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					            WHY THE TEA PARTY SHOULD BE
Our mandate focuses on three issues: 1.) Fiscal Responsibility, 2.) Limited Government, and 3.)
Free markets. Immigration impacts all three and here is how:

Fiscal Responsibility:            Our state and Federal governments are currently running deficits.
The presence of illegal immigrants imposes costs on our governments by drawing on
government provided services, denying our government of legally due tax dollars, and imposing
other costs on our government.
          In order to understand how illegal immigrants impose these costs on our government it
is necessary to understand that they do not pay taxes. Without proper documentation they cannot
file income taxes, as to do so requires a social security number and to use someone else’s social
security number is identity theft. As a result, our government is deprived of the taxes that it
would otherwise collect if the jobs held by those illegal immigrants were held by taxpaying US
citizens. They do not pay property taxes, as without proper identification, including social
security numbers, they cannot get loans and buy property. And, though they may pay some sales
tax, the amount of sales taxes that they pay are minimal. This is because food, clothing, and
shelter are not subject to sales tax. Illegal immigrants, working for lower wages and sending as
much as they can back to their native lands to support their families do not buy many consumer
goods that require the payment of sales taxes. Therefore, by not paying the taxes that they
should, when they draw on public services, they hit the governmental budgets twice: once by not
paying taxes and second by consuming tax dollars. This produces unnecessary governmental
expenses and leads to either increased taxes or deficit spending.
          One can also add to the costs arising from illegal immigrants interacting with the law by
recognizing that they consume the time of our police forces and courts. Our court system
already has a terrible backlog of cases, which is unnecessarily exacerbated by the necessity of
having to prosecute illegal immigrants who have committed criminal acts.
          As with any people, there are some illegal immigrants who become entangled with the
law. Approximately 6.48% of all prisoners in US prisons are illegal immigrants. In Ohio
each prison inmate cost $25,056.15/year in 2008. Ohio state prisons currently have 578 non-US
citizens in jail, which if one uses the 81% national average of the number of immigrants in prison
are illegal, this suggests that 468 are illegal immigrants in Ohio’s prisons, costing Ohio taxpayers
$11,726,208 per year. Ohio is currently running a $1.8 billion deficit.
          In our recent banking crisis a some of the bad loans that provoked this crisis were made
to illegal immigrants who banks gave loans because of pressure by the Federal Government not
to deny minorities loans by such racially insensitive acts as verifying identities, incomes, and
employment status. Of course, the Federal Government has engaged in massive deficit spending
to bail out these banks. Though one cannot attribute most of this to illegal immigrants, they
certainly contributed to it. Our grandchildren will be paying for this one.
        Section 1, of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution says: “All persons born or
naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United
States and of the State wherein they reside.” As a result, the children of illegal immigrants born
in the US are allowed to reside in the US, attend taxpayer funded schools, and draw on various
state services. As discussed earlier, their parents do not pay the taxes which support these
government services, so our government picks up an expense without compensating revenues,
contributing to Ohio’s $1.8 billion deficit.
         Likewise, Ohio has laws which mandate the counties to provide what medical services
are necessary to make all children capable of attending our schools. The various county boards
of developmental delay provide various therapy services free of charge to all. They staff based
on demand and, again, the children of illegal immigrants, who are born here, are entitled to these
services, but their parents do not pay any taxes. An expense without any compensating tax
income contributing to Ohio’s $1.8 billion deficit.
         Though legal immigrants have the right to translation services in schools, health services,
and courts, when illegal immigrants become involved with any of those state provided services,
it frequently becomes necessary to provide them with translation services. Those costs are paid
for by the government and create an additional demand on tax dollars.
         In addition, in Ohio there is a problem of illegal immigrants, who are hurt on the job, who
apply for workman’s compensation benefits, and draw them, when their employers have not
contributed to the Workman’s Comp system. Even though this is completely illegal, there are
illegal immigrants drawing workman’s compensation.
         A more subtle cost imposed on our government is produced by illegal immigrants
working in jobs that might otherwise be filled by citizens and legal residents. Currently 10% of
Americans are unemployed and drawing unemployment. There is another 7% who have used up
all their unemployment benefits and just given up. If those unemployed citizens were to hold the
jobs held by illegal immigrants, they would be paying taxes and not consuming tax dollars in the
form of unemployment benefits, food stamps, welfare, and government provided medical
benefits. Added to this is the fact that the illegal immigrants are not paying taxes to finance the
benefits consumed by unemployed citizens, so this is a double blow to the state and Federal
         On an economic level, illegal immigrants in our job market bid down the price of labor
on the spot market. Since illegal immigrants must conceal their status, they are taken advantage
of by unscrupulous employers who pay them below the market value for their labor. This means
that citizens, seeking work, find themselves facing a market where the value of their labor has
been bid down by the competition of illegal immigrants. When a citizen must bid down his wage
in order to compete for a job, the income he reports to the government is reduced and so too are
the taxes he pays. Ohio is running a $1.8 billion deficit and wages being driven down by citizens
competing for jobs on the free market with illegal immigrants directly contributes to lower state
tax revenues.
         The most subtle cost of all imposed by the presence of illegal immigrants is the
production of a permanent underclass in our society. These people are condemned to a life style
that prevents them from integrating, forces them to live in the shadows, keeps them in
substandard housing, and makes them uncompensated victims of crime. Illegal immigrants are
exploited with impunity by unscrupulous people who have no compunction about abusing them.
If an illegal immigrant is the victim of a crime they cannot go to the police for fear of being
deported. If they live in housing that violates the board of health standards, they cannot report it
for the same reason. This produces health issues that can affect us all, be it the presence of
uncollected garbage, overcrowded housing situations, unsanitary conditions that promote
disease, or such things as rats and bedbugs, which in Cincinnati are currently reaching serious
levels. There are health ramifications for all of our citizens when any group finds itself forced to
live in unsanitary conditions.
Limited Government:               Every service imposed on the government by the presence of an
illegal immigrant contributes to the expansion of government. Reducing the size of government
is impossible since their children must be educated, which requires larger schools and larger
staffs in the county boards of developmental delay. Those same schools have to hire teachers
who speak their native languages. Those of them that commit criminal acts must be
incarcerated, which require larger prison staffs to house and guard them. When they take jobs in
times of unemployment, they force unemployment costs to rise and create larger governmental
bureaucracies to administer those costs. When their housing conditions become unsanitary they
are not identified and cannot be cleaned up until they have become major health issues impacting
far larger numbers than they might have otherwise.
         In order to control illegal immigration and limit their access to the work place, the
government has been obliged to grow, expanding INS as well as instituting such systems as E-
Verify. These systems expand government intrusion into business and simply increase the size
of government beyond what would be necessary if illegal immigration was stopped at the
         In sum, everything that they do that consumes government resources forces an increase
in the size of government.

Free Markets:          Illegal immigrants come to the United States for many reasons, but one of
the major reasons they come here is for work. They sell their labor on the American job market,
competing with American citizens for the same jobs. The old story that illegal immigrants take
jobs that US citizens won’t do is absolutely false. They have flooded the construction trades
doing masonry, roofing, wallboarding, carpentry and a myriad of other skilled jobs that are
frequently union jobs. How often do we hear in the evening news of a factory or meat packing
plant being raided by INS and 200 illegal immigrants being taken away? It goes on all the time.
But how does this impact free markets.
        The answer is very simple. A market is free only so long as all participants in the market
compete on the same basis. When an American citizen applies for a job, there are state
minimum wage laws that impact what wage he can be paid. His employer must pay a matching
FICA tax, so that adds 15% to the cost of employing that citizen. In addition, the state imposes
additional costs in the form of unemployment taxes and workman compensation charges. In
addition, if working conditions are not safe, an American citizen can contact OSHA and file a
complaint, which will bring in Federal inspectors who will impose costs and levy fines on an
        When an illegal immigrant is hired by an unscrupulous employer, the employer
immediately sees a costs savings in the form of not having to pay minimum wage. He saves a
further 15% by not paying the matching FICA. And, of course, being unscrupulous, the
employer is not obliged to pay either unemployment taxes or workman’s compensation costs. In
addition, he is not obliged to provide safety equipment and ensure a safe work place. All this is
cost savings to the employer and makes it highly profitable for an unscrupulous employer to hire
illegal immigrants, who can be abused and under paid, and will not know or ever consider
reporting the employer for not paying the various taxes that required when hiring citizens.
        The market is hardly free when the cost of employing an illegal immigrant creates
massive profits to the unscrupulous. And in the free market, when a company employing illegal
labor can reduce its costs by 20% or more, law-abiding companies simply cannot compete, go
bankrupt, and lay off their employees, who then turn to our government for unemployment, food
stamps, etc. etc.

For you personally:             Illegal immigrants cost you, as an individual, more than you can
imagine. It goes without saying that every dollar spent by government is extracted from your
pocket and every dollar of deficit spending is extracted from the pockets of your children and
grandchildren. So, everything stated above is a cost that eventually comes out of your pocket.
         Unfortunately, those are not the only costs imposed on you by the presence of large
numbers of illegal immigrants in the US. For one thing, illegal immigrants use our hospitals,
which are mandated by law to treat anyone who comes to the emergency rooms. Since they
cannot or do not pay for those services, those of us with insurance find $50 aspirin on our
medical bills. In California, hospitals have actually closed their doors because they have gone
broke treating illegal immigrants. Yes, but it’s only the insurance company that pays this, or so
you think. Well, insurance companies charge your employers for their services because they are
not charities. When your employer gets the bill for its employees’ insurance, that cost is put into
the price they charge their customers for their goods and services. And guess what? All those
increased costs are passed on to the consumer, you!
         Illegal immigrants drive cars, but since they do not have social security numbers, they
cannot buy insurance, and many simply do not buy it, even though Ohio law mandates they have
liability insurance. As a result you and I have to buy uninsured motorists insurance to protect
ourselves from these people, who when they have accidents simply cannot pay to cover the
damage that they have done. Not only do you pay that when Allstate or GEICO sends you your
insurance bill, every produce in the US travels over the roads in trucks that carry liability
insurance. The costs of their insurance is passed on to….. Yes you guessed it, you the consumer.
Do you know that in Arizona 50% of the drivers are uninsured and the vast majority of them are
illegal immigrants?
           Now, we’ve already mentioned those illegal immigrants who run afoul of the law. You
know your tax dollars pay to house them in accommodations that are luxurious when compared
to where they came from. Of course paying for their accommodations comes out of your pocket,
but when an illegal burglarizes a house, the home owner’s insurance pays out compensation for
their loss. Guess what? Yup, that cost is passed on to you again when you buy your home
owner’s insurance, even if you weren’t robbed. Did I mention that 60% of the crime in San
Diego, CA, is committed by illegal immigrants?
           Do you remember how when you were a kid you got a job in the summer at Mickey D’s
or mowing lawns, etc., etc. Are you aware that those jobs are almost non-existent any more
because illegal immigrants are filling them. Yes, it gives you a cheaper whopper, but when
Junior turns 18, graduates from high school and wants a summer job to help pay for college he
can’t find one because you’ve got to speak Spanish to work at KFC any more. So where does he
turn to get pocket money for when he’s in college. You guessed it….. I assume you are aware
that youth are suffering from the highest unemployment rate right now and they can’t apply for
unemployment because they’ve never had a job.
           Speaking of college, are you aware that several states allow illegal immigrants to attend
at in-state tuition rates, even though they and/or their parents have never paid taxes to support
those institutions, but your child, who is in the country legally gets to pay out-of-state tuition?
           And while we’re speaking of costs that we endure that are the result of illegal
immigrants, let’s not forget the fact that they frequently use social security numbers that are not
theirs when they apply for jobs, etc., etc. Well, the Ohio Revised Code 2913.49 – Identity Fraud,
(I)(2) in sum says that using someone’s social security number without permission is
committing, depending on the sum and persons involved, a 3rd, 4th or 5th degree felony. And
let’s not mention the problems of cleaning up your credit record and your life after your identity
has been trashed. How do you put a value on that? Many identity protection services offer a
$1M insurance policy to protect you on this. That gives you a good idea of what the damages
can run. So, is this a problem? Just remember that every illegal immigrant who is working in the
US, and that has been as many as 20,000,000 of them, is highly likely to have given a false SSN
to his employer. There are 310 million citizens in the US with SSNs, so simple math says that as
many a 1 in 15 people may have had their SSN stolen and misused by an illegal immigrant.

1. $11 Billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare to illegal immigrants each year by state
governments. Source:

2.. $2.2 Billion dollars a year is spent on food assistance Programs such as food stamps, WIC,
and free school Lunches for illegal immigrants. Source:

3.. $2.5 Billion dollars a year is spent on Medicaid for illegal immigrants. Source:

4. $12 Billion dollars a year is spent on primary and secondary school education for children
here illegally. Source: TRANSCRIPTS/0604/01/ldt0.html%C2%A0

5. $17 Billion dollars a year is spent for education for the American-born children of illegal
immigrants. Source TRANSCRIPTS/0604/01/ldt.01.html%C2%A0

6. $3 Million Dollars a DAY is spent to incarcerate illegal immigrants . Source: 0604/01/ldt..01...html

7. 30% percent of all Federal Prison inmates are illegal immigrants . Source:

8. $90 Billion Dollars a year is spent on illegal immigrants for Welfare and Social Services by
the American taxpayers. Source:

9. $200 Billion dollars a year in suppressed American wages are caused by the illegal
immigrants. Source:

10. The illegal immigrants in the United States have a crime rate that's two and a half times that
of legal immigrants. Source: 12/ldt.01.html
11.. In 2006, illegal immigrants sent home $45,000,000,000 in remittances to their countries of
origin. Source:

To put this in relationship to various government expenditures:

Total Expenditures to Illegal Immigrants                                    $338 billion
Medicaid 2008                                                               $186 billion
Medicare 2008                                                               $325 billion.
Social Security 2008                                                        $544 billion
TARP TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program, AKA Bank Bail-out)                $700 billion
President Obama’s 2009 Job Stimulus Package                                 $775 billion

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