot characters. It is supple
              This wine is medium straw in colour                                   and fleshy, with a characteristic smooth
                                                                                    mouth feel and soft finish. French oak
          2   with green tinges, suggesting freshness
                                                                                    adds an extra savoury spicy dimension
              and youth, but also richness of flavour.
              On the nose are aromas of pineapple,                                  and soft fine tannins to the wine.
              paw paw and passionfruit - a veritable
              fruit salad. The palate is equally                       AU196        SHIRAZ 2008/09 14%                            6x75cl
              reminiscent of a range of tropical fruits                QB002        Deep purple in colour, with intense        24x187ml
              with a zesty, sherbert-like acidity and a                         D   aromas of dark fruits and spice. With
              clean citrus finish. Unoaked, the wine is                             subtly integrated American Oak
              crisp and refreshing.                                                 balanced with ripe plums and
                                                                                    blackberries, this wine has excellent
 AU193        SAUVIGNON BLANC 2009 11.5%                      6x75cl                structure and length. Secondary aromas
              This delightful unoaked wine displays                                 of chocolate and spice add intrigue and
                                                                                    complexity to the wine with soft tannins
          1   intense aromas of capsicum,
                                                                                    creating a supple and smooth wine with
              gooseberries and passionfruit. There is
              a prominent herbaceous character in                                   impressive length.
              the wine which adds complexity and
              depth - typical of the Sauvignon Blanc                   AU200        MOSCATO 2009/10 5.5%                          6x75cl
              varietal. The palate is lively and fresh                              Aromas of rose petals, musk and
              with a lingering finish.                                          4   flowers. Simple fruit flavours with a
                                                                                    light spriz on the palate to tingle the
 AU190        CABERNET ROSE 2009/10 13%                       6x75cl                palate.
              A fresh and lively wine, fuchsia in colour
          2   with a lovely perfumed nose of
              raspberries and strawberries. The fruit
              intensity on the palate is evident, with
              underlying hints of musk and mint
              completing the wine.

BASILISK SUPER PREMIUM                                               CHAPTER THREE
Bin No                                                               The story continues at McPherson Wines with the release of Chapter
                                                                     Three. This is the third range to be released into the McPherson
AU197        MARSANNE VIOGNIER 2007 13%                     6x75cl
             A rich, nutty palate complimented by                    portfolio and has been created with the finest attention paid to
         2   hints of pear, spice and a tickle of                    viticultural practices and winemaking techniques to achieve wines of
             apricot, the complexity and appeal of
                                                                     perfect harmony, great style and superb quality.
             this lovely wine will only develop. Like
             all Marsanne, this wine drinks lovely at
             present, however will only benefit and                  Bin No
             offer more intrigue with time.
                                                                     AU202        SHIRAZ VIOGNIER 2007 14.5%                  6x75cl
AU203        RIESLING 2007 12.5%                            6x75cl
                                                                                  This wonderfully dark, inky red wine
             This vibrant wine displays luscious floral
         2   aromas of honeysuckle and apple blossom                          D   created from cool climate Central
                                                                                  Victorian Shiraz complexed with a
             with slight citrus undertones of lime and
                                                                                  splash of Viognier, is redolent of
             grapefruit. The lively palate displays tangy
                                                                                  concentrated black fruits and wild
             citrus characters of freshly squeezed
                                                                                  blueberries. Harmoniously balanced
             lemons and lime zest with a crisp, clean
                                                                                  with brooding fruits and carefully
             finish. A beautiful drink now style, or
                                                                                  integrated French oak, this wine offers
             can be cellared for up to ten years.
                                                                                  intense blackberries and dark plums
AU204        SAUVIGNON BLANC 2008/09 12.5%                  6x75cl                with a lingering spicy finish.
             Pale in straw colour, this wine is filled                            With an eternal palate of richness and
         2   with aromas of passionfruit and                                      spice, this is a wine that will surely
                                                                                  reward those who offer it time.
             pineapple with subtle hints of
             gooseberries and citrus.

AU198        SHIRAZ MOURVEDRE 2007 14%                      6x75cl
             A smooth, full-bodied wine which exhibits
         E   aromas and flavours of blackberry,
             pepper and spice combined with the
             elegant integration of French oak. This
             wine has excellent length of flavour which
             will only be enhanced with ageing in bottle.

AU201        CABERNET BALZAC 2005/06 14.5%                  6x75cl
             A boldly structured palate displaying                   McGUIGAN TEMPUS TWO
         E   flavours of black fruits such as
                                                                     PEWTER RANGE
             blackcurrants and plums, the intense,
             velvety length of the wine seems
             endless. This is a truly powerful                       AU104        PEWTER PINOT GRIS                           6x75cl
             Cabernet in every sense and will only                                Pale yellow in colour with a very fruity
             benefit from careful cellaring.                                  3   bouquet and a full, harmonious taste.
                                                                                  This wine is delicious with its aromas of
AU188        TEMPRANILLO 2008 14.5%                         6x75cl                stone-fruits and melons. Medium bodied
             A medium bodied wine, which is inky in                               with flavours of ripe peaches and
         D   colour and beautifully structured. The nose                          tropical fruits.
             offers an array of interest from black
             olives to leather to a hint of tobacco.
             The tempting black cherries and plums,
             along with subtle oak and savoury
             tannins contribute to a lengthy palate
             with chalky tannins and long acidity.

 McGUIGAN BLACK LABEL                                                   McGUIGAN DISCOVER RANGE
 Bin No                                                                 Bin No

 AU027A       BLACK LABEL CHARDONNAY 09/10 13%                 6x75cl   AU115        PINOT GRIGIO (VICTORIA) 2008 13.5%            6x75cl
 QB020        A modern style Chardonnay showing             24x187ml                 A supple, full-bodied wine with rich
          2   intense tropical fruit flavours. Full                              3   fruit flavours and a warm mouth feel.
              bodied and fresh with good length, this                                A hint of passionfruit and pear on the
              wine is ideal for drinking on its own or                               palate with a delicate floral lift.
              with white meats or pasta.                                             Refreshing with a citrus finish that has
                                                                                     both complexity and balance.
 AU045A       BLACK LABEL SAUVIGNON BLANC 09/10                6x75cl
              10.5%. The palate is full and generously                  AU116        SHIRAZ VIOGNIER                               6x75cl
          1   flavoured with a clean, crisp after-taste.                             (LANGHORNE CREEK) 2007 13.5%
              Ideal for drinking with all entrees,                               C   A much softer feel than a full bodied
              particularly seafoods, plus pasta and                                  Shiraz. The white Viognier adds a floral
              chicken.                                                               dimension to the Shiraz creating a
                                                                                     silky, soft finish and a liveliness to the
 AU016        BLACK LABEL PINOT GRIGIO 2008 12.5%              6x75cl                palate. Juicy berry flavours with a
              Distinct aromas of pear and passionfruit                               background of vanilla.
          3   with delicate floral perfumes. A
              refreshing white wine featuring
              delightful flavours of ripe pear and green
              apple. It is a nicely balanced wine that
              delivers a clean citrus finish typical of
              the pinot grigio style.
 AU022A       BLACK LABEL TRAMINER RIESLING                    6x75cl   AU072        VICTORIA COLOMBARD/                          12x75cl
              2009/10 12%                                                            CHARDONNAY 2008 13%
          6   Lovely straw colour, aromas of luscious
                                                                                 3   Pale straw, slight green colour. Rich
              tropical fruits, lychees and melon.                                    tropical fruit nose which is fresh and
              Excellent balance, medium sweet in style.                              crisp, fruity but dry with a lingering
                                                                                     flavour and a delicate crisp finish.
 AU044        BLACK LABEL SHIRAZ ROSE 2008/09                  6x75cl
 QB022        12.5%. Deep pink colour, dryish in style      24x187ml    AU068        VICTORIA SHIRAZ/CABERNET 2008 14%            12x75cl
          3   with flavours of soft red fruits.                                      Lovely soft rounded red. Full of juicy

 AU025A       BLACK LABEL RED 2008/09 13.5%                    6x75cl
                                                                                 C   fruit that lingers on the palate.

              Delightful, soft red produced from                        AU073        VICTORIA SAUVIGNON BLANC 2008 12%            12x75cl
          B   carefully selected grapes. Bulging with                                Pale straw with green tint, intense
              rich fruit flavours, with just a hint of
              spice on the finish. Perfect with most
                                                                                 2   passion fruit nose with a herbaceous
                                                                                     character. Fresh and crisp flavoured
              foods or on its own.                                                   passion fruit and lychees background.
                                                                                     Soft and dry with flavours that linger.
 AU058A       BLACK LABEL SHIRAZ 2008/09 13.5%                 6x75cl
 QB021        Deep red colour, peppery finish. Very         24x187ml    AU070        COONAWARA CABERNET SAUVIGNON                 12x75cl
          C   fruity with flavours of plum on the                                    2006 13.5%
              palate. Perfect with most red meats and
                                                                                 D   Bright berry characters from Red Cliffs
                                                                                     and spicy minty notes with the soft
                                                                                     tannins of Coonawara combine to give
 AU028A       BLACK LABEL MERLOT 2008/09 13.5%                 6x75cl                a soft Cabernet fruit with subtle oak
              A lovely mellow style combined with                                    flavours.
          B   rich, ripe red fruit flavours. Perfect with
              most red meats, poultry or cheeses.

PETER LEHMANN - WEIGHBRIDGE                                            PETER LEHMANN
Bin No                                                                 BAROSSA RANGE
AU063A       WEIGHBRIDGE CHARDONNAY 2008/09 13% 6x75cl                 Bin No
             Beautifully blended unwooded Chardonnay.
         2   Delicious honeydew melon and peach                        AU064        BAROSSA CHENIN BLANC 2009 12.5%            6x75cl
             character in an easy drinking style with                               Delicate pale green colour with yellow
             a clean fruit finish.
                                                                                3   tinges. Lively characters of freshly
AU066        WEIGHBRIDGE GRENACHE ROSE 2008/09              6x75cl                  picked green apples, the wine has a
             12.5%. A full bodied rose, from the                                    crisp natural acidity and a steely dry
         3   Barossa Valley, rich and soft, full of soft                            finish.
             berry fruit with a spicy nose.
                                                                       AU079        BAROSSA CHARDONNAY 13%                     6x75cl
AU061A       WEIGHBRIDGE SHIRAZ 2007/08 14.5%               6x75cl
                                                                                    A delicate yellow with green tinges at
             Made from premium South Australian
         D   vineyards. The wine is medium bodied                               2   the rim. Soft and restrained on the nose
                                                                                    showing good fruit with background
             showing good rounded berry fruit, with
                                                                                    notes of new oak and wild yeast lees
             a long satisfying finish.
                                                                                    complexity. It has deliciously fresh cut
AU062        WEIGHBRIDGE CABERNET                           6x75cl                  white peach and smoky fig fruit on the
             SAUVIGNON/MERLOT 2006/07 14.5%                                         palate. Soft and clean finish.
         C   A magnificent blend of Cabernet
             Sauvignon and Merlot grapes. This is a                    AU083        BAROSSA RIESLING 12%                       6x75cl
             rich and generous fruit driven wine                                    Spicy fruit florals and delicious aromas
             showing excellent varietal flavours that                           3   of a freshly bathed and powdered baby!
             reflect the wonderful Australian climate.                              A very tightly structured wine with good
                                                                                    depth of fruit and a refreshingly clean,
YARRA VALLEY - MOUNTAIN PASS                                                        crisp finish.

AU900        MOUNTAIN PASS CHARDONNAY 2008                  6x75cl     AU077        BAROSSA SHIRAZ 14.5%                       6x75cl
             Bright and elegant with citrus, stone fruit                            Dense black with a deep garnet rim,
         2   notes and well integrated, nutty French
                                                                                D   lashings of dusted chocolate with an
             oak. This delicious chardonnay was                                     underlay of dark plum characters. The
             made to reflect the essence of the great                               rich dark fruit flavours are restrained
             Victorian landscape - vibrant, youthful                                and balanced by the firm, yet soft,
             and completely seductive.                                              fine-grained tannins.
AU901        MOUNTAIN PASS PINOT NOIR 2008                  6x75cl
             Soft and elegant with bright red berry                    AU078        BAROSSA MERLOT 13.5%                       6x75cl
                                                                                    Olive note, with ripe plum and chocolate
         C   fruit and well balanced savoury oak. This
             charming Pinot Noir is made to reflect the                         C   characters. Dense black cherry colour,
                                                                                    beautifully structured with a superb
             colour and the essence of the great
             Victorian landscape - vibrant, playful                                 middle palate softness, showing savoury
             and completely seductive.                                              herbal olive and blackcurrant flavours.
                                                                                    The rich depth of fruit is reined in by
                                                                                    the beautifully balanced oak and fine-
THE FUTURES                                                                         grained tannins.
AU090        THE FUTURES SHIRAZ 2006/07 14.5%                 6x75cl
                                                                       AU076        BAROSSA CABERNET SAUVIGNON                 6x75cl
             The wine has a black centre with a dark red
         D   rim and its bouquet offers an enticing melange
                                                                                D   Soft aromas of violets, blackcurrants
             of classical Barossa Shiraz dark plums and
                                                                                    and chocolate notes. A softly textured
             chocolate. The palate is opulent and rich with
                                                                                    Cabernet with good fruit flavours,
             great length of flavour. It is superbly structured:
                                                                                    beautifully balanced. Subtle undertones
             the depth of velvet fruit being reined in by firm
                                                                                    of fully integrated oak, a seamless and
             tannins and the beautifully integrated oak.
                                                                                    delightful wine.

 CLARE VALLEY                                                        CLARITY
 A & J MITCHELL                                                      Bin No.
 Bin No                                                              AU118         SAUVIGNON BLANC 2009 11.5%                     6x75cl
                                                                                   An outstanding example, with a zesty
 AU082        WATERVALE RIESLING 2008 12%
              Steely lime and passion fruit. Ideal with
                                                           12x75cl             2   sharp, fresh taste with sweet fruit and floral
                                                                                   tones. From the Adelaide Hills in South Australia.
          2   seafood and asparagus.
                                                                     AU119         PINOT NOIR                                     6x75cl
 AU086        GROWERS SEMILLION 2006 13%                   12x75cl                 Hints of black cherry and spicy oak on the
              Fresh, zingy nose, barrel fermented and                          D   nose. On the palate there are notes of
                                                                                   strawberries and vanilla leading to a long,
          2   aged in new oak. Tropical fruit flavours,
                                                                                   grippy finish.
              rich and full bodied. Estate grown
              grapes vinified with great care by the
              Mitchell family.                                       KARRI OAK ESTATE
 AU085        GSM 2004 15%                                 12x75cl
                                                                     WESTERN AUSTRALIA
              A blend of Grenache/Shiraz/Mourvedre.                  AU244         SEMILLON SAUVIGNON BLANC 2008 13%             12x75cl
          E   A deep purple red colour with a spicy                                A light bodied wine with bright tropical
              fresh cherry nose and velvety softness                           2   fruit characters on the nose. Citrus and
              on the palate.                                                       lime flavours show through on the
                                                                                   palate and are balanced by crisp acidity.
 AU080        SEVERN HILL CABERNET                         12x75cl
              SAUVIGNON 2004 13.5%                                   AU246         UNOAKED CHARDONNAY 2007 13.5%                 12x75cl
                                                                                   A crisp, dry chardonnay with notes of
          D   Rich, intense varietal flavour, super
              premium quality aged in small barrels                            1   melon and peach. A creamy and elegant
                                                                                   palate with flavours of crisp apple and pear.
              and then bottle aged for a smooth
              complex palate.                                        AU247         SHIRAZ 2007 15%                               12x75cl
                                                                                   Dark cherry and berry fruits in the mouth,
 AU081        PEPPERTREE SHIRAZ 2006 14.5%                 12x75cl                 aromas of fresh plums. A complex
              One of the top wines from Australia,                             D   palate with great finesse and length.
          E   grown exclusively in the Peppertree
              Vineyard. Huge fruit showing richness                  AU245         CABERNET MERLOT 2006 14%                       12x75cl
              and intense flavour with good backbone                               The wine has distinctive ripe blackcurrant
              and structure.                                                   B   and plum fruit aromas and flavours.
                                                                                   Delicate tannins give an attractive soft finish.
 AU084        McNICOLS SHIRAZ 2000 14.5%                    6x75cl
              Very dark red, almost black at the                     WYNDHAM ESTATE
          D   centre, garnet at the rim. Fragrant and
                                                                     AU012A        BIN 222 CHARDONNAY 12.5%                       6x75cl
              complex nose with dark fruit flavours
              supported by integrated oak and fine                                 A soft, well balanced wine displaying
              tannins. Medium to full-bodied with a                            2   melon like Chardonnay varietal fruit with
              long dry finish.                                                     subtle French oak which adds complexity
                                                                                   to the wine with a rich full palate.

                                                                     AU011A        BIN 555 SHIRAZ 14.5%                           6x75cl
                                                                                   A full flavoured wine, soft and generous
                                                                               B   nose showing rich plum fruit with a
                                                                                   degree of spice. The sweet fruit flavours
                                                                                   are enhanced by soft tannins resulting
 AU905        PIKES RIESLING                                6x75cl
                                                                                   in a pleasant lingering finish.
              Pale straw, with green hues, floral lime
          3   fruit bouquet, linear and fine with a racy             AU010A        BIN 444 CABERNET SAUVIGNON 14.5%               6x75cl
              yet still juicy finish to the palate.                                Super full bodied medium dry red. Intense
                                                                               C   purple colour, excellent presentation.

                                                                                           New Zealand
                                                                         CJ PASK - HAWKES BAY
 NIKA TIKI - MARLBOROUGH                                                 Bin No.
 Bin No.
                                                                         NZ004         SAUVIGNON BLANC OMAHU ROAD                  12x75cl
 NZ110            SAUVIGNON BLANC 2008/09 12%                   6x75cl                 2008 13%
 QB040            Light straw in colour. Inviting fresh      24x187ml              1   Tropical fruit flavours characterise this
            1     citrus and tropical fruit flavours overlay                           harmonious easy-drinking Sauvignon.
                  mineral characters. Good texture with                                Very fresh, lively and fruity.
                  a concentrated mid-palate and a crisp
                  finish. This wine (under another label)                NZ003         CHARDONNAY OMAHU ROAD 2009                  12x75cl
                  was awarded 2 Gold Medals. Michael                                   13.5%
                  Cooper has given it two 5-star ratings
                  in his 2009 Buyers Guide to New
                                                                                   2   Intense citrus aroma and flavours
                                                                                       describe this full-flavoured and elegant
                  Zealand wines. He also named it                                      Chardonnay. Subtle oak overtones.
                  ‘Best White Wine Buy of the Year.’
                                                                         NZ025         PASK VIOGNIER 2009                          12x75cl
                                                                                       Full bodied dry white with a gorgeously
                                                                                   2   perfumed scent and a ripe peachy
                                                                         NZ005         MERLOT 2006 GIMBLETT ROAD 13.5%             12x75cl
NZ013           SAUVIGNON BLANC                               6x75cl
                                                                                       Soft, rich and subtle, spicy aromas and
                (MARLBOROUGH) 2009 12.5%
        1       Intensely aromatic, this wine bursts with                          D   flavours are coupled with sweet berry
                                                                                       fruits producing an elegant style.
                flavours of gooseberry and redcurrants,
                with hints of passionfruit and lime zest.
                                                                         NZ001         CABERNET/MERLOT/MALBEC                      12x75cl
                The palate is dry, vibrant and tightly
                                                                                       GIMBLETT ROAD 2006 13%
                structured with a racy acid.
                                                                                   D   An intense rich berryish wine. Matured
                                                                                       in oak adds complexity and depth of
NZ014           RIESLING (WAIPARA VALLEY) 2009 12%            6x75cl
                                                                                       flavour whilst the Merlot adds softness.
                Bursting with flavours of violet and
        4       lemon blossom. Hints of ginger, apricot
                                                                         NZ018         SYRAH GIMBLETT ROAD 2007 13%                12x75cl
                and Seville orange zest. The palate is
                                                                                       This wine is rich and elegant with white
                dry, minerally and tightly structured
                with concentration and texture.                                    D   pepper and violet aromas. Blackberry
                                                                                       and raspberry on the palate with hints
                                                                                       of cherry and fine oak.
NZ019           PINOT GRIS (WAIPARA VALLEY) 2008              6x75cl
        2       An intensely aromatic wine bursting
                with flavours of fresh white peaches,
                pear, melon and guava with hints of                      PASK INSTINCT
                fresh ginger and quince. The palate is
                dry and intensely persistent.                            NZ011         ROSE                                        12x75cl
                                                                                       Strawberry red in colour, with an aroma
NZ015           PINOT NOIR (WAIPARA VALLEY) 2008              6x75cl               3   of fresh berries and nettles. A fresh
                13.5%                                                                  array of ripe berries on the palate with
        C       A deep red colour and bursting with                                    a crisp, clean finish.
                aromas of black cherry, blackberry,
                liquorice and smoky oak. The palate is                   NZ026         PINOT NOIR 13.5%                            12x75cl
                focussed and rich, with soft tannins and                               Deep garnet colour, ripe cherry aroma.
                an intriguing ‘forest floor’ complexity.                           C   The palate shows primary cherry
                                                                                       characters, white pepper and warm
                                                                                       spices. Bottle maturation will further
                                                                                       complex and enhance this wine.

                                                                 New Zealand / Chile
DECLARATION                                                             OCEANS REACH
The Declaration range of wines are only produced in exceptional         Bin No.
vintages and are harvested from selected vines within the Gimblett
                                                                        CL510         FRUITY WHITE                                    6x75cl
Road blocks. Complex tertiary winemaking characters are
                                                                        CL513         Fresh, fruity and very stylish wine.         24x187ml
intertwined with the intense flavours from the vineyard to create a
                                                                                  3   Easy drinking with a tropical bouquet
range of truly distinctive wines which are declared as the very best.                 and a touch of apple/pineapple on the
NZ009A       DECLARATION CHARDONNAY 2006 13.5%              6x75cl
             Light in colour with green tinges, intense                 CL511         JUICY ROSE                                      6x75cl
         1   citrus characters with fine, sweet oak.                    CL514         Strawberries and raspberries fill the        24x187ml

NZ010A       DECLARATION SYRAH 2007 14%                     6x75cl
                                                                                  4   mouth, fresh and fruity with a delicious
                                                                                      medium finish.
             A soft complex Syrah, delicate pepper
         D   and spice flavours, finely structured ripe                 CL512         SOFT RED                                        6x75cl
             tannins, the wine will develop beautifully                 CL515         A very easy drinking soft and juicy red.     24x187ml
             with bottle maturation.
                                                                                  B   Dark red fruits on the palate. Very
                                                                                      smooth and moreish.
NZ008        DECLARATION MERLOT 2005                        6x75cl
             A concentrated merlot, displaying meaty
         D   gamey flavours, combined with primary
             spice and plums, coffee and integrated                     MILLAMAN LIMITED RESERVE WINES
             oak. Rich, powerful and elegant.
                                                                        CL210         CHARDONNAY 2009 14%                             6x75cl
NZ017        DECLARATION CABERNET MERLOT                    6x75cl                    Pale golden colour with green tinges.
             MALBEC 2004 13.5%
                                                                                  2   Rich, complex nose, with notes of
         D   Intense, rich berry flavours. Spice and                                  tropical and citrus fruits well balanced
             cassis characters are supported by fine                                  with toast notes of barrels. Structured
             tannins. Sweet oak provides backbone                                     and full in the mouth with soft
             and balance.                                                             butterscotch, complemented with a very
                                                                                      good fruit expression.

DOMAIN ROAD VINEYARD                                                    CL211         SHIRAZ MALBEC 2006/07 14.6%                     6x75cl
                                                                                      Deep purple red, rich ripe blackcurrants,
CENTRAL OTAGO                                                                     D   floral and spicy notes well integrated
                                                                                      with chocolate and toasty oak. Liquor
Domain Road is located in the very heart of an historic
                                                                                      hints. Very soft tannins, good balance,
gold mining area in Bannockburn.                                                      an elegant wine with good length.

NZ031        SAUVIGNON BLANC 2008 13.5%                    12x75cl
                                                                        CL212         RED ZINFANDEL 2006/07 14.8%                     6x75cl
             IWSC Silver medal winner. A very bright
                                                                                      Intense garnet red in colour. Lifted spicy
        1    straw colour and a nose which has
                                                                                  D   and savoury nose of dried fruits and
             everything a classic Sauvignon Blanc
                                                                                      raisins (Christmas cake) complexed by
             should have. Gooseberry, melon and
                                                                                      toasty sweet oak. A powerful well
             passionfruit on the fruit spectrum,
                                                                                      structured wine with intensity and
             followed by green pepper and floral
             nuances. The palate has lovely texture
             and flavour with perfect balance to finish.

NZ032        PINOT NOIR 2006/07 13.5%                      12x75cl
             An elegant Pinot Noir made from hand-
             picked fruit. The wine displays subtle
        C    velvety fruit with vibrant aromas of
             cherry and plum as well as hints of
             cream and spice. Limited stocks.

 MILLAMAN CONDOR                                                        MILLAMAN ESTATE RESERVE
 Bin No.                                                                Bin No

 CL199         SAUVIGNON BLANC 2009 12.5%                     12x75cl   CL207        CHARDONNAY 2009 14%                       12x75cl
               Pale straw colour, aromatic and lemony                                Pale gold in colour with green tinges.
           1   with herbaceous complexity. Lingering                             2   Subtle tropical fruit pineapple and
               citric fruit flavours balanced by crisp                               melon with nutty notes. Full bodied and
               acidity.                                                              creamy in the mouth with tropical
                                                                                     flavours complemented by a long finish.
 CL200         CHARDONNAY 2009 12.5%                          12x75cl
               A delightfully fresh, very young pale                    CL201        SAUVIGNON BLANC 2009 12.5%                12x75cl
           2   yellow colour. Well balanced dry white                                Pale straw with green tinges. Lime and
               wine with crisp green apple, citrus, ripe                         1   grapefruit notes, with a floral touch
               melon and succulent tropical fruit                                    (jasmine) add to the complexity. Fresh
               flavours especially pineapple topped                                  and round palate with balanced acidity,
               with a creamy smooth finish.                                          a little sweet, good length.

 CL202         CABERNET SAUVIGNON ROSE 2009                   12x75cl   CL206        CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008 14%               12x75cl
               12.5%. Dark pink in colour. Fresh nose,                               An intense and young red colour.
           3   palate of soft red fruits. Off dry in style.                      C   Lifted nose of strawberry and
                                                                                     blackberries with chocolate and spice
 CL203         MERLOT 2008 13%                                12x75cl                notes. Soft wine with very smooth
               A beautiful soft, vibrant wine with                                   tannins. Good balance between fruit
           B   ripe plum and red berry nose.
               Wonderfully smooth and easy drinking.
                                                                                     and tannins, a good body.

                                                                        CL208        MERLOT 2008 13.5%                         12x75cl
 CL204         CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008 12.5%                  12x75cl                Deep cherry red colour. Dried fruits,
               A superbly ripe and juicy wine filled with                        C   violet flowers and oak notes. Intense
           C   delicious cassis, plums and fresh berry                               and liqueur like aromas. Soft and
               flavours. Soft driven palate with a                                   tannic, but also elegant and creamy.
               smooth velvety finish.
                                                                        CL209        SHIRAZ MALBEC 2005/06 14%                 12x75cl
 CL205         SHIRAZ 2008 12.9%                              12x75cl                Vibrant garnet red with purple tinges.
               Intense violet red colour with purple                             D   Spicy notes with blackcurrant and
           D   tinges. Aromas of berries, evolving to                                blackberry flavours. Robust tannins,
               black fruit jam and hints of chocolate.                               well balanced with good intensity and
               Ripe tannins, good structure and a very                               fruit.
               long finish for a varietal wine.
                                                                        CL217        CABERNET SAUVIGNON MALBEC 2008            12x75cl
 CL216         CARMENERE 2008 12.5%                           12x75cl                14.4%
               Chocolate, coffee and spice combine                               D   Young intense red colour, with some
           D   with raspberries and blackberries in the                              purple tinges. Complex nose of violets
               Carmenere. Chile’s very own grape.                                    and berries. Good attack in the mouth
                                                                                     with plenty volume and texture.
                                                                                     Excellent balance between fruit and

C.Y.T. VARIETALS                                                   FRONTERA
Bin No.                                                            Bin No

CL052         CYT CHARDONNAY 13%                         12x75cl   CL142        SAUVIGNON/SEMILION 12.5%                      12x75cl
              Fruity and delicate with notes of herbs,                          Fresh, fruity character with soft
          2   tropical fruits and vanilla. Fresh,                           2   gooseberry/passionfruit aroma. Very
              balanced and refreshing with a little                             easy drinking.
              sweetness and long lasting flavour.
                                                                   CL143        CABERNET SAUVIGNON/MERLOT 13%                 12x75cl
CL053         CYT SAUVIGNON BLANC 12.5%                  12x75cl                Rich, ripe fruity character, produced in
              Fruity herb notes and some vanilla.                           C   the Rapel Valley of Chile using the latest
                                                                                production techniques.
          1   Fresh dry and balanced. Superb as an
              aperitif or with fish and white meats.
                                                                   CL145        BLUSH 11%                                     12x75cl
CL051         CYT MERLOT 12.5%                           12x75cl                Strawberries and raspberries on the
              Young, peppery wine with flavours of                          5   palate with a delicious sweet finish.
          C   herbs and berries. Soft rounded and
              long, very smooth. A violet red colour.              CL141        CHARDONNAY 13%                                12x75cl
                                                                                A dry white wine with a fruity bouquet
CL050         CYT CABERNET SAUVIGNON 13%                 12x75cl            2   and plenty of character, courtesy of the
              Full of blackberries and spice, plums                             Chardonnay grape. Great complexity
                                                                                and style.
          C   and vanilla. This Cabernet Sauvignon
              has a ruby colour and gives a prolonged
              taste in the mouth. Good body and                    CL140        SAUVIGNON BLANC 12.5%                         12x75cl
              finish.                                                           The Sauvignon Blanc from Concha Y
                                                                            1   Toro has a dry, fresh citrus flavour and
CL055         CYT BLUSH                                  12x75cl                a very deceptive power.
              Soft summer fruits on the palate with a
          5   delicious sweet finish.                              CL144        MERLOT ROSE 13%
                                                                                Delicate and elegant. Strawberry and

                                                                            3   raspberry nose with a fresh fruity palate.

                                                                   CL138        CABERNET SAUVIGNON 13%                        12x75cl
LOS VILOS RANGE                                                                 Coming from Chile’s oldest wine estate,

CL121         CHARDONNAY 2009 13%                        12x75cl            C   this classic wine is full flavoured, supple
                                                                                and fruity.
              Fruity and dry with hints of tropical
          2   fruit flavours. A clean crisp aftertaste             CL139        MERLOT 13%                                    12x75cl
              with a complex finish.                                            This classy Merlot style gives a full

CL122         SAUVIGNON BLANC 2009 12.5%                 12x75cl            C   flavoured wine of complex fruit and
                                                                                tannins to give it a bold character.
              Gooseberry and passionfruit aromas,
          1   the wine is stylish and fresh with a dry

CL123         MERLOT 2009 13%                            12x75cl
              Smooth and silky with flavours of red
          C   berries. A soft mellow wine easily
              drunk on its own.

CL124         CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2009 12.5%              12x75cl
              Medium bodied, supple and fruity with
          D   a prolonged taste in the mouth and
              complexity on the finish.

 CONCHA Y TORO MOUNTAIN RANGE                                          EXPLORER
 VARIETALS                                                             An interesting range of special wines produced from small plots of
                                                                       vines, some discovered during vineyard categorisation, some of the
 Bin No
                                                                       successful results from Concha Y Toro’s continued research with new
 CL017        CHARDONNAY 2009 13%                            12x75cl   varietals. The wines are rich, full bodied and beautifully crafted,
 CL028        Central valley is a principal viniculture    24x37.5cl
                                                                       every one different.
 CL026    2   area of Chile, where the warm days          24x18.75cl
              and cool nights produce great white
              wines such as this Chardonnay. Serve                     Bin No
              with seafood and poultry dishes.
                                                                       CL060        PINOT NOIR RESERVE 14%                        12x75cl
 CL014        SAUVIGNON BLANC 2009 13%                       12x75cl                Fine red wine with an oaky and fruity
 CL031        Estate grown in the Maipo Valley with       24x18.75cl            C   bouquet following through to soft
          1   its mild climate and gravelly well                                    flavours filled with pleasing fruit.
              drained soil produces a fresh fruity
              stylish dry wine.                                        CL065        MERLOT RESERVE 13.5%                          12x75cl
                                                                                    On the nose gives very ripe fruity
 CL019        MERLOT ROSE 2009 12.5%
              Beautiful strawberry pink colour with
                                                                                C   opulent aromas with mouth-filling, rich
                                                                                    and spicy fruit on the palate.
          3   intense fruit aromas. Delicate and
              elegant, fresh and crisp with a smooth                   CL059        CABERNET SAUVIGNON RESERVE                    12x75cl
              and well balanced finish.                                             13.5%

 CL015        CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008 13.5%                  12x75cl            D   Aromas of plums and red fruit. Full of
                                                                                    fruity flavour with a long lasting
 CL030        A medium bodied wine with rich fruit        24x18.75cl
          C   flavours, a great accompaniment to
              meat and all cheeses.

 CL013        MERLOT 2008 13.5%                              12x75cl
 CL029        This wine is appreciated for its silky       24x37.5cl   MAYCAS DEL LIMARI
 CL025    B   smoothness, fruity taste and lingering      24x18.75cl
              finish. Serve with all meats and most                    Bin No
                                                                       CL256        SAUVIGNON BLANC RESERVE 2007 13.5%             6x75cl
 CL027        SHIRAZ 2008 13.5%                             12x75cl                 Pale to the extent of translucent Sauvignon
              This wine highlights its black fruits and                         1   Blanc with a nose of mineral and citrus
          D   soft toast. Perfect for red meats,                                    fruits. On the pallet the wine has a chalky
              cheeses and spicy foods.                                              refined taste with notes of mineral herbs.
                                                                                    Best straight from the fridge.

                                                                       CL257        SYRAH RESERVA 2007 14.5%                       6x75cl
                                                                                    Intense purple in colour, this Syrah is
                                                                                    full of blackcurrant, brambles and cherries
                                                                                D   in the nose while the mouth-feel is that
                                                                                    of soft velvet. Smooth tannins guide the
                                                                                    tastes to fresh fruit and minerality.

Over 100 years ago, Don Melchor of Concha Y Toro set aside his best wines for private use. However, he soon noticed that the special reserves
were being pilfered from his cellars, so to prevent more cases being stolen he announced that the cellar was possessed by the devil! Over time
the legend grew, creating a huge demand for the nectar from the Devil’s Cellar - namely these Casillero del Diablo wines.

Bin No                                                                     Bin No

CL072        CHARDONNAY 2008/09 13.5%                      12x75cl         CL070        CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008 13.5%              12x75cl
             Showing intense tropical fruit flavours in                                 Deep colour with a warm, spicy nose
         2   this pale golden coloured wine with a                                  D   and a medium dry, well balanced palate.
             medium bodied, fresh flavour.
                                                                           CL071        MERLOT 2008 13.5%                          12x75cl
CL073        SAUVIGNON BLANC 2008/09 13%                   12x75cl                      Rich ripe red fruit flavours and a soft
             Generously flavoured with a clean, crisp                               C   mellow style makes this wine ideal with
         1   aftertaste. Ideal for drinking with all                                    most meats and some cheeses.
             entrees, pasta and chicken.
                                                                           CL079        SHIRAZ 2008 13.5%                          12x75cl
CL084        VIOGNIER 2008/09 14%                          12x75cl                      Bright ruby colour with a violaceous
             A light lemon colour, apricot and                                      E   shade. Its varietal aromas are of
         3   chirimoya on the nose with a backdrop                                      blackberries and chocolate,
             of vanilla. A kind friendly palate with a                                  complemented by cacao and vanilla.
             long sweet finish.
                                                                           CL080        PINOT NOIR 2008 14%                        12x75cl
CL082A       GEWURTZTRAMINER 2008/09                        6x75cl                      Aged for 9 months in small American
             Lovely rich complex nose, dry in style                                 B   and French oak barrel, this Pinot Noir
         4   with a lovely sweeter finish.                                              has a delicate and soft red colour, with
                                                                                        complex flavours of strawberries and
CL077        SHIRAZ ROSE 2008/09 13.5%                     12x75cl                      notes of toasted oak. Medium body
             Bright and intense purple Shiraz Rose,                                     with good structure.
         3   with attractive fruity aromas, especially
                                                                           CL085        RESERVA PRIVADA 2007/08                     6x75cl
             wild blackberries and raspberries,
             as well as hints of spices. It is fresh and                                A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and
             easy to drink with good acidity and                                    D   Syrah. Ruby red in colour. Aromas of
             fruity flavours of blackberries and                                        red cherry and plum notes with spicy
             plums.                                                                     white pepper notes. Aged 14 months in
                                                                                        French barrels. In the mouth the wine
                                                                                        is smooth and elegant, balanced and
                                                                                        fruity with juicy tannins.

 PALO ALTO                                                             MARQUES DE CASA CONCHA
 Bin No                                                                Another Concha y Toro classic, this wine was named
                                                                       after the title bestowed upon the founder of the vineyard
 CL001A       PALO ALTO 2008 13.5%                            6x75cl
              Intense colour with bright violaceous                    by the Spanish monarchy. Due to its exceptional quality,
          C   hues. Aromas of black fruits, blackberries               its distinct personality and its extraordinary ability to
              and cacao notes go with an intense and                   display all the virtues of each Chilean valley, Marques de
              elegant toast. Well bodied, smooth,
              balanced and persistent.                                 Casa Concha has earned its rank among the nobility of
                                                                       the world’s finest wines. Marques de Casa Concha shows
 CL006        SAUVIGNON BLANC 2008/09 13%                     6x75cl   the great recent progress in the viticultural and
              Crisp, dry and fruity this citrus packed
          1   Sauvignon Blanc has nuances of nettles                   vinicultural art in Chile.
              and fresh cut grass. It is great served as
              an aperitif or with salads and pasta dishes.             Bin No

                                                                       CL160        CHARDONNAY 2008/09 14%                         6x75cl
 CL007        SHIRAZ ROSE 2008/09 13.5%                       6x75cl
                                                                                    Light golden yellow in colour, a
              This summer fruit filled dry Shiraz
                                                                                    bouquet of white peach, papaya,
          3   Rose is bursting with fresh                                       2   mango, hazelnut, with surprising
              strawberries and raspberries. It is
                                                                                    elegance. Medium-bodied. Creamy on
              a lovely aperitif or can be enjoyed
                                                                                    the palate. A core of peach-papaya
              with salads or desserts.
                                                                                    accented flavours supported by
                                                                                    refined oak. A long finish.

                                                                       CL161        MERLOT 2006/07 14.8%                           6x75cl
                                                                                    Dark and deep red. Flavours as black
                                                                                C   as night: dark cherries, dark berries
                                                                                    and a lasting smoky, rich, black tar. A
                                                                                    complexity develops out of its firm,
                                                                                    quiet, supple core.
                                                                       CL162        CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2006/07 14.8%               6x75cl
 CL033        CHARDONNAY 2009 14%                            12x75cl                Bright, deep red colour. A bouquet of
              An unoaked wine from night harvested                              D   cherry, chocolate, black tar and
          2   grapes, buttery, honeyed apple and                                    smoke. Smooth, almost silky texture
              banana nose. Ripe and fruity in the                                   with a long finish. Concentrated and
              mouth.                                                                full bodied.

 CL009        ANTIGUAS RESERVAS CABERNET                     12x75cl   CL163        SYRAH 2006/07 15%                              6x75cl
              SAUVIGNON 2006 14%                                                    Barrel aged for 16 months in French
          D   Produced from only the ‘old vines’ which                          E   oak. Aromas of blackberries, plums
              are last to give up their fruit, around                               and redcurrants are harmoniously
              April 15th, juice and skins remain in                                 married to black pepper, spices and
              contact throughout fermentation. This                                 dark tar,which deliver a full, vital and
              ensures greater richness and complexity                               vibrant palate.
              giving a terrific red wine with a classic
              presentation.                                            CL167        CARMENERE 2007/08 14.5%                        6x75cl
                                                                                    Deep, concentrated red wine with a
                                                                                E   nose of classic Carmenere from
                                                                                    Peumo - all dark plums, blackcurrants
                                                                                    and bitter chocolate. Fresh young
                                                                                    tannin greets the pallet with warm
                                                                                    and well rounded structure.

CONO SUR - LOS GANSOS                                                  CONO SUR - MAIDEN FLIGHT RESERVA
Bin No                                                                 Bin No

CL150        SAUVIGNON BLANC 2007/08 13.2%                   6x75cl    CL154        CHARDONNAY 2008/09 13.8%                    6x75cl
             This Sauvignon Blanc is crisp and                                      Bright yellow colour with gold tints,
         1   elegant, with citrus flavours and                                  2   integrated citrus, mineral and oak
             gooseberry hints, all of which is                                      aroma. The palate is fruity and fresh.
             surrounded by a refreshing acidity.
                                                                       CL159        SAUVIGNON BLANC 2008/09                     6x75cl
CL149        CHARDONNAY 2008/09 13.2%                         6x75cl                A pale yellow colour with green hints
             This Chardonnay has an impressive bright
             yellow colour. It has a very fruity nose,
                                                                                1   adds to the tantalising citric notes and
         2   where aromas of citrus fruits and white
                                                                                    mineral character of this wine. To
                                                                                    taste, it is refreshing, juicy and
             peaches mingle with mineral hints and                                  harmonious.
             soft toasty oak. To taste, it has complexity
             with fruit flavours and minerality. It’s a young          CL155        RIESLING 2008/09 13.6%                      6x75cl
             wine, fresh and balanced, with a great acidity.                        Medium yellow colour with green tints.
CL165        GEWURZTRAMINER 2008/09                          6x75cl             4   Aromas of grapefruit, mandarin and
             Creamy palate of lychees and stone                                     lime. A balanced, full bodied palate
                                                                                    with elegant soft fruit flavours.
         5   fruits. Slight spiciness on the finish with
             a sweeter edge.
                                                                       CL156        GEWURTZTRAMINER 2008/09 13.7%               6x75cl
CL151        PINOT NOIR 13.4% 2008                           6x75cl                 An aroma of elegant flowers with
             This wine has beautiful red and violet                             5   lychee and stone fruit. A creamy
         B   colours. Aromas of berries, black cherries,
             sweet fruits, mixed in with hints of toasty
                                                                                    finish with soft hints of minerals.

             oak. Soft sweet fruits with fine tannins                  CL157        MERLOT 2007/08 13.5%                        6x75cl
             give a rich texture when tasting.                                      This Merlot is full of cherry, cassis and

CL152        MERLOT 2007/08                                  6x75cl
                                                                                C   plum flavours with hints of chocolate
                                                                                    and black pepper complemented by
             Dark plum colour, blackberries and sweet                               subtle smoky hints.
         B   oak toasts on the nose. The palate is full
             of sweet and intense fruit with good                      CL158        SHIRAZ 2007/08 13.6%                        6x75cl
             structure, balanced acidity and ripe tannins.                          Concentrated dark plum colour,
CL153        SHIRAZ 2007/08 13.7%                            6x75cl             D   aromas of black cherries, berry fruits
             Sweet berries and cherry on the nose. A                                with spicy sweet notes like chocolate
                                                                                    and mocha. Black fruits enriched by
         C   tasty, juicy wine with intense red fruit,
                                                                                    coffee and chocolate in the mouth,
             good acidity and a final hint of chocolate.
                                                                                    good structure and texture.

                                                                       CL164        PINOT NOIR 2008                             6x75cl
                                                                                    Soft delicate red colour, soft red fruits
                                                                                B   integrated well with the notes of
                                                                                    toasted oak. Very good structure and

                                                                       CL255        CARMENERE 2008                              6x75cl
                                                                                    Very dark red. Dark red fruits on the
                                                                                E   palate with a hint of warmth on the
                                                                                    throat. The finish is dry, complex and

 CONO SUR 20 BARRELS LIMITED EDITION                                     TERRUNYO
 Bin No                                                                  Selected from a well-defined block within their best vineyards to

 CL242        CHARDONNAY 2009 13.6%                             6x75cl
                                                                         produce a unique and complex character in each variety.
              Bright golden yellow-green colour, notes
                                                                         Bin No
          1   of citric fruits, and white peach join slightly
              toasty flavours, which suggest oak ageing.                 CL133        SAUVIGNON BLANC 13.5%                        6x75cl
              A mineral, elegant and refined Chardonnay                               Fresh citrus aromas and flavours with
              signed by its lively grace, balanced acidity                        1   nuances of tingly nettles and green
              and fresh, yet complex palate.                                          peppers in an elegantly balanced dry
                                                                                      wine with mouth watering acidity.
 CL241        SAUVIGNON BLANC 2009 13.2%                        6x75cl
              Bright and crisp, this is a wine of great                  CL131        CARMENERE 13.5%                              6x75cl
          2   intensity and aromatic persistence. Citrus                              The wine is almost black with hints of
              notes of grapefruit against a mineral
              background are enhanced by soft traces
                                                                                  E   sloes in its warm fruity bouquet and
                                                                                      long, dry, complex spiced flavour. A gold
              of green herbs. In mouth it’s fresh,                                    medal winner. Chile’s best Carmenere.
              elegant, balanced, juicy and delicate.

 CL244        MERLOT 2008 14%                                 6x75cl
              Deep, dark ruby red colour, this is an elegant,            SUPER RESERVE WINES
          C   expressive and vigorous wine filled with
                                                                         CL115        AMELIA CHARDONNAY 2007/08 14%                6x75cl
              delicious notes of plum, cassis, blueberries,
              liquorice, spice and touches of chocolate and                           This ‘private reserve’ wine is aged over
              mocha, along with a leather finally. Complex                        2   its own lees for 7 months and then a
              and full in the mouth, velvety, round tannins                           further 6 months in bottle. An outstanding
              and well-defined structure.                                             Chardonnay showing a nice complexity of
                                                                                      tropical fruit and vanilla. Superb weight
 CL245        PINOT NOIR 2008 13.6%                         6x75cl                    and lengthy aftertaste.
              An elegant, voluptuous Pinot Noir with a
                                                                         CL111        ALMA VIVA 2007 14%                           6x75cl
          C   deep, clean and bright ruby red colour. The
                                                                                      This is the only 1st Cru wine of Chile.
              nose carries through with amazing finesse
              and complexity, where notes of fresh cherry,                        D   It is a partnership between CYT and
              strawberry, raspberry and plum, mingle in                               Chateau Mouton Rothschild of Bordeaux.
              with leather and smoked hints in the                                    A stunning red wine of the highest
              background. Deliciously long and soft finish.                           order, great balance and complexity.
                                                                                      This wine is worthy of its exalted name.
 CL243        CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008 13.6%                     6x75cl   CL114        DON MELCHOR CABERNET                         6x75cl
              A beautiful and concentrated ruby red                                   SAUVIGNON 2006 13.5%
          D   colour. Intense notes of plum, cassis
                                                                                  E   This ‘private reserve’ wine is aged for
              and blueberries, combine harmonically                                   12 months in new French oak and then
              with softer earthy traces, mocha and                                    an additional year in bottle producing
              smoked hints. Full, complex and intense                                 an extraordinary wine of luscious
              with persistence and elegance at the end.                               chocolate, tobacco and vanilla flavours.
                                                                                      It is elegant yet powerfully rounded
                                                                                      wine with mature tannins.
 CL240        CASA MILLAMAN 13.8%                               6x75cl   CL248        OCIO PINOT NOIR 2008 13.9%                    6x75cl
              Intense and lively red cherry colour. Soft                              Beautiful and concentrated ruby red
          D   and elegant tannins with an excellent                               D   colour of high intensity. In mouth it shows
              volume and balance. The wood characters                                 intense sweet fruit, elegance, rich texture
              are very well integrated and in balance                                 and concentrated flavours. This amazing
              with the fruit. Long persistent palate,                                 Pinot Noir has very soft tannins, a great
              with an excellent end.                                                  structure and a rich and long lasting ending.

ALTO PAMPAS DEL SUR BLENDS                                           TRIVENTO VARIETALS
Bin No                                                               Bin No

AR004        CHARDONNAY/CHENIN 2009 13%                    12x75cl   AR205        VIOGNIER 13.5%                              12x75cl
             This blend is a fabulous combination.                                Brilliant yellow with greenish tinges,
         2   Crisp fruity Chenin and tropical
             Chardonnay united to give a pleasant
                                                                              3   has a complex aroma of apricot and
                                                                                  honey and tropical fruits.
             easy drinking wine.
                                                                     AR213        TORRONTES 12.5%                             12x75cl
AR006        SHIRAZ/MALBEC 2009 13%                        12x75cl                Golden yellow in colour with topaz
             Spicy Shiraz and mellow Merlot combine
                                                                              2   hues, intense floral nose typical of the
         C   brilliantly giving a wine with good
             structure and intense fruit.
                                                                                  variety, reminiscent of roses and violets
                                                                                  with a touch of aniseed. Fresh dry with
                                                                                  good acidity, light bodied with notes of
                                                                                  soft tropical fruits.

ALTO PAMPAS DEL SUR VARIETALS                                        AR199        PINOT NOIR 13.5%                            12x75cl
AR008        VIOGNIER 2009 13.5%                           12x75cl                Pinot Noir is now grown in the
             Greenish tinges in brilliant yellow liquid.                      B   impressive Mendoza region of
                                                                                  Argentina. Its tender and complex
         3   Looks as it tastes, of honey and tropical
                                                                                  bouquet of spices and elegant chocolate
                                                                                  notes, combine for a fresh medium
AR009        CHARDONNAY 2009 13.5%                         12x75cl                body and long finish.
             Grapes grown close to Mendoza in the
                                                                     AR200        MALBEC 13%                                  12x75cl
         2   lee of the Andes. Tropical notes on the
                                                                                  Vibrant red with violet hues, this has a
             nose with a peachy lemon flavour on
             the palate.                                                      D   clean nose with a presence of red fruit.
                                                                                  The palate has good quality rounded
AR010        MALBEC 2009 13%                               12x75cl                tannins with a medium intensity.
             Deep red colour with violet hues. A
                                                                     AR214        MERLOT 14%                                  12x75cl
         D   clean nose with aromas of plum and
                                                                                  Ruby red with bluish hues, intense
             cherry. Smooth palate with medium
             intensity.                                                       C   combination of wild herbs, fresh
                                                                                  blackberries and plum notes. Well
AR011        PINOT NOIR 2009 13.5%                         12x75cl                balanced with nice sweet rounded
             A bouquet of spices and chocolate, with                              tannins and a pleasant long aftertaste.

         B   a fresh medium body and lengthy finish.

 TRIVENTO RESERVES                                                UVAS DEL SOL
 Bin No                                                           Bin No

 AR210        CHARDONNAY 13%                            12x75cl   AR012        PINOT GRIGIO 2008/09 13.5%                   12x75cl
              Brilliant yellow-green colour with                               This bright dry wine has ripe tropical
          2   complex aromas of apple and banana.                          3   fruit flavours. A slightly floral aroma
                                                                               and a long, refreshing finish.
 AR206        CABERNET - MALBEC 13%                     12x75cl
              Deep dark red in colour, aged in French             AR013        MALBEC 2009 13.5%                            12x75cl
          D   oak for 3-6 months. Intense nose of                              Full bodied wine with deep ruby colour.
              red fruits and nicely integrated oak                         D   Cherry and plum aromas combine with
              with a complex consistent flavour.                               spices on the palate for a velvety finish.

                                                                  FINE AND RARE WINES
 AR217        GOLDEN RESERVE MALBEC 2005 14.8%           6x75cl
              A deep ruby red with violet hues, the               AR022        EOLO MALBEC 2005                              6x75cl
          D   wine’s delicious combination of aromas                           Dense purple in colour, with pronounced
              hint at mint, cherries and chocolate,                        D   aromas of raspberries, dark chocolate
              which results from a year of lying in                            and cream, giving way to a dense,
              French oak. The outcome of a further                             opulent palate of sweet cinnamon spice,
              twelve months of bottle ageing is                                dark fruit, pepper and toasty oak, with
              delicate and round on the palate.                                creamy tannins and a long finish.

                                                                       Bin No
Magnotta is also Canada’s most award winning winery. In fact,          US013        ICEWINE EXPERIENCE                           24x3x50ml
Magnotta brands itself as ‘The Award Winning Winery’. Many of                       Vidal, Cabernet Franc and Riesling.
these awards include gold medals from prestigious wine                          8   A unique opportunity to ‘experience’
                                                                                    three gold medal winners.
competitions from all over the world such as VinExpo (France) and
VinItaly (Italy). Magnotta is the first and only Canadian winery to
have ever won four Black Diamond Trophies from Intervin
International competition to the winery with the most gold medals
at the year’s competition. Naturally frozen on the vine, grapes are
hand-picked when the temperature falls below -8 to -10 degrees
Celsius. The frozen grapes are crushed immediately, releasing a tiny
amount of concentrated sweet nectar which is slowly fermented over
several months. The result is Magnotta’s medal winning ice wine.
Ice wine, or Eiswein, originated in Franconia, Germany in 1794. The
process was refined, and now ice wines are highly prized drinks that
are created in Germany, Austria and Canada. Canada is currently        US083        SPARKLING VIDAL 9%                           12x375ml
the most widely respected producer of ice wines. When the grapes                    Presented in a cedar box with a hand
are just right, they’re carefully picked by hand. Grapes in this                8   stencilled cover. The bottle is packed
                                                                                    into a crushed velvet liner.
condition have a very low yield - often an entire vine only makes a
single bottle. That’s why ice wine can be so expensive and is often                 It’s been called ‘The Jewel of Canada.’
sold in half-bottles only... but it’s worth it!                                     One taste will tell you why. Soft,
                                                                                    creamy, effervescent structure with
                                                                                    layers of tropical flavours with a hint of
                                                                                    caramel fade ever so slowly as they
Bin No
                                                                                    leave a rich, unique taste to be
                                                                                    savoured in the wine.
US010        LAKE ERIE NORTH SHORE VIDAL                12x375ml
US012        10% Burnished gold colour with            2x24x50ml                    Intense mango and peach on the nose.
         9   brilliant clarity. Invitingly aggressive                               Tropical fruit and honey flavours burst
             bouquet leading to rich, luscious,                                     on the palate. The tiny bubbles add
             creamy layers of ripe fruit: peach and                                 intensity to the flavours without adding
             apricot flavours balanced with a                                       sweetness and help the natural fruit
             delightful hint of caramel and pineapple.                              acidity to cleanse the palate, giving the
             Wonderfully clean finish, long and                                     drinker a clean finish.
                                                                                    Can be enjoyed both before and after a
US009        NIAGARA PENINSULAR RIESLING 9%               12x375ml
             Brilliant yellow-green with sensual citric                             One of only 3 known Sparkling
         8   bouquets of lemon complexity with a                                    Icewines in the world!
             bold and beautiful Riesling character.
             Superbly balanced sweetness and
             acidity offer a long finish with flavours
             that seem to go on forever.

US011        NIAGARA PENINSULA CABERNET FRANC             12x375ml
             ‘Red Ice’. Rose and salmon tints of
         8   colour precede a soft, elegant bouquet.
             Aromatics of light tropical fruit, pepper
             and spice promise full fruit flavours
             blended with hints of Cabernet spice
             and a delightfully long finish.

PINK FOX                                                             TURNSTONE
Bin No                                                               Bin No

US077        WHITE ZINFANDEL 2009/10 10%                    6x75cl   US061        PREMIUM WHITE 11.5%                          6x75cl
QB180        A delicate blush pink colour introduces     24x187ml                 Presentation is superb, wine is medium
         5   this fresh, lively wine on your palate.                          3   dry on the palate, very easy drinking.
             Light creaminess surrenders to a                                     Round fresh fruit with a nice clean
             refreshing crisp finish of strawberries                              flavour.
             and melon.
                                                                     US062        PREMIUM ROSE 11.5%                           6x75cl
                                                                     BIB6         Coral pink in colour, medium in style        1x10lt

FOXCOVER                                                                      3   with soft fruit flavours of strawberries
                                                                                  and peaches. Superb for long hot
US079        WHITE ZINFANDEL 2009/10 10%                  12x75cl                 summer days and nights.
             Light, fruity white Zinfandel which                     US060        PREMIUM RED 13%                              6x75cl
         5   blends fresh raspberry and strawberry                                Great packaging in a long Bordeaux
             flavours with hints of watermelon.
                                                                              C   bottle, soft easy drinking red with
                                                                                  classic Californian characteristics.

                                                                     US067        COLOMBARD/CHARDONNAY 11.5%                   6x75cl
                                                                                  Delicate, fine, soft and fruity full body.
                                                                     US066        WHITE ZINFANDEL (rose) 10.5%                 6x75cl
                                                                                  The wine exhibits bright aromas of
                                                                              5   strawberry and watermelon, a
                                                                                  flavourful well-balanced wine with a
ANGELS FLIGHT                                                                     refreshing mouth feel and a light
                                                                                  crispness on its lingering finish.
US015        CHARDONNAY 2008 13.5%                        12x75cl
             This fruit driven Chardonnay has                        US064        RUBY CABERNET 12.5%                          6x75cl
                                                                                  Deep purple colour, very soft and rich
         2   complex flavours of lush tropical fruits.
             Lemons, pineapples and peaches                                   C   on the palate. Good structure with a
             combined with lightly toasted                                        very appealing style and flavour.
             undertones.                                             US065        RED ZINFANDEL 13.5%                          6x75cl
                                                                                  Powerful, robust red wine, lovely rich
US016        WHITE ZINFANDEL 2008/09 10.5%                12x75cl
             A light to medium bodied wine with
                                                                              D   peppery flavour. The most famous of
                                                                                  California’s red grapes.
         5   bright aromas of strawberry and
             watermelon. The full ripe flavours are
             well-balanced with a refreshing mouth
             feel and a crisp lingering finish.

US017        MERLOT 2007 13.5%                            12x75cl
             A medium bodied soft Merlot with
         C   aromas of violets, dried plums and
             chocolate. It has flavours of black
             cherries, currants and just a hint of
             toasted oak on the finish.

US020        RED ZINFANDEL 2008 14.5%                     12x75cl
             Deep red colour with jammy aromas of
         E   blackberry and black raspberry. Smooth
             and fragrant with cinnamon spicy notes.

STANZA WINERY                                                           TRINITY OAKS
Bin No                                                                  Premium quality wines which can be laid down for 12-14 years.
US120        RIESLING 2008                                    12x75cl   Bin No
             Wonderful from start to finish, the apple,
         3   floral Stanza Riesling has super staying                   US056        CHARDONNAY 2000 13%                             6x75cl
             power on the palate; medium sweet in                                    A buttery Chardonnay that melts in the
             the finish, this wine thrills the palate.
                                                                                 2   mouth. Delicate floral note of
US121        GEWURTZTRAMINER                                  12x75cl                honeysuckle. On the palate the wine is
             An exemplary effort, the big-boned Stanza                               medium-bodied and silky, with flavours
                                                                                     enhanced by crisp acidity and a touch
         4   Gewurztraminer sreves up flavours of
             spice rack and peaches; rich on the                                     of oak.
             palate; delicious; a note of sweetness.
                                                                        US053        CABERNET SAUVIGNON 1999 12.5%                   6x75cl
US122        PINOT NOIR 2008                                  12x75cl                Attractive aroma of ripe cherry and red
             Full-flavoured yet delicate, the ripe, red-
                                                                                 D   currant fruit with hints of green olives,
         C   fruited Stanza Pinot Noir shows an                                      cedar, liquorice and oak vanillin. The
             accent of smoke that brings out the                                     palate is rich and smooth with supple
             wine’s true identity; stylish on the palate.                            tannins.
US123        PETITE SIRAH 2007                                12x75cl
             A thrilling red, the flashy                                US054        MERLOT 2000 12%                                 6x75cl
                                                                                     Bright aromas of red cherry and sweet
         C   Stanza Petite Sirah takes fully-
                                                                                 C   black plums with notes of spice, tea
             ripened, grapey flavours and
             surrounds the palate with                                               and vanilla. Medium-bodied on the
             a multi-dimensional dollop                                              palate with the cherry and black fruits
             of flavours.                                                            supported by soft, supple tannins.

                                                                        US055        RED ZINFANDEL 1999 14%                          6x75cl
                                                                                     A fresh jammy aroma of ripe
                                                                                 E   blackberry, black raspberry and
                                                                                     boysenberry fruit augmented by pepper,
                                                                                     clove and cinnamon spice notes. The
                                                                                     wine’s rich, jammy, spicy flavours make
                                                                                     it ideal for most red meats and pasta
US130        181 MERLOT 2008 14%                              12x75cl
             A lavish expression of a classic Bordeaux-
         C   style Merlot, 181 is bursting with plush                   SUTTER HOME
             tannins and sumptuous notes of black
             cherry, stone fruit and spice. It’s lingering,
                                                                        US046        CHARDONNAY - UNOAKED 12.5%            12x75cl
             luxurious finish is a vivid compliment to
                                                                                     Dry White, flavours of apple
             lamb, roast beef and hearty sauces.
                                                                                 2   and pear. Creamy on the finish.
US131        337 CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2007 14.5%            12x75cl
             The vines are sustainably cultivated for                   US050        WHITE ZINFANDEL 9.5%                  12x75cl
                                                                                     Strawberries and raspberries,
         E   structure and flavour in the cobblestones
             of our Lodi vineyard, resulting in a wine                           5   delicate and fresh.
             that exudes seductive aromas of mocha and
             dark cherry followed by an intense burst of                US048        RED ZINFANDEL 13.5%                   12x75cl
             ripe blackberry and spice. Serve with roasted                           Spicy berries and juicy pepper.
             game, hearty pastas and savoury, slow-                              D   Dark coloured, yet bright.
             cooked fayre suitable for a Viking feast!

                                                                                                 South Africa
Lutzville Cape Diamond Vineyards are nestled on the banks of the Olifants (Elephant’s) River, where it flows into the diamond rich ocean of the
South African West Coast. A few miles downstream, the Atlantic Ocean’s bracing Benguela current brings cool breezes to create perfect
conditions for our brilliant, multi-faceted fine wines.
The area has been blessed with ideal soils for producing fine wines: much sought-after gravelly Karoo type soils cover the slopes, and sandy,
alluvial soils lie closer to the river. These combine with the meandering nooks and crannies of the twisting Olifants River, to form micro-climates
which we can exploit for the special needs of the individual grape varietals.
The mild climate, dominated by misty mornings, sunny days and a prevailing South-Westerly sea breeze, is perfect for growing top quality
grapes. Everything seems to conspire naturally to promote production of wines that are both unique in character and outstanding in quality. As
a result, the wines of Lutzville Cape Diamond Vineyards are increasingly prized.
With 2,100 hectares under vine, we are one of the few wineries with such a wide range of varietals. This makes us capable of selecting only the
best when creating our superior wines.

Bin No                                                                       Bin No

ZA040A       CHARDONNAY 2007/08 13.5%                       6x75cl           ZA045A       SHIRAZ 2007 14%                                6x75cl
QB120        This is a typical and soft, lightly wooded 24x18.75cl                        This wine has the typical spicy,
         3   Chardonnay with strong citrus and                                        D   blackberry and smoky cassis varietal
             tropical flavours and hints of lemon and                                     flavours of Shiraz. The flavour comes
             vanilla, all adding to the complexity of                                     through strongly on the palate,
             the wine.                                                                    resulting in a complex, full bodied wine
                                                                                          with a good tannin structure and a long
ZA047A       CHENIN BLANC 2007/08 12%                      6x75cl                         aftertaste.
             Bright and vibrant to the eye and
         4   packed with soft tropical fruit flavours.                       ZA046A       MERLOT 2007 13.5%                              6x75cl
             Medium dry style, exceptional length                                         The grapes were harvested at 24.6˚.
             with a very soft lush aftertaste.                                        C   Balling to ensure that all the tannins
                                                                                          were ripe. This can be tasted on the
ZA042A       SAUVIGNON BLANC 2008 12%                      6x75cl                         soft middle palate of the wine. A
             The grapes were harvested at two                                             combination of minty, nutty and berry
         2   different sugar levels, one for enhancing                                    flavours with soft vanilla to compliment
             typical varietal flavours and the other to                                   the complexity of the wine.
             compliment the palate of the wine.
             Throughout the production phase dry                             ZA043A       CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2007 13%                    6x75cl
             ice was used to protect and keep all the                        QB121        This is a typical Cabernet Sauvignon       24x18.75cl
             volatile components in the wine. The                                     C   from the cooler climatic conditions of
             wine can be described as one with                                            the West Coast. A combination of
             earthy, green grassy flavours with hints                                     eucalyptus, almond and blackberry
             of asparagus and guava. It’s a fruity                                        flavours which combines with well
             wine with a crisp, clean and fruity,                                         balanced tannins and acidity to give a
             lingering aftertaste.                                                        wine that is soft on middle pallet and
                                                                                          long on aftertaste.

 South Africa
 PEPLERS FIELD RANGE                                                  SINGATA RANGE
 Bin No                                                               Bin No

 ZA300        CHENIN BLANC 12%                               6x75cl   ZA076        CHENIN 13%                            6x75cl
 QB090        Bright and vibrant, fresh soft tropical     24x187ml                 Fresh and fruity with hints of
          3   fruit flavours. Medium dry in style, soft                        3   tropical fruit. Easy drinking with
              lush aftertaste.                                                     a light crisp finish.

 ZA302        BLUSH PINK 10.5%                               6x75cl   ZA077        PINOTAGE ROSE 12.5%                   6x75cl
 QB092        Coral pink colour, strawberries and         24x187ml                 Red berry flavours with notes
          5   cream on the palate. Lots of soft fruit                          3   of blackberries and cherries.
              flavours, delicate and refreshing.                                   Very fresh and fruity.

 ZA301        PINOTAGE MERLOT 13.5%                          6x75cl   ZA078        PINOTAGE 14%                          6x75cl
 QB091        An easy drinking red. A little peppery      24x187ml                 Ruby red in colour. Slightly nutty
          C   spice and lots of blackcurrant/cherries                          D   with an aroma of mulberries.
              on the palate. A light spicy finish.

                                                                      FRANSCHHOEK CELLARS
 PEPLERS FIELD RESERVE RANGE                                          ZA094        FREEDOM CROSS CHENIN BLANC 2009                12x75cl
 ZA050        CHARDONNAY 2008 13.5%                          6x75cl                13%. Harvested at optimum ripeness
              Lush tropical fruit and lemon/lime                               2   from bush vines grown under low yielding
                                                                                   dry land conditions. Young, fresh and
          2   flavours. Very complex flavours, a soft
                                                                                   fruity, the zesty palate offers citrus
              lightly wooded finish.
                                                                                   flavours with a hint of peach. Easy
 ZA051        CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008 13%                    6x75cl                drinking on its own or with a light meal.
              Blackberry and cherry flavours combine                  ZA098        FREEDOM CROSS SAUVIGNON BLANC                  12x75cl
          D   perfectly with well balanced tannins on                              2008/09
              the palate. Soft middle palate and long
                                                                               1   This wine offers alluring flavours and
                                                                                   aromas of fresh cut grass and tropical
                                                                                   fruit, with green apple, pineapple and
 ZA052        MERLOT 2009 13.5%                              6x75cl                fig! Fresh and zesty on the palate with
              Cherry and blackberry flavours with hints                            a lingering herbaceous taste.
          C   of soft tannins on the palate. Dark and
                                                                      ZA095        FREEDOM CROSS CHARDONNAY 2009 13% 12x75cl
              juicy with a lingering smooth finish.
                                                                                   An elegant and full bodied wine with
                                                                               1   good balance and tropical citrus flavours.
                                                                                   Rich and buttery on the palate, with a
                                                                                   firm structure.
                                                                      ZA097        FREEDOM CROSS CINSAULT/CABERNET                12x75cl
                                                                                   SAUVIGNON 2007/08 14%
                                                                               C   This combination of smooth fruity
                                                                                   Cinsault and the more complex
                                                                                   blackberry Cabernet Sauvignon makes
                                                                                   this an easy drinking red wine. Ideal on
                                                                                   its own or with light meals.
                                                                      ZA096        FREEDOM CROSS PINOTAGE 2009 14%             12x75cl
                                                                                   Medium to full bodied dry red wine with an
                                                                               D   approachable, earthy and berry fruit aroma.
                                                                                   Softly styled in character. Delicious at
                                                                                   room temperature or lightly chilled.

                                                                                        South Africa
SLOWINE                                                             PAUL CLUVER, ELGIN, WESTERN CAPE
Slowine is about a way of living life. About taking time...         The Cluver family bought the Elgin farm in 1896 to provide summer
to see rather than look... to savour rather than taste... to        grazing for their livestock and in the mid 1900s it became a strong
caress rather than touch... to absorb rather than smell...          apple producing region. In the mid 1980s the area was identified as
to listen rather than hear... on this miraculous planet that        a cool climate wine-growing region which led to the first Cluver
we share. The label depicts a tortoise which symbolizes             plantings in 1986 with Paul Cluver cellar being the first to be
the principles of the ‘slow movement’. ‘Time becomes                established in Elgin.
precious - when life rushes by’.
                                                                    Bin No
Bin No
                                                                    ZA140        SAUVIGNON BLANC 2008 13%                     6x75cl
ZA026        CHENIN SAUVIGNON BLANC 2009                  12x75cl                Beautiful fresh zesty nose of limes and
             12.5%                                                           1   gooseberries. Crisp, clean palate with
         2   Beautiful aromas of guava, gooseberry                               lots of fruit flavours, soft clean
             and ripe tropical fruit explode on the                              refreshing finish.
             nose which follows through to a rich
             palate with great balance and elegance.                ZA141        RIESLING 2007 11.5%                          6x75cl
                                                                                 Lots of spice and floral notes with
ZA027        ROSE 2007 12.5%                              12x75cl
             Bright salmon pink in colour. Scents of
                                                                             3   typical riesling nervousness, an elegant
                                                                                 and rich palate with great acidity.
         2   ripe strawberry and ripe cherries on the
             nose. A deliciously harmonious wine                    ZA142        GEWURTZTRAMINER 2007 12%                     6x75cl
             with sugar (4,9g/1) and acid in perfect                             Typical lychee flavours, with rose petals
             balance. Crisp and refreshing on the
                                                                             5   and honeysuckle on the nose, a big
                                                                                 fresh mouth feel with a crisp clean
ZA028        MERLOT 2004/05 14%                           12x75cl
             A multi-faceted wine with hints of                     ZA143        CHARDONNAY 13.5%                             6x75cl
         C   chocolate, violets and ripe raspberry.                              Bursting with aromas of citrus,
             The palate is packed with soft, juicy
             dark and red berry fruit and tannins
                                                                             2   marmalade oak and a lovely toastiness;
                                                                                 the palate is of ripe fruit and citrus,
             provide a long, lingering finish.                                   with a long fresh aftertaste.

ZA029        CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2004/05 14%               12x75cl   ZA145        PINOT NOIR 2008 13%                          6x75cl
             Like a dark forest full and rich with wild                          Great colour with wild berry fruit on the
         D   dark berries, this wine is intensely
                                                                             C   nose, complemented with hints of
             scented with cedar wood, wet tobacco,                               chocolate, violets and coffee aromas.
             chocolate and finishes with a soft, spicy                           The complex palate is fruit and more
             edge.                                                               fruit with a velvety finish.

ZA032        SHIRAZ 2007 14%                              12x75cl   ZA146        CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2007 14%                  6x75cl
             Soft fleshy fruit on the nose, well                                 Blackberry and blackcurrant fruit on the
         D   balanced, soft fresh and very fruity
             palate. Easy finish with nuances of
                                                                             D   nose again a complex palate with hints
                                                                                 of cedar wood and nuts with good body.
                                                                    ZA147        NOBLE LATE HARVEST 13%                      6x37.5cl
                                                                                 Gorgeous presentation with gold leaf
                                                                             8   label, soft ripe fruits on the nose
                                                                                 balanced with excellent acidity and
                                                                                 great mouth feel; with a clean fresh
                                                                                 fruit finish.

 South Africa
 WIDE RIVER                                                         BELLINGHAM WINES
 Bin No                                                             Bin No

 ZA112        CHENIN BLANC 2009 12%                       12x75cl   ZA151        SAUVIGNON BLANC WITH A DASH OF               6x75cl
              Clean and bright, peppery and aromatic,                            SEMILION 2009 13.5%
          3   with tropical fruit flavours of ripe fig                       2   A fantastically fresh and fascinating
              and melon backed up with crisp                                     wine with discreet minerality and
              refreshing acidity.                                                appealing floral, green fig and pear
                                                                                 drop fragrances and flavours.
 ZA111        VIOGNIER 2009 14%                           12x75cl
              Long aromatic nose of apricot, peaches                ZA152        CHARDONNAY WITH A SPLASH OF                  6x75cl
          2   and lemon with orange peel on the                                  VIOGNIER 2008 14%
              palate.                                                        3   A richly expressive wine with
                                                                                 pronounced tropical pineapple and
 ZA113        SHIRAZ 2009 14%                             12x75cl                tangerine, fragrant peach and lemon
              Easy going soft red with plenty of spicy,                          cream appeal.
          D   peppery fruit, good berried flavours and
              length.                                               ZA153        SHIRAZ WITH A SPLASH OF VIOGNIER             6x75cl
                                                                             D   Dry red, full bodied and fruity. A bold
                                                                                 and expressive wine with substantial
                                                                                 ripe black berry, fragrant violet and
                                                                                 spice overtures perfectly supported by
                                                                                 firm ripe tannins and seamless oak

                                                                    ZA154        MERLOT WITH A DASH OF MALBEC 14%             6x75cl
                                                                                 A deliciously juicy, medium bodied wine
                                                                             B   with fleshy plum and fruit pastille appeal
                                                                                 perfectly supported by smooth ripe
                                                                                 tannins and suggestions of spicy oak.

 ZA127        SAUVIGNON BLANC 2008 12.5%                   6x75cl
              Lively, vivid lime zest expression with a
          1   full ripe mid-palate of passion fruit
              mango and a long citrus length.

 ZA128        PINOT NOIR 2006 13.5%                        6x75cl
              Fresh mouth-filling cherry and red berry
          C   fruit, supported by supple, savoury and
              mineral oak tannins.

                                                                                            South Africa
BOUCHARD FINLAYSON, WALKER BAY                                          ALLESVELORAN RANGE
Bouchard Finlayson, a top class, internationally renowned estate, is    Bin No
situated in Walker Bay, mid-way between Cape Point and Cape
                                                                        ZA134A       CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2005 13%                 6x75cl
Agulhas (the most southerly tip of Africa). The climate is largely
                                                                                     A robust deeply flavoured dry red of
influenced by the nearby cold Atlantic Ocean rendering it one of the
coolest wine-growing areas in the Cape. The Hemel-en-Aarde valley,
                                                                                 E   remarkable dark ruby colour and
                                                                                     brimming with Cabernet character. This
home to Bouchard Finlayson, is surrounded and sheltered by a                         intense and opulent wine is matured for
mountain barrier, formed by Galpin Peak (810 metres) and the                         eighteen months in small casks of new
                                                                                     French oak and a further year in the
Tower of Babel (1200 metres), which traps the cloud cover and                        bottle. A sturdy structure makes it the
moisture brought in from the sea by the prevailing wind.                             perfect accompaniment to roast beef,
                                                                                     grilled steak and noble cheeses.
Bouchard Finlayson is best known for its award winning Pinot Noir.
This grape variety is ideally suited to the clay shale terroir of the   ZA135A       TINTA BAROCCA 2007 14.5%                    6x75cl
valley. For the winemaker, Peter Finlayson, Pinot Noir is a passion                  A bright ruby colour and a bouquet of
that he has been pursuing for over 20 years.                                     E   intensely aromatic fruit, with hints of
                                                                                     the port grape. It is a refined and
                                                                                     different wine, with characteristic
Bin No                                                                               warmth and body having been aged in
                                                                                     oak casks for 18 months. Ideal with red
ZA148        CROCODILE’S LAIR CHARDONNAY                  12x75cl                    meat dishes, such as roast lamb.
             2005/06 13.5%
         2   Bright and fruity with green apple and
             citrus flavours with vanilla and a hint of
             butterscotch. French oak aged for
             8 months. Superb wine, it reflects the
             terroir with excellent minerality; grown
             in the mountains 700 metres above sea

ZA149        GALPINS PEAK PINOT NOIR 2005/06               6x75cl
         D   Fruit nose with floral aromas of
             raspberry, cherry and fruits of the
             forest, firm structure with supportive
             tannins, 10 months in French oak; one
             of the top Pinot Noir’s of South Africa.                   ERNIE ELS WINES, STELLENBOSCH
                                                                        This is a joint venture between long standing friends Ernie Els and
                                                                        Jean Engelbrecht. The EE vineyards are located high up on the
                                                                        northern slopes of the Helderberg Mountain. The stunning new
                                                                        winery was opened at the end of 2004. The winemaker is Louis

                                                                        ZA150        ERNIE ELS 2004                              6x75cl
                                                                                     One of the world’s top wines, vinified in
                                                                                 E   French oak for 20 months with a further
                                                                                     18 months bottle maturation, gives the
                                                                                     wine a full robust style and has the
                                                                                     potential to age in excess of 20 years.

 Fair Trade, Organic & Vegan Wines
                                      Fair Trade was founded to fight poverty through trade; we break the cycle of poverty and despair by
                                      helping people to help themselves. The world’s poor have skills and ability, but often lack opportunity;
                                      helping someone get engaged in trade and gain their fair share of the benefits offers a route to a
                                      brighter future, for them, their families and their communities.

 CHILE                                                                             SOUTH AFRICA
 Bin No
                                                                                   STELLAR RUNNING DUCK
 CL281        LOS TRONCOS SAUVIGNON BLANC                   6x75cl
              2009 12.5%
          2   Typically tropical and fresh Sauvignon                               Bin No
              with aromas of gooseberries and fresh
              mown hay. Crisp and well balanced.                                   ZA170        STELLAR ORGANICS RUNNING DUCK              6x75cl
                                                                                                CHENIN SAUVIGNON BLANC 2009 13%
 CL280        LOS TRONCOS CARMENERE 2008/09                 6x75cl                          2   Crisp and grassy nose with attractive
              Very lush and rounded with lots of ripe                                           weight of fruit and lovely lingering
          C   blueberry and raspberry character and                                             freshness. Made from certified Organic
                                                                                                and Fairtrade grapes.
              a hint of smoke.

                                                                                   ZA171        STELLAR ORGANICS RUNNING DUCK              6x75cl
 CONO SUR ORGANIC                                                                               SHIRAZ 2009 13.5%
 CL231        CHARDONNAY 2008/09 13.5%                      6x75cl                          C   A remarkably soft and juicy Shiraz
              Yellow in colour with golden hues, a                                              without any of the aggressive tanning or
                                                                                                domineering fruit often associated with
          2   refreshing nose which is very citric, fruit
                                                                                                this variety. Immensely easy and
              aromas mingling with some light mineral
              notes. Very fresh with a well balanced                                            gluggable.

 CL232        PINOT NOIR 2007/08 13.1%                      6x75cl                 ZA172        STELLAR ORGANICS RUNNING DUCK              6x75cl
              Rich and deep red in colour with a                                                ROSE 2009 13.5%
          C   complex and well developed nose.                                              2   A big, bold and full flavoured rose
              Cherries and berries with chocolate                                               that is packed with raspberry and
              hints on the palate, soft tannins lead to                                         redcurrant flavours but topped
              an excellent structure.                                                           off with nice acidity and balance.
                                                                                                A good food rose.
 CL233        CABERNET SAUVIGNON CARMENERE                  6x75cl
              2008/09 13.4%
          D   An earthy wine with a very
              robust and expressive nose, with
              notes of strawberries, berries
              and plum. In the mouth it is
              absolutely concentrated, black
              and red fruits are in complete
              harmony with soft tannins and
              final touches of toasted wood.

Fair Trade, Organic & Vegan Wines
SOUTH AFRICA                                                      ARGENTINA
Stellar Winery ORGANIC and FAIR TRADE WINES.                      SOLUNA ORGANIC WINES
Bin No                                                            Bin No

ZA008        CHENIN BLANC SAUVIGNON BLANC                6x75cl   AR020        SOLUNA ORGANIC MALBEC 14%                   6x75cl
             2009 12.5%                                                        Deep red colour, powerful aroma with
         2   This wine has a yellow golden colour.
                                                                           E   hints of vanilla. Rounded and complex
             Components were aged separately on                                palate but smooth to the finish.
             their lees before blending. The Chenin
             provides the guava fruit character on
             the nose and the Sauvignon Blanc the
             body, length and slight grassiness on                AR021        SOLUNA PREMIUM ORGANIC MALBEC               6x75cl
             the taste.                                                        14%

ZA009        SHIRAZ ROSE 2009 13.5%                      6x75cl
                                                                           E   This plush Malbec from Bodegas Furlotti
                                                                               ticks all the boxes in the taste
             This wine has an attractive pink colour                           department. Heady blackberry and
         3   typical of an authentic Rose. The nose                            pepper flavours, aromas of sandalwood
             shows the ripeness of the young Shiraz                            and violets with a generous juicy finish.
             with strawberry and Kir Royale notes.
             The apparent fruity sweetness on first
             tasting develops into a more solid
             structure and dry finish - testimony to
             its red grape origin.

ZA010        SHIRAZ 2009 14.5%                           6x75cl
             Almost brick red in colour. On the nose,
         D   blackberries, black pepper mixed with
             jasmine and spice, whilst the palate is
             full of flavours of stewed stone fruits,
             fruitcake-mix and spices. Ends on a
             savoury note with a hint of white
             pepper. Tannins are well integrated.                 SPAIN
                                                                  BANDA VERDE ORGANIC WINE
                                                                  ES105        BANDA VERDE RIOJA 2008 13%                  6x75cl
                                                                               Vivid red in colour. On the nose you get
                                                                           D   hints of mature grape skins, red fruits
                                                                               and liquorice. In the mouth, it is very
                                                                               tasty and full flavoured. Organic wine.

FR504        CHARDONNAY ORGANIC 2007 (FRANCE)            6x75cl
             Pale yellow colour with a floral bouquet.
         2   Aromas of peaches and hints of citrus
FR505        MERLOT ORGANIC 2007 (FRANCE)                6x75cl
             13.5%                                                DE069        MOSELLAND ORGANIC RIESLING                  6x75cl
         C   The colour of rubies, complex nose with                           (GERMANY)
             ripe red fruit and spices. Well balanced                      4   Light gold colour, honeyed nose, good
             wine with soft tannins.                                           body with a luscious honeyed palate.

 Half Bottle Range / Wine Boxes
 FRANCE                                                      3 LITRE WINE BOXES
 Bin No                                                      Bin No

 WHITE WINE                                                  BIB14    MERLOT 12.5%                 France          4x3 litre
 FR306A   MUSCADET SUR LIE            Loire      12x37.5cl
 FR251A   CHABLIS DOMAINE MANANTS     Burgundy   12x37.5cl   BIB30    CHARDONNAY 13.5%             South Africa    4x3 litre
 FR309    SANCERRE                               24x37.5cl   BIB21    CAPE RED 14%                 South Africa    4x3 litre
 FR105    CHATEAU LA CHARTREUSE,      Bordeaux   12x37.5cl
 FR313    POUILLY FUME DOMAINE                   24x37.5cl
 FR316    MUSCAT DE RIVESALTES                   24x37.5cl
                                                             10 LITRE WINE BOXES
                                                             BIB1     CICERONE DRY WHITE           France         1x10 litre
 RED WINE                                                             11.5%
 FR602    COTES DU RHONE LE           Rhone      12x37.5cl   BIB2     CICERONE MEDIUM DRY          France         1x10 litre
          PRIVELEGE DES VIGNERONS                                     WHITE 11.5%
 FR609B   CHATEAUNEUF DU PAPE         Rhone      12x37.5cl   BIB13    CICERONE MERLOT 12.5%        France         1x10 litre
 FR209    COTES DU BEAUNE VILLAGES    Burgundy   24x37.5cl
                                                             BIB25    BLACK LION                   Germany        1x10 litre
 CHAMPAGNE                                                            LIEBFRAUMILCH 9.5%
 FR911A   BARON DE BEAUPRE BRUT NV               12x37.5cl
 FR951    MOET ET CHANDON BRUT NV                12x37.5cl   BIB4     MARQUES DE CICERON           Italy          1x10 litre
 FR302    VEUVE CLIQUOT BRUT NV                  12x37.5cl            PINOT GRIGIO GARGANEGA 12%

                                                             BIB18    EVANS CREEK                  South Africa   1x10 litre
 SPAIN                                                                CHENIN BLANC 11.5%
                                                             BIB29    EVANS CREEK                  South Africa   1x10 litre
 WHITE WINE                                                           CHARDONNAY 13.5%
 ES201    MARQUES DE CACERES WHITE               24x37.5cl   BIB20    EVANS CREEK CAPE RED         South Africa   1x10 litre
          SIN CRIANZA                                                 14%
                                                             BIB31    EVANS CREEK ROSE 13%         South Africa   1x10 litre
 ES200    MARQUES DE CACERES RED CRIANZA         24x37.5cl
                                                             BIB10    EVANS CREEK SEMILLON/        Chile          1x10 litre
                                                                      CHARDONNAY 13%
                                                             BIB36    EVANS CREEK SAUVIGNON/       Chile          1x10 litre
 AUSTRALIA                                                            SEMILLON 13%

 AU087    MITCHELL NOBLE SEMILLION               12x37.5cl   BIB6     TURNSTONE ROSE 11.5%         USA            1x10 litre

                                                             BIB8     EVANS CREEK                  Australia      1x10 litre
                                                                      SHIRAZ CABERNET 13.5%
 CL028    MOUNTAIN RANGE CHARDONNAY              24x37.5cl
 CL029    MOUNTAIN RANGE MERLOT                  24x37.5cl

                                                                              Dessert Wines
FRANCE                                                               CHILE
Bin No                                                               Bin No

FR316        MUSCAT DE RIVESALTES                        24x37.5cl   CL003        LATE HARVEST SAUVIGNON                        24x37.5cl
             CHATEAU ROMBEAU 2007 15.5%                                           This noble wine is produced with 100%
         9   Fresh grapey fragrance with lovely floral                        8   Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Due to its Late
             tones and an aroma of ripe fruit.                                    Harvest, the grape has a high
                                                                                  concentration of sugar and elevated
FR105        CHATEAU LA CHARTREUSE, SAUTERNES            12x37.5cl                levels of Botryris Cinerea. These
             2006/07                                                              characteristics impart a honey and
         9   Bright lemon-gold, with rich, spicy ripe                             mature fruit flavour to the wine, which
             apricot aromas. The palate is clean and                              makes it an ideal companion for
             fine, with splendid middle richness. The                             desserts and pastries.
             finish is lively, fresh and strong.

                                                                     SOUTH AFRICA
                                                                     PAUL CLUVER
                                                                     ZA147        NOBLE LATE HARVEST 13%                         6x37.5cl
                                                                                  Gorgeous presentation with gold leaf
                                                                              8   label, soft ripe fruits on the nose
                                                                                  balanced with excellent acidity and
ITALY                                                                             great mouth feel; with a clean fresh
IT101        LE SPONDE RECIOTO SOAVE CLASSICO              6x50cl                 fruit finish.
             2007 13%
         9   Only the ripest and sweetest grapes go
             into making this sophisticated pudding
             wine. It is quite simply delicious. Rich,               CANADA
             sticky and a joy to drink.
                                                                     US010        LAKE ERIE NORTH SHORE VIDAL 9.5%              12x375ml
                                                                     US012        Burnished gold colour with brilliant         2x24x50ml
                                                                              9   clarity. Invitingly aggressive bouquet
                                                                                  leading to rich, luscious, creamy layers
                                                                                  of ripe fruit: peach and apricot flavours
                                                                                  balanced with a delightful hint of
                                                                                  caramel and pineapple.

AUSTRALIA                                                            US009        NIAGARA PENINSULAR RIESLING 9%               12x375ml
                                                                                  Brilliant yellow-green with sensual citric
MITCHELLS                                                                     9   bouquets of lemon and lime with light
                                                                                  tones of honey and apricot. Superbly
AU087        NOBLE SEMILLION 2006 10.5%                  12x37.5cl                balanced sweetness and acidity offer a
             Made from Botrytis affected Semillon, a                              long finish with flavours that seem to
         9   fine dessert wine. Aromas of apricot                                 go on forever.
             marmalade, toffeed orange and sweet
             butter. Rich, deep and sweet. Lingering                 US011        NIAGARA PENINSULA CABERNET                   12x375ml
             sweet notes of toffeed pear and apple.                               FRANC 10%
                                                                              9   Rose and salmon tints of colour precede
                                                                                  a soft, elegant bouquet. Aromatics of
                                                                                  light tropical fruit, pepper and spice
                                                                                  promise full fruit flavours blended with
                                                                                  hints of Cabernet spice and a
                                                                                  delightfully long finish.

 Port and Fortified Wines
 Bin No
                                                                   WILLIAMS & HUMBERT RANGE
 FW005    MERCHANT VINTNERS RUBY PORT                  12x75cl
                                                                   Bin No
          A well balanced soft fruity Port. Mature red
          colour. Represents excellent value for money.            FW200    DRY SACK MEDIUM                                6x75cl
                                                                            Amontillado. An amber coloured wine of
 XX644    TAYLORS SELECT PORT                            6x75cl
                                                                            intense aroma suggesting dry nuts. Full
          No need to keep port for Christmas when
                                                                            bodied and balanced, with little acid,
          you can have this easy-drinking version
                                                                            slightly sweet.
          at any time of the year! Rich and fruity,
          it’s very difficult to say ‘no’ to more!                 FW202    DRY SACK FINO                                   6x75cl
                                                                            A wine of brilliant, pale gold colours. Complex
 FW002    TAYLORS 1st ESTATE PORT 20%                    6x75cl
                                                                            aromas reminiscent of the yeast layer with
          Selected grapes from the quinta das
                                                                            almond. Delicate yet full-bodied complex
          lagas vineyards. Aged 3-4 years to
                                                                            character with elegance and long aftertaste.
          produce a rich full bodied Port.
                                                                   FW201    CANASTA CREAM                               6x75cl
 FW018    TAYLORS LBV 2003 20%                           6x75cl
                                                                            Sweet Oloroso. Mahogany colour and aromas
          Full bodied with a lovely soft flavour.
                                                                            of dried nuts with a hint of raisins and
          Flavoursome character with backbone.
                                                                            brown sugar. Smooth, velvety palate, warm
 FW112    TAYLORS 10 YEAR OLD TAWNY                      6x75cl             alcohol flavours and persistant aftertaste.
          Tawny Port is aged for many years in barrel
                                                                   FW205    PEDRO XIMENEZ 12 YEAR OLD                      6x75cl
          so that the initial full-blooded red fades
                                                                            Mahogany-black. Characteristic PX
          to an autumnal brown. Good character.
                                                                            flavours, raisin and fig nose. Low
 FW010    FONSECA BIN NO 27 20%                           6x75cl            acidity, very sweet with a long finish.
 FW011    The Fonseca flagship, a 4 year old           24x37.5cl
                                                                   XX564    LUSTAU DRY OLOROSO 15 YEAR OLD                 6x50cl
          reserve Port. Full Bodied and
                                                                            Bright amber colour. Intense aromas
          flavoursome. Stylish presentation.
                                                                            characteristic of the type of wine and a
 FW014    FONSECA LBV 2000 (unfiltered) 20%              6x75cl             hint of dried nuts and fruits. Dry rich
          A lovely soft full flavour. Produced only                         with smooth tannins. It is luscious and
          in limited quantities.                                            balanced with a long finish.
          1998 20.5%. A single Quinta Port from                    SHERRY
          the fine Fonseca owned Panascal                          FW092    ELEGANTE FINO                                  6x75cl
          vineyard. Situated on the Tavora.                                 Pale straw colour, a delicate and pungent
 FW014A   FONSECA GUIMARAENS VINTAGE 1996                6x75cl             bouquet, very dry.
          20.5%. This Port shows good depth of                     FW066A   TIO PEPE                                     6x75cl
          colour. Full flavoured with a marvellous                          The world’s best selling Fino. Uncompromisingly
          character and backbone.                                           dry. Always serve cold from the fridge.
 FW015A   FONSECA SIROCO WHITE PORT 20%                  6x75cl             From Jerez in southern Spain.
          Superb full fat soft white Port.                         FW220    BODEGAS J. FERRIS FINO 15%                    6x100cl
          Elegant and rich it makes an excellent                            A sherry aged under a ‘veil’ of flowers, pale
          aperitif served ice cold with tonic.                              golden-coloured. It’s dry, smooth and light
 FW026    GILBERTS LBV                                   4x50cl             to the palate, with a profound aftertaste.
          Intense and bright deep purple colour, a                 FW221    BODEGAS J. FERRIS AMONTILLADO 17%           6x100cl
          bouquet of hot, wild red berry fruits with                        Straw to amber in colour. Vanilla aroma
          very subtle under-tones of oak. A rich,                           and dry fruits. Smooth and well structured.
          ripe full palate with hints of cocoa and
                                                                   FW222    BODEGAS J. FERRIS PALE CREAM 17%              6x100cl
                                                                            Dark mahogany coloured. Intense bouquet
                                                                            suggestive of honey and vanilla. Smooth
 MARSALA                                                                    and velvety to the palate and full body.
 FW050    LOMBARDO MARSALA SUPERIORE SECCO              12x75cl
 FW051    LOMBARDO MARSALA CUCINO (COOKING)             12x75cl    MADEIRA
 FW052    LOMBARDO MARSALA GARIBALDO DOLCE              12x75cl    FW085    OLIVERA SWEET - 3 YEAR OLD                    12x75cl

                                                                               Beers & Ales
                                                                Bin No.
Bin No.                                                         BL106     GOOD TIMES 5% ABV                            12x500ml
                                                                          Golden coloured beer, cold fermented
BL060     FRAOCH HEATHER ALE 5%                      12x500ml             over 2 weeks before being infused with
          Heather and herbal aroma, firm body                             a blend of citrusy hops and elderflowers.
          with spice and fruity notes projecting                          Very fruity and aromatic.
          from the palate.
                                                                BL107     SEVEN GIRAFFES 5.1% ABV                      12x500ml
                                                                          A classic IPA, heavily hopped for
BL059     GROZET GOOSEBERRY & WHEAT 5%            12x500ml
                                                                          bitterness and aroma which is then
          Scottish gooseberries, malted barley
                                                                          infused with fresh elderflowers and
          and wheat make up the character of this
                                                                          lemon juice. Bittersweet and fruity
          limited edition brew.
                                                                          amber ale.
BL068     KELPIE ORGANIC SEAWEED BEER 4.4%           12x500ml   BL108     ROISIN 4.2% ABV                              12x500ml
          Rich chocolate ale with an aroma of sea                         A relatively sweet beer which is cold
          breeze, a distinctive roast flavour and                         conditioned with a pulp of fresh
          crisp salty finish. Perfect with seafood                        Tayberries. Pink to red in colour,
          and speciality breads.                                          extremely fruity but not cloyingly
                                                                          sweet - extremely refreshing.
BL069     WILLIAMS BLACK 4.2%                        12x500ml
          A rich dark ale dominated by the strong
          flavours of blended roast malts, smooth
          coffee and chocolate undertones are                   CONISTON BREWERY
          complemented by the addition of late
                                                                BL052     BLUEBIRD 4.2%                                12x500ml
          harvest cone hops.
                                                                          A fine session ale with a light golden
                                                                          colour and a spicy hop character. The
BL073     WILLIAMS RED 4.5%                          12x500ml
                                                                          malt is fermented slightly warm to give
          A rich ruby malt ale, medium dry with
                                                                          a soft fruitiness, with a faint hint of
          hints of toffee and banana. Balanced
                                                                          scented geranium.
          with fresh spicy hops to give a zesty
          peppery backdrop, RED is a warming
          full flavoured beer to be savoured.
                                                                DALESIDE BREWERY
BL080     WILLIAMS GOLD 3.9%                         12x500ml
          A refreshing and full bodied sparkling                BL064     OLD LEGOVER 4.1%                             12x500ml
          golden ale, brewed using a blend of                             A traditional style, country beer. Brewed
          seven malts. Undertones of vanilla and                          from quality roasted Yorkshire malts,
          fruit are offset by the citrus aroma of                         blended with English hops for a
          fresh hops, suggesting grapefruit and                           satisfying subtle hoppy beer.

BL082     WILLIAMS JOKER 5%                          12x500ml
          A rich and smooth beer, a new addition                ALNWICK BREWERY COMPANY
          to the Williams range - the Joker of the
                                                                BL023     ALNWICK IPA 4.5%                             12x500ml
                                                                          First produced in 1890. The company
                                                                          was re-formed in 2006 to re-create this
BL083     WILLIAMS GINGER 3.8% ABV                   12x500ml
                                                                          famous ale based on the original recipe.
          Brewed using malted barley and wheat,
                                                                          Alnwick IPA is traditional in style and
          it has a recognisably ‘beery’ flavour,
                                                                          has a beautiful mid gold colour, some
          although it contains NO hops. Loads of
                                                                          malt but not too much hop on the nose.
          fresh rock ginger. Some lemons and a
                                                                          More malt develops in the mouth and a
          small amount of organic cane sugar
                                                                          slightly bitter caramel influence takes it
          along with the malts... and that is it.
                                                                          through to a long toffee sweet finish.

 Cider and Perry
 LANCHESTER BRANDED CIDER                                             THATCHERS CIDER
                                                                      Bin No.
                                                                      CP114     KATY 7.4%                                   12x500ml
                                                                                A sparkling medium dry cider, with the
 Bin No.
                                                                                full flavour of the Katy apple.
 CP005      ELECTRIC WHITE CIDER 8.4%                  24x500ml
                                                                      CP117     COX’S 5%                                   12x500ml
            A huge success story for over 20 years
                                                                                Fresh, light and sweet. Cox’s cider is
            now, the brand leader in the 8.4%
                                                                                allowed to mature and flourish in oak vats.
            sector. Made from only the finest ‘Jonas
            Gold’ apples.                                             CP120     GOLD 4.8%                                   12x500ml
                                                                                The colour of golden straw, with a
                                                                                bright sparkle that tickles the taste buds.

 CP006      ELECTRIC PEAR CIDER 5%                     24x500ml       CP125     OAK MATURED 5.2%                            12x500ml
 CP007      A quality Pear cider - enjoy served          8x200cl                Cider aged in rum barrels has a smooth
            over ice.                                                           flavour, distinct touch of Demerara and
                                                                                a subtle aroma.

                                                                      CP112     PEAR CIDER 4.5%                             12x500ml
                                                                                Bursting with flavours of beautiful
                                                                                English pears. Enjoy chilled over ice.

                                                                      CP111     CIDER BERRY 5.4%                              6x750ml
                                                                                A rich red, lightly sparkling, medium
                                                                                Somerset cider bursting with berry
                                                                                flavours. Crafted from the finest English
                                                                                apples and a delicious blend of blueberries,
                                                                                blackcurrants and raspberries. Fruity, floral
                                                                                notes, intensified by raspberry and blueberry
 LAMBRUSSI BIANCO                                                               aromas with a refreshingly light taste.

 This classy stylish perry is specially blended to give a rich        CP110     KATY ROSE 5.4%                               6x750ml
 flavour. It is semi-sparkling with a zingy fruit palate at a                   This medium rose cider has been blended
                                                                                and blushed from the rosiest Katy apples.
 super price.                                                                   Served lightly chilled, Katy Rose adds a
                                                                                bit of sparkle to life and is perfect for
 CP033      LAMBRUSSI BIANCO 7.5%                 24x25cl                       enjoying on your own or with friends!

 CP023      SOL CLUB BUCKS FIZZ                             24x20cl

 CP020      LANBERG SPARKLING PERRY                         12x75cl
 CP022      Probably the finest product on the              24x20cl
            market with unmatched presentation
            and price. Medium in style ideal for any

           Water and Non-Alcoholic Drinks
BLUE KELD NATURAL MINERAL WATER                                        BRANDED SOFT DRINKS
Dating back to Nordic times, Blue Keld Natural Mineral Water flows     FENTIMANS
from a genuine artesian spring situated on the edge of the Yorkshire
                                                                       XX992   GINGER BEER           12x275ml
Wolds.                                                                 XX990   SEVILLE ORANGE        12x275ml
The pure waters from the spring take many years to naturally filter    XX994   DANDELION & BURDOCK   12x275ml
                                                                       XX995   SHANDY                12x275ml
through the chalk and limestone of the Yorkshire Wolds before they
                                                                       XX991   ORGANIC LEMONADE      12x275ml
arrive at the Blue Keld Spring.                                        XX993   CUROSITY COLA         12x275ml

Bin No.
XX910     STILL (glass)                           12x750ml
XX911     SPARKLING (glass)                       12x750ml
XX912     STILL (glass)                           24x330ml
XX913     SPARKLING (glass)                       24x330ml
XX917     STILL (PET)                             24x500ml
XX918     SPARKLING (PET)                         24x500ml

                                                                       XX976   GINGER BEER            8x750ml
                                                                       XX975   DANDELION & BURDOCK    8x750ml
                                                                       XX977   CURIOSITY COLA         8x750ml
                                                                       XX969   ROSE LEMONADE          8x750ml

                                                                       NON-ALCOHOLIC SYRUPS
                                                                       SP105   GIFFARD GRENADINE       6x70cl
                                                                       SP107   GIFFARD SUGAR CANE      6x70cl

                                                                          Coppa Cocktails
                                                                         Bin No.
Created by professional bartenders, these well packaged, premium         SP720     MAI TAI 10%                               6x70cl
                                                                                   The big hitter from Tahiti, the name
ready-made cocktails bring something new to the cocktail bar
                                                                                   meaning ‘The Best’. Blended from the
experience. Presented in unusual glass ‘cocktail shaker’ shaped                    finest aged Caribbean Rum, Triple Sec,
bottles complete with fill markers, these popular cocktails are                    Amaretto and lime juice, serve this one
produced from quality ingredients and premium spirits. Available in                with crushed ice and lime slice.

six of the most desired cocktails, they’re ready to drink with ice, or   SP724     SEA BREEZE 10%                            6x70cl
mix with lemonade or soda for a refreshing long drink.                             Believed to be a native New Yorker,
                                                                                   Sea Breeze is a sunny blend of premium
                                                                                   vodka, cranberry and grapefruit juice.
                                                                                   Serve this fruity number in a Collins
                                                                                   glass with ice and lime.

                                                                         SP725     CAIPIRINHA 10%                            6x70cl
                                                                                   The traditional invigorating Brazilian
                                                                                   cocktail meaning ‘little countryside
                                                                                   drink’, Caipirinhas are made in bars
                                                                                   using the famous premium Cachaça,
                                                                                   lime and sugar syrup. Serve with
                                                                                   crushed ice and lime.

Bin No.

SP721     COSMOPOLITAN 10%                             6x70cl
          The ever popular cocktail pin-up, made
          from premium vodka, triple sec,
          cranberry juice, lime and a dash of
          bitters. Ladies favourite, serve in a
          cocktail glass with ice.

SP722     MOJITO 10%                                   6x70cl
          The refreshing Cuban classic with
          Caribbean Rum, mint and lime juice.
          Serve in a Collins glass with mint
          leaves and crushed ice.

SP723     LONG ISLAND ICED TEA 10%                     6x70cl
          This infamous cocktail looks like iced
          tea, but packs a punch! With quality
          Tequila, Triple Sec, Vodka, Rum, lime
          juice and cola, there’s plenty to serve
          in a long glass with ice and lemon

                            Van Roos Premium Liqueurs
VAN ROOS PREMIUM LIQUEURS                                                COCKTAIL IDEAS
Our newly designed range of premium liqueurs are produced purely         BABY BLUE MARTINI
from carefully selected fruit and plants and made using traditional      2 shots gin
                                                                         3/ shot Van Roos Blue Curacao
recipes. The clean, fresh design ensures a professional look on any        4
                                                                         3/ shot grapefruit juice
bar, as well as containing the best quality liqueurs. Delicious served   3/ shot pineapple juice
neat, on the rocks or as cocktails, these premium liqueur beautifully    Shake all ingredients with ice and serve in a martini glass
presented in superior glass bottles, are truly versatile.

                                                                         KIR ROYALE
                                                                         1/ shot Van Roos Crème de Cassis
Bin No.                                                                  Top up with Champagne
                                                                         Serve in champagne flute
SP450     BLUE CURACAO 20%                               6x50cl
          A deep blue colour, with sweet and
          bitter oranges distilled in this citrusy                       MENTHE A L’EAU
          fresh liqueur.                                                 1 tblsp Van Roos Crème de Menthe
                                                                         1 glass cold mineral water
SP451     TRIPLE SEC 20%                                 6x50cl          Stir together with ice and serve in a long glass
          Oranges and blossom make up the
          flavours in this clear, light liqueur. Hints
          of grapefruit add a delicate edge.

SP452     PEACH SCHNAPPS 20%                             6x50cl
          Fresh and sweet, a perfect partner to
          champagne or sparkling wine.

SP453     CREME DE MENTHE 20%                            6x50cl
          Made from macerated mint leaves, this
          fresh and powerful deep green liqueur
          is refreshing and sweet.

SP454     CREME DE CASSIS 20%                            6x50cl
          Intense blackcurrant flavour, dark purple
          in colour, fragrant and fruity.

 Spirits & Liqueurs
 ABSINTHE                                                         TIBURON
 Bin No.                                                          An exciting range of rum based fruit cocktails, great on their own or
                                                                  mix with tonic or lemonade for a truly different long drink.
 SP629      ABSINTHION DE LUXE 55%                       4x50cl
            The Polish absinthe distilled from only               Bin No
            the finest selections of Artemisia
                                                                  SP622     TIBURON POMEGRANATE & TROPICAL              6x50cl
            Absinthium (wormwood). Includes a
                                                                            FRUIT 14.7%
            free spoon.
                                                                            The unexpected mix of pomegranate
                                                                            and hints of blueberry together with
 SP698      ABSINTHION GRANDE DE LUXE 68%                4x50cl
                                                                            Caribbean Rum delivers a unique and
            Carefully distilled with a unique blend
                                                                            enticing cocktail. Truly refreshing and
            of natural herbs; anise, dill, angelica
                                                                            full of taste. 30% natural fruit.
            and cardamom, then aged in oak giving
            a smooth softness and complexity.                     SP623     TIBURON COCONUT & TROPICAL FRUIT            6x50cl
 SP800      GREEN FAIRY ABSINTHE 75%                     6x50cl             The creamy mix of pineapple juice and
            Anise flavoured spirit derived from                             coconut. Blended together with
            herbs, including flowers and leaves of                          Caribbean Rum. Truly refreshing.
            the herb Artemisia Absinthium.                        SP624     TIBURON MANGO & TROPICAL FRUIT              6x50cl
 SP801      GREEN FAIRY ABSINTHE 88%                     6x50cl             The perfect tropical combination. Pure
            Naturally green in colour, distilled using                      mango juice with orange and passion
            the herb Grande Wormwood.                                       fruit blended with Caribbean Rum. A
                                                                            refreshing exotic taste.

 ABSINTHE COCKTAIL IDEAS                                          PUCCINI
 GREEN TEAR                                                       Award winning liqueurs of excellent quality from one of the best
 1/ shot Green Fairy Absinthe 75%
   2                                                              Italian producers. Beautifully packaged in 50cl glass bottles, they
 3 shots cranberry juice
                                                                  give an expert look to any bar.
 Top up with tonic water
 1 slice of lemon                                                 SP618     PUCCINI CRYSTAL SAMBUCA 38%                 6x50cl
 Shake together and serve                                                   An elegant and stylish Sambuca. A
                                                                            sweet, strong clear anise taste with
                                                                            added spices. Winner of 4 consecutive
 LONG ISLAND ICED GREEN TEA                                                 Gold Medals in the International Wine
 1 shot rum                                                                 and Spirits Competition.
 1/ shot triple sec
   2                                                              SP619     PUCCINI GRAPHITE SAMBUCA 38%                6x50cl
 1 shot vodka
 1/ shot tequila
                                                                            A unique blend of herbs and spices,
   2                                                                        combined with the gold medal winning
 1/ shot absinthe
   2                                                                        Crystal Sambuca as a base has given
 Stir together and top up with cola and ice
                                                                            this product unique character.
                                                                  SP620     PUCCINI LIMONINO 27%                        6x50cl
                                                                            It takes at least 10 Verdello lemons to
                                                                            produce one bottle of Puccini Limonino,
                                                                            the smoothest and most elegant Lemon
                                                                            Liqueur available.
                                                                  SP697     PUCCINI AMARETTO 27%                        6x50cl
                                                                            A delicious smooth fragrant amaretto,
                                                                            warming and sweet with the full
                                                                            distinctive almond flavour.

                                                               Spirits & Liqueurs
Bin No                                                          Bin No

SP616    SAMBUCA di ANTONIO BLANCO 38%                6x70cl    SP601    OLD SAMUEL DE LUXE BOURBON 40%              6x70cl
         Gold medal winner at IWSC 2008 and                              A blended bourbon whiskey from
         best in class. Clean, clear flavours of                         Kentucky, produced from the finest
         anise and fresh elderberries.                                   grain. Aged in traditional oak casks to
                                                                         add depth and character. Top 10
SP693    SAMBUCA DI ANTONIO NERA 38%                  6x70cl             imported Whisky.
         Fresh anise sambuca distilled with herbs
         and spices for the distinctive fragrant                SP610    SUNSET REEF 21%                             6x70cl
         black sambuca taste.                                            A perfect blend of coconut and rum,
                                                                         ideal as a mixer.
SP612    DI ANTONIO AMARETTO 22%                      6x70cl
         Quality Italian amaretto, perfect on its               SP609    VAN MEERS ADVOCAAT 14%                      6x70cl
         own, in cocktails or on ice cream.                              Rich creamy liqueur, perfect for
                                                                         cocktails or long drinks.
SP614    AZTEC TEQUILA SILVER 38%                     6x70cl
SP614A   Made from the Blue Agave plant. Winner       6x50cl    SP603    OPTIMUM CACHACA 40%                         3x50cl
         of a Silver award at the International                          The spirit of Brazil Premium quality
         Spirit competition. A crisp taste and                           Cachaca, for the perfect Caipirinha
         nose of limey fruit along with the                              cocktail.
         traditional character from the agave.
                                                                SP633    DORAGON SAKE                                6x70cl
SP615    AZTEC TEQUILA GOLD 38%                       6x70cl             Elegant rice wine produced from only
SP615A   Made from the Blue Agave plant. A            6x50cl             the best rice. Traditionally consumed
         refined taste with spicy hints together                         warm, or as an alternative to white wine.
         with a beautiful finish.
                                                                SP625    MIODULA 40%                                 6x50cl
SP602    AKADEMICKA PREMIUM VODKA 40%                 6x70cl             Premium Polish Vodka, matured in oak
         A premium Polish vodka produced by one                          barrels with local herbs and honey
         of the most awarded Polish distilleries.                        gathered from rare bees found in
         Carefully crafted using selected grain                          Poland. It has a rich toffeed nose with
         and crystal clear mountain water, 4 times                       caramel aromas and a hint of vanilla.
         distilled and carbon filtered for purity.                       Quadruple medal winner!

SP600    SPIRIT OF BONG VODKA 40%                    6x100cl    SP630    ASPENS PEACH 21%                            6x70cl
         150 year old recipe, Master Distiller                           The crisp edge of Schnapps combined
         formula. Individually numbered bottles,                         with the delicious aroma and taste of
         hand painted glass.                                             peaches.

SP605    PORTMANS RUBY 14.4%                          6x70cl
         A fortified port-style drink, a sweet,
         full and robustly bodied flavour. IWSC
         Multiple award winner. Perfect neat
         or for cocktails such as Cheeky Vimto.

SP611    COUNTRY SATIN                               6x100cl
         The classic cream liqueur.

                                                                                 Spirits & Liqueurs
Croizet comes from the Cognac’s first growth area and is full of
elegance and finesse. The natural fruitiness and fresh aromas                     TEQUILA ESPOLON® (100% AGAVE)
are typical of the Grande Champagne growth area and are                           W0130      TEQUILA ESPOLON® BLANCO 38%                  6x70cl
balanced y the subtle notes of oak due to an ageing of two                        WO221                                                 4x3 litres
years inimum in French oak barrels. Cognacs like this have                        WO220      TEQUILA ESPOLON® REPOSADO 38%              4x3 litres
been produced in the traditional manner by Cognac Croizet
                                                                                  W0132      TEQUILA   ESPOLON®   ANEJO 38%               6x70cl
since 1805 and are perfect drunk neat, on ice or with dry                         WO222                                                 4x3 litres
ginger ale in a refined long drink.

Bin No

SP626          CROIZET VS 40%                                    6x70cl
SP627          CROIZET VSOP 40%                                  6x70cl
SP628          CROIZET XO 40%                                    6x70cl

                                                                                                                   ‘HIJOS DE VILLA’
W0001A         HAPSBURG TRADITIONAL                              6x50cl
               ABSINTHE 72.5% VOL (Green label)                                                                    RIFLES AND
W0004          HAPSBURG SUPER DELUXE                            12x50cl                                            PISTOLS
               ABSINTHE 85% VOL (Red label)                      6x50cl
                                                                                   W0500      PISTOLS 38%                                  12x20cl
                                                                                              In presentation box complete with
W0002          HAPSBURG PREMIUM RESERVE                         12x50cl
                                                                                              2 Tequila shot glasses.
               ABSINTHE 89.9% VOL (Gold label)                   6x50cl

                                                                                   W0501      RIFLES 38%                                     4x1.5l
                                                                                              with wooden hanging frame

                                                                                   Genuine Mexican-bottled Tequila in glass pistols and rifles. These are
                                                                                   selling like hot-fajitas in USA and Mexico. Mexican bottled, Tequila

                                                                                  SP750      BROKERS LONDON DRY GIN 40%                    6x70cl
                                 No Sugar, No Carbs                                          A premium handcrafted gin. Triple
  72.5%        85%      89.9%                                                                distilled in the UK. Made with 100%
Traditional   Super    Premium                                                               English wheat. Winner of the Gin
              Deluxe   Reserve
                                                                                             Masters competition in 2008.

                                                                                  SP751      BROKERS LONDON DRY GIN 47%                    6x70cl
                                                                                             Premium quality hand distilled from
                                                                                             100% grain spirit. Received the highest
W0011          TRENET ABSINTHE                         96x4cl                                accolade in the New York Gin
W0012          TRENET ABSINTHE                        12x70cl      4cl    70cl               Competition 2010.

 Spirits & Liqueurs
 VODNIK                                                                   ARMAGNAC
 Bin No.                                                                  Superb quality Bas-Armagnac, which is the smallest, and
                                                                          best area of production. This brandy is produced in limited
 CP041     BLUEBERRY                6x70cl
 CP042     MELON                    6x70cl
 CP043     DOUBLE CHOCOLATE         6x70cl
                                                                          SP300     CHATEAU DE TARIQUE *** 40%                 6x70cl
                                                                          SP301     CHATEAU DE TARIQUE VSOP (FLASKS) 40% 6x70cl
                                                                          SP302     CHATEAU DE TARIQUE XO 40%                  6x70cl
 CP047B    CHERRY                                      72x5cl
 CP044A    BLUEBERRY                                   72x5cl
 CP045A    MELON                                       72x5cl             PUYSEGUR
 CP046A    DOUBLE CHOCOLATE                            72x5cl
                                                                          The name of Puysegur has been linked with exceptional Armagnacs
                                                                          dating back to the 1600’s. The heritage of Puysegur is in Gascony’s
 RUM                                                                      noble heartland where the spirited deeds of d’Artagnan and his
                                                                          fellow Kings musketeers enrich the legend of adventure.
 SP190A    ALNWICK RUM 43%                             6x70cl
           Age old recipe, resurrected by the son                         Straw yellow with a hint of gold in colour. Intense and round with
           of the original owner. Fine aged dark                          dominating fresh fruits of apple, cherry and plum on the nose, warm
           rum, blend of many marques.                                    and well balanced rounded tannins with fruity flowery flavours
 SP198A    JEFFERSONS DARK RUM 40%                     6x70cl             strong in the mouth.
           Jeffersons extra fine Dark Rum is an
           impressive marriage of two classic rum                         SP664     VS 40%                      6x70cl
           styles aged in oak casks to import a                           SP665     VSOP 40%                    6x70cl
           complex balance of flavour.
                                                                          SP666     CUBIX XO 40%                6x70cl
 The complete range of Giffard Liqueurs are all of the highest quality.

 Bin No.

 SP096     CREME DE CASSIS 16%                         6x50cl
 SP098     CREME DE MENTHE (green) 21%                 6x50cl
 SP116     CREME DE FRAISE (strawberry) 20%            6x50cl
 SP117     CREME FRAMBOISE (raspberry) 25%             6x50cl
                                                                          We also have access to vintage Puysegur dating from 1888 through
 SP113     CREME DE BANANE 25%                         6x50cl             to 1998. Please ask for further details and pricing.
 SP095     CREME DE PECHES (peach) 25%                 6x50cl
 SP149     CREME DE MURES 16%                          6x50cl
 SP097     BLUE CURACAO 25%                            6x50cl
 SP122     ORANGE CURACAO 25%                          6x50cl
 SP119     PARFAIT AMOUR VIOLET 25%                    6x50cl
 SP114     CREME DE CACAO (brown) 25%                  6x50cl
 SP115     CHERRY BRANDY LIQUEUR 25%                   6x50cl
 SP112     APRICOT 25%                                 6x50cl
 SP120     PARFAIT TRIPLE SEC 35%                      6x50cl

                                                                         Spirits & Liqueurs
OLD ST. ANDREWS WHISKY                                                    JOHNNY REB
                                                                          Bin No
Clubhouse Blend is for a whisky lover who is looking for something        SP700    JOHNNY REB 22%   6x70cl
out of the ordinary. It is a good clean Whisky packed in a curious
and collectable way.

Bin No

SP501     CLUBHOUSE TUMBLER PACK 40%                    36x5cl
          Incorporates a 5cl miniature with an
          Old St. Andrews etched glass whisky
          tumbler to make a collectable gift set.

SP504     CLUBHOUSE 40%                                 6x50cl
SP502     Golf ball shaped bottles, the 50cl comes      36x5cl
          in a presentation tube with its own rope
          carry handle and the miniature is
          presented in a gift box.

The Old St. Andrews ‘Whisky Barrel’ contains a superb 10 year old
Malt which the predominant whisky is an excellent Speyside. The
barrel shape and label, with its rare photograph of 19th century
coopers celebrates the barrel ageing process that gives Scotch
Whisky its distinctive colour and flavour. It is said that ‘The barrel
makes the whisky’.

SP505     WHISKY BARREL 40%                             6x70cl
SP503                                                   36x5cl


 Terms of Trading
     1.   Payment of Account                                                            5.   Prices
          Payment must be made before the 15th of the month following the date               Prices shown on sales invoices are strictly net and include any authorised
          on the invoice.                                                                    discounts.

     2.   Overdue Accounts                                                              6.   Credit Accounts
          Accounts overdue will be charged at 4% interest per month after                    No credit will be given until a Credit Account has been sanctioned so
          warning in writing has been given. Any represented cheques will be                 goods will only be supplied on payment of a proforma invoice.
          charged at £10.00 per presentation.
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          other provision of these Conditions the property in the Goods shall not
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          be sold by the Seller to the Buyer for which payment is then due.
                                                                                        9.   Minimum Free Delivery - Five Cases Locally / 20 Cases Nationally
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          Buyer shall hold the Goods as Sellers fiduciary Agent and Bailee and
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                                                                                        10. Vintages
          and properly stored protected and insured and identified as the Sellers
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          property. Until that time the Buyer shall be entitled to re-sell for the
                                                                                             will be made when stocks are exhausted.
          proceeds of the sale or otherwise of the goods, whether tangible or
          intangible, including insurance proceeds, and shall keep such proceeds
                                                                                                                                                                May 2010
          separate from any monies or property of the Buyer and third parties and,
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          Until such time as the property and the goods passes to the buyer (and
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     4.   Claims
          All goods must be examined on delivery and signed for and any
          damages or partial losses noted against such signature. Claims for
          loss or breakage to be telephoned to us on the day of delivery and
          confirmed in writing to ourselves within three days of the receipt of
                                                                                        E & OE All prices are correct at time of going to press.
          the goods.
                                                                                        All prices are subject to change without notice.
          CLAIMS BEING DISALLOWED BY THE CARRIERS AND OURSELVES.                        For a full copy of Terms and Conditons please visit our website at

                                                                                                      Analysis Chart
This chart can be used to calculate selling prices. In this chart, the cost of the illustrated bottle of wine is exclusive of VAT. Suggested selling prices include VAT at 15%

Example: Cost of wine £2.80 Required Gross Margin 50% Selling price £6.58 Which could be rounded to the most appropriate price point for example £6.75

Cost      45%          50%         55%          60%          65%          70%               Cost       45%          50%         55%          60%          65%         70%
       G.P. Sell    G.P. Sell   G.P. Sell    G.P. Sell    G.P. Sell    G.P. Sell                    G.P. Sell    G.P. Sell   G.P. Sell    G.P. Sell    G.P. Sell   G.P. Sell

2.10        4.49        4.94         5.48         6.17         7.05        8.23             6.00        12.82       14.10        15.67        17.63       20.14        23.50
2.20        4.70        5.17         5.74         6.46         7.39        8.62             6.10        13.03       14.34        15.93        17.92       20.48        23.89
2.30        4.91        5.41         6.01         6.76         7.72        9.01             6.20        13.25       14.57        16.19        18.21       20.81        24.28
2.40        5.13        5.64         6.27         7.05         8.06        9.40             6.30        13.46       14.81        16.45        18.51       21.15        24.68
2.50        5.34        5.88         6.53         7.34         8.39        9.79             6.40        13.67       15.04        16.71        18.80       21.49        25.07
2.60        5.55        6.11         6.79         7.64         8.73       10.18             6.50        13.89       15.28        16.97        19.09       21.82        25.46
2.70        5.77        6.35         7.05         7.93         9.06       10.58             6.60        14.10       15.51        17.23        19.39       22.16        25.85
2.80        5.98        6.58         7.31         8.23         9.40       10.97             6.70        14.31       15.75        17.49        19.68       22.49        26.24
2.90        6.20        6.82         7.57         8.52         9.74       11.36             6.80        14.53       15.98        17.76        19.98       22.83        26.63
3.00        6.41        7.05         7.83         8.81        10.07       11.75             6.90        14.74       16.22        18.02        20.27       23.16        17.03
3.10        6.62        7.29         8.09         9.11        10.41       12.14             7.00        14.95       16.45        18.28        20.56       23.50        27.42
3.20        6.84        7.52         8.36         9.40        10.74       12.53             7.10        15.17       16.69        18.54        20.56       23.84        27.81
3.30        7.05        7.76         8.62         9.69        11.08       12.93             7.20        15.38       16.92        18.80        21.15       24.17        28.20
3.40        7.26        7.99         8.88         9.99        11.41       13.32             7.30        15.60       17.16        19.06        21.44       24.51        28.59
3.50        7.48        8.23         9.14        10.28        11.75       13.71             7.40        15.81       17.39        19.32        21.74       24.84        28.98
3.60        7.69        8.46         9.40        10.58        12.09       14.10             7.50        16.02       17.63        19.58        22.03       25.18        29.38
3.70        7.90        8.70         9.66        10.87        12.42       14.49             7.60        16.24       17.86        19.84        22.33       25.51        29.77
3.80        8.12        8.93         9.92        11.16        12.76       14.88             7.70        16.35       18.10        20.11        22.62       25.85        30.16
3.90        8.33        9.17        10.18        11.46        13.09       15.28             7.80        16.66       18.33        20.37        22.91       26.19        30.55
4.00        8.55        9.40        10.44        11.75        13.43       15.67             7.90        16.88       18.57        20.63        23.21       26.52        39.94
4.10        8.76        9.64        10.71        12.04        13.76       16.06             8.00        17.09       18.80        20.89        23.50       26.86        31.33
4.20        8.97        9.87        10.97        12.34        14.10       16.45             8.20        17.52       19.27        21.41        24.09       27.53        31.73
4.30        9.19       10.11        11.23        12.63        14.44       16.84             8.30        17.73       19.51        21.67        24.38       27.86        32.51
4.40        9.40       10.34        11.49        12.93        14.77       17.23             8.50        18.16       19.74        22.19        24.97       28.54        33.29
4.50        9.61       10.58        11.75        13.22        15.11       17.63             8.60        18.37       20.21        22.46        25.26       28.87        33.68
4.60        9.83       10.81        12.01        13.51        15.44       18.02             8.70        18.59       20.45        22.72        25.56       29.21        34.08
4.70       10.04       11.05        12.27        13.81        15.78       18.41             8.80        18.80       20.68        22.98        25.85       29.54        34.47
4.80       10.25       11.28        12.53        14.10        16.11       18.80             8.90        19.01       20.92        23.24        26.14       29.88        34.86
4.90       10.47       11.52        12.79        14.39        16.45       19.19             9.00        19.23       21.15        23.50        26.44       30.21        35.25
5.00       10.68       11.75        13.06        14.69        16.79       19.58             9.10        19.44       21.39        23.76        26.73       30.55        35.64
5.10       10.90       11.99        13.32        14.98        17.12       19.98             9.20        19.65       21.62        24.02        27.03       30.89        36.03
5.20       11.11       12.22        13.58        15.28        17.46       20.37             9.30        19.87       21.86        24.28        27.32       31.22        36.43
5.30       11.32       12.46        13.84        15.57        17.79       20.76             9.40        20.08       22.09        24.54        27.61       31.56        36.82
5.40       11.54       12.69        14.10        15.86        18.13       21.15             9.50        20.30       22.33        24.81        27.91       31.89        37.21
5.50       11.75       12.95        14.36        16.16        18.46       21.54             9.60        20.51       22.56        25.07        28.20       33.23        37.60
5.60       11.96       13.16        14.62        16.45        18.80       21.93             9.70        20.72       22.80        25.33        28.49       32.56        37.99
5.70       12.18       13.40        14.88        16.74        19.14       22.33             9.80        20.94       23.03        25.59        28.79       32.90        38.38
5.80       12.39       13.63        15.14        17.04        19.47       22.72             9.90        21.15       23.27        25.85        29.08       33.24        38.78
5.90       12.60       13.87        15.41        17.33        19.81       23.11             10.00       21.36       23.50        26.11        29.38       33.57        39.17


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