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									    NCA Parent Study

                                                                       NCA Parent Study

                             PARENT SURVEY
                        (COMMENTS TYPED AS WRITTEN)

ITEM1       What is your relationship to this student?

                                                                  Valid      Cum
Value Label                    Value   Frequency       Percent   Percent   Percent

PARENT                             1        618          96.0      96.0      96.0
STEP-PARENT                        2          4            .6        .6      96.6
OTHER                              3         22           3.4       3.4     100.0
                                         -------       -------   -------
                               Total        644         100.0     100.0

Valid cases       644       Missing cases       0

self non trad student


ITEM2       What is the student’s gender?

                                                                  Valid      Cum
Value Label                    Value   Frequency       Percent   Percent   Percent

MALE                               1        255          39.6      39.8      39.8
FEMALE                             2        386          59.9      60.2     100.0
Out of range                                  3            .5    Missing
                                         -------       -------   -------
                               Total        644         100.0     100.0

Valid cases       641       Missing cases          3


No comments

                                                                             NCA Parent Study

ITEM3     What is the student’s year in college?

                                                                    Valid        Cum
Value Label                 Value     Frequency          Percent   Percent     Percent

1ST YEAR                          1            166         25.8       26.4        26.4
SOPHOMORE                         2            146         22.7       23.2        49.7
JUNIOR                            3            143         22.2       22.8        72.5
SENIOR                            4            173         26.9       27.5       100.0
GRADUATE STUDENT                  0
OTHER                             0
Out of range                                 16             2.5    Missing
                                         -------         -------   -------
                            Total           644           100.0     100.0

Valid cases     628      Missing cases            16

SACP participant



Post Secondary Course 2nd year

2nd year PSEO

ITEM4     Did your student enter Southwest State University as a?

                                                                        Valid         Cum
Value Label                      Value       Frequency      Percent   Percent      Percent

FRESHMAN                          1           509     79.0     79.9                 79.9
TRANSFER FROM MN COLL/UNIV        2             83    12.9     13.0                 92.9
TRANS FROM OUT OF STATE COLL/UNIV 3             45     7.0      7.1                100.0
Out of range                                  7      1.1   Missing
                                         ------- ------- -------
                            Total           644    100.0    100.0

Valid cases     637      Missing cases               7

Post secondary student

                                                                  NCA Parent Study

transferred 3 credits

had some credits from going to school before
transferred credits fr. A MN college but was out working & entered a 2nd yr
& think you have to ask her for specifics


did post-secondary at home so has sophomore credit


also 11/2 years under co-op plan with high school

He is also a junior at Marshall High School – enrolled through PSEO


as a High School Senior / open enrollment

also was PSEO

with accumulated credits from 2 prior summers and y2 time college courses @
High school

as a junior in high school

as a PSEO student

ITEM5     If your student entered Southwest State University as a transfer
          student, were you satisfied with the acceptance of the transfer

                                                             Valid      Cum
Value Label                  Value   Frequency    Percent   Percent   Percent

YES                              1        109       16.9      77.3     77.3
NO                               2         32        5.0      22.7    100.0
Out of range                              503       78.1    Missing
                                       -------    -------   -------
                             Total        644      100.0     100.0

Mean            1.227    Std dev           .420       Minimum         1.000
Maximum         2.000

                                                             NCA Parent Study

Valid cases     141      Missing cases      503

however the transfer credits did not count into GPA average which I believe
they should

No only English credits transferred. If SSU now offers TV/Radio – why did
none of those credits transfer?

did not transfer

     transfer from Hamline and credits not transferred so has played catch
up ever since. I have has had to take summer classes to graduate on time at
more expense & time.

     Advisor in the DELETED were not helpful in guiding my daughter as far
as petitioning classes applying for the DELETED and not getting information
out to students in a terribly manner or if at all.

We found out the other school was not acredited.

was given credit for hours but did not count towards major. Ryan did not
change his major from day 1 has always been elementary education.

transfering into the education department the sheet she got said more
credits would transfer from ridgewater they didn‟t

     Attitude of DELETED. Need to work with students. He could use some
human relation classes. Costs students thousands of dollars. Needs to be
aware of new laws!

with the exception of science credits

her Generals were all different, so they didn‟t count.

     a student should not have to go indiv. professors and ask if a class
from a previous state college will be accepted by their department. There
should be universal transfer in the state college system.

     our son attended Ridgewater only 16 transferred after 2 years. Please
look at all credits closer or students entering all post-secondary schools
should be told up front what is transferable.

     Two courses were not accepted in the education dept. given the
previous coursework and life work experience of my student, I thought at
least partial to full credit could have been given. Overall, though, many
credits did transfer without a problem.

                                                               NCA Parent Study

She took 2 1/2 yrs of technical training that gave her 15 credits toward
graduation at SSU.

she had PSEO transfers

     We felt his credits should have been accepted. He has an associate
degree in accounting; however when he transferred to Marshall he was not
given credit for classes he had already taken. We have another son entering
Marshall next year. We almost sent him elsewhere!

     I had a communications class that was basically the   same exact thing
as SSU‟s however it did not transfer as my intro DELETED   because DELETED
said he‟s the DELETED and he said so when I asked why it   did not transfer!
Lame reason. I don‟t have time for more 3 more credits –   besides I already
took the class!

AA degree

although I don‟t understand why GPA didn‟t transfer.

     there were several classes that she had to retake because the credits
would not transfer. Psychology, Western Civilization, Spanish are ones that
I remember her naming and she had good grades in these classes.

Some courses approved by DELETED of department not accepted by transfer

only 18 credits transferred for 2 yrs of worth of work.

he came from Wilmar Votech – graduate with honors and still only about 2 of
his credits were accepted.

Some classes would not transfer

was promised more credits would transfer into major & none were transfer.
It was also a slow process.

     Eventually most credits were accepted but she was made to contact many
teachers to finally get something done. We really dot understand why this
can‟t be easier, especially since she was transferring from another state

acceptance was OK, but no advisor helped her fit those into a program
leading to graduation

                                                                  NCA Parent Study

     I know SSU tried their hardest with our son, to get as many credits to
transfer as they possibly could and I applaud you! I just think if you
transfer from one college to another in the same state, all earned credits
should transfer.

lost credits from 1/4 system to semester

If the college throughout the state are to be better unified – acceptance
of more credits is essential.

SSU went over & above all our expectations as far as transfering in an AA.

     transfer not complete, seems like it should have gone smoother, some
credits not accepted, several classes seem to be repeated (3/4 of materials
of classes taken previously – tried to show similarities

unknown as to what was accepted my student said she was surprised that a
lot of English classes were not accepted

her college algebra, cultural geography and computer applications classes
did not transfer so she lost 9 credits.

not enough credits from former colleges were counted only as electives

ITEM6     Have you or your spouse visited Southwest State University since
          your student enrolled?

                                                             Valid      Cum
Value Label                 Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

YES                             1        561        87.1      87.2     87.2
NO                              2         82        12.7      12.8    100.0
Out of range                               1          .2    Missing
                                      -------     -------   -------
                            Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean           1.128     Std dev          .334        Minimum         1.000
Maximum        2.000

Valid cases      643     Missing cases        1

on a regular basis

many times

for sporting events but we haven‟t had a tour of the campus

                                                                     NCA Parent Study

ITEM7     Does your student currently live in the residence halls?

                                                                Valid      Cum
Value Label                    Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

YES                                1        278        43.2      43.2     43.2
NO                                 2        366        56.8      56.8    100.0
                                         -------     -------   -------
                               Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean           1.568        Std dev          .496        Minimum         1.000
Maximum        2.000

Valid cases      644        Missing cases        0

in low income housing unit in Marshall

ITEM8     Has your student lived in the residence halls in the past?

                                                                Valid      Cum
Value Label                    Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

YES                                1        379        58.9      61.4     61.4
NO                                 2        238        37.0      38.6    100.0
Out of range                                 27         4.2    Missing
                                         -------     -------   -------
                               Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean           1.386        Std dev          .487        Minimum         1.000
Maximum        2.000

Valid cases      617        Missing cases       27

this is 1st year freshman

at previous college

                                                                   NCA Parent Study

3 years

Other college

at another school

NA- first year at SSU

fall semester
ITEM9     For how long a period did/has your student lived in the residence

                                                              Valid      Cum
Value Label                  Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

PART OF A YEAR                   1        140        21.7      27.7     27.7
1 YEAR                           2        128        19.9      25.3     53.1
MORE THEN 1 YEAR                 3        237        36.8      46.9    100.0
Out of range                              139        21.6    Missing
                                       -------     -------   -------
                             Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean            2.192     Std dev          .843        Minimum         1.000
Maximum         3.000

Valid cases        505    Missing cases      139

this year

first year

always has lived in apt

2 years

all 4 years

4 years

fall & spring

2 years of 5

as long as she has been at Southwest

Summer session

                                                                  NCA Parent Study

1 1/2 years

ITEM10    Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the Admissions

                                                             Valid      Cum
Value Label                 Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                  1        489        75.9      84.3     84.3
NEUTRAL                         2         87        13.5      15.0     99.3
VERY DISSATISFIED               3          4          .6        .7    100.0
Out of range                              64         9.9    Missing
                                      -------     -------   -------
                            Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean          1.164      Std dev          .389        Minimum         1.000
Maximum       3.000

Valid cases     580      Missing cases       64

(Personally, you need a comment on „Satisfactory‟ & dissatisfied [use a
scale of 1-5] )

The DELETED assigned doesn‟t have a clue what to advice!

     Our daughter was an adult, incharge of her own affairs when she came
to you we had no personal contact w/any of these offices gave a request of
$ donation by alumni office

Would like to use word adequate for neutral

     My daughter handled all of her college decisions & affairs. He were
there for advice & backup, but as a parent we were not involved interacting
with any of these offices.

     Did not make us parents comfortable with our questions or act very
helpful with the proper steps needed to be taken for college admission.
When a person inquiring about their oldest, it‟s a 1st time experience –

                                                                     NCA Parent Study

not “old hat”.   All questions should be valid & answered. We were sent out 4
different sets   of admission forms and letters asking us to consider SSU
even after our   daughter was accepted there. Very confusing to us & wasteful
of printings &   postage & employee time.

ITEM11        Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the Financial
              Aid Office.

                                                                Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value    Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1         349        54.2      66.1     66.1
NEUTRAL                           2         148        23.0      28.0     94.1
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3          31         4.8       5.9    100.0
Out of range                                116        18.0    Missing
                                         -------     -------   -------
                               Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean            1.398      Std dev           .598        Minimum         1.000
Maximum         3.000

Valid cases       528      Missing cases       116

long process!

very helpful, but I don‟t agree on how much aid she gets

ITEM12     Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the Business
           Services Office.

                                                                Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value    Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1         271        42.1      63.3     63.3
NEUTRAL                           2         148        23.0      34.6     97.9
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3           9         1.4       2.1    100.0
Out of range                                216        33.5    Missing
                                         -------     -------   -------
                               Total        644       100.0     100.0

                                                                     NCA Parent Study

Mean            1.388      Std dev           .529        Minimum         1.000
Maximum         3.000

Valid cases       428      Missing cases       216


ITEM13        Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the Registration

                                                                Valid      Cum
Value Label                    Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1         393        61.0      74.4      74.4
NEUTRAL                           2         111        17.2      21.0      95.5
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3          24         3.7       4.5     100.0
Out of range                                116        18.0    Missing
                                         -------     -------   -------
                               Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean            1.301      Std dev           .549        Minimum         1.000
Maximum         3.000

Valid cases       528      Missing cases       116

very long

ITEM14      Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the Students
            Affairs Office.

                                                                Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value    Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1         141        21.9      56.4      56.4
NEUTRAL                           2         104        16.1      41.6      98.0
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3           5          .8       2.0     100.0
Out of range                                394        61.2    Missing
                                         -------     -------   -------
                               Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean             1.456     Std dev           .538        Minimum         1.000

                                                                     NCA Parent Study

Maximum         3.000

Valid cases       250      Missing cases       394

No comments

ITEM15        Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the Residential
              Life Office.

                                                                Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value    Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1         231        35.9      56.8     56.8
NEUTRAL                           2         156        24.2      38.3     95.1
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3          20         3.1       4.9    100.0
Out of range                                237        36.8    Missing
                                         -------     -------   -------
                               Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean            1.482      Std dev           .591        Minimum         1.000
Maximum         3.000

Valid cases       407      Missing cases       237

No comments

ITEM16        Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the Office of
              Cultural Diversity.

                                                                Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value    Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1          38         5.9      44.2     44.2
NEUTRAL                           2          45         7.0      52.3     96.5
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3           3          .5       3.5    100.0
Out of range                                558        86.6    Missing
                                         -------     -------   -------
                               Total        644       100.0     100.0

                                                                    NCA Parent Study

Mean          1.593        Std dev          .561        Minimum         1.000
Maximum       3.000

Valid cases      86        Missing cases      558

     Advisors need to be more interested. Need to help students get unit
classes that they need – daughter couldn‟t get in classes, substituted
with other classes, & now finds out specific classes only offered in
spring semester!

questionable guidance @ times

Leans towards discrimination Do you have an office comparable for white

ITEM17     Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the Career
           Services Office.

                                                               Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1         92        14.3      47.4     47.4
NEUTRAL                           2         88        13.7      45.4     92.8
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3         14         2.2       7.2    100.0
Out of range                               450        69.9    Missing
                                        -------     -------   -------
                              Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean          1.598        Std dev          .622        Minimum         1.000
Maximum       3.000

Valid cases     194        Missing cases      450

offered very little help

poor communication to the students

Would like to see more counceling toward majors/

ITEM18     Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the Alumni

                                                               Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

                                                                  NCA Parent Study

VERY SATISFIED                 1          46         7.1      43.4     43.4
NEUTRAL                        2          58         9.0      54.7     98.1
VERY DISSATISFIED              3           2          .3       1.9    100.0
Out of range                             538        83.5    Missing
                                      -------     -------   -------
                            Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean          1.585     Std dev           .532        Minimum         1.000
Maximum       3.000

Valid cases     106     Missing cases       538

No comments

ITEM19     Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the Academic
           Affairs office.

                                                             Valid      Cum
Value Label                Value    Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                 1          87        13.5      51.2     51.2
NEUTRAL                        2          76        11.8      44.7     95.9
VERY DISSATISFIED              3           7         1.1       4.1    100.0
Out of range                             474        73.6    Missing
                                      -------     -------   -------
                            Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean          1.529     Std dev           .577        Minimum         1.000
Maximum       3.000

Valid cases     170     Missing cases       474

No comments

ITEM20     Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the Academic
           Dean’s office.

                                                             Valid      Cum
Value Label                Value    Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                 1           99       15.4      59.6     59.6
NEUTRAL                        2           58        9.0      34.9     94.6
VERY DISSATISFIED              3            9        1.4       5.4    100.0
Out of range                              478       74.2    Missing

                                                                  NCA Parent Study

                                      -------     -------   -------
                            Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean          1.458     Std dev           .599        Minimum         1.000
Maximum       3.000

Valid cases     166     Missing cases       478

My child has been on the dean‟s list all through college & only twice was
that info sent to our town newspaper or to her parents

no advocacy when

ITEM21     Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the Learning
           Resources Office.

                                                             Valid      Cum
Value Label                Value    Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                 1         141        21.9      59.0     59.0
NEUTRAL                        2          91        14.1      38.1     97.1
VERY DISSATISFIED              3           7         1.1       2.9    100.0
Out of range                             405        62.9    Missing
                                      -------     -------   -------
                            Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean          1.439     Std dev           .553        Minimum         1.000
Maximum       3.000

Valid cases     239     Missing cases       405

No comments

ITEM22     Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the Library.

                                                             Valid      Cum
Value Label                Value    Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                 1         180        28.0      59.4     59.4
NEUTRAL                        2          94        14.6      31.0     90.4
VERY DISSATISFIED              3          29         4.5       9.6    100.0
Out of range                             341        53.0    Missing
                                      -------     -------   -------

                                                                      NCA Parent Study

                             Total         644      100.0     100.0

Mean          1.502       Std dev          .665        Minimum          1.000
Maximum       3.000

Valid cases     303       Missing cases      341

elem resource center understandably not available

not open near enough hours on weekends

needs to be available to students more or the time

Very, very dissatisfied

this could be improved
could be improved for non campus students

ITEM23    Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the quality of
          your students residence hall room environment.

                                                             Valid       Cum
Value Label                  Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent    Percent

VERY SATISFIED                   1        269        41.8      53.4        53.4
NEUTRAL                          2        197        30.6      39.1        92.5
VERY DISSATISFIED                3         38         5.9       7.5       100.0
Out of range                              140        21.7    Missing
                                       -------     -------   -------
                             Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean          1.542       Std dev          .632        Minimum          1.000
Maximum       3.000

Valid cases     504       Missing cases      140

     I realize it is normal for students to complain about teachers but I‟m
not pleased with what I hear. For an education college – teachers should be
example – guess they are – what not to be like.

Has always done lots of during for elem labs – to area towns/schools

Until fire displaced her program

Her room has mold in it! Very harmful.

                                                                     NCA Parent Study

Now 1, previous 3

My son just transfer in January. Our son work a 4 hour job each day of the
week plus did work study at college & work out fine - Marshall does not
offer this in there town!!!

ITEM24        Please indicate your level of satisfaction with your student’s
              roommates’ congeniality.

                                                                Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value    Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1         232        36.0      52.5     52.5
NEUTRAL                           2         165        25.6      37.3     89.8
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3          45         7.0      10.2    100.0
Out of range                                202        31.4    Missing
                                         -------     -------   -------
                               Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean            1.577      Std dev           .670        Minimum         1.000
Maximum         3.000

Valid cases       442      Missing cases       202

Private Rm.

poorly matched – the roommate was painfully shy & taciturn & never could to
build a friendship with our daughter

had a single room

     1st year the roommate you matched him with was the worst match you
could have made. You made it sound like you staff Hand picked students with
some likes etc. you were way off on his fres yr

                                                                          NCA Parent Study

poor one freshman 1st semester

ITEM25    Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the adequacy of
          lounges and other common facilities.

                                                                Valid         Cum
Value Label                 Value      Frequency     Percent   Percent      Percent

VERY SATISFIED                   1          319        49.5      58.9          58.9
NEUTRAL                          2          199        30.9      36.7          95.6
VERY DISSATISFIED                3           24         3.7       4.4         100.0
Out of range                                102        15.8    Missing
                                         -------     -------   -------
                            Total           644       100.0     100.0

Mean          1.456      Std dev             .581        Minimum            1.000
Maximum       3.000

Valid cases      542     Missing cases         102

changed in January due to fire – had lots of food areas for students prior.

ITEM26    Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the adequacy of
          classrooms, laboratories, etc.

                                                                Valid         Cum
Value Label                 Value      Frequency     Percent   Percent      Percent

VERY SATISFIED                     1         337       52.3        66.7        66.7

                                                                    NCA Parent Study

NEUTRAL                          2         159        24.7      31.5     98.2
VERY DISSATISFIED                3           9         1.4       1.8    100.0
Out of range                               139        21.6    Missing
                                        -------     -------   -------
                              Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean           1.350      Std dev           .514        Minimum         1.000
Maximum        3.000

Valid cases       505     Missing cases       139

since the fire, there are many negative and less satisfactory environments.
I understand them but it still is bad.

classrooms fine labs not well supplied, older equipment

need more computors in residence centers

no variety

ITEM27       Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the quality of
             dining services.

                                                               Valid      Cum
Value Label                  Value    Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                   1         214        33.2      43.0     43.0
NEUTRAL                          2         240        37.3      48.2     91.2
VERY DISSATISFIED                3          44         6.8       8.8    100.0
Out of range                               146        22.7    Missing
                                        -------     -------   -------
                              Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean           1.659      Std dev           .634        Minimum         1.000
Maximum        3.000

Valid cases       498     Missing cases       146

complains of food service – always - only good meal is breakfast

When it‟s there

should offer less  10/week plan I should be refund for days missed due to

                                                                    NCA Parent Study

it would be nice if the dining area were open more hours. We visited Buena
Vista College and were very impressed with the dining hours offered.

Food is very old something everyday

rarely was due to cost

food is terrible since the fire

ITEM28     Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the quality of
           the Health Center services.

                                                               Valid      Cum
Value Label                 Value     Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1        216        33.5      55.5     55.5
NEUTRAL                           2        152        23.6      39.1     94.6
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3         21         3.3       5.4    100.0
Out of range                               255        39.6    Missing
                                        -------     -------   -------
                            Total          644       100.0     100.0

Mean          1.499      Std dev            .599        Minimum         1.000
Maximum       3.000

Valid cases       389    Missing cases        255

When it‟s there

they can do such limited functions! Our son had an extremely bad cold & for
his fees paid, he got nothing to help!

excellent DELETED!!

poor hours inadequate diagnosing & prescribing skills DELETED was good!

                                                                 NCA Parent Study

Haven‟t used – unsure what is actually covered by the fees paid by the

they can only test for a colder strep. That‟s all they are good for.

ITEM29     Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the quality of
           Personal counseling.

                                                            Valid      Cum
Value Label                 Value   Frequency    Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                  1        115       17.9      39.5      39.5
NEUTRAL                         2        143       22.2      49.1      88.7
VERY DISSATISFIED               3         33        5.1      11.3     100.0
Out of range                             353       54.8    Missing
                                      -------    -------   -------
                            Total        644      100.0     100.0

Mean          1.718      Std dev          .656       Minimum         1.000
Maximum       3.000

Valid cases     291      Missing cases     353

advisors not available

depends on the person

didn‟t inform student very well.

                                                                  NCA Parent Study

ITEM30     Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the quality of
           campus social life.

                                                             Valid      Cum
Value Label                Value    Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                 1         235        36.5      49.5     49.5
NEUTRAL                        2         224        34.8      47.2     96.6
VERY DISSATISFIED              3          16         2.5       3.4    100.0
Out of range                             169        26.2    Missing
                                      -------     -------   -------
                            Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean            1.539   Std dev           .563        Minimum         1.000
Maximum         3.000

Valid cases       475   Missing cases       169

     on campus and at sports events – we have been very impressed by the
positive conduct of the student body. Also & equally impossible is the
adult – community in the action with the school students.

ITEM31     Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the quality of
           cultural events (lectures, plays, concerts).

                                                             Valid      Cum
Value Label                Value    Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                 1         249        38.7      57.9     57.9
NEUTRAL                        2         175        27.2      40.7     98.6
VERY DISSATISFIED              3           6          .9       1.4    100.0
Out of range                             214        33.2    Missing
                                      -------     -------   -------
                            Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean            1.435   Std dev           .524        Minimum         1.000
Maximum         3.000

Valid cases       430   Missing cases       214

Needs variety

ITEM32     Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the quality of
           crisis response.

                                                                    NCA Parent Study

                                                               Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1        108        16.8      56.8     56.8
NEUTRAL                           2         79        12.3      41.6     98.4
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3          3          .5       1.6    100.0
Out of range                               454        70.5    Missing
                                        -------     -------   -------
                              Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean          1.447     Std dev             .529        Minimum         1.000
Maximum       3.000

Valid cases     190     Missing cases         454

thinking of the fire

ITEM33     Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the quality of
           varsity athletics programs.

                                                               Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1        220        34.2      62.3     62.3
NEUTRAL                           2        115        17.9      32.6     94.9
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3         18         2.8       5.1    100.0
Out of range                               291        45.2    Missing
                                        -------     -------   -------
                              Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean          1.428     Std dev             .590        Minimum         1.000
Maximum       3.000

Valid cases     353     Missing cases         291

only 1 pgm – rest are great

                                                                  NCA Parent Study

     too much staff changes team needs coaches making longer commitments
player do better when coaches become more of a model role than having so
much staff changes

wheel chair basketball is ignored

check out the support the other colleges give to their cheer leaders

until this year there has been NO support for the cheer leaders – why not

ITEM34     Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the quality of
           computing and technology facilities and services.

                                                             Valid      Cum
Value Label                 Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                  1        253        39.3      56.3     56.3
NEUTRAL                         2        172        26.7      38.3     94.7
VERY DISSATISFIED               3         24         3.7       5.3    100.0
Out of range                             195        30.3    Missing
                                      -------     -------   -------
                            Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean          1.490      Std dev          .598        Minimum         1.000
Maximum       3.000

Valid cases     449      Missing cases      195

computer speed in dorm

                                                                     NCA Parent Study

internet hook up was slow last fall

computors needed in dorms

ITEM35      Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the quality of
            academic support services (tutoring, e.g.)

                                                                Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value    Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1         160        24.8      54.8      54.8
NEUTRAL                           2         119        18.5      40.8      95.5
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3          13         2.0       4.5     100.0
Out of range                                352        54.7    Missing
                                         -------     -------   -------
                               Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean          1.497         Std dev          .583        Minimum         1.000
Maximum       3.000

Valid cases     292      Missing cases         352

I‟d like to see them more proactive

ITEM36      Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the quality of
            general education program.

                                                                Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value    Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1         431        66.9      73.4     73.4
NEUTRAL                           2         145        22.5      24.7     98.1
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3          11         1.7       1.9    100.0
Out of range                                 57         8.9    Missing
                                         -------     -------   -------
                               Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean          1.284      Std dev             .491        Minimum         1.000
Maximum       3.000

Valid cases     587      Missing cases          57


                                                                     NCA Parent Study

     too many teachers with personal agenda that interfere with the
curriculum content, DELETED – very DELETED & preoccupied with DELETED of
DELETED in 19th century

foul language from professors

36, 37 & 38 - Should be careful not to advice the kids to take classes
that don‟t count in there careers

ITEM37        Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the quality of
              liberal arts education.

                                                                Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value    Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1         367        57.0      71.3     71.3
NEUTRAL                           2         138        21.4      26.8     98.1
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3          10         1.6       1.9    100.0
Out of range                                129        20.0    Missing
                                         -------     -------   -------
                               Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean            1.307      Std dev           .502        Minimum         1.000
Maximum         3.000

Valid cases       515      Missing cases       129

No comments

ITEM38        Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the quality of
              professional studies.

                                                                Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value    Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1         235        36.5      61.7     61.7
NEUTRAL                           2         141        21.9      37.0     98.7
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3           5          .8       1.3    100.0
Out of range                                263        40.8    Missing
                                         -------     -------   -------
                               Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean            1.396      Std dev           .516        Minimum         1.000
Maximum         3.000

Valid cases       381      Missing cases       263

                                                                    NCA Parent Study

No comments

ITEM39     Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the
           opportunities your student has for artistic and cultural
           involvement on campus.

                                                               Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1        201        31.2      52.5      52.5
NEUTRAL                           2        173        26.9      45.2      97.7
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3          9         1.4       2.3     100.0
Out of range                               261        40.5    Missing
                                        -------     -------   -------
                              Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean            1.499      Std dev          .546        Minimum         1.000
Maximum         3.000

Valid cases       383      Missing cases      261

Build – Have shows

ITEM40        Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the
              opportunities your student has for participation in campus
              clubs and organizations.

                                                               Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1        284        44.1      63.1     63.1
NEUTRAL                           2        158        24.5      35.1     98.2
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3          8         1.2       1.8    100.0
Out of range                               194        30.1    Missing
                                        -------     -------   -------
                              Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean            1.387      Std dev          .523        Minimum         1.000
Maximum         3.000

                                                                    NCA Parent Study

Valid cases       450      Missing cases      194

No comments

ITEM41     Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the
           opportunities your student has for volunteer community

                                                               Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1        147        22.8      47.7     47.7
NEUTRAL                           2        156        24.2      50.6     98.4
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3          5          .8       1.6    100.0
Out of range                               336        52.2    Missing
                                        -------     -------   -------
                              Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean            1.539      Std dev          .531        Minimum         1.000
Maximum         3.000

Valid cases       308      Missing cases      336

page, scholar problem getting times set up – supervisor return – my calls

ITEM42        Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the
              opportunities your student has for work-study employment.

                                                               Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1        188        29.2      55.6     55.6
NEUTRAL                           2        113        17.5      33.4     89.1
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3         37         5.7      10.9    100.0
Out of range                               306        47.5    Missing
                                        -------     -------   -------
                              Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean            1.553      Std dev          .684        Minimum         1.000
Maximum         3.000

                                                                    NCA Parent Study

Valid cases       338      Missing cases      306

she wanted this

Work-study employment has been basically impossible to get.


prior to 2001-02 – it was a # 3

mentoring) my daughter loves her mentorship & it is helpful & supportive to
her. Please commend her mentor – DELETED if it is permitted

ok now, didn‟t have a position in Sept-Oct n 1/2 Nov

ITEM43        Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the
              opportunities your student has for employment off campus.

                                                               Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1        213        33.1      57.3     57.3
NEUTRAL                           2        126        19.6      33.9     91.1
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3         33         5.1       8.9    100.0
Out of range                               272        42.2    Missing
                                        -------     -------   -------
                              Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean            1.516      Std dev          .654        Minimum         1.000
Maximum         3.000

                                                                    NCA Parent Study

Valid cases       372      Missing cases      272

No comments

ITEM44        Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the
              opportunities your student has for developing leadership and
              other life skills.

                                                               Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1        303        47.0      60.5      60.5
NEUTRAL                           2        191        29.7      38.1      98.6
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3          7         1.1       1.4     100.0
Out of range                               143        22.2    Missing
                                        -------     -------   -------
                              Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean            1.409      Std dev          .520        Minimum         1.000
Maximum         3.000

Valid cases       501      Missing cases     143

left with any advocacy she had to be independent even when it wasn‟t in her
best interest.

ITEM45        Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the
              opportunities your student has for interaction with students
              from different racial/ethnic backgrounds.

                                                               Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1        289        44.9      58.7     58.7
NEUTRAL                           2        199        30.9      40.4     99.2
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3          4          .6        .8    100.0
Out of range                               152        23.6    Missing
                                        -------     -------   -------
                              Total        644       100.0     100.0

                                                                    NCA Parent Study

Mean            1.421      Std dev          .510        Minimum         1.000
Maximum         3.000

Valid cases       492      Missing cases      152

     45 & 46 - let‟s hope these two items are not on your next survey. I‟m
afraid the govt. is going to be very hard on student visas. Educate „em,
send‟em home, come back, kill us. The “melting” pot is full – makes you
want to cry, doesn‟t it? We won‟t teach any more terrorists how to make a
bomb or fly a plane. How sad if there would be NO more student visas

ITEM46        Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the
              opportunities your student has for interaction with students
              from other countries.

                                                               Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1        218        33.9      51.4     51.4
NEUTRAL                           2        204        31.7      48.1     99.5
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3          2          .3        .5    100.0
Out of range                               220        34.2    Missing
                                        -------     -------   -------
                              Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean            1.491      Std dev          .510        Minimum         1.000
Maximum         3.000

Valid cases       424      Missing cases      220

No comments

ITEM47    Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the
          opportunities your student has for intercollegiate athletic

                                                               Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1        171        26.6      58.2     58.2
NEUTRAL                           2        110        17.1      37.4     95.6
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3         13         2.0       4.4    100.0
Out of range                               350        54.3    Missing
                                        -------     -------   -------
                              Total        644       100.0     100.0

                                                                    NCA Parent Study

Mean            1.463      Std dev          .582        Minimum         1.000
Maximum         3.000

Valid cases       294      Missing cases      350

volleyball supportive coaches but still hold high expectations

ITEM48        Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the
              opportunities your student has for exercise, fitness and
              recreational athletic activities.

                                                               Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1        302        46.9      62.0     62.0
NEUTRAL                           2        162        25.2      33.3     95.3
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3         23         3.6       4.7    100.0
Out of range                               157        24.4    Missing
                                        -------     -------   -------
                              Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean            1.427      Std dev          .583        Minimum         1.000
Maximum         3.000

Valid cases       487      Missing cases      157

Ok before Fire; after?

not much for “wellness” for non-athletes

ITEM49    Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the
          opportunities your student has for international study.

                                                               Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1         64         9.9      42.1     42.1
NEUTRAL                           2         80        12.4      52.6     94.7
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3          8         1.2       5.3    100.0
Out of range                               492        76.4    Missing
                                        -------     -------   -------
                              Total        644       100.0     100.0

                                                                        NCA Parent Study

Mean            1.632      Std dev           .583        Minimum          1.000
Maximum         3.000

Valid cases       152      Missing cases       492

     waste of money, usually “discriminates” against the poor student from
participating I know that you can‟t learn everything from a book – but a
whole semester of concentration on this one area? I would like to know how
you justify the “International Study”, when if you took a random survey on
your campus, it would be interesting to know how many students know who the
vice-president of the U.S is?? Let alone knowing “our” cabinet members and
what their jobs are! STAY HOME & TEACH

choir trips to Mexico & Jamaica well organized.

ITEM50        Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the
              opportunities your student has for internships.

                                                                Valid       Cum
Value Label                   Value    Frequency     Percent   Percent    Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1          80        12.4      44.4        44.4
NEUTRAL                           2          77        12.0      42.8        87.2
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3          23         3.6      12.8       100.0
Out of range                                464        72.0    Missing
                                         -------     -------   -------
                               Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean            1.683       Std dev          .689        Minimum          1.000
Maximum         3.000

Valid cases       180      Missing cases       464

would like!!!

Hope to do!!!

good program terribly disorganized as to credit & communication–(Disney).

ITEM51        Please rate the effectiveness of your student as a source of

                                                                Valid        Cum

                                                                  NCA Parent Study

Value Label                 Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                  1        466        72.4      77.2     77.2
NEUTRAL                         2        127        19.7      21.0     98.2
VERY DISSATISFIED               3         11         1.7       1.8    100.0
Out of range                              40         6.2    Missing
                                      -------     -------   -------
                            Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean          1.247      Std dev          .472        Minimum         1.000
Maximum       3.000

Valid cases     604      Missing cases       40

he‟s guy, he doesn‟t say much

ITEM52    Please rate the effectiveness of SSU’s Academic Catalog as a
          source of information.

                                                             Valid      Cum
Value Label                 Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                  1        329        51.1      64.4     64.4
NEUTRAL                         2        171        26.6      33.5     97.8
VERY DISSATISFIED               3         11         1.7       2.2    100.0
Out of range                             133        20.7    Missing
                                      -------     -------   -------
                            Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean          1.378      Std dev          .528        Minimum         1.000
Maximum       3.000

Valid cases     511      Missing cases      133

52,53 & 54-as a parent never received any of these and would have liked to
did not appreciate that school would not send me a copy

ITEM53     Please rate the effectiveness of SSU’s Viewbooks as a source of

                                                             Valid      Cum
Value Label                 Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

                                                                        NCA Parent Study

VERY SATISFIED                    1         168        26.1      50.9        50.9
NEUTRAL                           2         157        24.4      47.6        98.5
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3           5          .8       1.5       100.0
Out of range                                314        48.8    Missing
                                         -------     -------   -------
                               Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean            1.506      Std dev           .530        Minimum          1.000
Maximum         3.000

Valid cases       330      Missing cases       314

No comments

ITEM54    Please rate the effectiveness of Student Handbook as a source of

                                                                Valid       Cum
Value Label                   Value    Frequency     Percent   Percent    Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1         253        39.3      60.2        60.2
NEUTRAL                           2         161        25.0      38.3        98.6
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3           6          .9       1.4       100.0
Out of range                                224        34.8    Missing
                                         -------     -------   -------
                               Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean            1.412      Std dev           .521        Minimum          1.000
Maximum         3.000

Valid cases       420      Missing cases       224

haven‟t got one yet

ITEM55        Please rate the effectiveness of Focus (alumni bulletin) as a
              source of information.

                                                                Valid       Cum
Value Label                   Value    Frequency     Percent   Percent    Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1          137       21.3      52.3        52.3
NEUTRAL                           2          121       18.8      46.2        98.5
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3            4         .6       1.5       100.0

                                                                    NCA Parent Study

Out of range                            382        59.3    Missing
                                     -------     -------   -------
                           Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean           1.492    Std dev          .531        Minimum          1.000
Maximum        3.000

Valid cases      262    Missing cases      382

didn‟t receive

ITEM56    Please rate the effectiveness of Impact (campus newspaper) as a
          source of information.

                                                            Valid       Cum
Value Label                Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent    Percent

VERY SATISFIED                 1        130        20.2      48.3        48.3
NEUTRAL                        2        130        20.2      48.3        96.7
VERY DISSATISFIED              3          9         1.4       3.3       100.0
Out of range                            375        58.2    Missing
                                     -------     -------   -------
                           Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean           1.550    Std dev          .562        Minimum          1.000
Maximum        3.000

Valid cases      269    Missing cases      375

didn‟t receive

would like to receive

ITEM57    Please rate the effectiveness of visits to the campus as a
          source of information.

                                                            Valid       Cum
Value Label                Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent    Percent

VERY SATISFIED                 1         428       66.5      75.0        75.0
NEUTRAL                        2         140       21.7      24.5        99.5

                                                                          NCA Parent Study

VERY DISSATISFIED                    3          3          .5        .5       100.0
Out of range                                   73        11.3    Missing
                                           -------     -------   -------
                              Total           644       100.0     100.0

Mean            1.256      Std dev             .449        Minimum          1.000
Maximum         3.000

Valid cases       571      Missing cases          73

No comments

ITEM58       Please rate the effectiveness of SSU’s web site as a source of

                                                                  Valid       Cum
Value Label                   Value      Frequency     Percent   Percent    Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1           303        47.0      70.6        70.6
NEUTRAL                           2           117        18.2      27.3        97.9
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3             9         1.4       2.1       100.0
Out of range                                  215        33.4    Missing
                                           -------     -------   -------
                              Total           644       100.0     100.0

Mean            1.315      Std dev             .508        Minimum          1.000
Maximum         3.000

Valid cases       429      Missing cases         215

Very Good!

improve your website – keep athletic news current!!


I look here!!

ITEM59        Please rate the effectiveness of contacts with Admissions
              personnel as a source of information.

                                                                  Valid       Cum
Value Label                   Value      Frequency     Percent   Percent    Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1            326       50.6      69.8        69.8

                                                                   NCA Parent Study

NEUTRAL                          2        128        19.9      27.4     97.2
VERY DISSATISFIED                3         13         2.0       2.8    100.0
Out of range                              177        27.5    Missing
                                       -------     -------   -------
                             Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean           1.330     Std dev           .527        Minimum         1.000
Maximum        3.000

Valid cases      467     Missing cases       177

No comments

ITEM60    Please rate the effectiveness of radio, TV or newspaper as a
          source of information.

                                                              Valid      Cum
Value Label                  Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                   1        176        27.3      49.4      49.4
NEUTRAL                          2        170        26.4      47.8      97.2
VERY DISSATISFIED                3         10         1.6       2.8     100.0
Out of range                              288        44.7    Missing
                                       -------     -------   -------
                             Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean           1.534     Std dev           .553        Minimum         1.000
Maximum        3.000

Valid cases      356     Missing cases       288

Not enough Tennis articles

KSAX is good

ITEM61    Please rate the effectiveness of athletic media guides as a
          source of information.

                                                              Valid      Cum
Value Label                  Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

                                                                    NCA Parent Study

VERY SATISFIED                    1        130        20.2      53.9     53.9
NEUTRAL                           2        101        15.7      41.9     95.9
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3         10         1.6       4.1    100.0
Out of range                               403        62.6    Missing
                                        -------     -------   -------
                              Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean          1.502        Std dev          .578        Minimum         1.000
Maximum       3.000

Valid cases     241        Missing cases      403

     We basically did nothing. She contacted school she enrolled she pd for
majority of her education & we helped out when needed – this is why they
are so many 9‟s here

ITEM62    Please rate the effectiveness of the overall adequacy of
          information about SSU as a source of information.

                                                               Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1        368        57.1      62.0      62.0
NEUTRAL                           2        214        33.2      36.0      98.0
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3         12         1.9       2.0     100.0
Out of range                                50         7.8    Missing
                                        -------     -------   -------
                              Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean          1.401        Std dev          .530        Minimum         1.000
Maximum       3.000

Valid cases     594        Missing cases       50

think parents should always be sent a yearly schedule.

through area‟s marked #1

ITEM63     Please indicate your overall level of satisfaction with the
           quality of teaching.

                                                               Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

                                                                    NCA Parent Study

VERY SATISFIED                  1       377        58.5      65.1        65.1
NEUTRAL                         2       178        27.6      30.7        95.9
VERY DISSATISFIED               3        24         3.7       4.1       100.0
Out of range                             65        10.1    Missing
                                     -------     -------   -------
                            Total       644       100.0     100.0

Mean          1.390      Std dev         .567       Minimum           1.000
Maximum       3.000

Valid cases     579      Missing cases      65

     Don‟t know some of these answers but overall must be doing a very good
job, because she is doing great! We are v. proud of her accomplishments.
She graduated suma cum haude last spring & she enrolled for more education
in the Summer & is still there!

poor coverage of class content in DELETED classes due to teachers
preoccupation with a personal agenda

varies – some teachers are inadequate – eccentric & rigid

1 teacher 3

once in a while a 3!!! A few of the instructors are typical noncaring
professors more into content – just like my undergrad days

big concern, depends on specific teachers, some very satisfied, some
extremely dissatisfied.

DELETED is terrible! Its not about whats good or the quality its about what
he likes! Not the ability

ITEM64     Please indicate your overall level of satisfaction with your
           student’s access to faculty.

                                                            Valid        Cum

                                                                     NCA Parent Study

Value Label                   Value    Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1         432        67.1      71.9     71.9
NEUTRAL                           2         146        22.7      24.3     96.2
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3          23         3.6       3.8    100.0
Out of range                                 43         6.7    Missing
                                         -------     -------   -------
                               Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean            1.319      Std dev           .543        Minimum         1.000
Maximum         3.000

Valid cases       601      Missing cases        43

No comments

ITEM65        Please indicate your overall level of satisfaction with your
              student’s academic advising.

                                                                Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value    Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1         305        47.4      51.3     51.3
NEUTRAL                           2         208        32.3      35.0     86.4
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3          81        12.6      13.6    100.0
Out of range                                 50         7.8    Missing
                                         -------     -------   -------
                               Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean            1.623      Std dev           .713        Minimum         1.000
Maximum         3.000

Valid cases       594       Missing cases       50

he is unsure of his major & needs some guidance!!

ITEM66        Please indicate your overall level of satisfaction to your
              student’s overall academic development.

                                                                     NCA Parent Study

                                                                Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value    Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1         396        61.5      65.6      65.6
NEUTRAL                           2         193        30.0      32.0      97.5
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3          15         2.3       2.5     100.0
Out of range                                 40         6.2    Missing
                                         -------     -------   -------
                               Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean            1.369      Std dev           .532        Minimum         1.000
Maximum         3.000

Valid cases       604      Missing cases        40

No comments

ITEM67        Please indicate your overall level of satisfaction with SSU’s
              contribution to the development of your student’s communication

                                                                Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value    Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1         364        56.5      63.2     63.2
NEUTRAL                           2         198        30.7      34.4     97.6
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3          14         2.2       2.4    100.0
Out of range                                 68        10.6    Missing
                                         -------     -------   -------
                               Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean            1.392      Std dev           .536        Minimum         1.000
Maximum         3.000

Valid cases       576      Missing cases        68

No comments

                                                                     NCA Parent Study

ITEM68        Please indicate your overall level of satisfaction with SSU’s
              contribution to the development of your student’s personal and
              ethical values.

                                                                Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value    Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1         268        41.6      48.5     48.5
NEUTRAL                           2         268        41.6      48.5     96.9
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3          17         2.6       3.1    100.0
Out of range                                 91        14.1    Missing
                                         -------     -------   -------
                               Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean            1.546      Std dev           .557        Minimum         1.000
Maximum         3.000

Valid cases       553      Missing cases        91

No comments

ITEM69        Please indicate your overall level of satisfaction with SSU’s
              contribution to the development of your student’s sense of
              personal responsibility and maturity.

                                                                Valid      Cum
Value Label                   Value    Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

VERY SATISFIED                    1         372        57.8      64.6     64.6
NEUTRAL                           2         189        29.3      32.8     97.4
VERY DISSATISFIED                 3          15         2.3       2.6    100.0
Out of range                                 68        10.6    Missing
                                         -------     -------   -------
                               Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean            1.380      Std dev           .537        Minimum         1.000
Maximum         3.000

Valid cases       576      Missing cases        68

No comments

                                                                  NCA Parent Study

ITEM70     Would you recommend Southwest State University as a university
           of choice to other parents and their children?

                                                             Valid      Cum
Value Label                 Value   Frequency     Percent   Percent   Percent

YES                             1        585        90.8      92.3     92.3
NO                              2          7         1.1       1.1     93.4
NOT SURE                        3         42         6.5       6.6    100.0
Out of range                              10         1.6    Missing
                                      -------     -------   -------
                            Total        644       100.0     100.0

Mean           1.144     Std dev          .506        Minimum         1.000
Maximum        3.000

Valid cases      634     Missing cases       10

If it fits their child‟s needs – It has to be a good fit. They can get lots
of attention which is important.

My son enjoys your college and never has said he‟d rather be some where

Second daughter enrolled for fall of 2002.

Our daughter has blossomed at SSU – from a mediocre high school student to
a Dean‟s List college students

I have & I will!!!

Small college – more interactive with staff!

Quality education at an affordable price

A very positive experience great for someone that wants a small campus

The campus is nice size. Professors appear to be involved. Facilities are
pleasant, my son enjoys his classes and the campus environment.

Opportunity for a good education at a reasonable price. Better if students
are independent, very motivated.

SSU has been a good choice as a college for our daughter

                                                              NCA Parent Study

     But if not in athletics, it‟s hard for kids to get to know others.
Slightly clique-ish.

     The HRI program has such potential – DELETED with DELETED and the
total uncooperative manner that DELETED has – I wouldn‟t recommend to any
student. HRI needs more teachers @ SSU & better equipment – it is a fast
growing program. SSU should recognize this and split with DELETED.

I feel the small size of classes is a great beneficial, and also the
quality of their teachers.

We have found SSU to be very well organized and effective in their
communications w/student and parents.

     If I meet anymore rude teachers like DELETED, for DELETED, I would
have to say no. He‟s an embarassment to the teaching profession. I‟m not
sure he is even qualified to teach the class.

With the small class sizes I thought more help would be available & offered

     I have on numerous occasions, I work at an out-of-state community
college and recommend SSU to students I know when it is an appropriate
transfer situation for them

     I like the smallness, more community/family atmosphere of SSU. It‟s
not too far from where we live yet far enough to give a students sense of

We have many times!

My daughter loves SSU which in turn makes me happy with SSU. Also, Marshall
is a great town – not too big – not too small

     It‟s a bit far away from our area, but is a wonderful liberal arts
college & all handicap accessable. It‟s user friendly to all ages & I like
that. Its also always been clean when we‟ve been there & that says a lot to

A very well-diversified learning experience in liberal arts

Depends on the major they wish to take up.

I think it‟s an amazingly adequate school for its target audience.

Individual help – access to staff -technology

Ratio of prof. to student is excellent!

                                                             NCA Parent Study

      SSU is a small school which was our children were used to. We had 3
children go though SSU and as a parent I thought their education there was

The experience was great. As she was an RA, for 2 years – things were taken
care of great!

     SSU is the “right” size campus for young people today. SSU provides
every academic and activity opportunity that larger metro college do, but
with more of a “home town” atmosphere.

If the school matches the students goals.

Being able to communicate with faculty

I would encourage parents to visit the campus with the student during
his/her junior year of high school.

It‟s a great “hometown” U.

Very satisfied! Keep up the excellent job!

Size that it is.

The small class sizes per educator.

It is a small & safe school

Probably but I‟m not saying that SSU would be the best choice. The distance
from home is great.

We are very pleased with SSU

     DELETED was our contact – very impressed with him and his guidance &
concern for my daughter – can‟t say enough good things about him.

My child seems to like it.

It would depend on the child

     We live in the Twin Cities. SSU has been a good opportunity for my
daughter to experience “small town” life – meaning providing entertainment
for self, meeting new friends. Far enough away, that it‟s hard to come home
just on a whim. Great for her maturity!

                                                              NCA Parent Study

I have another daughter currently attending SSU & also nave a niece who
will begin this fall.

      I would not recommend any DELETED player to play for DELETED. He is
very unprofessional and uses inappropriate, negative language with his

     The only downfall was in the advising and being able to access and
register & then being told they didn‟t belong in the class. They were
embarrassed and belittled.

     Any staff I have talked to has been very friendly & helpful. I like
smaller campus so profs. knows each student by name not just his ID#. I
enjoy my visits to the campus.

Size and personal contact with staff excellent for our son.

We are very PLEASED with the size campus at SSU! Also, extremely pleased
with the student to teacher ratio!

We like to size of the university and more teacher-student ratio.

Smaller classes, better student to teacher ratio access to professors

     SSU continues to be a wonderful place to educate the “total” student.
Unfortunately you cannot let parents know what is happening and our child
was not ready for that kind of freedom and chose not to attend SSU Spring
Semester, without telling us.

Smaller classes help with student-teacher ratio.

It is a good size. Students have easier time getting help when & if needed.

My daughter has really learned a lot and is proud to attend SSU.

My son didn‟t transfer until after the fire – it‟s been such an anomaly I‟m
not sure what SWS is like normally.

It was the “right fit” for our son.

The best kept secret in the state!

     For the most part, we as parents, feel that SSU has been a good
college. We like the idea that it isn‟t such a huge school. At times our
daughter has been pleased with the extra help. She has been given trying to
figure out the classes she needs for her major & then again she is
frustrated when the classes are full, and she starts over with a new plan.

                                                             NCA Parent Study

I have often recommended SSU. I am a alumni myself.

With some reservations

     Our daughter is a freshman at SSU. She is on the womens Basketball
Team. She also maintains a high grade point average. We are very satisfied
with SSU.

     So far this year, our son‟s 1st year, it has been fairly smoothe
transition. I‟ve seen a closeness among students and teammates. It‟s a
refreshing view of our youth.

     We believe the education given is of high quality. We are deeply
concerned about the facilities since the disaster and the lack of
improvements for safety that has not been done.

     I would recommend it especially to those who are interested in PSEO.
The opportunities available to our son increased dramatically when he
enrolled at SSU. His satisfaction with his education is at all-time high.

     The DELETED has been ineffective in making a helpful transition from
DELETED requirements & caused our daughter an extra 3 semesters of classes,
some of which were especially useless repetition & poorly adapted to the
material they were supposed to cover.

The college isn‟t so long that your student gets lost in the shuffle.

Very positive community & institution interaction. The town & school seem
to blend together very well to create a great learning environment.

Wish we had looked at / considered SWSU 2 years earlier

     Tuition & Board is expensive. Maybe the college would get more
students if they would lower costs compared to other colleges.
My student is very comfortable with the smallness yet beg in terms of
opportunities for xtra things to do!!! You can be as involved as you

Very fine facility – although should be more emphasis on AA (Lang, art,
soon) events – make it worth while

     Overall I think it is a fine university. We have five children. Four
have graduated from different universities St. Cloud State, St. Benedicts,
& St. John‟s. Each child is different our youngest likes Southwest State.

Our girls came from a small town & don “get lost in the crowd”.

                                                             NCA Parent Study

     We have 2 older sons that graduated from S.S.U. and I feel it was a
very good school to prepare them for their lifes work. We have 2
grandchildren that have gone all of this college life to S.S.U.

It‟s a small school & you make friends easily & don‟t get lost in the

I don‟t understand how SSU can drop two full weeks from it‟s semester
without turncating the academic content of programs.

My daughter feels “at home” here

But would

I have already told many friends about how happy DELETED is at school. She
will be back as a fifth year Sr. & I am very proud of her progress at SSU.

Nice campus, nice sized town, easy to get around

     With a great deal of experience personalle as an undergraduate &
graduate student, SSU does a lot of things well. However, my student has
had more classes / professors who perhaps should not be teaching than in
her 6 years at two other schools & my 8 eight years at two colleges.

Have twin daughters who plan to PSEO next fall.

I think SSU is an excellent school that has many things to offer to the

We already do.

I believe you have started to do a good job of serving the SW MN area

I believe SSU is a good institution of higher learning; However my student
can only attend in the evening due to a full tim career.

Not enough experience with the college yet

This university has a lot to offer!

We have had such a positive experience that my child that graduates in 2003
has chosen SSU.

Daughter seems pleased with faculty.

                                                                NCA Parent Study

Great school for non-trads too!!

Don‟t like all high school students on campus

Depends what program / area of study….. SSU does not adequately support
some of its majors with offering the appropriate classes

We will tell other parents what happened to us. Then they can decide where
they want to go to school.

Smaller school, more individual help, if the student seeks it

The only reason I am at SSU is because of it‟s location. I hope to be done
in a year and do not want to go through the hassle of transferring.

The size of the facility and price of education was very appealing. An
overal friendly atmosphere.

My son is much happier at SSU than he was at his out of state university.

     Some of the instructors – one guy in he DELETED especially was
demeaning to our son. He made derogatory comments about son‟s hair color.
What does hair color have to do with a beginning DELETED? Come on!!

     It seems to work better for more independent students who have no
academic concerns. Average students who are shy are overlooked. I‟d like to
see universities offer elective curriculum on personal learning issues
types of learning.

Not for graphics, thinking of transfering good sports programs and general
liberal arts courses offered. Dorms are expensive. Better housing?

Have already

     Some of the professors that my daughter has had have been overly
demanding, unresponsive to her e-mails, and treat her negatively when she
doesn‟t understand something. (She doesn‟t have a disability)

We have had two daughters attend SSU – very pleased with the school and so
were they

     I‟m very pleased with my freshman‟s 1st yr. at SW State. It‟s an
excellent college. I wish DELETED wouldn‟t quit teaching – he‟s one of the
main reasons we chose SWState for his DELETED dept. teaching.

We were fortunate SSU had what our daughter was interested in.

                                                             NCA Parent Study

     The fire did a lot of damage to the schools over all level of
satisfaction. If we were looking for a school this year we would have
second thoughts.

Excellent source of college.

The university‟s good reputations seems to speak for it‟s self

We have had 2 of our children go to SSU and have been very satisfied.

Small town, easy access

SSU grad 1972 myself

     My son – a senior in H.S. – is also planning to attend SSU, in part
because of his sister‟s recommendation; she transferred from U of M – Twin
Cities really likes SSU

     Schwan‟s employment opportunities for students is appreciated and
helpful. Jobs in Marshall for students is great. Professors take an
interest in students.

Our experience with 1, on – campus visits and 2, questions about financial
aid etc on the telephone have been very positive.

I have no emphasis & my daughter says she likes it there.

I feel students can obtain an excellent education at SSU.

     We already have recommended the college to other parents & I hope our
youngest son will attend in five years. He has already shown great interest
in attending.

I currently have two sons attending with a possibly of a third son this
fall. He‟s been accepted but isn‟t sure yet.

Third to graduate from SSU

It would be of benefit to attend all 4 years at SSU, but it was not a good
situation transferring from SDSU.

     Absolutely, we have had 3 other children who attended a larger
university. SSU is almost like a private school because of its size &
demeanor. Very friendly staff, very helpful.

The first time visit to school and saw staff & community support

                                                             NCA Parent Study

My daughter could be a big fish in a small pond. She gained self-assurance.

I think it is a excellent school in a good community.

Yes, I feel it is a good college.

     Our oldest daughter attended 3 yrs, before marriage, then went to St.
Cloud to finish. She cried over the phone as she wished she was at SSU
because staff cared. Now our second girl is there and loves it.

Tour day was well planned & had good information for both parent & student.

I highly recommend SSU and have had several area students enroll at SSU
from our recommendation.

     Her siblings have gone to private colleges so we are having difficulty
equating SSU to the colleges we know except for price. The choice was
her‟s. she did not want to come out with debt.

     Yes, when I come to the campus everyone you see is friendly and look
very happy to be where they are at. They appear to be very comfortable in
their surroundings.

     We have – friends daughter will be starting in the fall if it fits
their child‟s needs – It has to be a good fit. They can get lots of
attention which is important.

My son enjoys your college and never has said he‟d rather be some where

Second daughter enrolled for fall of 2002.

Our daughter has blossomed at SSU – from a mediocre high school student to
a Dean‟s List college students

I have & I will!!!

Small college – more interactive with staff!

Quality education at an affordable price

A very positive experience great for someone that wants a small campus

The campus is nice size. Professors appear to be involved. Facilities are
pleasant, my son enjoys his classes and the campus environment.

                                                               NCA Parent Study

ITEM71    With what aspects of Southwest State University are you MOST

Caring people who work with student like an extended family.

Nice size school, great campus

     We like the idea that they can get to different classes, especially
during the winter, without going outside, once they get to the first class
because of the tunnel system.

Quality of education, helpful people

It is our home town and the profs. seem to really get to know their
students and call about them.

The education my son has received. The people in the financial aid office
were very helpful.


     This was a very friendly campus & most of the staff is beyond great.
However DELETED? in the DELETED should not allowed to be an advisor.

     Small class size are a plus!, friendly staff, willingness to help!,
our daughter has always received the help/advice on academic matters from
her instructors

It‟s cost is fare and not far from home, plus it is located in a nice size

     It appears the student teacher ratio is smaller, more personal.
Teachers my student has had have been available, personal, and
knowledgeable in field of study.

Size, personalization

Location from home, smaller size campus

Size, beautiful setting, availability of private dorm room, personal touch
of many professors

                                                               NCA Parent Study

Limit community size

The dorms & food program for cafateria.

Fact the buildings are connected by underground “tunnel” systems. The
students can live off-campus.

President eats with students & interviews them during the meal

Helping out with financial aide questions. Just being helpful in all
aspects. I fell my son got a good education in the 4 years he was at SSU.

It‟s smaller college, easier to get to know students/faculty

Honors program, good variety of courses, nice size school

     SSU is a small campus community. DELETED has enjoyed his college
classes. He was in the football program until an injury ended that activity
for him. We were concerned his grades would suffer w/o his being involved
in sports. On the contrary, staff football personnel helped him back on
track and he has stayed there.

Very pleased with your transferring credits from a Jr. College

     Coming from a town with a university with a very liberal student body
& faculty, I‟ve appreciated the more “middle of the road” faculty &

     Our daughter enrolled as an athlete & an honor student. Somehow, these
two factors interplayed to make registration a bit more complicated than we
felt necessary. Why? Frankly, I do not know other than selecting a block
was more difficult due to practise time. We get through though & the
internet add or drop system worked great to assist us after the fact.

Small class sizes

Size, friendliness, quality

Great response to the fire and how they worked together to help the
students get back to classes etc.

The campus is well cared for. The fire was a huge challenge, which you are
handling well.

Quality of education

How easy it is to get information

                                                             NCA Parent Study

Caring and helpful staff, especially clean facilities, academic standards
are set high

She has always been able to cope with most any situation so we haven‟t had
to use any special services at the university. No major problems.

We‟ve been involved with the softball program & find it to be like in a
family. It‟s nice to see the kids supported & encouraged to do their best.

The facilities and opportunities that exist for example in fine arts &

Friendliness of staff and professors, Mentoring of professors with
students, Size and location of college.

Program diversity, Offer & administer strong – Camp bell, Great web site
(informative & helpful)

Size – friendliness, Quality of classes

     I am most pleased with the quality of teaching at SSU. The material in
the syllabi is accomplished by semester‟s end. The assignments have been
meaningful, not just “busy work”. Most of all, my son is being trained and
encouraged to think, which will serve him well throughout life.

     Small class sizes – personnel while in the class room, accept transfer
credit, easily credit check personnel are very helpful, registration
personnel are helpful at registration time

The rebound from the fire.

Small class sizes, improved technology – can access many services/info
online; personal attention of faculty

Smaller and closer to home

     The food service is good except there is not much variety. Chicken
nuggets are getting sickening!!! DELETED has very nice employees that help
students & parents out. They care about students unlike DELETED.

     Students access to instructors, quality of education, cost of
education compared to other colleges, however this is changing in recent
couple of years

Easy to get around from class to class

                                                                NCA Parent Study

     The one-on-one, the closeness to home, and two of my daughter‟s
professor‟s that she gets along with. DELETED from Career Services.


Quality of education, assistance in times of need

Access & Friendliness of faculty to student, Music Department, Pleasant

Reasonable in cost. Response to the crisis (fire etc.) of the last 2 years

Help with finding sports, job, work study, financial aid to make Affordable

Small class size, local, quality of academics, activities for students

Quality education – good job, like small town, opportunities for our child,
Cost – kept lower, good environment

Employees, professors, way everyone pulls together in an emergency

     I especially like the closeness of the college to our home. I‟m very
happy and proud that so many members of our family have had the opportunity
to attend S.S.U.

Variety of classes.

DELETED, location, value

Size & total of student enrollment

Quality of instructors on the whole

Faculty support convenience

Nice smaller campus offering a caring, secure learning center

Location and accessibility. Its commitment to serving handicapped students.

     I think DELETED will be a very capable, trained elementary teacher
after her training at SSU. She has received a very well-rounded education &
has many positive experiences to take with her when she is finished.

     Close to home yet had major, Associates, & minor that daughter was
interested in. had scholarships that help to make a full college education
a reality. We were happy SSU offered courses at our high school that fit in
with what she was planning to get into.

                                                               NCA Parent Study

     The school is highly recommended by others we know who have attended
there. It is close to our home & the community is close to our own. The
campus is clean and attractive and we felt a good atmosphere when we

Smaller size

Smaller class size, more access to the instructors, most classes have a
personal atmosphere. You are more than a number

The small class sizes and the affordability.


     The individual attention given by faculty who are concerned and care
about my students goals and academic and personal interest. DELETED is a
stellar example of this. Other noteworthy faculty are DELETED.

Class size – attention to individual

The size of the school, smaller class size and the availability of
professors to students.

Size – instructors seem eager to assist students

     Smaller classes so teacher can spend more time on a 1 on 1 basis with
students. Most professors take their jobs seriously. The students learn
many important & interesting thing from them.

Size of campus, size of classes & easy contact w/ professors

The individual attention you can receive with smaller class size.

I was happy to hear that their attendance at classes improves their grade.


Diversity is a small setting

That it remains a school with a small involvement.

Small class size

Faculty ability and availability.

                                                             NCA Parent Study

The professors are knowledgeable in their field of study and provide good
feed back to the student.

DELETED (Got rid of most “good „ole boy” system)

     The availability of the teachers to the students out side the class
room to give help and assistance so that they can improve and understand
the course material and concepts. The small school atmosphere and

Size of campus, Connected buildings, Attitude of students & faculty



     The classrooms are still small enough to the teacher can be one on one
with students. They make you feel important and a part of the school. They
plan many activities to get the kids involved. I like all the classrooms
are hooked together when we have been there to visit you leave with a very
positive feeling.

Staff‟s willingness to get to know students & spend time to meet with them.
Also small class size.

Quality instructors, reasonable price.

     I feel my child is receiving a wonderful education. The professors
that she has had are very approachable & willing to listen & help with

A good college in a rural areas.

We and our son have been treated well by the coachs & trainers.

Small class size able to stay inside & still go from place to place

The advising and clarity of the classes needed and the critria for each –
for example rural studies 1 or 2 classes – what classes count???!

Size of campus, student/teacher ratio, courses offered

Size – Community, Being able to reach the right people & understanding the
systems – for billing & that type of stuff.

                                                             NCA Parent Study

The closeness the goes between students.

Small classroom - more 1 on 1.

Close to home. A good social work degree.

     Small class sizes. Faculty seems very available to students & really
take an interest in them. Our daughter is currently on a trip to Washington
D.C with a group of students & faculty. I think it is wonderful that
teachers would do this during spring break.
Size, cost, quality of faculty

Accessability, like cultural events, ethnic events

Variety in all areas of student life schooling & personal

Linking travel opportunities with classroom experience

Class size – personal attn. of professors.

Great Education from SSU

Small & personal

Cost, tunnel system, small size, rural area, scholarships

The rules, great professors, how clean the university always is. Keep up
the great work

Our son had a super advisor. She went above and beyond to help him and get
him into classes he needed.

All aspects we‟ve been involved in have all been positive and our daughter
enjoys attending SSU.

     My son feels comfortable on campus and in the classes – he enjoys some
of his professors and is getting different aspects and viewpoints which he
had not previously encountered – which is helping him grow!

Professional interaction at all levels – a class act

Size of SSU, student interaction

Small sized classes.

                                                             NCA Parent Study

The location. The opportunity to be exposed to Dakota studies and other
diversity courses.

Everything I‟ve seen and the people I‟ve met are very helpful! I feel my
daughter is in very good hands.

Size of college, location, education professors

Faculty openess, Diverse campus population

The accounting department. & Business Dept.

The size of the university. The commitment to keep on improving the

Location in a smaller town. Our ability to get there during the year


Small classrooms, personal attention

Small classes, more invovlement with the students

Quality teaching staff, seope of offerings, concern of each student

The variety of classes are great!

Willingness of science Dept. faculty to meet w/me DELETED.

Small, personal, professor‟s willingness to work with students

My daughter has never had much complets on anything, she had enjoyed all 4

The availability of scholarships and in our instance, closeness to home.

Admissions and town.

Location, Coop effort with U of M

     I‟m pleased with the “extra” help my student gets from faculty members
when she needs it. The staff acts like they “care” if a student passes
their grade.

Availability of having a college in our area. Options are available,
students need to may the most of what‟s here.

                                                              NCA Parent Study

     Our daughter received super education at SSU. The interaction with the
faculty was wonderful. The personal attention given to students is what
makes SSU special!

Overall, the faculty seems to be very helpful.

Admissions – Teacher/student ratio – interaction with prof. & coaches

     It‟s a good college, it a small college with small class sizes. For
my daughter its close to home. And she likes the college offers a variety
of classes.

Small school environment, some excellent faculty in select department

Good bargain – Quality education at low cost.

Good professors

It is a quality education at a reasonable cost.

Small campus – variety of classes

No comments

Size – cleanliness – willingness of staff to help – close to home

Much to offer to rural area


Helpfulness & friendliness of the staff, variety of classes

There are many opportunities for students both socially and academically

More individualized attention from instructors.

Small class sizes, teacher 1 on 1 with students

The campus is overall pleasing.

The size of the school, the local kids that chose S.S.U. which leads to a
friendly place

Out going personality of personnel

                                                               NCA Parent Study

Class trips to different facilities dealing with their major

Campus lay out. Everything is close & connected

Friendly atmosphere, my child is more than just a number, personal feeling

Size & Location is ideal

Smaller size, more personal affordable because of financial aid package –
available scholarships & work study, mentoring

Small – friendly

High quality education and job security when they graduate

Good environment. Lots of activities.

Small class size. Friendliness on campus and off

     A small-medium Public Liberal Arts University in a rural community,
The variety of majors, minors, courses, Organization of buildings & layout,
Access, And formost faculty & staff

Education & classes.

Like the size of the school. Like the class size. Good support from

     I was impressed with last spring registration. My son had a problem
with an accusation. The Admissions staff was willing to listen and work
toward solutions. Also I was impressed in meeting DELETED. He appeared laid
back, confident & concerned about my son.

Size, one on one, fitting in.

Able to be in a wide variety of activities

     The size of classes, the rural setting, and the general helpfulness of
the professors and their clerical staffs is wonderful. We believe SSU
offers the best for the dollar. Thank you!

Small classes and contact with faculty

The overall quality of teaching has greatly impressed us.

Small town environment

                                                               NCA Parent Study

My daughter likes the college and is happy attending – she is glad she
transferred and had talked a couple others into doing so

My son is enjoying his (most of them) classes, new friends he‟s made,
living in a dorm. Most of the instructors are very good.

Pupil per teacher ratio. Like access to teachers by students

The small classrooms & teacher / student ratio

Quality education

Schwan‟s interest & support of college is great. Their willingness to
employ students is a plus!

The quality of education from SSU seems to be very good. Great professors.
The smallness of the college


Personal attention

SSU is a solid academic institution in a climate that is relatively moral
and ethical. The admissions department has been most helpful when needed.

Admissions, new student orientation

Students are treated as a person not a number, campus – convient – Indoors
in winter

The small size of student population

     Access to professors, counseling availability. Basic help on questions
about financial aid. Our student received some career counsel that was
helpful maybe more emphasis on this resource for freshman during
orientation day and week leading into school would be helpful.

Quality of education


My childs ability to finish school in 4 years – not too common as my other
4 kids took 5 or more years at other colleges.

Size and academic support network

                                                             NCA Parent Study

     We are pleased with the price. So many colleges are unaffordable for
many families. We appreciate the opportunity to obtain a college degree at
an affordable cost.

The kind of small college that it is

We really don‟t have any complaints. We think SWSU is meeting our daughters
needs very well.

Friendly staff, appreciate the quality education students are getting

     The advisors! Our daughter attends a different state unive. & has not
received the guidance that our son has at SSU. He is on track to get his
degree w/in 4 1/2 yrs. She was miss guided & will take 6+.

     The approach that everyone takes at SSU, from the President on down,
to do what it takes to make sure all students experience a successful
college experience.

The size & the courses offered

The level of academic excellence

Size (smaller than most state schools), quality of campus crusade people

The size of the school and the community it is in.

Opportunities good for participation in a variety of programs because of
smaller campus size, good job of personal growth

The level of care & concern the professors/advisors/staff have for the
students. Such a “personal” atmosphere!

Small college

Small class size, campus set up

The help with filing out FAFSA


The academic area. My son is in education and we are very pleased with what
Southwest has to offer and the experience he is having.

Friendliness, ease of transfer

                                                             NCA Parent Study

     Students are treated as the young adults that they are. My son‟s
professors worked with him to accommodate early finals right before
Christmas break so he could go on a family trip to Vietnam.

     I am very pleased with the size of the school. Coming from a average
sized town. Its nice to send your child to school where the town is of the
same size and the people are as friendly.

Size & quality of my daughters education

Quality of the majority of professors – the smaller school atmosphere &
willness to coach & mentor students – overall caring atmosphere

Smaller classes. More one on one with teacher

The site was well planned when set up

Close to home, not too big good education

Small town atmosphere, close to home, education seems to be good, teachers
want kids to succeed, most of the teachers help when asked.

Size of campus & number of students enrolled

Smaller classes, help from professors when needed

     Excellent services for my son who has a very slight learning
disability. He has tended to “get by” in the past. SSU has REALLY helped
him to focus on areas where he needs help.

Faculty involvement and friendliness.

I love the small town atmosphere with quality education. My son likes that
the instructors actually know him and that he is not just a number.

     Our questions being answered – my son‟s safely in his dorms & on
campus – the control of keeping alcohol on campus – the population of the
college – activities offered.

     Somehow SWS has inspired my son to go from a C average @ nonmandale to
getting A‟s @ SWS. I‟m sure some of the credit goes to my son, but some
credit must also be given to SWS.

     Since the most of our experience with SSU is Womens Basketball, I
would like to say we are VERY PLEASED with the coaching staff and with the
athletic directors & assistants. Also the internet site is outstanding! We

                                                                NCA Parent Study

Size, location, variety of programs & international students

That our daughter is happy there

Nice clean campus, like smaller school

     We are very impressed with how quickly SSU reorganized after the
caffeteria fire! There are plenty of cultural activities to attend. The
Inter-Varsity groups are great!

Quality education, NCAA athletics

It is a nice sized school with quality educators for enough from home to
allow independence but close enough for a visit.

Small size, small town. She seems comfortable but not at all empowered.

The size & ability of the student & to connect with instructors.

Most teachers are willing to help students when there is a problem with
school work.

The smaller size, students more able to get extra help if needed. I‟m very
happy with Southwest State University.

We really appreciated the fine orientation programs the Fall.

That our young adult is enjoying her college experience along with getting
a good education.

The size of the campus & friendliness of staff.

     Most of professors seem to be very good teachers. We like to see a
person that also cares about their students. It is a nice faculty & seems
to meet most of the student‟s needs.

Reciprocity for Iowa students with qualifying GPA

Accessibility – we are 22 miles away – very convenient

Basketball program

Small classes and nice campus

Small size, person to person, great teachers, not a # a face (a person)

                                                             NCA Parent Study

Smooth acceptance into college, diversity of selections, quality of faculty

The small classes – better chance of one to one with the students

Size & location

     Accessibility since my son is in a wheel chair, availability of
wheelchair basketball team, small teacher to students ratio, genuine caring
of faculty & employees of college

Academic standards, the caring attitude of many of the professors

Easy access to faculty, small class size, easy registration procedure

Size, friendliness

There are many – it is a nice size for our son. Nice cultural diversity.
Good professors. Nice opportunity to participate in athletics.

Geographic location to our home, broad base of education opportunities at

The professor & student relationship, the professors care about the student

     Helpful, caring faculty, open friendly students, many opportunities
for students with “spaecial” abilities and needs to succeed. What a fun
place to be!

Small college, small enough as you can get to know a lot of people. Chance
for kids to be involved in a lot of activities. Well rounded educators.

     People (students & faculty) are very friendly, questions on financial
aid, etc. are always handled pleasantly & you get help when you call with

     I liked all the personal I met, the facilities and general atmosphere.
Maybe it is too big a college for a boy who came from such a small place
and small classes as in high school and grade school.

Forward looking, changes curriculum for the 21st century.

In general the quality of education is good. Good friendships made.

Small class sizes – extra help for my daughter
My daughter says is a great school.

                                                             NCA Parent Study

Hometown college so have reduced costs. Class sizes, (I am told are small
enough to promote more familiarity between faculty and student.

Size of student population & accessibility of classrooms

Small class size, faculty available to students

     I am pleased with the level of education my child is receiving. She
has been constantly challenged in her classes and has been taught to think
outside of the box. The school and community are very positive and


Opportunities for high school students

     Faculty student/ratio, professors - not grad students teaching,
facilities (even after the fire), safe campus – social activities provided,
caring community – Marshall support, great education “teaching programs”

Love the size, and community. It has everything you could ask for in a

It is a very nice campus and I‟m very happy with my child‟s education he
has received there.

Overall size of school

Professor – programs

Campus living

     The teaching staff, administrative staff and everyone connected with
SSU is genuinely interested in the student success. SSU should promote
itself more as it has been great experience for us as parents and for our

The well kept residence halls, small class sizes, accessability of faculty

Small “hometown” type environment

The academic preparations for jobs, SSU answers questions with financial
aid forms so one can understand it.

There should be a yearbook

                                                                NCA Parent Study

Reasonably priced tuition & board

     The people in learning resources!, the over all school, how well they
are preparing my daughter for teaching, how friendly the students are, how
helpful staff is when problems arise

Teachers, everyone is always friendly

     Our daughter entered SSU as a freshman on probation and the staff at
SSU supported her, gave her self confidence & she become a student on the
deans list. She found all the support she needed until she transferred as a
senior because of her major. We feel SSU is a great school.

My daughter has done very well academically & socially there. She chose the
school mostly because of its size.

     Our daughter speaks highly of some of her teachers but we are beyond
pleased about the support she gets because of the DELETED program. Her
DELETED meets with her sets up goals for her & shows concern about her
academic achievements. It‟s a small campus so she can gets lots of
attention which is wonderful. The trainers are concerned about her
physically & go beyond the call of duty. We were really really happy!!

Size. location

The campus is clean & neat nice & friendly

Opportunity to get involved made him feel welcome

Student to teacher ratio, safeness

Location, size of college, ratio of teacher / vs / students instructors

Small classes and the availability of instructors

Wanting to see each student succeed.

     My daughter has been able to feed & grow in her love of music (piano &
choral) and has developed – as a direct result of attending SSU – a passion
for theater as well.

Wide variety of majors offered – Tunnels connecting all Rooms

That our son likes it at SWSU & plans to return next year

Size – What‟s available academically socially etc.

                                                              NCA Parent Study

I believe SSU has a great business & education program.

     Handicap access. As I my self am in a wheelchair I like how the
football Team has interaction with youth of Marshall & Seniors w/ Rake A
Thon etc. it‟s great for students to get involved with the community.

Professional teachers

A welcoming environment with other students, smaller campus

Small classes – homey feeling of campus

Small class sizes

Growing good reputation

The way my daughter has gotten so responsible for herself & others
Teacher to student ratio

The size of the campus & classes

Student to teacher ratio

Admissions – registration

Being close to home

Nice campus, friendly people when we‟ve been there.

Education quality and professors interest in the students

      The size of the university. We like the smaller campus & we were well
pleased with the nice appearance & neatness of the place. Smaller class

Small enough that first years student don‟t get lost in the crowd.

Professors, small classes

The staff, coaching athletics

The way the career counselors etc. work with the students

Native American program

Class size – ability for my student to know instructors

                                                             NCA Parent Study

Helpfulness of the staff

Crew campus – student loves the connection of all the buildings. Also,
enjoys small class size

His opportunity to play football

     SSU is a smaller university than some. I like that fact. It‟s not
overcrowded so the students feel more at ease and the teachers can spend
more time with them. My parents (In Laws) lived Marshall so my daughter was
comfortable with the college as well.

     My son is a 32 yr old single parent of 3. SWSU has given him the
assistance (financial & educational) to enjoy a now promising future. Very
supportive staff.

Wheelchair opportunities

The size of school was a good fit for our daughter – also the rural

The support to the student from her athletic team and coaches.

     Students are very friendly and seem to genuinely care about each
other. Teachers seem to be interested in the students – not first in the
subject being taught.

     Administrative assistance given to a parent with a lot college
student. I was nervous & did not know what was needed. Admin. has helped

Class size, several education requirements

Access to professors – high quality of students & staff

Location, enthusiasm, availability of professors

Freshman orientation was great – were organized and informational

Safe atmosphere, people seem to care about the students, small campus

I‟m really pleased with every aspect I know that it is a wonderful

SSU is a beautiful, friendly environment. My daughter has been happy there.
She has met many people from varied backgrounds.

                                                               NCA Parent Study

The friendliness of students and staff in a small university

Impressed with campus, and dorms. Very well laid out and clean. All
teachers we have met have seemed pleased to talk to us.

Small town – friendly people – some take a personal interest in students
and actually care!

Academic variety

The football program seems to be a very structured and disciplined program.
Our son loves the school.

Music program, liberal arts program

The art & other liberal arts are varied & good staff & students are very

Personal attention to our student, safety management at school is
excellent, pride of staff in their work and school.

Writing center, development of a marching band.

Smaller class sizes, professors know their students

Clean campus, good class rooms, good teachers

The overall “college” experience

     Because of smaller size – students know almost everyone here & are
friendly. Our daughter is also getting an experience doing spring semester
working in merchandising for Disney & is enjoying Florida.

Academic quality, location and affordability.

The education department has very open & friendly. They are always willing
to help

My daughter enjoys going there

The dorms, RA‟s, coffeehouse (before fire), the commons, the teachers, the
way we watched our daughter grow!

SSU is a good size. Our son was not overwhelmed by the initial university
experience. Most teachers seem to be student oriented

My son loves the university

                                                                NCA Parent Study

The professors

Mainly the school‟s size

I like the fact that my daughter gets help from teachers & counselors and
the small size of the school

Willingness of teachers to help students out. Friendliness of

Number of student/professor relationship

Recognition of Academic achievements, campus seems to be safe environment
for students

The friendliness of staff & faculty

In general my son has been very happy with the program in every aspect

Class size, faculty involvement & help with students

     I was really impressed with the freshman activities so the students
could meet. I love the classroom size (they‟re smaller then her HS) My
daughter has met many people from all over. She seems to know her
professors well also.

Good faculty and facilities

Individual help by staff

Did an excellent job at showing of the campus – happy with financial aid,
close enough for visits

You try to be a good & improving school

The small size. How well they respond to the problems caused by the fire

Academics, “Smallness” of college

Work study opportunity, course offered

Very wheel chair accessable, make my child feel very responsible for

Well rounded school – good ed – we‟ll find out about job placement soon

                                                              NCA Parent Study

Small campus

Size – personal attention

Southwest State is an excellent university for higher education

The support services for special needs students

Athletics & art program

Well rounded – safe atmosphere -   nicer & helpful staff, education

Access to dorms & offices & classes offered

Campus lay out & access for al students

Class size, personal attention, overall academics

The helpfulness and positive attitude of admissions personnel. Telephone
contacts have been very helpful and considerate/courteous in all areas.

Lots of hands-on experience

Academic advising once we get past the office personnel.

Most professors are very friendly and took time to help student one on one

The teacher to student ratio – my daughter has gotten to know and be known
by her teachers

     Small class sizes are a plus. The personal attention given to students
has made the transition to college life much easier with than it could have
been. We have been pleased with the quality treatment both our daughter &
we have received by all SSU staff from secretarial to the President. Also,
the small private school feel at the public school cost.

     The small size; having smaller class sizes, faculty available to talk
with and counsel with the students. We are so pleased that our daughter has
found a career direction that she is so excited about.

Methods of getting around – all enclosed

The small school and person help my daughter gets from the professors

     Caring & committed faculty. I sense SSU faculty have the same high
level of commitment to students success that small liberal arts (private)

                                                             NCA Parent Study

colleges & community college faculty do – well done for a public

SSU‟s dedication to providing a quality education for our student in a 4
year plan.

The small class sizes, the accessibility of staff to questions and concern
our son

Nice environment, good professors

Student to teacher ratio

Nice environment, good professors

Close to home

The personal attention students receive

Most of your staff seemed to try, however the results were always what I

     Personal attention given to students by instructors & staff, smaller
class sizes & apparent quality of academic programs, freshman “block
scheduling” & early registration day seems like an excellent idea & was
very helpful for student and parents, financial aid that was offered to my

Mentoring scholarships

The fact that only professors or area professional teach = no student

My student enjoys smaller class size

The location & atmosphere

Liberal arts

We felt so welcomed from the first visit. Friendly helpful attitude.
Accessibility of faculty, communication

Has very well rounded programs

The teaching

Women‟s Basketball program staff

                                                              NCA Parent Study

Teacher quality, music dept.

The existence of Campus Crusade – this group is where my daughter found
friends and a social life.

Women‟s soccer program & DELETED

Small college

The helpfullness of the administration and the financial aid offices


Of classes and labs being small enough for staff to get to know students

     The financial aid was good. The size of SSU allowed my daughter to get
involved in a variety of activities. The students, faculty and others at
SSU were very friendly.

     Our daughter is very responsible & handled her education mainly by
herself. She has been very pleased with SW, so we feel you‟re doing a good
job. She always feels that the school always answers her questions &
concerns. If she‟s satisfied, that‟s what counts.

Campus design and access

Very good campus, very good support from community made my child feel right
at home. Good support from Deans & teachers to clear up problems

Small class size

His involvement with a club, and mentoring of some teachers

Size of campus, class sizes


Location, small town, quality of faculty

The staff are very helpful

Library hours and computer room hours

                                                               NCA Parent Study

      Size – smaller school has been good for our son who transferred from a
much larger school, quality of education, response to fire over Christmas

Class size and availability of faculty, price

Small size, feel people are important and that they care

Staff & professors seem to care about my son‟s education – go out of their
way when time are tough

     Tremendous level communication of information with parents, athletic
program are successful, my son is happy and doing well, informative web

Faculty caring about & knowing them by name. Caring about all aspects of
student‟s life.

Support from the college community after my daughter injury!

     Rural study area for ag interested students – very important. Our son
would not have attended the U of M to get his degree!! Congrats to you for
offering that.

Scholarship programs

Compact campus.

Very nice friendly.

Highly recommended school for education field

Size of classes. Size of the college in general.

Small size of campus

Small classes – accessible teachers

Excellent college with small courses & classes

Size of campus, dorm life, support from most faculty, MN support w/
financial out of state award

The faculty is very curtious

My son seems to be happy

                                                             NCA Parent Study

Small classes, ability to be in direct contact with professors

People & environment

Small class size, easy to fit in

Small environment

Campus life, academic

Each student is treated as a valued member of the university, the teaching
skills of most professors

The faculty, technology available to students

     Beautiful campus, friendly staff everywhere, we are all very pleased
in every way. The grants & scholarships my son received (as promised by
recruits) were wonderful! Thank you!

Number of students per professor, response from Business Office

Accessible faculty – small classes (relatively)

ITEM72     With what aspects of Southwest State University are you LEAST

Cancellation of global studies cores

Number of changes in coaching staff for football

     Dorm room is a bit shabby, but that‟s are in place to improve. Some
difficulties with mentoring program – not always ready to work around class
& work schedule.

The current state of the library. My wife is constantly looking elsewhere
for resources

To much drinking with no consequences. Students walk around drunk on
weekends and at SSU events.

Academic advising

Tiny dormitory room


                                                             NCA Parent Study

     Student internships & job placements need your attention. Right now my
child is on her own with very little or no help from SSU.

Career services – needs help – as they were no help at all to my child.

     Poor student advising, poor communication, cutbacks on course
offerings because of state cuts, some faculty on strike affected my
daughter directly

Dorms and help he received when having problems

     1) Food service right now needs much improvement before Fall 2002,
2)matching in coming freshman room mates needs to be improved. This is my
second child to SSU & both have had BAD freshman room mates & problems You
need a better way of matching them up.

We‟re not informed well enough on what the tuition is going to be for the
next year

Location too far from our home – N.E.MN

Outdated equipment in the science department

     My son had a class that he never missed a class in. According to his
grades, expected a B or C. was given an F because the teacher could not
find some quiz grades. Teacher would not allow him to retake any quizzes
and the grade stuck. Now will retake and PAY for the class again.

     Wish instructors would remind students to watch for specific classes
that are not offered each semester – tell them they need to get class at
“spring” semester & help them get into the class when student is told it is

Freshman have a hard time getting into classes they need & have poor
advising, in some majors

     Female sports BB – Winning conf this year not acknowledged – told it
would be hard on the group – DELETED -

Food service

Not a lot of things for my son to do on campus, He‟s always coming home for
the weekends

                                                               NCA Parent Study

Career assistance, job placement, parking, computer

My student does not seem to have received (or taken ?) advise on course
selection resulting in some poor advises which did not fill his needs

RA Center and Weight Room should remain open longer and have more updated
equipment for students

None at this time

Cost of tuition

Some professors are not very willing to help my daughter & others do not
email back at all or not very prompt

Teachers power over students with no Dean or school involvement no recourse
for the student teacher – judge – jury – prosicuter.

The loss of some facilities due to the fire

Tuition increases

     Lack of elevators in dorms, some of the professors are   less than
desirable – they act as if they know everything but when it   comes to
teaching they are not doing an acceptable job – reading the   entire class
time, assigning a project without explanation and not being   available to
students for questions is unacceptable!!!

     We were very displeased coming to register for freshman classes and it
was a nightmare. All the kids and their parents trying to figure out the
block, then go and it was filled.

The speed limit on Hwy 23 from I-90 to Marshall too slow.

Haven‟t heard our daughter complain.

Scholarships opportunity for transfer, non-trad student seems limited,
music equipment – example practice room piano in bad shape

Advising and counselor – if available not effective

     A parking ticket issued when my car was used by student, parking pass
laying on dash, ticket read – unable to read all numbers. Ticket was not
received timely enough to file dispute.

                                                             NCA Parent Study

     Enough is not being done to assist minorities and students of color.
It‟s rumored that there are scholarships for these students, but they never
receive any financial aid.

The facilities, and lack of information

Bookstore hours, lack of media (Mpls / St.Paul) coverage for SSU athletics

Perhaps medical & resources for those who are having academic.

     We‟ve had many problems with the Business and Financial aid personnel
– they may be overworked but the students that go to school there are the
reason they have jobs. Getting classes registered for is a joke – my
daughter rarely knew what was going to be offered til classes started
(Again an HRI problem)

I don‟t feel that all athletic facilities are competitive with other
institutions (weight room).

Had a teacher last year who had never taught before

Our son has only been at SSU since Jan 02. We aren‟t serve of displeasures

     So far, I can‟t really say I have been displeased with any aspect of
SSU. I have not directly observed or experienced anything negative, nor
have I heard my daughter express anything negative about her experience at
SSU. I believe she is very happy of her choice of SSU.

Lack of courses / Degree programs offered @ night, lack of night hours for
support departments / resources

     That more assistance for learning disability students isn‟t offered.
Staff should have an idea which students need assistance, they should be
more willing to approach these students and inform them of what help is
available (example note taking) & offer it to the students that need it

     How is it the faculty can choose to extend their personal family
vacation beyond spring break and cancel classes our tuition has paid for?
Students would be penalized if they did this.

     The coordinators for residence halls being devisive and explitting of
the positive team building and support system the RA staff provides for one
another. DELETED biased and immature approach in dealing with members of he
RA staff is inappropriate.

Advisor availability and input to students course choices

                                                             NCA Parent Study

     The campus lack visual appeal. The landscaping & ground could use some
improvements and upgrading. The library needs renovation desperately and
some building could use updating.

     My daughter has serious problems with a math course and has tried
repeatedly to obtain a tutor, with no success. Half the term is now over
and a tutor will be of no help once the class is “lost”. She says she has
followed through and continues to check back but continues to be told no
one is available. Can this be true????

Some of departments not very open to new ideas on transferring students

Getting students involved in activities on campus

Safety in dorms

Appearance of campus – no main entrance – garbage on lawns & around

     Academic advisor didn‟t seem to want to make time to talk to my
daughter. Was not easily accessible and seemed to be more bothered than
interested in her needs!

Not enough direct contact to the parents with updates on all the happenings
at the school, a parents newsletter would be nice

     The access to outside part time jobs is limited in Marshall & I think
SSU could may be work more w/ community leaders to bring in businesses that
would employ community residents & students

We feel the food could be better – they shouldn‟t pay for a meal ticket &
still leave campus so much for meals unless it is for recreation.

Old facilities – dorms too small

     My son had a knee injury – I could not get adequate information, on my
son re: how the cost of his football injury would be taken care of – there
should be a protocol and parents – (since parents must insure their kids)
should know what steps they are responsible for and school to get it taken
care of. DELETED

$1000 scholarship offered to get her there – then nothing when she made
Dean‟s List repeatedly!

Food – before fire too (student doesn‟t like it)

                                                                NCA Parent Study

     The internship with Disney – Fantastic Program but the communication
between depts was terrible. 2 months later still does not have credits
straightened out – a lot of buck passing & misunderstanding

Mold in dorm rooms – old mattresses

Long breaks

Lack of financial aid (don‟t qualify), lack of employment opportunities (on
& off campus)

The drinking in the dorms. Letting the kids know earlier in the grading
period where they stand

You don‟t support student effort such as the Impact enough. You cancelled
my son‟s study-abroad programs

Dorm rooms – small

     Need a better handle on students drinking in dorms. Underage
consumption should not be tolerated. RA‟s should report problems to
administration and police autorities.

No able to get classes that students needs for his major resulting in
attending school longer

We‟ve had some trouble with financial aid checks – not sure how much blame
to put on school or my daughter (we‟re working on responsbility)

Needs “face-lift” – very dated – students need more amenities – exercise
rooms, wellness center - lounges

Small college/small town – becomes an extension – high school

     How slow certain departments are to respond to your questions. How
some classes have to much outside busy work or trips that you have to pay
for, but may not be able to afford

     With my son‟s academic record, he couldn‟t get an academic scholarship
except for $200 history scholarships. I kind of figured it was because he
was out of state.

Dorms to be monitored more closely

Our son was a 4.0 student yet his friends who are athletes were given
larger scholarships makes us wonder

                                                             NCA Parent Study

Financial Aid – I have found them to be impersonal & non-responsive.

The whole experience was to our liking. Security could be improved in the
parking lots – more lights! that work!

The general studies courses

Food service program – all the food tastes the same, is the same every day;
my child tells me that after a while you might as well eat cardboard!

Can‟t think of any having our daughter attend SSU has been a fresh and
rewarding experience for her and us.

     I was very disappointed with the placement of my student (a freshman)
in a dorm with older students and a roommate who had none of the same
interests. She has now moved to a new dorm and it is early to know how it
is going.

The advisors for the various classes you should take – or not – they need
to be more knowledgeable – as to as variety of a approaches

Long process of registration and financial aid

Drinking atmosphere at football games.

     Student had an algebra teacher last semester that could not even
figure out how to explain problems to students. Totally confused several
students who have always understood math in the past.

     My son has told me that some of the students in the mentoring program
have to do very little work in compareson to what others including himself
and his co-workers have to do

It would be wonderful if there would be a place were parents can park when
they visit and not have to worry about getting a ticket.

     As a conservative person I was not pleased with how liberal the
student body, activities & staff were – however these are personal choices
and not ones you can dictate. The opportunities & information on work study
was not entirely clear and some guidelines (manditory meetings) were

1 particular DELETED professors with little or no teaching ability, people
skills, nor desire to see his students succeed.

Residence halls – sometimes lack of information to new students.

                                                             NCA Parent Study

     DELETED – she has no idea how to coach – doesn‟t play players in a
position to help team. She is demeaning to her players in front of others.

The graphic design area needs a bigger budget for more teachers, more class
offerings, and better computers.

     My daughter had a difficult time getting into classes she needed. Her
advisor was not good about getting information to her nor was she
available. As a result, my daughter changed majors in her senior year. If
she had a better advisor, I‟m sure she‟d still be an education major.

Lack of scholarships (non-athletic)

Inability for students not getting work study to get jobs like writing lab.

To a first time mom, the meal plans were/and still are) confusing. Good
news is that my son understands them.

     Too many students who leave on the week-ends & don‟t contribute to a
sense of campus unity. Lack of effective career transition planning for

Question the ethics of some statements made by coaches during the athletic
recruitment process.

     We don‟t think she had good academic advising right from the start.
She was in deans and could have handled a little heavier schedule to help
her finish in less than five years.

Some of the faculty‟s and advisors concern the the students. A I don‟t care

Campus cleanliness

     Some of the complaints I receive from my daughter about the teachers.
For example: 1) not being really knowledgeable to teach in class, 2)
teachers need to realize what levels they are teaching and not put so many
demands on them, 3) maybe more time for the students – teacher be more
available for help etc…

Parking – need more, computer labs – need more , food service – needs
improvements (before fire)


     Being told that as a transfer student she would be given priority in
registration and then having her bumped from classes. Poor to nonexistent

                                                             NCA Parent Study

academic advising, failure of advisors to help her map a path to

     A lot of people need to be informed more that the college is just as
elite as Mankato, St. Cloud, etc. people think of it still as a glorified
tech school without a lot of knowledge as being a state college. More
people think students going to UMD will get a lot better job then a student
at SWSU.

Would like to receive more information on what is going on etc.
(activities, events_ at college.

Daughter had a hard time getting a work study job. The dorm room she is in
is very small.

     Since fire quality and quantity are not there (in the food area). Hire
more people to clean dorms in the summer – shampoo carpets, paint rooms,
repair closet doors an windows. Clean mattresses wash out desks

Classes she needed not offered at correct times

Alcohol on campus, co-ed dorms


Mostly that it is only a “liberal arts school”

Some professiors of the DELETED.

There is nothing to do in the community. It is very much a suitcase

Increasing costs, state college system needs to reduce amount of general
courses; it would keep student costs down & help them graduate in 4 years.

Suit case college – do more to hold student in town with activities

I think you offer a large varsity of organizations for kids to participate
in – I‟m sorry my daughter hasn‟t tried any

Not enough recent books in the library.

     My students didn‟t seem to get the help from their advisors as to what
direction to take next. She is taking very hard classes now rather than
spread them out over the years. She started mid year and had no help
getting acquainted with campus.

                                                             NCA Parent Study

     I purchased the holiday treat baskets – welcome, finals ect.. They
came late or not at all. The service was offered but was poor. GA at dorms
is not enough & doesn‟t even know my daughters name.

     Being lied to about how scholarships are distributed and who get
scholarships, but I guess we‟ve learned that like a lot of things, “it‟s
all political”. (to put it nicely)

I do not care for adjunct professor‟s for classes. Not enough experience.

     The Football Bleacher needs a wide space for wheel chairs so I don‟t
have to sit side ways & always have people walk in front of me while the
game is going on.

The dorm bathrooms could use some updating

Parking Lot during winter

     I expect more financial aid (not just loans, but grants &
scholarships) – especially since this is her third year. She is paying for
school on her own. She almost quit a year & ago due to the amount of debt
she was incurring.

The library

Activities for the students to do

The dorms

None so far

Offer more sciences, engineering, more individual counseling for interest,
career decisions

Students should be assigned an advisor that is in the program/major they
are going in to.

     We were very dissappointed when we found out some of the same teachers
we had in DELETED and other areas were still teaching when we went. We felt
they did not do an adequate job and now our daughter has them and it‟s the
same story only 28 years later!!! If you want to talk about any of this
further we would be happy to, DELETED

Many kids leave on the weekends. The kids need more to do to keep them on
campus & build “campus relationship.”

Wish it was closer ha.

                                                             NCA Parent Study

Food service – hard for students to get to with classes and work. Need more
hours to be open (when rebuilt)

We like the place.

After the fire, choice/quality of food service. We understand this is
temporary but are still frustrated.

Lunch program at present time

     We felt the DELETED staff in his freshman year used a lot of foul
language. We don‟t think that is necessary to get through to the athletes.

Availability of athletic scholarships money.

The computer integration into teaching majors is totally inadequate.

As always, visiting campus and finding parking is a nightmare.

     Bus. Office – they don‟t send a bill with financial aid subtracted.
Hard to tell what we owe. Not much fitness equipment on campus. Don‟t think
the advisor program has been very helpful – hard to get in to see advisor,
not displeased – just not an ACTIVE program

Perhaps the “Transient Nature” of the campus – ask the kids – many leave
every weekend.

     I was unhappy that he had not been assigned a tutor when he was
failing math. He should have done this on his own, but had no experience
with the aspect of tutoring.

My daughter got an excellent education in a smaller safe atmosphere.

So far, we are very satisfied & have no complaints. My daughter loves it

Visitors parking

DELETED teacher doesn‟t show up & even has come after the class leaves and
then counts them absent.

No financial or scholarships available unless you are a 4.0 student.

I‟m satisfied with everything

                                                               NCA Parent Study

Not being able to keep parents informed of their child‟s progress, And I
know the law says at age 18 they are adults, but we still pay the bill.

At this time, I am unaware of any aspects of disappointment.

     It is usually after mid-July that we are informed of our student‟s
financial package and his awards are not included. I would appreciate
knowing earlier in the year so we can plan our financial strategy.

Advising of students, lack of things for students to be involved in for
leisure time.

Alcohol/drug use on campus (residence halls), library facilities
(remodeling will be a plus), fine arts facilities could use improvements

DELETED. The coach treats DELETED athletes in a demeaning, abusive manner.

Exercising/weightlifting facility is pretty sad. The students shouldn‟t
have to go out & pay for memberships elsewhere.

No guidance on how they find own internship for a business degree. The
college should set these up for the students.

Residence hall room

I wish SSU would accept students with a score 18 on their Act.

DELETED classes with DELETED

The advising

Advising – occupation choices, future outlook, advancements

     The 2 weeks delay of classes due to the fire and not being able to
drop a class after only 1 day in the classroom. It was not his fault that
classes started 2 weeks late. Drop of classes have been allowed longer

Campus landscape, aesthetics

Specific course – sign language is not available at SSU

     This is an easy question to answer. Our 1st daughter graduated from
SSU in 2000. Our second daughter entered SSU in fall 2000. The differences
@ time of registration was great, and was disappointing. The idea of
“block” registration is BAD. SSU has developed it to force students into
classes they don‟t want and don‟t need in order to fill classes that are
difficult to fill. There are currently too many professors allowed to teach

                                                               NCA Parent Study

when it is convenient for the professor and not when it is beneficial to
students. It is difficult to get into needed classes because of class
conflicts or “classes are full”. This did not happen as freq. Between 1996-
2000. But the past 2 yrs. Have been a challenge. We wonder if SSU any
longer makes an effort to see that students need graduate in 4 yrs. or is
it your plan that students need 4 1/2-5 yrs. to get into the necessary
classes? Our third daughter will graduate in 2003. We originally thought
she would go to SSU,    but we will consider other options. You need to do
some work on your general studies and make them “student friendly” instead
of “professor friendly”

She has had no complaints, therefore, we have no complaints!

     My daughter “slipped through the cracks” from the start. The day she
signed up for classes was a chaotic nightmare. We have no way of knowing
she should have been enrolled in the honors program until someone told her
about it in the 2nd semester. Timid students tend to blend in the
background, no matter how intelligent they are.

Limited financial aid.

Quality of the dorm rooms.

Dormitory life has been somewhat difficult for our freshman daughter – but
she will survive.

     When a student is on the Deans list, why aren‟t they given some sort
of scholarship to help with their education? Surely they are as important,
as those who are in sports, to your university.

Food service

The library facilities

Unstable football program – coaches

     Some of the general ed. Class professors use foul language in class,
and at least one DELETED. Teacher seems to have an affinity for DELETED
students. No college should put up with that.

Maybe wishing the town was a little more exciting, with the school I can‟t
say I would be disappointed.

Homely – not very inviting student union building

Small dorm rooms

                                                             NCA Parent Study

     I was disappointed that Southwest did not offer a parents day. As a
parent of a first year first time college student I was really looking
forward to this day. When I called about it I was told with the new
President coming in the schedule was very busy & they were still checking
on a date. Nothing ever happened. I just felt cheated as I‟ve heard other
parents talk on how awesome parents day is.

Lack of funds for varsity baseball. Student athletes having to pay for
airline tickets while representing their university.

(hearsay from my son is : too much drinking, with very few options for
students to socialize in a NON-ALCOHOL environment).

     The rooms have not enough electrical outlets for all the things need
electricity in the rooms. Not much thought went to the pairing room mates
for the freshman ears. Some kids just are not there to study & they are
paired with ones who want to get an education. It can be a very bad

The inconvenience of the rebuilding process for students but a necessary

     Professors need to be more available to students – easier to reach. My
child had a question about one of the grades received after 1st semester.
Several weekly attempts, both internet & messages with secretary were
unsuccessful. To much time passed and it is now to late to negotiate the
grade. My child deserved a chance.

I would have to say the math dept. they should offer a prerequisite class
before college math

Distance from home – nothing you can do about that!

     Facility improvements / updates in other buildings. Low athletic
scholarships in number and dollars. What are the plans for facility care
and safety improvements for the next too years?

     If a student is in trouble with grades – some one needs to be
responsible to make sure they do everything in there power to help that
student “pass” the classes taken. I understand “You” are not babysitters
but seeing a problem student and acting on them is very important!!

     The other fees added on the tuition! When students work & 30+ hours a
week because their parents don‟t pay. In their college and the student
prefers not to borrow lots not to money – (and they don‟t use that extra
listing fees) – they could save around 700 a year which is a lot of money
for a student & times that by 4 yrs!!!

                                                             NCA Parent Study

Nothing significant

When my daughter lived in the dorm, I thought there could be some

     My son failed the 1st semester with flying colors and I was not
notified of his failing grades until I received his report card. It was to
my understanding that if a child was failing the parent would be notifies.

Not enough to do in community

Better advising on class selection

Too far away!

Instructors (some)

Haven‟t found any yet

It‟s always windy out there!

Long distance to parking facilities

     Our instructors who was very slow in assigning a grade after an
international study course. More encouragement for students to remain on
campus on weekends & be more involved in dorm activities.

Athletic recruitment

Slow grading by some faculty!

     Our daughter had difficulties with a certain professor who didn‟t make
an effort to meet with her – however personnel in academic affairs stepped
into resolve the situation.

Recent DELETED coaching staff

Academic counselor

     We have been very dissapointed with some of the advisors our daughter
has had. One advisor will tell her she needs certain classes, the next
comes along & says no, she needs these classes instead. When she
transferred to SSU too many classes didn‟t transfer with her. It will take
her an extra year plus that much more money to graduate.

More hands on counseling w/ each student, more computer availability

                                                             NCA Parent Study

     Every school has instructors that could be more approachable. Continue
to evaluate professors and their teaching styles to ensure they are meeting
the needs of all students.

At this time we‟re very pleased.

Counseling / help as a transfer student in education, matching up classes
already taken


     Very satisfied. It was the right place for her. She needed a smaller
more seasonal school. Her self esteem improved and she gained confidence
and maturity. She was able to excel, which was important to her.

The small town sometimes hurts social life I don‟t known if trying to bring
in concerts would help

     It does seem that the dorm rooms are a area of importance to the
students campus life that could be improved (almost like a prison cell
except you can get out of it), which may not help a freshman stay involved.
As a non-smoker there was always the smell of smoke in the building,
perhaps coming from the lounges? Windows that let in air and light help
give a feeling of space and could aid in the depression our student
struggled as she tried to adjust to all of the new challenges.

That great numbers of students leave on the weekends


The furniture in some of the dorms is very old looking.

     After no longer attending weekend football games, we have missed the
comradery with other parents, faculty etc. This issue did not have anything
to do with SSU. Other opportunities were offered, just did not take
advantage of them.

Quality instructors tend to leave the institution

Major & class counseling

     It was disheartening for our daughter to repeatedly try to reach &
reason with the dean advisors & professors to discuss classes, possible
alteration in a course with no response or compromise on any occasions.

                                                               NCA Parent Study

I am displeased with a few of the education and advisors in the education

Lack of student involvement in campus affair & activities, Too many leave
every weekend.

Residential life, Conditions of dorms/resident halls.

     I don‟t like the plans of the   food service where if you don‟t use all
of the meal plan for one semester,   you lose it. I believe it should be
carried over for the next semester   for that year. (example 2001-2001) There
are circumstances where they can‟t   fit it in.

Advisors need to work a little closer with the students and make sure they
are getting all the right classes that the student a great job by all for
the most part.

Counseling – advisors

I would add that we really appreciate the DELETED. this group provided
DELETED an immediate support system.

      I think SSU could improve on area of academic advising. I think our
son received some poor information in regard to courses he took. Also could
help more with guidance in what to take for certain degree program however,
I know this is a “two way” street and require some effects on students

Size and location of college, friendliness of staff and professors,
cleanliness of campus buildings

Financial Aid - Workstudy & Scholarships

     Some of the instructors. Food service, his advisor is worthless at
advising. That some classes are only offered every other year or are filled
before those needing it for their major get a chance to register & must go
longer to get classes.

     She took an elementary art class at Ridgewater that I guess didn‟t
transfer and no reason given to her – she also had to go back 2nd time to
register for classes related to her major. The orientation day advisors
messed it up and it needed all to be changed

                                                                NCA Parent Study

Transfer wait till last to register for class even though junior. Class

Food service

Most of the professors that my daughter has had contact with.

Email response

DELETED any proffers understanding of absenses due to medical, etc.

     The education dept. needs to be more aware of a student and the year
they are in college. Getting info to the students 6 months ahead of PPST
testing, student teaching, etc. so the student can have all aspects Ready
prior to entering the education program would be beneficial. Our son found
out about the test & applying for the education dept. his spring semester
of his sophomore year. We really had to “push” to get everything ready so
he could enter the education training. (This is the secondary education
dept.) A monthly newsletter would help a lot.

Have not experienced that

     The advisors for freshmen students they don‟t really seem to care a
lot about if they get sign in the right classes or those that work best for

     Hard to contact professors outside of class time not all of them, but
a majority. Some of them appear to want to pull power play on students,
lets just teach the course, no tricks. A lot classes you need are all
offered at the same time.

Taking in credits from other colleges & universities. I will check with
other universities on credit intake with new laws. Credit for credit.

Small also means potential problems with class availability & scheduling

     The RA‟s have a problem of involving personal problems with the way
they treat their residents. The freshman halls need some remodeling in
rooms like painting. Business Service office needs to be nicer to students
& listen to them & try to help.

Computer lab space is low for number of students. I hear comments all the
time about how it is impossible to get access to a computer.

Tuition increases, health services missed diagnosed

                                                              NCA Parent Study

Financial aide and as a freshmen, why allowed only one student loan per

Availability of more majors

Direction given by advisors

     Library should be open at all times (not closed during breaks) as some
students need to use it then for reference & information. Some teachers
(mainly professors) aren‟t available for help.

     Not advising my son on when to drop a difficult course when he is
failing at midterm. Guidance to the right major by skills presented.
Example : taking college algebra as an elective when he had previous
problem with mathematics.

No graduate classes in Business and the Humanities program.

Availability of classes can be a challenge

I have none

My daughter likes everything about being there

I don‟t think teachers are demanding enough, especially in the area of

That I‟m not attending and should maybe consider even though I‟m in my 40s?
And would very much like a change.


     I‟m visiting with my daughter about one of her substitute teacher, I
was very disappointed to hear the language & prophanity used in the class
room. Is the level of profesionalism so low in prof. Requirements?!

Should be stricter on who is going through teaching program

     I feel the computer in both # and work ability are not good. Many time
my child complains of the junk of the computer labs. No one uses apple
computers and two labs are not necessary.

Dorm rooms are very small, dorm rooms are inaccessible for moving in or out

Don‟t have any

                                                             NCA Parent Study

Teacher‟s and their lack of student respect swearing and not showing up for
class we pay for those teacher‟s to be there for every class

No comments

His inability to get a part-time job.

Communication with the varsity, athletic program (VB) and us as parents

Ring around with admissions upon inquires re: SSU.

     My student complains about the food being same everyday in the mess
hall. And in the café they rook him on his meal exchange. Registration was
a pain as well.

Not always to get into the classes that all needed for your major

     That kids aren‟t around much on weekends and isn‟t something to keep
them around. We know you try but there isn‟t much socializing outside of
dorm mates. There wasn‟t much going on in the dorm my student was in

They don‟t know when activities are going on.

     #1 issue Lack of direction from academic advisors during advising time
– instructors need to be more informed & give students better advice to get
actual classes needed as well as time management in relationship to meeting
in a timely fashion.


The education department and their unclear expectations.

The dorms need to be updated. I visited the room I live in 30 years ago and
very little had changed!

Some teaches a very lax in their classes. Content of teaching is not good
for what students are required to pay for classes.

     I‟m happy with the financial aid office, except I wish I had only one
person that I always talked to about my student‟s aid instead of just any
or all the staff could help me. The one on one “personal touch‟ would make
me feel better & more confident as a single parent. I like to “know” the

                                                             NCA Parent Study

person I‟m talking to for the next 3 yrs & they know my student & on a
personal basis. I‟d rather have the same person talking with us for all 4
yrs. I have this at my other student‟s college where she goes & it woube
better for me.

Lack of adequate fire prevention! And controle issues!

We don‟t have much contact with the school. We understand our daughter is
an adult, but we feel we are not kept informed as to how she is doing.
However, we do understand why.


I would like to get the newspaper or newsletter.

Our experiences have all been very positive.

     I felt the situation in Question 8 could have been avoided if the
teacher had reported anything missing to the student midway through the
class or 2-3 x‟s a semester. After looking through some tests & quizzes,
some of the papers showed up, however the teacher could not find some so
the grade stuck. It appears to me that documenting grades throughout the
class would have prevented this situation at the end of semester.
     As a parent trying to pay my students tuition to avoid large loans at
the end of his college career. I am not pleased at having to pay Again for
a situation/class when this could have been avoided.
     Thanks for the opportunity to vent my frustration. Other than this
incident and financial burden, I feel SSU is a great educational

     Allowing incompetence in faculty and teaching. DELETED has missed
classes without notifying students, uses material that is very dated and in
a course series – DELETED – required of teachers-to-be. I recognize DELETED

                                                             NCA Parent Study

is DELETED and value and respect that. However, incompetence in the
classroom is not acceptable by anyone. Many in the education field in
Marshall roll their eyes at how bad the course was when they took it. Let
others teach it as well – Make DELETED attend continuing education events
so DELETED can learn how to teach and how to use up-to-date methods &
materials. It is not a cultural issue – DELETED is not being oppressed. I
am frustrated because someone from a DELETED background might have rich
experience to share if shared effectively. When I heir each week what isn‟t
happening and the poor quality of what is happening in the critical course
work DELETED teaches, I want to ask for some tuition back. Evaluate your
faculty and help them improve. Tenured or not. Where they are lacking, use
other faculty to offer the same course so students are not denied a quality
experience being forced to take required professional program coursework
from someone who cannot or will not do a credible job of it. After my
student‟s experience at SSU (in these DELETED courses), I question the
accuracy of the World News rating. Since we live in Marshall, transfering
is not an option – and SSU has so many great faculty members it is too bad
so could be.


SSU needs to provide more tutoring to students who they know need help in
classes they are failing.

     The food court meals are not very good this year before and after the
fire. Variety is important in peoples diets. Low fat high fiber diets are
important. Availability of weight room(s).

Teacher quality

     The graphics lab. Only one professor for graphics, hence, limited
courses available (credits taught) What happened to talk about graphics
students getting their own laptops? I thought that was a great idea. The
school wouldn‟t have to pay for a bigger lab, the students could get the
computer through financial aid by making it required. Winona does this!

Too few master‟s programs. Racist attitudes of some of the staff.

Some teaching skills of a few professors.

Little opportunity for scholarships for non traditional students, and
Biology majors

     My son and I wish there was more parking by the RA facility. Also, we
believe the university should come up with a name for the RA facility,

                                                             NCA Parent Study

something like “Schwann‟s Arena” or “Mustang Pavilion” or anything in
relation to those.

College activities and entertainment available in community for students.
“Everyone goes home every weekend” “It‟s boring here”

     There are some professors that are teaching classes that they have no
idea what it is about. Need to get professors with the correct teaching

     With a smaller academic staff, when a single teacher is difficult,
hard to understand, the entire program area is jeopardized. I believe
professors should be accountable routinely via student satisfaction surveys
for classes.

Obscurity of grad. requirements

DELETED did not get his art show schedule this year; I wish it would have
been handled differently.

     Can‟t get into classes when needed, especially at Sophomore and Junior
level. Taking classes based on availability rather than usefulness or

Since my student can only attend at night she finds it very difficult to
obtain a degree at night.

     There are not enough night classes offered. If the student works full
time during the day & can only attend night classes they will not be able
to graduate. More night classes should be offered.

     High school juniors and seniors should be told that staying close to
home and attending SSU is not a horrible thing. Emphasis should be put on
how great campus life can be in your own back yard.

DELETED – Needs a DELETED that actually knows something

Smaller number of academic majors available.

Concern for future job placement.

Academic area – tutoring – counseling regarding grades & dropping classes &
registering for appropriate classes.

PARKING!!!. Not enough parking!

                                                             NCA Parent Study

     Should have more night classes for non-traditional students. The
summer schedule could be improved. He could only get classes in the
morning, to few offered afternoon.

     Six months ago before our daughter is suppose to graduate with a
double major she is informed that due to SSU‟s error you forgot to claim
her major‟s so she won‟t be able to graduate when she planned to. Then the
classes she needs won‟t be offered. Some of the classes she (and many other
students also) have the required classes they need ONLY offered at night.
Why is that? Now she needs to take classes this fall again to get her
double major. Will she be able to get loans?
     Also you do a telephone fund raiser requesting donations. Which we
have sent donations for. Then we are promised items such as coupons for SSU
T-shirts etc for making donations, which we never receive.

     When you graduate from a two year program, and transfer to a four year
program, your credits should be accepted. If not it‟s just a waste of time
and money.

It would be nice to have more exercise / athletic options for the students.
Such as more racquetball courts – tennis – indoor track, etc.

I don‟t think there is any.

Finding a “good” fit in the work study program

     Changing requirements for graduation in certain majors which makes the
student need to attend college for more than four years. Also, computers in
computer lab not always functioning properly.

You probably got my drift on p.3

Work-study programs.

     My son had many appointments canceled by the person who he had to meet
to sign up for classes 2nd semester – then found out his file was misplaced
and he wasn‟t even listed as a SSU student for 1st semester!?

     Not being able to park on street for picking up student, parking &
parking tickets – visits Now that we are getting to the End of our
daughters college career – she has trouble getting the final classes she
will need.

The fire – to long of break – But we know you worked very hard to get them
back to school.

Number of choices of classes

                                                                NCA Parent Study

     Some advisors & teacher are really hard to find. They don‟t devote
enough time to office hours. It‟s a “run in teach, 10 min. off time & I‟m
outta here” attitude, when confronted about their time they become

Buildings and halls are not marked well for visitors and beginning

Parking, extracirrculars

Library – source documents unavailable

Class availability to fulfill course / major requirements

No tracks or cross country

Not having a field of study of the Dietetic Nutrition program

Not having enough professors in the sociology/criminal justice departments

Education Teacher – DELETED

Need for more on campus weekend activities for those who can‟t go home
every weekend.

                                                             NCA Parent Study

ITEM73     Do you have any other comments or suggestions?

     Our student is DELETED and living in the dorm. He never knows about
dorm or student life activities because he only received print flyers in
his mailbox. If he could receive DELETED, he could learn about those
events. Another suggestion is to expend the web page to include a calendar
of student life activities.

     My daughter loves the program (HRI) that she‟s in. She‟s totally
committed to making it her career. She has had many positive experiences
but the number of students that SSU has really does not warrant taking a
look @ making it a SSU program. The classes that she must take via the
communications are very difficult. The inept way that paper (homework etc)
are mailed to Crookston and then feed back and grades must wait. Access to
instructors in Crookston is a definitive problem. Please for future HRI
students – consider expanding HRI program @ SSU.

     Can you please work on the appearance of the campus – the lawns look
terrible better trimming around trees – more flowers maybe add a little
pond as small fountain. It is embarrassing when we come there with
relatives & friends. So many campuses had beautiful campuses and Southwest
we rank lowest out of 17 we visited. That needs to be addressed.
     It looked nice around the building – student center but not by the
dorms when you drive by or as you are walking around campus. We know for a
fact it turned some parents off.
     Also when we come to Southwest in the summer we couldn‟t get into a
lot of the rooms like astronomy and swimming pool area & we were told
teachers didn‟t want us in there (spilling pop whatever) We you come to see
a school for heavens sake. Don‟t tell us we are not allowed. We DID NOT
have this problem at other schools in the state.

With the tunnel system is there a quick evacuation system in place for
those caught in the tunnels?

Dorm options not always clear or logical


     Freshmens should be allowed more student loans for the year. It‟s hard
coming up with second half of tuition. Thanks. P.S. Think of low economic

     Instead of eatting up more ground for parking lots, why not build a
handicapp accessible parking ramp off of theatre that adjoins directly to
the building? Better parking, no long hike to ones car.

                                                             NCA Parent Study

Just not happy that credits completed were not accepted.

Overall – SSU is a gem – often taken for granted by local students – they
don‟t realize how it‟s a quality of education compare to bigger schools.

SSU – could provide more classes at night to allow students who can only
attend evening to obtain a degree.

Very satisfied with how fast you were able to get the school up & running
after the fire.

     Hire instructors that can be understood – ie: some heavy accents can
be detrimental to a students comprehension of the material. Improvement
needed in a campus bookstore. Customer services & selection of affordable
materials. Business service has not condusive to student schedules & needs.
Longer more convenient hours to service ALL students.

I feel the courses are quite easy/easy grading.

     Hey DELETED – good to see you‟re still at my favorite school. Thanks
again for your understanding when I took DELETED for my masters. All that
math is till beyond my grasp – but that‟s why we are all different.

More business choice majors.

Both our girls are happy there.

     My advising started out terrible. My credits & the classes I needed
should have been done in 2 years there. Now it works more like three and
there is no reason because I had time to do the credits – I was ill-advised
and took crap I didn‟t need – or was it the school just needs my money?
Hello. I have a husband and son – I can‟t go to school forever! I need to
get in & get out! Period. Don‟t waste mine or your time. Thanks. DELETED.
P.S. I am still waiting for the education dept. to tell me if my intro ed
class has been transferred – I petitioned a year ago! And have checked wit
them numerous times!!!

                                                             NCA Parent Study

      Most of my comments were neutral. I really don‟t know how life goes
there on a daily basis. I‟m not there.
     But I will say this--- our son willingly goes back to school. His
positive attitude, despite a few “dudlike” professors, speaks well for your
     He has grown in his writing skills. He can turn out 2 or 3 papers a
week. He had developed an interest in reading. While my “school-mom”
background still labels him as a reluctant reader, he discusses poetry &
Thoreau with me.
     What do I see as needs. Our son needs assistance in finding his
strengths so he can pursue a major he would like. He is not getting any
help choosing classes other than plopping all of his general/required
classes into a schedule. This kid is floundering with no real goals. Maybe
you have help on campus for him. If so, he isn‟t getting it. With kids,
especially male kids, you needs to be very specific. Sincerely, A Concerned

     I know why campus jobs go to low income families first; but it you do
not fill them I wish our boys could have had a chance at them no matter
what our income. At times they had to work at events and were not paid
while others were paid based on parents income – if they do the job they
should be paid for their work no matter what our income is - They are
paying for their education not us.

     DELETED has been a truely exceptional source of information for future
experience and job opportunities. DELETED has been very helpful in
recommending me for opportunities that are presented to him. The fact that
these 2 professors remember my name and give it to those seeking
individuals for help shows that they care about their students.

Keep up the good work!

I would suggest a stronger component be established for advising – right

     (Elem Ed Classes) & recommend other classes that would be accepted.
Took a more advanced biology class, when biology was filled. Now finds out
that it wont be accepted as a biology/chem class (lower elem ed major)
Advisor needs to be more interested/helpful (doesn‟t really want to be
bothered – can‟t do anything about it)

                                                             NCA Parent Study

     Our daughter who attends SW State is our 6th child to graduate from
college. Four of them attended U of M in Twin Cities for various reasons &
had great experience. Another daughter had 2 yrs at SW State & then
transferred to U of M & graduated from there. She needed to start out at a
smaller school & get her feet on the ground & get some direction which she
definitely did in Marshall. Southwest gave her confidence & study skills &
maturity & she transferred because she was looking for a broader & bigger
     Our daughter who is now a senior at Southwest chose the school
primarily because of the speech team program & the lit & special education
majors. She has been able to excell because of the smaller school setting.
She & we are impressed with the faculty she has worked with and the
personal attention she has received. Keep up the good work!

     As a whole SSU is a fine college but a little more one on one or
caring people there, if a student asks a question don‟t make them feel like
they should of know that. Question so they won‟t ask another time. I feel
strongly that part time students should not have to pay same amount for
things like the athletic fee‟s or even if not in sports should not have to
pay they should also have scholarships for parttime students.

Lack of visitor parking is appalling. You might as well put up a sign
saying “families of students not welcome”!

We are very pleased with campus visits – we were treated as if we were very

     That orientation for transfer students was a waste of time since she
had to change her classes – the advisors there that day weren‟t very
qualified or knowledgeable since her 3 room mates had the same problem with
their schedule and same for transfers. No reasons given – it all eventually
get straightened out but was a bit frustrating and time consuming.

     Our daughter was offered work study but was told there were no jobs
available to allow her to use it. Even when she requested working for an
education professors to use her work study $, she was ignored. Why wasn‟t
that $ used in some way for her? I‟m sure there was something she could
have done, but no one wanted to listen to her. This is SSU‟s biggest
problem. The students don‟t have the ear of anyone. There seems to be a
lack of respect for student voice.

                                                             NCA Parent Study

     Would like to see removable railings at R.A. Facility (similar to ones
@ St. Cloud State), Access north to # 33 Road as additional outlet from
sport facilities (large crowds)

Our son is enjoying a wonderful experience. Thanks for asking.

     My daughter felt that many business classes were oriented towards
small towns & agriculture. This was not helpful to a “city girl”. The guest
lectures from Schwann‟s did not know what they were talking about or how to
teach. She felt they that were a waste of time. She would have appreciated
a more metropolitan focus. We are glad she is almost finished & are glad
the school was affordable.

Personal counseling and crisis prevention needs to be higher on your list!!

In door band concerts should be for the students to perform not the

     We are very happy with Southwest State my son has slight medical
disabilities and we were looking for a college that was not so overwhelming
with attendance – a college where my son could get 1 on 1 help if needed –
the college really helped him each year to find a job on campus – his
questions have been answered as well as ours. The Business Office has been
very helpful. When I call the college I am always treated with courtesy and
respect. My son will be starting his third year at SSU this fall 2001 which
we are very excited about. We haven‟t had an opportunity to meet the new
President and we hope too in the weeks to come. We did meet and talk with
the past President who was also a true leader. We were all saddened by the
fire and pray daily for a quick but strong recovery for the college.

     Just one suggestion for the caffeteria – it may be difficult to do,
but the students would be healthier with less fat and more fiber and more
choices of vegetables & fruits.

We are proud to have SSU in our hometown.

I hope you are surveying the kids – that is our 3rd kid @ SSU (2 graduated
in 2000, 2001 & now MR.T

     Please feel free to call us any time if you would like to discuss over
education. DELETED

                                                              NCA Parent Study

     The one area as a suggestion may be to review the meal program. Again,
I was impressed by the program Buena Vista College in Iowa offered for
meals. Meals were one cost for all no matter how many time students used
the facility. Hours of operation were geared towards the students (regular,
athletics & other activities) were they could come in and “grab” a piece of
fruit or toast or a drink if they had time between classes or could eat and
study at the same.
          I don‟t believe they offered full meals all day but they offered
“finger type food” for a quick bite and I thought they were open from 6 a.m
– 7 or 8 pm. Also having private rooms worked out very well. If you
consider building or remodeling dorm, consider adding more of these rooms.

     We have been very pleased with the help DELETED, in DELETED has
provided to our daughter and us throughout this year. She has been very
helpful to us all!

Don‟t get student teaching in towns they listed. Many teachers don‟t give a
fast response to e-mails & paperwork.

     When Ras are hired for dorms – how do you do this? My sons RA knows
how to fix nothing, does nothing as far as getting the kids in the dorms
together. Find these kids an anonymous survey as to what they want.

     I realize my son is an “Adult” but when parents are paying for
college, I wish we were still able to receive even as much as a pass/no
pass. Piece of information regarding classes (We are working on this with
our son)

This is a poorly designed survey. “Very satisfied”. “neutral” & “very
dissatisfied” are not an adequate range of choices.

     Our daughter graduated from Augustana College of Sioux Falls, May 2001
with a Business degree. She has decided to pursue an education degree. She
decided on SWSU because of its education program and the cost. She has been
very satisfied with her decision so far. Because she has done all of her
own planning etc. we really couldn‟t fill out this survey but have always
heard good things about SWSU.

Parking regulations lack consideration for semester breaks.

Disappointed you didn‟t have study abroad for students teaching

                                                              NCA Parent Study

     SSU is a good college. However, colleges (even state U‟s) are very
costly (tuition, housing, transportation, etc) and it is very different for
some parents to “help” with financial aid. Semester payments are difficult,
could there be an easier payment plan?? Thanks!

After the fire the food is really awful!

     I know you can‟t force a student to participate in activities offered.
But perhaps new students, such as in coming freshman, could be encouraged
and motivated to be more active in social & cultural activities. To be
encouraged to access the resources for them! Maybe the RA‟s. in the dorms
could thank be better ambassadors in the area too. Thank you!

     Coming freshman from out of state to one or two dorms. My daughter
felt the dorms were like solitary confinement on the weekends because
everyone went home. She was miserable. She is a very friendly & out going
person. So as she made friends and left campus on the weekends & went home
with them. I feel if there were more people around she would have been more
satisfied with that experience. Thanks

Your students will promote your school – I‟ve heard many nice things

      Provide and encourage more academic help – my child has learning
disabilities & won‟t ask for help but needs to be pushed for getting help –
is afraid to ask for help. My childs high school experience with asking &
receiving help with his learning disabilities was very negative & there
fore he is very afraid & has many hesitations related to asking & searching
or seeking help. I feel if someone from SSU would approach him & offer
assistance he would be more willing to seek help. I have encouraged from my
end but has done no good – advise falls on deaf ears because of the teasing
he received in high school, & the unwillingness to comply with request for
      Also – I‟m very disappointed that as parents we are not able to
receive information on how the student – our child is doing in school. I‟ve
heard the whole song & dance about them being adults (this is the youngest
of 4) & all the rights they have about privacy but I don‟t agree with it
when the parents are paying & helping with the education of our children.
      I have taken classes myself at SSU – so I feel I know what I‟m talking
about. One suggestion I have with students that are failing in a class is
for the professor to offer assistance that is available – example is the
note taking or tutors – rather than to just suggest the student consider
dropping the class. Maybe it would help to suggest these things before the
student gets that far into failure of class.
      When students come with IEP‟s in place from high school & with their
SAT or ACT test these students should be made known to the professors so
they (the professors) know which students are going to possibly need the

                                                             NCA Parent Study

extra assistance. The professors could then approach these students & let
the student know what help is available.
     I realize you & the professors are not there to babysit the students
but you are being paid to provide an education to your students.

     Sorry to be late. Our oldest son graduated from SSU in 96 – we were
very pleased when our youngest son also decided to attend SSU. Everyone is
doing a great job – keep it up! Thank you !

     My son returned to SWSU after graduating from Moorhead State with a
business finance degree and working in the business area for a few years.
He is 27 yrs old and felt the need to look for a more enjoyable career in
education. He handles his own affairs so this survey does not really apply
to us as it would if we had an undergraduate student.

     The presence of DELETED at SSU is probably the one thing that
impressed me the most about SSU. He is such as caring & high quality
individual that I knew SSU would be much the same as an institution.
However, I would appreciate it if you wouldn‟t tell him I said this because
he has a tendency to get a big head (ha!)
     Note: DELETED & I worked in the same building when we worked for the
state of DELETED, and got to know each other pretty well. He did a great
job, along w/ many other, handling the big five. What a challenge, but
another tribute to the quality at SSU. DELETED.

Please improve on # 8 above & 21 & 24&f (P.2) that will probably improve 5d
and 36&o. Thank you. DELETED

Scholarships should be available to assist minorities who has the potential
to success but is facing financial problems.

     Students try to get the classes they need in order to graduate in 4
years. This is not normally the case so our children are forced to take
other classes to fill out credits and then it takes longer to graduate –
costing them and us more money.

     I am concerned about remarks made by some of the DELETED – when they
don‟t know what is happening – they simply tell the girls that they are
faking an injury – need to go to their DELETED before they tell DELETED
that nothing is wrong

     Perhaps Career Services could be more personal & they to work with the
student – rather than push another book in their face & tell them to
research it, (figure it out on your attitude) Believe me that makes you
feel like “Why did I even stop in and ask for help?”

                                                             NCA Parent Study

     My student noticed recently that her card used for purchasing meals,
was swiped for both her and the person behind her in the food line. This
has occurred several times! She discovered this when her friend (behind her
in line) said he notices the balance in the act. Showed $200. He said “I
don‟t have that much!” At the end of the meal period they turn in the
receipts – so don‟t have current transactions for their acts. Students
should receive statements & receipts. This is stealing – what‟s going on


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