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									     Beijing    •   Shanghai       •   Nagasaki      •   Osaka     •   Hong Kong

                              The Eleventh

                      Cruise for Investors                                    Steve Forbes

                                & Collectors
                                                    April 6-20, 2007
                                                    Crystal Symphony

Cruise & Experience China & Japan with These Knowledgeable Economic & Investing Experts...

  Ken             Rich            John           Elizabeth       Arjuna           Marilyn
 Fisher         Karlgaard        Dessauer       MacDonald       Mahendran         Cohen
                                                       Learn & Profit from Forbes’ B
                                                     Political & Economic                                Digital Rules
A Special                                            Update                                             Rich Karlgaard is publisher
                                                                                                        of Forbes and writes about
Invitation…                                          Steve Forbes is president and
                                                     CEO of Forbes and editor-in-chief                  technology, entrepreneurship,
                                          of Forbes magazine. A widely respected                        regional economic development,
            This is a special             economic prognosticator, he is the only writer     and the future of business and work in his
            invitation to join the        to have won the highly prestigious Crystal         column. He co-founded two magazines, the
            Forbes family again for       Owl Award four times, which was formerly           2,500-member Churchill Club, for which he
            an unbeatable                 given by US Steel to the financial journalist      received a Northern California Entrepreneur of
                                          whose economic forecasts for the coming year       the Year Award, and is the author of Life 2.0.
            combination of fun
            and profit on the 11th        proved most accurate.
            Forbes Cruise for                                                                            Asia Pacific Markets
Investors, April 6-20, 2007.                         Portfolio Strategy                                  Arjuna Mahendran, chief
                                                     Ken Fisher is best known for his                    economist and strategist, Asia Pacific,
Every aspect of this luxurious                        prestigious portfolio strategy                     at Credit Suisse, is responsible for
11-day cruise has been meticulously                   column in Forbes, where his                        driving research and providing
planned to meet the exacting                          22-year tenure of high-profile calls   in-depth analysis of markets in the Asia Pacific
                                          now makes him the fifth longest-running            region. He also leads the analytics team in
standards you’ve come to expect
                                          columnist in Forbes’ 89-year history. Mr.          interpreting market economics and developing
from Forbes. Along the way you will
                                          Fisher is the founder, chairman, and CEO of        investment strategies. An industry veteran, his
gain keen insights from a stellar                                                            career spans 20 years in both private companies
roster of financial experts while         Fisher Investments, Inc., a $30+billion-sized
                                          multi-product money management firm.               and public sector organizations, including a stint
comparing notes and exchanging                                                               with the World Bank.
ideas with like-minded people in an
atmosphere of six-star luxury. You                   Global Investing
                                                     John Dessauer, editor of John
                                                                                                         Money & Investing
will get to know the experts on a
first-name basis, learn about the                     Dessauer’s Investor’s World, is                    Strategies
analysis they do to reach their                       best-known for his globe-trotting,                 Elizabeth MacDonald, senior
recommendations, and hear specific,                   “muddy boots” approach to                          editor at Forbes, specializes in
profitable investing strategies.          investment research, preferring to get             quality of earnings after covering the same for
                                          first-hand information on what is happening        The Wall Street Journal. She has collected 14
Our goal for this upcoming cruise is      in the world’s economies. He has run a             awards along the way, including a Gerald Loeb
                                          billion-dollar trust department and was            Award for excellence in business journalism,
to focus on the booming economies
                                          Citibank’s senior investment officer in Europe     American University’s Excellence in Financial
of the Asian region. While at sea
                                          in the 1970s.                                      Journalism award, and the Society of
during conference sessions, 40% of                                                           Professional Journalists’ award for Outstanding
the program will concentrate on
investing in and around Asia and
                                                     Capital Markets                         Public Service Reporting.

other international opportunities,                   Marilyn Cohen is president
                                                      and founder of Envision Capital                    Stock Selection
with the remaining focus on the US
economy and markets.                                  Management, Inc., and one of the                   James Stack is editor of
                                                      nation’s leading experts on making                 InvesTech Market Analyst and was
                                          bond investing accessible to individual                        one of the most vocal bears on
This is a wonderful opportunity
                                          investors. She is the author of The Bond Bible,                Wall Street in the late 1990s—
for us to talk about the most             an easy-to-read book that explains bond            warning of a valuation and high-tech bubble
compelling trends and strategies          market mysteries to non-professional               that would end in disaster for the small
that are showing up in the markets        investors. Ms. Cohen’s column on bond              investor. He is renowned in the industry for
today and find the ones that mean         investing in Forbes magazine guides                his historical perspective and safety-first
big profits for the future. This cruise   individuals on timely bond investments and         approach to investing.
also gives you and our expert             issues driving the bond market.
faculty some real one-on-one time                                                                        Economic & Investment
to explore what’s on your minds—                     Value Investing
and in your portfolios. I hope
                                                     John Buckingham, known as                           Vahan Janjigian is vice
you’ll join us.                                      one of America’s top stock pickers,                 president and executive director of
                                                     is portfolio manager of the Al          Forbes Investors Advisory Institute, co-author
                                                     Frank Fund and actively follows         and editor of the Forbes Stock Market Course, and
                                          more than 1,000 stocks. His stock selection        editor of the Forbes Growth Investor and Special
                                          process has given his subscribers a whopping       Situation Survey. He has made numerous
Rich Karlgaard                            20.71% annualized return for over 28 years         presentations to retail investors and professional
Publisher, Forbes                         and an unmatched Hulbert Financial Digest          money managers on various topics including
                                          rating as #1 newsletter for the past ten, 15,      capital market theory, portfolio management,
                                          and 25 years (through April 2006).                 fundamental analysis, and quantitative analysis.
Brain Trust of Investment Powerhouses While Explorin
   Up Close & Personal with                                          Monday, April 9
                                                                     Beijing, China
                   Steve Forbes                                                                  Beijing dates back nearly 500,000
                                 Join Steve Forbes,                                              years, during which time lived Peking
                                 president, CEO, and                                             man. Evidence of the stone tools he
                                 editor-in-chief of Forbes,                                      used and the use of fire are the oldest
                                 for a lively and insightful                                     Chinese relics of history. During the
                                 question-and-answer session in                                  following 1,000 years, the city served
                                 a town hall meeting format to                                   as a capital and strategic regional
                                 discuss the current and future                                  trading and military center. It has
   state of the US economy. He’ll share his take on the impact            Pavilions in Beijing   endured invasions by warlords,
   that the mid-term election results have on the markets and        foreign powers, devastating fires, the rise and fall of several
   your portfolio. Learn his views on the current state of the       imperial dynasties, and has emerged each time as a strong and
   economy, the markets, specific sectors, and what’s ahead for      vibrant city. Thirty-four emperors have lived and ruled the
   2007. This session will include a continental breakfast and       nation from Beijing. Today, Beijing is the country’s political,
   some mingling time with like-minded friends and photo             economic, cultural, and educational center as well as China’s
   opportunities with Mr. Forbes.                                    most important center for international trade. It is a modern
                                                                     metropolis, complete with 21st-century vitality, towering
                                                                     skyscrapers, and bustling shopping malls.

   China: The World’s Locomotive in                                  Forbes Welcome Aboard Reception
                                                                     Meet your onboard conference faculty for a
   the 21st Century                                                  fun and friendly get-together. Enjoy cocktails,
   Sustained high growth rates, incredible export                    hors d’oeuvres, and stimulating conversation
   potential, competitiveness, projected level of                    with other like-minded investors and share
   consumer spending, and enormous population has catapulted         experiences, and investment ideas with
   Chinese markets onto the forefront of the world’s financial       long-time Forbes subscribers, who often share
   scene. For investors everywhere, the question is not whether      your same objectives.
   to invest in Chinese markets, but specifically where, when, and
   how to participate in the growth of this vast and dynamic
                                    region. Find out how you can     Tuesday, April 10                                 Welcoming Reception
                                    share in China’s booming         Seminars-at-Sea
                                    economy—while avoiding
                                                                                                  Our journey begins, blending
                                    the pitfalls—from this panel
                                                                                                  an educational experience with
                                    of renowned China experts.
                                                                                                  countless shipboard activities.
                                                                                                  Enjoy the many and varied
                                                                                                  amenities of the Crystal Symphony
                                                                                                  as we begin our in-depth
   Stockpicker’s Delight                                                                          seminar-at-sea sessions. Learning
   With a host of investment vehicles to choose from, selecting                                   has never been so much fun!
   winners is becoming an almost Herculean task. Discover               In-Depth Presentations
                                       how ace stockpickers
                                       separate fact from fiction    Wednesday, April 11, and Thursday, April 12
                                       to maximize their profit      Shanghai, China
                                       opportunities. Bring          Shanghai is a multi-cultural
                                       your pens and get ready       metropolis with both modern
                                       to jot down the               and traditional Chinese
                                       panelists’ top picks!         features. Modern Shanghai has
                                                                     three key areas of interests—
                                                                     sightseeing, business, and
                                                                     shopping centered upon
                                                                     People’s Square. Known as
                                                                     “the Oriental Paris,” Shanghai                Shanghai Skyline
   Makers & Breakers                                                 is a shopper’s paradise.
   A popular segment on the acclaimed weekend program,               Although it is rapidly developing into one of the most modern
   Forbes on FOX, Makers & Breakers is where the experts aren’t      cities in the world, Shanghai would not be unique without
   afraid to tell it like it is. Don’t miss                          blending the new with the old. It is a place where glass-coated
   this fast-paced roundtable with experts                           skyscrapers serve as a backdrop for an ancient Buddhist temple,
   picking the stocks, while others tell                             where teahouses nestle next to the newest Starbuck’s, and juicy
   you whether they’ll make you money                                steamed dumplings belong in the same meal as a McDonald’s
   or break the bank.                                                hamburger. No matter how rapid the pace of development, the
                                                                     city’s history still resurfaces in the most unexpected places.
ng Lands Rich in History and Scenic Splendor
  Friday, April 13                                                     Tuesday, April 17, and Wednesday, April 18
  Seminars-at-Sea                                                      Seminars-at-Sea
                                    Stroll the pristine decks of the   Choose to be as lively or as
                                    Crystal Symphony or relax and      leisurely as you wish on this last
                                    unwind in the luxurious,           full day at sea. After today’s
                                    state-of-the-art spa with ocean    seminar-at-sea, soak in the
                                    views. After you’ve attended       sunshine by the pool, join a
                                    today’s seminar-at-sea, learn to   Pilates class, or indulge yourself
                                    tango with a dance instructor      with a massage.
                                    or simply sip a cappuccino and                                                  Lively Q&A Sessions
                                    watch the world float by.
         Hard-Hitting Panels
                                                                       Thursday, April 19, and Friday, April 20
  Saturday, April 14                                                   Hong Kong, China
  Nagasaki, Japan                                                      Although Hong Kong has returned to its original Chinese roots,
  The charm and elegance of                                            it still remains a cosmopolitan city with influences, languages,
  Nagasaki has been a well-kept secret                                 and accents from around the world. Soaring skyscrapers rise
  for ages. Nagasaki has one of the                                    from the hills and harbor, blending geography and nature with
  prettiest harbors in the entire                                      commercial concrete, steel, and pulsating neon in a way that
  world. While it is true that the city                                brings traditional Chinese culture and Western-style commerce
  is not filled with luxurious resorts,                                into perfect harmony. The bustling city streets are lined with
  famous museums, or world                                             teeming markets and sophisticated boutiques tucked tightly into
  renowned art galleries, its gardens                                  every available crevice. Some of the world’s best shopping is
  and parks more than make up for                                      found in Central, located on Hong Kong Island and only a short
  its lack of man-made attractions.                                    ferry ride away.
  The landscape is gorgeous, and                Nagasaki Peace Park
  Nagasaki relies on its intrinsic beauty
  to attract people from all over the globe. This tactic has worked,
  as cruise ships flock to this exquisite port city, with passengers
  eager to experience some of the wonders of Nagasaki. The yearly
  festivals, great restaurants, and ancient temples combine with
  the aesthetic brilliance to form a spectacular atmosphere. A
  harmonious blend of ancient and modern influences will be
  yours to enjoy during your sojourn in Nagasaki.

  Sunday, April 15, and Monday, April 16                                                        Hong Kong Skyline

  Osaka, Japan
                                       Osaka was at the center of
                                       Japanese commerce in the
                                       16th century when Chinese
                                       merchants brought goods,
                                       new knowledge, technology,
                                       and culture, all of which
                                       filtered into Japan through
                                       the bustling port of Osaka.
                                       Today, the city is dedicated
                                       to raising its profile as an
               Osaka Castle            international cultural center
                                       by promoting artistic,
  academic, and sports activities and enriching them through
  cultural exchanges with the rest of the world. The effect of this
  cultural trade remains evident to this day in the form of Osaka’s
  superb restaurants, excellent theater, and collection of
  impressive temples and steadfast castles.

     Cabins Sell Out Quickly—For the Best Cabin Selections Contact
      Your Cruise Specialist to Reserve Yours Today, 800/530-0770.
   Three-Day Beijing Tour Included with Your Cruise – April 6-9

For centuries, Beijing has played a major role in China’s imperial rule.      Great Hall of the People
It was Khublai Khan, a grandson of Genghis Khan, who reunified the            Tonight we are invited to a
Chinese territories and transferred the capital to Beijing during the         spectacular dinner and performance
13th century. Beijing was not only an eternal imperial city, but also a       at the Great Hall of the People. This
thriving trading city that served as the easternmost terminus of the          impressive structure is where China’s
caravan routes of the Silk Road. Today, Beijing remains as it was             legislature, the National People’s
centuries ago—a great center of power and commerce. It is a bustling          Congress, assembles for deliberations
metropolis of soaring high-rises, flamboyant                                  on state affairs. The building houses
billboards, and growing international stature.                                the offices of the Standing Committee            Great Hall of the People
                                                                              and lavish facilities for official entertaining, including the enormous
Friday, April 6                                                               banquet hall where President Richard Nixon dined during his
Upon arriving in Beijing, you will be greeted                                 historic visit to China in 1972.
at the airport by uniformed staff and
escorted to the Shangri-La Hotel, one of the                                  Sunday, April 8
most elegant hotels in the city, where you         Shangri-La Hotel Beijing
can relax and recover from your journey. Set amidst charming                                             The Great Wall
landscaped gardens, the award-winning Shangri-La Hotel Beijing is                                        After an early breakfast at the hotel, we
located near the financial district, Technology Park (the Silicon                                        board our motor coaches for a scenic,
Valley of Beijing), and the historical Summer Palace, providing an                                       47-mile journey through the countryside
excellent base for our tour. You’ll enjoy a delicious buffet dinner and                                  to one of mankind’s mightiest creations,
an evening spent at your leisure today.                                                                  the Great Wall. Built in the 3rd century BC
                                                                                                         to protect China’s northern border from
                            Saturday, April 7                                                            marauding nomads and “barbarians,” the
                                                                                                         wall stretches about 4,500 miles east to
                            The Forbidden City                                                           west. Today, it remains a poignant
                            Following a buffet breakfast at the hotel, we                                reminder of the monumental endeavors of
                            will board our motor coaches and journey               The Great Wall        nearly one million workers.
                            to the Forbidden City, the world of The Last
                            Emperor. Between the 15th and early 20th
   The Forbidden City       centuries, this magnificent complex,
                                                                              Ming Tombs
containing 210 acres of pavilions, gardens, and courtyards, was home          After lunch, we will visit the tranquil valley of the Ming tombs,
to 24 emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Considered one of              where 13 of the 16 emperors of the Ming dynasty have been laid to
the greatest feats in human history, the city’s construction is presently     rest. Each tomb is located at the foot of separate hills, linked by a
one of the largest and best-preserved palace complexes in the world.          road called the Shen Lu, meaning the Spirit Way, and commonly
There are more than one million rare and valuable objects in the              referred to as the Sacred Way or Sacred Alley. The four-and-a-half-mile
museum, many of which are on display for you to view.                         road, once forbidden to all but the emperor’s funeral cortege, leads
                                                                              to Changling, the grand tomb built
                                                                              for Emperor Yongle in 1427.
Tiananmen Square                                                              A huge stone tortoise marks the
Originally designed                                                           entrance to the famed Avenue of the
and built in 1651,                                                            Animals. Here, lines of statues
Tiananmen Square                                                              depicting lions, camels, elephants,
was enlarged to                                                               and mythical beasts stretch the length
approximately 100                                                             of the valley. Pause along the Spirit
acres and cemented                                                            Way to stroll among and marvel at
                                      Tiananmen Square
over in 1958. The                                                             these legendary stone guardians.                     Ming Tombs
square derives its name from the imposing stone Gate of Heavenly
Peace, which once served as the main gate of the former Imperial              A complimentary dinner at your choice of one of the Shangri-La’s
Palace. Designed for massive gatherings, the plaza can accommodate            superb restaurants will be available upon your return to Beijing
more than one million people. Aside from military parades,                    this evening.
Tiananmen Square has become a rallying point for student
demonstrations, most notably the pro-democracy rally in 1989.                 Monday, April 9
It was in this square that Mao Zedong proclaimed the founding of              Summer Palace
the People’s Republic of China in 1949. His body is entombed in the
                                                                              Enjoy breakfast at the hotel before traveling to the Summer
nearby Mao Zedong Memorial Hall.
                                                                              Palace. Commissioned by Emperor Qianlong
                                                                              in 1750 to honor his mother’s birthday,
Temple of Heaven                                                              the garden was originally known as the
After a savory lunch, we will journey to the serene and expansive             Garden of Clear Ripples and served as
Temple of Heaven. This masterpiece of 15th-century architecture was           a testimony to China’s scientific and
constructed according to the most advanced principles of mechanics            technological achievements. Later, in
and geometry available at the time. The complex                               1860, the gardens were destroyed by
includes two circular ceremonial buildings with                               Anglo-French forces and then
blue-tiled roofs, which were the shrines                                      reconstructed and renamed the
where China’s emperors worshipped. After                                      Summer Palace in 1888.
the Communist Revolution in 1949, the
Temple of Heaven became a public                                              After lunch, bid Beijing a fond farewell as
park. You’ll have an opportunity to                                           we journey to the port of Tianjin to
stroll through its grounds on your                                            board the Crystal Symphony and
own before returning to the hotel.                                            start our Asian cruise adventure.
                 The 11th Forbes Cruise for Investors—Call 800/530-0770
                                                                                                                               Penthouse Suite with Verandah (PS)
    Forbes Cruise Cabin Rates                                  (per couple)                                                    491 square feet (with verandah)—Each suite has
                                                                                                                               a well-stocked bar, remote TV & VCR, personal
           Category         Regular Rates                    Forbes                                                            butler service, queen-sized or twin beds, full
                                                          Special Rates*                                                       Jacuzzi tub, separate shower, bidet, walk-in closet,
                                                                                                                               refrigerator, and security safe.
           PS                  $39,960                      $33,490
           PH                  $31,870                      $27,090                                                            Penthouse with Verandah (PH)
                                                                                                                               367 square feet (with verandah)—Spacious living
           A                   $22,850                      $16,090                                                            area, private verandah, well-stocked bar, personal
           B                   $21,950                      $15,390                                                            butler service, queen-sized or twin beds, remote TV
                                                                                                                               & VCR, full Jacuzzi tub, separate shower, walk-in
           C                   $19,850                      $12,890
                                                                                                                               closet, refrigerator, and security safe.
           D                   $18,360                      $12,090
           E                   $17,210                      $10,690                                                            A & B Deluxe Stateroom with Verandah
                                                                                                                               246 square feet (with verandah)—Private verandah,
        *Does not include port charges of $245 per person                                                                      queen-sized or twin beds, seating area, remote TV
                                                                                                                               & VCR, full bathtub/shower combination,
        • Seminar registration fee is included.                                                                                refrigerator, and security safe.
        • Seminar is only available with the purchase of the cruise
          package and not sold separately.                                                                                     C, D, E Deluxe Stateroom
                                                                                                                               202 square feet—Large picture window,
        • Required deposit of 30% per cabin can be made by American
                                                                                                                               queen-sized or twin beds, seating area, remote TV
          Express, Discover Card, or check (payable to InterShow).
                                                                                                                               & VCR, full bathtub/shower combination,
                                                                                                                               refrigerator, and security safe. C & D have sweeping
Your Deluxe VIP Package Includes:                                                                                              views; E has a limited or extremely limited view.

    ◆    11 fabulous days for two aboard the six-star luxury liner,
         the Crystal Symphony                                                                        Cancellation Policy: All cancellations will be assessed a non-transferable
                                                                                                     administrative fee of $75 per person. Cancellation requests must be made in
    ◆    Three-night pre-cruise tour in Beijing                                                      writing to your cruise specialist. If the request is received at least 76 days prior
    ◆    The Forbes gala welcoming and farewell cocktail receptions                                  to air departure date, a refund of deposit, less the administrative fee, will be
                                                                                                     made. Later cancellations will be assessed the following charges:
    ◆    Specialty coffees in the Bistro, sodas, and bottled water
                                                                                                     76 days prior to cruise date • No penalty
    ◆    $100 per person shipboard credit                                                            75-45 days prior to cruise date • 10% of total charges per guest
    ◆    Informal “get-togethers” with some of the world’s top                                       44-15 days prior to cruise date • 50% of total charges per guest
         investment advisors as well as like-minded investors                                        14 days and thereafter before cruise date • 100% of total charges per guest

    ◆    Seminar valued at $3,000 (may be tax deductible,
                                                                                                       FINAL PAYMENT DUE to InterShow by December 15, 2006
         consult your tax advisor)

                                The participation of Forbes magazine is limited to the onboard educational seminars. Forbes magazine and co-producer, InterShow, assume no responsibility or liability in
                                connection with the services provided by the cruise line. Forbes magazine’s reputation for meeting its professional obligations is distinguished, and they are very much
                                looking forward to hosting you on this cruise, as are all their invited speakers. However, if they or any of their guest speakers are prevented, for reasons beyond their control,
                                from speaking on this cruise, no claim can be processed against Forbes magazine. In the unlikely event that a speaker cancellation occurs, the cruise-ship sailing and other
                                onboard seminars will still take place and pre-registered passengers are encouraged to maintain their plans. However, if you decide to cancel, Crystal Cruises’ cancellation
                                policy (see above) will apply. Cruise participants may want to consider buying cancellation protection insurance. Speakers subject to change without prior notice.

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