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 Orange County
   IBM PC                                 Monthly Newsletter for the Orange County IBM PC Users’ Group
                                                     “Computer users helping one another”
  Users' Group
                            Annual Christmas raffle is here with big prizes!
Volume 17, Number 12
                            by Mike Lyons, president                      (corresponding to the number on the
   December 1999
                                                                          raffle insert page) and a dish in front of it.
                            The club elves have been working extra
                                                                          Once all of the items are displayed, we
                            hard making databases, stuffing enve-
                                                                          will name each vendor and give a brief
 T Letters to editor 2      lopes, building lists
                                                                          description of each product. Afterwards,
                            and checking them
                                                                          we will begin selling raffle tickets.
                            twice, to ensure that
 T Software review 5                                                          Ticket sales should start around 7:30
                            this year’s Christ-
                                                                          p.m. Tickets are one dollar apiece.
                            mas raffle is a
                                                                          There are two pieces to each ticket. Put
 T Bug Report 6             success. Thanks to
                                                                          one side of the ticket in a bowl and keep
                            their efforts and the
                                                                          the stub. Members may put as many
                            generous support
 T New products 7                                                         tickets as they choose in the bowls in
                            from 36 vendors, 95        Mike Lyons
                                                                          front of each item. All tickets need to be
                            prizes were donated
                                                                          deposited into the bowls by 8 p.m.
 T Computer tips 8          to help support our club this year. (See
                                                                              At 8 p.m., we will check the bowls
                            special insert pages.)
                                                                          and add “ORCOPUG” tickets to any
                                As you know, the Christmas raffle is
                                                                          bowl with less than five tickets until the
 T Siles explains… 9        the club’s only fundraising activity of the
                                                                          count hits five. An “ORCOPUG” ticket
                            year. Our move to Hunt Library, and
                                                                          will be a different color for easy identifi-
                            publishing an award-winning newsletter
 T Peripherals 10                                                         cation. If a club ticket is drawn, the club
                            and web site have all taken a bite out of
                                                                          wins the prize and it is set it aside for the
                            our treasury. So we hope everyone will
 Our web site wins                                                        monthly raffle. HINT: if you really want
                            attend this meeting—and don’t forget
 APCUG award! Page 2                                                      something, and yours are the only tickets
                            your wallets and purses.
                                                                          in the bowl; make sure that you put in at
                            Rules of the raffle
                                                                          least five tickets.
 Raffle prizes/vendors—
 See special insert pages   As in the past, this is the only meeting of   Review items
                            the year that you must be a member to
                                                                          There are a few items that require a
                            participate. To be sure your dues are
                                                                          review. These items will have a “R” on
     Come to our            paid, check the address label of this
                                                                          the yellow sticky in addition to a raffle
   Christmas Raffle         newsletter and it will show you the last
                                                                          number. If you do not want to write a
   Tuesday, Dec. 14         date your membership is active. Also,
                                                                          review, then do not put a ticket into a
                            wear your badge as it has your club
  Bring a friend!                                                         review bowl. We have review guidelines
                            membership number on it and we need
                                                                          listed on our web site. Reviews are due
                            that number to track prize winners.
                                                                          within ninety days. If you don’t turn in a
                               We will try to have all of the raffle
                                                                          review, you are not eligible for monthly
                            items out on display by as close to 6:30
                                                                          drawings until it is turned in.
                            p.m. as we can. Each item will have a
                            yellow sticky with a number on it                              (Continued on page 11)
                                              Last month I thanked members         same site at the same time. Have to
               Notepad                    who have helped the newsletter, web
                                          site, and my business, Basic Bytes.
                                                                                   download a tool called “gooey” in
                                                                                   order to do that. But I assume that
                  by Linda Gonse          But, just as in printing recipes, you    those on the site at the same time
              always risk leaving out one or two       would also have to be using gooey at
                                          ingredients. And, so it was that I       the same time. The full download is
                                          neglected to mention two members         2.33 MB for Win 95/98 users.
Year-end excitement                                                      —You can send
created by award!                         who have helped Basic Bytes this
                                          year. Although belated, I offer my       MONEY! to others for their birthday,
You’ll remember how excited I was         sincere thank you and a public           etc., with an e-mail picture card
to enter our first newsletter contests    acknowledgement to Mike Lyons            (limited selection). The problem is
two years ago. And, again, when we        and Sharon Graham. Your support is       that you deposit $ in your account
                                          very much appreciated.                   using your credit card and have to
                                              It’s been a great year, hasn’t it?   give your complete address including
                                          I’ll be looking forward to your e-mail                   (Continued on page 11)
                                          in the coming year with the scoops
                                          and interesting insights we all enjoy
                                          reading so much.
                                              Until next month, happy New
                                          Year to you all!                          Published and distributed to club members
                                                                                    by the Orange County IBM PC Users’ Group
                                                                                    The opinions expressed herein are the writers.
won first prizes twice this year: once                                              They are not reflective of the Orange County
                                                                                    IBM PC Users’ Group position, and are not
in New York and once in San Diego.          Letters to the editor                   endorsed by inclusion in this newsletter.
    So, when we also won a nation-
ally-recognized first place web site                                                   Submit items to the newsletter editor at:
award at APCUG’s 13th Annual Fall         T Windows tips on the web          ; or Linda Gonse,
                                                                                      22655 Valley Vista Circle, Wildomar, CA
Conference in Las Vegas, it was like      I don’t remember if I sent these to             92595-8334—(909) 245-0291.
icing on a cake. The site, exemplifying   you, but…
service to members, was presented            Windows 98 Tips and Tricks,                            Directors
the Integrity award. In addition, it      Index of all the Tips are at: http://             President, Mike Lyons
received an Honorary Mention for
                                                                                            Vice President, OPEN
Speed in downloading.                     dows98/all-tips.shtml#tune. Click                Treasure/Membership/
    Sponsors of the Web Sites of Ex-      Windows-Help.NET.                                 SYSOP, Charlie Moore
cellence contest were Adobe, MGI,                                                   
                                             InfiniSource—The Internet's               Editor/Webmaster, Linda Gonse
Microsoft, Powerquest and Wild File.      Premier Resource Center: http://            
    If you haven’t visited the web site
                                                                                            Reviews, Terry Schiele
lately, you might be surprised. Help                                                       Programs, Lothar Loehr
and information are offered to you in                               Alan Jarrett     
                                                              Membership, Carl Westberg
several areas. Instead of wondering
when is the next meeting, what will       T Member reports on sites                           APCUG Rep, OPEN
the program be about, who can you
                                                                                          P.O. Box 1779, Brea, CA 92822
contact, what is the latest news, are     Here are some sites I researched that                    (714) 990-0580
there any new rebate offers, and are      I heard on the CBS morning show.            
there past newsletters, just check out    They are free (except All                          are www sites.
    Again, just as in the newsletter,—Provides info on the site
members are invited to send items of      you are at, plus suggests related
interest. Many of the links found on      sites that one may be interested in.
the Hot News page were sent by  —Permits direct chat                 Visit ORCOPUG online!
sharp-eyed and alert members.             with individuals or groups on the
Page 2                                                              Orange County IBM PC Users’ Group—December 1999
Fourteen prizes won in November raffle                                          the club. Many members may not
                                                                                have been aware of their efforts
 Parson’s Technology                Terry Schiele           Prev. Winner        because they have done some of the
 Family Origins      Value $20      Robert Clark            Winner              little things behind the scenes that
 Ralph Hedges       Not Present                                                 nevertheless need to be done. So
 Lothar Loehr       Winner          Parson’s Technology
                                    American History    Value $20               hats off to those who have helped the
 Ixla                               Linda Gonse             Not Present         club this year.
 Explorer           Value $50       Dean Kise               Not Present              Terry Schiele, Reviews Chair-
 Don Faisy          Not Present     Herman Beverburg        Winner              man; Lothar Loehr, Program
 Carl Apponyi       Winner                                                      Chairman; Mike Lyons, President;
                                    CD Case                 Value $5
 Intuit                                                                         Alan Jarrett, APCUG Representa-
                                    Stan Leese              Winner
 Family Lawyer      Value $40                                                   tive and Past Board member; Carl
 LeRoy Kaump        Winner          Borland                                     Westberg, Membership Chairman;
                                    T-Shirt                 Value $5            Tony Lake, Recruiting Chairman;
 AOL                                Don Faisy               Not Present
 T-shirt            Value $5
                                                                                Dan Cadish, Past Program Chair-
                                    Robert Clark            Prev. Winner        man; Pat McMillan, Refreshment
 Mervin Frank       Winner          Helen Desmond           Not Present
 Parson’s Technology                Charlie Moore           Winner
                                                                                     A special thanks to Don Gonse
 Greetings           Value $20              Submitted by Charlie Moore          and Ken Fermoyle for their regular
 Trudy Morrill      Winner
                                                                                contributions to our newsletter. And
 Get Into Your                                                                  thanks to all of those who have
 Family Tree        Value $25                                                   contributed articles and tidbits to the
 Ralph Hedges       Not Present                                                 newsletter. We have had more
 Don Faisy          Not Present                                                 members contribute this year than
 Terry Schiele      Winner                                                      ever before.
 Kidasa                                                                              Let’s try to improve upon this
 Milestones, Etc.   Value $70       1999 volunteers applauded                   year as we head into Y2K.
 Mervin Frank       Prev. Winner    by Mike Lyons
 Alan Jarrett       Winner
                                    Our club could not function without
 Parson’s Technology                                                                Annual membership
 Home Inventory      Value $20
                                    help from its members. We have two
                                                                                      renewal dates
 Dean Kise          Not Present     people that put in countless hours to
 Larry Joyce        Not Present     make your club what it is.They are
                                                                                    September 1 Bob Greback
 Jerry Patterson    Winner          Charlie Moore and Linda Gonse.                              Dave Tennant
                                       Charlie does it all. If it needs to be       October 1   Myra Milgrom
 Get Into Your
                                    done, you can always count on                   November 1 Randy Bremer
 Family Tree        Value $25                                                                   James Southall
 Tony Lake          Winner          Charlie. Need a last minute program,            December 1 Cynthia Gonse
                                    Charlie has one. Need a technical                           Jerry Patterson
 Adobe Systems                      question answered, just ask Charlie.                        Dan Sheffield
 PhotoDeluxe        Value $60          Linda is responsible for getting the           January 1 Carl Apponyi
 Win Corey          Not Present                                                                 Joe Gionet
                                    newsletter done every month and                             Linda Gonse
 Randy Bremer       Expired         maintaining the web site. Actually                          Larry Joyce
 Larry Joyce        Not Present                                                                 LeRoy Kaump
                                    Linda does a lot more than just get a
 Dick Tooley        Not Present                                                                 Chuck Moore
                                    newsletter out, she has been produc-                        John Moore
 Dan Cadish         Winner
                                    ing an award winning newsletter since                       Ted Wirtz
 Parson’s Technology                                                                February 1  Win Corey
                                    she took the job.                                           Mike Lyons
 SuperSketch         Value $20         These two people probably are                            Charlie Moore
 Monte Holmes       Not Present     the most noticeable and have spent
 Jerry Patterson    Prev. Winner    the most hours, but there are others                Submitted by Charlie Moore
                                    who have contributed to improving
Orange County IBM PC Users’ Group—December 1999                                                                 Page 3
                                                          Program’s upgrade problems are never ending
      E-mail directory
                                                          Last year I upgraded from Girlfriend                  would cause Girlfriend 7.0 to emulate
Add your new or updated e-                                7.0 to Wife 1.0 and noticed that the                  Wife 1.0, so nothing is gained. It is
mail address to the list!                                 new program began unexpected child                    impossible to uninstall, delete or purge
Write to the                          processing that took up a lot of space                the program files from the system
                                                          and valuable resources. No mention                    once installed. You cannot go back to
                                                          of this phenomenon was included in                    Girlfriend 7.0 because Wife 1.0 is not
Black, Ike                                                the product brochure.                                 designed to do this.
 ......................              In addition, Wife 1.0 installs itself                   I might also suggest you read the
Boutwell, Lloyd
 ...................................      into all other programs and launches                  entire section regarding General
Bullis, Art                                               during system initialization, where it                Partnership Faults (GPFs). You must
Brubaker, Jim                                             monitors all other system activity.                   assume all responsibility for faults and
 ...........................           Applications such as Poker Night                    problems that might occur, regardless
Cadish, Dan
 ........................           10.3, Drunken Boys Night 2.5 and                      of their cause. The best course of
Chenoweth, Bob                                            Saturday Football 5.0 no longer run,                  action will be to enter the command
 ............................          crashing the system whenever se-                      C:\APOLOGIZE. (Avoid excessive
Emigh, Glenn
 .............................       lected.                                               use of the Esc key because ultimately
Frank, Mervin                                               I cannot seem to keep Wife 1.0 in                   you will have to give the APOLO-
Gonse, Cynthia                                            the background while attempting to                    GIZE command before the operating
 .....................................     run some of my other favorite appli-                  system will return to normal.) Wife 1.0
Gonse, Linda
 ..................................     cations. I am thinking about going                    is a great program, but very high
Graham, Sharon                                            back to Girlfriend 7.0 but the uninstall              maintenance.
Jarrett, Alan                                             does not work on this program.                          Buy additional software to improve
 ..................................        Can you help me, please?                            Wife 1.0 performance. I recommend
Kaump, LeRoy
 ..........................             Thanks, Joe                                         Flowers 2.1 and Chocolates 5.0.
Kise, Dean                                                                                                        Do not, under any circumstances,
Klees, Larry                                              From: TECH SUPPORT                                    install Secretary With Short Skirt 3.3.
 .....................................     Dear Joe:                                             This is not a supported application for
La Mont, Bill
 ............................            This is a very common problem men                    Wife 1.0 and is likely to cause irre-
Lake, Tony                                                complain about but is mostly due to a                 versible damage to the operating
Leese, Stan                                               primary misconception. Many people                    system.
 .........................        upgrade from Girlfriend 7.0 to                            Best of Luck, Tech Support
Loehr, Lothar
 .................................     Wife1.0 with the idea that Wife 1.0 is              Submitted by Mike Lyons
Lyons, Mike                                               merely a Utilities and Entertainment
Milgrom, Myra
 .......................          Wife 1.0 is an Operating System        One click is not enough
Moore, Charlie                                            and designed by its creator to run
Moore, Chuck                                              everything. It is unlikely you would be The Internet is like ‘crack cocaine’
 ........................             able to purge Wife 1.0 and still        for us information junkies.
Musser, Dave
 .......................         convert back to Girlfriend 7.0. Hid-                           —Paul Stephen,
Schiele, Terry                                            den operating files within your system              Winnipeg PC User Group
Thomas, Elmer
 ......................................                                      Members’ helpline
Tooley, Richard D.
 ...............................        Cynthia Gonse ............................................................. Windows ’95-’98, Office 97
Wann, Harold                                                Anytime—
 .................                Linda Gonse ........................... Windows ’95-’98, Office 97, PageMaker, Internet
Westberg, Carl                                              (909) 245-0291 after 5 p.m. and weekends—
                                                            Sharon Graham ........................................ MS Office, Access, Win 3.1, MS-DOS
Wirtz, Ted
 ...................................     (714) 533-6043 after 7a.m., before 10 p.m.—

Page 4                                                                                      Orange County IBM PC Users’ Group—December 1999
                                                                                  decided it would be wise to do some
  Software review                                                                 clean-up. I got rid of some files that I
                                                                                  couldn’t see any reason to save,
                                                                                  defragmented all partitions, and
PowerQuest gives you a Second Chance                                              checked the free space to see if C:
                                                                                  was within the parameters given in
                                                                                  the Readme file. In proceeding to
by Carl Westberg                         back to exactly how it was this          install, I heeded the warning to close
                                         morning, yesterday, last week, or        other Windows programs (I wish I
“Computer mishaps happen to all of       whenever the PC was working              could remember to do that before I
us. A new screen saver wrecks your       perfectly. Plus, SecondChance can be     put in the disk). When asked if I
display settings... That new             installed on all Win 95/98               wanted to read the latest breaking
shareware program decides to alter       workstations                             news in the Readme file I, of course,
your config.sys and autoexec.bat         and laptops,                             clicked on Yes. Thinking that it
without bothering to tell you... You     drastically                              would be good to have that on hand
install a new game and the rest of       reducing the                             while installing, I tried to print it.
your applications stop working…          resources and                            Much to my surprise the computer
    Let’s face it, it is impossible to   costs                                    rebooted. The reboot worked fine
predict when you are going to push       associated                               and brought up a “splash” screen that
the wrong button and suddenly end        with                                     suggested that I make a Emergency
up looking at The Blue Screen of         supporting                               Boot Disk. This I did, adding it to my
Death. But, fortunately, now there’s     impaired                                 collection of Emergency Boot
hope! PowerQuest gives you a             mission-critical systems, both           Diskettes.
“SecondChance.”                          internally and on the road. It’s fully
    When a system is impaired due to     compatible with other programs and       Operation
a system conflict, configuration         utilities, and won’t slow your system    A counter-clockwise blue arrow
errors, buggy software, data             down or waste disk space. In short,      appeared in the tool bar at the
corruption, or simple user error,        PowerQuest SecondChance takes            bottom. Right clicking on this brings
SecondChance from PowerQuest,            the frustration out of personal          up a small selection screen with
allows you to automatically and safely   computing.”                              “Open Second Chance” and “Create
restore your system back to an               Thus readeth the blurb for Second    a New Checkpoint.” Since a
earlier point in time when the PC        Chance that I received by e-mail in      Checkpoint had already been
worked great. And it does this           September. I was going somewhere         created, I left clicked on “Open
without time-consuming backup            and did not take the time to consider    Second Chance” and got a selection
tapes and restore programs.              buying it at that time. When I got       box replete with tabs and various
    Here’s how it works:                 home again I forgot about it until it    options which include: Control tab,
1. SecondChance takes                    was offered for review in a club         Restore Drives, Create new
      “Checkpoints,” which are           meeting. It seemed like something        checkpoint, and View drives.
      snapshots of your system, at       that I have been needing because             Inasmuch as I didn’t need either
      user-specified points in time.     every now and then my computer           of the first two, I selected the third
2. These checkpoints are created         goes whacko and through Scandisk,        and got a screen that allows you to
      automatically, by a built-in       Safe Mode, etc. I go to get it           view the trees on the drives and the
      scheduler or manually, whenever    operating again. If I could simply       changes made thereto.
      you want.                          restore the settings to when it worked       Options tab: Allows a user to
3. When disaster strikes, you            properly, life would be a lot easier.    change limits for file space usage and
      merely select the checkpoint to                                             add or remove drives (to those
      where you want to go back and      Installation
                                                                                  included in the Checkpoint). Here I
      reboot.                            Since I have lots of software on my      chose the first, reducing the amount
    It’s that easy!                      hard disk and have partitioned it to
    “SecondChance takes your PC          get reasonable FAT sectors, I                           (Continued on page 6)
Orange County IBM PC Users’ Group—December 1999                                                                   Page 5
                                          Outlook address book and sends a          Second Chance
                                          message to everyone in the address
                                          book. The virus is considered a low       (Continued from page 5)
                                          threat as it has only been emailed to
                                          anti-virus vendors and the major anti- of disk space on C: reserved for use
                                          virus vendors have received no            by Second Chance.
                                          reports of infection by customers.             Checkpoint Space tab: Shows
                                              Microsoft had released a patch for    current checkpoint dates, times and
                                          the “scriptlet.typelib/Eyedog” security space the checkpoint file occupies
                                          last month. This patch also prevents      and the available Checkpoint space.
                                          the ‘BubbleBoy’ virus running. The             Schedule tab: Settings here allow
                                          patch is available from: http://          you to automate the creation of new
                                             checkpoint files by selecting the day
   SPECIAL TO ORCOPUG                     iebuild/scriptlet/en/scriptlet.htm.       and time desired.
       by Greg McClure                    This virus or worm is more of a                Online tab: Provides options to
                                          nuisance than anything, as it does not    register online, update, or visit the
   Winnipeg PC Users’ Group
                                          carry code that could damage              Powerquest web site.
If one attempts to run Norton Utilities   someone’s computer.                            The documentation booklet is
version 3.0,4.0 or 4.5 (2000) under           Another virus called W32.             minimal, but the help screens are
Windows95/98 you may see the              FunLove.4099 affects Windows95/98 clear, understandable, and appear
error message “Invalid File               and WindowsNT machines. It infects        complete. One salutary discovery
Extension”. This may occur after          applications with EXE SCR or OCX          upon subsequently working with
installing Office200 and then running     extensions. When such a file is           other software is that Second Chance
Norton’s WinDoctor. The problem is        opened or run the virus will create a     will remove the Checkpoint file if it
a result if Office2000 was installed to   background process that continues to gets in the way of other computer
run off the CD. Using this method         replicate. What happens with Win-         operations. I was scanning the text
Office2000 will prompt the user           dowsNT computers is that it is able to from Powerquest for inclusion in this
when the CD is needed to read             corrupt the permission checking           document and it first advised me of
certain files and Office2000 will run     process enabling it to infect the rest of the limited disk space, then removed
without a problem. However                the network. Both McAfee www.             the checkpoint file upon my OK
WinDoctor finds entries in the   VirusScan and Syman-           allowing the scan to proceed.
Windows registry for these CDROM          tec’s Norton                  I don’t know if this is a “sleeper,”
based files but can not find them on      AntiVirus have released updates.          but it appears well thought out and
the hard disk. It therefore reports a         Since we are on the topic of          designed for a useful purpose.
problem. The workaround is to set         viruses, Microsoft announced that it is Windows seems to need all the help it
WinDoctor to ignore these entries. If     working with leading antivirus firms to can get and Second Chance,
you have already had WinDoctor fix        provide free, fully functional anti-virus assuming it proves to be as good
what you believed were errors, you        software to companies, small busi-        over an extended period as other
may have lost some registry entries       nesses and consumers. The software        Powerquest software, could well
and may have to reinstall Office2000      is 90 day trial versions and was          save some hours of getting the
to make it run properly.                  available starting November 1 through computer operating properly again.
    One must always be aware of the       to December 31,1999.
possible threat of viruses. Two new           According to MS web site
ones have been in the news lately.        “Microsoft is focusing on a growing        Win95/98, hard disk space 20MB,
The ‘BubbleBoy’ virus is a new type       concern that there is the potential for    RAM 16MB or above; $69.95. More info
                                                                                     at, or call
that does not require the user to open    viruses and hoaxes to be a problem         800-379-2566.
an attachment. Instead one simply has     around the changeover to the Year
to open an email message. An              2000” and is providing this service.
embedded Visual Basic script                  Visit the following page for more
command then attaches itself to the                      (Continued on page 10)
Page 6                                                               Orange County IBM PC Users’ Group—December 1999
                                                                                   Legal resources available
  New products & technology                                                        on the web
                                                                                   Have a legal question you want
                                                                                   answered or want to look up the
                                                                                   wording of a federal, state, or
                                                                                   international regulation? Chances are
                                                                                   these two sites, http://www.lawguru
One-stop shopping for drivers is here                                              .com/ and
                                                                                   index.html, will be able to help you
by Linda Gonse                                                                     out. Combined, they offer a useful law
Search for the latest drivers of all types at This is   library with more than 10,000 titles;
one of the most, if not THE most, comprehensive site for drivers on the Web.       both also provide lists of frequently
   Also, there are daily updates for prices on CPUs, hardware, and systems;        asked questions. In addition, they
hardware reviews, and company and support forums. Serious computer users           cover dozens of topics in depth, from
should bookmark this site for future use.                                          finance law to finding a job within the
                                                                                   legal profession. They are not a sub-
                                                                                   stitute for having your own attorney,
Office 2000 not entirely compatible with older versions                            but are excellent starting points if you
by Linda Gonse                                                                     are in need of basic legal information.
                                                                                                Submitted by Tony Lake
If you are thinking of upgrading to Office 2000, read these qualifiers from
Microsoft first. Although you probably will still decide to install Office 2000,
you will be prepared for the inevitable side effects.        Test monitors
com/office/ork/2000/four/67t2_1.htm.                                               by Carl Westberg
    Microsoft’s web site says Office 2000 users can collaborate with users of
other versions of Office, as well as other software applications. But, previous    No, this is not for lizards!
versions of Office do not support all Office 2000 features. During the conver-        PCMagazine has a monitor testing
sion process, some features and formatting might be changed or lost.               program online at http://
    For instance, Microsoft Excel 2000 has the same file format as Excel 98
(Macintosh) and Excel 97 (Windows), but it has a few enhancements because
of the new features included in Excel 2000. The Excel 95 and Excel 5.0 file
formats are different from Excel 2000.                                             Random crashes:
    For more information about sharing files with an earlier version of Office,    A way of life?
see Office 2000 Upgrading Reference.
2000/four/68ct.htm.                                                                Imagine if every Thursday your shoes
                                                                                   exploded if you tied them the usual
                                                                                   way. This happens to us all of the time
Handy order form for Peachpit Press is online                                      with computers, and nobody thinks of
by JimBo Norrena, UG Representative and Academic Marketeer                         complaining.
                                                                                          —Jeff Raskin, interviewed in
User group members receive a 20% discount for up to 10 books. There is no                      Doctor Dobb’s Journal
minimum. For more than 10 books, there is a 40% discount. Write your
complete user group’s name on your order form to qualify for the discount.
   There is now a PDF file on our web site to download and use whenever
you want to place an order:                If at first you don’t succeed ...
pdf . Or you can call us at 800-283-9444 and speak to a general customer                Sky-diving isn’t for y
                                                                                                                o oo
service representative. Alternatively, you can email your order to: orders@                                          u. Or snail mail your order to: Peachpit Press, Attn: End-user/user                   Submitted by Ted Wirtz
group sales, 1249 Eighth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710.
Orange County IBM PC Users’ Group—December 1999                                                                     Page 7
                                                                                                                       click on Explore. Use the center
  Computer and software tips                                                                                           vertical scroll bar between the Ex-
                                                                                                                       plorer windows and scroll up to the
                                                                                                                       folder called My Documents. Double
                                                                                                                       click to open it. Go to Step 3.
Cleanup your hard drive
in four easy steps                               Now and Then                                                          3. Locate the file you want to rename
                                                                                                                       and right click on it.
Maintain your hard drive by perform-         1999                                                                      4. Left click Rename on the drop-
                                                                                                                       down list.

                                                                                 Created and designed by Linda Gonse
ing these steps at least monthly, in this    48 percent of American homes
order:                                       have computers in them.                                                   5. Type a new name for the file in the
1.) Delete all files and folders with        2003                                                                      blue highlighted area in the box, and
dates older than one week from               60 percent
                                                                                                                       press the Enter key on the keyboard.
C:\WINDOWS\TEMP.                             of American                                                               (If the extension—a period and three
                                             homes are                                                                 letters—could be seen in the original
2.) Purge your browser’s history and         expected
Internet cache files.                        to have                                                                   file name, be sure you type it again
3.) Run ScanDisk. Select the Stan-           computers.                                                                after the new file name.)
dard radio button and enable Auto-
matically Fix Errors. Click on Ad-                                                                                     Free PhotoShop lessons
                                            file. Use the redirect function. Type
vanced and, under Log File, pick
                                            dir > dir.txt and press Enter using                               is offering free
Replace Log; for Cross-Linked Files,
                                            any DIR command switches.                                                  Photoshop 5.5. lessons. They are in
select Delete; click Free under Lost
                                                You can print from the file you                                        pdf format and may be downloaded
File Fragments; under Check Files
                                            just created by using the redirect                                         at
For, check ”Invalid dates and times;”
                                            function or the PRINT command.                                       also offers
and disable “Check host drive first,”
                                            Type dir.txt > prn or dir.txt . lpt1                                       courses on other subjects, including
unless you’ve compressed your hard
                                            or print dir.txt and press Enter.                                          HTML, JavaScript, FrontPage 2000
                                                You can send the directory listing                                     and FrontPage 98. —LG
4.) Empty the Recycle Bin.
                                            directly to the printer. Type dir >
      — Tip of the Day            prn or dir > lpt1 using any DIR
                                            command switches.
How to print a folder list                      You can also print a directory of                                                  ocab
                                                                                                                                  voca ulary
                                                                                                                         Computer vocabular y
                                            a given folder in Windows by
by Alan Jarrett                                                                                                                        URL
                                            navigating in Explorer to the folder                                           (Universal Resource Locator)
It’s hard to get a folder listing in        which lists the file you have just
Windows. There is an easy way to do         created. Right-click the file dir.txt.                                       Pronounced earl, it is a
                                            Click Print on the context menu.                                             standardized naming, or
it in, you should excuse the expres-
                                                                                                                         “addressing,” system for
sion, DOS.                                                                                                               documents and media acces-
     Click on Start, Programs, MS-          Rename any document                                                          sible over the Internet.
DOS Prompt. Navigate to the                 quickly and easily
directory of your choice using the CD                                                                                    For example, the URL http://
                                            by Tony Lake                                                       
command. Type cd /? and press                                                                                            includes the standard for the
Enter.                                      There is a simple way to rename any                                          exchange of information
     In the directory of your choice,       document you create in Windows 95                                            (http—Hypertext Transfer
type in the command dir and press           and 98. Here’s how:                                                          Protocol), the address of the
Enter to see the directory on the           1. If you have a My Documents icon                                           computer on which it can be
                                                                                                                         found (, the
screen. Use switches to control the         on your Desktop, double-click on it                                          name of the document (news),
information displayed. At the DOS           and go to Step 3. (If the My Docu-                                           and the language in which the
prompt, type dir /? and press Enter.        ments icon isn’t on your Desktop,                                            document is written (html, or
     If you want to create a file, you      follow Step 2.)                                                              Hypertext Markup Language).
must transfer the directory listing to a    2. Right click on the Start button. Left
Page 8                                                                 Orange County IBM PC Users’ Group—December 1999
                                             How Barbie and HAL got their names
                                         article. Can you imagine how dull          troubleshoot, how to go back to the
                                         reading about computer #1 and              last level that worked, and also must
SPECIAL TO ORCOPUG                       computer #2 would be, especially           be willing to risk killing components.
by Siles Bazerman                        after reading about HAL and Barbie.           Now my experience with over-
                                             Barbie is relatively new, only a       clocking goes back to the days when
Lately I have been asked about my        couple of years old. The name came         we pulled 4 MHz crystals from the
naming my computers, and about my        about when I assembled a computer          motherboard and replaced them with
philosophy in building and operating     for my granddaughters to use when          8 MHz ones, or later pulled 8 MHz
them. However, before I go into that,    they were visiting. They complained        and installed 12 MHz.
I want to correct a URL. The correct     about having to take turns, and               We also had some with “turbo”
URL for downloading Windows 98           pressed for a second computer. I           switches to change between crystals.
updates is         built Barbie out of spare parts, and       This was needed because a number
com/windows98/downloads/                 especially out of a motherboard and        of programs would not run at the
corporate.asp. Last time I left out      CPU that I had leftover from a             “high” speed setting. By the way, the
the Windows98.                           rebuild of my son’s computer. This         turbo switch on your PC does the
    Also, the patch for Windows 98       was needed because a non-function-         same speed switching, but it changes
SE shutdown problems has been            ing “Talk to me Barbie” game. After        the RC network and timing functions
updated, so if the first patch did not   all, who can resist the pleas of two       rather than crystals. But back then
help try the new one. I can’t com-       young granddaughters to play their         we did not know how to make this
ment on this since I haven’t had that    new game. Well, with a background          work correctly. Crystals were easier,
problem.                                 like that, the name Barbie was a           and info about them (part numbers,
    I have been naming computers         natural.                                   frequency, etc.) could be exchanged
since back in the days I was running         Both HAL and Barbie have               by Fidonet while the RC network
a TI 99/4A and a C64. At that time I     undergone several permutations in          could only be diagramed and sent by
was writing about using TI Writer        their lives. HAL is currently a 233        snail mail if you had an address to
(later to become Word) and               MMX that thinks it is a 266MMX             use.
Funnelweb Writer (don’t ask, if you      (overclocked bus). Barbie is now a            I have heard many stories about
were into TI you would know). It         200MMX that is not overclocked             how overclocking will shorten the life
was just easier to write about HAL       since the Tyan motherboard will not        of your CPU, but I have never had a
than about a computer. Later it          allow it.                                  CPU die, nor a motherboard fail
became a game. Actually HAL was                                                     because of overclocking. In fact, the
formalized when I obtained my first      Why overclock?
                                                                                    PC that my daughter is using in Santa
286 SX/25.                                  As some of you already know, I          Rosa is about four plus years old. It
    Having been a fan of Arthur          overclock whenever I can.Why?              was an early HAL, and then given to
Clarke since I was a teenager, HAL       Because I can. These are my toys           her when I upgraded. It is an Intel
was a natural for a computer that, at    and I will play with them any way I        Zappa motherboard with a 75 MHz
times, seemed to have a mind of its      want.                                      Pentium running at 125 MHz with a
own. Of course, the sheer coinci-           Do I recommend overclocking?            multiplier that is raised.
dence, per Clarke, of HAL being one      No. It is not for the inexperienced or        New CPUs from Intel now have
letter lower than IBM may have had       the faint of heart. It is also not for a   their multipliers locked, so you must
some influence also. Anyway the          machine that you depend on for             play with the buss speeds and
name has persisted and really came       mission critical work. If you              sometimes core voltages in order to
into use when I started writing about    overclock, you must understand the
several different computers in one       workings of the machine, how to                         (Continued on page 11)

Orange County IBM PC Users’ Group—December 1999                                                                    Page 9
                                                                                Bug Report
                                                                                (Continued from page 6)
                                                                                information and links, at the bottom of
     Humorous Bits                                        by Don Gonse          the web page:
                                                                                    I have only used McAfee and
                                                                                Symantec’s virus scanners. PLEASE
                                                                                PLEASE PLEASE if you already
                                                                                have a virus scanner or if you install
                                                                                one of these 90 day trial version
                                                                                update your virus definition files on a
                                                                                REGULAR basis! I have seen people
                                                                                with definition files that are 1 or 2
                                                                                years out of date! These definitions
                                                                                are not providing you with very much
                                                                                protection. Even if you have just
                                                                                bought and installed a virus scanner
                                                                                recently its definition files are out of
                                                                                date! Follow the manufacturer’s
                                                                                recommended procedure to update
               Spreadsheet Word Search                                          the definition files. McAfee and
                                                                                Symantec both release updates on a
                              by Alan Jarrett                                   weekly basis and provide automated
                                                                                procedures via the Internet. Also you
                                                                                can have more than one virus scan-
                                                                                ning software installed on your com-
                                                                                puter at one time but MAKE SURE
                                                                                that you only have one of the pro-
                                                                                grams scanning for viruses automatic-
                                                                                ally. If you do not, you could get false
                                                                                    Well that is it for now. Best wishes
                                                                                for the holidays and all the best for
                                                                                the next millennium. : )

                                                                                                Greg McClure provides
                                                                                                ISP support to the
                                                                                                Winnipeg PC User
                                                                                                Group and writes the
                                                                                                popular Bug Report for
                                                                                                its newsletter, Tid Bits
   If you’ve used spreadsheets, these terms should be familiar to you. If                       ‘N Bytes. You can
   you haven’t, but want to, these terms will become familiar to you.           email him at

   Absolute      Align       Argument       Cell       Chart     Column            Newsletter contributors
   Database      Field       File           Font       Footer    Formula
                                                                                  Alan Jarrett, Carl Westberg, Charlie
   Function      Graph       Header         Macro      Pane      Pointer          Moore, Don Gonse, Greg McClure,
   Range         Record      Relative       Row        Scroll    Template         JimBo Norrena, Linda Gonse, Mike
   Text          Value       Worksheet                                            Lyons, Paul Stephen, Siles Bazerman,
                                                                                  Stan Leese, Ted Wirtz, Tony Lake.

Page 10                                                            Orange County IBM PC Users’ Group—December 1999
                                           December raffle                                              J an uar y
                                           (Continued from page 1)                                 Newsletter
   a dedicated volunteer                       In addition, anyone whose review                       Saturday,
                                           is delinquent as of the December                          December 18
                                           meeting will be allowed to participate                    or sooner, please
                                           in the December raffle, but cannot
APCUG rep is needed                        win a review item—even if their ticket
                                           is drawn. So if you owe a review,
Alan Jarrett will be retiring as our                                                 Letters
                                           better hurry up and get it to Terry
APCUG representative after the first       Schiele or don’t bid on review items.     (Continued from page 2)
of the year and is looking for a               Reviews are important for several
volunteer to handle the position.          reasons. First, in order to receive       your e-mail address AND PASS-
APCUG activities the representative        additional items from a vendor, some      WORD! I'm not certain, but I think
would participate in or monitor are        vendors require that the item be          you can also send gift certificates
the APCUG BBS, Roundtables, and            reviewed at a meeting or published in     also. Sounds too risky for me!
Quarterly Report. Attendance at            the newsletter. Second, a review                                     Stan Leese
Comdex and the Southwest Regional          from one of our members may be             
would be a plus. If you are interested     more credible to us than those in
in becoming the APCUG representa-          magazines because we know our
tive for ORCOPUG, please contact           member, and that he/she has no            T Search for roots on Web
Alan at                  financial gain from a review. Third,      This genealogy information was found
                                           and probably the most important           in the October 1999 Readers Digest,
                                           reason, our club was started with the
Planning meeting set                       idea that sharing information is
                                                                                     “Find your Roots Web Sites.”
                                                                                     1. Roots Web,
The ORCOPUG planning meeting will          important. Helping each other is one      2. Mormon Church began testing a
be held Thursday, December 16, at 7        of the basic reasons for our existence.   new Web site, www.familysearch.
p.m. at Downey Savings and Loan in             This meeting has always been a        org. It contains 360 million names.
Fullerton. It is on the corner of          terrific evening. There is usually some   3. The National Archives, www.nara.
Bastanchury and Laguna. Planning           good natured “ribbing” going on           gov. Provides a discription of its
meetings are held the third Thursday       about who has or hasn’t won a prize.      material online—120,000 of its four
of each month. Everyone is welcome         So bring a smile, and your wallet/        billion records have been digitized.
to attend and participate. —LG             purse and join in this wonderful time.
                                                                                                                Tony Lake
                         Members’ Web Pages                                          Siles
            Jim Brubaker
                          Discount Real Estate Services for
                                                                                     (Continued from page 9)
                          Buyers and Sellers of Homes
                                                                                     accomplish this. One must is good
            Linda Gonse
                          PC Instruction, Newsletter Design,                         cooling as the CPU may run hotter
                          Web Page Design and Maintenance                            when overclocked, although many
            Sharon Graham                       will not. It all depends on how radical
                          Family Photos and Information                              you get.
            Dan Sheffield
                          Educational CD-ROM Software                                Siles Bazerman is Vice President of
                                                                                     WINNERS, a Windows User Group in
            FREE Web listing for ORCOPUG members! Add your Web address!
                    Send your information to
                                                                                     Garden Grove. You can write to him at
Orange County IBM PC Users’ Group—December 1999                                                                    Page 11
                        Stop in and take a look!
      You can find rebates, special product offers, and news updates at
 ORCOPUG’s award-winning web site. Plus, get program information, member-
   ship application, contact info, review guidelines, and past newsletters at
                                         www.or copug.or
                                         www.or copug .or g
                                                                              The Orange County IBM PC Users’ Group regular meeting
          hat      ORCOPUG
        W hat does ORCOPUG                                                    is scheduled for the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30
       membership offer to you?
       membership offer to you?
       membership offer to you?
       membership offer to you?                                               p.m. at the Hunt Library, 201 S. Basque Avenue, Fullerton,
                                                                              (714) 738-5364. For more information, call (714) 990-0580,
                                                                              or go to
       • Product &“How to” demonstrations
                                                                              Directions: From the 91 Freeway, exit at either Euclid or Brookhurst
       • Free raffles and magazines                                           Streets and go north. Turn onto Valencia Drive. Go to Basque Avenue
                                                                              and turn north. The Hunt Library is located at end of Basque. (Access
       • Help from other members                                              only from Valencia).
       • Newsletter and web site
       • Special offers, discounts, events                                                          ×
       • Monthly meetings
       • Affiliation with other user groups
         around the world.
 Reprint Policy
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                                                                                                                                   Bring a friend!
                                                                                                                                     6:30 pm
                                                                                                                                   December 14
                                                                                                                                      P ar ty
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                                                                                                            Post Office Box 1779             IBM PC
                                                                                                       IBM PC Users’ Group                 Orange County
                                                                                                       Orange County
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