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    In 1979, two students returned from their travels newly cultured, slightly jetlagged and on the
    biggest high of their lives.
    Bright-eyed and inspired by their wanderlust, they founded StA travel to help other young people
    explore a world beyond text books and office desks. the real world.
    32 years later, the ethos of STA Travel remains the same. We’ve grown up with our travellers and discovered that more people,
    not just students, want authentic real-value travel options. We’ve built our exclusive product range from the ground-up in
    direct response to what you need and want from us.
    We firmly believe that experiencing the wonders of the world will expand your mind and enrich your understanding.
    Travel is the best education - there is nothing like it to open the eyes, mind and heart.
    Our commitment to responsible travel is something we are hugely excited about. We’ve partnered with the non-profit
    organisation Planeterra to launch a new selection of volunteer projects designed to help communities globally - and to help you
    experience travel with purpose. We’ve also committed to raising a million dollars over the next five years to support Planeterra
    in its work.
    Inside this brochure, you’ll find a whole host of North America travel options, handpicked to inspire your socks off. We’ve got
    thousands of exclusive offers on flights, accommodation and all the essential extras to help you plan your ultimate trip.

    Come and talk to us by popping into one of our many branches, giving us a call or visiting our website online.
    We’re passionate about changing the way people think about travel and in the process, making a positive impact on the lives
    of millions.
    Get out there – the world is waiting for you!

Getting there                   06
Planning your trip              08
Travel Essentials               09

amEriCaN rOad TripS             14
Car hire                        16
Amtrak                          18
Cruise America campervans       20
Greyhound                       21
Roadtrip America                22
Across America                  24
Grand Southern                  26
Experience America              28
Grand Northern                  30
Southern Adventure              32
Northern Adventure              32
Best of the USA                 33
Best of America                 34

wEST COaST                      36
California Dreamin'             38
Wild Western                    40
Ultimate California             42
California Discovery            43
San Francisco to Seattle        43
California Highlights           44
Western Highlights              45
LA to the Bay                   46
America Gold Rush               47
Wild West Wonders               48
Hiking Yosemite & Canyons       49
Northern Rockies                50
Los Angeles to Seattle          51
American South West             52
Grand Canyon Discovery          53
West Coast self-drive options   54
Los Angeles                     56
California Coast                60
San Francisco                   62
Las Vegas                       66
Bundu Bus                       70
National Parks                  72
Ranching                        75
Hawaii - Honolulu               76
Hawaii - Maui & Kauai           78

EaST COaST                      80
American Pioneer                82
USA & Canada Express            83
Niagara Discovery               84
North by North East             84
Eastern Discovery               85
Rock & Soul                     85
Eastern Escapade                86
East Coast self-drive options   86
New York                        88
Boston                          94
Washington                      96
Chicago                         97
Miami & Key West                98
Orlando                         101

CaNada & alaSka                 102
Car hire                        104
Cruise Canada campervans        105
Rocky Mountaineer               106
Via Rail                        107
Canada self-drive options       108
Grand Canadian                  110
Canada & the Rockies            111
Explore Canada                  112
Canadian Rockies                114
Classic Canada                  115
Moose Bus Tours                 116
Vanvouver & Beyond              120
The Rockies                     122
Toronto                         124
Montreal                        126
Quebec City                     127
Alaskan Adventure               128
Alaskan Discovery               129

Travel Insurance                130
Terms & Conditions              131


    Bruce poon tIp, founder,

     A perfect pArtnerShIp
     STA Travel has embarked on a responsible travel journey, partnering with Planeterra; a non-profit travellers’ organisation
     focused on global community development and sustainability. This new partnership will not only change the face of STA Travel
     but enables you to connect with community and conservation projects around the world, helping you travel with purpose.

     Planeterra works with local partners to develop projects and direct donations to fund needs such as tools, materials and other
     items that keep projects going. They also develop volunteer programs so that people can visit a project, live onsite or with a
     local family, and contribute to the wellbeing of the community.

     Since 2003, Planeterra has developed over 25 projects spanning Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas – and now with STA
     Travel as a partner, there are close to 80 volunteering projects. This is the launch of a totally new type of travel experience; a
     credible, authentic and real opportunity for you to give back directly. STA Travel has committed US$1 million to the partnership
     with Planeterra to develop these new volunteer travel programs and support communities around the world.

     In addition to this investment, our goal this year is to raise US$120,000 to support the building of a community tourism
     training centre on Koh Phra Thong Island in tsunami-affected Thailand. The centre will be accessible to communities throughout
     southern Thailand, providing a way for them to increase income and sustainable tourism in the area. Want to help at our
     volunteer project? We wholeheartedly welcome your involvement on Koh Phra Thong (see pages 14-16 in our Voluntouring
     brochure) and any donations made towards our project will be doubled by us, up to US$30,000 annually.

     There are a whole host of volunteer options to get involved in across the globe. Why not combine your stay in North America
     with a volunteer project in Central America? Help with endangered Sea Turtles in Costa Rica, get involved in a Jaguar and Puma
     Research Project in Mexico or learn Spanish and volunteer in Panama. You can also have a crack at voluntouring, where a small
     stint of volunteering is mixed into a group tour (see our Voluntouring brochure for more information).

     Our perfect partnership with Planeterra enables us to provide you with much more than travel. We’re passionate about offering
     you a chance to experience the real world. What you gain from giving back is seriously priceless.

     To view our entire range of meaningful travel options, make sure you pick up our Voluntouring brochure, packed full of
     volunteer and voluntour options the world over.

WhY StA trAvel?
Now if this is the first time you’ve heard of us then where have        No matter where you are in the world, the incredibly friendly and
you been living? We could say in a cave but that would be too           knowledgeable people that work for STA Travel are never far away.
cliché and we revolt against all things cliché, so much so that we’ve   We’ve got hundreds of STA Travel branches all over the world with
made our mark specialising in all the impossibilities that used         24/7 global travel help - an essential backup for all travellers on
to seem just a little out of reach. We have a wild and wonderful        the move. If you’ve lost your tickets, want to change your dates or
enthusiasm for all the experiences both diverse and magnificent         just need some local advice our help is always at hand.
that travel provides.
                                                                        We’ve got thousands of exclusive offers on flights, adventure trips
We’ve been providing these kinds of adventures for over 30 years,       accommodation and all the essential extras to help you plan your
so you should have heard of us by now! We’ve made it our mission        dream trip to Europe. This brochure showcases the best of them,
to open up the world to eager, enthusiastic, adventurous travellers     so enjoy!
and are the world’s largest bona fide travel company for students
and young adults – but whatever your age we enthusiastically            Come and talk to us by dropping into one of our branches
await your call, email or visit as we’re more than happy to show        around New Zealand, calling us on 0508 STa TraVEl or
you our unique perspective of planet Earth.                             visiting statravel.co.nz

    top 10 reASonS to
    trAvel WIth uS
    1.        GloBAl trAvel help
              Wherever you are, we’re there for you

    2.        World clASS trAvel pArtnerS
              We only work with the best to ensure you’re looked after

    3.        excluSIve loW AIrfAreS
              Our unique airline partnerships give you access to the lowest fares

    4.        excluSIve flexIBle AIrfAreS
              You can change your plans at minimal cost and effort

    5.        100'S of BrAncheS WorldWIde
              Speak face to face with us on the other side of the world

    6.        one Stop Shop for All Your trAvel needS
              With all your bookings in one place, it’s easy to manage your holiday

    7.        extremelY KnoWledGeABle, Well trAvelled StAff
              They’re expertly trained with hands on experience to give you the best advice

    8.        over 30 YeArS experIence
              We’ve got the experience to take you to the most exciting places for less

    9.        AWArd WInnInG ServIce
              We've been awarded Australasia's leading travel agency several times at the World Travel Awards

    10. mASSIve rAnGe of AdventureS AvAIlABle to everYone
              No matter your age you can enjoy our extraordinary adventures in any corner of the world

    GettInG there
    WHY FLY WITH                                    GET THE BEST PRICE                              ADD-ON FLIGHTS
    STA TRAVEL?                                     We’ve been helping folks get the best           Add-ons are the best (kinda like fries
                                                    airfare deals since the dawn of time.           with your burger or fresh lime in your
    Not only do we have great prices, many
                                                    Hmm so we may be exaggerating a little,         vodka). They let you get to pretty much
    of our airfares are unique and exclusive,
                                                    but we have seriously been doing this for       anywhere in the world you want to go,
    so we offer a wide range of flights
                                                    ages! Our advisers know exactly where           by simply adding on one of our unique
    negotiated just for you. We can book
                                                    to look and what to check. So talk to one       sector fares (a one-way or return flight
    just about anything you want to do, from
                                                    of our travel gurus or have a look at our       added onto your international flight).
    simple return tickets to complex tailor-
                                                    website to find yourself a deal that won’t      Doing this means more gallivanting
    made round the world itineraries.
                                                    break the bank. To get you started, here        beyond the arrival city of your
    Here’s what makes us stand out from the         are a few insider tips that’ll help you find    international flight. If we really need to
    crowd:                                          the cheapest prices:                            convince you, just think about hopping
    •	 Lowest	fares	with	leading	airlines	for	      •	 Buy	an	ISIC,	IYTC	or	ITIC	card	to	be	        over to New York for some designer
       students holding an ISIC card, under             eligible for our exclusive student,         shopping action before jetting onto L.A
       26 year olds holding an IYTC card and            under 26 and teacher fares.                 to lap up the muscles on Venice Beach.
       teachers holding an ITIC card.               •	 If	you	can	help	it,	don’t	leave	it	to	the	   After all that, why not add a stint in
    •	 Flexibility	to	change	your	travel	dates	         last minute. Many of our best prices        Vancouver into the mix? It’s that easy.
       and your route before and after                  sell out quickly.
    •	 The	option	to	build	your	own	itinerary	
                                                    •	 Try	and	be	a	little	flexible	with	your	
                                                        dates and check out flying on a
                                                                                                    ROUND THE WORLD
       using our exclusive one way fares.               weekday instead of a weekend.               This is something we specialise in. We
    •	 'Open	Jaw'	tickets	-	fly	into	one	airport	   •	 Think	about	flying	outside	of	peak	          practically invented the concept of
       and out of another.                              times if you can.                           flying round the world, so we’ve got a
    •	 24	hour	travel	help	-	so	wherever	you	                                                       huge range of exclusive choices and
       are in the world, there is always an
       expert available to handle your queries.
                                                    ONE WAY FLIGHTS                                 plenty of suggestions for you.
                                                                                                    Our round the world fares are totally
    •	 Hundreds	of	STA	Travel	branches	             Thinking about working overseas? If you
                                                                                                    flexible and can be tailored exactly to
       worldwide, giving you personal service       like the idea of paying less upfront for
                                                                                                    your needs; so you can work for a part
       as you travel the globe.                     your flight, let us introduce you to the
                                                                                                    of the year and travel the rest of your
    •	 Airfares	that	last	up	to	18	months,	so	      concept of flying one way. Just think - it’s
                                                                                                    time! Pretty awesome. And they’ll save
       you can do the world longer.                 cheaper now and soon enough you’ll be
                                                                                                    you big bucks too.
    •	 The	Mile	High	Club!	Whether	you’re	          lapping it up in your chosen destination,
       planning your next trip or off travelling    earning plenty of moolah. In fact who           For a selection of our unique round
       the globe, stay in touch with us on          says you’ll want to come back at all,           the word trips, grab our See the World
       Facebook, Twitter and by signing up          right?! But when you do decide it’s time to     Your Way brochure from your local STA
       to our emails. Mile High members are         jet home, one of our STA Travel branches        Travel branch or check it out online at
       always the first to hear about our best      in 60 countries across the globe will be        statravel.co.nz
       exclusives, discounts and competitions.      just around the corner to help you.

EXplOrE NOrTH amEriCa wiTH QaNTaS
North America is home to several of the world’s most exciting cities
and some truly mind-blowing landscapes and Qantas, the world’s most
experienced airline, is your perfect partner to get you there.

Qantas flys direct to Los Angeles from Auckland, with domestic
connections from Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown. If you’re
looking to head further than Hollywood, Qantas and its oneworld partners
can also take you to over 40 cities throughout North America with a same
day connection.

Whether you fly in First, Business, Premium Economy or Economy, Qantas
will ensure you arrive at your destination feeling fresh and relaxed.

All Qantas B747-400, A330 and the new A380 aircraft are fitted with
an Audio and Video on Demand (AVOD) in-flight entertainment system
offering digital picture and sound quality and a choice of 60 movies, 200
television selections, destination guides, 150CDs, 20 radio channels and
10 interactive games.

As one of our favourite carriers, Qantas also offers special student and
under 26 airfares from New Zealand to the USA and Canada - available
exclusively through STA Travel. And if your travels are going to take you
further afield, STA can book you on great Qantas fares through to South
America, Europe, Africa, Asia and of course, Australia.

Join the Qantas Frequent Flyer programme and earn points not only on
eligible Qantas flights but for hotel visits, rental cars, retail outlets and
much more.

Benefits include:
•    at least 1000 points for every Qantas flight – guaranteed
•    Earn more points when you travel business or First
•    upgrade using points on selected Economy fares
•    points bonus for Silver, Gold and platinum members
•    No expiry of points for active members
•    Earn points with other oneworld carriers

All this for a $50* one off joining fee! Ask your STA Travel adviser how to
join or for further details.
*Price applies to New Zealand residents only. No gst applicable.

As a member of the oneworld alliance, Qantas’ top standards ensure that
punctuality, reliability and your comfort are second-to-none. So if you want
to travel to America and Canada in style, book Qantas with STA Travel.

                                                                                               Get a travel discount card
                                                                                               Book your arrival
                                                                                               Get a Travelex cash card
                                                                                               Get travel insurance
                                                                                               Sort out your visa

    plAnnInG Your trIp
    WHERE SHOULD I GO? GETTING AROUND                                                             MONEY
    Think about the cities you’d like to visit     North America boasts long, scenic, well        Things are fairly straightforward across
    and what you really want to see and            maintained roads, high-speed trains and        the Pacific. The USA uses American
    experience. Ask your mates for their hot       loads of well-connected airports. STA          Dollars and Canada uses Canadian
    tips, read some travel blogs or come and       Travel take full advantage of all of this to   Dollars. All very easy – but what ain’t so
    chat to us for advice. Just get inspired,      make sure you get around the continent         simple is knowing when to get hold of
    because your North America trip can be         as safely, comfortably and efficiently as      them. Both the exchange rates have been
    anything you want it to be.                    possible. Our adventure trips or self drive    known to fluctuate faster then Jessica
                                                   options showcase loads of fantastic ways       Simpson’s waistline, so it sometimes
    From the wonderful icy wastelands of
                                                   to zip about North America.                    makes sense to get hold of your dollars
    Alaska and Canada to the sizzling desert
    heat of Arizona and New Mexico - North         If you’re keen to get yourself on one of       before you travel. But if you just want
    America offers a profusion of changing         our adventure trips, please don’t be put       to wait until you get there, all the major
    landscapes, climates, cultures and             off if it starts in one city and finishes up   towns and cities have ATMs – so you’ll
    terrain. Whatever your trip is to you, we’ll   in another. We sell ‘open jaw’ tickets -       have easy access to your funds with a
    do our best to make it happen.                 which quite simply allow you to fly in and     credit, debit or Travelex cash card. We’ll
                                                   out of completely different locations.         help you to work out a budget by nutting
    Once you’ve finished flicking through                                                         out where you’ll be going, how long you’ll
    this brochure and have a rough idea of         There are plenty of ways to travel around      be away for and what you’ll be doing
    what you want, pop into your nearest           North America - plane, train, coach, car,      while you’re there.
    STA Travel branch and chat to one of           campervan or even by ferry for part of
    our friendly advisers. All our staff are       the journey!                                   Booking your first nights accommodation
    passionate travellers, so they’re full of                                                     before you leave is always a good idea
                                                   We offer all of this and more allowing         too. You definitely don't want to be
    helpful advice, tips and tales about the
                                                   you to explore this amazing continent on       wandering the streets looking for a bed
    places that you’re planning to visit.
                                                   your own terms.                                after a long flight on your first night!

trAvel eSSentIAlS
 TRAVEL INSURANCE                              TRAVEL SAFETY TIPS                             WORKING HOLIDAYS
Whether you’re hitting the streets of New       Check out our basic travel safety advice for    Working in North America is a great way
York City or skiing the Canadian Rockies,       North America:                                  to fund your travels around the continent
you’d be crazy to leave home without travel                                                     and beyond! We've got working holiday
                                                Be aware of the weather
insurance. We know you must be buzzing                                                          programmes in both Canada and the
                                                The weather can vary hugely from state to
for your trip to begin and travel insurance                                                     USA with options for both summer or
                                                state in the USA so make sure you're aware
is the last thing on your mind. However, our                                                    winter bunnies.
                                                of possible hazards.
experience tells us that travelling without
                                                                                                North America has so many working options
cover is simply not a risk worth taking. STA    right is right!
                                                                                                - from being a Counsellor at a summer
Travel offers travel insurance policies that    If you're planning on driving we recommend
                                                                                                camp in the USA to being a ski instructor
cover you for a range of benefits, such as      you don't attempt your first mission in a
                                                                                                on the mountains in Canada, you'll find it
cover for medical, cancellation, emergency      busy city! If you're not up for the stress,
                                                                                                hard to choose! From a few months to a
transport and accommodation. Plus if things     we've got plenty of touring, rail and bus
                                                                                                full year, we've got lots of working holiday
go wrong you’ll have access to the 24 hour      passes to get you sorted!
                                                                                                programme options to let you experience
emergency assistance team of doctors,
                                                Keep in touch                                   local life in North America. Here's a quick
nurses and case managers. To chat about
                                                As well as staying in contact with friends      summary of the programmes available:
your travel insurance options or for a quote,
                                                and family, registering your travel plans
ask your STA Travel adviser today!                                                              Work canada
                                                online with MFAT is a great idea - see
                                                                                                Live like a local and work doing whatever
                                                                                                you like, anywhere in Canada, for up to 12
HEALTH                                                                                         months. This progamme is open for 18-35
It’s your responsibility to obtain proper and   ISIC & ITYC CARDS                              year olds (inclusive) so a great option if
                                                                                                you're doing a later OE. Fr $545
detailed medical advice in good time before
                                                Want to take advantage of over 41,000
you go. We suggest that you visit the Safe                                                      Want to secure a job before you leave? Ask
                                                discounts worldwide? If you’re a full
Travel website at safetravel.govt.nz for up                                                     us about the Work Canada Job Fair.
                                                time student you can buy a ISIC card or
to date information. Your local GP can also
                                                alternatively if you’re not a student but       Work uSA
give advice on which vaccinations you’ll need
                                                under 26 years old, you can buy a Youth         If you're a full-time student or recent
for particular countries.
                                                card. They’re only $25 each and can be          graduate, take the once in a lifetime chance
                                                used at home and abroad you’ll save loads       to work in the States for up to 12 months!
VISA                                           more than the cost of the card while you’re
                                                travelling so they are well worth the spend!
                                                                                                Fr $545 for 4 months - students only
                                                                                                Fr $895 for 12 months - students and
Your trip of a lifetime will quickly ground     We sell these cards right here at STA Travel    recent graduates
to a screeching halt if you forget to sort      and just look at the discounts you can get:
out your entrance visas. Please don’t                                                           camp uSA
                                                •	 Access to cheaper student and under 26
forget to check with the relevant embassy                                                       Fancy having a summer all year round?
if you need to get a visa for the countries                                                     Get involved in the outdoors as a Camp
                                                •	 Discounts on local transport.
that you plan to visit. Anyone stopping or                                                      Counsellor at one of the many camps
                                                •	 Savings on museum and art gallery
transiting in the USA (who don’t require a                                                      throughout the USA. Fr $295
                                                   admission charges.
pre-arranged visa) must complete an online      •	 Discounts at retail stores.                  Ask us for the full working holidays
ESTA at least 72 hours prior to departure.      •	 Bonus extras at hostels like free internet   brochure next time you're in one of our
                                                   and welcome drinks.                          STA Travel branches.
                                                •	 Great deals at restaurants and bars.         All programme fees do not include visa application or
                                                                                                government fees.

     SWeet dreAmS
     Where to StAY?
     Star ratings are often not the best way to categorise hotels. Depending on what country you’re travelling through, perceptions of
     each standard can vary quite dramatically. To make things much easier for you, we’re giving you our own, very educated travellers
     opinion on each property that we feature. We have three very straightforward accommodation categories to choose from:
     STaysimple, STaysmart and STaystylish. Read below for a description of each.

       + bONuS                            Look out for our STA Travel Bonus offers -  we’ve sourced the very best deals that will ensure you save
                                          money and make the most out of your stay. 

     STaysimple                                                                         STaysmart                                                                          STaystylish
     For those who want their travelling dollar                                         Perfect for those who demand a little                                              These are a little bit special. Adjectives
     to go further. Clean, comfortable, secure                                          comfort when they travel. We have a                                                such as unique, funky and intimate are
     and perfectly adequate, these are no                                               range of STaysmart properties that will                                            definitely apt. Most will boast something
     frills budget options. All of our hostels                                          give you bang for your buck as well as                                             absurdly indulgent, such as a private
     and some of our more basic hotels come                                             everything you need to enjoy your stay.                                            pool, pillow menu or a cigar lounge.
     under this category.                                                                                                                                                  Luxury, darlings!
                                                                                        These are modern, international-
     The majority of our STaysimple                                                     standard hotels, so expect a plethora of                                           These hotels are relatively small in
     properties have great locations in the                                             great facilities. All rooms will have private                                      size, which means close and personal
     heart of all the action, and many of them                                          bathrooms, air-con and a host of modern                                            attention. The utmost service and an
     boast popular bars and vibrant social                                              amenities. You can also expect loads of                                            unforgettable experience are more or
     scenes. Facilities are generally limited,                                          great facilities as most will have a pool,                                         less guaranteed. After a fantastically
     but this is compensated for by the                                                 gymnasium and a couple of restaurants.                                             hectic adventure trip or an early
     friendly staff and buzzing atmosphere.                                             STaysmart hotels are ideal for city                                                morning flight, it definitely pays to
     Many of these options will have shared                                             stopovers.                                                                         splash a little cash and book yourself
     bathrooms.                                                                                                                                                            into one of these hotels.

     STaysimple                                                                         STaysmart                                                                          STaystylish

     Pricing and photography
     The accommodation prices featured in this brochure are based on per person, twin share. The ‘from’ pricing shown has been calculated using low-season stays and is based on lead-in room types. We’re sourcing great deals all year long, so we
     recommend using the prices in this brochure as a guide and to ask your STA Travel adviser for the best available deal for your travel period. The accommodation photos featured are representative of the room types available at each property;
     however this may not be the actual room type that you’ll receive. If you have a preference for a particular room, your adviser will be happy to help. Just ask!

Your AmAZInG
We partner with leading tour companies to give you a variety of travel experiences to choose from when planning your big trip. We consider them our
‘perfect partners’ as they share the same passion for travel as we do and we guarantee you'll get the cheapest price on their trips through us.
Check out our perfect partners for North America:

                            Suntrek has been a leader in small group                                         Contiki is the original travel company for
                            adventure tours in North America for almost                                      18-35s, offering great-value trips in over 40
  30 years. You'll share amazing experiences with a small group of up               countries across five continents. They've been travelling the world
  to 13 international travellers, being whisked around in a customised              since ’62 so they know their stuff. Contiki tours include more sights
  maxi-van and accompanied by a Suntrek group leader. The small                     and activities, free time, definite departures, amazing accommodation
  group size means you get to experience more of the local culture                  plus loads of exclusive experiences. Whether it’s a long trip, quick
  too, which isn't always possible in a larger group or by yourself. More           getaway, first timers, seasoned travellers, going solo or with a group,
  than a trip, you'll get your accommodation, transport, expert guide,              you’ll find your perfect North America trip with Contiki.
  entrance fees and experiences all thrown in.
                                                                                    But what really makes Contiki stand out is their team. They are fully
  Trip kitty: Where stated you contribute to a kitty, used to pay for               trained and committed to delivering amazing experiences. Their tour
  some group meals. You'll pitch in to help shop for food and cook.                 managers and drivers will manage all the details, so it’s hassle-free.
                                                                                    They include some amazing overnight stays too, from central city
  Your trip leaders: All Suntrek leaders have graduated from an                     hotels to a cosy chalet nestled in the Rockies - their accommodation
  intensive training program which guarantees amazing knowledge.                    is genuinely unique. Plus get ready for legendary culinary delights.

  Transportation: Specially equipped vans are used with air-con and                 Like us, Contiki are also dedicated to sustainable tourism and
  music players. Perfect to get you off the beaten track!                           protecting the planet for future generations.

  Guaranteed departures: Regardless of the number of passengers,                    What does all this add up to? The most amazing travel experience,
  once your booking is confirmed, we don't cancel your trip.                        tailored specifically for you.

                                                                                    Pay early, save more: Book and pay in full between 6-12 months in
                                                                                    advance and save on your Contiki tour with STA Travel.

Some of you can’t wait to get your hiking boots on and climb a mountain, while others look forward to exploring museums or trying new foods at the local
markets. Everyone has different travel preferences and budgets, so we’ve built a style for anyone who wants to add a little (or a lot) of adventure to their
holiday. Keep an eye out for the stamps below throughout the brochure so you know exactly what's in store and can find your perfect adventure!

                               Backpacker trips                                     Explorer is your style
                                                                                                                                             Fantastic, great
                               are excellent value                                  of travel if you want                                    value trips
                               - expect amazing                                     all the experiences                                      exclusively for 18
                                                      with more inclusions, meals and creature               to 35’s, so you’ll be able to share the experience
                                but none of the       comforts. You'll stay in hotels and lodges in          with a group of like-minded people. With
                                inclusions that       the best locations. Along the way you'll really        stays in central quality hotels and authentic
you may not want. You'll travel in groups of no       experience the destination up close. You'll mingle     accommodation like cosy mountain chalets and a
more than 13 people in a private van. The group       with locals and gain special insights from your        load of extras all included, the hard work is done
leader will offer advice, helping you to uncover      leader. This isn't luxury travel but real world        for you. Simply sit back, relax and get on with
the region's hidden gems. There will be plenty        experiences with a softer landing.                     having a good time!
of free time and optional activities. Ideal for
those seeking fun and independence with some
support or those making the most of their time                                                                                                            CAR HIRE
with minimum hassle and maximum experiences.              aCTiVE                  Thrilling adventures is
                                                                                  the simplest way to
                                                                                                                                                          IS EXTRA
backpacker camping: Most nights you'll be                                         describe these trips.      Self-drives offer you unbeatable freedom and
camping, with some exceptions in the cities          As you'd expect, activity is the key - we're talking    flexibility. We have selected the best routes
where you'll be in hotels or hostels. Tents are      hiking central here. You don't need to be super         to incorporate the best beaches, towns and
provided but don't forget to BYO sleeping bag.       fit for Active trips, but they're ideal if you want a   sights along the way but of course you’re free
                                                     physical challenge, plenty of cultural interaction      to make your own detours. Self-drives include
backpacker lodging: Wake up in the wilderness
                                                     and incredible scenery.                                 accommodation based on 3 to 4-star quality as
but in the comfort of a hostel, hotel or rustic
                                                                                                             well as some exciting activities. Please note that
cabin. Don't forget your sleeping bag.
                                                                                                             car hire must be purchased separately. Please
                                                                                                             see page 16.
                                                                                                             Pricing based on twin share accommodation.

 fAce to fAce
                                                             let uS plAn Your
                                                             perfect trIp

 WIth the
                                                             We’ve been selling trips over to this part of
                                                             the globe for donkey’s years. The majority of

                                                             our advisers have travelled to the destinations
                                                             in this brochure and all of them have been
                                                             expertly trained to give you the best advice.





                                                                                                   AUST R

                                               AMAZING ASIA
                                               EXPERIENCE TURQUOISE
                                               WATERS & PERFECT
                                               WHITE SANDS

TRAVEL WITH                   WANT IT ALL?                    BLOG ABOUT IT
PURPOSE                       GO ROUND THE WORLD,
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                            NORTH AMERICA
            NORTH AMERICA


                                                                           L AT I N A M E R I C A

                                                                             L AT I N A M E R I C A
                           GREAT                                THE ALMIGHTY
 Zealand                   BARRIER REEF                        INCA TRAIL
                                                                INCA TRAIL                                              Some photography used
                           DIVE INTO OUR AUSTRALIA &           BROWSE THE OPTIONS IN OUR
                                                                BROWSE THE OPTIONS IN OUR                               throughout the brochure
                           NEW ZEALAND BROCHURE                 LATIN AMERICA BROCHURE                                  is courtesy of Flickr.com
                                                               LATIN AMERICA BROCHURE

            TRAVEL WITH



                                                                                                                       ND                                                                                     ME
                                                                               OR                                                     MN                                                       VT
                                                                                              ID                       SD                        WI
                                                                                                                                                                                         NY          MA
                                                                                                          WY                                                                                        CT   RI
                                                                                                                                       IA                                           PA
                                                                                     NV                                NE                                                                     DE

                                                                   4      CA
                                                                                                                                                      IL   IN        OH

                                                                                                                                                                          WV         VA

                                                                          2 6


                                                                            1                 AZ                                 OK
                                                                                                              NM                            AR                                 SC

                                                                                                                                                  MS       AL         GA

  AMAZING EXPERIENCES                                                                                                                                                          FL

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    WEST COAST
1                                            2                                                           3

    SoAk uP ThE SuN IN SAN DIEGo                 FEEl AlMoST FAMouS IN lA                                          TAkE A GAMblE IN lAS VEGAS
                  SEE PAGE 60                           SEE PAGES 56-59                                                           SEE PAGES 66-67

4                                            5                                                           6

     kICk bACk IN SAN FRANCISCo               Fly oVER ThE GRAND CANyoN                                            loSE youRSElF AT yoSEMITE
                SEE PAGES 62-64                           SEE PAGE 69                                                                 SEE PAGE 65

AverAge HigH TemperATUre (ºC)
CITy                    jAN       FEb   MAR      APR    MAy        juN               jul                AuG           SEP             oCT                  NoV                  DEC
Death Valley             10       12    16        21     26         31                   35             34            29                22                  15                       10
Grand Canyon              7        8    11        16     20         26                   28             27            24                19                  12                       8
las Vegas                13       17    20        25     31         37                   40             38            34                27                  18                       13
los Angeles              18       18    20        21     22         24                   27             27            27                25                  22                       20
Sacremento               11       15    17        21     26         30                   33             32            31                25                  17                       11
San Diego                18       18    18        20     20         22                   24             25            25                23                  21                       18
San Francisco            13       15    16        17     17         18                   18             18            21                20                  17                       13
Santa barbara            17       18    18        20     20         22                   23             23            23                22                  20                       18
Seattle                   7        9    11        14     17         20                   23             23            20                15                  10                       8
yosemite                  8       12    14        18     22         27                   32             32            28                22                  14                       8

15 DAyS, $2,330     FR

loS ANGElES               loS ANGElES

is there a cooler place on the planet than
California? The quick, simple and correct answer
is no. Just about everyone who resides in this
sexy state can be described as slick, trendy
or chic – with the exception perhaps of David
Hasselhoff. So if you find yourself stuck in
all too familiar routines, let this radical road
trip liberate you to the heights of singing 'tiny     dominate the landscape. Take a stroll along the       DAyS 7-8: lAS VEGAS
dancer' and feeling almost famous. Swap that          market stalls or work in a few chin-ups at the        venture into the wilds of Kaibab National Forest
tired tee for something more colourful, shed that     open air gym!                                         and then ride on the famous route 66. Cross the
old hair cut for a sleek new style and re-energise                                                          iconic mojave Desert and reach the neon lights
your tastes, ideas and beliefs from boredom to        DAyS 2-3: SAN DIEGo                                   of Las vegas - capital of the gambling world.
hippiedom. Over 14 days you’ll check out all of       meet your fellow tour buddies and hit the road,       enjoy the many casinos and nightlife of this
California’s best hangouts. Starting out in Los       cruising along to San Diego. You’ll have a couple     glittering city, take a chance with Lady Luck and
Angeles, you’ll saunter down the pacific coast        of days here to enjoy the various highlights of       make friends with elvis impersonators a plenty.
to San Diego, taking in countless beachside           this glorious ocean view city. Check out Balboa
sanctuaries. You’ll then swap laid-back living        park, visit the famous San Diego Zoo or take it       DAy 9: SIERRA NEVADA
for the raw abandonment of the great outdoors         easy on one of the golden mission Bay beaches.        Your drive today will take you through one of
– Joshua Tree, The grand Canyon, Death valley                                                               the hottest deserts on the planet - Death valley.
and Yosemite will all feature, as will a wee dip      DAy 4: joShuA TREE N.P & lAkE hAVASu                  Here temperatures can rise to record-breaking
into the hedonistic side of American life in Las      Driving through the hot deserts of Southern           levels of up to 56ºC. This national park includes
vegas. pass through the bohemian breeding             California, you’ll enter Joshua Tree National park    a wealth of geological phenomena: large sand
ground of San Francisco and enjoy the beauty of       known for its many spectacular desert plants          dune formations, sculpted rocks, isolated valleys
Santa Barbara's coastline. You’ll eventually arrive   including Joshua Trees, cacti and mojave Yuccas.      and volcanic craters abound. The canyon and
back into LA beautifully sun bleached, dreamily       This California desert country also contains          mountain walls change colour with the changing
enraptured and ready to take on the world.            striking rock formations and towering mountain        sunlight. elevations fluctuate from 85m below
                                                      ranges. Afterwards you’ll cross the Colorado          sea level, near Badwater point (the lowest point
bEST bITS                                             river for the 72km long Lake Havasu - ideal for       in the United States) to 3756m above sea level
• hit the road on meandering highway 1                a bit of watersport action.                           at Telescope peak. Stop at the visitor Centre and
• Relax amid big Sur’s dramatic coastline                                                                   at several viewpoints, then heat permitting you’ll
• Enjoy a slice of the Med in Santa barbara           DAyS 5-6: GRAND CANyoN                                hike up through the sand dunes.
• Stroll the starry streets of los Angeles            Turn north towards one of the world’s seven
• bask on the golden beaches of San Diego             natural wonders, snaking 450km through the            DAy 10: yoSEMITE NATIoNAl PARk
• Check out the weird plants at joshua Tree           desolate Arizona landscape, the grand Canyon          Drive over the Tioga pass into the heart of the
• Stare into the abyss at the Grand Canyon            is up to 30km wide by 1600m deep and truly            Sierra Nevada mountains and to one of this
• Dance with lady luck in glitzy las Vegas            overwhelming in reality. You’ll have plenty of time   trip’s highlights - the UNeSCO World Heritage
• Feel the mercury rise in Death Valley               to explore and enjoy the breathtaking views.          Yosemite National park. enjoy hiking amid awe-
• let yosemite’s wild beauty amaze you                The sunsets are especially impressive - the rich      inspiring granite cliffs such as the world famous
• Visit the legendary Cannery Row                     colours of the ancient rocks deepen as the night      Half Dome, walk under the cooling breeze of
• unleash your inner boho soul in San Fran            sky falls, creating a palette of moody hues. make     majestic waterfalls or just relax and take in the
                                                      sure you have your camera ready. For those who        scenery. There are a wide range of hikes in this
DAy 1: loS ANGElES                                    want more, an optional helicopter flight gives        park along with other activities, such as photo
Arrive at any time and set out exploring. LA will     you an amazing perspective.                           galleries, museums, restaurants, bike rentals and
be gluttony for your star struck, celeb-fixed                                                               guided ranger talks.
eyes! Stroll along the Hollywood and Beverly
Hills boulevards, or cruise down to venice Beach,
where body builders and bronzed goddesses

                                                                                                                                                       WEST COAST
DAyS 11-12: SAN FRANCISCo                                                                 DAy 14: SANTA bARbARA
Cross the golden gate Bridge into San Francisco.                                          Head south through Santa Barbara along
There’ll be time for a city tour with your tour                                           California’s rugged coastline. Keep a look out
leader and for visiting Union Square and                                                  for sea lions and brave surfers. You’ll camp
Chinatown. Soak up the friendly atmosphere,                                               overnight near malibu.
wander the lively neighbourhoods, dine on
delicious seafood and check out optional                                                  DAy 15: loS ANGElES
activities that include cable car rides.                                                  Take a last opportunity for sightseeing and
                                                                                          shopping, before your adventure comes to an
DAy 13: bIG SuR                                                                           end. That’s all folks!
Drive along the magnificent coastal route,
Highway 1. Your first stop is monterey, where
you’ll have time to visit the legendary Cannery
row, subject of John Steinbeck’s novel by the
same name. From here it is on to the coast of
Big Sur, with its coastal cliffs and redwood
forests. You’ll camp the night near the coast and
cosy up under the stars for more storytelling and
indelible memories.

START    FINISh        START    FINISh        START    FINISh        START    FINISh
APR 09   APR 23        MAY 28   JUN 11        JUL 16   JUL 30        SEP 03   SEP 17
APR 16   APR 30        JUN 04   JUN 18        JUL 23   AUG 06        SEP 10   SEP 24
APR 23   MAY 07        JUN 11   JUN 25        JUL 30   AUG 13        SEP 17   OCT 01
APR 30   MAY 14        JUN 18   JUL 02        AUG 06   AUG 20        SEP 24   OCT 08             yosemite N.P. •
MAY 07   MAY 21        JUN 25   JUL 09        AUG 13   AUG 27        OCT 01   OCT 15
                                                                                            San Francisco •          • lee Vining
MAY 14   MAY 28        JUL 02   JUL 16        AUG 20   SEP 03        OCT 08   OCT 22
MAY 21   JUN 04        JUL 09   JUL 23        AUG 27   SEP 10                                    Monterey •
                                                                                                                              • Death Valley
                                                                                                    big Sur •
Accommodation: Hotels (3 nts), hostel (2 nts), camping (9 nts) Transport: Private van
Group Size: Max 13 Meals/Trip Kitty: The kitty covers some breakfasts & dinners on                                                  • las Vegas
this trip - the kitty is an optional payment of USD50 per week of your trip and is used
to pay for some group meals Budget: Allow USD225 for meals not included Please                                                  Grand Canyon •
note: Please bring your own sleeping bag. Recommended earliest possible flight                                           • joshua Tree N.P.
departure time is 4.00 pm on day 15 Tour Code: SUSSOC                                              Santa barbara •
                                                                                                                                      • lake havasu
                                                                                                         los Angeles 
‘AMERICAN GolD RuSh’                                                                                            San Diego •
15 DAyS, FR $2,350 Tour Code: SUSSOG

CHeCK OUT pAgeS 56 - 57

14 DAyS, $2,713      FR                   EASyRIDER

loS ANGElES                loS ANGElES

All you fast ridin’, straight shootin’ guys and
gals, saddle up and get yourself ready for a two
week jaunt across the wild, Wild West. Follow
in the footsteps of dangerous outlaws, rugged
wranglers and heroic sheriffs and check out
some of the country’s most dandy landscapes.
You certainly won’t be a lone ranger as you
ride side-saddle with a big bunch of fellow            DAy 1: loS ANGElES                                   DAyS 6-7: lAS VEGAS
greenhorns, stampeding through California,             meet up with your crew and fellow travellers and     enjoy one of the world’s most iconic drives as
Arizona and Nevada in search of good times             head south to San Diego. Tap into the ‘California    you get your kicks on route 66, headed for
and new experiences. Whatever your favourite           Dream’ on a tour through the city’s most vibrant     the bright lights of Las vegas. it’s all glitz and
western movie is, now is the time to live it out.      neighbourhoods. Head out to a party at a hip         glamour as you hang out on The Strip, relax by
‘The good, the Bad and the Ugly’ - we’re sure          downtown club or sip cocktails at a chic rooftop     the pool and check out Sin City’s flashiest party
you’ll be able to pick them out from amongst           lounge and be a part of the city’s highlife. (D)     hotspots. Just about anything is possible in this
your group; ‘The magnificent Seven’ - shots of                                                              outrageously OTT city. included is an evening
tequila perhaps; or ‘A Fistful of Dollars’ - waiting   DAy 2: SAN DIEGo                                     illumination tour and a visit to famous Fremont
for you when you get lucky in vegas. You’ll            Located right by the pacific Ocean, discover what    Street. (2B, D)
explore the raw landscapes of the grand Canyon,        'America’s Finest City' has to offer – 70 miles of
Yosemite National park and the mojave Desert           beaches, a world famous zoo, sailors, surfers,       DAyS 8-9: bASS lAkE & yoSEMITE N.P
and check out loads of fine cities – the beaches       shopping, not to mention some of the world’s         Say goodbye to the party in the desert and
of San Diego, the desert atmosphere of phoenix         finest weather. You'll check out Downtown,           hello to the adventres awaiting you in the Sierra
and the unrivalled cool of San Francisco. This         Balboa park, Coronado island and mission Beach       Nevada mountains. You’ll travel through the
itinerary will blow away any lingering scepticism      (weather permitting). (B)                            mystical mojave Desert as you head to Bass
about the beautiful United States and replace it                                                            Lake. enjoy the diverse beauty of Yosemite
with a passionate, life long affection that’ll keep    DAy 3: PhoENIX                                       National park, from its mountains and meadows
you coming back for more. So giddy up and get          Leave the beach behind and head through the          to its waterfalls, wildflowers and world famous
yourself booked right this very second.                Anza Borrego and the Sonoran Desert towards          rock formations, such as el Capitan. Hike and
                                                       phoenix. This metropolitan desert oasis reaches      bike around (weather permitting) and soak up
bEST bITS                                              sizzling temperatures throughout the summer. (B)     the awesome natural surroundings. (B, 2D)
• Relax on San Diego’s beautiful beaches
• Absorb the desert vibe of Phoenix                    DAyS 4-5: GRAND CANyoN NATIoNAl PARk                 DAyS 8-11: SkI lAkE TAhoE (DEC-MAR)
• Check out beautiful oak Creek Canyon                 From the ‘valley of the Sun’, journey through        if you’re travelling between December and march,
• hike along the rim of the Grand Canyon               beautiful Oak Creek Canyon to the majestic           this tour packs in three days of snow sports
• journey along the iconic Route 66                    grand Canyon with a stop in idyllic Sedona,          action at Lake Tahoe (instead of Yosemite). Hit
• bet the night away in las Vegas                      nestled in ‘red-rock country’. go shopping for       the slopes of three world class resorts. The area
• Explore yosemite National Park                       some unique Native American jewellery, before        is legendary for skiing and snowboarding. Or
• Travel through mystical Mojave Desert                you arrive at one of nature’s true splendours.       try out one of the many other snow activities
• Cross the Golden Gate bridge                         get up close and personal with this phenomenal       like iceskating, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, or
• Check out San Francisco’s stunning sights            natural wonder. The dazzling colours, intricate      sledding. When you’re ready to start the après
• Chill in the coastal town of Carpinteria             rock formations and sheer size of the grand          ski fun, get into the lake’s high energy nightlife
• Sightsee in hollywood                                Canyon will leave you speechless. visit a            with its vegas-style casinos and big name
                                                       panoramic viewpoint, hike along the canyon rim       entertainment. You’ll head to San Francisco on
                                                       or take an optional helicopter flight for a truly    Day 11. (2B, 2D)
                                                       amazing perspective of what lies below. (B, D)

                                                                                                                                                                                        WEST COAST
pack up your walking boots and dig out your
dancing shoes as you head out of the mountains
and into one of America’s most colourful and
character-filled cities. Fall under its spell and
catch awesome bay views as you cross the
Oakland Bay and golden gate bridges. get out
exploring over the next few days - ride the
famous cable cars, shop in trendy Union Square,
feel the hippie vibe in Haight-Ashbury, tour
Alcatraz island, visit Fisherman’s Wharf and
Chinatown or stroll through golden gate park.
You’ll never want to leave this laid-back, liberal
and cultured metropolis. (2B, 2D)

Journey south through wine country to the lush,                                   DAy 14: loS ANGElES
sun-drenched American riviera. Kick back on                                       Stop at LA's famous market, The grove, for lunch
golden beaches and hit the shops and galleries                                    before heading over to Hollywood to see the
in Santa Barbara before a night’s stay in the                                     famous Kodak and mann's Chinese theatres.
beautiful coastal town of Carpinteria. (D)                                        Then it's time for a big group photo before you
                                                                                  bid farewell to all your travelling buddies. (B)


2011                 JUN 01   JUN 14       AUG 17   AUG 30      NOV 30   DEC 13
JAN 05   JAN 18      JUN 08   JUN 21       AUG 24   SEP 06      DEC 07   DEC 20
JAN 19   FEB 01      JUN 15   JUN 28       AUG 28   SEP 10      DEC 14   DEC 27                                                           • Sunset catamaran cruise in San Francisco
FEB 02   FEB 15      JUN 22   JUL 05       AUG 31   SEP 13      DEC 21   JAN 03
FEB 16   MAR 01      JUN 29   JUL 12       SEP 07   SEP 20      DEC 28   JAN 10     San Francisco •
                                                                                                                                          • Three day travel pass in San Francisco
MAR 02   MAR 15      JUL 03   JUL 16       SEP 14   SEP 27      2012
                                                                                         Monterey •     • yosemite N.P.                   • Limo ride and champagne in Las vegas
MAR 16   MAR 29      JUL 06   JUL 19       SEP 21   OCT 04      JAN 04   JAN 17
APR 06   APR 19      JUL 13   JUL 26       SEP 28   OCT 11      JAN 11   JAN 24                            • bass lake
APR 13   APR 26      JUL 17   JUL 30       OCT 05   OCT 18      JAN 18   JAN 31

                                                                                                                                          youR ChoICE
                                                                                               Mojave Desert •     • las Vegas
APR 20   MAY 03      JUL 20   AUG 02       OCT 12   OCT 25      FEB 01   FEB 14
                                                                                                            Grand Canyon •
APR 27   MAY 10      JUL 27   AUG 09       OCT 19   NOV 01      FEB 15   FEB 28
MAY 04   MAY 17      JUL 31   AUG 13       OCT 26   NOV 08      FEB 29   MAR 13          Santa barbara •
MAY 11   MAY 24      AUG 03   AUG 16       NOV 2    NOV 15      MAR 7    MAR 20
                                                                                              Carpinteria •                    • Sedona
MAY 18   MAY 31      AUG 10   AUG 23       NOV 16   NOV 29      MAR 14   MAR 27               los Angeles                                Go IN wINTER
MAY 25   JUN 07      AUG 14   AUG 27       NOV 23   DEC 06                                       San Diego •                • Phoenix
                                                                                                            Sonoran Desert •              ‘wild western winter’
Accommodation: Twin-share hotel(9 nts) twin-cabins(2 nts) quad-chalet (2nts)
Transport: Modern air-conditioned coach Group Size: 25-52 Group Leader:                                                                   See days 8-11 Tour Code: COWWIN
Tour manager and driver throughout Meals: 9 breakfasts, 8 dinners Tour Code:
                                                                                                                                          Go CRoSS CouNTRy
STAy loNGER IN loS ANGElES                                                                                                                ‘GRAND SouThERN’
CHeCK OUT pAgeS 56-57                                                                                                                     CHeCK OUT pAgeS 26-27

8 DAyS, $1,385    FR                     CAMPING

loS ANGElES               SAN FRANCISCo

The route between Los Angeles and San
Francisco is commonly associated with dramatic
coastline, sandy surf beaches and the warm
waters of the pacific Ocean. All of which are
undoubtedly fantastic - but why do what
everyone else is doing, when you can see and
experience heaps more by taking the inland
route? Swap your Haviana's for a pair of hiking
boots and your floppy beach hat for a sombrero       DAy 1: loS ANGElES                                                                    DAy 6: SIERRA NEVADA
– because you’re about to head deep into the         Welcome to the USA. Arrive at any time and set                                        Drive through Death valley - one of the hottest
Wild West. prepare for cacti studded landscapes,     out exploring the myriad of malls, palm trees and                                     deserts on the planet where temperatures can
rusty red desert, copious canyons, unearthly         beautiful people. Wind your way between the                                           rise to record levels (up to 56ºC). Check out
rock formations and hazily hot temperatures as       skyscrapers and stardust.                                                             the large sand dune formations, sculpted rocks,
you check out some of America’s most distinctive                                                                                           isolated valleys and volcanic craters. marvel at
locations – Joshua Tree National park, Lake          DAy 2: joShuA TREE N.P & lAkE hAVASu                                                  the stunning changing colours of the canyon and
Havasu, The grand Canyon, Death valley and           Spot wild creatures scampering across the sand                                        the mountain walls in the sunlight. elevations
Yosemite National park. instead of being carted      dunes and experience the extremities of the                                           fluctuate from 85m below sea level (the lowest
around in a huge group, you’ll be able to enjoy a    Californian climate on the way to Joshua Tree                                         point in the USA) to 3756m above sea level at
more intimate and insightful experience with no      National park. Discover spectacular desert plants                                     Telescope peak. Heat permitting, enjoy hiking
more than 13 fellow explorers. Spend four nights     including Joshua trees, cacti, mojave yuccas and                                      through and exploring the sand dunes.
out in the wild, camping under stars that sparkle    curious rock formations, then follow the western
so brightly you’ll feel like you can reach out and   sun to your campsite beside Lake Havasu.                                              DAy 7: yoSEMITE NATIoNAl PARk
touch them. The other three nights will be spent                                                                                           Journey over Tioga pass to the centre of the
in the iconic cities of Los Angeles and Las vegas,   DAy 3: GRAND CANyoN                                                                   eastern Sierra and enter Yosemite, a larger
staying in central hotels and hostels – perfect      Check out the grand Canyon, one of the world’s                                        than life photographer’s dream. The stunning
for exploring all the fabulous sights and hitting    greatest natural wonders. The canyon is a                                             combination of hulking granite cliffs, roaring
the town on a few big nights out. For a succinct     remarkable 450km long, up to 30km wide and                                            waterfalls and rippling green meadows set
shot of all that’s great about the USA, look no      1600m deep. Take an afternoon hike along the                                          against a blasting blue sky make for an
further than this week long adventure.               rim or venture into the canyon itself. Finish the                                     unforgettable day out. Follow the paved path to
                                                     day with a fiery grand Canyon sunset.                                                 mirror Lake in time for sunset - the reflection of
bEST bITS                                                                                                                                  Half Dome on the lake’s surface is stunning.
• Stroll the star-studded streets of lA              DAyS 4-5: lAS VEGAS
• Camp out next to beautiful lake havasu             go west through the Kaibab National Forest                                            DAy 8: SAN FRANCISCo
• Check out the weird plants at joshua Tree          and onto infamous route 66. Cross the mojave                                          good food? Check. Art? music? Architecture?
• Stare into the abyss at the Grand Canyon           Desert and head towards Las vegas. Discover a                                         Check. it’s all here in San Fran, a laid-back and
• Dance with lady luck in glitzy las Vegas           fast, loud world where neon lights shine bright                                       liberal city with a thriving cosmopolitan culture.
• Feel the mercury rise in Death Valley              and lady luck smiles at those who dance with                                          extend your stay and experience the city’s many
• Absorb the wild beauty of yosemite                 chance. peruse The Strip and check out some of                                        facets - from Chinatown to golden gate park and
• unleash your inner bohemian in San Fran            the mind blowing shows brimming with colour                                           zany Soma where you can browse a bundle of
                                                     and electricity. Just enjoy the vegas experience.                                     outrageous art venues - it's an 'anything goes'
                                                                                                                                           part of town. Say your goodbyes.

                                                     START    FINISh       START    FINISh       START    FINISh        START    FINISh
                                                     MAY 08   MAY 15       JUN 19   JUN 26       JUL 24   JUL 31        SEP 04   SEP 11
                                                     MAY 11   MAY 18       JUN 22   JUN 29       JUL 31   AUG 07        SEP 11   SEP 18
                                                     MAY 15   MAY 22       JUN 26   JUL 03       AUG 03   AUG 10        SEP 18   SEP 25
                                                     MAY 22   MAY 29       JUL 03   JUL 10       AUG 07   AUG 14        SEP 25   OCT 02           yosemite N.P. •
                                                     MAY 29   JUN 05       JUL 10   JUL 17       AUG 10   AUG 17        OCT 02   OCT 09
                                                                                                                                             San Francisco •         • Sierra Nevada
                                                     JUN 01   JUN 08       JUL 13   JUL 20       AUG 14   AUG 21        OCT 09   OCT 16
                                                     JUN 05   JUN 12       JUL 17   JUL 24       AUG 21   AUG 28
                                                     JUN 12   JUN 19       JUL 20   JUL 27       AUG 28   SEP 04

                                                     Accommodation: Hotel (2 nts), multishare hostel (1 nt), camping (4nts) Transport:                                              • las Vegas
                                                     Private van Group Size: Max 13 Meals/Trip Kitty: The kitty covers some breakfasts
                                                     & dinners on this trip - the kitty is an optional payment of USD50 per week of your                                         Grand Canyon •
                                                     trip and is used to pay for some group meals Budget: Allow USD120 for meals not                                      • joshua Tree N.P.
                                                     included Please note: Please bring your own sleeping bag. Recommended earliest
                                                     flight departure time is 8.00pm on day 8 Tour Code: SUSSOW                                                                        • lake havasu
                                                                                                                                                          los Angeles 

                                                     Go IN REVERSE
                                                     SAN FRANCISCo - loS ANGElES
                                                     8 DAyS, FR $1,385 Tour Code: SUSSOE
                                                     uPGRADE ThE CoMFoRT
                                                     ‘CAlIFoRNIA DISCoVERy’ CHeCK OUT pAge 43

8 DAyS, $1,635                FR
                                                                                                      8 DAyS, $1,545                 FR                             CAMPING

                                                                                                                                                                                                            WEST COAST
loS ANGElES                                  SAN FRANCISCo                                                SAN FRANCISCo                                   SEATTlE

•      Discover iconic joshua trees in a sci-fi setting                                               •      walk beneath Redwood N.P’s huge and ancient trees
•      Experience the wonder of the Grand Canyon                                                      •      Gaze at the volcano from the shores of Crater lake
•      Dive into the non-stop energy of las Vegas                                                     •      hike to beautiful waterfalls at Silver Falls State Park
•      Admire the bizarre rock formations in Death Valley                                             •      Marvel at the volcanic wonders of Mt St helens
•      Dine on delicious seafood in San Francisco                                                     •      Enjoy the amazing views from the top of Mt Rainier

DAy 1: loS ANGElES                                                                                    DAyS 1-2: SAN FRANCISCo & MENDoCINo
Arrive at any time. Head out exploring the bright lights and glamour of                               Sightsee in San Fran and set out exploring. Hit seaside mendocino for
tinseltown in all its glory. Sightsee and shop in Hollywood and Beverly Hills.                        sublime ocean views and a vibrant arts scene.

DAy 2: joShuA TREE NATIoNAl PARk & kINGMAN                                                            DAy 3: EuREkA & REDwooD NATIoNAl PARk
Drive through Southern California’s deserts. Admire spectacular desert                                Head to the old logging town of eureka and peruse its victorian
plants and striking rock formations. Cross the Colorado river into Arizona.                           architecture. Walk beneath redwood’s 90m tall 2,000 year old inhabitants.

DAy 3: GRAND CANyoN                                                                                   DAy 4: CRATER lAkE NATIoNAl PARk
Spanning 450km, up to 30km wide and 1600m deep, it is inspiring,                                      Travel through the rugged landscape of Six rivers National Forest.
breathtaking and magnificent. Hike around and into the canyon.                                        Dwarfed by a volcano, Crater Lake is the deepest natural lake in
                                                                                                      North America.
go west on route 66. Arrive into big bright lights and enjoy the glitterati!                          DAy 5: oREGoN DuNES
                                                                                                      reach this unique area where amazing sand dunes rise from the shores of
DAy 6: DEATh VAllEy                                                                                   the pacific Ocean. Try dune buggy rides and other adventurous activities.
Check out one of the hottest deserts on the planet, Death valley. The area
also contains a wealth of weird and wonderful geological phenomena.                                   DAy 6: EuGENE & SIlVER FAllS STATE PARk
                                                                                                      Hike among forested canyons to some of the park’s ten waterfalls.
From its cascading waterfalls to its gemstone lakes, Yosemite National                                DAyS 7-8: MT ST hElENS & SEATTlE
park truly will impress with jaw-dropping beauty at every turn.                                       Drive through portland to mt St Helens which erupted in 1980 and still
                                                                                                      dominates the horizon. Trek up to mt rainier, also active and covered in
DAy 8: SAN FRANCISCo                                                                                  glaciers. Wind things up in Seattle, known as the ‘emerald City’.
Bike the golden gate Bridge or visit Fisherman's Wharf before heading off.

DEPARTuRES                                                                                            DEPARTuRES
JAN - DEC         SUN                                                                                 START    FINISh       START    FINISh       START FINISh
                                                                                                      MAY 18   MAY 25       JUL 20   JUL 27       AUG 17 AUG 24
                                                                                                      JUN 08   JUN 15       JUL 27   AUG 03       AUG 31 SEP 07
Accommodation: Multishare hotels/hostels/cabins (7 nts)                                               JUN 29   JUL 06       AUG 10   AUG 17
Transport: Private van Group Size: Max 13 Meals/Trip Kitty:
                                                                                                                                                                                         • Seattle
The kitty covers some breakfasts & dinners on this trip - the
kitty is an optional payment of USD50 per week of your trip                                           Accommodation: Hostel (1 nt), camping (6 nts) Transport:
                                                                                                      Private van Group Size: Max 13 Meals/Trip Kitty: Trip kitty
                                                                                                                                                                                          • Mt. Rainier
and is used to pay for some group meals Budget: Allow
USD160 for meals not inc. Please note: Please bring your                      • yosemite N.P.         covers some breakfasts & dinners - the kitty is an optional                      • Mt. St helens
own sleeping bag. Recommended earliest possible flight                    • San Francisco             payment of USD50 per week of your trip and is used to pay
departure time is 8:00pm on day 8 Tour Code: SUSSRN                                                   for some group meals Budget: Allow USD120 for meals not                        • Silver Falls N.P.
                                                                                 • Death Valley       included Please note: Please bring your own sleeping bag.
                                                                                                      Recommended earliest possible flight departure time is                    • oregon Dunes
Go IN REVERSE                                                                         • las Vegas     8:00pm on day 8 Tour Code: SUSSOP
                                                                                                                                                                                      • Crater lake N.P.
SAN FRANCISCo - loS ANGElES                                                     Grand Canyon •
                                                                                                                                                                              • Redwood N.P.
8 DAyS, FR $1,635 Tour Code: SUSSRS                                los Angeles  • joshua Tree N.P.   Do SoMEThING loNGER                                                 • Eureka
                                                                                                      ‘loS ANGElES - SEATTlE’
                                                                                                      CHeCK OUT pAge 51                                                   • Mendocino

                                                                                                      STAy loNGER IN SAN FRANCISCo                                             San Francisco
                                                                                                      CHeCK OUT pAgeS 62-63

8 DAyS, $1,725    FR                   EASyRIDER

lAS VEGAS              loS ANGElES

We all have pre-conceptions about California,
formed through countless movies, Tv shows
and educational "documentaries" about paris
Hilton. But picking one highlight is probably a
little harder. Thankfully you don't have to - this
tour bundles together loads of highlights from
the 'golden state' and even sneakily throws in
Nevada's gaming capital - Las vegas. So why is it
known as the 'golden state'? Well, not only was its   DAy 2: bASS lAkE                                                                        DAyS 2-5: SkI lAkE TAhoE (DEC - MAR)
explosive growth due to the discovery of gold in      Say goodbye to the party in the desert and hello                                        if you’re travelling between December and march,
1848, but in springtime, fields of golden poppies     to the outdoor adventures awaiting you in the                                           this tour packs in three days of snow sports
appear. There's also the golden gate Bridge of        Sierra Nevada mountains. get your camera out                                            action at Lake Tahoe (instead of Lake Bass and
San Francisco and of course, stunning golden          for photos of iconic Joshua trees, the famous                                           Yosemite). The area is legendary for skiing and
coastal sunsets over the pacific Ocean - California   symbol of the mojave Desert, along the way.                                             snowboarding - or try out one of the many other
well deserves its name. Kicking things off in Las     For the next two nights you'll stay at a lakefront                                      snow activities like iceskating, snowshoeing,
vegas, party deep into the night and try not to       chalet. From here you can relax in the stunning                                         snowmobiling or sledding. When you’re ready to
get yourself accidentally married (however hot        mountain paradise of Bass Lake - swim, soak up                                          start the après ski fun, get into the lake’s high
your tour mates are). From here to the fantastic      some sun and enjoy watersports. (D)                                                     energy nightlife with its vegas-style casinos and
cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles you've got                                                                                            big name entertainment. You’ll head to charming
fascinating desert, stunning national parks and       DAy 3: yoSEMITE NATIoNAl PARk                                                           San Francisco on Day Five. (2B, 2D)
picturesque coastal towns. Let's face it - a state    Spend the day in the beautiful natural surrounds
that has Arnie as its governor must be awesome        of Yosemite National park. marvel at the massive                                        DAy 7: SANTA bARbARA & CARPINTERIA
and definitely worth a vist. And what better way      el Capitan rock and the sheerest cliff in the USA,                                      Journey south to the lush, sundrenched American
to do it than with a big bunch of fellow young        Half Dome. You’ll see the breathtaking Yosemite                                         riviera. Kick back on the beach and hit the
people - every second is there to be experienced,     and Bridal veil Falls. Hike or bike along the park’s                                    shops and galleries in Santa Barbara. Then
enjoyed and indulged.                                 trails to experience this unique environment with                                       stay overnight in the beautiful coastal town of
                                                      its meadows, waterfalls and wildflowers firsthand                                       Carpinteria. (D)
bEST bITS                                             and close up. (B, D)
• hit the party hotspots in Vegas                                                                                                             DAy 8: loS ANGElES
• Enjoy outdoor activities at bass lake               DAyS 4-6: SAN FRANCISCo                                                                 motor down the spectacular Californian coastline
• Explore the natural beauty of yosemite              Head out of the mountains to one of America’s                                           before stopping at LA’s famous outdoor market,
• Cross the iconic Golden Gate bridge                 most colourful cities. Fall under the city’s spell                                      The grove, where you can pick up a tasty
• Soak up the character of San Francisco              and catch awesome bay views as you cross the                                            lunch. Afterwards head over to star-studded
• Check out trendy Santa barbara                      Oakland Bay and golden gate bridges. There’s so                                         Hollywood, where you can see the Kodak
• Relax in beautiful coastal Carpinteria              much to do in this beautiful and cosmopolitan                                           Theatre which is home to the Oscars, the famous
• Stroll down hollywood’s walk of Fame                city. ride the historic cable cars, shop in Union                                       Hollywood Sign, mann’s Chinese Theatre and
                                                      Square, tour notorious Alcatraz island, stroll                                          Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Then it's time to wrap
DAy 1: lAS VEGAS                                      through golden gate park or visit Fisherman’s                                           up your USA adventure and say farewell to your
meet your crew before heading out to Sin City’s       Wharf. (2B, 2D)                                                                         new friends. (B)
flashiest party hotspots.

                                                        • Three day travel pass in San Francisco
                                                        • Sunset catamaran cruise in San Francisco
                                                                                                                                                 San Francisco •
                                                        • Dinner and tour of San Francisco Chinatown                                                  Monterey •     • yosemite N.P.
                                                                                                                                                                        • bass lake
                                                                                                                                                             Mojave Desert •
                                                      DEPARTuRES                                                                                                                las Vegas
                                                      JAN-MAR           TUES (FORTNIGHTLY)                                                             Santa barbara •
                                                      APR-NOV           TUES & SELECTED SUN                                                                 Carpinteria •
                                                                                                                                                            los Angeles •
                                                      Accommodation: Twin-share hotel accommodation (5 nts), quad-share chalet (2nts)
                                                      Transport: Modern air-conditioned coach with power points for charging Group
                                                      Size: 25-52 Meals: 4 breakfasts, 5 dinners Tour Code: COWWAV

                                                      Please note: If travelling between Dec and Mar - you’ll enjoy 3 days of snow sport at
                                                      Lake Tahoe Tour Code: COWWCA

8 DAyS, $1,599    FR                    EASyRIDER

 loS ANGElES                lAS VEGAS

California may have a few good highlights, but
Arizona ain't short on them either. This tour
gives you a taste of the O.C (it's everything
the Tv show promised), the best of Arizona
and then wraps up in what is surely a highlight
of the world; fabulous Las vegas. America
is undeniably big – the burgers, the cars, the

                                                                                                                                                                                            WEST COAST
buildings, the egos…in all that space, you'd hope
that there were some highlights. But sometimes        bEST bITS                                                                        DAyS 4-5: GRAND CANyoN NATIoNAl PARk
it's easy to forget that there's more to the          • Drive through the scenic o.C                                                   From the ‘valley of the Sun’ to the majestic
country than those brash, brilliant cities that       • Tour San Diego's vibrant neighbourhoods                                        grand Canyon. Stop off in Sedona, a quirky
we see on our screens day in, day out. There          • Drive through scenic 'red rock' country                                        town nestled in red rock country. You'll drive
are thousands of miles of stunning wilderness         • Enjoy the desert oasis of Phoenix                                              along scenic routes, past brilliantly coloured
and some truly wild and rugged landscapes.            • Stay in Grand Canyon National Park                                             sandstone cliffs and rugged peaks to your
This adventure gives you a taste for all that         • hike along the rim of the Grand Canyon                                         base in the national park. Hike, walk, or
lovely space - cacti deserts, craggy mountains,       • Take in the iconic Route 66                                                    maybe take an optional helicopter flight for
cavernous canyons, sizzling hot days and star         • Enjoy the glitz and glamour of las Vegas                                       an up close experience with this phenomenal
sprinkled nights. All of this is sandwiched                                                                                            natural wonder. Hike along the canyon’s south
between a touch of California charm and the           DAy 1: loS ANGElES & SAN DIEGo                                                   rim, watch a spectacular sunset and capture
glitz and glamour of Las vegas. prepare to fit in     meet up with your crew and head south to                                         incredible photos with a visit to a panoramic
with the cooler-than-cool surfers in San Diego        San Diego via the O.C, along the scenic pacific                                  viewpoint. (B, D)
and get your party outfit on for vegas - after a      Coast. Tap into the ‘Californian Dream’ on a tour
week on tour, will you decide a late night trip to    through the city’s most vibrant neighbourhoods.                                  DAyS 6-7: lAS VEGAS
the Little White Wedding Chapel is a good idea?       Tonight, party at a hip downtown club, chill out                                 get your kicks on route 66 as you head to
One thing's for sure - your fellow travellers will    at a cool beach bar or sip cocktails at a chic                                   the bright lights of Las vegas. You'll take an
be pumped for fun, adventure and unforgettable        rooftop lounge. (D)                                                              evening tour of the famous vegas 'Strip’ and all
experiences - and everything is set up to provide                                                                                      its glitz and glamour. relax by the pool or check
just that. All you've got to do is book it with one   DAy 2: SAN DIEGo                                                                 out Sin City’s flashiest party hotspots. gamble
of our lovely advisers.                               Wander around and discover all this city has to                                  away the last of your spending money at some
                                                      offer. With 100kms of beaches, a world famous                                    of the world’s largest casinos. (2B, D)
                                                      zoo, sailors, surfers, shopping, culture and a
                                                      gentle mediterranean climate, this place is a                                    DAy 8: lAS VEGAS
                                                      little piece of USA paradise. (B)                                                Say goodbye to the party in the desert as your
                                                                                                                                       US adventure wraps up and it’s time to say bye
                                                      DAy 3: PhoENIX                                                                   to your new buds.
                                                      Leave the beach behind and go on a scenic drive
                                                      through Cleveland National Forest, Anza Borrego
                                                      Desert and Sonoran Desert. Arrive into phoenix,
                                                      a metropolitan desert oasis. The sprawling city
                                                      heats it up as a retail mecca, a melting pot of
                                                      fun, funky dining and hip nightlife! (B)

                                                        • Limo ride and champagne in Las vegas
                                                        • Traditional mexican feast in San Diego
                                                        • Hotel accommodation on the vegas 'Strip'

                                                      DEPARTuRES                                                                                                • las Vegas
                                                                                                                                                         Grand Canyon •
                                                      JAN-MAR          WED (FORTNIGHTLY)
                                                      APR-DEC          WED                                                                                                  • Sedona
                                                      JUL-AUG          SUN (FORTNIGHTLY)                                                     los Angeles 
                                                                                                                                                San Diego •              • Phoenix
                                                      Accommodation: Twin-share hotel accommodation (5 nts), twin-share cabin (2nts)
                                                      Transport: Modern air-conditioned coach with power points for charging Group
                                                                                                                                                         Sonoran Desert •
                                                      Size: 25-52 Meals: 5 breakfasts, 3 dinners Tour Code: COWWAT

lA To
ThE bAy
11 DAyS, 2,275       FR                 EASyRIDER

loS ANGElES                SAN FRANCISCo

The road between Los Angeles and San Francisco
has always been a popular route for West
Coast wanderers. Your average holidaymaker
likes to take a couple of days and cruise up the
coast – all very nice and enjoyable, but we here
at STA Travel like to make things a bit more
interesting. This 11 day trip zooms you up to
San Fran in a not altogether straight line, taking
in an abundance of spine-tingling sights. You’ll      DAy 1: loS ANGElES & SAN DIEGo                                                       DAy 8: bASS lAkE
still have a chance to check out the lovely sun-      meet up with your crew and head south to                                             Awake with a sore head but a big smile and
splashed beaches that California is so famous         San Diego. enjoy the beautiful weather then head                                     say goodbye to the party in the desert. Drive
for with a couple of days in San Diego, but           to the gaslamp Quarter’s lively nightlife. (D)                                       through the mojave Desert past iconic Joshua
from that point onwards you’ll head deep into                                                                                              trees towards the adventures awaiting you in the
cowboy country. The desert oasis of phoenix,          DAy 2: SAN DIEGo                                                                     wilds of the Sierra Nevada mountains. (D)
the awesome splendour of the grand Canyon,            Wander around and discover what America’s
the delightfully dangerous possibilities of Las       'Finest City' has to offer – 70 miles of beautiful                                   DAyS 8-11: SkI lAkE TAhoE (DEC - MAR)
vegas and the stunning ecological artistry of         beaches, a world famous zoo, sailors, surfers,                                       if you’re travelling between December and march,
Yosemite National park are all explored as you        shopping, culture, and a gentle climate. (B)                                         this tour packs in three days of snow sports
meander your way towards the ‘City by the Bay’.                                                                                            action at Lake Tahoe (instead of Yosemite).
enjoyment levels range from absurdly ecstatic to      DAy 3: PhoENIX                                                                       Ski or snowboard in this legendary area or try
deliriously delighted as you and your playmates       Leave the beach behind and head towards                                              one of the many other activities - ice-skating,
experience a whole host of genuine American           phoenix, a metropolitan desert oasis and haven                                       sledding, snowmobiling - and did we menton
experiences – hike along the rim of crazily huge      of fun, funky dining and hip nightlife. (B)                                          the awesome après ski fun? You’ll head to San
canyons, blow your last buck in vegas, cruise                                                                                              Francisco on Day 11. (2B, 2D)
along route 66 and explore remote mountains,          DAyS 4-5: GRAND CANyoN NATIoNAl PARk
meadows and waterfalls. return home way               From the ‘valley of the Sun’, journey to the                                         DAy 9: yoSEMITE NATIoNAl PARk
cooler, more relaxed and totally insightful...dude!   majestic grand Canyon with a stop in the quirky                                      Staying in the stunning mountain paradise of
                                                      town of Sedona, nestled in ‘red rock' country.                                       Bass Lake, enjoy the diverse beauty of this
bEST bITS                                             Day five is all yours - staying in grand Canyon                                      treasured national park - from its mountains and
• Relax on San Diego’s beautiful beaches              National park, you'll hike, walk or take an                                          meadows to its waterfalls, wildflowers and world
• Absorb the lush oasis of Phoenix                    optional helicopter flight for a birds eye view of                                   famous rock formations like el Capitan and Half
• Check out beautiful oak Creek Canyon                this phenomenal natural wonder. (2B, D)                                              Dome. Hike and bike around the valley floor to
• hike along the rim of the Grand Canyon                                                                                                   get the full experience. (B, D)
• Drive along historic Route 66                       DAyS 6-7: lAS VEGAS
• bet your life away in las Vegas                     get your kicks on route 66 as you head                                               DAyS 10-11: SAN FRANCISCo
• Spot iconic joshua Trees in the desert              toward the bright lights and bling of Las                                            Head out of the mountains and into one of
• Explore yosemite National Park                      vegas. Day seven is all yours - hang out on                                          America’s most colourful cities. Fall under its
                                                      the ‘Strip’, relax by the pool or check out Sin                                      spell and catch awesome bay views as you check
                                                      City’s flashiest hot spots. Try not to gamble                                        out the sights of the rollicking ‘City by the Bay’.
                                                      away all your savings! (B, D)                                                        Say farewell to your new mates at any time on
                                                                                                                                           Day 11. (B)

                                                        • Sunset catamaran cruise in San Francisco
                                                        • Traditional mexican feast in San Diego
                                                        • Limo ride and champagne in Las vegas                                               San Francisco •
                                                                                                                                                                 • yosemite N.P.
                                                      DEPARTuRES                                                                                                    • bass lake
                                                      JAN - DEC         WED
                                                                                                                                                         Mojave Desert •   • las Vegas
                                                      JUL - AUG         SUN (FORTNIGHTLY)                                                                           Grand Canyon •

                                                                                                                                                                                       • Sedona
                                                      Accommodation: Twin-share hotel (6 nts), twin-share cabin (2nts), quad-share
                                                                                                                                                        los Angeles 
                                                      chalet (2nts) Transport: Modern air-conditioned coach with power points for
                                                      charging Group Size: 25-52 Meals: 7 breakfasts, 5 dinners Tour Code: COWWAF                          San Diego •              • Phoenix
                                                      Please note: If travelling between Dec and Mar - you’ll enjoy 3 days of snow sport                            Sonoran Desert •
                                                      at Lake Tahoe Tour Code: COWWLA

GolD RuSh
15 DAyS, $2,350    FR                    CAMPING

SAN FRANCISCo                 loS ANGElES

Drawn by the lure of gold, thousands of people
flocked to this region in the mid-19th Century.
They made pioneering trips by sea and land,
enduring substantial hardships, all in the hope of
making their fortune. many of those who came
were Americans, but tens of thousands also
came from Latin America, europe, Australia and

                                                                                                                                                                                                         WEST COAST
China. So, what has changed in the last century
and a half? international visitors still flock to    DAyS 2-3: yoSEMITE NATIoNAl PARk                                                       DAy 9: MoNuMENT VAllEy
the area, treasure still remains and hardships are   Leave urban life behind for the great outdoors.                                        part of the biggest Native American reservation
still endured. Hold on, back up there - hardship?    Home to el Capitan and Half Dome, Yosemite                                             in the US, monument valley is a marvel of giant
Well, we guess it depends who sits next to you       National park is vast and full of iconic vistas.                                       sandstone formations strewn across the desert.
on the plane ride on the way in. But once you're                                                                                            experience Navajo culture, watch as the sun
on tour you'll be transported in the comfort of      DAy 4: NEVADA DESERT                                                                   paints the landscape with golden hues and sleep
a small private van and most of the nights will      venture into the eastern Sierra Nevada, past                                           under the vast desert sky.
be spent in tents of the highest standard. To        breathtaking mountain scenery and tranquil
be fair, the treasure has changed a bit too -        lakes, to the Nevada Desert.                                                           DAy 10: lAkE PowEll & wESTERN RANCh
we don't want you all expecting to come back                                                                                                With a dramatic backdrop of blood-red rock,
millionaires. The gold may have gone but the real    DAy 5: ZIoN NATIoNAl PARk                                                              Lake powell’s canyons and waterways offer
treasure still remains in the form of spectacular    With a spectacular gorge snaking through                                               stunning vistas and idyllic hidden wonders.
natural landscapes - canyons, rivers, cliffs and     dramatic desert and canyon country, Zion                                               Cross the glen Canyon Dam and head to the high
desert. The Americans have been wise enough          National park will leave a lasting impression.                                         desert country to overnight at a western ranch
to protect them with national park status - a        explore some of the park’s many hiking trails.                                         camp - complete with real life cowboys.
clear indication that you should book this tour in
order to stock up on treasures for your memory       DAy 6: bRyCE CANyoN NATIoNAl PARk                                                      DAyS 11-12: GRAND CANyoN
and photo bank.                                      Stop off for a hike in red Canyon on the way to                                        meandering for 450km through the Arizona
                                                     Bryce Canyon. Known for its stunning, sculpted                                         landscape, this canyon will take your breath
bEST bITS                                            rock formations, this area is best explored on                                         away. Hike into the canyon and around the rim
• Absorb the iconic vistas in yosemite               foot. in the evening watch the hoodoos (tall, thin                                     - or for an incredible birds eye view, take an
• hike the trails in Zion National Park              rock spires) showcase a kaleidoscope of colour                                         optional helicopter flight.
• Admire the kaleidoscope of rock colour             changes as the sun sets.
• hike, bike or raft around Moab                                                                                                            DAyS 13-14: lAS VEGAS
• Experience Navajo culture                          DAyS 7-8: MoAb                                                                         Drive through the Kaibab National Forest and
• Stay overnight at a western ranch camp             Discover prehistoric cliffs capped by white                                            mojave Desert as you head towards ‘Sin City’.
• Take in the spectacular Grand Canyon               sandstone in the Capitol reef National park.                                           Soak up the sights and sounds of vegas and try
• Play your cards right in las Vegas                 Journey on to moab and see the vast stretches                                          your luck in the buzzing casinos.
                                                     of Canyonlands National park, Dead Horse point
DAy 1: SAN FRANCISCo                                 State park and Arches National park. There are                                         DAy 15: loS ANGElES
explore the steep streets of San Francisco -         plenty of ways to choose to see this fascinating                                       ‘City of Angels’ and repository of dreams, Los
think of it as a workout before tackling the         region - hiking, mountain biking, scenic flights or                                    Angeles is a sprawl of American life. Keep an eye
country’s famous national parks.                     rafting on the Colorado river.                                                         out for celebrities before you head home.

                                                     APR-SEP           SAT

                                                     Accommodation: Hotel (2 nts), hostel (1 nt), camping (11 nts) Transport: Private van
                                                     Group Size: Max 13 Meals/Trip Kitty: The kitty covers some breakfasts & dinners
                                                     while camping on this trip - the kitty is an optional payment of USD50 per week of
                                                     your trip and is used to pay for some group meals Budget: Allow USD225 for meals
                                                     not included Please note: Please bring your own sleeping bag. Recommended
                                                     earliest possible flight departure time is 8:00pm on day 15 Tour Code: SUSSOG
                                                                                                                                                San Francisco
                                                                                                                                                         • yosemite N.P.
                                                     uPGRADE ThE CoMFoRT                                                                                                                   Moab
                                                     'GRAND CANyoN DISCoVERy'                                                                                                Zion N.P.
                                                     CHeCK OUT pAge 53                                                                              Nevada Desert •
                                                                                                                                                                                           • Monument
                                                                                                                                                                           • las Vegas   •
                                                     STAy loNGER IN SAN FRANCISCo                                                                                                    lake Powell
                                                     CHeCK OUT pAgeS 62-63                                                                                                   Grand Canyon
                                                                                                                                               los Angeles •

15 DAyS, $2,910     FR

SAN FRANCISCo                 SAN FRAN

This exceptional excursion around the Wild
West is grass roots awesome. There'll be no
pompous museums, pretentious art galleries or
grinding violin concertos. What exactly does this
adventure promise? Well, this trip centres itself
around the culture of the 'great outdoors' – the
spiritual resonance, historical tangibility and
boundless inspiration that resides in Joshua Tree
National park, The grand Canyon, monument
valley and Yosemite National park. When it
comes to personal interaction, the people you’re     DAy 6: SAN DIEGo                                                                          stroll onto the vast sand dunes. Continue to
likely to bump into scream with diversity –          Hang ten at Ocean Beach, visit a museum or two                                            Central valley for the night.
high-rollers prowling the casinos of vegas and       in Balboa park, or enjoy a meal in Little italy.
sun-bleached surfer dudes dedicated to the           Want to see how the other half live? Take a visit                                         DAyS 13-14: yoSEMITE NATIoNAl PARk
variable tempers of the pacific Ocean.               to Coronado island, said to be one of the most                                            Be cooled by the mist from majestic waterfalls
And when it comes to food, you know exactly          expensive places to reside in America.                                                    and gaze up at the soaring granite face of
what you’re gonna get and it's absolutely                                                                                                      Half Dome. The landscape is out of this world,
fantastic – burgers bigger than your head,           DAy 7: joShuA TREE NATIoNAl PARk                                                          perhaps go for a hike or hire a bicycle to take it
steak upon steak upon steak, plus mountains          Sit back and enjoy the ride through the deserts                                           all in. Be sure to pack a camera to capture it all.
of shoestring fries. experience the very best of     of southern California to Joshua Tree National
California, Arizona and Nevada on this real deal     park, known for its spectacular desert plants                                             DAy 15: SAN FRANCISCo
American adventure.                                  including Joshua trees, cacti and mojave yuccas.                                          Leave mountain vistas behind and return to
                                                                                                                                               beautiful, bayside San Francisco. Stick around for
bEST bITS                                            DAyS 8-9: GRAND CANyoN                                                                    a few more days if time (and budget) permit!
• Absorb the vibe of San Francisco                   Come sunset, the rich colours of the canyon’s
• Cruise down the California coastline               ancient rocks deepen as the night sky falls,
• Stroll Santa Cruz’s antique boardwalk              creating a palette of moody hues that is sure to
• Check out Monterey’s amazing sea life              stir emotions. Walk along the rim, hike it or take
• Sightsee in the City of Angels                     a helicopter ride! Whichever way the canyon is
• bask on the golden beaches of San Diego            viewed, it is bound to impress.
• Check out the weird plants at joshua Tree
• Descend into the Grand Canyon                      DAyS 10-11: lAS VEGAS
• Absorb the wild west in Monument Valley            Stop in Nevada’s glitzy oasis. Showgirls, cocktails
• Dance with lady luck in glitzy las Vegas           and elvis converge to form a hub of hedonism
• Experience the heat of Death Valley                where fame and fortune are always on the cards!
• Marvel at the beauty of yosemite
                                                     DAy 12: DEATh VAllEy & CENTRAl VAllEy
DAy 1: SAN FRANCISCo                                 Drive through one of the hottest deserts on the
Your adventure begins among the atmospheric          planet, Death valley. marvel as the rocks change
streets of San Francisco. Try to arrive early so     colour with the sunlight. if temperatures permit,
you get a chance to enjoy all the delights of this
charismatic city.

Drive along the scenic west coast to Santa Cruz      JAN - DEC          SAT (FORTNIGHTLY)
- a town famous for its beach boardwalk and          Accommodation: Multishare hotels/hostels/cabins (14 nts) Transport: Private van
entertainment centre established back in 1904.       Group Size: Max 13 Meals/Trip Kitty: The kitty covers some breakfasts & dinners on
                                                     this trip - the kitty is an optional payment of USD50 per week of your trip and is used
                                                     to pay for some group meals Budget: Allow USD300 for meals not included Please
                                                     note: Please bring your own sleeping bag. Recommended earliest flight departure
                                                                                                                                                             San Francisco
                                                                                                                                                                 • yosemite N.P.
DAy 3: MoNTEREy                                      time is 8:00pm on day 15 Tour Code: SUSSRW                                                    Santa Cruz •
                                                                                                                                                    Monterey •
Continue to monterey and perhaps drop into the                                                                                                                        Death Valley

world class aquarium to see sharks, sea otters       Do SoMEThING loNGER                                                                          Santa barbara •         • • las Vegas
and jellyfish. Overnight in Santa margarita.         ‘AMERICAN EXPERIENCE’                                                                        Central Valley                     • Grand Canyon
                                                                                                                                                        los Angeles •     • joshua Tree N.P.
                                                     21 DAyS, FR $4,110 Tour Code: SUSSRD                                                                   San Diego •
Cruise down the rugged coastline to Santa
Barbara, known for its pearly white beaches and
star studded address book. Further south in LA,
why not head to Universal Studios or spot the
weird and wonderful characters at venice Beach?

12 DAyS, $2,400     FR

SAN FRANCISCo                 lAS VEGAS

Far from the average ‘drive-thru’ you might
associate with America's ‘golden’ culture, on this
trip you’ll do way more than sit and wait. rewrite
the norm, styling your own version of a majorly
epic drive through the USA - there will be some

                                                                                                                                                                                                       WEST COAST
seriously spectacular scenery along the way. This
trip, as the name suggests, is all about the hiking
– something we love to rave about to people who
have vast amounts of expendable energy built up        DAy 1: SAN FRANCISCo                                                                    DAyS 7-8: hAVASuPAI CANyoN
from far too many hours sitting in stuffy lecture      Arrive early to see the best of San Fran, a                                             Hike into Havasupai, a Native American
theatres or behind messy office desks. Lighten         chilled-out city with a vibrant, multicultural                                          reservation and visit its picture perfect waterfall.
up your lifestyle and get that sparkle back in         heart. ride a trolley bus, enjoy the sea lions at                                       Be sure to bring a swimsuit as a refreshing dip in
your eyes with some mind-blowing, extremely            pier 39, take a bay cruise or visit Alcatraz.                                           the blue-green waters beneath these falls is an
exhilarating and overly exciting entertainment.                                                                                                absolute must.
Hike through awesome canyon country and                DAyS 2-4: yoSEMITE NATIoNAl PARk
national parks to discover lakes, waterfalls and       Located in the heart of the Sierra Nevada,                                              DAyS 9-10: GRAND CANyoN
awesome views. With dancing in vegas and a             Yosemite is unbelievably beautiful. With free                                           Set off on an early hike out of the Havasupai and
visit to a Native American reservation, there is       time here, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to                                       hit the road bound for the most famous canyon
certainly lots of variety on this trip. Best of all,   explore the granite cliffs and majestic waterfalls.                                     on earth. The dimensions of the grand Canyon
you’ll camp out most nights right in the midst         Hike the Clouds rest trail for fantastic views of                                       are nothing short of impressive and it’s simply
of the glorious, natural American wilderness,          Half Dome before cooling off in Lake Tenaya.                                            awesome from every angle. Why not enjoy a
setting you well on track for the absolute time        Look out for iconic wildlife too - from coyotes                                         birds eye perspective of this natural marvel on
of your life. So, just what are you active people      and black bears to golden eagles and big horn                                           an optional helicopter ride?
waiting for?!                                          sheep.
                                                                                                                                               DAyS 11-12: lAS VEGAS
bEST bITS                                              DAy 5: SIERRA NEVADA                                                                    Travel west through Kaibab National Forest and
• See the best of the uS by foot                       enjoy a morning hike to Lembert Dome, which                                             back to the bright lights of vegas. prepare to
• Explore the vibrant streets of San Fran              soars 240m above the Tuolumne meadows. Then                                             celebrate the end of your adventure in style.
• Check out the views in yosemite                      drive via the Tioga pass heading towards the
• Cool off in lake Tenaya                              township of Bishop for the night.
• Take a morning hike to lembert Dome
• Try your luck in las Vegas                           DAy 6: DEATh VAllEy & lAS VEGAS
• Enjoy a show and dancing on The Strip                Huge dune formations, sculptured rocks, isolated
• Visit a Native American reservation                  valleys and volcanic craters all combine in the
• Take a dip in crystal clear waters                   super-hot sandpit of Death valley. Drive through
• hike deep into havasupai Canyon                      this impressive landscape and arrive in the
• Marvel at the size of the Grand Canyon               showy capital of the gambling world, Las vegas.
• View surreal surrounds in Death Valley               enjoy a night out on the strip - take in a show, a
                                                       dance club and of course the roulette wheel.

                                                       START FINISh           START FINISh           START FINISh
                                                       JUL 11 JUL 22          AUG 08 AUG 19          SEP 05 SEP 16
                                                       JUL 25 AUG 05          AUG 22 SEP 02          SEP 19 SEP 30

                                                       Accommodation: Hotel (2 nts), hostel (1 nt), camping (8 nts) Transport: Private van         San Francisco
                                                       Group Size: Max 13 Meals: The kitty covers some breakfasts & dinners on this                     •
                                                       trip - the kitty is an optional payment of USD50 per week of your trip and is used to                 • yosemite N.P.
                                                       pay for some group meals Budget: Allow USD225 for meals not included Please
                                                       note: Please bring your own sleeping bag. Recommended earliest possible flight                            Death Valley
                                                       departure time is 8:00pm on day 12 Tour Code: SUSSXY
                                                                                                                                                      Sierra Nevada •
                                                                                                                                                                      • • las Vegas
                                                                                                                                                                                • havasupai Canyon
                                                                                                                                                                                • Grand Canyon
                                                       Go FuRThER NoRTh
                                                       ‘AMERICA'S NATIoNAl PARkS’
                                                       15 DAyS, FR $2,530 Tour Code: SUSSOH
                                                       STAy loNGER IN SAN FRANCISCo
                                                       CHeCK OUT pAge 62-63

15 DAyS, $2,470    FR


The rocky mountains were named after the
heroic boxer played by Sly Stallone in the famous
film series – he was rumoured to have been born
there and raised by a pack of wolves. When
photographed from space, they are said to bear
a striking resemblance to russell Crowe's beard.
But in all seriousness, the rocky mountains
boast some of the world’s most impressive
scenery. Stretching 4,800kms from Canada all        DAy 1: SEATTlE                                                                          DAy 10: TwIN FAllS
the way down to New mexico, they are home to        Arrive at any time and set out exploring this                                           visit idaho Falls and explore the Craters of the
an abundance of wildlife and are a playground       wonderous ‘emerald City’, birthplace of rock                                            moon region - home to the continent’s largest
for anyone who relishes wild, beautiful and         legend Jimi Hendrix and famous for grunge                                               area of lava fields and cinder cones.
unpredictable outdoor environments. Their sheer     music, coffee and many other things.
natural beauty has the capacity to transform the                                                                                            DAy 11: huMbolDT-ToIyAbE FoREST
most passionate pessimist into an outrageous        DAy 2: CoEuR D’AlENE                                                                    Admire the size and beauty of this natural
optimist, the most logical conformist into the      Travel into the wilderness towards the hub of the                                       wonder before travelling toward Shoshone Falls -
most free spirited dreamer and those who            idaho panhandle and camp near Coeur d’Alene.                                            also known as the Niagara of the West.
worship the non-stop energy of the city will
soon come to realise that things are way better     DAyS 3-4: GlACIER NATIoNAl PARk                                                         DAy 12: lAkE TAhoE
out in the rampant open air. This trip focuses on   After traversing idaho, reach glacier National                                          Travel through northern Nevada to the gambling
the northern swathe running through the great       park in north western montana, which contains a                                         town of reno. Check out the casinos, colourful
states of montana, Wyoming, idaho, Nevada and       huge area of America’s finest mountain scenery.                                         streets, a 24 karat gold-plated DeLorean and
California - you’ll camp each night under the       prepare for sculpted mountain peaks, decorated                                          stunning wide open spaces. Continue to the lake.
glittering galaxy and love every minute spent in    with dramatic glaciers and glassy lakes.
the great American outdoors.                                                                                                                DAyS 13-14: yoSEMITE NATIoNAl PARk
                                                    DAy 5: hElENA                                                                           explore Yosemite National park, one of the most
bEST bITS                                           move south to the former gold rush town of                                              famous parks in the USA. Colossal granite cliffs,
• Soak up the scenery of Glacier N.P                Helena. By 1888, about 50 millionaires lived                                            cascading waterfalls and redwood trees attract
• Visit lunar lands at Craters of the Moon          here - more per capita than any city in the world.                                      visitors from all over the world. The whole of
• Admire the ferocity of Shoshone Falls                                                                                                     Day 14 is yours to explore - keep an eye out for
• Stroll by bubbling geysers in yellowstone         DAyS 6-8: yEllowSToNE NATIoNAl PARk                                                     squirrels and perhaps even a bear along the way.
• bike, hike or raft in jackson hole                marvel at Yellowstone’s geological curiosities -
• bet away your last few dollars in Reno            bubbling geysers, sulphuric springs and boiling                                         DAy 15: SAN FRANCISCo
• Follow pristine trails in yosemite                mud. Spot grizzlies, elk, deer, wolves, coyotes                                         Travel to Sacramento, the state capital of
• Pan for gold in sunny Sacramento                  and bison. explore this stunning wilderness.                                            California. The historic old town is a fun place
                                                                                                                                            to relive the gold rush era of the 1800’s.
                                                    DAy 9: jACkSoN holE                                                                     The district is buzzing with shopping, dining,
                                                    Hop over to Jackson Hole where exciting options                                         entertainment and world renowned museums.
                                                    such as mountain biking, hiking and rafting trips                                       Cross the Bay Bridge and say farewell to your
                                                    on the Snake river are all waiting.                                                     fellow adventurers in San Fran.

                                                    START FINISh           START FINISh           START FINISh           START FINISh
                                                    MAY 25 JUN 08          JUL 06 JUL 20          AUG 03 AUG 17          AUG 24 SEP 07
                                                    JUN 15 JUN 29          JUL 27 AUG 10          AUG 17 AUG 31          SEP 07 SEP 21

                                                                                                                                                          Seattle 
                                                    Accommodation: Hostel (1 nt), Camping (13 nts) Transport: Private van Group                                   Coeur d’Alene •
                                                    Size: Max 13 Meals/Trip Kitty: The kitty covers some breakfasts & dinners on this
                                                                                                                                                                                      • Glacier N.P.
                                                    trip - the kitty is an optional payment of USD50 per week of your trip and is used to
                                                    pay for some group meals Budget: Allow USD225 for meals not included Please                                                          • helena
                                                    note: Please bring your own sleeping bag. Recommended earliest possible flight
                                                    departure time is 8:00pm on day 15 Tour Code: SUSSON

                                                                                                                                                                           yellowstone N.P. •
                                                    ADD oN ThE PACIFIC CoAST                                                                                               Grand Teton N.P. •
                                                    ‘NoRThwESTERN uSA’                                                                                     Craters of the Moon N.M. • • Idaho Falls
                                                                                                                                                                               • Snake River Canyon
                                                    22 DAyS, FR $3,715 Tour Code: SUSSOM                                                         humboldt-Toiyabe N.F. •

                                                    STAy loNGER IN SAN FRANCISCo                                                               Sacramento • Reno •
                                                                                                                                            San Francisco •  • yosemite N.P.
                                                    CHeCK OUT pAgeS 62-63

15 DAyS, $2,625    FR

loS ANGElES               SEATTlE

At some point on this 15 day odyssey though
the west, something will click inside your soul –
your seemingly strenuous life will suddenly feel
lighter and easier to manage. maybe this will
happen when you’re hiking along the rim of the
grand Canyon, with the end of the world on one
side and the rest of the world enveloping you

                                                                                                                                                                                                       WEST COAST
from every other angle. maybe it’ll occur after a
drink or five in Las vegas when you’re chucking      DAy 1: loS ANGElES                                                                     DAy 9: MENDoCINo
one chip too many onto the gambling tables.          Arrive at any time and explore the City of Angels.                                     Head to quaint, historic mendocino. The ocean
maybe it’ll kick in as you’re marvelling at one of   mingle with celebrities and soak up some sun.                                          views have made it popular with many artists.
the many vitalising waterfalls of Yosemite, as the
invigorating vapour leaves its sheen on your sun     DAy 2: joShuA TREE N.P & lAkE hAVASu                                                   DAy 10: REDwooD NATIoNAl PARk
drenched face. Or maybe you’ll know it as you’re     Travel through the desert. Spot Joshua trees,                                          Travel along the Avenue of giants, a road lined
strolling through the volcanic landscapes of mt      cacti and mojave yuccas. Cross the Colorado                                            by ancient redwood trees, before stopping at
St Helens, knowing that the ground beneath           river to Lake Havasu.                                                                  the historic logging town of eureka, California -
your feet has the potential to erupt and spout                                                                                              now a preserve of victorian architecture.
out red-hot juices from the earth. From the truly    DAy 3: GRAND CANyoN
unique atmosphere of Los Angeles right up to         marvel at one of the world’s greatest natural                                          DAy 11: CRATER lAkE NATIoNAl PARk
the edgy and esoteric vibe of Seattle – this road    wonders. Opt to take a hike around the rim or a                                        After journeying north through the rugged
trip boasts potential epiphanies around every        helicopter flight for more impressive views.                                           landscape of Six rivers National park, prepare
corner. most of your days will be concentrated                                                                                              for some truly amazing views of Crater Lake.
around the great wilderness areas of the west.       DAyS 4-5: lAS VEGAS
To fully max out your experience you’ll camp         Drive down route 66, cross the mojave Desert                                           DAy 12: oREGoN DuNES
out with your travelling buddies in some truly       and reach Sin City. enjoy a wild night out in one                                      reach the unique Oregon Dunes that rise from
spectacular locations - there aren’t many things     of America’s raciest destinations.                                                     the shores of the pacific Ocean. Opt for a dune
in life more inspiring than the sparkling American                                                                                          buggy ride and other adventure activities.
night skies.                                         DAy 6: SIERRA NEVADA
                                                     Try to keep cool travelling through Death valley.                                      DAy 13: SIlVER FAllS STATE PARk
bEST bITS                                            Seek reprieve from the heat in the mountains.                                          Stop by Oregon and head to Salem. Hike among
• hike along the rim of the Grand Canyon                                                                                                    the forested canyons and waterfalls.
• Dance with lady luck in glitzy las Vegas           DAy 7: yoSEMITE NATIoNAl PARk
• Feel the mercury rise in Death Valley              Take in the sprawling landscape of the Sierra                                          DAy 14: MT ST hElENS
• let yosemite’s wild beauty amaze you               Nevada as you head to the impressive granite                                           pass portland on the way to an active volcano.
• unleash your inner bohemian in San Fran            cliffs and cascading waters of Yosemite.                                               Negotiate the narrow, hardened lava path and
• Marvel at amazing views of Crater lake                                                                                                    soak up the otherworldly landscape.
• See pristine vistas in Silver Falls                DAy 8: SAN FRANCISCo
• Trek volcanic craters at Mt St helens              Chill out in the City by the Bay, opt to head to                                       DAy 15: SEATTlE
                                                     Alcatraz or cycle across the golden gate Bridge.                                       party in edgy Belltown, explore Scandanavian
                                                     Stroll through the colourful neighbourhoods.                                           Ballard, sightsee, shop and say your farewells.

                                                                                                                                                                    • Seattle
                                                     START FINISh          START FINISh           START FINISh
                                                     JUN 01 JUN 15         JUL 13 JUL 27          AUG 03 AUG 17
                                                     JUN 22 JUL 06         JUL 20 AUG 03          AUG 10 AUG 24
                                                                                                                                                                 • Mt. St helens

                                                     Accommodation: Hotel (3 nts), multi-share hostel (1 nt), camping (10 nts) Transport:                      • Silver Falls N.P.
                                                     Private van Group Size: Max 13 Meals/Trip Kitty: The kitty covers some breakfasts                    • oregon Dunes
                                                     & dinners on this trip - the kitty is an optional payment of USD50 per week of your
                                                     trip and is used to pay for some group meals Budget: Allow USD225 for meals not
                                                     included Please note: Please bring your own sleeping bag. Recommended earliest
                                                                                                                                                             • Crater lake N.P.
                                                     possible flight departure time is 8:00pm on day 15 Tour Code: SUSSOZ                              • Redwood N.P.

                                                     ADD oN ThE RoCkIES                                                                               • Mendocino
                                                     ‘NoRThERN RoCkIES’                                                                       yosemite N.P. • • lee Vining
                                                     CHeCK OUT pAge 50                                                                                  • San Francisco

                                                     STAy loNGER IN loS ANGElES
                                                     CHeCK OUT pAge 56-57                                                                                         las Vegas •        • Grand Canyon
                                                                                                                                                       joshua Tree N.P. •     • lake havasu
                                                                                                                                                   los Angeles 

SouTh wEST
22 DAyS, $3,100    FR                   CAMPING

SAN FRANCISCo                  SAN FRAN

Sunshine, sea, sand and a seriously super
saunter through the appropriately nicknamed
‘Sunshine’ state of California. These three
sundrenched weeks will leave you reeling with
love for the good old North American culture.
Starting out at the aptly named golden gate
in San Francisco, you’ll frolic your way around
this tantalising South West pocket of the USA.
Transform yourself into the Hoff or pamela as       DAy 7: lAkE hAVASu                                                                        DAy 14: bRyCE CANyoN NATIoNAl PARk
you graciously leap over wonderous waves along      Drive along the mexican border to Lake Havasu,                                            Journey through this impressive landscape to
California’s cool and captivating coast. Don        a haven for water sport geeks. Check out                                                  Capitol reef N.p. Spot reef-like cliffs capped by
your racy red swimmers and try out some water       ‘London Bridge’ - dismantled in London in 1968                                            white sandstone. reach red Canyon and Bryce
based activities on lakes Havasu and powell.        and reconstructed in Lake Havasu City.                                                    Canyon, known for its sculpture-like formations.
embrace the Wild, Wild West and practice your
sexy southern drawl in saloon bars as you cruise    DAyS 8-9: GRAND CANyoN                                                                    DAyS 15-16: lAS VEGAS
through monument valley. get married to elvis or    Travel out of the desert and into the mountains                                           Stop is Zion National park on the way to glitzy
marilyn in vegas, hike deep into canyon country     to the breathtaking grand Canyon. Walk along                                              Las vegas. meet many an elvis impersonator
and drink golden nectar galore in the Napa and      the rim, visit a museum, take a hike, or for                                              along The Strip and roll the dice to win big.
Sonoma wine valleys. We could seriously go on       breathtaking views hop on a helicopter ride.
and on...the action on this 21 day adventure just                                                                                             DAy 17: DEATh VAllEy & SIERRA NEVADA
doesn’t stop!                                       DAy 10: lAkE PowEll & wESTERN RANCh                                                       Drive through Death valley - one of the hottest
                                                    Drive through unspoiled landscapes to glen                                                deserts on the planet. Check out the wealth of
bEST bITS                                           Canyon and Lake powell. Take a dip in the water                                           geological phenomena: sand dunes, sculpted
• Stroll Santa Cruz’s antique boardwalk             or laze on the lake’s sunny shores. Head to a                                             rocks, isolated valleys and volcanic craters.
• Mingle with the stars in hollywood                western ranch camp where you can horse ride
• laze on San Diego’s beautiful beaches             with a cowboy before camping for the night.                                               DAy 18: SIERRA NEVADA
• Marvel at the magnificent Grand Canyon                                                                                                      visit Bodie, a former gold mining town from the
• Absorb the wild west on a horseride               DAy 11: MoNuMENT VAllEy                                                                   late1800s and now a State Historic park.
• hike through spectacular National Parks           reach monument valley - part of the biggest
• Dance with Marilyn Monroe in Vegas                indian reservation in the USA. marvel at the                                              DAyS 19-20: yoSEMITE NATIoNAl PARk
• Drink fabulous wine in the Napa Valley            film-quality scenery and opt to join a Navajo                                             Cross the Tioga pass into the heart of the Sierra
                                                    guided jeep tour through this epic landscape.                                             Nevada mountains. enter Yosemite N.p and gaze
DAy 1: SAN FRANCISCo                                                                                                                          at its majestic cliffs and waterfalls.
Arrive at any time and spend your first day         DAyS 12-13: MoAb
biking the golden gate Bridge or on a bay cruise.   moab is Utah’s centre for outdoor adventure                                               DAy 21: NAPA VAllEy & SoNoMA VAllEy
                                                    enthusiasts. Discover some of America’s most                                              visit historic Sacramento before winding into
DAy 2: SANTA CRuZ                                   fantastic areas. Admire natural sandstone                                                 California’s world class wine regions.
Drive along the scenic West Coast to Santa Cruz,    bridges and arches created thousands of years
a coastal town famous for its beach boardwalk       ago, hike scenic trails, raft the Colorado river,                                         DAy 22: SAN FRANCISCo
and entertainment centre established in 1904.       mountain bike, take a scenic flight or jeep tour.                                         Cross the golden gate Bridge. it’s time to depart.

Drive through monterey along Highway 101,
winding down the pretty pacific Coast. Arrive
into seaside Santa Barbara - relax on the beach     06 APR - 05 OCT WED
before rollerskating, skateboarding or biking.      Accommodation: Hotels (2 nts), hostel (1 nt), camping (18 nts) Transport: Private van
                                                    Group Size: Max 13 Meals/Trip Kitty: The kitty covers some breakfasts & dinners on
                                                    this trip - the kitty is an optional payment of USD50 per week of your trip and is used
DAy 4: loS ANGElES                                  to pay for some group meals Budget: Allow USD330 for meals not included Please
                                                    note: Please bring your own sleeping bag. Recommended earliest possible flight
reach the heavenly City of Angels. Stroll           departure time is 4:00pm on day 22 Tour Code: SUSSOV                                         Napa Valley •
                                                                                                                                              San Francisco  • yosemite N.P.             • Moab
Hollywood and Beverly Hills’s world famous                                                                                                                      • lee Vining        • bryce Canyon
streets, go shopping on rodeo Drive, or take an     TAkE ThE loDGING oPTIoN                                                                       Santa Cruz •        Zion N.P. •      • lake Powell
                                                    ‘AMERICAN EXPERIENCE’                                                                      Santa barbara • las Vegas •             • Monument Valley
optional excursion to Universal Film Studios.                                                                                                                 lake havasu •       • Grand Canyon
                                                    21 DAyS, FR $4,110 Tour Code: SUSSRD                                                              los Angeles •
                                                                                                                                                          San Diego •
DAyS 5-6: SAN DIEGo                                 STAy loNGER IN SAN FRANCISCo
Spend your free time lazing on the golden sandy     CHeCK OUT pAgeS 62-63
beaches, check out the world famous San Diego
Zoo, Balboa park and visit the charming Spanish
Old Town, founded in 1824.

14 DAyS, $3,795      FR

SAN FRANCISCo                  loS ANGElES

in homage to one of America’s finest exports
who’s sadly no longer with us, this trip will
incorporate some of those all essential
aspects that this country can’t help but offer:
sunshine, moonlight, good times - and infinite

                                                                                                                                                                                                    WEST COAST
opportunities to boogie! Where else gets the
good times rolling better than Las vegas; home
to glitz, glamour, hyperbole and happiness. Not
quite 'pop' but definitely king of 'canyons', this
awesome adventure will leave you unbelievably
high on emotion (especially if you take our
optional helicopter flight) and satiated in          DAy 5-6: ZIoN NATIoNAl PARk                                                       DAyS 10-11: GRAND CANyoN
incredible experiences as you journey through        Hike through the Zion National park and take                                      Stretching 450km long, up to 30km wide and
lands oozing with colour, nature stripped            in this strangely coloured land. See the hulking                                  carving 1.6km deep into the earth, it’s easy
raw and a whole load of eye-boggling vistas.         masses of the Watchman and the West Temple                                        to see how this canyon achieved its moniker.
make your own bit of merry and memorable             as well as the huge white, pink and red rocks                                     Overwhelming in real life, the grand Canyon is a
'History', get 'Off the Wall' with your fellow       that make this park so visually stunning.                                         natural wonder and awe-inspiring at any angle.
touring troop and delve into this plethora of                                                                                          Opt to take a helicopter flight to get a true idea
enigmatic encounters. You’ll stay one night at       DAy 7: bRyCE CANyoN NATIoNAl PARk                                                 of its magnitude and top off your memorable day
a ranch - closer perhaps to your own ideas of        peruse the rust-coloured steeples and pinnacles                                   with a fiery hued grand Canyon sunset.
Neverland than mJ’s - where you can giddy up         that pierce the terrain of the red Canyon before
with real life cowboys in all their finest gear.     continuing to Bryce Canyon. Watch the sunset                                      DAyS 12-13: lAS VEGAS
explore countless crevasses and crevices in the      colour the hoodoos (tall, thin rock spires) of the                                The hedonistic world of Las vegas has to be
Canyonlands National park, monument valley           national park in gold and red light.                                              seen to be believed. Dance with lady luck, catch
and the most famous canyon of them all - the                                                                                           a show and make friends with an elvis or two.
grand Canyon. if there’s any adventure trip out      DAy 8: lAkE PowEll
there that has it all, 'This is it'.                 Drive through the unspoiled landscapes of the                                     DAy 14: loS ANGElES
                                                     Navajo indian reservation on the way to glen                                      Journey through the mojave Desert on your way
bEST bITS                                            Canyon and Lake powell. Take a dip in the cool,                                   to the last stop - the ‘City of Angels’.
• Soak up dramatic vistas at yosemite                fresh waters or laze on the lake’s sunny shores.
• Snap incredible shots at Sierra Nevada
• Stroll through magical Zion N.P                    DAy 9: MoNuMENT VAllEy
• watch spectacularly coloured sunsets               Discover the flaming red freestanding rock
• Spend an evening with the Navajo                   formations that have served as a backdrop
• witness all angles of the Grand Canyon             for countless Hollywood westerns. Choose
• Drive through epic Monument Valley                 to explore this weird and wonderful terrain
• hit the crazy nightlife in las Vegas               on a guided jeep tour, learn about the park’s
                                                     significance to the Navajo and enjoy a traditional
DAy 1: SAN FRANCISCo                                 dinner with them.
Arrive early to explore this eclectic city. Take
a stroll through the Castro, wander past
Fisherman’s Wharf or meander along the streets
of Chinatown.                                        START    FINISh      START    FINISh      START    FINISh       START    FINISh
                                                     24 JAN   06 FEB      02 MAY   15 MAY      04 JUL   17 JUL       12 SEP   25 SEP
                                                     21 FEB   06 MAR      23 MAY   05 JUN      25 JUL   07 AUG       03 OCT   16 OCT
DAyS 2-3: yoSEMITE NATIoNAl PARk                     21 MAR   03 APR      06 JUN   19 JUN      08 AUG   21 AUG       14 NOV   27 NOV
                                                     18 APR   01 MAY      27 JUN   10 JUL      29 AUG   11 SEP       19 DEC   01JAN
make tracks to Yosemite National park - big,
beautiful and impressive however you choose to       Accommodation: Hotels/lodges (13 nts) Transport: Private van Group Size: Max 13
                                                     Meals: No meals included Budget: Allow USD350 for meals not included Please       San Francisco • yosemite N.P.
explore it. make sure you stroll along mirror Lake   note: Recommended earliest possible flight departure time is 8:00pm on day 14                                          • bryce Canyon
                                                     Tour Code: SUSSKS                                                                                      •
or hike to the lower Nevada Falls.                                                                                                                          Zion N.P. •        • lake Powell
                                                                                                                                        Nevada Desert las Vegas •
                                                                                                                                                                               • Monument Valley
                                                     Go oN A CAMPING ADVENTuRE                                                                                            • Grand Canyon
DAy 4: NEVADA DESERT                                                                                                                            los Angeles •
                                                     ‘AMERICAN GolD RuSh’
Travel to the eastern Sierra Nevada to enjoy         CHeCK OUT pAge 47
spectacular mountain scenery and crystal
clear lakes. get your camera ready - there'll be
countless photo opps today!

15 DAyS, $1,065      FR
                                         CAR HIRE
                                         IS EXTRA

loS ANGElES                   loS ANGElES

•    Spot stars in swanky lA
•    Explore the national parks of the west
•    Catch a fabulous show in Vegas
•    Ride the cable cars in quirky San Fran
•    Relax in beautiful coastal towns

DAyS 1-2: loS ANGElES
pick up your car and explore the city. Head to
glamorous Hollywood with its Walk of the Fame,
check out the stars' houses in Beverly Hills and
hit the beach at Santa monica, venice or malibu,
where the pacific Ocean laps at the shore.

DAyS 3-4: loS ANGElES  PAlM SPRINGS                    DAy 9: lAS VEGAS  DEATh VAllEy N.P 
wIllIAMS & GRAND CANyoN                                  VISAlIA
Leave the boisterous city of LA and drive to palm        The drive through Death valley, the lowest point
Springs, which stretches in a dry, hot desert            of the Western Hemisphere almost 90m below
valley. This pretty city, also famous for its golf       sea level, is quite an experience. This desert area
courses, is a favourite weekend destination for          offers a great variety of must-see landscapes
wealthy Californians. A gondola ride up mt San           like Zabriskie point and Badwater. Continue on
Jacinto offers great views of the area. On Day           through fertile farmland to visalia.                              DAy 13: SAN FRANCISCo  SAN SIMEoN
Four, you'll be back on the road heading for the                                                                           & PISMo bEACh
small town of Williams. pass through the indian          DAy 10: VISAlIA  yoSEMITE N.P                                   Historic monterey and lovely Carmel both enjoy a
reservation of the Hualapai.                             MoDESTo & El PoRTAl                                               great location and are worth a visit - monterey's
                                                         The Yosemite valley is 13km long and contains                     famous Cannery row with its former canning
DAy 5: wIllIAMS & GRAND CANyoN                          a wealth of steep, high granite rocks, like Half                  factories and typical restaurants, Carmel with
lAkE PowEll                                              Dome and el Capitan. Spectacular waterfalls,                      its mission, art galleries, boutiques and good
Stand awestruck by the overwhelming landscape            quiet mountain lakes and picturesque areas make                   restaurants. They'll both impress you. Don't miss
of the grand Canyon. You may want to take a              this beautiful national park a place you will enjoy               the 25km drive along one of the most fabulous
helicopter flight to see more breathtaking details       visiting and exploring.                                           coast lines. Hearst Castle at San Simeon is also
of the spectacular formation. Lake powell is                                                                               well worth a visit.
another highlight of your trip - the red rocks           DAyS 11-12: MoDESTo & El PoRTAl  SAN
provide an impressive contrast to the blue water.        FRANCISCo                                                         DAyS 14-15: SAN SIMEoN & PISMo bEACh 
Boat tours, houseboats and water sports provide          Take time to explore this beautiful city by cable                 loS ANGElES
a lively atmosphere on the lake.                         car or on foot, walking from Fisherman's Wharf                    Continue via Solvang, a Danish town, to Santa
                                                         to Union Square with all the highlights on the                    Barbara, a beautiful city with a strong Hispanic
DAy 6: lAkE PowEll  bRyCE CANyoN N.P                    way. Cross over the golden gate Bridge to enjoy                   background. The highlights are well worth a visit
The park includes some of the earth's most               the art galleries of Sausalito and advance to the                 - the mission, Court House and State Street, with
colourful rocks, which have been sculpted by             muir Woods where you find some of the last giant                  its beautiful boutiques and inviting restaurants.
erosion into pillars and other fantastic forms.          redwood trees. Or even spend the day tasting                      Continue on back to bustling Los Angeles and
A walk at sunset through this fantasy world of           Californian grown wines in Napa valley.                           return your car at any time on Day 15.
sandstone is particularly rewarding.

DAy 7: bRyCE CANyoN N.P  ST GEoRGE                      loS ANGElES  PAlM SPRINGS (200 kM)  wIllIAMS / GRAND CANyoN
& SPRINGDAlE                                             (650 kM)  lAkE PowEll (241 kM)  bRyCE CANyoN N.P. (260 kM) 
                                                         ST. GEoRGE / SPRINGDAlE (215 kM)  lAS VEGAS (200 kM)  VISAlIA
Zion N.p offers you many hiking possibilities.           (708 kM)  MoDESTo / El PoRTAl (410 kM)  SAN FRANCISCo (160
See its desert terrain and huge sculpted rock            kM)  SAN SIMEoN / PISMo bEACh (420 kM)  loS ANGElES (370 kM)
                                                         Tour Code: STA595
formations, which co-exist with hanging gardens.
                                                         SElF DRIVE INCluSIoNS:
The bizarre sandstone formations and especially          Accommodation: 17 nights twinshare standard                                              yosemite N.P.              bryce
                                                         accommodation, room only basis at various stops along              San Francisco
the view of the 'Angels Landing' are breathtaking.                                                                               •                               Zion N.P.
                                                         the way                                                                        • Modesto                          •
                                                                                                                                 El Portal • •             Springdale • •
                                                         • Up to two children under 12 years stay free when                                              St George •
DAy 8: ST GEoRGE & SPRINGDAlE                             sharing with two paying adults                                            Visalia •            Death
                                                                                                                                     • San Simeon • Valley N.P.             • Page
lAS VEGAS                                                • road book with day-to-day routings, sightseeing                            • Pismo beach          • las Vegas
                                                           suggestions, area and city maps                                                                              • Grand Canyon
Las vegas is a unique world in the middle of the                                                                                           • Santa barbara
                                                         • All taxes and fees                                                                                          • williams
desert. The high luxury hotels with all their glitter,                                                                          los Angeles   •
                                                         CAR RENTAl FR $53 PER DAy                                                                     •
famous casinos and spectacular shows create a                                                                                                    Palm Springs
                                                         CHeCK OUT pAge 16
world of fantasy. Let yourself be tempted and try
your luck on the roulette wheel.

hISToRIC RouTE 66                                                                                   RoCky MouNTAIN
18 DAyS, $1,474           FR
                                                                CAR HIRE
                                                                IS EXTRA                            TRAIl

                                                                                                                                                                                                      WEST COAST
ChICAGo                  loS ANGElES                                                                20 DAyS, $2,157           FR
                                                                                                                                                                  CAR HIRE
                                                                                                                                                                  IS EXTRA

•     hang out in a Chicago blues club                                                                  DENVER                  DENVER
•     Discover the history of the Native Americans
•     Marvel at the magnificent Grand Canyon                                                        •    Drive stunning mountain passes with panoramic views
•     Roll through the desert to the bright lights of las Vegas                                     •    Explore giant sand dunes and Indian cliff dwellings
•     Drive segments of the original, legendary Route 66                                            •    Marvel at the sandstone formations in Arches N.P
                                                                                                    •    Discover the incredible yellowstone N.P
DAyS 1-4: ChICAGo  ST louIS  SPRINGFIElD                                                          •    Visit the Mt Rushmore and Crazy horse memorials
explore this chic lakeside city and spend your evenings in the famous blues
clubs. Head out west to St Louis, on the banks of the mississippi and stop                          DAyS 1-5: DENVER  ColoRADo SPRINGS  AlAMoSA  DuRANGo
off at the meramec Caverns before arriving into Springfield.                                        From 'mile High' Denver you'll begin your drive through this incredible
                                                                                                    mountain range with its stunningly coloured rock formations. visit giant sand
DAyS 6-9: SPRINGFIElD  TulSA  oklAhoMA CITy  AMARIllo                                           dunes and the the Anazasi indian cliff dwellings of mesa verde N.p.
This is cowboy and indian country. visit the art works in Tulsa, the museum                         DAyS 6-9: DuRANGo  GRAND juNCTIoN  MoAb & ARChES N.P 
in Oklahoma City and the 'indian Capital of the Nation' at Anadarko. Crossing                       SAlT lAkE CITy  jACkSoN
into New mexico on Day Nine, you’ll gain an hour and drive through the                              You've got a choice of scenic routes, but both lead to the oddly eroded
ancient hunting grounds of the Comanche indians.                                                    sandstone forms of Arches National park. explore Salt Lake City, home of
                                                                                                    the mormon religion and enjoy its spectacular mountain panoramas.
DAyS 10-13: TuCuMCARI  AlbuquERquE  holbRook  FlAGSTAFF
A quaint and picturesque area. Admire the pueblo architecture and visit the                         DAyS 10-13: jACkSoN  yEllowSToNE N.P  CoDy  ShERIDAN
colourful indian craft market. if time permits, continue to Taos pueblo, an                         passing through the impressive mountain chain of the grand Tetons you'll
ancient town of a Native American tribe of pueblo people. enter Arizona with                        come to the incredible Yellowstone National park, with its hot mud holes,
its weird and wonderful petrified Forest National park and meteor Crater.                           thermal springs, shimmering lakes and geysers like the 'Old Faithful’. The
                                                                                                    Scenic Byways of Buffalo and then Bighorn bring you to Shell.
marvel at the magnificent, ever-changing colours of the grand Canyon. Travel                        DAyS 14-20: ShERIDAN  bADlANDS  RAPID CITy  ChEyENNE 
through dusty desert along one of the oldest remaining segments of the                              RoCky MouNTAIN N.P  DENVER
original route 66 to fabulous Las vegas. Here you have a day to enjoy the                           visit the presidents at mt rushmore, Custer State park and the Crazy Horse
spectacular sights, shows and casinos. From here, drive through the mojave                          memorial. Then take an excursion to Badlands N.p before one last drive of
Desert to Los Angeles where you can return your car at any time.                                    breathtaking views through the rocky mountain N.p to Denver.

ChICAGo  ST. louIS (475 kM)  SPRINGFIElD (355   SElF DRIVE INCluSIoNS:                            DENVER  ColoRADo SPRINGS (115 kM)  AlAMoSA
kM)  TulSA (340 kM)  oklAhoMA CITy (185                                                           (265 kM)  DuRANGo (390 kM)  GRAND juNCTIoN
kM)  AMARIllo (460 kM)  TuCuMCARI (175 kM)
                                                  Accommodation: 17 nights twinshare standard       (275 kM)  MoAb / ARChES N.P. (182 kM)  SAlT lAkE
 AlbuquERquE (290 kM)  holbRook (410 kM)
                                                  accommodation, room only basis at various stops   CITy (377 kM)  jACkSoN (490 kM)  yEllowSToNE
 FlAGSTAFF (170 kM)  GRAND CANyoN (125 kM)
                                                  along the way                                     N.P. (490 kM)  CoDy (210 kM)  ShERIDAN (240
 lAS VEGAS (440 kM)  loS ANGElES (458 kM)
                                                  • Up to two children under 12 years stay free     kM)  RAPID CITy (400 kM)  ChEyENNE (500 kM) 
Tour Code: STA596                                   when sharing with two paying adults             RoCky MouNTAIN N.P. (145 kM)  DENVER (105 kM)       yellowstone N.P.
                                                  • road book with day-to-day routings,             Tour Code: STA597                                            •     Sheridan      Rapid City
                                                    sightseeing suggestions, area and city maps                                                                      •     •             •
CAR RENTAl FR $53 PER DAy                                                                                                                                          Cody
                                                  • All taxes and fees                              SElF DRIVE INCluSIoNS:
CHeCK OUT pAge 16
                                                                                                                                                                • jackson
                                                                                                    Accommodation: 17 nights twinshare standard
                                                                                                    accommodation, room only basis at various stops
                                                                                                    along the way                                                       Cheyenne •
                                                                                   • Chicago        • Up to two children under 12 years stay free          • Salt lake City
                                                                                                      when sharing with two paying adults                                      • Estes Park
                                                                                                                                                                  • Dinosaur NM  Denver
                                                                                                    • road book with day-to-day routings,
                                                                                                      sightseeing suggestions, area and city maps                • Moab         • Colorado Springs
                                                                    St. louis •                     • All taxes and fees
           las Vegas                                                                                                                                                 • Durango
               •                                            Springfield •
                     • Grand Canyon N.P                                                             CAR RENTAl FR $53 PER DAy                                                  •
                                   Tucumcari                     • Tulsa                                                                                                   Alamosa
     los Angeles     • Flagstaff                                                                   CHeCK OUT pAge 16
                                  •    •     •               • oklahoma City
                           • Albuquerque Amarillo


STAysimple                                            STAysimple                                             STAysimple

1 oRbIT hoSTEl                                        2 bANANA buNGAlow wEST hollywooD                       3 bANANA buNGAlow hollywooD
The Orbit Hostel has a funky, retro feel to it.       This modern hostel has spacious rooms which all        Super hip and funky providing non-stop fun
The restaurant, lounge and television area are        have a private bathroom. Some even have sunny          activities like sports competitions, comedy
all brightly decorated and spacious. All rooms        balconies with a beautiful view of the Hollywood       nights and even a karaoke bar. The Tiki garden is
have private facilities, phone, Tv and air-con        Hills. The Tiki Courtyard is perfect for barbeques     perfect for sunbathing and there’s a Tv, free Wi-
plus there’s internet access and a garden/terrace     and candlelit dinners, complete with music and         Fi and personal lockers. The retro dorms come
where you can sit back and relax. STA204              palm trees – great for meeting people. STA598          with a bathroom and kitchen. STA599

FR   $50 DoRM                                         FR   $41 DoRM
FR   $67 TwIN/DoublE                                  FR   $62 TwIN/DoublE                                   FR   $45 DoRM

STAystylish                                           STAystylish                                            STAystylish

7 kyoTo GRAND hoTEl & GARDENS                         8 GRAFToN oN SuNSET                                    9 ThE CRESCENT hoTEl
The chic Kyoto grand blends Asian-fusion              Awaken your senses at this sleek, modern               This elegant hideaway, housed within an original
style with contemporary elegance. it offers           hotel. relax by the mediterranean garden and           art deco building, offers peaceful, minimalist
complimentary shuttle transportation to Los           saltwater pool or enjoy the seductive lounge and       design rooms. Sip on a cocktail at the Zebra
Angeles attractions, delicious restaurants and        restaurant – renowned for its exquisite cuisine.       Wood bar or relax under the palms. enjoy the
a serene rooftop garden that overlooks the            The spacious guest rooms have luxury amenities         spa services, complimentary Wi-Fi, flat screen
stunning Los Angeles skyline. STA601                  to ease guests into a blissful state of mind. STA600   Tvs and ipods outfitted with playlists. STA602

FR   $182 SINGlE                                      FR   $329 SINGlE                                       FR   $346 SINGlE
FR   $91 TwIN/DoublE                                  FR   $165 DoublE                                       FR   $173 DoublE

                                                                        LOS ANGELES INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: 22km 
                                                                                                                                                        DATES FoR youR DIARy
                                                                                                                                                        FEbRuARy 27, 2011
                                                                                                                                                       83RD ACADEMy AwARDS (ThE oSCARS)
                                                                            HOLLYWOOD SIGN                                         wy
                                         9                                                                              e  nd                           juNE 10 - 11, 2011
       San D

                                         10                                                                                                            lA GAy PRIDE


                                                                   WALK OF FAME                                       ld

         go Fw


                                                                                                                                                        juNE 16 - 26, 2011

                                                    8                                      3                                                           loS ANGElES INDEPENDENT FIlM FESTIVAl
                      BEVERLY HILLS
  2kM           11                        lvd                                                                                       DODGER             july, 2011
                                      et                                       1                                                     STADIUM
  2kM           12             Su                                                                                                                      loTuS FlowER DANCE FESTIVAl

                                                                                                                                                        SEPTEMbER - oCTobER, 2011
                                                                      Santa Monica Fwy
                                                                                                                                                        lA CouNTRy FAIR

                                                                                                                                                                                                                WEST COAST

                                                                                                                                                        oCTobER, 2011


                                                                                                  Harbour Fwy


        VENICE                                                                                                                            AIRPoRT
        BEACH                                                                                                                            TRANSFER       jANuARy 1, 2012
                                                                                                               4                          fr $29
                                                                                                                                                        AMERICAN FooTbAll RoSE bowl GAME
                                     6        4kM                                                                                                  5

STAysmart                                                                STAysmart                                                                      STAysmart

4 ThE CECIl hoTEl                                                        5 STAy hoTEl                                                                   6 hACIENDA
The Cecil provides comfort, style and a little                           perfect for saving pennies while still getting a                               This comfortable airport hotel offers
luxury for those who'd rather save their pennies                         little more luxury than typical hostels. Dorms                                 complimentary airport transfers and transport
for sightseeing. Chat to the friendly staff, use                         come with a radio, bathroom, ceiling fan,                                      to shopping, restaurants and theatres. Take a
the free internet and check out the BBQ and                              telephone and Tv while private rooms have loads                                dip in the heated outdoor pool and whirlpool or
table tennis. rooms have everything you need                             of gizmos including ipod compatible clock radios.                              use the fitness centre before heading to the bar,
with private or shared facilities. STA200                                internet access and Wi-Fi are also available. STA203                           which kicks off with music and dancing. STA202

                                                                                                                                                        FR   $151 SINGlE
FR $91 SINGlE                                                            FR $71 SINGlE                                                                  FR   $75 TwIN/DoublE
FR $46 TwIN                                                              FR $52 TwIN/DoublE                                                             PRICES ARE PER PERSoN PER NIGhT

STAystylish                                                              STAysmart                                                                      STAystylish

10 CRowNE PlAZA bEVERly hIllS                                            11 hoTEl CARMEl                                                                12 bElAMAR hoTEl
Superb service is the number one priority here.                          elegance, beauty and enjoyment sums up this                                    Sizzle in style at this chic boutique hotel located
make use of the 24hr gym and the heated                                  hotel, which has been completely renovated in                                  in the hip LA enclave of manhattan Beach. This
outdoor pool, sink into one of the fine leather                          a way that has lovingly preserved the old world                                modern oasis has glam decor, a funky vibe and
lounges in the lobby bar or enjoy a tasty cocktail                       resort charm of Santa monica. Some rooms have                                  unique style without pretence or attitude. Calm
on the terrace. Sleep well with plush bedding and                        an ocean view and the staff here are warm and                                  your soul in the sunset garden or soak in the
mountains of big, fluffy pillows. STA603                                 friendly. STA604                                                               outdoor pool and Jacuzzi. STA605

FR   $321 SINGlE                                 + boNuS                 FR   $280 SINGlE                                                               FR   $215 SINGlE
FR   $160 TwIN/DoublE                        4Th NIGhT FREE
                                                       MAY 11
                                           01 APR 11 - 31
                                                                         FR   $140 DoublE                                                               FR   $108 TwIN/DoublE              + boNuS
                                                                                                                                                                                           5Th NIGhT FREE
                                                          MAR 12                                                                                                                                        12
PRICES ARE PER PERSoN PER NIGhT            01 NOV 11 - 31                PRICES ARE PER PERSoN PER NIGhT INCluDING bREAkFAST                            PRICES ARE PER PERSoN PER NIGhT   08 SEP 11 - 30 APR

                                                                                                        lA wElCoME PACkAGE
                                                                                                        3 DAyS,         FR   $328

                                                                                                        •    2 nights twin share/double
                                                                                                        •    Return airport transfer
                                                                                                        •    Stars and bars tour
                                                                                                        •    hollywood walk of Fame City Pass

                                                                                                        get picked up from the airport and transfered to
                                                                                                        your accommodation. Spend the day sightseeing
                                                                                                        with your Hollywood Walk of Fame City pass,
                                                                                                        giving you access to top attractions including
                                                                                                        the Kodak Theatre and a Hollywood Behind the
                                                                                                        Scenes tour. Then bar-hop the night away on our
                                                                                                        fabulous Stars and Bars tour!

                                                                                                        Prices are per person.

hollywooD wAlk                                      lA GETAwAy                                          uNIVERSAl STuDIoS hollywooD
oF FAME CITy PASS                                   Full DAy FR $150                                    Full DAy FR $123
FR $98                                              visit mann’s Chinese Theatre, stroll along          get ready for the ultimate Hollywood experience!
Jump the queues and get free admission to the       the Walk of Fame and see the Kodak Theatre          Thrilling theme park rides put you inside some
top attractions in Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.        complete with the Hollywood sign backdrop.          of the world’s biggest movies and Tv series.
each ticket is valid for one use within 30 days,    enjoy the tantalising food stalls of the Farmer's   A legendary Studio Tour will explore where
so hop on a movie star home tour, check out         market before heading to exclusive rodeo Drive      Hollywood movies are made and take you
the Kodak Theatre and absorb the Hollywood          for some window shopping. Cruise past the           onto the largest movie set street expansion
entertainment museum. Then choose from the          homes of the rich and famous in Beverly Hills and   in Hollywood history. And the new King Kong
Hollywood museum in the max Factor Building or      finish up with a walk and cycle along the quirky    360 3D created by peter Jackson is the world’s
a Hollywood Behind the Scenes tour. STA206          and colourful venice Beach. STA283                  largest, most intense 3D experience. STA606

DISNEylAND                                          hollywooD MoVIE                                     STARS & bARS
FR $135                                             STAR EXPERIENCE                                     hAlF DAy FR $90
Want to hang out with all your favourite Disney     Full DAy FR $143                                    Spend an evening hopping around famous LA
characters at Walt's original theme park? Then      Triple your chance of seeing a movie star by        bars, some of which have appeared in movies
grab this multi-day admission pass to the           touring their work, homes and hotspots. Who         and television. Learn about film lore and fact
Disneyland park and California Adventure park.      will be working on a movie or commercial during     while savouring your favourite cocktail. Dating
purchase from two to five days and your ticket      your tour of the Sony pictures Studios? Who         back to 1940s, many of the historic lounges
is valid for a whole 13 days from the day of your   can you spot at home in Beverly Hills? round off    have beautiful wood carved features, funky decor
first visit. And with access to both parks on the   your day with visits to famous landmarks such       and even an occasional 45rpm juke box. A great
same day, you'll have the flexibility to create     as the Kodak Theatre, the Walk of Fame and of       way to explore LA’s past, mix with the locals and
your own magical holiday moments. STA607            course - the Hollywood Sign. STA608                 maybe even spot a celeb or two! STA282


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  WEST COAST
4 DAyS, FR $798                                                                                                              3 DAyS, FR $640
loS ANGElES                                loS ANGElES                                                                           loS ANGElES                            SAN FRANCISCo

•      hike the spectacular South Rim Trail at the Grand Canyon                                                              •     laze on the beach in beautiful Santa barbara
•      bond around a campfire in the desert                                                                                  •     Take in the spectacular views along highway 1
•      Tour las Vegas in a limousine and party on The Strip                                                                  •     Explore the towns of Monterey and Santa Cruz

Tour Hollywood’s highlights, then head across the vast mojave Desert to the                                                  Cruise the USA's most scenic coastline with quaint towns, surfer beaches,
Colorado river and Lake Havasu. Continue to the grand Canyon where you                                                       rugged cliff tops and crashing surf. First stop is Santa Barbara where
can hike the spectacular South rim Trail and bond with a hearty BBQ around                                                   you can enjoy some beach time. Continuing up Highway 1, take in the
a campfire. Take an optional helicopter flight over the canyon on Day Three                                                  spectacular vistas and watch out for the wildlife - sea lions, birds and
before driving along route 66 and stopping at Hoover Dam. Jump into a                                                        whales. Take time to explore remote beaches and stroll through the
limousine for a tour of vegas and a big night on the town! Hit the outlet                                                    famous fishing town of monterey. Day Three heads through the fertile
malls before returning to LA via peggy Sue’s 1950s diner for lunch.                                                          Salinas valley stop at Santa Cruz before rolling into San Fran.
Accommodation: Camping (2nts), hotel (1nt) Transport: Private van Meals: 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 2 dinners Tour Code: TRXLA   Accommodation: Twin share hotel (2nts) Transport: Private van Group Size: Max 13 Meals: 1 Lunch Tour Code: SUSSAP

4 DAyS,                       FR   $1,319                                                                                    3 DAyS,                      FR   $1,086
loS ANGElES                              lAS VEGAS                                                                               loS ANGElES                            SAN FRANCISCo

•      Enjoy a guided tour of the incredible Grand Canyon                                                                    •     Feel the heat of Death Valley on the way to Mammoth lakes
•      Take an off-road tour with a Navajo guide in Monument Valley                                                          •     Marvel at towering El Capitan and yosemite Falls
•      Marvel at the weird shapes and stunning colours of bryce Canyon                                                       •     Enjoy city views as you cross the bay bridge to San Francisco

After a night in fabulous Las vegas, you'll stop to admire Hoover Dam and                                                    After a night out on the vegas 'Strip' you'll head into Death valley, the
enjoy a guided tour of the grand Canyon. Travelling through the Navajo                                                       lowest, hottest and driest part in North America. visit Badwater and pass
reservation to Lake powell, take a short hike to Horseshoe Bend or a trip                                                    mt Whitney as you head to mammoth Lakes. After an early start, enter
on the Colorado river. At monument valley go on an off-road tour with a                                                      Yosemite via the less visited east entrance on the Tioga pass. Towering el
Navajo guide. On the final day tour Antelope Canyon, marvel at the shapes                                                    Capitan and Yosemite Falls are highlights of this stunning scenery. Heading
and colours in Bryce Canyon and drive through Zion N.p to Las vegas.                                                         to San Francisco, take in the city views as you cross the Bay Bridge.
Accommodation: Hotels (3nts) Transport: Private van Meals: No meals included Tour Code: STABUN1                              Accommodation: Hotels (2nts) Transport: Private van Meals: No meals included Tour Code: STABUN2


STAysimple                                            STAysmart                                           STAystylish

uSA hoSTElS, SAN DIEGo                                hANDlERy hoTEl, SAN DIEGo                           hIlToN, SAN DIEGo
Surrounded by the coolest bars and clubs, in the      The hotel boasts 217 rooms, some of which           Located right on San Diego's famous mission
exciting gaslamp Quarter. All rooms include bed       are poolside or with views of the beautifully       Bay; a romantic paradise of palms and perfect
linen, in-room lockers for each dorm room guest,      landscaped grounds. The hotel is ideally located,   sandy bayfronts, this retreat comes complete
all you can make pancakes every morning, plus         just minutes from all the great attractions – and   with a new spa and beautiful new guestrooms.
free coffee and tea all day. They also lead a free    after an action packed day, relax with a dip in     From championship tennis courts and waterfront
pub crawl every Wednesday! STA609                     the pool or a drink in the lounge. STA610           fine dining, it's simply luxurious. STA611

                                                      FR   $210 SINGlE                                    FR   $279 SINGlE
FR   $53 DoRM                                         FR   $105 TwIN/DoublE                               FR   $140 TwIN/DoublE

Go SAN DIEGo CARD                                     SEAwoRlD SAN DIEGo
Full DAy FR $71                                       Full DAy FR $124
This card is an all access attraction pass. it gets   The highlight of Seaworld has to be the
you into each and every one of the 50 included        sensational Shamu shows – they create an
parks, museums and tours. Choose from 1, 2,           incredible set from the killer whale behaviours.
3, 5 or 7 day cards to visit top attractions on       But there is so much more to do here too. get
consecutive days. The San Diego Zoo, a whale          wet on the Journey to Atlantis, brave the waves
watch cruise and the Kodak Theatre tour are           on Shipwreck rapids and get on board a heart
just some of the options. plus free multi-day         pounding ride to the Wild Arctic. plus you can
admission to Seaworld San Diego exclusively           opt to have a dolphin encounter, swim with the
with the 3, 5 and 7 day cards. STA615                 dolphins or beluga whales. STA616

                                                                                                                     CoAST hoTSPoTS
                                                                                                                      1 SAN DIEGo
                                                                                                                     Beach living, action sports (home of skating
                      SAN FRANCISCO                                                                                  legend Tony Hawk), Seaworld and the world
                                                                                                                     famous San Diego Zoo!

                                 MONTEREY                                                                             2 SANTA bARbARA
                                                                                                                    great food, great shopping, great culture, miles
                                  CARMEL                                                                             of beautiful sandy beach, fabulous wine and an
                                                                                                                     abundance of festivals and concerts.

                                                                                                                      3 CARMEl
                                                                                                                     european charm, beautiful white sand beach,
                                                                                                                     performing arts, hundreds of shops, art galleries
                                                           2                                                         and great restaurants.

                                                                                                                                                                             WEST COAST
                                                      SANTA BARBARA
                                                                                                                     4 MoNTEREy CouNTy
                                                                         LOS ANGELES
                                                                                                                     Hillside vineyards, Big Sur's redwood groves,
                                                                                                                     Highway 1, monterey Bay Aquarium and crashing
                                                                                                                     surf breaks.
                                                                                      SAN DIEGO

STAysimple                                                     STAysmart                                             STAysmart

INN by ThE hARboR, SANTA bARbARA                               bEAChSIDE INN, SANTA bARbARA                          PEPPER TREE INN, SANTA bARbARA
This enchanting resort is nestled among tropical               Check in and relax on your private patio or on        Nestled on five acres of tropical gardens, this
gardens. The rooms have mediterranean style                    one of the open sun decks. Unwind! The rooms          is a luxurious, Spanish-inspired resort hotel.
furnishings and many feature full kitchens. relax              all feature cable Tv, coffee making facilities and    The hotel offers two heated tile pools, two
by the outdoor heated swimming pool or in the                  high speed internet access. From your hotel           whirlpools, an exercise room, sauna and massage
enclosed sundeck courtyard and mingle at the                   balcony you'll have an uninterrupted panorama         facilities. The spacious guestrooms feature
afternoon wine and cheese reception. STA612                    of palms, sea and sand. STA614                        private decks or balconies. STA613

FR   $256 SINGlE                                               FR   $219 SINGlE                                      FR   $259 SINGlE
FR   $128 TwIN/DoublE                                          FR   $109 TwIN/DoublE                                 FR   $129 TwIN/DoublE              + boNuS
                                                                                                                                                        4Th NIGhT FREE

STAysmart                                                      STAystylish

CARMEl MISSIoN INN, CARMEl                                     CASA MuNRAS, MoNTEREy
Cosy yet spacious rooms are available for the                  Located in the old town, this hacienda-inspired
perfect crash pad. The inn features a host of                  hotel is true to its Spanish heritage and
generous amenities like indulgent massage                      embraces its outdoor spaces. Take a dip in the
services, a heated pool and room service. There                pool, a stroll in the gardens or a seat on the
are also the touches of home that include luxury               patio. each guestroom provides the perfect
bath amenities, fridge and coffee machine. STA617              retreat from the bay breeze. STA618

FR   $249 SINGlE                                               FR   $204 SINGlE
FR   $124 TwIN/DoublE                                          FR   $102 TwIN/DoublE


STAysimple                                            STAysimple                                            STAysimple

1 EuRoPEAN hoSTEl                                     2 uSA hoSTElS                                         3 MIThIlA hoTEl
This property has just been renovated to offer        All you can make pancakes every morning - good        This intimate downtown hotel is not only
sunlit hallways, a full service kitchen, plus free    enough to book now?! Well we haven’t even             perfectly located, but has everything to keep
Wi-Fi and computer use. For those looking to          mentioned the large lounge with billiards and         you contented. it offers guests a relaxing stay
have a good time and meet other backpackers,          foosball tables, free wireless, cheap internet and    in clean, cosy rooms which all include a private
you can enjoy the bar area and rooftop balcony        Thursday night pub crawl which is a great way to      bathroom, colour Tv, free WiFi, telephone,
from which you can see the whole city. STA619         meet other travellers! STA207                         hairdryer and iron. STA208

                                                      FR   $49 DoRM                                         FR   $99 SINGlE
FR   $31 DoRM                                         FR   $68 TwIN/DoublE                                  FR   $55 TwIN/DoublE

STAysmart                                             STAystylish                                           STAystylish

7 TuSCAN INN                                          8 CoVA hoTEl                                          9 TRIToN
inspired by the elegance and warmth of an italian     This modern, contemporary hotel has all               Dynamic Hotel Triton is hip and eco-friendly,
countryside villa, this unique San Francisco hotel    the basics covered and a whole lot more. All          inspired by fun, style and creativity. Feast your
offers the amenities only expected from the best      the rooms have modern furniture, spacious             eyes on the modern and contemporary art and
of boutique hotels. relish the nightly fireside       bathrooms, French balconies, plasma Tvs and Wi-       indulge your taste buds at the leading French
wine reception, luxurious rooms and spacious          Fi. plus there is a complimentary daily shuttle to    bistro or wine bar. each room has fabulous city
marble bathrooms. STA622                              Union Square and Fisherman's Wharf. STA282            views or calming courtyard vistas. STA623

FR   $237 SINGlE                                      FR   $194 SINGlE                                      FR   $221 SINGlE
FR   $118 TwIN/DoublE                                 FR   $97 TwIN/DoublE                                  FR   $111 DoublE                        + boNuS
                                                                                                                                                   4Th NIGhT FREE
                                                                                                                                                             MAR 12

                                                                                  SAN FRANCISCO INT’L AIRPORT: 20km 
                                                                                                                                                              DATES FoR youR DIARy
                                                          ALCATRAZ
        GOLDEN                                             ISLAND
                                                                                12                                                                           FEbRuARy 3 - 20, 2011
                                                                                                      7                                                       ChINESE NEw yEAR FESTIVAl & PARADE
                                                       Bay St

                                                                                                                                                              juNE 4 - 5, 2011
                                                                                                                                                              uNIoN STREET FESTIVAl


                                                                                                                                                              juNE 25, 2011

                                                             ay                         CHINA TOWN

                                                                                                      9                                                       GAy PRIDE



                                                                                          UNION SQUARE                                                        july 2 - 3, 2011

                                                                                                                                                             FIllMoRE STREET jAZZ FESTIVAl
                                                                                          3                    4


                                                                       a St                   5                

                                                                                                   S.F. MUSEUM                                                july 6 - 17, july 2011

                                                                   8                              OF MODERN ART

                                                                                           1                                                                  SAN FRANCISCo FRINGE FESTIVAl

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      WEST COAST

                                                                                                                                                              SEPTEMbER 10 - 11, 2011

                                                                                                  6                                                           ChoColATE FESTIVAl

                                                                                               James Li
                                                                                                                                            fr $29
                                                                                                                                                              oCTobER, 2011
                                                                                                                                                              EXoTIC ERoTIC hAllowEEN bAll
                                                                                                  ck Fwy

                                                                          Central Fwy

STAysmart                                                                  STAysmart                                                                          STAysmart

4 MoSSER                                                                  5 uNIoN SquARE hoTEl                                                                6 bEST wESTERN AMERICANIA
This hotel is super smart and boasts pretty                               The freshest, most innovative boutique hotel                                        Check into this mediterranean-style hotel and
victorian architecture. Sleek and elegant with                            in the city fuses contemporary and classic San                                      soak up the sun in the heated outdoor pool or
contemporary rooms, it's even home to a state of                          Francisco - beautiful brick walls and mosaic                                        in the sauna. Colourful rooms combine original
the art recording studio. Choose from ensuite or                          murals, all in keeping with its Art Deco history.                                   artwork, rich fabrics and comfortable furnishings.
shared bathroom facilities. Little extras like CD                         enjoy the complimentary evening wine reception                                      Dine in the restaurant, use the Wi-Fi and relax in
players and robes will complete your stay. STA210                         at this sophisticated yet casual hotel. STA621                                      the lounge. STA216

FR   $111 SINGlE                                                           FR   $215 SINGlE                                 + boNuS                           FR   $232 SINGlE
FR   $63 DoublE                                                            FR   $108 TwIN/DoublE                           4Th NIGhT FREE
                                                                                                                                     JUN 11
                                                                                                                          01 APR 11 - 30
                                                                                                                                                              FR   $116 DoublE                    + boNuS
                                                                                                                                                                                                 4Th NIGhT FREE
                                                                                                                                         MAR 12
PRICES ARE PER PERSoN PER NIGhT                                            PRICES ARE PER PERSoN PER NIGhT                01 NOV 11 - 31                      PRICES ARE PER PERSoN PER NIGhT
                                                                                                                                                                                                01 OCT 11 - 31 MAR

STAystylish                                                                STAystylish                                                                        STAystylish

10 GooD hoTEl                                                             11 SERRANo                                                                          12 ARGoNAuT
A hotel with a good conscience. Decor at this                             The Serrano embodies the spirit of San Francisco                                    Housed in a historic warehouse, many of the
stylish eco hotel features reclaimed and recycled                         with its beautifully restored Spanish revival                                       spacious guestrooms boast unobstructed,
construction materials. it’s still got loads of mod-                      building complete with plush furnishings, original                                  breathtaking views of San Francisco Bay and
cons - flat screen Tvs and ipod docks. There's an                         high ceilings and exotic Spanish and moroccan                                       the city skyline. enjoy the comfort and unique
awesome pizzeria onsite and you can work it off                           accents. indulge your taste buds at the Asian                                       nautical decor of each guestroom, the hosted
in the heated outdoor pool across the street. STA212                      fusion restaurant. STA624                                                           evening wine hour and free Wi-Fi. STA625

FR   $186 SINGlE                                                          FR    $237 SINGlE                                                                   FR   $293 SINGlE
FR   $93 DoublE                         + boNuS
                                       4Th NIGhT FREE
                                                                          FR    $119 DoublE                                                                   FR   $146 TwIN/DoublE
PRICES ARE PER PERSoN PER NIGhT       01 OCT 11 - 31 MAR                  PRICES ARE PER PERSoN PER NIGhT INCluDING bREAkFAST                                 PRICES ARE PER PERSoN PER NIGhT

SAN FRAN kAlEIDoSCoPE                                 SAN FRANCISCo CITy PASS                                bRIDGE & bEACh
Full DAy FR $150                                      FR $98                                                 hAlF DAy FR $61
ride a historic street car into the mission           This is a no-brainer if you intend to do any           Watch a pacific sunset after completing a
District to visit San Francisco’s first european      sightseeing in this fantastic city. You’ll have nine   brilliant walk from the golden gate Bridge to
settlement. Take a cable car through the              days to work your way round seven attractions          the Cliff House restaurant. You’ll be guided
financial district and explore Chinatown’s historic   such as the museum of modern Art, the Fine             along spectacular coastline with a fantastic
portsmouth Square, local markets and a fortune        Arts museum, the California Academy of Sciences        combination of urban and remote experiences.
cookie factory. enjoy a delicious dim sum lunch.      and a cruise on the beautiful bay. it also             Walk rugged cliffs and beaches known only by
Walk to North Beach to visit City Lights Book         includes a seven day passport for the otherwise        the locals. marvel at San Fran’s architecture,
Store and Washington Square, then take a bay          expensive cable cars. get the pass, skip the           soak in its history and discover sea life, diverse
cruise from Fisherman’s Wharf. STA215                 queues and enjoy huge discounts! STA213                fauna and great bird watching. STA214

SAN FRANCISCo FREESTylE                               All looPS wITh AlCATRAZ                                bAy CRuISE
FR $142                                               FR $121                                                hAlF DAy FR $29
This ultimate package combines the most               Tour infamous Alcatraz with an award winning,          Discover the city from the water with three
comprehensive sightseeing tour of the city and        self-guided audio tour of the prison cellblock.        different cruise options. Sail under the majestic
a choice of three popular tours and attractions.      The price includes a return ferry to the island        golden gate Bridge and around Alcatraz by
Four diverse sightseeing loops allow you to see       where you can stay as long as you like, plus four      day, or enjoy an amazing sunset, appetisers
downtown San Fran, charming Sausalito, cross          sightseeing loops of San Francisco - downtown,         and live entertainment on an evening cruise.
the golden gate Bridge and enjoy an evening           Sausalito, golden gate park and a night tour.          Take the explorer cruise to discover the city’s
tour of the vibrant neighbourhoods. Then choose       Book early - tickets for Alcatraz often sell out       natural history, architecture and Native American
three of eight attractions – perhaps muir Woods,      in advance. They are for a specific date and time      culture, while cruising under the Bay Bridge,
a bay cruise and the aquarium. STA626                 and cannot be transferred. STA627                      around Treasure island and past Alcatraz. STA628

CAlIFoRNIA ACADEMy oF                                 bIkE ThE GolDEN GATE
SCIENCES                                              hAlF DAy FR $70
FR $47                                                enjoy the freedom of this self-guided bike ride
Nestled in the heart of golden gate park, two         with spectacular views from the Bay Trail and
and a half acres of native plants camouflage          the golden gate Bridge. Don’t panic about San
an aquarium, a planetarium, a natural history         Francisco’s hills – this is an easy ride. Descend
museum and a four storey rainforest. experience       through east Fort Baker along the North Bay
the Academy's world-class exhibits or pay a bit       coastline to Sausalito, a mediterranean style
extra to go behind the scenes! On Thursdays it's      village with hillside homes, beautiful city views,
nightlife - enjoy an evening of music, science,       chic cafes and shops. Then return on a relaxing
entertainment and cocktails. STA629                   ferry ride to San Francisco. STA216

3 DAyS,           FR   $515

•   Enjoy the clear blue water of lake Tahoe
•   Explore yosemite's granite peaks and thundering waterfalls
•   hike, bike and swim in the fresh country air

Depart San Francisco early in the morning and arrive at Lake Tahoe in the      thundering waterfalls. Camp among scented pines and breathe the fresh
early afternoon with enough time to hike, swim, rent bikes or just relax       mountain air. view impressive giant Sequoias, the tallest of trees, with
along the lake. A sailing cruise across the clear blue waters is optional.     many of them more than one thousand years old. (B, L)
The evening is spent at a camp near the lake. (please note: in the event the

                                                                                                                                                                                                      WEST COAST
Tioga pass is closed, the tour will spend two nights in Yosemite.)             DAy 3: yoSEMITE NATIoNAl PARk & SAN FRANCISCo
                                                                               Head back to San Francisco with a stop at an old growth grove of
DAy 2: yoSEMITE NATIoNAl PARk                                                  redwoods. Arrive back in San Francisco late afternoon. (B, L)
more hiking, swimming and biking is on offer at Yosemite National park.
                                                                               Accommodation: Camping (2nts), use of equipment and sleeping bag included Transport: Private van Group Size: Max 13
explore the majestic beauty of Yosemite valley’s granite peaks and             Meals: 2 Breakfast, 2 Lunch. Tour Code: SUSSAY

REDwooDS & wINE                                                                ToTAl yoSEMITE
Full DAy,              FR   $122                                               Full DAy,                           FR   $205
SAN FRANCISCo                 SAN FRANCISCo                                        SAN FRANCISCo                                 SAN FRANCISCo

•   Explore Muir woods with its towering Redwood trees                         •     Enjoy the stunning scenery of yosemite National Park
•   Three winery visits and a unique winery cave tour                          •     Marvel at El Capitan, half Dome and yosemite Falls
•   Marvel at the world famous view of the Golden Gate bridge                  •     hike through a forest of towering Giant Sequoia trees

Don't miss a trip to the California Wine Country while staying in the          This tour is a great way to get the most out of your time in Yosemite. An
city - it's only a short drive away. You'll spend the morning beneath the      early start means that both Yosemite valley and the giant Sequoias can be
spectacular redwood Sequoia trees at muir Woods before relaxing in the         covered and you can spend more time in the park than on any other one
afternoon while being introduced to the California wine country. You'll        day Yosemite tour available. in the Yosemite valley you'll stop to see el
visit three small boutique Sonoma wineries. included at one of them is a       Capitan, Half Dome, Yosemite Falls, Bridalveil Falls, inspiration point (a.k.a
unique cave tour where you'll learn how the wines are aged and see an          Tunnel view) and Yosemite village. Unlike most tours, in the afternoon
underground wine cellar firsthand. You'll top off a great day with a photo     you'll drive to a higher altitude to a less visited part of Yosemite National
stop high above the water, overlooking the golden gate Bridge and pacific      park. Hike in the evergreen forest and see the giant Sequoia trees, the
Ocean with an amazing view of the San Francisco bay, city, the Bay Bridge,     world's largest living things. Drive back through great scenery and enjoy
the east Bay Hills and Alcatraz. perfect! STA630                               the sunset as you approach San Francisco's city lights. STA631


STAysimple                                             STAysmart                                           STAysmart

1 uSA hoSTElS                                          2 CIRCuS CIRCuS                                     3 TRoPICANA
Save your money for the casinos and bag a bed          Living up to its name, this hotel boasts three      The rooms are rated 'best in class' and the
in this brilliant hostel. Start your day with an all   world famous circus acts performing acrobatics,     tropically landscaped pool area has been named
you can eat pancake breakfast, then have a lazy        magic and juggling. The indoor theme park,          best in vegas. This hotel is home to Nikki Beach
day in the pool and hot tub. go for a dorm or opt      shopping promenade, three large casinos and         Las vegas - the world's hottest beach club with
for a double, which also includes an ensuite and       pool should keep you busy, but there’s always the   swim up black jack. You won't be bored by the
Tv. Don't miss Sunday night - BBQ night. STA217        wedding chapel if you get a little bored! STA220    range of restaurants and entertainment. STA633

FR   $43 DoRM                                          FR   $78 SINGlE                                     FR   $100 SINGlE
FR   $42 TwIN/DoublE                                   FR   $39 DoublE                                     FR   $50 DoublE

STAystylish                                            STAystylish                                         STAystylish

7 MGM GRAND                                            8 CAESAR'S PAlACE                                   9 bEllAGIo hoTEl
The Tower offers the ultimate in elegance              Sample some of the fourteen different               The inspiration for Ocean’s 11 and the most
and comfort while the West Wing is a modern            restaurants, soak up the Nevada sun in the          famous hotel in town - there’s more to this
alternative of sleek, stylish accommodations.          garden of the gods Oasis with its six different     opulent hotel than the dazzling water fountain.
The hotel boasts five shimmering pools, award-         pools, or relax in the spa and roman baths.         experience the classy casino, the five outdoor
winning restaurants, exquisite cocktail bars and       That’s all before you’ve hit the enormous casino    pools, world class shopping, amazing restaurants
unrivalled entertainment. STA635                       of this hotel with its dramatic decor. STA634       and possibly the wedding chapel… STA221

FR   $147 SINGlE                                       FR   $173 SINGlE                                    FR   $266 SINGlE
FR   $73 DoublE                                        FR   $87 DoublE                                     FR   $133 DoublE

                                                                                                                                               McCARRAN INT’L AIRPORT: 6km                                     DATES FoR youR DIARy
                                                                                                  FREMONT STREET
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 jANuARy 6 - 9, 2011
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 INT CoNSuMER ElECTRoNICS EXhIbIT
       W Charleston Blvd                                                                         A LITTLE                                    E Charleston Blvd
                                                                                               WHITE CHAPEL
                                                                                                                                                                         1                                       MARCh 6, 2011
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 SPEEDwAy RACING, NASCAR 400
                                                                                               THE STRATOSPHERE
                                                                                                                                                                 E Sahara Ave
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 MARCh 25 – 26, 2011
                                           Las Valley View Blvd

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 MoNSTER jAM woRlD FINAlS
         S Decatur Blvd


                                                                                                                                                                                                                 MAy - july, 2011

                                                                   8                                                                   E Desert Inn Rd

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 woRlD SERIES PokER

                                                                   9                       11
                                                                  THE “STRIP”                     4                                                                                                              oCTobER 26, 2011

                                                                                                                                                         S Eastern Ave
                                                                        Las Vegas Blvd S

                                                                                                     E Flamingo Rd                                                                    E Flamingo Rd              PRoFESSIoNAl bull RIDERS woRlD FINAlS

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   WEST COAST
                          Arville St

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 oCTobER, 2011
                                                                                                                           S Maryland Pkwy

                                       3                                                                                                                                                                        FETISh & FANTASy hAllowEEN bAll
                                                                       MGM GRAND

                                                                    5                                                                                                                                            EVERy NIGhT, 2011
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 INCREDIblE lIVE ENTERTAINMENT

STAysmart                                                                                                            STAysmart                                                                                    STAystylish

4 PARIS                                                                                                              5 luXoR                                                                                     6 PlANET hollywooD
paris Las vegas captures all the intricate details                                                                   get a taste of egypt the extravagant Las vegas                                              This ultra-glamorous spot epitomises Las
of paris, right down to the cobblestone sidewalks                                                                    way! Check out the pharaoh style rooms and the                                              vegas. real movie memorabilia is scattered
and half-scale replicas of the eiffel Tower and                                                                      giza galleria. Try your luck in the casino, relax in                                        throughout the rooms and high-tech necessities
Arc de Triomphe. enjoy the stylish, spacious,                                                                        one of the five swimming pools, sauna or Jacuzzi,                                           create an atmosphere of excitement, luxury and
beautifully appointed rooms, enormous rooftop                                                                        feel decadent at the cocktail bar and enjoy a                                               fame. enjoy everything from red carpet movie
pool and luxurious spa. STA632                                                                                       delicious meal at one of nine restaurants. STA219                                           premieres to hip bars and chic lounges. STA218

FR   $128 SINGlE                                                                                                     FR   $123 SINGlE                                                                             FR   $128 SINGlE
FR   $64 DoublE                                                                                                      FR   $62 DoublE                                                                              FR   $64 DoublE
PRICES ARE PER PERSoN PER NIGhT                                                                                      PRICES ARE PER PERSoN PER NIGhT                                                              PRICES ARE PER PERSON PER NIghT

STAystylish                                                                                                                                                                     STAystylish

10 CoSMoPolITAN                                                                                                                                                                 11 VENETIAN & PAlAZZo
The newest hotel on The Strip offers an intimate feel with unexpected detail                                                                                                    A taste of italian luxury in Las vegas. These two hotels are among the
creating a unique impression. Almost every room features an oversized                                                                                                           select 'all-suite' hotels on The Strip. Both provide a choice of fantastic
terrace and it has three distinct pools, all with panoramic views of the                                                                                                        restaurants, lush landscaped pools, hot tubs, spas, casinos, fantastic
skyline. Treat yourself in the Sahra Spa and Hammam, hang out at the day                                                                                                        shopping and world class entertainment. For a real taste of italy, take a
club, dine with world class chefs and dance all night in the nightclub. STA637                                                                                                  romantic glide down the grand Canal in an authentic venetian gondola. STA222

l    Rooms with oversized terraces l Exclusive day club and nightclub                                                                                                           l    All-suite hotels l outdoor pool and hot tubs l Canyon Ranch Spa
l    Terrace studio rooms with kitchenette l 3 outdoor pools                                                                                                                    l    Authentic gondola rides l Choice of wedding venues

FR   $207 SINGlE                                                               FR          $103 DoublE                                                                          FR   $272 SINGlE                            FR   $136 DoublE
PRICES ARE PER PERSON PER NIghT INCLUDINg BREAkFAST                                                                                                                             PRICES ARE PER PERSON PER NIghT INCLUDINg BREAkFAST

VEGAS & GRAND                                                                                                              SuNRISE bAllooN FlIGhT
                                                                                                                           hAlF DAy, FR $338

CANyoN                                                                                                                     Your hot air balloon ride begins when you meet your pilot and crew about
                                                                                                                           half an hour before sunrise. After a briefing, you will watch with awe as
                                                                                                                           your balloon takes shape before your eyes, ultimately standing more than
3 DAyS,                       FR   $690                                                                                    10 storeys tall. Once fully inflated and ready for take off, you'll climb into
                                                                                                                           the basket and begin the adventure of a lifetime.
lAS VEGAS                           lAS VEGAS
                                                                                                                           During your flight, get a spectacular birds eye view of the gorgeous
•      Experience the towering sandstone cliffs of Zion National Park                                                      red rock mountains and the famous Las vegas Strip. Drift silently at
•      View the second largest man-made lake in the uSA at lake Powell                                                     about 1000 feet, over the city and countryside where you will watch for
•      be awed by the most majestic of canyons, the Grand Canyon                                                           wildlife and envious onlookers down below. After drifting serenely for
                                                                                                                           approximately an hour you’ll prepare for landing.
Take various hikes through Zion National park to explore its towering
sandstone cliffs. On Day Two continue to Lake powell, the second largest                                                   Once on the ground, share in the oldest of ballooning traditions - a
man-made reservoir in the USA. At the grand Canyon, marvel at the                                                          champagne toast - and revel in the peace, tranquility and beauty that you
magnificent colours and geology of this world wonder and take an optional                                                  never before knew existed. STA799
helicopter ride. return to Las vegas on Day Three via iconic route 66.
Accommodation: Twin share hotel (2nts) Transport: Private van Group Size: Max 13 Please note: Tour Code: SUSSAV

GRAND CANyoN                                                                                                               CIRClE oF CANyoNS
& MoRE                                                                                                                     2 DAyS, FR $140
3 DAyS,                      FR   $777                                                                                         lAS VEGAS                         lAS VEGAS

lAS VEGAS                             lAS VEGAS                                                                            •     Guided tour of the incredible Grand Canyon
                                                                                                                           •     off-road tour at Antelope Canyon with a Navajo guide
•      Guided tour of the spectacular Grand Canyon                                                                         •     weird and colourful bryce Canyon
•      Navajo guided tour of Monument Valley and Antelope Canyon
•      Tours of bryce Canyon and Zion National Park                                                                        From Las vegas you’ll head via the Hoover Dam to the iconic grand Canyon,
                                                                                                                           where you’ll enjoy an eye opening tour. Arrive later into the little town of
First up, the grand Canyon - take a helicopter ride through the deepest and                                                page and opt for an awesome hike to Horseshoe Bend for an incredible
widest parts. At Lake powell, hike up to Horseshoe Bend for spectacular                                                    view of the Colorado river. The next day you’ll head out in an off-road
views of the Colorado river and take an optional float trip. Both your tour                                                vehicle with a Navajo guide for a tour of Antelope Canyon - one of the
of monument valley and striking Antelope Canyon are conducted by a local                                                   most striking canyons known to man. Head back to Las vegas with stops at
Navajo guide. Admire Bryce Canyon's colorful hues and take a horseback or                                                  Lake powell, weird and colourful Bryce Canyon and Zion National park. Take
ATv ride. Lastly enjoy the striking rock formations of Zion.                                                               a last look at the stark, desolate yet eerily beautiful scenery.
Accommodation: Hotel (1nt) - normally within park, but subject to availability Transport: Private van Tour Code: STABUN3   Accommodation: Hotel (1nt) Transport: Private van Tour Code: STABUN4

GRAND CANyoN hElICoPTER & RANCh                                                 ulTIMATE lAS VEGAS
DISCoVERy                                                                       FR$351

                                                                                                                                                                 WEST COAST
Full DAy, FR $150                                                               experience the spectacular Las vegas Strip by luxury helicopter combined
Departing from Las vegas, this mini-coach and helicopter adventure              with the ultimate Las vegas dinner at the mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino.
includes a stop and presentation at Hoover Dam, plus a trip through an          pre-flight champagne, a three course dinner and guest list access make
ancient Joshua Tree forest - your guide will know the watering and feeding      this the ultimate night out in Las vegas! STA643
routes of the herds of mustang horses, so keep your eyes peeled! At the
historic grand Canyon ranch you'll enjoy a Western-style lunch, a horse-        GRAND CANyoN oVERNIGhT ESCAPE &
drawn wagon ride, cowboy entertainment, a photo shoot at the Western            SuNRISE hElICoPTER
Town and a spectacular helicopter flight 'above and below' the rim of the       oVERNIGhT, FR $518
grand Canyon. There's even the option to ride a horse. STA640                   Departing from Las vegas, your grand Canyon journey by ground and
                                                                                helicopter begins as you drive across Hoover Dam and through the Joshua
lAS VEGAS APollo NIGhT 'STRIP' FlIGhT                                           Tree forest to historic grand Canyon ranch. Check into your pine Cabin
FR $433                                                                         or authentic indian Tipi and jump on an optional horseback ride. enjoy a
This is the ultimate Las vegas Strip tour. enjoy a glass of champagne           candlelit dinner, live entertainment and campfire songs under the stars.
before you board your luxurious A-Star jet helicopter and rise above the        After breakfast board your luxurious A-Star jet helicopter for a spectacular,
City of Lights, to see spectacular views of the dazzling Las vegas Strip!       exclusive flight below the rim of the grand Canyon. Your flight concludes
Cruise past famous landmarks such as the Bellagio and Luxor pyramid. STA641     with a 'cruise' down the centre of the Las vegas Strip. STA642

GRAND CANyoN EXPEDITIoN                                                         GRAND CANyoN SouTh RIM
Full DAy, FR $602                                                               Full DAy FR $359
This tour combines both the Black Canyon and the grand Canyon. After            Jump on board your custom Tour Trekker from Las vegas and head through
soaring over beautiful Lake mead, the mighty Hoover Dam and the                 the mojave Desert along historic route 66. Your guide will narrate through
magnificent grand Canyon, your helicopter will touch down in historic           the beautiful mountains and ponderosa pine forests of the Coconino
Boulder City. You’ll board a raft at the base of Hoover Dam and experience      plateau as you head to the grand Canyon. At the South rim, you’ll enjoy a
an awesome rafting ride for around three hours through the dramatic Black       guided tour and a scrumptious lunch at a restaurant. Spend the afternoon
Canyon. it’s a journey into a world few people will have seen. With a free      at various rim Trail viewing areas for stunning panoramic views of the
limousine hotel transfer back to your hotel to cap it off, how can you resist   widest and deepest parts of the grand Canyon. STA638
this epic tour? STA223
                                                                                wEST RIM DRIVE, Fly & FloAT
GRAND CANyoN PICNIC TouR                                                        Full DAy, FR $538
hAlF DAy, FR $524                                                               From Las vegas travel in a custom 4WD across the vast mojave Desert
Sounds like a dream. A limousine will pick you up from your hotel and take      to the Hoover Dam, Lake mead and a Joshua Tree forest before entering
you to your helicopter for a flight deep inside the famous grand Canyon         grand Canyon West. The adventure continues with an exhilarating
where you'll enjoy a lovely champagne picnic below the canyon rim. You'll       helicopter flight from the rim, soaring 4,000ft down into the canyon where
gaze upon the spectacular sights of Hoover Dam, Lake mead and extinct           you'll get onboard for a picturesque pontoon boat trip on the mighty
volcanoes. The flight concludes with an exciting view of the Las vegas Strip    Colorado river. There's the opportunity to go on the amazing Skywalk,
before you land and are delivered back to your hotel by limo. STA225            a glass and steel walkway that extends 70ft beyond the rim and nearly
                                                                                4,000ft above the canyon floor, before heading back to Las vegas. STA639

     The Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Bryce            A bus schedule is available online. Use            DRIVER GUIDES
     Canyon and Death Valley are some of the             the real time reservation system to make           Don’t think of the Bundu Bus as a boring way
     greatest sights in the world. And until the         bookings until the evening before the              of getting between two points. Many routes
     Bundu Bus started, it was almost impossible         scheduled departure of a vehicle. For same         travel through some of the most beautiful
     to get to them and spend time here without          day departures you can simply call. Seats          scenery on earth and you get to tour them for
     owning or renting a car.                            are subject to availability so booking as far      the price of your ticket! There are frequent
                                                         as possible in advance is advised. Please          photo opportunities – just tell your driver
     Now thousands of people take advantage              note that some sections of the network are         when you want to pull over and stop. Some
     of Bundu’s knowledge of the area. Bundu             seasonal.                                          routes are even free tours through the park
     connects the parks and sights of the west                                                              themselves.
     (including the Grand Canyon) with ve major          NATIONAL PARKS
     western cities. The entire network runs from        With your tickets sorted, you can spend as         ACCOMMODATION
     1 March to 31 September. See the map below          long as you like exploring the incredible sights   Book your accommodation in advance to
     for routes that run outside this time on a less     of the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Monument        guarantee a place to crash - your STA Travel
     frequent basis.                                     Valley, Death Valley, Yellowstone, Yosemite,       adviser will sort you out! And if your plans
                                                         Zion, Lake Powell, St George, Jackson Hole         change on the road, Bundu Bus can help book
     FLEXIBLE TRAVEL                                     and more! Entry into the national parks is not     as you go.
     Pick up the bus in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San      included in your bus ticket. But a great option
     Francisco or Salt Lake City. You can either buy     is to buy a National Parks pass (either online     In certain hard to reach areas where it may be
     individual tickets for each leg of your trip or     or when you enter your rst park) which             too expensive to spend the night, the Bundu
     purchase a hop-on hop-o ticket for greater          allows you and up to three friends access to       Bus' schedule has been arranged to allow
       exibility, allowing you virtually unlimited       all national parks for a year.                     you to take your tour, see what you want,
     travel for a certain period of time. Please                                                            then hop on the bus a few hours later. This
     note that there are some restrictions and           TRANSPORT                                          is particularly handy at Monument Valley, the
     conditions – so check with your adviser for         Bundu Bus o er an intimate service using           Grand Canyon and Yosemite.
     more details.                                       comfortable vehicles for small groups of up
                                                         to 13 guests.

     Travel anywhere on the network as much as you
     like within the duration of your pass. Choose
     from 4, 7, 14 or 31 day passes:
     4 days $471
     7 days $651                                                                                                        •   Yellowstone
     14 days $860                                                                                                           • Grand Teton
     31 days $1084                                                                                                          • Jackson
     For those simply wanting to get from A to B,
     grab a one-way ticket. Many routes are available.                                                           •
                                                                                                               Salt Lake City
     Below are a few of the most popular.                                                                          • Arches
                                                         San Francisco    •          • Yosemite                      • Moab
     ROUTING (OR VICE VERSA ) PRICE                                                           Bryce Canyon •      • Canyonlands
                                                                                             St George • • Zion • Monument Valley
     Los Angeles to Las Vegas fr $70                                          Death Valley •           Kanab • • Lake Powell
     Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon fr $130                                            Las Vegas •             • Page
                                                                                             Grand Canyon • • Antelope Canyon
     Las Vegas to Death Valley fr $84
     San Francisco to Yosemite fr $165
                                                                                                                 •   Sedona
     Salt Lake City to Yellowstone fr $147                                Los Angeles    •
     Las Vegas to Zion fr $95                                                                               •   Phoenix
     Las Vegas to Bryce Canyon fr $146
     Bryce Canyon to Lake Powell/Page fr $92
     Bryce Canyon to Salt Lake City fr $160
     Bryce Canyon to Zion fr $53
     Death Valley to Yosemite fr $210
     Lake Powell/Page to The Grand Canyon fr $82
     Lake Powell/Page to Monument Valley fr $75
     Lake Powell/Page to Zion fr $73
     Las Vegas to Zion fr $95
     Phoenix to The Grand Canyon fr $191

GRAND CIRCLE                                                        CROSSING CALIFORNIA
FR $408                                                             FR $465

LAS VEGAS  LAS VEGAS                                               LOS ANGELES  SAN FRANCISCO (OR VICE VERSA)

HIGHLIGHTS                                                          HIGHLIGHTS
• Grand Canyon tour                                                 • Fabulous Las Vegas
• Desert View Watchtower and incredible Hopi (Indian) art           • Stand 200 feet below the sea in Death Valley
• Zion National Park tour                                           • Experience the hottest, lowest and driest place in North America
• Breathtaking Bryce Canyon                                         • Towering rock faces, plunging waterfalls and beauty of Yosemite

                                                                                                                                          WEST COAST
• Shopping stop at Cameron Trading Post on the Navajo Indian        • Start in LA or San Francisco
• Exposure to Native American culture
• Beautiful Lake Powell
• Photo stop at Hoover Dam

OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES                                               San Francisco   •         • Yosemite
• Hike to Horseshoe Bend, high above the Colorado River
• Navajo guided back country tour at Monument Valley
                                                                                      Death Valley •
• Navajo guided o -road tour at Antelope Canyon                                              Las Vegas   •
• Grand Canyon helicopter ight
• Float trip along the Colorado River
• ATV and horseback riding at Bryce Canyon                                        Los Angeles   •

          Los Angeles   •
                             Bryce Canyon •
                            St George • • Zion
                                               • Lake Powell
                   Las Vegas •               • Page
                         Grand Canyon •

FR   $794

START & FINISH: Las Vegas to Yellowstone / Salt Lake City
OR Salt Lake City to Las Vegas (one backtrack permitted from
Yellowstone to Salt Lake City)

• Tours of Yellowstone’s upper and lower loop
• Tour of Bryce Canyon
• Tour of Zion National Park
• Park entry
• Start in Vegas or Salt Lake City

• Horseride over the Continental Divide

                                                 • Yellowstone
                                                  • Grand Teton
                                                  • Jackson

                                            • Salt Lake City

                             Bryce Canyon •
                            St George • • Zion
                    Las Vegas   •

ARChES NATIoNAl PARk                                  ZIoN NATIoNAl PARk                                       yEllowSToNE
'Arches' as the name implies, is a wonderland         Zion National park is a spectacular sanctuary            established in 1872, Yellowstone National
of more than 2,000 natural red sandstone              of towering mountains, sandstone cliffs, narrow          park is America's first national park. Located
arches, including the iconic Delicate Arch. They      slot canyons, soaring arches and waterfalls              in Wyoming, montana and idaho, it is home
frame this area's amazing beauty and stand as         that create a setting of unparalleled beauty.            to a large variety of wildlife including grizzly
monuments to geologic history a million years in      it's without question a photographer's dream.            bears, wolves, bison, and elk. preserved within
the making. A 29km paved loop road introduces         Trails for hikers of all abilities allow exploration     Yellowstone National park are Old Faithful and
visitors to a brilliantly coloured landscape filled   of the main canyon, with its emerald pools and           a collection of the world's most extraordinary
with pinnacles, outcrops, faults and fossils. many    wooded valley, and into the park's upper reaches         geysers and hot springs, plus the grand Canyon
trails take hikers through eroded canyons, under      of sandstone and open desert. A multi-passenger          of the Yellowstone. Yellowstone is open every
soaring arches and around windows of stone.           shuttle is the only motorised transportation             day of the year. most entrances (except the
                                                      allowed in the main canyon from April until the          North and North east entrances) close in
bRyCE CANyoN NATIoNAl PARk                            end of November.                                         November while roads are being prepared for the
Bryce's original inhabitants, the paiutes, believed                                                            winter season and again in late march and early
that the rock figures were people turned to stone     MoNuMENT VAllEy NAVAjo TRIbAl PARk                       April to clear the roads for the summer season.
by angry gods. rose coloured spires, fins and         perhaps the most photographed landscape in               interior park roads are only open to over-snow
mazes will haunt your imagination and beckon          America, this valley of monoliths and buttes has         vehicles during the winter season.
you to explore them more closely. Hiking and          been a favourite Hollywood backdrop for 80
horseback trails wind through the park, both          years. Still a traditional Navajo Tribe homeland,        NATIoNAl PARkS PASS
along the rim and down among the towering rock        the valley is now accessible by private vehicle          The National parks pass is a great option if
formations called 'hoodoos'. A shuttle system,        and guided tours on entry-limited road. While            you're planning to visit a few different parks
from late may until mid-September, connects           no backcountry hiking or biking is allowed,              throughout your trip. You can purchase the pass
all major amphitheatres along the western rim.        horseback tours are available.                           online or when you first enter a park. it allows
private vehicles are also allowed.                                                                             you and up to three friends access to all national
                                                      GRAND CANyoN NATIoNAl PARk                               parks for one year.
CANyoNlANDS NATIoNAl PARk                             Designated as a World Heritage Site, the grand
This sprawling national park is comprised of          Canyon is a powerful and inspiring landscape. it         EXPloRE ThE PARkS
countless canyons, mesas and buttes seperated         is one of the most studied geological landscapes         However you decide to travel you can explore the
into three districts - island in the Sky, the         in the world and you will be overwhelmed by its          national parks with ease.
Needles District and the maze. island in the          immense size; 450kms long, up to 30kms wide              Hop-on and hop-off at your leisure with the
Sky has many hiking trails and amazing scenice        and 1.6km deep - encompassing a mammoth                  Bundu Bus: See page 70
viewpoints, with grand view point offering            1,218,375 acres. The South rim is open all year          Hire a campervan with Cruise America:
a 360 degree panoramic view of the deep               and is the most visited area. The visitor Centre is      See page 20
canyons below. The Needles District offers a          located here and a free shuttle bus connects this        Take a short tour or day trip from Las vegas:
very different beauty with remote loop hikes to       with many, but not all, other areas of the South         See page 68
spectacular red rock gardens. Off-road vehicles       rim. experience the ever-changing canyon by taking       Jump in a car and self-drive: See page 54
and bikes are permitted on the 161km White rim        a peaceful walk along the rim Trail. The North rim       get all the inside knowledge of the national parks
Trail. The remote maze District is Canyonlands'       is more remote with less development - because of        on an adventure tour: See pages 22-52
most jumbled stone playground, requiring              its higher elevation (2400m) its facilities are only
backcountry use permits year-round.                   open from mid-may to mid-October. The West rim
                                                      does not fall within the National park, but a number
                                                      of tours visit here as it is the closest scencic grand
                                                      Canyon rim to Las vegas.

                                                                                                                          DATES FoR youR DIARy

                                                                                                                           jANuARy 20 - 30, 2011
                                                                  UTAH                                                     SuNDANCE FIlM FESTIVAl
        LAS VEGAS                                                                                                          MARCh 12 - 14, 2011
                                                                                                                          ZIoN FluTE AND DRuM FESTIVAl
                                         ZION N.P.                               
                                                                         MONUMENT VALLEY
                                                                                                                           MID MARCh, 2011
                                                                                                                           RoDEo oF RoDEoS, PhoENIX
                                                GRAND CANYON N.P.
          LAS VEGAS                                                                                                        APRIl, 2011
                                                                                                                           ARIZoNA bARbECuE FESTIVAl, SCoTTSDAlE
                                                                                                                           MAy 28 - 29, 2011
                                                       ARIZONA                                                             ANNuAl MoAb ARTS FESTIVAl

                                                                                                                                                                                  WEST COAST
                                                                                                                           SEPTEMbER 1 - 12, 2011
      CALIFORNIA                                                                                                           MoAb MuSIC FESTIVAl

                                                                                                                           SEPTEMbER 20 - 23, 2011
                                                  SCOTTSDALE/PHOENIX                                                       42kM ADVENTuRE RACE,
                                                                                                                          GRAND CANyoN MARAThoN

STAystylish                                                        STAystylish                                             STAysmart

holIDAy INN, GRAND CANyoN                                          MASwIk loDGE, GRAND CANyoN                              bEST wESTERN SquIRE INN, TuSAyAN
get ready for the grand Canyon at this homely                      A great combination of modern facilities spread         The warm, relaxed ambience of this hotel is the
Holiday inn. Check in with your friends on the                     throughout the scenic ponderosa pine forest and         perfect end to a day in the magnificent American
internet, prepare for a day of sightseeing in the                  a short trip away from the grand Canyon make            Southwest. rooms are inviting, but with so many
beautiful pool or indulge yourself in the whirlpool.               this an excellent choice for your stay. rooms are       activities to choose from you might not spend
refuel at the end of the day at any of the nearby                  motel style and American sized. in the summer           too much time there! get sporty in the gym or
restaurants or burger bars. STA647                                 months go rustic in the woodland cabins. STA648         pool or go bowling in the fun centre. STA649

FR   $130 SINGlE                                                   FR   $213 SINGlE                                        FR   $162 SINGlE
FR   $65 TwIN/DoublE                                               FR   $106 DoublE                                        FR   $81 DoublE

STAysimple                                                         STAysmart                                               STAysmart

AloFT, PhoENIX AIRPoRT                                             hoSPITAlITy SuITES, SCoTTSDAlE                          FIRESky RESoRT, SCoTTSDAlE
State of the art loft-inspired design meets                        meet up with fellow guests over complimentary           This elegant hotel is an oasis of personalised
southwest spirit at Aloft phoenix Airport. grab                    cocktails in happy hour every afternoon or if           service and stunning surrounds. Sun yourself in
a snack from re:Fuel, the 24/7 pantry, meet and                    you're tired after hiking, soothe those muscles         one of the two luxurious pools or relax in the hot
mingle with friends at the WXYZ Bar and play                       in one of the three outdoor pools or hot tub.           tub before heading to the spa for a rejuvenating
in our re:mix lounge. plus stay connected with                     Feeling more virtuous? play a game of tennis or         treatment. Feast on delicious italian food in the
complimentary hotel wide Wi-Fi. STA644                             catch up with the family on the Wi-Fi. STA645           hotel's renowned fine dining restaurant. STA646

FR $118 SINGlE                                                     FR $96 SINGlE                     + boNuS
                                                                                                     4Th NIGhT FREE
                                                                                                                           FR   $352 SINGlE
FR $59 DoublE                                                      FR $48 DoublE                 01 MAY 11 - 31AUg 11      FR   $176 TwIN/DoublE

STAystylish                                                                     STAystylish

bEST wESTERN GREENwEll INN, MoAb                                                bEST wESTERN Ruby'S INN, bRyCE
Just minutes to Arches National park, the Colorado river and close to           Situated near Bryce Canyon National park, ruby's inn's proximity to the
Canyonlands National park, this hotel is the perfect downtown moab base         national park and other beautiful landmarks like the grand Staircase allows
from which to enjoy the activities nearby - rafting, mountain biking, ATvs,     visitors to stay near the attractions that they come to see. Knowledgeable
jeep trails and mountaineering. rooms are spacious and comfortable. The         staff will tell you the best way to experience the area - whether by bike,
large lagoon pool is perfect for a refreshing dip after an active day. STA650   foot or horseback. All rooms are comfortable with modern facilities. STA651

l    Szechuan Restaurant l Rock waterfall l lobby coffee bar                    l    Indoor swimming pool & spa l ATM machines l high speed wi-Fi
l    outdoor heated pool l Spa and fitness centre l Guest laundry               l    24 hours AAA Road Side Assistance l laundry l Foreign exchange

FR   $138 SINGlE                         FR   $69 TwIN/DoublE                   FR   $90 SINGlE                   FR   $45 TwIN/DoublE
PRICES ARE PER PERSON PER NIghT                                                 PRICES ARE PER PERSON PER NIghT

STAystylish                                                                     STAystylish

ZIoN loDGE, ZIoN NATIoNAl PARk                                                  GoulDINGS loDGE, MoNuMENT VAllEy
This beautiful lodge lies in the middle of a hiker's paradise, amongst          relax on your own private balcony and savour the spectacular views of
146,000 acres of cliffs, canyons and uninterrupted beauty. The lodge            monument valley - including eagle mesa, Stagecoach and King On His
features historic cabins with two double beds, full bath, gas log fireplace     Throne just to name a few. After the sun has set on another perfect day,
and private porch. motel rooms are also available, some with a king size        get cosy in one of the 62 non-smoking rooms, each of which includes
bed, full bath and private porch or balcony. STA652                             complimentary comforts including flat screen Tv with DvD and Wi-Fi. STA653

l    Gift shop l 24hr front desk l Free parking l Free wi-Fi                    l    Indoor heated swimming pool l outdoor sun deck l Fitness room
l    Red Rock Grill l Guest laundry l Gas log fires                             l    Earth Spirit theatre l Stage Coach Dining Room l Gift shop

FR   $358 SINGlE                  FR   $179 DoublE                              FR   $175 SINGlE                  FR   $88 TwIN/DoublE
PRICES ARE PER PERSON PER NIghT                                                 PRICES ARE PER PERSON PER NIghT

                                                                                                                                                                         WEST COAST

TANquE VERDE                                                                       GRAPEVINE CANyoN
RANCh, ARIZoNA                                                                     RANCh, ARIZoNA
1 NIGhT STAy,                    FR   $159                                         3 NIGhT PACkAGE, $384                                  FR

•     Riding lessons for all abilities                                             •    Riding trails into the rugged and serene Dragoon Mountains
•     Early morning rides with trailside breakfast in the foothills                •    Individually matched to a horse for the duration of your stay
•     Three yummy ranch meals per day                                              •    Three delicious, hearty meals per day

This is the best known ranch program in Arizona, nestled among the majestic        This small family operated ranch is set in the heart of Apache country, about
natural beauty of the rincon mountains, on the east edge of Tucson and             an hour and a half outside of Tucson near the community of Tombstone - the
adjacent to the Saguaro National park. it includes your accommodation,             real southwest! it’s an authentic and intimate working cattle and guest ranch.
three exquisite ranch meals per day and all regular scheduled ranch activities.    Known for its riding program for all skill levels, it has trails into the nearby
                                                                                   rugged and serene Dragoon mountains and to abandoned ghost towns.
Who hasn't dreamed of saddling up a horse and riding out across the Old
West in search of adventure? With more than 180 well-trained horses and            You'll stay in private, individual cabins or casitas with their own refrigerators,
over 60, 000 acres of pristine natural beauty to explore, there are plenty of      sundecks and porches. Three hearty meals per day are included, as well as all
desert horse riding experiences to be had. Take an early morning ride into         ranch activities and riding program. On the first day you'll be matched to a
the desert foothills, with the reward of a delicious trailside breakfast. Head     horse and from the second day you'll be able to head out on the morning ride
off for a leisurely walk ride and enjoy a feast of nature and grand mountain       or full day ride - getting to know your horse throughout your stay. On some
views. Or more experienced riders can go loping – where a whole new                days you can even ride out with the cowboy to check the cattle. Between
horseback view of desert landscape will unfold. Lessons are also available for     rides you can go sightseeing, spend lazy hours around the pool or hot tub,
all abilities. Between rides there are desert hiking trails to explore on foot -   go hiking, birdwatching or watch movies in the video room. in the evenings,
plus mountain bikes, tennis courts, fishing, indoor or outdoor pools, a sauna,     enjoy a drink at the Cook Shack Bar and discuss your day’s rides over a game
jacuzzi, basketball and volleyball courts. entertainment plus!                     of pool, darts or ping pong in the Buffalo room.

Accommodation is twin share.                                                       Additional nights from $128 (based on twin/double share)
Prices are per person.                                                             Prices are per person.

hAwAII - hoNolulu

STAysimple                                            STAysmart                                             STAysmart

wAIkIkI bEAChSIDE hoSTEl                              ohANA wAIkIkI wEST                                    AquA wAIkIkI wAVE
Just minutes from the beach action, this laid-back    Like staying in a little village, there’s so much     An urban oasis decked out in sleek decor with
hostel will give you a top notch breakfast before     going on in this hotel. rooms all come with           tributes to famous Hawaiians. You will always
you head out to rent boogie boards, surfboards,       bathrooms, air-con and Tv. Slip into the rooftop      find personal and intimate service here and
and mopeds nearby. All rooms have air-con, Tv         pool or lie back on a sundeck with a cocktail from    rooms have handy extras like microwaves. Dine
and phone with free local calls. There's a private    the poolside bar. Come night time, there's Chilli's   onsite, slip into the pool and watch the sunset
bathroom and full kitchen in each unit. STA285        and Nashvilles bars to keep you entertained. STA286   from your balcony. STA287

                                                      FR   $185 SINGlE                                      FR   $191 SINGlE
FR   $60 DoRM bED                                     FR   $93 TwIN/DoublE                                  FR   $95 TwIN/DoublE

STAystylish                                           STAystylish                                           STAystylish

ASToN wAIkIkI bEACh                                   MoANA SuRFRIDER                                       PARC wAIkIkI
Located on a scenic stretch of Waikiki Beach,         This ‘First lady of Waikiki’ has been offering        Combine a bit of chic lifestyle with holiday luxury
this hotel is all about fun, bursting with vibrant    first class Hawaiian hospitality since 1901.          at this classy hotel, studded with rich ebony
colours. From the comfort of your room, you           enjoy a wide selection of activities and dining       wood and bold works of art. Check into the lush
can sit back and take in the amazing views and        options. relax by the pool or in Waikiki's first      contemporary rooms, all with air-con and large
occasionally enjoy the sounds of the live bands in    and only beachfront spa. All of the rooms feature     bathrooms. Then dive into the parc Blue rooftop
the distance on the beach. STA655                     signature beds and flat-screen Tvs. STA654            pool illuminated under Hawaii’s starlit sky. STA290

FR   $291 SINGlE                                      FR   $430 SINGlE                                      FR   $491 SINGlE
FR   $146 TwIN/DoublE                                 FR   $215 TwIN/DoublE                                 FR   $245 TwIN/DoublE

                                                                                                                   DATES FoR youR DIARy
                                                                                                                   DECEMbER ThRouGh APRIl
                                                                                                                   huMPbACk whAlE wATChING SEASoN

                                                                                                                   jANuARy 20-22, 2011
                                                      OAHU                                                         AlohA STATE SquARE & RouND DANCE
                                                HONOLULU           MOLOKAI
                                                                                                                   FEbRuARy 4, 2011
                                                                      LANAI         MAUI
                                                                                                                   buFFAlo'S bIG boARD ClASSIC, SuRF CoMP

                                                                                                                   EARly MARCh, 2011
                                                                                                                   hAwAII DRAGoN boAT FESTIVAl

                                                                                                                   MAy 1, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                          WEST COAST
                                                                                                                   lEI DAy CElEbRATIoN
                                                                                               BIG ISLAND

                                                                                                                   oCTobER 9, 2011
                                                                                                                   MolokAI hoE ouTRIGGER RACE

                                                                                                                   NoVEMbER - DECEMbER, 2011
                                                                                                                   VANS TRIPlE CRowN oF SuRFING SERIES

STAysmart                                                    STAysmart                                             STAysmart

CouRTyARD by MARRIoTT wAIkIkI                                ShERAToN PRINCESS kAIulANI                            ouTRIGGER wAIkIkI oN ThE bEACh
Check-in, grab a surfboard and head to Waikiki               Built on Hawaii’s last princess’ former estate,       right in the heart of Waikiki you’ll get to enjoy
Beach or enjoy a private dip in the saltwater                this hotel is certainly majestic. get involved with   the spirit of tradition with a contemporary island
pool. Signature drinks await you in the hotel's              pineapple carving, hula lessons, lei-making and       style. Spend your evenings at the lively, legendary
lobby bar, as does a poolside massage amidst the             Hawaiian quilting. Taste some polynesian culture      Duke’s Canoe Club. Stretch out on the beach or
soothing rhythm of swaying palms and a tropical              with the hotel’s nightly poolside shows and enjoy     chill at the beachfront pool and whirlpool during
waterfall. STA657                                            some relaxing 'me time' at the tranquil spa. STA289   the day. paradise! STA656

FR   $235 SINGlE                                             FR   $244 SINGlE                                      FR   $346 SINGlE
FR   $118 TwIN/DoublE                                        FR   $122 TwIN/DoublE                                 FR   $173 DoublE

hAwAII FIVE-o                                                kAyAk ADVENTuRE
6 DAyS         FR   $676                                     Full DAy FR $125
                                                             Take a kayak out for a day and explore the
                                                             beautiful reef protected, turquoise waters filled
•      5 nights at Aqua waikiki wave                         with endangered sea turtles and sea birds. Find
•      kayak adventure and Go oahu Card                      a secluded cove to spend the day swimming,
                                                             hiking, snorkeling and sunning. STA658
Hawaii oozes beauty and tranquility, so why ruin
it with having to stress about the details of your           Go oAhu CARD
arrival? grab this wonderful package to ensure               FR $76
you'll be greeted at the airport by a friendly               go Oahu Card is your ticket to the best Oahu
face and taken to your accommodation at Aqua                 has to offer. For one price you can enter over 30
Waikiki Wave. With five nights here you have                 attractions – including the Battleship missouri,
plenty of time to take a kayak adventure out into            pacific Aviation museum, Sea Life park, grand
the beautiful waters to explore reefs filled with            Circle island Tour and much more. One and two
tropical fish and isolated beaches. You can also             day cards are available but if you purchase a
take your pick from the many attractions with                3, 5 or 7 day card, you can take your pick from
the go Oahu Card, before being returned to the               germaine's Luau, polynesian Cultural Centre, surf
airport for your flight. if you'd like to stay longer        lessons or a day's car rental. STA660
just ask your adviser for details. STA659

hAwAII - MAuI & kAuAI

STAysmart                                            STAysmart                                             STAystylish

RoyAl lAhAINA RESoRT, MAuI                           MAuI CoAST hoTEl, MAuI                                ShERAToN MAuI RESoRT SPA, MAuI
Set amidst 27 tropical acres, this oceanfront        With spacious, sophisticated guest rooms, your        most rooms are ocean facing, with private patios
resort enjoys a prime beachfront location along a    own private patio, outdoor pool and hot tubs –        for soaking in the awesome view. inside the hotel
stretch of Kaanapali Beach. Swim in one of three     this is the ultimate island getaway. A wide stretch   you will experience the craftsmanship of old
pools - two of which are located oceanfront.         of beautiful beaches of surf and sand are on          Hawaii. This is the perfect base to enjoy endless
relax in a beachside cabana, snorkel, play a set     your doorstep and several shopping, dining and        ocean activities such as snorkeling with turtles,
of tennis or enjoy a round of golf. STA662           entertainment venues are just a stroll away. STA661   kayaking with dolphins and deep sea fishing. STA663

FR   $194 SINGlE                                     FR   $269 SINGlE                                      FR   $518 SINGlE
FR   $97 TwIN/DoublE                                 FR   $134 DoublE                                      FR   $259 TwIN/DoublE

STAysmart                                            STAysmart                                             STAystylish

ASToN AlohA bEACh, kAuAI                             kAuAI bEACh RESoRT, kAuAI                             ShERAToN kAuAI RESoRT, kAuAI
each guest room offers breathtaking ocean views      A magnificent oceanfront resort on Kauai's wild       perfectly situated to greet the morning sunrise,
or intimate garden views. enjoy Kauai's only         eastern coast. retreat to beautiful rooms with        every guest room in the Beach and Ocean Wings
protected swimming and snorkeling beach, two         patios and vistas of the ocean. The plantation-       faces the sea. A total of 394 rooms including
swimming pools, jet spa and fitness room. Dine at    style rooms surround you in tropical ambiance,        suites, are found in small, easily accessible
the palms restaurant, an ideal place to sip a cool   island decor and bountiful amenities, such as         buildings no taller than coconut trees, scattered
drink, or enjoy a Kauai sunset. STA664               serenity CDs, cable Tv and ipod docks. STA665         throughout the 20 acre tropical resort. STA666

FR   $165 SINGlE                                     FR   $248 SINGlE                                      FR   $380 SINGlE
FR   $82 DoublE                                      FR   $124 DoublE                                      FR   $190 DoublE

                                                                                  DAy 2: wAIkIkI bEACh
                                                                                  Today you’ll spend two adrenalin fuelled hours learning the ways of the
                                                                                  waves with a surf lesson. enjoy the thrills and spills and of course - the
                                                                                  admiring glances from onlookers. After collapsing in a heap back in your
                                                                                  hotel room, the night is yours to venture out - if your knees can handle it!

                                                                                  DAy 3: kAuAI
                                                                                  Today it’s back to the airport for a flight to Kauai. After 20 minutes you’ll
                                                                                  be on solid ground again and checking in to your next cosy accommodation,
                                                                                  the plantation inn. But don’t get too settled - you'll soon be off to explore
                                                                                  the exciting corners of this beautiful island.

ThE REAl hAwAII                                                                   DAy 4: kAuAI & bIG ISlAND
                                                                                  rise and shine! Time for more exploring. Discover canyons and waterfalls

PACkAGE                                                                           on a hiking adventure, try out your scuba diving skills, go horse riding,
                                                                                  windsurfing or simply coast the roads.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          WEST COAST
6 DAyS, $1,989   FR                                                               DAy 5: bIG ISlAND & CIRClE ISlAND
                                                                                  The morning is yours to roam, but make sure you’re back in time for one of
hoNolulu                   hoNolulu                                               the highlights - the Circle island volcano tour. See amazing rock formations
                                                                                  from thousands of years of lava eruptions. Spend your final night at the
•   Spend long days lazing in the sunshine                                        Kona Seaside Hotel.
•   All inter-island airfares included
•   Enjoy an island breeze luau (hawaiian feast!)                                 DAy 6: hoNolulu
•   Take part in a surf lesson at waikiki                                         it’s time to say goodbye to your new friends. Today you’ll be flying back to
•   hop on a Circle Island volcano tour                                           Honolulu in good time to kick off your next adventure.

DAy 1: hoNolulu                                                                   we also offer a ‘happening hawaii Package’ - more activities, more
After being whisked from the airport to your hotel the evening is yours to        fun, more va va voom! Please enquire for details.
kick back, relax and experience your first Hawaiian sunset complete with
                                                                                  Accommodation: Hotels (5 nts) Inclusions: All twin share accommodation and transfers to and from hotels Inter-island air fares
refreshing cocktail in hand.                                                      Island breeze Luau- Surf Lesson at Waikiki Circle Island volcano tour Meals: No meals included Please note: The Island Breeze
                                                                                  Luau operates on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Tour Code: STA291

                                                                                  DAyS 4-6: oAhu To kAuAI
                                                                                  Transfer back to the airport for your inter-island flight to Lihue on Kauai.
                                                                                  From the soaring cliffs of the Napali Coast to the vast chasms of the Waimea
                                                                                  Canyon, Kauai enchants the senses like no other island, with its lush tropical
                                                                                  setting and extraordinary natural heritage. Kayak down Wailua river or hike
                                                                                  up Waimea Canyon for stunning views of the 'grand Canyon of the pacific'
                                                                                  and enjoy the incredible view of Kauai from Hanalei valley Lookout. For a
                                                                                  different perspective, take a helicopter ride along the Napali Coast.

                                                                                  DAyS 7-9: kAuAI To hAwAII (bIG ISlAND)
                                                                                  Transfer back to the airport for your inter-island flight to the Big island and

hAwAII ISlAND                                                                     it's active Kileaua volcano. Be prepared for a fire show - this is one of the
                                                                                  world's most active volcanos! The 11 different climate zones on Big island

hoPPER                                                                            generate everything from lush rainforests to arid deserts and black sand
                                                                                  beaches to snow capped mountains.

13 DAyS, $2,465       FR
                                                      CAR HIRE
                                                      IS EXTRA                    DAyS 10-13: bIG ISlAND To MAuI
                                                                                  Back in the air on your inter-island flight to maui, where palm-shaded,
oAhu            MAuI                                                              powdery beaches and lush rainforests await you. The perfect opportunity
                                                                                  for some well-earned r&r and reflecting on the excitement already enjoyed.
•   Visit famous waikiki beach and Pearl harbour                                  maui is everything you have dreamed Hawaii to be. Watch the sunrise atop
•   Enjoy the islands' natural, lush landscapes                                   the 10,000ft Haleakala Crater and drive the scenic Hana Highway, curving
•   Marvel at the fireworks of the world's most active volcano                    around mountains, passing by black sand beaches and waterfalls.
•   Relax beneath palm trees on powdery white beaches
                                                                                  SElF DRIVE INCluSIoNS:
•   Drive around mountains, past black beaches and waterfalls
                                                                                  Accommodation: 11 nights twinshare                                    KAUAI
                                                                                  standard accommodation, on a room only
                                                                                  basis at various stops along the way
DAy 1-3: oAhu                                                                                                                                                             OAHU

                                                                                  • Up to 2 children under 12 years stay free                                             
After arriving into Honolulu, in a burst of tropical flowers and wafting smells   when sharing with 2 paying adults
                                                                                                                                                                       HONOLULU     MOLOKAI
of coconut, grab your rental car and head to your hotel. Settle in because                                                                                                            LANAI

                                                                                  • road book with day-to-day routings,                                                             KAHOOLAWE

you've got three glorious nights in beautiful Waikiki. On Oahu, the timeless      sightseeing suggestions and area and city maps
natural radiance of the islands meets the modern luxuries of today. visit         • All taxes and fees
                                                                                                                                                                                                            BIG ISLAND

famous Waikiki Beach and pearl Harbour, enjoy the view from Diamond Head          CAR RENTAl FR $53                                                                                                     
                                                                                  CHeCK OUT pAge 16
or watch world class surfers charge the big waves of the North Shore.
                                                                                  Tour Code: STA667

Don’t forget your travel insurance

                                                                                     •   Flexible policy length
                                                                                         You can see the four corners of the globe on the one policy, and if you
                                                                                         decide to stay longer you can extend your policy for up to 18 months.
                                                                                     •   Cover for the adventurous
                                                                                         We automatically cover loads of adrenalin pumping activities which
                                                                                         you means you can experience more and still keep your mum happy.
                                                                                     •   working holiday and study abroad cover
                                                                                         Planning on working or studying while you’re overseas? No problem, we
                                                                                         cover working holidays whether you’re pulling a pint of beer, working
                                                                                         on the ski fields, or studying overseas.
                                                                                     •   Cover for existing medical conditions
                                                                                         We automatically cover many existing medical conditions, and if your
                                                                                         condition falls outside the auto cover criteria, cover can be applied
                                                                                         for by completing a medical assessment form, and if accepted, paying
                                                                                         an additional premium.

                                                                                     the Cover you Can expeCt
                                                                                     No complicated plans to choose from, just great cover you can rely on.
                                                                                     Here’s some of the inclusions you can expect with your international policy:
                                                                                     • $unlimited overseas medical and dental cover
                                                                                     • $unlimited additional expenses
                                                                                     • $unlimited amendment or cancellation costs

 We hope you have an awesome trip, but to put it bluntly, if something does          pLus Cover For:
 happen (and it happens all the time), you’ll want travel insurance, not a           • Luggage and travel documents            •   Hospital incidentals
 $50,000+ medical bill!                                                                 (including sporting equipment)         •   Hijacking
                                                                                     • Delayed luggage allowance               •   Loss of income
 We know how important it is for you to have an amazing journey and travel           • Money                                   •   Disability
 insurance is probably the last thing on your mind. However, our experience          • Rental car insurance excess             •   Accidental death
 tells us travelling without cover is simply not a risk worth taking. Imagine        • Travel delay                            •   Legal expenses
 getting sick in a remote region of Saskatchewan or worse, being refused             • Resumption of journey                   •   Personal liability
 treatment (USA hospitals are notorious for it). This can be a horrific experience   • Special events
 in a time when you really need help.
                                                                                     Choose extras that suit you
 It’s a scary thought, but these kinds of things happen all too often, all over      Just like making your own iPod playlist to suit your mood, you can
 the world. Having an emergency assistance team of experienced doctors,              customise your STA Travel policy to suit your trip...
 nurses and case managers on call to help you when you’re in trouble is why          • the annual multi-trip option
 having the right travel insurance is so important.                                       If you plan on getting away a few times over the next 12 months,
                                                                                          taking out an annual policy for multiple trips may be the cheaper option.
 STA Travel Insurance gives you much more than medical cover. It also covers         • Choose an excess
 emergency transport and accommodation costs, includes cover for cancellation             The higher the excess the cheaper the premium. You can choose
 and for your belongings should they be lost, damaged, stolen or delayed.                 between a $nil, $100 or $250 excess.
                                                                                     • increase your rental car insurance excess cover
 You wouldn’t go camping without a tent – you shouldn’t book your                         Hiring a car and don’t want to pay a massive excess if you have an
 holiday without travel insurance!                                                        accident? Some plans automatically cover a rental car insurance
                                                                                          excess of up to $4,000. If that’s not enough cover, you can buy
 what makes us different?                                                                 additional cover.
 Some of the benefits of booking your travel insurance with us…                      • add cover for snow skiing or snowboarding
 • 24 hour emergency assistance                                                           Plan on going for a board or ski? Take this option if you want to be
    Access to our 24 hour emergency assistance team for medical                           covered if you come unstuck. We don’t cover skiing or boarding
    emergencies and evacuations, help with hospital bills and assistance                  outside resort boundaries.
    should you lose your passport and travel documents.                              • add cover for motorcycle/moped riding
 • Luggage coverage                                                                       Plan on hiring a scooter while you’e away? Take this option if you
    For lost, stolen or damaged items which you’re travelling.                            want to be covered in case you come off.

 Don't risK it. Get traveL insuranCe!
 For more information talk to your travel adviser or go to www.statravel.co.nz/insurance for all the details.

sta travel (nZ) limiteD terms anD conDitions
agency                                                                                                 If you wish to change your booking and such a change is permitted and possible, STA Travel
We are STA Travel (NZ) Limited (STA Travel). We sell products and services as an agent on              will charge you a service fee to process the change. You may also be charged a service fee by
behalf of airlines, wholesale companies and other service providers including accommodation            your Third Party Supplier. For changes after departure please see the ‘Travel Help’ section of
and transportation services (Third Party Suppliers). STA Travel’s role is to assist you to             www.statravel.co.nz for details of how to request changes. Please note that all reservation
plan your travel arrangements, facilitate your bookings, and arrange payment and refunds               changes are subject to availability and the terms and conditions of the product or service
as applicable. STA Travel is not a provider of any travel products/services and has no                 purchased. For changes before departure please contact your original branch that booked your
responsibility for products or services provided or not provided by any Third Party Suppliers.         ticket. The name in your booking must be exactly the same as your passport. Changes to name
We give and make no warranty or representation regarding the standard of                               details are not allowed by many airlines and other service providers. Whilst we will do our best
any services or products supplied by Third Party Suppliers and no person has authority to              to make such a change if necessary, please bear in mind that most airlines and other service
make any such representation or warranty on behalf of STA Travel. If for any reason, any Third         providers treat a name change as a cancellation, to which standard conditions and charges would
Party Supplier is unable to provide the products/services you purchased through STA Travel,            apply. Flights must be taken in the sequence they appear on your ticket or e-ticket confirmation.
your remedy lies against that Third Party Supplier and not STA Travel.                                 If you plan not to take a flight as booked, please contact the airline as far in advance as
                                                                                                       possible to discuss your options. If you do not check in on time for a confirmed reservation, the
General                                                                                                airline may register you as a ‘no-show’, which could result in extra charges and/or your whole
These general terms and conditions together with the relevant terms and conditions of the              flight itinerary being cancelled and/or render your ticket void. If you cancel your booking, the
Third Party Suppliers apply to any travel products/services you purchased through us. Once             cancellation terms and conditions of your Third Party Suppliers will apply as well as STA Travel
you pay for your booking (whether in full or in part):                                                 fees outlined on your itinerary and receipt. We need to receive from you written notification of
(a) you acknowledge and agree that you have read and understood these general terms and                cancellation and your original ticket/voucher before any refund can be considered. If you
conditions; and any terms and conditions imposed by Third Party Suppliers, for whom we act             decide to cancel arrangements before the balance due date, any deposits paid are nonrefundable.
as Agent;                                                                                              Refunds will only be paid to you once we have received the funds back from Third Party Suppliers.
(b) you enter into a legally binding contract to acquire the relevant travel or travel related         Generally flight tickets cannot be refunded if they are partially used. If the reason for your
products and/or services with the Third Party Suppliers.                                               cancellation is covered under the terms of your travel insurance policy, you may be able to reclaim
(c) you are not at least eighteen years of age then your legal guardian must give consent to           your cancellation charges through your insurer.
this contract on your behalf.
(d) if you make a booking on behalf of someone, you warrant that you have the authority to             Liability Limitation
accept and do accept on behalf of that person to be bound by STA Travel’s general terms and            We have taken all reasonable care to make sure that all the services that make up the
conditions and the relevant Third Party Suppliers’ terms and conditions.                               arrangements made by STA Travel are provided by efficient and reputable businesses. These
                                                                                                       businesses should follow the local and national laws and regulations of the country where they
deposits and payment                                                                                   are provided. However, please be aware that overseas safety standards may be lower than in
Deposits are non-refundable. Payment of a deposit enables STA Travel to hold a reservation for         New Zealand. You acknowledge and agree, however that, STA Travel has no liability for any act,
you but does not guarantee the fare and/or price. The fare and/or price can only be guaranteed         omission or default, whether negligent or otherwise, of any Third Party Supplier. In circumstances
once we receive full payment and tickets and/or other travel documents have been issued. STA           where liability of STA Travel cannot be excluded, such liability is limited to the value of the
Travel will advise you of the date that full payment is required. Additional deposits for certain      purchased travel arrangements. STA Travel reserves the right to decline to provide services to any
travel arrangements may also be required by Third Party Suppliers. Failure to make payment             individual.
in full by the due date may result in the forfeiture of any deposit paid. If payment for your
booking is made by credit card, a non cash administration fee is payable as advertised. No non         privacy and personal information
cash administration fee will be charged for payments made by EFTPOS and Bank transfer.                 We will handle your personal information in accordance with the terms and conditions set out
Please note that Bank transfer may take up to 3 business days to show as received by STA               in our Privacy Policy which is posted on our website at www.statravel.co.nz you consent to
Travel, therefore you will need to allow sufficient time for payment to be cleared before the          the disclosure of your personal information to us and to Third Party Suppliers. We and the Third
actual due date. Personal cheques are not accepted for domestic bookings. For all other                Party Suppliers may disclose your personal information to others where directly connected
bookings, we reserve the right to refuse personal cheques. Personal cheque may take up                 with facilitating your travel arrangements and bookings and the provision of travel services and
to 10 business days to clear. You agree not to stop payment of the cheque even when you                products. For example, we may disclose your personal information to airlines, hotels, car rental
cancel a booking. You agree that STA Travel may apply the proceeds of the cheque to satisfy            companies and other service providers in facilitating your travel arrangements.
any liability you may have to us and the Third Party Suppliers. Please note that even after full
payment, the conditions of the contract between you and the Third Party Suppliers may permit           passport, visa and immigration
them to increase the cost of your arrangements. We will pass on any such increase to you.              It is your responsibility to fulfil the passport, visa and other immigration requirements for all
                                                                                                       transiting and stopover destinations applicable to your itinerary. You should confirm these with
documentation                                                                                          the relevant High Commissions, embassies and/or consulates. We do not accept any responsibility
Travel documentation will not be issued until full payment with cleared funds is received. It is       in the case of you being unable to travel due to not complying with any such requirements. Your
your responsibility to ensure that all of the details on your travel documents are correct and         passport must be valid for 6 months beyond your return date into New Zealand.
to bring to our attention any errors or discrepancies as soon as possible but in any event
within 72 hours after STA Travel provides you with your travel documents. STA Travel’s general         insurance
practice is to send documents to our customers electronically whenever possible. We reserve            Travel insurance is a vital part of your arrangements. We strongly recommend that you have
the right to charge you an administration fee if we send you such documents in hard copy form,         taken out adequate insurance for the duration of your journey. Travel insurance is a mandatory
at your request. All travel documents are non transferable. It is your responsibility to collect all   element of some travel arrangements. We can arrange travel insurance for you and can provide
paper travel documents prior to departure. Your travel documents are valuable and should be            you with a quote and answer any queries you may have regarding the insurance we offer.
safeguarded as if they were cash. It is not always possible to replace travel documents in the
case of loss, theft, damage etc                                                                        travel advice and vaccinations
                                                                                                       New Zealand residents should refer to the travel advice posted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Cancellations and Changes                                                                              and Trade at www.mfat.govt.nz or www.safetravel.govt.nz for all the countries you intend to
Your contract with your Third Party Suppliers may allow suppliers to cancel or amend bookings.         visit. Please also check www.flysmart.govt.nz in regards to up to date security requirements.
We will ensure that you are promptly notified of any significant changes, but accept no liability      Vaccinations may be required for some or all of the places you are intending to visit. It is your
for any changes or costs incurred which may result. If we make an error in your booking,               responsibility to ensure that you have arranged all necessary vaccinations for your itinerary.
which gives rise to a need to significantly change your booking, we will inform you as soon as
reasonably possible if there is time before your departure. You will have the choice of either         taxes and Frequent Flyer program
accepting the change of arrangements, accepting an offer of alternative travel arrangements of         Local travel and airport taxes and charges may apply in various overseas countries. Unless
comparable standard from us, (we will refund any price difference if the alternative has a lower       otherwise stated, these taxes are not included as part of the fees. Taxes and duties may need
value), or cancelling your booked arrangements and receiving a full refund. You agree that this is     to be paid in local currency at the time of departure and are subject to change without notice.
the only compensation payable in connection with such an error.                                        It is your responsibility to check with your airlines on whether your booking with us is qualified
                                                                                                       for any points under any frequent flyer programs. Please retain all boarding passes to allow
 Period before departure when a significant change is notified   Compensation payable per person
                                                                                                       verification of your travel if required.
 More than 56 days                                               0
 55-29 days                                                      NZD $30                               if you have a complaint
 28-15 days                                                      NZD $50                               If you have a problem during your holiday, please inform the relevant Third Party Supplier (e.g.
 14-7 days                                                       NZD $70
                                                                                                       your hotel) immediately. Should they be unable to resolve the matter, please contact STA Travel
                                                                                                       in New Zealand, either through the branch where you made your arrangements, or through
 7-0 days                                                        NZD $90
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 terMs anD ConDitions
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 traveL insuranCe &

                                                                                                       customerrelations@statravel.com.au. If you fail to contact STA Travel, we will not be permitted
                                                                                                       the opportunity to investigate your complaint and rectify any error whilst you are away and
Despite anything to the contrary in these general terms or conditions, changes beyond our
                                                                                                       this may affect your rights under your contract. We are a member of IATA (Membership No.
control to the extent permitted by law, we will not be liable to compensate you in any way, if
                                                                                                       24343034) and operate according to IATA Code of Conduct.
a significant change is made to your booking for reasons beyond our control. These include:
war, threat of war, riots, civil disturbances, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural and
                                                                                                       other important information
nuclear disasters, fire, epidemics, health risks, and changes due to rescheduling or cancellation
                                                                                                       For unaccompanied minors travelling overseas without their parent/s or legal guardian please
of flights by an airline or alteration of the airline or aircraft type; closed or congested airports
                                                                                                       contact the relevant airlines for further information. Please contact the airline directly regarding
or ports, hurricanes and other actual or potential severe weather conditions, and any other
                                                                                                       airline carriage conditions and luggage restrictions. Any contract entered into pursuant to these
similar event. If you have booked a flight and we are alerted to a significant schedule change by
                                                                                                       terms and conditions will be governed by the laws of New Zealand; and supersede all previous
your airline before you depart from New Zealand, we will contact you by email to advise you of
                                                                                                       agreements in respect of its subject matter and will embody the entire agreement between the
this. Please ensure that you have given your contact email address to STA Travel and that you
                                                                                                       parties in respect of its subject matter. Any indulgence or extension of time which STA Travel may
regularly check for messages before you leave. STA Travel has no control over airline schedule
                                                                                                       grant to you will not prejudice or interfere with STA Travel’s rights and will not constitute a waive.
changes and accepts no liability for costs which may arise as a result of such changes. After
you have left New Zealand, it is your responsibility to check with the airline that any onward
                                                                                                       All prices within this brochure are correct at time of printing (December 2010) and are subject to
flights you have confirmed are operating as booked. We strongly recommend that you contact
                                                                                                       currency fluctuations and change without notice, ask your STA Travel adviser for up to date prices.
your airline at least 72 hours before the scheduled departure of each flight to do this. Please
                                                                                                       Prices are based on cash payment and payment by other means may attract an administration fee.
note that for some airlines it is mandatory to confirm with them your intention to fly.
                                                                                                       Prices are based on low season departures and seasonal surcharges may apply.
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Shop 771, St Lukes Mall                                                                      5A Courtenay Central
                                               207a George Street
80 St Lukes Road                                                                             100 Courtenay Place
                                               Ph: 03 474 0146
Ph: 09 845 8153                                                                              Ph: 04 385 4917
Sylvia Park                                    HAMILTON:                                     Cuba Street
Shop SO75, Sylvia Park Mall                    Waikato University                            130 Cuba Street
286 Mount Wellington Highway                   Gate 1, Knighton Road                         Ph: 04 385 0561
Ph: 09 582 0271                                Waikato University
                                                                                             Willis Street
Telephone Sales                                Ph: 07 856 1300
                                                                                             99 Willis Street
Level 14, Telco Building                                                                     Ph: 04 499 1017
16 Kingston Street
Working Holidays
Level 10, 220 Queen Street
Ph: 09 307 9167

    HIT STATRAVEL.CO.NZ                            VISIT YOUR NEAREST BRANCH                                    CALL 0508 STA TRAVEL

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