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					Cruising I
                Cruising I

Learning Objectives
• Describe the cruise industry
• Determine why people go on cruises
• Describe different types of cruise lines and
• Explain how cruises are priced and sold
 Evolution of the cruise industry

• Started off with Packet boats :- cargo
  travelled on regular schedule, loaded or
• Sailing ships :- first class, second class
  and steerage (least expensive)
• Ocean Liner :- launched in 1900s, with
  Queen Mary, QE, Titanic
Evolution of the Cruise industry

• Queen Mary :- Long Beach, California

• Queen Elizabeth :- burned in HK in 1972

• QE2 :- christened in 1967, operates world
  or special cruises in the winter, scheduled
  transatlantic service in the summer
            Cruise Product

• 1980s :- Cruise lines began mirroring

• Cramped entrances and lower-deck pools
  to palatial atrium lobbies
          Port Development

• Good Sightseeing or offer active sports

• Better infrastructure to a destination

• Shore excursions’ volume increase
           Life abroad ship

• Circular journey

• Embarkation :- city where a cruise begins

• Port of call :- city somewhere on a ship’s
            Life aboard ship

• Debarkation :- ship’s final port – right back
  where it started
          Passenger Profiles

Who cruises?

• Activity lovers

• Families

• Gamblers
           Passenger Profiles

• Groups

• Physically challenged

• Honeymoons and anniversaries

• Resters and relaxes
              Cruise Areas

• Ocean e.g. Pacific, Atlantic, Indian

• Sea e.g. South China Sea

• Island e.g. Phi Phi Island, Koh Samui
        Other Cruise Areas

• Bermuda

• SE Asia

• Caribbean

• China and Japan
Specialty and Expedition cruises

•   Adventure cruises
•   Cruises to nowhere
•   Dive boats
•   Yachts

• Website :-
       Rules and Regulations

• Registry :- Bahamas, Panama

• Number of Nations allow their flag to be
  used in this way as a flag of convenience
  for a fee
           Payment Policies
• Reservation is made, passengers are
  given an option on their cabin choice for a
  certain amount of time

• Use of credit cards available on line at
  Star Cruise Singapore

• Other modes of payment (cash, nets,
  credit cards) are also available
             Per diem costs

• Per diem, daily rate per person

• Divide the total cost of the cruise by the
  number of nights afloat to find the per-
  person per diem rate

• Passengers need to know the rates ahead
  of time

• Tipping : - part of every cruise ship

• Vary from cruise to cruise

• Will be advised on the “unwritten” tipping
  policy by the cruise director
              Deck Plans

• Bow

• Stern

• Starboard

• Port
      Examples of Fly-Cruise
1) 15D 12N Northern Europe & the Baltics
Details :- Sail out of Amsterdam
Sailing dates : June 14, July 08 & Aug 01
                 (2005) fr. $3,788
Ship : Celebrity Century (77,000 tons)
Ports of Call : Amsterdam, Oslo, Stockholm,
Helsinki, St Petersburg, Estonia,
       Examples of Fly-Cruise
• Package includes :-

• 7N to 14 N deluxe cruise, return airfare,
  transfers, depending on itineraries

• Travel Agencies :- Misa travel, citystate
  travel, anglo-french, universal travel etc.
      Examples of Fly-Cruise
2)   18D 14N Scandinavia & Russia Cruise

3)   18D 14N British Isles/Norway Cruise

• Identifying the correct target markets is
  crucial in order for the cruise companies to
  package the product

• Customers can use different modes of
  payments in buying the cruise products

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