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									URTH MASTER
 Official Entry to the
Smart Alliance Pitch

     By Niño Neri
Smart Alliance Pitch
     Official Poster
                 a meditation of timelessness
                  purifying the urth prophecy
                      in a flowering art of

                Human. Earth. Virtual.

               Urth Master
         Season 1 – The Planetary Manifestation

            Virtual = Reality (Game Show)*

If all is given, what will you do in Earth?

               6 Nations. 260 Solar Days.
         20 Master Challengers x 13 Messengers
             1 Urth. 1 Community. 1 Cause.
     1 Urth Master. 1 Million Dollars.

 Register and get an Exclusive Urth Master Community Game Card.
       It connects you to the virtual world known as the Urth.
   Benefit from the Urth and perform the Command of Thy Will.


The Urth Master is a Corporate Social Responsibility.
It is a game for nation building, an instrument of hope and a system for economic change.

This one million dollar cash prize is collectively produced by the Urth System.

The Urth Master game show is about real connection between Human, Earth and Virtual. Inside the Virtual Game Box, presentations
are holons of the Flowering Art filled with dots, stars and squares, forming, picturing, positioning and owning a piece of the infinite.
Home Partners from the Smart Alliance nations are the Community that will also connect to the virtual world, as a dot, in support of
their Cause using a Game Card and will enjoy benefits the Virtual can give. There are 20 Teams each with a Master Challenger
inside the Codon with 13 Messengers on each team that would help perform the Command of Thy Will. Messengers will travel, build
and strengthen Communities. Money is produced by the Urth System to each Home Partner with a Game Card, enjoying the show,
participating on every helpful activity making the Urth Prophecy fulfill. This show is about Peace, Love and Harmony radiating on
each other, altogether reengineering and purifying the Earth making it a happy place to Be.

The virtual world known as the Urth is securely operating on the internet, future-ready with a built-in math model that will support and
prove the infinite number and geometry inside the virtual that benefits the Human, Earth & the Virtual. The Virtual Game Box inside
the Codon is the portal to the virtual world.

If all is given, what will you do in Earth?
Challengers will perceive and command as well as to organize and develop a community that would help build the nation. Master
Challengers will be tasked to handle certain directions and disciplines inside the Codon and must coordinate with his Messengers
using only his Urth Device. Messengers travel anywhere to meet Communities to realize a beneficial Cause and report these works
to the Master Challengers and to the people. These projects will be scored and will reflect to the Masters. The highest in rank among
the Masters will be crowned as the Urth Master.

MASTERS – 20 Masters will be picked according to his qualification.
MESSENGERS – 13 Messengers on each Team will be picked according to his qualification.
COMMUNITY – Community Members are group of many local Home Partners who will serve as the force of the game.

1 Master = 13 Messengers on each team
20 Teams from Smart Alliance nations
Home Partners are the Community.

Community must belong to the ASEAN nations who participate in the Urth Master virtual reality game show.
1 Community must be created by each Messenger for the entire Urth Season.
The Community is the force of the Masters and the Messengers. The Chief is the head of the Community.
The Community will rate all Cause done by the Communities using his mobile phone or through the internet.

The Community must fly an Urth Banner in all project sites, give education about the Urth Community & Cause, organize helpful
projects, i.e. Village Beautification, etc.

All projects and Cause of the Community are called a Gift of Love because it is purely created as the light for mutual love
to all the people. These Cause will surely serve a good purpose and that will benefit everyone in a long term.
Season 1 - The Planetary Manifestation

The Urth Master will be crowned after 260 days of timelessness inside the Codons together with the 20 Master Challengers.
40 days journey on each Codon and 20 days in the final phase held at the Planet Urth. The final phase will be at the first Codon and
its Virtual Game Box will be named as the Planet Urth and there will be new additional setup for the Planet Urth.

                                                                                   Finals -                   Season 2
                                                                                   Planet Urth                The Psychozoic Era.

  Codon 1      Codon 2       Codon 3       Codon 4      Codon 5        Codon 6



1 Codon will be assigned in each of the Smart Alliance nations.
Each Codon has 1 Virtual Game Box with a Codon Cube, 20 Units, 1 Canteen and 1 Clinic.
The Virtual Game Box of Codon 1 will be setup as the Planet Urth for the 20 Final Days.
Master Challengers will handle each discipline within 40 days inside the Codon, while their Messengers are organizing Communities in certain parts of their nation.

Stage 1 – Community
          Messengers must build and strengthen Communities and must organize and develop their nation using the Game Card and the Urth
          System. Each Messenger must build 1 Community within the Urth Season. A Community is an organized group of many people from
          the local areas of the Community and will assign a community leader also known as the Chief. Community members will register at $10
          and will receive a Community Game Card and will receive funds at $500 every 7-day Week Cycle collectively produced by the Urth System
          to support the cause set by each Community. The Community must create a master plan on all stages of discipline during Stage 1. All
          improvement and result on each discipline will be aired on TV. All funds are well accounted in the Urth System.
          Communities must start with an education about the Game and series of helpful trainings about Personality & Social Development, Community
          Management, or any other helpful activities.

Stage 2 – Food & Tourism
          Communities will explore, develop & promote the bounty and delight of the Food & Tourism industries in their locality.
          Communities may create or improve their local Festivals, Food Shows & Competitions or highlight a newly improved Food & Tourism
          destination or whatsoever that can help these industries in the local community and report the development to the Masters and to the
          people. It may include Research, Production, Packaging, Marketing, Quality, Security & Safety, etc.

Stage 3 – Sports & Entertainment
          Communities must develop sportsmen & talents that will soon bring glory to the Smart Alliance nations.
          Communities may organize local events, like Searches, Game Shows, Concerts, Mini Olympics, Competitions, Promotions, Showdowns, Parties,
          Fashion Shows, Races, Workshops, Awards and support local Productions, local Product Endorsement Commercials, develop a group of new Media
          Personnel, or whatever that may enhance and improve the industry and to ensure the future result of the game.

Stage 4 – Arts & Culture
          Communities must restore the beauty of the Arts & Culture brought to us by history.
          Communities must help restore and exhibit the nation’s Arts & Culture through research of ancient and prehistoric Rites, Festivals, Music
          Tattoos, Games, Costumes and restoration of historical documents and accounts of the Smart Alliance nations.
          Also to develop and express new forms of Art.

Stage 5 – Environment & Life Form
          Communities will improve, protect, beautify & purify the environment of the Smart Alliance nations.
          Communities will create and implement a plan that will help restore the natural state of the chosen area including its Life Forms. Activities
          like Bio-engineering, Ecotourism, Tree Planting, Conservation, Research, Flood Protection, City Beautification, Cleaning of the Surroundings, Waste
          Management, and many others.

Stage 6 – Research, Development & Implementation
          Communities will create, evaluate, document and tap new potentials. Communities may also invent and develop a new creation that
          can be proven true and contribute to the future of the program. Some activities include Self-exploration, Cosmic Education, Science & Technology,
          Experiments, Quiz Shows, Problem Solving, Project Presentation & Defense and many others.

The Urth Device are Android Tablet PC, Mobile Phone and the Game Card. Messengers will reach out to the Community the Urth
Master Game Card popularly known as the Community Game Card, so that everyone can start working on with the Game. The
Community Game Card is connected to the Virtual through the Internet or Mobile Phone.

MASTER CHALLENGERS – Android Tablet PC, Mobile Phone, Exclusive Master Challenger Game Card & Community Game Card
MESSENGERS – Android Tablet PC, Mobile Phone, Exclusive Messenger Game Card & Community Game Card
COMMUNITY MEMBERS – Community Game Card


      Community Game Card receives US $500 on each 7-day Week Cycle for Family & Personal use.
      Exclusive Master Challenger Game Card receives US $25,000 on each 28-day Moon Cycle and must properly allocate the
      funds to his Messengers for a Cause set by the Communities. Only the Master inside the Codon is allowed to grant
      and release the funds.

      Community Game Card receives US $500 on each 7-day Week Cycle for Family & Personal use.
      Exclusive Messenger Game Card receives US $10,000 on each 28-day Moon Cycle and must properly allocate the funds to
      the Cause set by the Communities.

COMMUNITY – Community Game Card with US $500 on each 7-day Week Cycle for Family, Community and Cause.

Each Community Member must answer few questions every week for the Urth System to determine his participation in the Game.

Game Card holders who misuse the funds and discontinue his service to the Community and the Cause will be suspended, detached
or blocked by the Urth System. All funds are well accounted by the Urth System.

The Urth System has a unique applied mathematics that will produce the Urth Fund to be used in the developmental stages of the
game through a Community Game Card. The system will position each person in the virtual geometry as a single dot and will
contribute to the infinity of the system as well as with the game. The virtual geometry development of the Urth System known as the
Flowering Art will be shown on TV and internet. The Urth System is also a Business System with built-in e-commerce for
merchandises sold in relation with the Game and the system earn rebates for each item sold.

The very foundation of the Urth System that produce an infinite financial blessing to everyone is the virtual geometry, commonly
known as the Flowering Art, filled with funds to leverage and multiply exponentially.

The system is based on a simple applied mathematics. Our equation we use is E=MC2 .
30=1(52). 30 Mirror Dots are equally produced by each Solid Dot multiplied by 5 raised to the power of 2.

A Solid Dot is represented by a real person in the Urth System.
A Mirror Dot is equivalent to a real person but it is only a virtual image in the system that mirrors the energy and supports the infinity.

This formula can be proven in a form of an infinite geometry.
            This is our formula, a Dot and a Triangle which is called Matrix.
            One Matrix is equivalent to One Cycle of 5 dots raised up to 2 levels which will complete in a week.
            For every complete cycle, the system will fund mirror dots to enter into the math system and will prove the Urth to be a true infinite system.

Using the given formula, we produce cycles that form an infinite Thread of Triangles.

A simple Thread of Triangles can form infinite geometry like these.

We will virtually present the geometry on TV as a real-time account of the Urth System. It is like a virtual constellation.
These Game Cards are real Debit Cards that works on any ATM, POS Terminals, Internet & Mobile.

 Exclusive Master Challenger Game Card     Exclusive Messenger Game Card is          Community Game Card is given to
 is provided by the Urth Master TV         provided by the Urth Master TV            registered Community Members who are
 Production. Only 20 cards available.      Production. Only 260 cards available.     Home Partners of the show. Membership
                                                                                     costs only $10.

                                                                                     Allocation for every Community Card:
                                                                                     $5 for the Card Cost &
                                                                                     $5 for the Urth System

                                                                                     To enroll as a Community Member,
                                                                                     please visit the official website or at
                                                                                     designated areas worldwide.

                                                                                     There are age restriction and
                                                                                     requirements for everyone to become an
                                                                                     official Urth Community Member.

                                                                                     Members who misuse the funds or
                                                                                     discontinue his service to the Community
                                                                                     and the Cause will be suspended,
                                                                                     detached, or blocked by the Urth system.

EQUATION: E=MC2. Energy is equivalent to Mass factored by a Count of Speed or Power or Energy.
Every person who enroll as a Community Member and paid a onetime $10 membership fee will be automatically positioned in the
Urth matrix. Once each personal matrix is filled with 30 members, the matrix will cycle and will move on to the next matrix cycle.
Once the second matrix is filled, the money will be produced by the Urth System to the Community Game Card at $500 every 7-day
Week Cycle and that money will be used for the Family, Community & the Cause.
                                                             First Matrix Cycle – 7 Days
     7-Day Week Cycley                    This is the first matrix of each dot or person in the Urth System.
     Level    System Matrix          Urth Beneficiary         Funds per Level        Funds Produced per Level
                                                               (from US $5)
 1                                           5                       $1             $4                              E=MC
 2                                          25                       $4             $100                                  2
                                            30                                      $104
                                                                                                                    30=1(5 )
 From US $104 total production on the first cycle;
 US $60 will be funded for each succeeding Matrix Cycle.
 US $40 will be initially funded to 8 mirrors on this Week Cycle at $5 each.
 US $4 will serve as Urth System fund.
                                                 Second and Succeeding Matrix Cycle – 7 Days
      7-Day Week Cycle                This is the succeeding matrix of each dot or person in the Urth System.
     Level    System Matrix          Urth Beneficiary         Funds per Level        Funds Produced per Level
                                                               (from US $60)
 1                                           5                       $10            $50
 2                                           25                      $50            $1,250

                                             30                                     $1,300
 From US $1,300 total production on the second and succeeding cycles;                                            Virtual = Reality
 US $150 will be funded for the 30 mirrors on the first Week Cycle and every Week Cycle at $5 each.
 US $150 will be funded for another 30 mirrors on this Week Cycle at $5 each.                                   The Mirrored Matrix
 US $300 will be sent to the Store of Mirrors as their stable fund every Week Cycle.
 US $500 will transfer to a member’s Community Game Card every Week Cycle.
 US $50 will be set as a Government Tax every Week Cycle. (10% of $500)
 US $150 will serve as Urth System Fund, Development Fund, Cash Prize, etc, every Week Cycle.
The Urth Equation: E=MC . Energy and Mass equivalence.
30=1(5 ). 30 Mirror Dots are equally produced by each Solid Dot multiplied by 5 raised to the power of 2.

Example, if there are only 1 Million registered Community Members or Home Partners who will participate in the game
and paid $10 each, the Urth System will produce 30 Million mirror dots that will help form the geometry and prove the
infinity of the system.

And since there are 1 Million solid dots in the system, each of them are set to allocate
$4 on the first Week Cycle and $150 on every succeeding Week Cycles to the Urth System.

Hence, the Urth System will generate 1 Million $4 on the first Week Cycle and 1 Million $150 on succeeding Week Cycles.
And since funded mirror dots enter the math system, therefore, mirror dots can also produce mirrors. Now therefore, the
money generated by the system keeps on increasing and increasing every Week Cycle since mirrors are also increasing.
The number will truly become infinite and will never stop. This is one good benefit the Virtual can give to the Human and
to the Earth.

From the production of funds inside the Urth System:
US $25,000.00 will be transferred on each 28-day Moon Cycle to the Exclusive Master Challenger Game Card.
US $10,000.00 will be transferred on each 28-day Moon Cycle to the Exclusive Messenger Game Card.
US $1 Million will be given to the Urth Master as the ultimate cash prize.
The rest of the funds will profit Smart Alliance.

Assuming, 1 Million solid dots contributes $150 to the Urth System every Week Cycle:
Therefore, 1 Million x $150 = $150,000,000.00 is generated by the system every Week Cycle.

20 Masters x $25,000.00 = $500,000.00 is transferred to the 20 Master Challenger Game Card every Moon Cycle.
260 Messengers x $10,000.00 = $2,600,000.00 is transferred to the 260 Messenger Game Card every MoonCycle.
$1,000,000.00 is allocated as cash prize.

Therefore, $150,000,000.00 less $500,000.00 less $2,600,000.00 less $1,000,000.00 = $145,900,000.00 gross profit from
the Urth System every Week Cycle.
                                                                              $500 for Family, Community and Cause

                        Urth Store
                        of Mirrors
                                                                                                System fund
                                  5                                                              the mirrors
                    System produces              Store releases funded
                         new mirrors             mirrors
                                                  Mirror Dots
  1                   Urth System                                              $5
                                  2                                                                                  System funds
 Home                                             Solid Dot              $5         Funded mirrors enter             each Account
Partners                                                                            the math system

                                                    $5 enters the
                                                                                    System collect
                                                    math system
                                                                                       funds $1300    Urth
                                                                Urth                                  Fund                                     7
                                                                Money   3                             Channel                $50 Tax

           Grant             $10,000                            Machine               System funds
                                                                                          back $60

                                                                                Channel funds the Urth System
                                                                                                                                       Earth /
                                       Messengers fund the Cause agreed by the Community                                               Smart 8
    Community members support the Cause agreed by the Community                                                                        Nations

The Urth System is also a Business System..                                       Urth
Sample products that can be sold in the Urth Marketplace are:                     Money
Cellphone & Internet Load, Downloadables, Collectibles, Tshirts.
Products developed during the Game and many others.
                                                                             earns rebates

                                                              Company display                     Community shop
                                                                products in the                 for products in the
                                                              Urth Marketplace                    Urth Marketplace
                                                             Company receives
                                                                    payment                                      Community
                                              Company                                                             Members

                                                  Company delivers the product

Each dot from the Urth Math System, solid and mirrors, will form a straight infinite line and then will be positioned in a Matrix of 31
dots, 1 + 5 + 25. One full matrix will help form a specific Flowering Art. All dots as well will form one infinite triangular matrix.
The Flowering Art is the virtual expression of the Urth, a virtual constellation we can see on TV.
                         Smart Alliance

                         Smart Alliance Members

                         Urth System

                         5 Dots: Masters

5    5    5    5    5    25 Dots: Masters & Messengers

25   25   25   25   25   125 Dots: Messengers

                         625 Dots: Messengers & Community Members
125 125 125 125 125

                         And so on… Community Members and Mirrors

The Virtual Game Box in the Codon has a Codon Cube judgment site.

    The Codon is a virtual unit in a building that houses the 20 Master Challengers and it consist of 2 parts,
    the Virtual Game Box and the 20 Units. A Unit is where the challenger stays. Masters, always carrying the
    Urth Device, can go anywhere in the Codon while handling certain tasks and they have to attend a one
    hour Chromatic Sequence inside the Virtual Game Box for a Test every 5 days. The Codon also has a
    Canteen where Masters can eat nutritious food anytime and a Clinic to monitor the health of the Masters.
    They can also order food or any delivery from outside since they can also have a Community Game Card
    for personal use.

    Inside the Codon, Masters’ meet with others in the Virtual Game Box, once every 5 days, called the
    Chromatic Sequence.
    Every Chromatic Sequence is color coded and they do: Mind Games, Puzzles, Reality Challenges,
    Experiments and Demonstrations, and many others. Masters play 2 phases in a Codon, each phase is
    called an Urth Tone. A Virtual Game Box has a Codon Cube inside as the judgement site.

    The Codon Cube is the judgement site of the game. There are panel of judges to judge the Masters in the
    Virtual Game Box.

7 Directions, Plasmas and Colors of the Codon Cube

1. Bottom – Seli  – Red
2. Right – Gamma – Indigo
3. Left   – Kali  – Orange
4. Back – Alpha – Blue
5. Front – Limi   – Yellow
6. Top    – Dali  – Violet
7. Center – Silio – Green

One season is 260 days of Urth Master. The whole Codon including each Unit is of CCTV. Every 4 days shows the Game
Development inside the Codon and from the Community, and every fifth day is the Chromatic Sequence.

Each Chromatic Sequence is the Game Test for Masters and they do Mind Games, Puzzles, Reality Challenges, Exercises,
Experiments, Demonstrations, and many others. Every 4 Chromatics of 20 days is an Urth Tone phase. After 2 Urth Tones
inside the Codon, the Masters will journey on to the next Codon to face new challenges. One Codon Journey is equivalent to 40

The Messengers in each team have their own Interactive Wavespell, a virtual meeting every 13 days using the Urth Device to
discuss very important concerns in the Game Development. Interactive Wavespells of each team will also be shown on TV.
There will also be 13 Messengers who will receive the Messenger of the Urth Award during the Finals. The Messengers will
also be ranked according to their performance.

There is no elimination in the game. Masters will be ranked according to the criteria on each Codon and they will only see how
they are being ranked during the 20 final days of the game and they can still conquer the highest rank according to how they
perform during the Finals.

The TV Show will introduce 4 Masters daily starting on Day 1 of the game and completes the introduction of 20 Masters on the
5th day during the 1st Chromatic Sequence and its going to be the Induction Day for Master Challengers. Masters and their
Messengers do not meet personally during the game. They are only virtually connected with each other through the Urth Device
all throughout the entire Urth Season.

The Messengers will be introduced to the public in a different manner. 20 Messengers, one from each team will be introduced
daily starting on Day 1 and completes the introduction of the 260 Messengers on Day 13 of the game during the 1st Interactive
Wavespell. Each Messenger will stay in their respective community and will be assigned with a Video/Photographer and an
Assistant to document his daily community activity. Documents will be submitted to the Urth System before every Interactive

The Community are the force of the Masters and the Messengers that will realize the Cause set by the team. Each Community
can create as many Cause as they can. All development from the work of the Community will be shown on TV and reflects to
the Masters inside the Codon and the Messengers as well. The Community Members will receive the Urth Fund every Week
Cycle and they will also create a celebration for Peace every 28-day Moon Cycle. Community Members must also answer few
questions, online and/or mobile, to determine his personal activity in the game. Communities rate all projects shown on TV and
that score will reflect to the team.

Master 1 –    Red Dragon                 Master 11 –        Blue Monkey                    Messengers and their Number
                                                                                                       Messenger 1
Master 2 –    White Wind                 Master 12 –        Yellow Human                               Messenger 2
                                                                                                       Messenger 3
Master 3 –    Blue Night                 Master 13 –        Red Skywalker                              Messenger 4
                                                                                                       Messenger 5
Master 4 –    Yellow Seed                Master 14 –        White Wizard                               Messenger 6
                                                                                                       Messenger 7
Master 5 –    Red Serpent                Master 15 –        Blue Eagle                                 Messenger 8
                                                                                                       Messenger 9
Master 6 –    White World-Bridger        Master 16 –        Yellow Warrior                             Messenger 10
                                                                                                       Messenger 11
Master 7 –    Blue Hand                  Master 17 –        Red Earth
                                                                                                       Messenger 12
Master 8 –    Yellow Star                Master 18 –        White Mirror                               Messenger 13

Master 9 –    Red Moon                   Master 19 –        Blue Storm

Master 10 –   White Dog                  Master 20 –        Yellow Sun

                                    This wheel will indicate many things. One thing would be an introduction of
                                    Messengers about their life before they joined the Urth Master.

24 hours = 1 Solar Day              – represents 1 day in the game.
4 Days = 1 Urth Color Cycle         – the order of Urth Colors, Red, White, Blue and Yellow.
5 Days = 1 Chromatic Sequence       – the Game Test for Masters inside the Virtual Game Box.
7 Days = 1 Week Cycle               – the cycle for the Urth Fund to transfer to the Community Game Card.
13 Days = 1 Interactive Wavespell   – the virtual meeting of Messengers
20 Days = 1 Urth Tone               – a single 20-day phase inside a Codon.
28 Days = 1 Moon Cycle              – the cycle of which the Community will celebrate Peace and highlight the Gift of Love.
40 Days = 1 Codon Journey           – the journey of Masters on every Codon.
260 Days = 1 Urth Season            – the complete game cycle.
Each day shows a specific game          Every 13th day is the virtual meeting   Each Tone has a unique design, graphics,
development and every 5th day is        of each team Messengers. Each           and sound effects.
the Chromatic Sequence inside the       Messenger in a team will occupy
Virtual Game Box.                       one box of the Wavespell.               CODON 1 –           Magnetic Tone
                                                                                                    Lunar Tone
Chromatic Sequence is a series of       The Interactive Wavspell is a very      CODON 2 –           Electric Tone
activities for the Masters inside the   important meeting for Messengers to                         Self-Existing Tone
Virtual Game Box and they do Mind       discuss on the Game & Community         CODON 3 –           Overtone Tone
Games, Puzzles, Reality                 Development.                                                Rhythmic Tone
Challenges, Problem Solving,                                                    CODON 4 –           Resonant Tone
Experiments, Exercises,                                                                             Galactic Tone
Demonstrations, etc.                                                            CODON 5 –           Solar Tone
                                                                                                    Planetary Tone
                                                                                CODON 6 –           Spectral Tone
                                                                                                    Crystal Tone

                                                                                PLANET URTH –            Cosmic Tone

This diagram is a complete
40-day Codon Journey.

                                                  Urth Cycle – One Season
Urth Tone
                                                  Every complete Urth Tone fills in one position in the
A complete set of this diagram is one Urth Tone   body, specifically in the 13 Principal Articulations, and
of 20 days, it consist of 4 Chromatic Sequence    it completes the 13 Urth Tones which is total of 260
every 5 days.                                     days.
THE MOON CYCLE                                            URTH SEASON

                                                          One Urth Season is played 40 days in    - Codon 1
                                                          each of the 6 Codons, it is called a
                                                          Codon Journey. And the remaining 20
                                                          Final Days will be held at the Planet
                                                                                                  - Codon 2
                                                          These color sequence on the side is a
                                                          complete Urth Season, 6 Codon
                                                          Journeys plus the 20 Final Days.

In your hand, in the palm side, there are 14 small                                                - Codon 3
joints that completes the 5 fingers. With your 2 hands,
there are 28 small counts and a complete 28-day
count is called a Moon Cycle.

                                                                                                  - Codon 4

4 Weeks is also 1 Moon Cycle. Every Moon Cycle is                                                 - Codon 5
a celebration of Peace for each Community and any
activity can be created by them.

                                                                                                  - Codon 6

                                                                                                  - Planet Urth

HUMAN – Home Partners are blessed with $500 every 7-day Week Cycle to help provide the Family, the Community and the
EARTH – The Earth will be reengineered, rebuilt and purified by the Community using the funds produced by the Urth System.

VIRTUAL – The Flowering Art will be expressed as the masterpiece of the Urth and it will be proven beneficial and infinite.

Registered Home Partners with a Community Game Card connects to the portal of the Urth System.
Community Members will participate in the Game Development, Game Promotions, Raffles & Contests, Votes, Official Site Tour
or any activity. They can also access the virtual library and all the products sold inside the Urth Master official website.


The Urth Master is very exciting, satisfying and fulfilling. It is a virtual reality game show that actually produces real secured
benefits to Human, the Earth and the Virtual. Everybody loves to participate in this game since it is very beneficial to all. Even if
one season ends, the benefits are still there to maintain the Community and their Cause. All projects of the Community is a Gift of
Love and the Urth System keeps on blessing each and everyone. Thanks to the Urth Master, Smart Alliance and the Smart
Alliance Pitch.

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