Telephone Interview Script - Introduce everyone on telephone call by malj


									                                TELEPHONE INTERVIEW SCRIPT

      Introduce everyone on the telephone call

      “Thank you for making yourself available for this phone interview”

      Give brief summary/overview of UTEP/Department/El Paso
           State University, part of UT System
           6 Colleges and the School of Nursing
           More than 20,400 students, majority-minority student population, many non-
            traditional students
           Borders New Mexico and Chihuahua, Mexico – closer to San Diego than
            Houston, low crime, desert climate
           Approximately 700,000 population, 70% Hispanic, 1.5 million population in
            Juarez, vibrant border location
           Department Faculty: number and type of research interests
           Department: number of majors, degrees offered

      Describe what search committee is looking for in a candidate (skills,
       qualifications) and responsibilities of position (refer to position
       announcement and any other objective selection criteria that have
       been established by the search committee)
           Qualifications, experience, skills, research interests
           Teaching/mentoring, research/publication, service expectations

      SAMPLE Questions
           Describe the contributions you can make to the Department/University.
           What are your specific teaching interests and are you willing to teach up to 3
            courses per semester?
           As mentioned previously, UTEP has a predominantly Hispanic (Mexican-
            American) undergraduate student body, and also a significant number of
            international students. Describe your previous experience with and your
            interest in mentoring students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.
           Please describe your research focus and interests.
           What are your ideas to involve undergraduate students in your research?
           Do you see an opportunity for you to collaborate with others in the department
            with regard to research? If so, how?
           How do you plan to obtain funding for your research?
           How will this position and UTEP help you reach your career goals?
           Do you have any questions about the position, department or UTEP?

      “Thank you again for your time. We’ve enjoyed speaking with you.
       We will be completing our phone interviews shortly and will notify
       you if you’ve been selected for a campus interview.”

Faculty Search & Selection Handbook, Rev. 5/09                                               48

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