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					October 31, 2003

TO:    Iowa PSAPS
       Emergency Response Groups

From: Bob Seivert, President
      Iowa APCO
      Kirk Hundtermark, Chairman
      Iowa E911 Council

Please find enclosed a spreadsheet and instructions for completion of a survey of Iowans on cell
phone use. As you are aware, the Iowa E911 Council has proposed re-writing Iowa Code 34A. The
re-write will improve the ability of our PSAPS to continue the provision of E911 service into the
future. The rapid advancements in the telephone and communications industry, are outpacing the
ability of E911 to provide efficient public service, at the local level. We are, today, fast approaching
a time when we receive more 911 calls with unknown locations and callers, as well as invalid call
back (or no call back capability) than we will be receiving fully enhanced. If it hasn’t already, it soon
will effect you in terms of increasing time spent on critical calls and delays of dispatching and the
ensuing arrival of emergency services to our citizens. You and I understand the liability that will
impose on our operations and more so the devastating effect it has on morbidity, mortality and public

As we prepare to present our proposal to legislators, we have found that several questions, which
today have no answers, continue to be barriers to passing the bill.

Quite simply, this survey is designed to give us those answers and to heighten the public awareness
that their location, while using a cell phone, is not known to 911 telecommunicators.

The E911 Council, legislative committee assessed using a formal poll. We discovered the cost of the
poll, would be between $5,000 and $10,000 for approx 300 to 600 responses. While a formal poll
would be scientifically validated and independent, no one has the funds to pay for it. This option, was
discussed and is considered an alternate way to acquire the information we need to make an impact.

We need you to help us (and yourself) by facilitating the completion and submission of the survey
information. General instructions are attached. Please return the spreadsheets, to Bob Seivert by
November 24th . They are in excel format, if you wish to email them to, that
would be preferred. Fax # is 712-235-6911

If you have any questions, please call me at 712-755-5160 or email them to

Thank you for your assistance!

Bob Seivert, EMC
612 Court St
Harlan, IA 51537
Cell phone and 911 service survey of Iowans:

This survey is aimed at determining the percent of Iowans who use their cell phone for emergency
notification (911) and, of those who do, how many realize the location they are calling from is not
displayed for the 911 dispatcher.

This survey will help you educate those you contact on the capabilities of cell phones and their
limited ability to display the emergency location for a 911 dispatcher.

We hope to establish the value of those services with a follow up question regarding cost.

The information gathered will be used to educate our legislators and others on how the publics
perception of 911 and cell phones are not meeting expectations.

Your county or PSAP is being asked to contact 50 county residents. 100 counties will generate an
Iowa sampling of approximately 5,000 residents.

We ask that you follow the specified format. It will help to validate our survey.

We would like the survey conducted the week of November 10 –1 4, with the results sent or emailed
no later than November 24th to; Bob Seivert , 612 Court St, Harlan ,IA 51537 or

Call times should be between 10:00 and 19:00 hrs.

How you conduct the survey will be completely up to you. Some suggestions include setting up at
malls, grocery stores, or other public places. Make blind phone calls, use other citizen groups, use
your imagination. Our goal is for you to use this to gather information and to educate the public. I f
you have other items, color books, stickers pamphlets to hand out, please do so. The goal of 50
contacts per county is our goal, if you turn in 500, we will use those numbers, as we expect some
counties will not participate.

Someone who says no, they do not have a cell phone is a valid response.

We want you to identify yourself by name and agency. We do not want your citizens to think this is a
telemarketer trying to sell something. Be proud of who you are and your profession! This will
increase your visibility to the common citizen. We want them to hear that you are a 911

This information will not be sold to any one for anything. Individuals names will not be divulged.

The compilation of results will be shared and used to support the legislation necessary to improve
911 service to Iowans.

We need you to help us and to help yourselves!

Bob S

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