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A perfect vacation can be easily spoilt if you visit a country where the people are not
friendly and welcoming. However, that is not the case with Spain as its people are
very warm towards the visitors and tourists of the country. Spain has offered a lot
benefits to the visiting community lately and the developing economic conditions has
also increased the immigration rate of Spain. Spain is graded as the second highest
country in the world after US to have such a high immigration rate. Spain has been
attracting foreigners as most of the people have found good job opportunities here
while others continue to struggle for their better future.

If you just visiting Spain then language would not be a problem as most of the people
you would come across would be fluent in speaking English. No matter what part of
Spain of you travel to, you will find plenty of easy guidance as most people
understand English and many are able to speak it as well. However if you are inclined
upon learning new languages then the most spoken language in Spain is Castilian
Spanish, Catalan and Galician. Most of the people of Spain are Roman Catholics
whereas atheists are considered as one of the minorities.

Commonly people in Spain dress in casual clothing and you will find people wearing
traditional clothing only during festivals that require them to do so. Spain has more of
a modern outlook on dressing and you can wear whatever you like to. However, if
you are visiting small villages then it is better if you dress conservatively as people
look down upon less clothing. Also while visiting a church make sure that you are
dressed properly as there is a proper dress code for religious activities. Swim wear
and short clothing should be kept only till beach as it is disliked generally in Spain.

After landing in Spain at Spain airport, you can use your time to go through the
general magazines and tourist guides of the country. Rent a car in Spain is an
affordable service specifically formulated for tourists and you can obtain quality cars
at fair rates.

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