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Holy Redeemer Chinese Catholic Church and School Dinner and Dance

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					  Holy Redeemer
 Chinese Catholic
Church and School

 Dinner and Dance
   June 14, 2008
                               Our Mission

The mission of the Holy Redeemer Alumni Association is to
build a strong alumni group and to ensure that alumni, pa-
rishioners and friends of Holy Redeemer are committed to
the success of the School and the Holy Redeemer Chinese
Catholic Church. We want to establish Holy Redeemer
School as the best elementary educational institution in the
City of Philadelphia, through a balance of religious and aca-
demic excellence, while drawing on our community's histori-
cal, traditional and cultural heritage.

Youth Group Christmas Dinner

                                   Holy Redeemer Alumni Association
                                   915 Vine Street
                                   Philadelphia, PA 19107
                                   (215) 586-3480
        2008 Dinner and Dance

Registration and Cocktails
Lion Dance
                    Holy Redeemer School Students
Master of Ceremony
                               Herbert M. Jung, ‘45
Message from the Principal
                                 Dr. Lisa Cancelliere
Remarks and Invocation
                   Father Thomas R. Betz, OFM Cap.
Future of Holy Redeemer
                   Father Thomas R. Betz, OFM Cap.
Appreciation Award
                   Father Thomas R. Betz, OFM Cap.
Msgr. William Kavanagh Memorial Award
                             Dolores Moy Hural, ‘53
Raffle Drawings
Closing Remarks
                               Herbert M. Jung, ‘45
                  Raffle Prizes

   Avon Gift Basket (Dena Wood)
   $50 Blockbuster Gift Certificate
   Asian Wine Carrier and Bottle of Wine
   Bath&Body Works Basket (Vicky & Rick Mellwig)
   Courvoisier VS Cognac Gift Set
   Chinese Ginger Jars (Ruth Louie)
   Warwick Hair Design Gift Basket
   76ers NBA Woman’s Jacket
   SPA Gift Basket
   $75 Gift Certificate to Susanna Foo’s Restaurant
   2 Phillies Baseball Tickets (Donna Hural)
   Gourmet Gift Basket (Katherine Ngee)
   Wine Gift Basket (Bob Hural)
   $100 Gift Certificate to McCormick & Schmick’s
    Seafood Restaurant
   Mount Laurel Marriott Hotel and Breakfast
    2 night stay for 2 with breakfast for 2
   Hotel and Dinner Package
    1 night stay at the Radisson Plaza -Warwick Hotel
    $100 Gift Certificate to The Prime Rib Restaurant

    Carving Station         Vegetarian Station
 Carved Top Round of       Carved Salmon with a
         Beef              Sweet Thai Chile Glace
         And                 Sautéed Vegetable
Carved Breast of Turkey           Medley
                            Mixed Green Salad,
                              Italian / Ranch
     Asian Station
 Chicken and Broccoli
                              Dessert Station
     Spring Rolls
                            Bananas Foster over
 Vegetable Fried Rice        Vanilla Ice Cream
                           Assorted Mini Pastries
    Italian Station
    Pasta Bolognese
  Pasta with Roasted
Garlic, Calamatta Olives
 and Artichoke Hearts
    Penne / Alfredo

Name                       Class       Requestor
Monsignor William A. Kavanagh      Holy Redeemer Alumni
Esther Eng Burns           1967     William & Angel Ling
Esther Eng Burns           1967        Phil & Kathy Eng
Pamella Jung Chang         1942        Helen Jung
Arlen Chin                             Linda Chin Lew
Mary J. Chin                           Linda Chin Lew
Lillian Fung                           James S. Louie
Charles Hing               1942        Frank Hing
Jeanette Moy Horochiwsky               Dolores Hural
Edward Jung                1944        Anna Jung
George R. Jung                         Denise & Al Lee
George R. Jung                      Vicky & Rick Mellwig
George R. Jung                         Marie Jung
George R. Jung                       Robert & Cindy Jung
George R. Jung                         Phil & Kathy Eng
George W. Jung                Betty, Dennis, Donald Jung
                                       Patty Kutys
Debbie Lee                 1963      Sandra Lee Garbern
Debbie Lee                 1963        Doris Lee

Name                 Class               Requestor
George (Gabby) Lee              Janet, Jackalyn & Leisa Lee
Rickey Lee                        Dolores Hural
Ann Lee Louie                     Allan & Kwan Louie
Ann Lee Louie                     John Louie
Ann Marie Louie                   Ruth Louie
Bessie Lee Louie             Martin, Francis & David Louie
George Ming Louie            Martin, Francis & David Louie
George T. Louie                   Ruth Louie
Joe Louie                         Jason & Jacqueline Fong
Robert Louie         1963         Allan & Elsie Louie
The Moy Family                    Bill Moy
Jean Liu Ngee                     Katherine Ngee
                  Special Thanks

We wish to thank the following individuals for their gener-
ous support of the Holy Redeemer Alumni.

      Name                       Amount        Class
Kathleen & James Garth            100
Constance & Harry Jung            100           1951
Denise & Al Lee                   500           1969
Lolly & Ed Lim                    100           1960
Peter & Nancy Lim                 500           1977
Gloria & Henry Louie              50
Francis & Lillian Moy             150           1946
Betty Ng                          100           1970
Joe Poon                          50
William Tang                      50            1999
On Nar Tsang-Cartaya              100           1984
Guys Annual Christmas             800
Dinner Attendees
CHURCH AND SCHOOL has served the spiri-
tual and academic needs of the Philadelphia
Chinese Community for 67 years with distinc-
tion. Thanks again to Dr. Lisa Cancelliere, and
her staff for another excellent year.
      Congratulations and thanks also to the HR
this affair a memorable one.

Herb and Pauline (Young) Jung,
Proud Graduates
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               Message from the
              Alumni Committee

       Thank you for attending our social event and for
your support of Holy Redeemer Church and School. We
are especially appreciative of the generosity of the donors
and sponsors mentioned in this program.
        We hope that this gathering has enabled you to
share family, career and life changing events with old
friends and classmates. It is our wish that you continue to
foster these lifelong relationships and remain an active part
of Holy Redeemer and the Chinatown community. It is im-
portant that each and everyone of us ensures that Holy Re-
deemer thrives and remains viable for future generations.
Let’s continue to build upon those great memories while
contributing to the future success of Holy Redeemer.
       We also encourage you to patronize those busi-
nesses and sponsors that have generously supported our
dinner-dance. You can stay current with news, contact old
friends and learn about upcoming events through our web-
site If you would like to get involved
with the Alumni Committee or have any suggestions for
future alumni activities, please send a message to
The Holy Redeemer Alumni
   President—Dolores Moy Hural, ‘53
   First Vice President—Bill Moy, ‘63
 Vice President—On-Lei Tsang Jung, ‘84
       Secretary—Albert Lee, ‘69
       Treasurer—Philip Eng, ‘65
              Kathy Eng
               Kurt Jung
              Denise Lee
            John Louie, ‘64
           Martin Louie, ‘65
           Ron Moreno, ‘63

 The Holy Redeemer Alumni Association
             915 Vine Street
         Philadelphia, PA 19107
             (215) 586-3480